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gokart style slip clutch? or what
how the fuck is it coupled now
an that thing looks a little embarassing
but kinda useful
oh haha you mean like a hand lever clutch
suddenly this all complicated

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hehe ya gravel fuck anything up
ooo 11:23 is my birthtime
hahah, i hate mud
im fine going thru it, but it fills your treads and makes tires useless for like a minute
no birthtime
bday is the 23rd
yeah theres that too
i cant imagine how many times ive walked into class mud all on my ass and back and legs
hahahah @ bike fenders
the banana seat bike style ones prob too close
mud just get in there and make pedaling an issue
fuck gears

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i wouldnt mind one of those little girl harleys
sportster? i think
suzuki makes a SV1000S now
i didnt know, i saw one on the street
nekkid bikes = ++
haha nice at offroading with ghetto rigged bike motor
the kevlar liners?
those are prett common i doubt theyre a ton of $$$ new
all about hyrbid tires (i do lots of street biking)
big, fat, flat block treads, mmmm
i ride up dirt and twig 45deg grades at school
like, little 10ft tall hills, the hybrids dont slip at all

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and in the 80s they were using mostly japanese parts
efnet webchat is annoying
use machine screws
make clamp, use machine screws and nuts, maybe rubber bushing if its shakey
its a bike + junk in the court of law

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theres been maybe like 3 successful electrics
and successful means like, you can actually find a charging station in a bigass city
cali was supposed to be something like 5% or 10% electric or something
car companies didnt wanna do it, demand isnt there anyway
thats a ton of retooling
right now isnt really a good time to be redoing all the factories
it was awhile ago
kinda at the end of the SUV hysteria
i think all 3 companies are on the edge of fucked
like a couple more really bad years and its over, they prob gotta sell out to europe or asia to even exist
like, airbus got the contract for the new mil transport planes
like wtf, boeing isnt good enough at airplanes anymore
yeah chrysler kinda sold out in the 90s

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yeah smps youd actually get decent speed control, maybe even kinda linear
oh on that side
yeah depends on 'stuff'
theres prob tons of recent app notes on the subject
wonder how hard, how much to get ahold of systems production cars are using
like, system docs
i think theres like 2 or 4, heh
for sure

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thats prob chicos #1 saving feature besides the huge fucking park the cuts the town in two and extends out towards nowhere a good few miles
theres a Helltown a bit out of the city, but i bet thats cooler on maps than in person
dc motor, brush or brushless, pwm control thru FETs for speed, timed switching of fets to route back EMF to battery charge circuitry or caps

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dunno i think you just need it mosty to keep airborn particles from being airborn
yeah anything except pure water is gonna create residual particle issues
no like water that doesnt have shit in it except water
tho honestly, if you had good clean habits and mad negative pressure ventilation, i bet its not a huge issue
this is after all ghetto tech
getting the clean room clean in the first place is prob good fraction of the cost
housekeepers in sterile bunny suits
squeequees, solvents, and again with the mad negative pressure ventilation
wtf is willie mays
exgf almost done with class
her department head wants to talk to her
then we gonna do burgers at the bear

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maxim obsoleted part database expandable memory IC, $1,999.99
takes alot of resources to keep track all that dead stuff
yes why
hahaha yarly
pics or gtfo
i has scotch tape and paper to protect teh speakers
haha @ 6" dust
cleanroom is prob $100K, parts and setup, for tech level: ghetto
of course this include faraday caging because i mean wtf why even go there if youre not gonna do it fureal
youd have to build a room in a house
and have like an airlock
and a washdown area

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maxim ice creamer IC
maxim car tire pressure and headlight PWM IC
maxim IC fabrication machine controller IC

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omg i has a ticket to LA
im really going home
er, stupid mac capslk
but yeah ill let you know tomorrow what shipping option she did
ahahaha, paperclip, needle, recorder

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i need some suede cleaner
ok, bbl cigs and ticket the fuck outta here

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ok application to calpoly pomona for fall 08 withdrawn, likely apply for fall 09 for the BS electronics/CS tech program (like two years compared to 3 or 5)
getting a job because a car, dr and dentist would be pretty sweet
also i learned a ton from last tech job, and that was a crappy/scary job
im not trying to get fux0red on financial aid like i did this semester when courses are like 20x the cost at uni

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i found my green apple gum from last visit
i guess she doesnt like it

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i can bong it up and not clean it or tell her
tho i would be really punishing myself worse, so not really so great an idea
oh huh
1000 and ONE uses
i broke her jfur pipe
i dont remember, but she says
i kinda remember me finding it broken in a container with other glass stuff
i could use whats left of it, but then id have to clean it, not really in the mood to make/clean a mess

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you can do the outside as well as you want, theyre always juicy a mm or two in
omg fuck
sandi is out of papers
wtf am i supposed to do eat the tobacco
i need to get some real cigs wtf
i hope the bus station fixed their CC machine
would totally end the week perfect to get mugged by some drunkard frat honky for my bus fare
like in the 50 yards between the atm and the ticket counter, sigh
fuckin chico

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and yeah bbq is prob big spike then ringing
i should bbq when i get home
mini-meatloaf burgers on eggbread buns w/ bacon, onion and cheese, ph33r

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but im pretty sure youd need the line filter anyway
cuz testa/bbq gun is like high voltage spike, so i guess tons of e field pulses coupling into the cable
they used cat5 in the datasheet =)
and maybe some buffers...
test (stupid web client)
okay i dunno if thats a buffer or just a part of their cat5 line symbol, shrug

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