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aha new NIN starting off like ministry
end of last tour, trent looked all buff like bruce cambell
mofo eating his wheaties and shit

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wow, twins
i has a front edge marking
it is like this: Front
but in 7seg

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i has a logo
its like this: dt
but in 7seg
no fool
that alien was drunk
o, hi

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i design with digikey search
prices and stock qty, and strife, biatch

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[00:41] <macegr> "oh, it is by USA post, right?"
haha wtf like they have a pile of USA and a pile of everywhere else
who was vortran again?
tron was cool
i couldnt admit that until i was like 19
dee ess pee

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omg webclient sucks
okay i think that is sanity based

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heh i think i can mkake your pcb, ghetto style with no adjustment
is your qfn pad via'd?
i could make hack it
are they offline?
its past lunchtime already there
i have to decide pinouts for speaker io

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wasnt that like $1M in LEDs and drivers?
hope paypal money shows up in bank by friday
so i can do digikey order
isnt shipping like 10 days?

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to do the hump
c makes avr so hard!
dont worry im mostly busy
i get eye infections like every 4 years
this is way too often
stupid tiny cat hair

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preamp needs zero rework
o, i guess they all need psu rework
macegr: if the endmills ever show up, i should be able to do everything

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wtf no wai, eq only needs one via reworked
sexy, what it is
okay i have to make speaker libs
er speaker connector
maybe machine the amps and shifty vu stuff and speaker boards
eye infection is totally awesome, i dont have to feel guilty about not going to school

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im using stupid efnet web client
dioxides server thing fell off the planet
crossover is doable with bit of rework

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so what am i seeing
theres syrup in the cabinet
oooooo, shocking
its just underage soft pr0n
mmmm, kapton
rab: i think .0025 adhesive kapton might be .001 kapton and .0015 adhesive

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measure it
why the fuck you asking us like its our cardboard
sure, how about you?
then its like, how thick is your damp cardboard
what is the distance you are measuring the cardboard ohms

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dude just get some 600V caps and charge them on main
thatll work
what is the gap per volts ratio?
normal air (i bet LA is less because so much carbon)
makes sense, not so concentrated
tweeter gotta be the one with the odd holes
thats what should be happening at your voltage, at like zero gap
maybe see tiny blue sparkle if youre lucky

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dx = #electronics rail bb gun expert
hahaha wtf?
man of all the people to call instigators
hahaha, that was a pretty funny insult
need alot of turns to make a 35V coil gun thing happen =\
kevtris: well, mad current i think is key
so yeh basically
need more voltage
ha nice
at 35V?
no wai
are you soldering like .005 apart?
okay so where did i get 35V from
35V doesnt really do gaps
okay yeah makes more sense

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no some sites have nothing at meh.com but the site at www/meh.com
with no redirect
fairchildsemi i think does that
i have to laser cutouts instead of holes for the little speakers
thats why you been wanting to talk to dx?

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ya rly
i was getting road and track for like $10 or $15 renewed
i just hate that paid docs show up #1
like, nice blurb, real info? $100
yeah i hate that it pops up for anything interesting
stu: for as long as i known about interweb
the cheapest shit is like $35
yeah wtf
whgy do i want aq google toolbar
so itll open up my browser and search stuff?
like i cant just open up my browser and type into the address bar to search stuff already

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pretty sure thats normal for a laser thing
okay ill shoot for like +-.020
im adding a bit of diameter to the mount holes
and im prob using #8 screws so i think i have a bit more play than that anyway
yeah, i can get actual measurements from someplace online that sells it
i got first speaker done

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macegr: whars the kerf like on the laser?
wtf thats it
how deep?
i know but its like about .003 at say 1/8 or 1/4?
wow thats so awesome i thought you said like .030 or something
did you check if it was like over or under cutting?
i think lasers usually undercut
yeh thats kinda normal, laser focus and i think the way the material heats top first
okay so any extra kerf prob be taken off
okay so it tends to under cut a bit

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man wtf, some of the better gear in electronics is called 'hakko' and 'fluke'
who let that happenm?
like tektronix only one lucked out ended up with a cool name
macegr: hard
the hakkos are like plated by god himself
thats why the hakko tips rock
theyre like permatinned
last forever
i was supposed to get foods, you guys are distracting

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rockshox: which size iron?
yeah, mine too
most tips
you have unregged hakko iron?
red or blue handle?
how is the tips for that?
i dunno why they dont use the same tips as the 936 irons in an unregged iron
oh wtf
i guess for heat stability
makes sense, sucks tho
macegr: i have a 2mm dia. cylinder with chisel tip
like .5" long
naw big shit is like bigger than the fucking smt transistors
like, omg i lost the sot23 in the tinned iron tip
the chisel tip cones seem to be best for general use
pointed cones and long skinny shit gets heat pulled off too fast
thats the same as the hakko unit
diff castings for the shell and the stand
those are like $180 or maybe $200 from hakko

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no its got usb mass storage for the dso data tho
like the $1k tek TDS scopes
mine has rs232 with all the lamo control lines
yeah with a usb soft control panel i guess
yeh, thinking about it
i need backup for my tek DSO
that shits digital mode is two eccentric, and it fuckjs up the overlays and V hold in analog mode
like, maybe once a year itll be buggy
stu: figure out the math stuff yet?
neat to do differential input with both chans
blackmoon: sure
is that what tek got?
er, timecop
did i ask that already
oh, didnt
blackmoon: yeah i want to do analog junk on fpga
dds would be like, 1/100th of the chip, pobably
the rest could just be like extra tables and interface
dev kits prob like $300-$400?
rockshox: <3 my 936

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so they dont have to feel guilty if they dont want to
add subtract and fft
blackmoon: digital sampling 250MHz and has dso/fft
blackmoon: not add, honest
vellemans and shit will have 10MHz sample and spec at 2MHz
thats some nyquist thinking right there
(okay no one is worse than nyquist)

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thats what i get
+ cheese, white bread
actually quizznos is better
all of the US?
with one $7 chair
blackmoon: labor
cops, courtroom people
im pretty suire thats not cost of operation for their injection machine
few decades sometimes
theres automatic appeals
even if they agree to be killed
i dont even think it should be legal
i believe in the death penalty
i dont believe in our systems ability to impliment it
courts cant get shit right, ever
\so it should be illegal
travellar: almost all serial killers are white males
okay i need foods and them im finish drawing bye
macegr: no i think its usually more than one
but not every soldier gets one
so they dont know

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no on the ebay itself
but then its just like, weekly ebay spam
We believe low-price and high-quality can co-exist. We would serve your needs in high quality electronic components and modules! we are here just for you!!
heh @ 'would'
no its never worthwhile
not my normal emails
those all go to the alternate email box i nevr check
Lifetime Summary:
Positives: 15178
Negatives: 13
yeah they have this internal mail system
everyone <3s mr sure

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dude its cut
its made to stack on old flukes
same case style
bench flukes
look fool its a good scope
it can do square
well, for audio i guess
check clipping (with a mag loupe, heh)
or even the rs232
for the price id buy it just cuz it looks funny
how do i stop getting ebay messages from ebay

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ha webinars
with vid or audio or what?
tre: any dac system will
any analog system will prob be crap
like, if you put the waves i showed you thru a bandpass, theyd prob test pretty badass
did tc's chinascope have FFT?
fixed point is so so sex
32bit to 8bit fixed point
just ignore top 3 bytes, done
i think most the dds synther shit i built was 16b or 24b
for the samples and log gain tables
i dont think those pics are dds, tho
thats when i was doing my ram shovel speed asm stuff
hehe with custom coded loops instead of timers for under 22 cycle output
i had like 4 loops for values between 16 and 22, with nop padded and matched conditionals so it always ran same loop speed

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DSO output, the scope output is gainy
not the wave
unfiltered, buffered r2r dac on an 8bit uc, prob cost $5-7 to do 8 chans
its dac from a spreadsheet
math sine, i wanna see some cheapo analog shit beat that
macegr: mac users shouldnt be allowed to make decisions like reinstall
tre: point is, thats your target freq, unfiltered, mathematically generated, at like 768 samples per cycle for fixed (dds is a bit less samples maybe)
for like $3 in parts
fpga whaaaaaa?
at fpga, im doing sines into the 100KHz range, easy probably
state machine driven by counter wider than addy lines (instant fixed point)
man fuck a dds just make it with a handfull of IC

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eq/analyzer filters
you set the gain, Q, center freq
and gain is actually limited by wide Q
like, some squaring of something in the equation breaks it if gain is above a certain value below 1
why theyre only useful for closely spaced EQ and analysers, or you have to feed them with way amplified input signal
so yeah, narrow Q you can set, + gain, sane passive values in the audio range
this is kinda a personal question, everyone gonna have diff answers
someone always eventually pops out with light bulb wein bridge...
fpga is hella advanced fr 1.5khz
sec ill show you pics

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maybe it was a boss person who did it to him
tre: you have you adc inputs filtered?
meh, i think i wanna do the tech BS instead of the engineering BS
also CSU chico wished me look at BSEE or techBS, and noted there was an ABET tech program at devry or ITT now (wtf)
filtering and averaging oversampling should get similar values
heheh, time vs money
(me like having more free time, likes doing analog buffer things)
bandpass filters
as buffer for dacs
you can sample output at 500+ times that if you want
on a 20MHz microcontroller
so yeah, it doesnt have to be super steep
tre: also you can prob get that steep easy
with constant-q multiple feedback bandpass filters
omg mouthful

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analog sines prob look like sines more than they are sines
tre: with an fpga and a parallel dac its easy
you could prob do way above audio freqs
resistor dacs with 1% parts and an opamp
hell any opamp
yeah something analog and kinda nasty will prob be fine thru lots of filtering
meh, for 1.5KHz make the dds
for one freq, fuck dds, just use a sample table and loop one at a time
avr, latches, r2r with 1% parts of the same value (parallel for r), two quad opamps opamps as buffers and 2 pole active filters
okay one dac, 8 opamps
i can do that on an avr at 512 samples with headroom
okay not so much headroom, and im only saying because ive tested
yeah id go dds on avr and band pass filters

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yeah that too
be neat to play with striplines
hehe waveguides were so neat, some wtf tech
naw he blames himself half the time
yeah if you need transmission line shit, then curves and shit become pretty critical
on a practial level, alot of things will pass drc with curve traces that wont with angles
youd have to reduce trace width of settle for less gap
a curve you can maybe get around perfect
also i just like the way they stack
heh what a question to ask
im like, avr, dack, DDS table
i like my sine waves from a spreadsheet, ty
sure grab some latches
and some more resistors and opamps
filters and mad resolution?
i think my 768sample sine was about 1.5KHz

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its not really argument
other than stu is a blind troll bitch
90 vs 135 vs curves bends
yeah digital stuff, a 1MHz block might be GHz equivelent for a few ns
mobilestu: you open the box, deal
you admitted it was just to troll, die
you dont care, so why even ask?
etc etc etc
were trying to have a convo and you keep bringing stupid shit up
usb is all filtered, so its prob pretty sine-ish
at least tuned slew
so if they can reduce slew down to what works, then its less noisy
rab: at GHz, id have guess points of inductance are where parallel signals will couple and jump lines
so if you have two traces paralle, and each has like 20 angle bends over the course of the bus
then maybe sometimes a 1 couples over to a zero during slew
but prob not so often and prob not with sane routing

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in functional terms, so in imaginary terms you do?
im not
were having a convo about it
because its a valid discussion
youre being a troll bitch
because i guess you have no life and nothing to contribute
then you posted 4 boards with curved traces as examples
then stated that i was blind for seeing obvious radiuses and sweeping curves
see hes being gay
he wants to think that those curves are just product of fab
that fab turned two 9d angles into a radiused curve
anyway, nevermind
youre either wrong or youre trolling
wow intelligent
teknique and stu and charles should have an orgy
wtf stu
we were done with youre trolling bullshit
and you brought it back up
so stfu yeah?
goddamn you are such a failure at social engineering
who cares msg him if you want to have a priv convo
i think youd have to do it alot to make it an issue

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rab: i use them because they look neat and because they make routing around corners easier to pass drc and get good spacing
also high speed stuff it prob makes a diff, because those connectors are pretty much throwing EM waves onto traces
mobilestu: stfu were having an actual convo
ha, 2nd link starts on page 638
did they measure one corner?
or a whole boards worth on one trace
the diff is gonna be almost nothing unless you amplify it
theyre 135deg
and it matters for high speed, stu
everything does
wavelengs like cm to mm values
no he was trolling
so everything he said was in fact bullshit
just proving that stu wastes time
its okay tho because he doesnt care about you
yes so he proved he can troll me by acting like a tard
and that charles will get his back even when hes being a dunce

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i packed it up, tho
msg address so i can print it out and drop off today?
dx^: ups says expect endmill on thursaday

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i have to rework boards for milling
think i just need to move a few vias
pfft, $20 and a large ziplock bag
macegr: im doing speaker cutout files now
no hes making fun of you like i am
thats asm =)
load to eeprom after user input + timeout
and on shutdown if it soft powers off
no i suck =\
i just looked at that right now

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or itll be hand drawn blobs
with smt shit, im like ha ya rite
i cant even remember the two commands in asm
cbr and sbr are set and clear bits
okay yeah i think, i wanted to put a k in there
skip next if bit in reg (or io) set or clear
im like SKBIS, whaaaa...
they had a bunch of shit for sam7, shit was still hard to get spinning tho
my head hurts
maybe my eye infection has spread into my brains
it seem to have left my eye

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broke thin trace
i guess because the etching at the corners sometimes eats thru quicker
same thing with hitting small traces at 90d intersects
well this mostly info from older tech/jpl peoples
so a) they has that NASA cost or practicality no object thing
b) pcb fab prob used to suck in the 70s and 80s
i noted that to timecop
when he said vias in usb = fired =D
also that the diff lines in a usb connector are like .05" apart
i bet those connector layouts are tested for noise and signal coupling tho
for usb tracings?
theyll all just show picks of parallel traces straight to an IC like 2" away tops
and app note layouts are decidedly big and ugly
im thinking either they dont care so often, as long as it works to spec, or they are like 'YOU CAN DO IT THIS UGLY AND ITLL STILL SPEC NICE YEAH!?'

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this new bong is so sporty
rab: they forgot to mention that they fail more often in fabrication

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hes doing okay for day 2
it is better, i did
after taking 5 min to fail at shit in diptrace that is like wtf easy in eagle
yes hes keep bitching about shit we already tell him is fail
like, hes informing us something new or some shit
man poontang cardboard engineers are on hallucinogens or something
if its diff he prob wont get useful help
i dont even know what version im using

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macegr: my pkg from toolmakers is untracked for 2 days, from maine
wtf road trip, or something
omg eta thursday

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yeah and then grab a few variables stored in eeprom
you can either check for sane variables on init, and replace with a default if not sane
or you can just program into the eeprom
like, when you burn the final code onto the chip, you burn the default eeprom too
faster init, dont need error checking (just faith)
rockshox: if they are constant, or defaults, you can just use flash
faster, more of it
the compiler and linker is prob doing variable init for you, tho
from flash constants
yeah im just like, make a .db table, and lpm it
usuall involves spreadsheet and text editor with macros for me, if its data tables

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when i woke up and washed my face is want like infected goopy anymore it was just mad teary, and now i have eyedrops, ph33r
rockshox: for what?
eeprom is just for variables saved across powerdowns
you can use flash for constants and variable init
either thru the ldi or lpm commands
okay yeah
then it depends if you want it to be persistent
eeprom storage
basically only way, besides writing the flash, but thats bit overkill and eeprom is made for what you want to do
i would maybe have a sanity check for the variable in the eeprom on init
but its not really neccessary
yeah dunno youre on your own with the code if youre doing it in c
have to figure out what the functions actually want
but yeah, you save the variables to eeprom (just make sure its non constantly or itll burn eventually)
you can set a default either in flash or just first progoramming of eeprom

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it got billed and sent on friday
you dork, theres no mexicans in maine
i think gpf lives there you can ask
they all talk like JFK, but its not a joke
hey my eyelid is almost normal looking again
it like tucks under again like my right eye (and azns, i guess)
cat hair im pretty sure =(
i pulled on out from under my lower eyelid while i was rinsing it
fine and white
harold hair (my sister got her girltabby here now)
and my eyelid all puffy from rubbing it all day with soaked towells

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thats not so much a problem for me
to stay or see or what
this all like ebay shit for change
but it sucks because it should be tapping my bank acct to pay
and its putting money into my bank fine
okay its maine, i guess
its like, departure scan, MA, US, 4/19
then nothing
like they put it on a cross country truck or something

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uh wtf, my paypal can put money into my bank acct but now it decides to fail at taking it out?
as cool as that sounds its making for a quite annoying balance statement
i hope security dep at my bank didnt just decide i was buying too much stuff again
wtf they did it fine 10 days ago, is not like the acct doesnt have money, why is paypal doing it wrong

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damn acad adding like one million things to the registry

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k i told ourpcb ill get those boards next month, my fault i waited too long
blowing money on parts so i can get better min qty deals

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man a stepper must be hellish to wind

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