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i found an amp but its $4 =\
use a voltage regulator
3pin linear is easiest
yeah what _m_ said

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like 50nV/sqrt(Hz)
ne5532 is like 5-8nV depending on test condition
haha yeah i gotta make money first
ok so i guess i run ttmustangs board
fix the wtf via on dx board and run that
write letter of rec for geeker cute english teacher
and do timecops new expresscard failboard
okay well i guess a day of rest is almost like a week
oh i guess tc failboard pays for heaphone amp kits
okay i need 4V swing
so yeah either a normal amp on the 9V (close, but maybe) or a rail to rail

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low noise rail to rail amps?
signal power, rly low noise
no just audio but the headphone amp is nice no reason to fuck it up
i dont really want to run a buffer amp at unregged 9V
and id still prob only get like 3 or 4v max swing
the headphone amp is 5v
naw just one, id use switchers first and i really dont want too
so rail to rail of a 5V reg would be neat...
i think the ones i chose for shift vu controller were just cheap, not good
mostly seems to be video signal amps

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23:08 < renesis> did you see superbad?
go see it that shit is actually pretty funny
more than one person said the fat kid reminded them of me in high school =\ =\ =\ (i was loud, back then)

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i got a few standoff assortments from goldmine-elec.com

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oh the negative input
see i am tired, and yeah that is weird
the RC pullups i did for the 5+5W amps worked good
for standby and mute, no turnon pop
i killed the 10+10W amp, reverse its rails
ha, eeepc audio out survives (i wonder if i just lifted the whole laptops ground)
did you see superbad?

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again =(
this is neat
i might be able to just throw the tone circuit onto the headphone chipamp
its built into the feedback/input network of an inverting amp
the chipamps are inverting input with internal bias on the non inverting amp input
so like, i can just AC couple the circuit and throw it onto the headphone amp
i should try it i have all the parts
then i just need a buffer amp for the input bandpass/gain section
yeah i bought those
yeah they have those too
mine is an external gain amp, but the datasheet has fixed gain versions
like 0db, +3 and +6 i think, but they arent making them yet, proposed =)
well, its kinda cool for really tiny shit
but yeah its not like 0402 resistors couldnt handle it

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im not doing timecops board either he has to wait too
hell i prob shouldnt even be playing with digikey im prob gonna break it for everyone

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rail to rail quad amp, headphone amp, linear 5v reg
and some passives and connectors and switches and pots
all in an easy to mount altoids compatible footprint
death of cmoy amp, ph33r

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i just gotta copy from ltspice mostly
then ima crash
again but for like a continuous stretch of time
timecop_: ask lordpil.com repeat user for donation
i guess i just did
yeah theres alot of free knowledge there
alot more, um, not so useful stuff i guess
cuz spam
for hits
you prob tripped a random sense algorithm
that means nothing to me without graphs or tabled values or something

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dx^: i do you board thing tomorrow because i have to move one via and some parts
and im too tired to think hard
like, can run the cnc half asleep but i prob manage to delete half the work and save it in half a click
yes exactly
id prob be asleep but theres like all sort of boxes and bins and shit on my bed
i think ima do a digikey part list for curiously ultramega headphone amp

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get a fine hairnet
some size 54 dickies and a triple pleated button up shirt
oh and some black cortez and locs
yeh traditional LA style
post zoot suit era
is like, El Worker Person era and Gangster Son of El Worker era
someone should write a spanish english dictionary
er, spanglish, i mean

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also she lives like a mile from santa susana research lab and rocket test facility
and shes not like, dead
this means she like immune to radiation, or something
heheh, shes finally moving (yay)
and that place really did have a fucking awesome view of the valley for the $$$
i dont think they were ever insane enough to launch from there
weird running your hands thru your hair is overrated
i thought it would be more exciting after 6 years
haha yeah i should buy a jar of three flowers

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yeah see i dont think exgf would be down to go shoot handguns rly
like if she did it itd be to hang out with me
girlbuddy was like OH NEAT LETS GO i want teh revolv0r k cmon soon
hahah nuts
naw this girl is ok
her dad flew a7 intruders and now builds UFO replicas for the gov
so shes almost like a ninja by birth or something

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because she keeps finding wtf hidden meanings in the shit that i say
my exgf, cuz she pissed me off so i started swearing
i live with them =(
dude, its really hard to have progressive conversations when youre like 'okay rly, i feel like this'
and they go 'NO YOU FEEL LIKE THIS'
like, oh my bad i didnt know you could read minds
the convos get very circular
i dont like fluffy double ply
it like crumbles wtf
and actually baby wipes are #1
man we spoil baby butts
like, special engineer stuff for them, but we just use random paper on rolls
actually i would have went nuts if it wasnt for another girl
but that girl is like, thinky rational, exgf is like, feely emotional

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ha that was like 12 years ago
yes is tru thats when it started
columbine was like a year or two later i think
hahaha @ emo goth undecided
that so fitting
whatever, if life was fureal they would have to hunt meat
aint no soy grow in the northeast that i know of
ya basically
hahaha nice
i <3 bread
i should have stolen the potato bread from exgf's fridge when i left
my sister doesnt like exgf anymore i dont think =\
cuz like she almost left me in san mateo twice and then i was locked out for like 7 hours without phone charger or my stuff

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i cut them off
hahaha @ wahl #8 clipper guard
like 1" clipper guard
(no, you dont have to shave your head to get rid of your dreds. final dred myth disproved)
meh, i look weird
i did that in high school once
my best girlbuddy wouldnt look at me for like 2 days
srs she lik talked to me with her back turned and her hands over her face repeating 'nooooooo'
and then school police guy was like 'ok we all know you liked your big hair, so like you got your green mil backpack, hiking boots, shaved head... are you trying to make a statement? is this some sort of like nazi thing?'
'...im half mexican and half eastern european jew'
haha ya rly

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no more dreds

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21:25 < AC-130U> er... what are the ways to secure workpiece to milling table?
setup is 95% of machining =)
answer: whatever works for the part
most production shit, you would machine a specific fixture if you dont already have a setup that works

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fuck i put a via under the chip
ok just one thing to fix, not so bad
hey are the holes on the dc jack really tiny like that?
what does it do

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ive melted carbide
ok not rly
haha me too
all evidense is destroyed
as a matter of tradition
haha at school we have a bent drill chuck jacked into a tool position on the haas lathe
in memory of crasher

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you could make one, not so hard
haha hardcore
make ice capsules, fill with liquor
melt in your mouth or stomach
yeah you could do it
chill the tool, go shallow cuts
what i just finished eating
im doing post work on it
you dont want the tool to die, right?

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i dont like touching them, =\
doitle: china brand, search ebay
okay ima go eat

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your board is nuts
i forgot
no errors at 8mil drc
oh, yeah this an 8mil board not a 10mil board
124 fucks yous from 10mil drc
traces are like .015 min i think
.018 i guess
i can go deep with the cutter no issue, then
.005 tip, 30 degree 3-face pyramids

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you dont need 30K on big shit
ha ball nose
big radiuses pwn
yeah cnc will cut so clean you can see all the toolmarks almost any size of cut
so you have to finish anyway
hells yeh
you can do most shit like that
they made complex parts on standard manual mills
they didnt do it raster style
they did it with angle plates and rotary tables and shit
lots of trig
the ball nose shit is just top down too
5axis can get under overhangs
damn dx

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some of those are .007 DRC (meant for chinapcb, but they spent 4 days being retards so had to try to do at home)
yeah some of that shit is awful
i just eyeballed after flipping with the pyramid mill
i use grease
i think mobilith
mobile lithium grease or some shit, whatever was cheap
tinning and mask would be neat
.015 shit came out awesome
whats a hurco?
yeah but what
nc mill?
meh, that might just piss me off
the haas controllers were neat, i was getting them to do shit even the instructor didnt know about
i think .01
what do they do

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yesnoyesno wat
i dont think your boards will be a problem
i didnt on most of them
i tried to do a crossover and mostly just got pissed off
you can see where i got all lazy aligning after flips
def wasnt supposed to be homebrew
neat to know i can do it, tho
if twingy figures out a good via punch thing, maybe stuff like that not such a big deal
not really, most of the boards are useable
and that shit was awesome, CNC ran for like 4 days straight, no problems at all
curiously strong boards

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timecop_: okay so i assume im doing that with mask layers or something?
so its open, solderable
you mounting a box or something?
subtract layer wtf
k ill figure it out
yeh you and ttmustang are first
basically as soon as im more awake and brave enough to turn on my lights
ima go eat
mmmm, high fructose corn syrup and co2
dx^: did you see the cnc binge boards?

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timecop_: heh how long did you try?
timecop_: its using the usb?
i think iso destroys your disgestive system microbe balance
okay so thats prob priority, and comm lines to the module thing
timecop_: oh okay
ugly yellow line

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where where

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hi im up
yeah prob after dinner
im having pastichio, ph33r
thats too many for electronics
you should move
its like beefy macaroni, with cinnamon tomato sauce, and puffy egg stuff on top
yeh is very good
they make it at the greek place at the end of my alley
no i did massage for someone already this year

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yes, we know

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fuck eagle on linux
(much faster in windows)
i use nvidia binaries
both sides
yeah dunno its hoppier in linux
but this was like 2 or 3 years ago, who knows now

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timecop_: i havent loaded it yet
i prob need your spyware shit
but yeah it doesnt seem especially crowded
okay ill grab that
yeah i have the freeware one
will that unlock or do i need trial version?

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that looks pretty neat

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then the world ran out of copper
ha neat
omg kev made a pc
okay teacher asks for letter of rec
does this means she wants to boff?
cash register
ttmustang: they work nice?
im home i prob do you board tomorrow or late tonight
can you feel any play on them?

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i mean you and reza since maker faire
and weird my teacher says class liked my dialog essay, and she wants to know if i can write her a letter of rec as a student for her interview for some other teaching position
dialog essay was some sunday morning system kid on drugs shit
based on the true story of ren (i really did flick a cig butt on the ground and land it standing up in front of 10 kids and play it off like whatever)
naw fuck atmel
sometimes i make custom 74 series based procs, specific for my application
cant fuck with rolling your own microcontroller if you need high performance
okay you win

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google checkout should have stock counters
is there some google store shit you can pay for?
then it makes sense they dont
yes is true
like mr sure and topbrite
because its a bitch if you dont have tons of feedback
this isnt the first time youve talked is it?

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ohno male
the docs looked pretty good too
ill stk500 or dragon that shit
does it have a timing diagram?
well, lemme check timecop mail and decide what to do about this food situation
you are using something drupal?
or just something plays nice with drupal
oscommerce seemed pretty easy to setup
but i didnt do much more than poke it
okay what to use, genius?
yeah i figured
ok then what does he use

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i have tiny13
white spraypaint
very light coats
okay airbrush them
hmm where the fuck is my airbrush
timecop_: you want me to just route your layout or what?
also its cool to have shit right on the pins like that?
oh ok, haha
yeah lock them or something
okay neat
off the pins?
oh ok i guess i can code asm tonight
i didnt wanna think very hard anyway
do you havge asm code for them yet?
send_shifty with 4 regs as buffers

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naw usps is cheap
well, take like 2 weeks
+ ur customs bishez
ccfl_man: yes
wtf is iardee
shit has to be on one side or clear of somewhere or what
im kinda useless today
i think its too brittle
ooh yeah for that
art supply might have thin copper

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thats what the thugs are for
timecop_: you had work, what you say
when i was still in small town hell you said something
well make some shit up and pay me, i owe my mom money
did new rev failboards arrive?
naw she keeps saying not to pay her wtf
okay i see
i envisions routing traces on some piece of plastic from some dumb smt chip
dude just put in an envelope and walk to counter
its prob cheaper

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do you have solder yet?
how about resistors?
im making timecop doesnt do electronics jokes
did you blow up any fc caps?
always offer two cheeseburgers first
that sounds so mafia
omg jacking ur own stock
f u c k e d u p

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ima do dx board
dx^: ph33r
or actually maybe im going to go get food

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nice, shooting range 1/4mi from csun
maybe thats the one im thinking
that one is kinda hidden
also there is the one with all the cops by van nuys airport that the criminal types i know love going to

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Fallout 3 will be available for PC, Xbox 360, and PLAYSTATION 3 in Fall 2008
that means i need a new computer device
reminds me i have to find the indoor shooting range, fur said she will go with me
its somehow within a few blocks of here and i never seen it, hidden secret shooting range or something
omg they have paid google to remove them forever

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macegr: keys is not srs
i dont think someone in san ma5teo is gonna come break into teh house
i just gotta get new keys
aw, poor peoples
ok thats jk right
did i miss the really ghetto section where they will cut your throat just for stopping at a light?
i think we have shootings like every third or fourth day
sometimes its the really fucked up 'BAP[moment of introspection]BAPBAPBAPBAPBAP'
yeah oakland looks neat
i bet they have good food in there

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i has urs
i think you have a bunch of my stuff
possibly even my keys
yeah i think i left on a dresser in hotel room
oh i damn i did bring it
oh i dont think so
i just had my red girly stab ones at sandis
with perfectly abused tip

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i has acid reflux i think

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people usually just use pens

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okay thats an I
eye, not a one
i almost thought i ended up with the fixed unity gain amp
like, gee thanks for the headphone buffer, guys

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macegr: =(
i wonder if its the traces or maybe it just hits the chip
they make tiny ones
you tried lpf with series R?
weird shit
man its weird i slept but i didnt get rest
thats so fucking backwards
stupid busses
like im tired but i dont feel sleepy much
mmm magjack
bom doubles

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i thought they wouldnt push in enough before they square off
but the plastic sleeve is about the same length as the acrylic is thick
and the connectors are right up against the acrylic sides so they fit perfect
ill have pics later i think im going to crash

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macegr: omg minidin8 plugs fit perfect

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because that 2 control tone circuit is neat
and its just a small farm of passives, i think 14 for the stereo pair

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like, wtf 10K, what the FUCK does that have to do with 8-32R impedance headphones?
none of the specs on the amps mean anything when youre driving headphones with them
okay i think im going to integrate curiously strong preamp and curiously strong headphone amp into death of cmoy headphone amp (okay but im gonna still call it curiously strong headphone amp, shh)

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see this is my prob with cmoy amp retardation

15V bipolar rails, 10K load, ambient temp 77F
its prob way hotter than 77F very often when worn in your pocket, against your hip, with the amp overdriven

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not really, its more for personal 0 day prototype
ill do it for anyone in here, pretty much
not really, because pcb fab is cheap
and machining them is kinda labor intensive when you have to manually tool change and flip
its not as bad a toner transfer etching tho
man that was like arts and crafts from hell with the high resolution shit
like, it might take longer, but its less work for me, drill changes go quick, takes a few minutes to do all drills
and i set the trace cutter Z and just let the shit run, i can do other shit
oh it depends on alot of things
also i dont have alot of bigger drill sizes
so i do those with endmills
also pcb-gcode sucks
so i have to manual edit the drill files and find/replace all feed instances because it ignores Z feed rate parameter
like, its really alot of very good work
but that shit totally pissed me off why the fuck are you not gonna use the Z feed rate option value to do Z feeds

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yeah, i might get a china <.0005 tolerance set
i should get an inspection plate and square plate and cheapo height micrometers
fuck i need to call enco and ask how much shipping is on their little ones
yeah i get those
well, no money now, id be negative money if my mom wasnt awesome
im gonna cut my hair and get a job, ph33r
i cant deal with financial aid dropping out on me while im at a uni
shit is 20x what i pay for school now
like, im $7K in subsidized loans in debt, but i have mad shit to show for it
thats prob like, one semester at a uni

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they were $30, red dial on black face w/ white marks, theyre pretty okay
we use lots of china shit from enco at school
and then we have some nicer stuff, the china shit usually isnt off anything meaningful
bid or buy?
how much ching?
thats not bad for really good inspection shit
i know someone paid that much for mit diamater micrometers just for measuring drills
yeah but im not really doing mad inspection shit
taig is like .002 unless im super careful, so my crappy stuff is good enough
im going to take it apart and clean it
i should get a china set
haha .001
dont breathe to hard =(

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$100 give or take for mitutoty is good
haha fun
i prob take it apart just to see inside anyway =\
haha, gage hax0r
ew im using like week old bong water i party fouled myself
okay i need to crash the fuck out
or eat
meh at road food
2am burger king in the middle of cow ocean wtf
i mean, i prob done that 10 times in my life now
well, not 10 times at 2a
SPI (swiss precision instruments)
Made in CHINA
heheh, they had a booth at westec, wonder whats thats like

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mitutoyo are nice
i have shit calipers that wont die, i dont want to buy new ones until i can afford mitutoyo calipers
very nice japanese inspection tools
but i learn from a bunch of old manual and cnc machinists
who swear theyeve seen all sorts of digitals uncalibrate just by moving them to quick or using them a bunch
dial calipers works, you can adjust the bezel for offsetting measurements, and the mechanism, is practicallt fullproof
every ones in awhile, the gear will skip because the face got pushed out or something (shit happens)
adjust bezel, works fine (tho like at 90d off north for 0 or something heh)
dial gages are super easy to read
like you dont even have to read them one your kinda fixed on one measurement
you can just glance and see if the needle is around where its supposed to be, depending on tolerance
yeah i <3 enco

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man i failed at vias for one of the xover boards
fuck china
well until the next time i can spare $200 or so
then <3 china

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because coax is of alchemy and dark magic
dx^: did i send you files, you checked, youre cool with them?
we decided on the reset/enable shit, didnt we?
we were basically waiting for ninja endmills
which i have two good ones
one suffered tip death as some dickhead (me, sadfaces) left the feed override at 200%
haha that shit lasted a long time at 20IPM
im an ass for even configuring the override with that much range

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smev: loss = 42
smev: do it, test it, come back and tell us
then we will be able to answer your question
isnt composite analog?
yeah who knows
i thought it was digital but i dont fuck around with media junk much
my monitor has vga input, i dont fuck with tv
tv is my lowest latency cspan stream

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09:28 < DX^> my neck doesn't seem to make too many weird clicking noises any more
wow danielson managed something interesting
but managed to someone make it uninteresting
my neck is kinda fuckey but i been sleeping on sandis tinybed and then like 1000mi of bus, so...
well, ou want me to sleep first
ya trust, you do
everyone here calls it cali of los angeles
northern cali is just our farthest suburbs
*cali or los angeles
that movie was twisted
in the future all resteraunts are taco bell?!?!?!
thats why they needed to update their ass wiping technology
damn that movie was more well thought out than i originally gave it credit for
wesley snipes is always great
wesley snipes typecaste = guy on lots and lots of coke

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Cross-dressing prostitutes lied when they accused AC Milan striker Ronaldo of using drugs and having sex with them during a motel encounter last week, police said Tuesday.
The prostitutes told police they lied because Ronaldo did not want to pay them after finding out they were men, police inspector Carlos Augusto Nogueira said.
see, alcohol is bad
you know he was mad drunk
He said he offered to pay the prostitutes even after finding out they were men, but one of them demanded more than offered.
okay now is just becoming silly i wish there was like hidden cam vid
its like big laugh in every paragraph

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ghetto bird overhead
yay, home
i didnt just leave a few bowls i left like almost 3g of kush kicking it
happy birthday to me
sculptor: hai
oh huh
well regardless its the end of a long ass week for me
someone, me and exgf are still friends
heh, i left the stepper drives enabled =\
wonder how much current they were eating
least i turned the computer off
man my cpu fan made the most ugly fucking noise on powerup for about 5min
hope my hdd bearings are ok

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