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linear stepper setup i guess would be easiest to get decent resolution from
maybe like, fixed magnets and electromegnets

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i dunno, i know some girls who would cream over toots and the maytals on a shit walkman and unpowered speakers
ha my audio is far from optimal setup
i have 3way floor speakers tucked under my desk
got sick of them taking up space on top of my desk
yeah my friend got some, he likes
i really dont like doing post work on these pcb
i should just fix pcb-gcode
i think the scrip language is C-like
all i use for design is active filter calcs, and -3db single pole rolloff calcs, and random divider/gain/whatever equations
anything involving complex math or loaded filters, id just sim

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right, what if the artists was phase shifting a channel?
you would hear both subs working against each other
the sound would just go away, in a mixed sub
or the phase effect would just not be present, pulling off one channel
no it would cancel 100%
if they phase shifted 180
i aint trying to predict every artists mood with a knob on a given production day
and industrial and dnb producers are known for doing weird shit like that
haha, yeah apperently reznor heard ruiner on KROQ (fm radio), and it dropped out a bunch of high end drum samples
because he reverse phased them

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like, the door frame almost looked like an elevator
shit was like rubber insulated from the main room
the sub was built into a concrete chamber
5.1 with some nice powered monitors
fuckin shit sounded so inert
naw thats some of the best shit you can do for a production room
especially if youre doing voice over and sound effects
yes a foley studio
yeah for home shit it would have been kinda wtf
but this guy had a pretty elaborate sound/video mixing setup
also he had no fingers
just thumbs
and dude was good, making money
machine tool with bad control positioning and safety design took his fingers
in argentina, where hes from (he was moving back, why we were tearing down his studio)
i think it was a press, he was cleaning it, and his leg his the engage switch
1 sub is lame
fuck surround, fuck mono subs
because theres two channels of audio data?
youre either pulling off one channel, or mixing it down
which in some cases, can cancel your bass completely

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so no reason it couldnt help a car, but calibrating it would be a bitch
hehe, a car specific one that could be profiles at diff engine and road speeds would be kinda sweet
but tons of work, likely
cars just suck at audio
random steel faces doesnt really help a ton either =(
i need to get a 0.5 clipper guard
so i can always look like i shaved yesterday
i wont use a razor
i hate that shit, not trying to drag a layer of skin off my face everyday for 30 years and wonder why my skin is all shitty
and i helped teardown a guys home studio
like, foley editing studio, sound for movies and commercials
shit has a room built inside a room

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car audio is actually kinda nice, its basically biamping or triamping, most decent setups
active xovers with decent parameter control
no way to fix, either, just gotta live with it
well, not without spending stupid amounts of money
id prob buy one of those basslink things
or similar, powered sub, just mount and plug in
i got my sister one, was pretty sweet for its size
yeah, im prob gonna build my nest car system
triamps, tweeters and mids up front, and stereo subs behind or underneath
yeah im not super into dsp =(
prob gonna have to learn it fureal at some point tho
haha, this is somewhat tru
ive seen those units work in rooms and make huge diff in sound clarity

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fet farm
well, maybe not
but theyd have to be massive fets
and you need a badass driver
yeah because class D its just about how fast you can switch
ideally, you dissipate like 0W in the driver
as fast as possible
slew is the fet killer
no volts mad amps, or mad volts and no amps
either way is 0W
in between time is what creates heat
dunno, kinda busy for a bit
ooh, thats kinda nice
but yeah, need to find a jobby job
sure, but mostly chipamps at this point
ive played with discrete stuff, i know how, but its very hard to justify compared to chipamps
yeah i dont really wanna be an audio installer
tho if it paid well, it wouldnt be horrible
i dont think it does
no i know
i was saying to quaziman

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but yeah, wav on wav, they were basically close enough to call it draw
stu: budget?
sqrt(p/r), no?
35A or volts
haha, sec
i hate the derived ones
okay that is amps
sqrt(p*r)=v, i think, so...
70V, 35A, *1.414 for RMS values

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thats a fucked up place to get punched
so what
cd audio was overpriced, but decent
mp3 is crap
you cant listen to mp3 on good monitor, even sourced from a pc
you can tell, it destoys high end
and like it totally fails at midrange distortion tones
and thats like all of drum n bass and rock n roll
i think its prob bigger than flac anyway
flac is better than bz2 at compression
which basically means flac pwns all
yes i tested with a bunch of source files
its slightly better than bz2
blows zip and rar away
no, but its data compression
so its almost a good test
but yeah, the data archivers have to deal with alot more random shit
its still impressive
yeah but bz2 is exceptional
believe it or not, everything is potentially data
lossy media compression is standard
sure, padding =)
im pretty sure bz2 doing text would destroy flac doing wav

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heh, i know hardcore comic fans, so no i dont think so, never that deep
the only books i collected were the maxx, and xtitles for years (jezus fuck that was expensive)
oh ironman?
yeah fucked up riaa making me pay for this one
i cant believe a test preview wasnt leaked
no way they didnt public screen this a couple times
dude im not watching a shit screener
anything else is fine, this is important tho
so yeah mpaa
but theyre all one big blob of overpaid producers and execs
that was pretty neat, he got released from his contract the day after radiohead did their online distro shit
$5 for flac is how it should be done
fuck selling mp3
how the fuck are you gonna sell mp3
jezus fuck thats why we stole that shit it aint worth money
quality or compression is shit
take your pic

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i think ive seen it, i dont remember it rly
i still think The Maxx on MTV was the best comic translation ever
its like they used the book as story board and tried their best to keep the animimated drawings close to sam keiths art
my bad sam kieth, i think
haha, yeah he had a studio named I before E
the only real changes were the removal of Pitt (licensing) when The Maxx got all super tiny delusional and was Hulking it around Julies apartment (Kieth did Hulk for awhile i guess)

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is ironman piratted decent?
thats sucks
i might have to pay for this one and suffer a friend and a huge screen, decent sound
damn i have no more theater friends
no not for this really
its robert downy + iron man
sounds maybe as good as keaton + batman
really only the first two batmans and kinda the last ones were good
and i guess xmen
you have to really be into xmen and an asshole about details to call it shitty

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test with a sine
you can characterize your filter like that
theres pretty exact calc for that, heh
yes, turns, coil diameter, i think length are input variables
i dont remember because when we went over it i was still pretty WTF about coils
no clue
i buy my inductors =)
theres equations with variables for the core material
its pretty neat shit, but yeah i was lost when we covered it
shit was like early second semester
ha like 4 or 5 years ago or something

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because youre not sure how to impliment or because you cant figure out which timer to hijack?
didnt you put this on a pwm channel?
*256 period
then you dont need the timer
just the pwm regs
like, enable clock, think its one setup reg, and you just drop uyour resolution in the period reg, and your samples in the duty reg
you would use a main timer or rtos timing function to change the sample in the duty reg like say every .1mS or whatever
should just be a sample fetch and register insertion ever sample output timer event

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timecop_: get the pwm audio or lcd working?
aw cute
not true, on so many levels
anyway, youre ban status, you talking about furniture all the time, even if charles isnt girl enough to do it
apperently only in the most literal sense
anyway, timecop_
ha youre getting led noise or what?
why do you think bitching at you makes me angry?
rly stu
yes but you constantly make statements on it
omg stfu already
timecop_: noise, or what?
why dont you like, test something and see if it comes out
do a sine wave in a spreadsheet and dump into the duty reg at like 256 duty or whatever
haha, k

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which should be less than your duty
less freq, more time
i have a dac on isp lines once
had to change the dac port, shit was driving me mad
omg the stupidest shit is hard for c coders

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because ur mom is the means and we are the way
someone on shrooms once said this
then he started eating dirt and biting people
really sucks to hike back to the car carrying someone who keeps trying to bite you
thats where we were
saw it, funny
do you know how to get samples out of pwm yet?
set period to your sample width, like is its 8 bit, use a 256 period, 1024 for 10 bits
then you place the sample value in the duty reg
and then you change the value at your sample rate

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anyway how would that be my fault, i didnt do the libs
oh hai whats up, pathetic negative creep
ho is your girlfriend? i havent seen her say anything all day
nothing you say matters
pls2chk swish logs for reasons why
yeah im sure
that was on when i was eating burgers at the bear, oddly
right after panama
and yes we know, irc doesnt matter, we are all here for your entertainment, and nothing you say should be taken as truth
etc etc etc
long days

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you didnt put resistors or a pot on the contrast pin?
that should prob be okay
ha, silly
like my pics!

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depends on the gage of the winding

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its a shittier display and and a tare feature i wont use
because it invites user error
you could run on pin change interrupts or something and use almost no power
yeah maybe its just a thing with fresh chips
i think they preload them with shit for the samba boot init stuff
okay ima mail teacher her letter draft and do post work on dx and ttmustangs boards

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17:46 < Blackmoon> 'Any liquid that bridges the capacitive plates increases the capacitance. A drop of oil can increase the capacitance by a factor of 80!
and you question why hardcore machinists wont use them?
i can use my calipers fine covered in coil
you just wipe the measuring surfaces
it doesnt matter
you hands will be covered in oil
you grab you tool to use it, and now it errors by a factor of 80?
you can get dirt up in calipers and theyll still work pretty okay
blackmoon: yes
well then itll off by a factor of random
not any better
caliper mics would just work
i dont care i dont see the point

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you would have to be able to zero them regardless or itd be a shit caliper (sometimes shit happens)
tried dropping it?
multiple encoder strips
like absolute inch and .001 relative, or something

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absolute would mean 6000 unique points minimum
standard caliper mics

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also i had to do a board for timecop and write a reference letter for a teacher friend i want to sex0r
its really quick
you dont have to think numbers if youre doing a run of parts
you just kinda remember where the needle should be, how close you need to be
remember digital tachometers and speedos in cars?
those are gone too
yeah but thatd be hard
the px resolution would need to be pretty high
well, really high
would be neat, tho

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yeah if you cant read calipers, you shouldnt be anywhere near a machine tool
um, you can do that with any calipers
any dial indicators
i can read it faster
because i know where it is and i can just look at the dial
and know dial has to be between this angle and that angle
you dont need exact numbers if your tolerance zone is like +/-.020 or .010
you just need the needle between two points
if your tolerances are +/- .050, you can just eyeball that shit dont need no fucking calipers =)
like, hit a .250 gage or something with your calipers
if the shit says .250, and you snap them shut, and they say .000, youre fine
i didnt start =)
ive generated files, im being lazy about post shit

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better dials ones prob dont skip very easy at all
dial calipers work
theyre way easier to read
theyre usually cheaper for same quality
math on the fly is part of machining
so the small benefits of having the offset tare shit is kinda offset by the ability for that feature to fuck shit up
mine is $30, its shit made
its been fine for two years
haha nice
anyway, the hardcore machinists i know wont use digital mics, and swear theyve seen them glitch
also, dont they need batteries?
cuz i mean, thats kinda lame and kinda a point of failure when mad random chemicals are around
what happens when their batteries go low?
prob diff shit for every model
so i mean basically the benefit is offset taring
and thats it
or i dunno maybe you think reading 7seg is easier
but for a production run of something, measuring parts in the fixture, you dont need exact numbers
you want to see the needle in a range
tenths, thousands, done

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thats how do in a production shop for working tools =)
every hardcore machinist i know wont use digital mics
everyone else seems to love them
the machinists swear they can get most calipers to skip
yeah thats fine
you said you been machining for a few months or something?
i dunno not without taking them apart and fucking up
its a digital encoder figure it out
dials are easier to read and when they skip, they skip like 90d when you zero them
so youd know, for sure
rotate bezel 90d, make sure the shit is put together, keep using it
yeah well oil and dirt and chips and metalic fluids in tools is what happens on a shop floor
so if that makes it fuckup, thats pretty lame
ttmustang: as long as you keep the dirt in the same place when you measure shit, its cool =)

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no but im almost done with letter for teacher
i almost want to do cnc even

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probably, i think a couple were venting last time i checked
mostly i just like know what sexy caps are available
this shit is broke
underclocked for stability

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i should recap my mobo with these

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damn i think these are better esr than fm
10V 470uF
ripple - FM: 950mA LF: 5700mA
theyre 3x the cost, thru hole in the smt can, dunno if they come in smt pins, i dont want them

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nichicon LF LE LG
i think thats it

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yeah for rev2 im just using thru hole fm caps
the smt caps are too much bullshit
you gotta pretin the pads, and on the ground side, it just doesnt like to heat up or wet well
then you gotta make sure you get good solder contact on the hole pin underneath
else theyll just pop off when you blow on them
so alot of sustained heat
you can feel when theyre on right, if you just get the tips theyll wobble and creak
they look cool, blow up neat
i think they make FM thru hole in the same package
aluminum can, no wrapper
hmm, actually ima find those in the catalog, i couldnt on the search
really the NHG/FC/FM stuff is good for anything till maybe like 2000uF
then theres like 20 diff kinda of TS or TU caps, dunno, big fat snap ins
the AL cans look hella sexy tho

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haha im more the prick, i got paid for that like 3 weeks or a month ago
dx^: i just fucked up and i had one of the vias under the chip
i just had to move it to the edge and shuffle a couple 0805
its cool now
i just been lazy about turning on the cnc and doing the post work
i did timecops board and soldered up some more of curiously strong
did bbq with my sister
man we are awesome at bbq
right now im writing letter of rec for my teacher crush

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ttmustang: you awake
i dropped .16 drills at the circles
ha the circles on that lib arent even the same size =\
im pretty sre this is the last revision board i have from you

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like when sandi moved 500mi away, we tried to have a 'relationship' still
im like, uh we never talked on the phone before, this sucks
i dont like talking on the phone to anyone this long
our phone convos before: 'you home?' 'ya' 'k coming over' 'k'

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if it wasnt like a 3ft cable wasnt even worth trying
its pretty high voltage i think, too
man wtf do i do, my best friend is like, ive been unhappy for like 4 years now
like, oh hai wow, youve been dating that guy for 4 years now
like do i not state the obvious or what
well hes actually nice, so i dont mind really
it sucked when she was dating retard assholes
no my friend
dude im like, lets make plans
or whatever, laters

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dude how did girls not just wither and die before cell phones?
oh hahahaha ya
hell yeah
people on their front sidewalk talkin on corded phones
people dying tripping over 100ft coily cable
yeah dont bother fuck
worse than a slinky
i think the wire inside flips or something
and the coils actually realigns the other way
it only happens after you untangle them
also they ormally happen in pairs =)
yeah its like a slinky

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like almost too nice, so something she dont say thing until she pissed then she blows up im like WTF IS GOING ON
like, i thought she got there on thurs and spent the night with people that night and thats why she was pissed
because she had to be in the bay area two nights
but no she got their friday
so per original plan, she was cool finding something to do till sat morning
she was just pissed because she thought i blew her off on the phone on wed and thurs
im like, hello spinny sharp things cant talk long anything important? okay nothing? are you sure? okay thats a little important, but ok, ANYTHING ELSE? NO OKAY BYE
serious, im not trying to lose my eyeballs or hands
so yeah i thought she was pissed because of that and she had already spent a night
but no, just because she decided i didnt wanna talk to her
yes girls wtf
i never call her!
i never call anyone!
'why didnt you call me?'

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like, uh, yarly i didnt just decide to start going off because it seemed like a fun thing to do
oh and she apologized for saying i stranded her in berkely (because she was gonna leave in san mateo twice and basically kicked me out of her place for a night, HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA BE STRANDED YOU HAVE A FUCKING CAR YOU GOT THERE BY YOURSELF)
naw she on the pill thing where they hardly have periods
is great
and yeah i like asus
i think dell and hp like asus too
well the fuckey thing is shes actually really nice

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then i dunno, i get my friend called her and told her 'hey you know hes prob like, standing in front of your door waiting for you'
so she came home like 7 hours after leaving for school
she has since apologized for over reacting to everything, not understanding that the purpose of this mission wasnt really to hang out with her, and insisting i felt ways after telling her 20 diff ways ya not big deal, i dont feel like that CHILL THE FUCK OUT
ya thats not so far from the truth, it was a very up and down kinda week
like, yeah thanks for apologizing for being nuts, making up hidden meanings in half the shit i said, and reading my mind and telling me how i feel about everything
been nice if you had figured this shit out like 4 or 5 days ago
she even apologized for being as angry as she was about me swearing and yelling, because she kinda figured out how it was pretty much direct reaction to all the other shit she apologized for

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dx^: k ur shit is fixed for machining (stupid via placement, remember)
and i actually feel awake for the first time since sandi locked me out and went to school for 7 hours
(im kinda mad at her i think)
all my stuff (phone charger, bus ticket home) was inside =(
if greyhound actually had a realtime db and ticket scanning, i would have just left
but they were like 'oh, ya we need your old ticket, i need to take it before issuing you a new one'
so i got home and she was gone already
and i texted her i needed my ticket to leave
and then talked to my friend for a couple hours on the phone before it died

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no nothing got assembled on time really
and left in a hurry and forgot shit then got up late saturday and most shit back at macegrs office
i left the sma schottkys at home, sigh
er, late sunday
ha fun
i <3 1A sma schottkys
okay i soldered up and tested all the cs amp panels
the speaker out and power input, everything working, like 7R across all speaker output pads
(means the minidin8 pinout for the speakers or my wiring/soldering didnt fail)
i was worried the heat from the solder was gonna burn the internal wires on the $2 mylar tweeters
liquified interesting
dissolving bodies in lye and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain.
wtf draino?

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man i gotta pay these fuckers for fail hosting
whats $30/12
im paying 2.50 a month for this bullshit
im pretty sure if i dont pay they will domain jack my ass, i need a new host =(
charles made himself look stupid saying the same thing =)
normally for a supply that big, youd have a bunch of fat caps
like, half the caps, and id drop out the buck smps for sure
this is at 10A, which prob wouldnt ever happen
but the toroid is rated to like 9A, and it can pull towards that at 150% max spec power (which im pretty sure the amps are capable of)
ports like what?
i wont use gnd and vcc ports
because i wont put shit on a schema thats not on the board
eagle will let you do whatever you want/need, usually without drc bitching if you set it up right (few exceptions, sadly)

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place a time in the period register
the right shift for 50% duty
alternate that value and 0x00000
nice square buzz at half power
alternate value like every ms or something
just initial jtag failure so far?
and that magically fixed itself (hate that)
put a 10R resistor on wires and drain the big cap

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09:47 < timecop_> LCD doesnt enter in power save mode this itme
yeah probably, i usually gotta reset it once or twice to do anything with my olimex board
yes possibly some init asm thing

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like, youre basically told right when you get into CNC program 'okay alot of your job as an operator is staying up for days, surviving on naps and coffee, babysitting a machine'
always something
was that a 1W bridged amp or something?
i think it was maybe too much tho, cuz single channel
the 5+5W small amps im using can totally blow away alot of tweeters
really dont need more than like 1W

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yeah but you have to be using it logged in or with the same information every time
you can search everything
for order histories
it even saves aborted orders
serious i have like 100 non orders for every real order in my history
it remembers everything you every stuck in your cart
also their parts lists are the shit, you like put qty in for one board
then add to new or current order in multiples
itll warn if your below a minimum, so you just round up, and hit ok
haha use a normal pot
just kinda bane the pins so it works
put little smt feet on it
can double as a stand for the module
wtf bane
okay i finish waking up and fucking clean up the cnc
then back into operator programmer hell

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yeah then i have to like, find a job
also i think i want a new hole in my ear(s?)
haha rebound from the loss of dreds or something =\
timecop_: resteraunt with like 60 tables, pc net terminal at every table might be hiring a tech
im pretty sure ill laugh when they mention the pay, but just the idea of like computers in a resteraunt *60 makes me giggle
fuck naw, not in my job description
haha its prob stapled to the back of something else
i dont know why they do that

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it makes assembly harder
but its not so bad
the solder doesnt really stick to the core material
well, not very well
mostly like your solder runs down traces and stuff, sometimes doesnt matter, sometimes makes assembling other parts later kinda sucky
really anything with thru hole plating is like a dream to me, right now
ima mill a test board for the preamp/headphone amp, i have all the parts pretty much
so maybe have something ready for them by tomorrow

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timecop_: just checked teh email, ty
haha @ subject
diptrace does trace shoving better
like, you can do the same shit in eagle but it might take like 3x the movements per trace
oo sweet
you figured out the mask layer stuff?
prob just have to draw a poly of the shit you dont want masked
just grab a gerber viewer and check the output files
ok cool
its what to cut from the mask layer
prob use lsers or some shit to cut them, dunno

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and jtag worked?
after a reset

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yeah that shouldnt have been a big issue
not a ton to go wrong with that circuit, heh

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both leds same?
the pinouts look sane
wai what

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you should be able to do an amp
3V on the gate, hmm 3Vds

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but yeah it shouldnt be an issue, youd maybe just get some LED flashing on turnon and maybe shutdown, not a big deal
yeah if 47K helps more, id go as far as 100K
after 100K, like fuckit just see if it works open
also check the electrical specs of the gio see if its 2mA or 10mA
why is it always the easy shit failing
RF and usb on the board, and the leds are failing
200pF input capacitance
doesnt sound like the problem

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so 10K should help that, if its not that i dunno
yeah it might be stealing bit to much current
youd prob see it on the scope, the leading edge of the driving square kinda slanty
with 10K?
well yeah its a switch =)
single stage inverters
fet gate up means fer drain drops to ground, puts the voltage across the load
basically it shift to low Ron and drops like no voltage
10K helped?
try 47K and 100K
maybe not
its just leds not like it matters if they flash
it has pullups if you enable them

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okay well maybe try increasing the 2.2K resistors
thats the gate line?
dunno, try increasing the pulldown value
maybe its stealing too much current from the gate
also check the datasheet make sure you dont have the pins fucked
D and S swapped
yeah try like 10K see if it changes
if it doesnt, i dunno
like its not getting enough current into the gate to turn it on
maybe, sam7 can only sink/source 2mA on some gpio
3.3V and 2.2K is like 1mA+, so maybe unlucky pin selection and not enough extra current to flip the gate quick

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hehe, depends
and no not always i think the gate is usually pin 1 or 2
ooh ok, yeah more likely
gate capacitance maybe
sec im looking at your shits
ha you got one of those with the usb storage?

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