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k i fixed the inverter SMPS
oh ha
no its not real yet
i just had to delete a schema wire and reroute a trace

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it is working?
did the chip cool off?
yay erc almost fixed
yay fixed
hahaha @ forum 'i suggest you delete the board'

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sounds like a plan
i think im going to go to sleep early
i should post my MC34063 spreadsheet
later i guess
i did the values in the schema with the board closed
t sounds like your board and schematic are out of sync. This can happen when you only open one or the other. I suggest deleting the board file and recreating it and then always have both files open at the same time. Did you get a warning to do with back annotation?
that guys a total retard
all you have to do is revalue according to ERC output
which sucks but wtf at deleting the whole board
you tried it?

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blackmoon: yeah but i mean, how will i know if its doing the right time
10% is like fuckit why even bother to measure

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manufacturers would bitch
they know what theyre doing
yay ohm-guru
yeah man
if i dont use an xtal how will i know if its working or not when i scoep it?

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so the gap between the pads and soic traces isnt a huge diff
soic is a little smaller
doesnt charles have a url catcher?
$88 on grehound
but somehow they turn it into 12 hours
ha wtf
oh its appends at the bottom

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8-32 hex cap screws and square nuts, 4-40 hex button screws and normal nuts, little tubes of loctite, 15' 1/2" kapton tape, and blackmoon chain connector link thing
i bought
those arent harder to solder than dip
because dip has round pads around the drills

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hmm will call
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2932 where is that...
east LA
leadless and BGA would prob blow your mind in person
take apart a phone and look at the chips in that
be glas you accidentally didnt get those
its like 40mi
fuck will call
get some 32awg solid core wire
and just solder it to the pins

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my fingers have some wird issue with ' words
yes you dont want to buy them
you prob want a surfboard
smd sockets are fucked up expensive, i only seen them on old computer shit
like company wanted a chip bad but their fab technique sucked, so they bought 5000 sockets
hehe ya kinda
doitle: its not hard if you have a decent iron
i do it without soldermask
well youll need to get one soon if you wanna keep doing this electronics shit with any level of dignity
unless youre blackmoons
i think he does smd with some 80w iron with a wood handle
and like, spike and rust and shit
im afraid of this mcmaster order
because its maybe $30, right?
but its all nuts and screws
shipping might fuck me as much as the order

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ha ask in #linux
(no rly)
understandable, heh
my ubuntu does detect my hardware right
(its old stable LTS version, new one and new EMC out soon)
doesnt doesnt
i almost walked to it to dig that for you there before ir ealized
i wouldnt have to reinstall that shit =(
er, would have to reinstall that shit JEZUS FUCK I HAVE A BLOWN INVERTER OR SOMETHING

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i tried to just do it like seat of the pants from textpad notes, didnt work very well
stu is in britland
i kno what a bom is its just fucked because its like 8 diff boards
but some identical boards need diff sets of values
the filters in the eq and crossovers
man i feel so relieved now
im on a local windows box =(
use web dig
yeah sry

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oh well
no theyre bought
i need min order of most, but some stuff i needed like 20 or 40
and like 100 of the .1uF and 100 of the 1uF
next time i do big project im going to do multiple digikey lists
i only needed like 60
but 100 is the next price break, and like when wont i need 1uF and 100nF
at digikey?
its neat
def seems useful for doing production run stuff
click what youre about to run out of, buy
i wonder how fast our subway goes
montreals subway had tires and steel wheels on tracks
i meant their parts list feature
but yeah i had to go thru all my schema and ltspice files and make a big spreadsheet with like, device and total columns, value rows

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okay i did the buy
i cant believe how much shit i got
order is 62 items long
im prob like 70%
i used to be like FUCKIT I WANT 100
cuz i didnt get that even to it was cheaper, i was paying more
Rohm 5% Thick Metal Film 0805 = $.03 @ 10
i needed 24 diff kind, plus 4 1%
shit shit
i needed 7 of those 1K at 1%

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all passives and connectors and semiconductors added
thats wonderful
see its good to have girl skills like shopping and cooking

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joshua_: hai
heh, wtf at digikey not knowing what a nano farad is
maker faire
with macegr, on friday
mad audio boards and aluminum and 1" acrylic machining
yeah i had to actually go thru everything and figure out how many passives to buy
i tried to textpad it
omg fail
now im done and i can actually buy but i just wanna go to sleep
stick led from pwer to gio1/2
run a timer interrupt, count to 1000, flip led
maybe eveb do a button and an led
and make the button do the led
cmon man you did simon
man fuck i did simon
i should find that

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psi_: from the digital controller to the interface chips you circled?
if it looks okay maybe the lcd is fried
yeah what you said
i should read all the scroll before answering
thats a bad habit because ill read like hours back
yeah its kinda weird
haha i bet next time i have a nice fabbed board, soldering will be cake
yeah the traces are raised
theres no soldermask in between
and tin plate to kinda match the height
its like an actual gap, the solder has to much surface tension to get into the cracks
oh haha
yeah too much solder
i usually tin my tip, add a little extra, and use that to do the joint
maybe add a bit more fed in
but even with soic just a tiny bit on the tip is enough
tiny bit on the tip sounds so nasty!

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i has a proper parts list
blackmoon: okay i have to like show buorns and alps curiously strong prototype
and be like 'yo, pots are gonna break me, halp'
like maybe instead of getting random max amount of alot of types, their sample people will give me enough of one type to do something cool
like mad wide/thin eq
did you power it up?
haha, ass
Most people post pictures of their friends. I don't have friends, but I have transistors.
haha awesome
dx^: haha your transformer looks like a lowrider

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anyway i gotta go do stuff so i can feel finished

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i think im gonna make a duct for my a/c
that dumps cold air out from the top of my monitors
i imagine heaven is somewhat like this
ima go congradulate them
not much more
maybe .04W more
dracosilv: that thing is 1W * 1
like, you could maybe power it off usb
but its better to just get a wart
and use a vreg to drop to the voltage you need
its 2W per channel dissipation, max
most likely
so 4W both channels
off one usb port, thats a blown or shutdown port

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its rarely different on any chips
yeah 1.8V is pretty neat
i wanna buy some unclad perfboard and some thru hole parts
fuck around with dip shit again
what is it?
i only stream drum n bass from the same radio station =)
your kitchen?

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like power shit dont really come in standard soic more than a single watt output
its always some hax0r dip or soic with a thermal pad
the one i linked too?
ha, cuz it was the 16dip one, sec
thats soic 8
does that look like yours?
down to 1.8V
dude you can suck off whole websites with wget
itll crawl a site and only grab the file types you specify
ha k
i once wrote a script that would leech every MTA bus schedule from mta.net
i was gonna cron it but i think i found something more fun to do
yeah most likely

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yeah im used to big city thing
like, every place except NYC has felt small so far
and NYC is actually pretty small it just goes up so fucking far
i only been to .ca and mexico =\
dracosilv: 5sec
that was fucked up
i was thinking about thailand
theyre the only asian country that has never been occupied by a foreign power
itd be cool to see
dracosilv: you can get multiple variations of wget on windows
cygwin, mingw/msys, and theres some native compiled unix tools
mingw/msys is okay for nix dev on windows, i guess
i dont really do dev work
but i need it for some stuff
and i never mind having a bash terminal local
big dip prob has way better power handling without a PCB or metal heatsink
so its bigger, but maybe smaller in application

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some site has a table of like hundreds of semicorp logos
get a pen light or whatever and shine it at the chip and read the numbers and logo
match the logo to a semicorp if you dont already know it
and search their site for datasheet first
just because its the same part number doesnt means its the same exact spec, just similar, but they always trying to 1up each other so theres usually minor differences
that sounds like a chipamp
search ST
they make a TDA family of chipamps
digikey has them, theyre ST there
8-soic and 16-powerDIP
same output and channels tho
likely much better temp handling
well, i cant tell you why, but possibly, for personal reasons, hawaii is a good place right now
not really
is humid and its too hot when it rains
and it rains alot in the winter and spring
also there aint shit to do
i was one one of the islands as a kid

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nah what
do you mean powered speakers?
yeah for an amp
not speakers
prob not
usb is 2.5W per port
si unless your shit is like .75W * 2 and standard efficiency AB
so someone did a lawsuit
and id i lose my disability money, i still keep medi-cal benefits
i dont have to die because i got teh flu or something!
yeah nice link to a datasheet or i dont care
tho since its a chipamp, id prob care if you did
is the datasheet from a manufacturer site?
or random googled
if it doesnt have the right package it might be another manufacturer or special ordered direct
(which wouldnt be surprising considering its commercial audio)
good 'semiconductor company logo'
er, google

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is he just gonna ignore me the whole time or something?
let him know im known for being loud irl too =)
anyway, he talked a bunch of shit before during and after, so i mean i kinda expect anything
i dunno most people are the same
sometimes they turn out to be 100lb heavier than you expected
wf do you mean power
most speakers will die if you put DC on them
like, forever

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mufucker gets paid by the people hes against in court
who you think he listen to? person paying his bills? or some random fucking criminal
like, the principles our system is based on are fine
too bad the system doesnt give a shit about them
on pretty much everything radial
no my sister used to but now she doesnt either
a girl i used to be buddies with did
but shes a pop whore and at times brain dead
which is sad cuz she aint really dumb, just all fucked up
i listened to kroq like 10 years ago
before it wane wannabe-punk and emo

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macegr: heard
macegr: tc broke the new from his palm ssh thinger
he prob over pacific or arctic now
i wonder what he forgot to pack
what planet are you from?
juries rule on whatever the fuck they wanna rule on
if it goes to jury, then itd whatever mood theyre in
dont have shit to do with the law at the point
its called doing this system the way its supposed to be
instead of just running it into the ground in every city in america
system all fucked up
the consitution aint the problem
i seen so many clerical errors fuck people and fuck me over, i KNOW law in america is a joke
jury trial = pissed off judge and DA
because you just didnt plea
so right off the bat shit is stacked against you
most people use pub defenders too
which is a total scam

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psi_: no, im saying its prob the chip
but the chip failure can be caused by external component failure
yeah, its a very challenging situation, fixinf other people shit if youve never done it before on that hardware
macegr: i made teh logos, they should be 1:1
2x scale in autocad, 50% scale in gimp
acad really needs a better img export dialog
it just drops whats displayed and selected into a bmp
if nothing is selected, itll create a blank bitmap
like, damn gimme dpi settings or something

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psi_: whats the level shift IC for?
it it like, level shifting the RGB intensit, or level shiftinf bus signals, or what
check datasheet thinger
if its an intensity thing, that would make sense that its bad
like you thing sounds like its on, just blanked or dark
are they all hot?
for all channels?
might just be alot of high speed logic creating the heat
if its hot like you dont wanna hold your finger on it, shit is prob burnt

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those IC dont look burnt or feel too hot?
the sample/hold one?
if that one is fucked, it prob just outputs same data or trash
dx^: hehe remember to do it on the bottom and check pinouts
you lucky you used the offset middle pin to92 footprint
sucks you cant get at the level shifter
does the manual have a troubleshooting guide?
see if it says something about if one color channel stops working

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wolfowitz is doing 20/20 hindsight on cspan
saying that the way they did it was the right way
that an accupation military gov wouldnt have worked
like, hes trying to say things turned out ok in the end
i love how they can splash 1M innocent people, and say things are better than they were, the people are happy
haha yeah if theyre not dead or imprisoned, i bet theyre hella happy
psi_: check psu levels first with a DMM
cuz thats most likely what blew up
or find the troubleshooting thing in the service manual
yeah then maybe something in the green section blew up =(
checked the bulb things?
its prob still scanning then
like, the vertical/horizontal drivers prob still working

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joellama: i used an AD597 and some K type thermocouple
for a temp prob
0C between ice cubes, 99C in boiling water =D
i used it as the feedback loop for my digital vaporizer
for weeed
its kinda expensive, but you just need that and a thermocouple
and a filter
blackmoon: yeah
blackmoon: it condenses inside te whip =)
blackmoon: then ground up dust from the herb gets on it
and it forms a kinda hash by itself
blackmoon: scrapes out easy because of the weed dust that sticks to it
the stuff small enough to get thru the fine screen
blackmoon: its like special treat =)

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macegr: can you hear me
macegr: check teh flickt
okay ima take a shower and finish parts spreadsheet
haha koosh balls

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sexy logo
sexy product branding
joellama: i did it in acad
theres like, 4 or 5 letters you cant make =(
macegr gonna laser etch them onto the speaker things acrylic panels
the 11seg ones?
yeah those are neat
i wanna try and make a driver thing for those
i think theyre 11 and/or 12 segs
every manufacturer prob got their own name for them, heh

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bmp export in autocad has like zero options

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joellama: haha neat
joellama: they had a carnival at reseda park few weeks ago
i always think of you now =\
yeah i dont even know about them till i hear kids screaming all night out my window
i never liked ferris wheels
boring =(
theres one that has little cages that rotate forward and back
and then its like on a big thing like a bike chain
and then that thing turns too
blackmoon: k ill keep that in mind
tho like
i can make out with chicks anywhere?

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fuck i should eat i was like ignoring my foods
ok that should be easy
ill eat and do that

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hmm, well lemme see how money fucked i am at the end of the night
im doing parts spreadsheet so i dont end up buying extra parts
jezus fuck next time im doing parts list for each board this is fuckin hellish
but yeah its done now, i just gotta organize and add up
i have a list of all parts now
its weird because some sheets are multiple boards
like crossover and EQ are two modules, one design, diff parts
yeah im doing that tonight

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okay im prob leaving thursday late
i never delete the colon
do you need anything from digikey?
try like 9a =)
cuz i have to be here thur to pick up the digikey
so you get maker day all to yourself =)
make a paper cutout of me or something
pfft @ sleep
i can sleep on the bus if i want
i never do
or can
but iunno i can try really hard this time
yeah me too
ive never slept on a bus
or a long trip
dude i drove cross country, and didnt really sleep
creditors are like PLS PAY WAMU BACK JUST PAY HALF

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kk sorry
i was racing clock
45 diff parts
and i doubt i could optimize down to less than 40 without compromising something
thats just passives =(
hehe, this is totally like 10 diff projects =\
i didnt notice when i went outside
hahaha, so yeah its prob not that hot
dx^: ur shitz is sentz0r

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didnt make it
give me your email fool
oh you did
okay so i dont get parts till thursday
so ill tell them to hold it, pick it up, and go home and build as much as i can before i leave
well damn
since im not in a hurry now i might as well make the spreadsheet look neat
shit was like 2x the parts i thought =(

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they prob wont, im prob gonna end up getting a ride to pick that shit up

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omg one hour left to order!

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k sec
dx^: email
what is it
im getting bubba kush =(

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hmm i fucked something up on the inverting smps

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i know the guy
okay no rly it says so in the first paragraph
okay i gotta part list the resistors again
okay fuck this
im making a list
and checking it twice
gonna find out... hahaha no rly ill stfu

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we should just get a bot with a parts list for overpriced gear
that tracks what people are talking about
and then goes 'i have [intert related overpriced gear here]'
dude those $8 crimpers work
they wont curl them perfect everytime like a 1st party die
but theyll stick the pin onto the wire
i have
then i see the prices
and i just use the shitty $8 crimper i have
i would make dies and a custom crimp assembly before i paid $300 for a crimper
no stfu already
you have zero to contribute
bitch say something useful
say one thing
yeah if you have to do 1000 of them
and its for a business
im not gonna buy one just to have =(
years ago, healed

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like, theyre crimp contacts?
if you solder it wont be a problem
but yeah straight crimp, it might slip
okay you have connector thingies?
i wasnt sure if the was the male or female part
find like 20 junker computers
and steal the front panel mobo connects
simple .1" pin header connectors
yeah but you need special cables, shrug
i hate connectors
yeah because you have to buy like 1000 crimp pins =(
and then the good crimpers are like $200, for generic 3rd party shit
k because...
fuckin prof
dude we dont need him

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i can send you the files in a bit, im doing stupid laborious work on digikey parts list
(click delete, wait 20sec, repeat like 20 times)
okay im lying its 5-7 sec
okay so what i found weird
is that the MIT equation for ripple from a rectified psu doesnt take into acct switch time for the diodes
like, its not really 1/120
its ((1/120)-diode off time)
could be either way

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the transformer?
you gotta make sure solder hits the wires on the trace side...
yeah i did it all bottom side
so just wire everything in from the top and itll be okay
i tried to add manufacturer part number
instead of digikey part number
thats why it was bitching about min order
yeah if you do today, and get two day ship, itll be like wed
3 day isnt worth it, 2 day is like $3 more
theyll ship that tonight if you ordered past 6p
yeah that should be there like friday
well, wed if youre lucky
priority is like 2-4 days
two day by tonight is wed arrival
doesnt it park in customs for a week tho?
hehe, youre closer to digikey than we are

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dx^: i linked and explained
top view
Switch, Gnd, Power, Power, Wiper, Gnd, Power, gio2, gio1
= mad shipping time
i dunno
how far are you willing to drive?
heh, they might will call for you after recieving the package
but that sounds like it could take even more time and $$$
if they charge for will call
that sucks
gpf: cute
omg 200W rms
cute and powerful
like drew barrymore

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like all the active ops in here do is troll regs
which isnt super uncommon, but usually ops like, operate the channel, too
wonder how many PSU charles has failed at by not being 'retarded' about decoupling caps
been there, come back, repeat maybe 5 times, once as long as a month maybe
and only because i dont get along with stu
which means i dont get along with charles because charles is on stus nuts
and the majority of my bans are from spamming channel bitching at avrfreak because he was being retarded and agressive about his obsession with me
damn straight

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timecop talks about more electronics than charles, teknique, or stu
charles just talks about os/2 warp =(
yeah hes mostly busy
and he talks about techy stuff, timecop just here more
charles is like, New Bouncer
do the pins stick out the other side?
i have to make libs for that anyway
i think you have the same VA family of little blue transformers
if you want ill redo it with the right size pitch
that board is tiny, mills fast
yes, ive been told
like, the only think techy out of charles is like, tube preamp or something, and him telling me im a retard for knowing how much capacitance my system needs
if anything, im a retard for using SMT caps
if we had real ops, youd be gone 3 days ago

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yeah you drilled all possible holes for that family of transformers
i think you only needed 4
wtf i live here bitch
wai are you still here?
yeah its a stretch too, if you got the same size transformer as i have
freediver: pls2rephrase
yeah my life before was like, lots of drugs and music and more drugs
not so much fucking, sadly
but that been going alot better
anyway i like it here
there are smart people here who like helping
theres also bitches
but thats kinda normal for troll chans
oddly i find it funny that mong the trollish types here, timecop hardly trolls at all
timecop actually behaves
you bent it enough and it sticks out the other side?\
i didnt think itd work, honestly
i didnt wanna fubar one of my transformers trying =\

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wire it in?
i round up if i dont have the exact drill sizes
just wire it in?
did you do that with your parport connector too?
sanding pins to fit
haha, i remember that
oh im prob leaving monday morning,
yeah so early as i can
im prob buying ticket today
shit what was the link for the bus place?
its cool, go then
i can shower at night or fri morning
more time to do shit
show up
ha i wouldnt mind a shower right now...
oooh, ok
its cool tho, either way
looks like its gonna be nuts if they get half the planned shit on schedule

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up to about 1/2 oz
then you gotta squish it
ty for parts
but yeah i got 10* 50 packs of snack baggies
and all boxes are gone now =(
yeah whatever fuckhead
go lick charles' ass
dx^: whats s
switch, gnd, power, power, wiper, ground, power, gio 1, gio 2
dude stu
charles was just wrong
and an asshole about it
and i ran out of week like a week ago or something
ha i told you

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i havent touched the gibs or the backlash nut in forever, tho
X backlash is sub mil
its unreal
like, i had to grab the table and shove as hard as i could to get it to do .002 backlash
that would be a bit of work
the base is a block of cast steel, ground to tolerance
you would be hanging like 6" past the square iron lower chassis
maybe not an issue tho
you like?
yeah i really like clear tape
3M Armor
yeah thats a snack baggie and piece of clear tape
i need to go get more baggies actually
i went thru 10 50 packs of sandwich baggies in just a few months =\
ttmustang: hope your amazing at setup
no way to do a 12" Y base in less than 2 setups, if youre good
dude its just aziplock baggie
its not even ziplock
its like ralphs generic
got it open?
ttmustang: no theyre for kids snacks and marijuana

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you said you just wanted one =(
yeah i shipped days ago
should be there like today or tomorrow
big envlope, $.80 non machinable postage
attacked by my clear tape fetish
what parts?
yeah im pretty sure
enough to work with
supply for the leds is like last on the list of things to do
the ones you shipped
to me
it was mostly LED power supply stuff and just stuff to have one hand
if you missed something, it wasnt anything important
i fucked up and forgot to save the last list i made anyway
but yeah it doesn rally need them
the Y is only .004 backlash

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also i dont think im a machinist
ive gone out my way to explain that im not a machinist
and not particularly good at machining
and i dont ever wanna work in a production machine shop, ever
you can get fired for hittin exact tolerance every time
because the foreman will be pissed off because youre wasting time
if you can do dead on, .000, you can do .010 or whatever the spec is in prob way less time
for 250 you should have an indexable insert holder
and replaceable coated carbide inserts
chip cutting and chip breaking are the same thing =
(in context of endmill types)

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83Vpp ripple
for 1000uF
nice one charles
charles curiously strong psu fails, =(
ups is coming back today maybe
if they dont, i have to bike down there
ima be pissed
haha @ crip walking
naw i checked for sanity
my math equations syncs up with the results from MIT doc =)
hahaha i bet
i has a bagel
so i wonder if charles really ignored me
guess he couldnt handle being told he was wrong by like 75Vpp at least
hahaha right
charles bans ren because ren makes charles look retarded after charles calls ren retarded
thats gonna fly over well
tat doesnt make any sense dude
without a goal for ripple
also, this is audio, overhead and clean rails is like tradition
else fuckit why even use the linears regs after the smps

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13:51 < stu-> Charles is asking you for information so he 'gets it'
13:51 < stu-> and you just insult
13:47 <@Charles> why do you have 7500uF of decoupling?
13:47 <@Charles> that's retarded
asking for info my ass!
so charles, did you do the math, or are you still running on gut feeling?
yeah but your advice fails
because at half the capacitance, you have double the ripple
and at max load, the smps drop out
so yeah, wtf are you going on about again?
serious man, you need to get your fuckin head adjusted and stop going out of your way to be an asshole or a failure (take your pick, your suggestion is either a troll or its wrong, you fail at algebra)
why not do the exact ripple calc?
dude its a 24V 10A supply and hes like 'thats way to much farads' hahahaha
doesnt even know the application
and once he does, he still defends
bet he didnt even bust one math calc
just being an ass

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not a blog, is a not blog, for my notes and posterity
because thats what the math said to do
the SMPS will drop out without it
its 60W
at 50% cuz AB
plus 6V 2A for shity VU
so youre retarded
5.5Vpp at 10A
go learn math charles
3 tins
where my keys =(
the amps are in a tin each
the eq is across two or 3 tins
peamp is a tin
2 2way crossover in a pair of other tins
dude it aint my fault you guys dont get it

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ur mom has an adc
i put my penis in it it was like 0x3FF
okay i need foods
5 hours to make digikey and mcmaster orders
im amazed that all fit
okay bagels bye
cuz i dont give a shit what people think?

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i hate how it wont do images as big as some of my schema
sexy: http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/04/cs_regulators_schema.png
k now to machine that shit up
cuz i fucked it up
wait where does it say that

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superware: dunno
depends on the motor and how fast
hehe this guy linked to me

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less caps in the unregged section
smps can handle the ripple if the input voltage is high enough
superware: big one
with lots of volts
switch mode power supply
if right = cheap

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in series between your avr and the gate
sounds like a plan
put a 10K from gate to ground, too
so when the avr is powerwed or and during hiZ init, its not floating
for inductive loads, its safer to do so, yes
reversed bias, and beefy
if it blows out the first time its used in a protective way, its pretty useless as spike protection after that
yes, so maybe its uneccessary
30A fet, its likely a pretty fat diode
if youre unsure, spend $.25 on a fat external diode
the internal diode is spec'd .95V at 30A

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yeah what moon said
youre just keeping the pin from blowing out from inrush into the gate capacitance
which on most gates, is almost nothing
prob enough to blow out a port, but 100R is safe
unless you have ridiculous gate capaitance and are switching at high speeds
then maybe 10R-47R or something
prob not enough to blow out a port
okay yeah thats likely fine with 100R
find the gate cacitance value
and you can calc the pole freq
yeah its like 1.5MHz
100R and 1nF
1K and 1nF is 159KHz
so less okay
but maybe good enough
itll switch slower
as a gate resistance

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ha i got into calpoly pomona
man wordpress is so fucking gay
i dont have money for shipping
thats it?
thats not broken
thats just fucked with
it should be fine if youre not switching faster than the LPF pole created by the gate resistor and the gate capacitance
i would use like 100R or nothing AVR to fet gate, and 10K from fet gate to ground as a pulldown

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youtube rawks
snuff is lame

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'the driver is gonna come back if he has the time, hes running late'
'yeah maybe he fucked me over to make up time'
'i dont wanna hear this from you anymore'
'get the drivers to do their job or find a new one'
pretty much
houses are anchors
fuck that
we made the global economy
haha, yeah when the market drops, its just gonna stabilize at kinda fair prices
and then ramp up again

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'i asked the driver to go back, he said he prob wont have time'
shes gonnha ask him again

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everyone can go ahead and stay and become the nazis of the early 21st century
dude theres a run on the banks right now
theyre doing overtime to keep it secret
because if more people knew, wed drop out our economy
inflation to the moon
banks out of business
and im actually kinda okay with it
because id rather have them lying to people to keep it running than telling the truth
and watching our economy crumble in a week
shit is over
we dropped the ball
canada or costa rica
american dollar prob gonna drop out in the next couple years if not by the end of this year
unless we try and fix shit
more wars aint gonna fix shit
afghanistan destroyed the soviets, iraq is our afghanistan, but were in afghanistan, too
im fucking off this train, we going anywhere except into the dirt
*aint going

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its all financial aid or SSI disability (mental diagnosis, really its hush money, tho)
i dont have a car
gas hike hasnt affected me at all
i can get anywhere in LA with a couple busses and my bike
any place id want to go, i can get to in under an hour
school is 4mi away
like 1.25 i think
they raised day passes to $5 tho, is fucked up
i dont use the bus daily
i ride my bike if its under 10 miles one way
hip problems, sciatica
thats not far
thats not even an hour
i dont watch tv anymore
sometimes i watch cspan
but all those fucks either failed me, or are helpless as i am
i might not even live in this country next year
if the billary or mccain win, im out
im not trying to get bombed on or kill anothr 1M people
we 994,000 people in debt right now
i aint trying to help balance that out

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set inches before making changes or itll convert when you select it
yeah eagle has a better grid system that diptrace
diptrace will drop shit onto grid points and lock them there
which is basically hell if youre trying to put things off grid and using multiple grids for functional reasons
its half decent ui, and poor CAD
yeah alt key
ctrl key changes the angle bend oriantation
right click will go to the next corner style
right click + ctrl i mean, in route mode
and shift + right click will go backwards in the corner style list
yeah i like .025 because its half soic
and .00625 because its 1/4 of .025
like 1/8 soic pitch resolution
i dont =)
free money from gov
thats right, you pay like 1/3 my moms rent, all my test gear and parts, clothes and foods

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ups is coming back
fuck rockshox and his whole 'if you were less confrontational bullshit'
me: okay fuck this, you guys need to send the driver back, theres two people here, on in the living room, no one heard shit, and theres a notice hanging on the front gate buzzer
girl: okay ill call the hub and tell them to send the driver back and call to have the hub supervisor call to confirm
its not bad its just got goofy tool options
like right click is either do operation on groups or select betweeb multiple closely spaced origins to do an operation on
size = .025, multiple = 2, alt = .00625
or alt = .005

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(E in eagle actually stands for Easy, eheheh)
monitor lcd?
that sucks it broke
macegr: the psu boards are rounded corner =)

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and switches
(multisim is automated with configurable control keys)
orcad is shit
wants like 3 people to be working it
yeah fuck orcad
that shit is just old
eagle if you need cheap
ultiboard/multisim if you got the money
and ltspice for sim
i did a 24 opamp design in ltspice, was bogged down but interface was fine and it popped up siim data pretty fast
multisim would prob just lock up my box doing something like that
mousing at 5fps and shit
diptrace is like wannabe ewb
yeah i think sometimes it goes nuts
like tries to hard
okay lunchtime
fix the psu boards
then lunchtime
the only complain i ever hear about eagle is about the UI
and im like whatever, learning weird UI is 3rd grade shit
shit is about boards, not having fun
wanna see a fucked UI, try orcad
eagle is like cool breeze in comparison

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macegr: heh
thats 3 day multi stage festival style
you gotta prioritize and plan =(
okay so diptrace != fixed
still fails at rotation, dunno what e-draven was doing
tho yeah itll rotate at any angle
but you can only specify 45 and 30 degree rotation
and anything else might be freehand
free roatining mode is exactly that
there is no extry for angles or no click options
dicktrace = eda for kids
ewb was a better UI
my first night with ewb, i did like 4 boards
yes really
i hate multisim
its 'fun'
it does pots well
i has the same simulated lab gear as i have at school
besides that, its too much for capture
and too bloat for serious sim work
ltspice blows it away, except for pots

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timecop has been bitching at their bug tracker
e-draven: um
its still doing it
if you grouped into pattern, you fail, as that wipes ref des infos
you were rotating more than one object?
reference designator (whatever tha app is using to tell the component apart, has to be unique)
it like, wipes them out when you group into pattern
i tried doing that with tc's stuff, but i had to undo
yeah i guess it changes it into one part and then when you unpattern, it doesnt get the originals back
i didnt fuck with it very long tho
was maybe just doing it wrong
e-draven: how did you do it?
i selected multiple, right clicked on one, while both are selected, and hit rotate
and they rotate in place
to get a group to rotate, you have to go to the edit menu, and hit rotate selected

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look close
it doesnt rotate the group it rotates in place
each individual part
rotate selected is Edit > Rotate Selected
then they changed it
what version?
meh, lemme install free version
my shit is locked
oh april 13
it is a new version

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which is something i do constantly in eagle
and tell me diptrace is fast
have fun at failing
grouped components?
who cares about single component
e-draven: how did you do it?
it didnt rotate them in place
also dont select all, group a few parts
yeah i dunno about schema
schema i havent used a ton
i done some small edits to timecops designs
hehe, hookin up the lcd contrast and led backlight
yeah pretty much
hes getting pretty okay tho
he had all the led drivers wired up right
thats a transistor and two resistors too fuckup
group, right click, rotate
which is already too many clicks for me
and that method is fail anyway
imagine if you have to rate 270d?
right click on a silk edge
hit esc, group them, hover over until the turn blue (i think blue) and then right click
look what it did

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i can gcode a curve in one line
for a gcode app (any gerber producting app) to not do curves is so fucking gay
is she the shipping girl?
cherry wong?
nev0r (fuck virgins, i aint trying to be training people)
its fucked up, go ahead
i did work for timecop that would have taken like 4 hours with eagle
shit took like 12 hours
i guess
its 30 days full versions
and theres loltrace.exe to fix it
haha pfft
i got a $40 bonus on top of the $160
heh, hes paid me like almost $500 i think
like $400
before i even submitted the files, when i posted pics of the boards like 80% done
(i didnt notice until after, was too busy to check0r teh emails)
like, for most shit, diptrace is fine
but when you get to details, it gets tought, because of the autocorrection grid route AI
rotate grouped component

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thats with a broken cutter
eagle can export to prob damn near anything
but yeah is can do rs274d and rs274x
and excellon drill
haha k
photoplotter gcode
naw its perfect
its gcode, its literally photoplotter movements
with aperture definitions for pen shape
just get the free one and come back when you dunno how to do shit
also, diptrace cant do curves
its pretty fucking gay for a CAD app to not do curves
especially when curves are like, inherent to gcode files
shit i should check tracking
how come my package isnt out for delivery

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UI is like 1 week of issues
ltspice has a shit UI
its still the best sim package
e-draven: fuck that, board design is pretty important to me
also, eagle UI is like 10x faster than a windows standard UI for pcb and schema layout when you understand it
diptrace rotation is broken
to rotate groups, you have to go to an edit menu command
also, it can only rotate at 90d
also, it has this AI that will undo your trace layouts if you drop them under the default grid precision
even if your grid is set to .001 manually
making certain thing which take 5sec in eagle take 5min of swearing an cussing in diptrace
diptrace isnt a precision app, it thinks too hard
its a waste of fucking time, for a slower UI, and less functionality
fuck easy
thats locked to one board house
i machine most of my boards in my bedroom with 0day leadtime
it isnt
you dont know anything about commercial CAD
eagle is a fucking steal

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haha curiously strong ripple filter is like simplest schema ever
blackmoon: so is maybe one thing diptrace has over eagle
or i just dunno how to do it
and from timecops description, diptrace UI for custom pads is like almost debug level h4x
but diptrace airwires are useless
they dont track traces at all
so you can have a signal 2mm apart
and itll throw an airwire all the way across the board to the originating pad
eagle redraws as youre routing
and airwires to the nearest same signal, from traces or pads
most everyone who isnt using EDA for kids
only reason people in here started using eda for kids was because timecop couldnt figure out the lib editor in eagle
so he cracked diptrace
like, the only thing he can say about diptrace over eagle is better UI and custom pad shapes without DRC fuckups
UI is whatever, its a total non issue

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more space
because those bottom pad transistor packages dont need a pad past the width of the package
except on top where the pads get wider
im sure you can hack it
do custom defines for pad shapes maybe
i could hack the gerbers
but itd be hell
it wont name
pissed me off
it should
a poly in lib editor should be a pad
i had to do poly, then keepout, with overlap
mask stop layer didnt work how i wanted i was like w t f
because it autogens that stuff for pads
like, i can get it to do it, but its kinda hax and its like 100 DRC errors
i just have to do panel boards
then curiously strong revision one is done
heh i have to make my 12mm pot board edge wrapound SMD pad h4x
find the english language clicker
(do you speak it)

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eagle is console CAD with a gui on top
its mad powerful
UI is shit
but when you learn it, its hella fast
its not really shit UI as much as optimized for shit that you dont really get until youve used it for a year or three
yeah it has extensive lib collection
(i dont trust them, but prob 90% of them are good)
ya rly
h8 orcad
orcad can do one thing that other dont: diff size th pads on top and bottom
and thats not a super big deal
dude my sisters girlcat is clawing my door to get out
my cat just chills and waits
m cat is looking at girlcat like 'yo bitch, wtf are you doing to my door'
dude i tried to do custom pads
i can do any shape i want, and i can get it to keep out pours
but it throws maaaad DRC errors
theyre meaningless, but fuck all that
im not trying to lose the one that means something for the forest of false positives

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curiously strong regulators = 4 SMPS (two with external darlington switches) into 5 linear regs, +15V@1A, -15V@1A, 15V@5A, 10V@5A, 6V@2A
heh, shit is gonna get hot
should put the regulators on the top

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gnaakids = pic of the year
i show that to irl peoples
then i critique the pic for maybe 30sec
then i tell them what GNAA is
irl peoples: D= D= D=
curiously strong psu = 15A diode bridge, 16* 470uF SMT FC caps
curiously strong ripple filter = 16* 470uF FC caps
ripple at 10A = 5.5Vpp @ 24V out

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i have friends from ukraine and moscow
hehe, they cool people, can tell they grew up someplace else
like, corruption and failing gov is like just another day to them
(they grew up during afghanistan, when everything all falling apart)
hahaha, iraq is our afghanistan except we are in afhanistan too =(

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dx^: waiting for them today
dx^: itd have to be a powerful amp
09:23 < Professor> stuff you can pic up in a day of training
pfft hahaha
09:25 < Professor> a trained monkey can run an electrophoresis machine
possibly true, we did electrophoresis in 8th grade bio class
with like, pond stuff
prof can learn anything in a day
basic is: put on bunny suit, stand there, look at rad counter
stand there
look at rad counter
radworkerII is prob the guy who has to go into the reactor and pick up the rods that fall out of the assembly

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the first time i did lsd, while everyone slept, i beat zelda in under 4 hours
zzzz_: power supply 80% done, machining boards today
also doing digikey/mcmaster buys, yay

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ill get into some but most i cant stand
it wasnt really
deja vu was a reading game
all those text based NES things
zelda iii was just zelda one in 3d
well, 2.5d
but i mean, you could jump off stuff
no i never played more than 30min
you can just put zelda in as your player name
and you get the 2nd map
yeah because you dont know it
dude i can beat zelda in 3 hours
i walk into level two with like, master sword and 12 heart containers
yeah also it was harder =(
but mostly i just didnt know where anything is (like free money from underground moblins)
find moneys, get red candle, blue ring, get heart containers, get power bracelet, get white sword, you need to run into a couple dungeons for the raft and bridges, grab more heart containers, grab master sword
you can be full buff by end of level 2

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4 player split was amazing, surprisingly, even on a 27" screen
people used to get pissed and get into fights
all the guns would just fire over his head =(
like, wolfenstien was prob most fun i had with a Q3 based game
and that shit is def sim
its like ho youre thinking i guess, when its abstract, its like an escape from normal things
its like, logic puzzles and hand eye coordination
really good sim, you get all nervous and jumpy like irl fuckey situation
twisted metal is really hard if you dont practice
oh then yeah he just good
that shit is a weird game tho
really well done for what it was, you would think driving around blowing cars up would get boring fast
ha my best friend used to take hs ghetto buddies rpg games
'here man, you can have this, its a reading game'

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if they game is goodm, it usually has to do with realism in movement physics and projectile trajectories
ok maybe this convo above your head, this aint about categories on a game site
fps = sim
megaman = game
right, im done, bye
dx^: sucks
mobilestu: if its 1st person, yes
its not abstract, its not a game
NES/SNES/N64/PS1 era shit was still abstracted, it wasnt about looking and feeling real to be a good game
3D killed games, because they stopped making games
they started making life sim, and theyre just now getting decent
like, its kinda fun because its not your life
but its not the same as an old sprite game or 3d when its just not trying to be a 1st person simulation
i dont mind sim (actually i <3 racing sim), but its cheap to call them games
golden eye was awesome
we used to play that for days, no sleep, at the group home

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but yeah, i only owned like 8 NES or SNES games at a time
but i prob was in possession of like 60 games over the period of original ownership
NES games, maybe 40 SNES games
dx^: duh
they were games
now its just all cheap sim
good games was the golden era
cheap sim is some bullshit
were just now hitting the point where sim is half decent
and its not as fun anyway
that shit tc linked too with the 2.5D game was awesome
the one that rotates the 3d level and you play in 2d
thats a game
quake, doom, halo, HL, thats all shit sim
that shit wont be good until they wetwire you, and then itll be insane like hardcore drugs
car games are like the best sim
prob flight sims too
why couldnt they use ninja?
thats beyond homosexual
thats like transgender, post op
all fps is sim
1st person, eye level, yes really
its like the definition of
its crap sim
youre inside the persons head controlling them living in their environment

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luggage = (dump bathroom into ziplock) + (pants/shirts/socks/boxers * days) + ((boxes/shirts/socks * (days * .2)) + device chargers + devices
no wonder you started getting paranoid
yeah but thats normal kinda, heh
too much
1/4 blunt?
dude thats like 5 days of kush for an avg stoner
bowls every 3 or 4 hours while awake
yeah no shit =\
my buddy my buy my ps2 today for $100
bunch of games, mini ps2, remote control and dongle, 2x dualshocks
naw man
GTR2 is better
and my computer is even up to snuff for gaming
im like, socket a, gf5 right now
i have like 10
i only played one
i got the whole thing from a buddy for $80 last year
we used to trade
i dont think kids do that now their parents would kill them

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you want to work as a CNC tech?
dude im smoking vap leftover and prob getting less stoned
i hate when the connects run out of regs
i hate holding kush, FUCK THE PREMIUM HERB
you never smoke less after 2 days
and 1 hit too much youre like, little kid mode
timecop_: wai
halp how
dude you have 4 hours, i could pack 12 times
do you not have luggage devices or duffles?
cuz thats bad yo you are possibly fucked
hahaha travel in plastic shopping bags

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gimp > photoshop
photoshop is like bad cad heavy
and all it does is pixels
having photoshop and another big app open is silly

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07:40 <@TekniQue> to lock women in basements
links to evidense!
i wonder if lesbians do it to each other
and like, do they lock themselves both in, or do they take turns

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