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check datasheet for jtag specs
i hate all this level shift bullshit
uC with integrated every (that id need at least) #1

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jtag isnt even super fast, is it?
haha fucked
itll prob say in the data
jtag electrical characteristics, or something
timecop: so it half works just fucked up slow and prob dropping most the packets?
yay at nonfail, etc
we need to make some sort of altar to nonfail

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you suspended your speaker?
if the box is heavy enough its ok
yeah bu its the suspended weight that matters
else the speaker kicks back the thing to much
and it maybe gets weird psuedo osillation
yeah neat
hanging setups how all the big big venues do it now
strings of driver cabs
hollywood bowl has like 4 sets of probably 20 on a string
i got to much bullshit in my room
never really sound that great
bass rattle my pc
22:47 < timecop> renesis: looks like you got more work to do, this thing is a total fail :)
what part?
know wai yet?
oh it doesnt like the 1.8?
is the dongle voltage matching?
whatever, your moneys if i do it
ooh, ok

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whats composition?
carbon or something?
that prob smells great
neat, i guess
ok so maybe i should try and find a local fab house
like, local LA
and beg
OurPCB(Away) !

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uC are quite good at surviving stupid shit like that
had an attiny wired up, then went and had lunch and watched tv
and i dunno miswire i dont remember
anyway, i couldnt touch that shit
but it wasnt burning, and it programmed fine after
because the base are floating
just drop em low they should turn off
well, depends
tons of shit can burn up
and really, if it hit temps like that, you shouldnt trust it totally
like proto shit whatever, but you prob shouldnt like sell that one to someone, heh
its just like a pc psu
you can fry section of it, but itll process fine 95% of the time
er pc cpu
like mines been to 60C a bunch and lived at 50C+ for extended lendths, im pretty sure the cpu is the systems problems
so i dont wanna waste the money
have that shit underclocked and it runs fine (it maybe the mem or mem controller, it gets consistent memtest errors for one test type)

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21:54 < timecop> whats default gpio on arm7..
believe so, hi Z input
status of fail?
haha k
whats au?
oh hahahaha
yeah that circle is bigger, dude
its cool?

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and mesh wrapped cables, and the nicest device connectors ive used
its like wow they actually slide in nice and pop out when you squeeze the thingies
like, skunk skunk?
not like, r337 engineer skunked, right?
that sucks
wtf are they trying to prove?
yeah i dont collect them or even watch much
sculptor: tomato paste?
vinegar, um...
no im saying mythical things to d that
thats all i know about tho
what are they trying?
haha k
haha wtf
rent one, or something

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do the rails one by one and test
dude tc does like no power digital
hes lose half a fingernail if everything gave up its smoke at once
speaking off, i wonder what up with power system techs for the city
i guess al that shit is high demand because everyone plays with digital and signal analog now
incuding me
did you check the rosewill stallion things?
the build quality for the $$$ was pretty impressive
mine has 120mm fan, very very quite, and the back is open mesh
good airflow and the pcb parts look spaced out nice
just looking in from the panel, tho
they come in 2x 80mm too

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i dont have very many pics of me
kinda sucks
haha i found the pic of my cock in my hand with a coca-cola vending machine on the monitor in my email
whatever man
why you looking at guys at judging beaty?
i mean, i have a exexgf and her mom coming over and they both think im hot
so like, iunno man
im still joking back
man you guys totally lose when you go 'was jking'
except my joke is thruth, and i gotta take shower
maybe quote will be arrived when i am done
test33: yes and no
and im being honest, as far as i know about it

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if the controller isnt away of the machine, you gotta do it for it
stupid cnc, eat themselves if you tell them too
ha, yeah
theyll do 720 degrees in polar mode often, just to recut circles
make sure you got anything you missed going too fast and on entry/exit
oh, thats a fucked situation
thats like right when you a zombie is you wake up
thats not true
dont you know about myspace?
they need to take 1000 pics to get that one good one
timecop: sexy
teh myspace angle
its usually a face shot
with upward head tilt
to minimize chin
and slenderize neck
shoulders back
trust, it works =)

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im rusty on m codes, theyre machine specific and i do like non one my taig
*none on
like, mostly theyre standard
but then you get extra ones per machine to handle specific whatever, like extra G codes for big canned cycles
like the haas could do finished pockets in a line of code
its about code and the way it handles corners
it has multiple corner modes too for compensation
either radiused of overshoot and cut across
for sure
but they fill in the blank and then go father
rs274 is standard =)
naw, thats gerbers
photoplotter gcode
it has built in photoplotter pen shapes
oh apertures
instead of tooling, it describes shapes
rs274d need a seperate aperture file
mile range
pretty sweet
yeah all sorts of shit

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G40 is comp kill, typically safety block shit
like G80 on canned drill type shit
yeh its fun
the machine can make it hard
old machine really
but new machines is fun
like connect the dots
also, in a job shop, you want someone who can code
because sometimes computer make stupid code
like, if youre not ninja with CAM apps, sometimes they just dump
apestate: my instructors were doing this shit in the late late 60s/70s
so like, they were punch card programming
with vacuum based punch readers
im like always HAHAHAHAHAHA when they talk about that shit
pierce college had a punch paper splicing class in the 70s!
haha m00
M0 works mostly too
some machine parsers suck dick tho
yeah you get a style
else its hard to read your own shit
just fucktons of coords
like computers do everything like 5.560000 0.05000
you can be like 5.56 and .05
computer code sucks to read
m6 is another coolant maybe

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like, even if you hand write code
which is the way to go with simple parts and a machine with lots of canned cycles
like, you wanna do it off machine
document it on paper
write a setup script
i prob should
ill take pics of my room
youll will just, i dunno go away because you are disgusted
prob like never wanna come back to efnet again
but no rly this week its almost all boxes and packing materialk
bed is in like part shelf mode tho, kinda sucks
half to like sleep against my wall and shit
apestate: so youre not down with hand writing code?
real programmers crash tools, not computers!'
not always
we have this bridgeport that was on crack
80s digital
was like two block lookahead for the comp instead of one
serious wtf shit to enter that comp right
like, all the instructors would forget too
cuz they always on the hass
so they insist thats how you enter comp
until you show them and theyre like fuck
how do enter comp on the bridgeport
the has its just like, okay im here now im here

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this woman is like, living at her moms at 50 on and off, changing phone numbers all the time
and obtaining buddha from me
wtf formal
kevtris: ha
you dont really want a production mill that old
the reason its being sold is likely because its used up
its like cars dude
age doesnt matter at all compared to use
you can have a 20 year old machine that does CNC fine
can have a 3 year old machine that cant hit tolerances for shit
because like, it was used everyday with the intention of using it up
its firmware
they come out with versioned systems
'newer control' is prob the same hardware, diff firmware
cnc hardware is more industrial than cutting edge
im sure they will gladly sell you a new controller box tho
for like 10x the cost of the new firmware
yeah thats like, damn this is fucking shit up lemme edit that
then the engineers kills your family
because youre just lowely operator

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get a UV led
stick in a pen
find tiny batteries or go external, tape em on
wires, 4 dots of solder maybe, done
when done, just pull soldered wire off
fuck a switch
we got soldering irons
we dont need switches
okay so i didnt call yet
my exexgfs MOM texts
like hi can we come over?
well be around your area tonight
yes no shit
i think she spelled her kids name wrong wtf
fuckin texters
damn she like abreviated every word she could and i think used max characters
pro texter, ph33r
she even was polite and set a ETA
none of my friends do that
90min til random exexgf AND MOM(?)
maybe they both wanna do me

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thats why they have the weirdo lens/reflectors that throw light to the side
oh im sorry i got testy about GD&T
i really hate that shit
apestate: heat probably
like, materials neccessary would bump the cost up to another level
the reflectors and assemvlies almost always plastic
i need to do something fun
with people
wtf is gfs?
non stock or what?
oh the pins dont reach or something?
or it just sticks out too much
oh ha
for easy solderizing!

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im alot better
but yeah, i got some major issues
im basically like an A or an F student
since forever
test33: i took spanish
i failed spanish
im half mexican and its my moms native language
serious like most white people in LA more mexican than me, far as language
(my dad was a bitch and made us learn english first, but basically by stressing 'dont talk to them in spanish')
i can unstant it, kinda fluently
but i like wont speak it
i even have this silly mexican accent comes natural
but yeah i have zero confidense with it
i cant communicate with it, aside from basic shit
er, *understand
she can do both okay?
its something about the way you think
people who learn languages always say at some point, they catch themselves thinking completely in the other language
and mounting for screws
the middle
you can get them raw
without the star, but youd need to put them on a heatsink on a board anyway
so if you just wanna wire them up, the star is neat i guess
i never fucked with huge LEDs, just seen them
get the datasheet
itll have a drawing
maybe too big
but i think theyre somwhat made to fit into those type of reflectors

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and the fucker done do breaks right
and the fucker take roll at the end
so we always leaving late
dude it was a mistake
im prob gonna defer my enrollment in BSEE and do maths at local CC and get a job
do one course a semester
thats a HUGE change for me, im like 4 to 6 courses every semester, 5 years
or transfer into the tech program at same school and kill it in a couple years
i did like 3 programs in parallel basically
AS electronics, AS cnc programmer, AA lib arts
you cant do 2 year programs in two years at my school
most public schools
because the programs just dont have the teachers to make the schedule work like that
so its almost always 3 years
so i got three two year degrees in 5
i feel like i did well, heh
beat the avg
test33: yeah
BSEE is gonna be 4 to 6 years for me
because i need math, physics, bio, and chem
and then prob language
because i snuck in without that
and at some point theyre gonna be like....
ac-130u: haha GIRLS!
they take it to gossip in class
its really silly
i mean its cool because they learn it and practice
but i think thats why they do it, heh
im just bad at language type learning skills
its one of the few things you cant think your way thru
you study, deep, or your fail
im like, yo guys, wtf is study?
im really not a very good student

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and that guy dont even use it, i just wanted him to get more excited about doing math and english courses
but then he bought a house and had a kid
test33: the more advanced calcs you just type in problems and it gives answers
so in certain classes, it wont help you
because you need to show that work
and other classes, its a straight fail
they see an advanced TI, you put it away and dont bring it back or you get dropped
im like, daaaaaamyum
but yeah math teachers dont fuck around, i guess
test33: yeah fine for life
but math class aint life
i hate math classes
gimme some of that word problems, mmmmmm
wtf is this pages of nothing results, serious WTF IS THAT ABOUT?
like, here go practice odd nothing between 23-89
thats mostly why i wanna learn higher math
dsp stuff
but fuck i took a 3 hour trig class this semester
and 3rd hour, i want to fucking die

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engineers use base 1000, not base 10
btw all TI scientific calcs ive used have engineering notation
so i dont see a reason to use scientific
why should you have to convert calc output, its supposed to think for you so you dont fuck up at the calcs
and so you dont waste time thinking about it
i dont need a fancy calc, 7seg single line solar calc has worked fine for me for years
if im doing graphing, its in a spreadsheet, in a sim, or on a scope
also fancy calc get you kicked outta alot classes
they only want you to have the basic TI graphing calcs
fuck i ned to buy one tho
i got one for free couple years ago and gave it away

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and its fucked up, because theres only one right answer, and like 20 exceptions to the two main rules
you can get .001 on a machine that cant do .001
if youre a good machinist
(im not, so much)
yeah if youre careful, and willing to measure it out, you can get dead on most machines
we have old bridgeports and logans, loose as fuck, but we get .001-.005 like nothing
and we just shitty students
just about not going to deep and patience
i dont have patience, i suck =(
she will
itll be random
and not make sense
basically same diff
haha i remember being on planes when i was two
and getting kicked out of resteraunts from 2-4
i hate scientific notation
engineering notation ftw
serious, wtf is 10^5?
because it sucks
10^(multiples of 3)
fuck converting
i want my calc to tell me Kohm, Mohm, mA, nF

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i think i have 27
but yeah, common GD&T prob isnt so hard
also, alot of engineers dont know what theyre doing
because they read two pages in the spec
so theyre fine if theyre just using one or two tolerance callouts
but if they do more, theyre prob not doing what they think theyre doing
dude, its what GD&T is
you have multiple tolerances
and you have to figure out tolerance zones
and if you have a tolerance on an edge
and the you reference on that edge
well, you have to compensate for it
and its diff for every condition almost
like, the way the GD&T tolerances stack is basically why its better than coordinate toleraqncing
its non ambiguous
there is a RIGHT way
but its very complicated when you mix things up
diff tolerances for diff FOS
and i highly doubt most engineers or inspection people really know how to add them all up
because that shit was fucking hard for anything but simple things with a couple call outs for tolerance
and if you had callouts of features referencing features with callouts, it does add up
no im just saying
fuck you shut up
you said GD&T doesnt stack
and that pretty much all it does, i spend 15 weeks adding up tolerances

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i would even use it
but fuck calculating that shit for real is a fucking pain
im talking about stacking tolerances
bonus, max, etc
like, when you have more than a couple tolerances, it become this mission
and there is stacking tolerances
they all add up in GD&T
its per spec
ive studied the spec, ive taken classes
you have to add tolerances in MANY conditions
to get a true position
to inspect
and its fucked up
bonus, max conditions, min conditoons, multiple datums
datum shift
dude trust, i been over GD&T to a fucked up degree
its fine until you start overloading spec
and then true GD&T, not halfassed, is some crazy shit
okay naw dude, i did the maths, i know the rules
if they dont do it industry like that, fine
but thats spec
you have to add all sorts of tolerances in alot of situations
and theres never an absolute, always ends up being a range
so really you testing for in between two values
GD&T by the book is hellish
id have to check the book
but yes in many cases, theres bonus tolerance
and if youre not calcing it, youre not doing GD&T
bonus tolerance is ALMOST anything at MMC
if you specify at mmc, you have bonus tolerances

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but you kinda gotta like, detail them
theres a lathe in the machne shop at school i spent like two weeks cleaning instead of machining
till you could read all the little plaques and shit
like, omg these have important information
apestate: dude like, you could clean you whole company in 4 hours?
you shit wont come out right
if the machine is not clean
like, one chip in a spindle or fixture can throw off a whole parts
like, you gotta be clean where it counts
like, if your shit is totally clean and all your parts are +-.000 spec
youll prob get fired
because your spending too much time cleaning up
and too much time hitting dead on when -=.020 would be fine
then you send it back
and tell the engineer to get real
not if its absolute, specified
yes there is
.0004" off
thats not what i said
and this isnt a GD&T thing
i hate that shit
i know it makes sense
i know what its for

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John(?) is very polite!
always says 'welcome' when i say thank you very much
ac-130u: because theyre too busy using it
that machines just dirty
sometimes dirty doesnt mean unmaintained
it just means, no time to clean the outside
itll just get dirty tomorrow anyway
the machines throw chips
machine shops are just kinda dirty
you can never get all the chips out of corners and cracks
blackmoon: yeah have to be
or system would leak
yeah whole machine is FUCKED UP
but the rams will still be bright
its hard metal
the only thing worth cleaning if the machine gets dirty
serious if its not a functional thing, and youre a job shop, you prob dont give a fuck
if youre not paying a guy to clean it up, the machinists dont wanna do it
like, you clean up your work after

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china is quicker responding at msn
should have listened to timecop two days ago
timecop: home yet?
ourpcb is checking the status of the break board status
im guessing this is John
older machine are built more hardcore
in general
blackmoon: =(
apestate: totally
5-10 years of production use
thats what that looks like
also its not earlier
earlier machines dont have shields
okay quote in one hour
theyre prob reverse engineering as fast as they can

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beatles paul is wailing on the tv
old man

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if it works it works
UI just the outside
the new FADALS are vew clean, very tek lookin
i want to make an arcade parts UI
joystick and roller ball and arcade buttons
for my taig thing
so i can manual machine instead of MDI
but like while kicking back, ms pacman style

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but as far as production tolerances, i bet they are neck and neck wih our machine within a decade
tool room anything are rare
compared to production machines
manual or CNC
apestate: yeah but shit from vchina gets less and less shitty every year
and theyre buying our machines
they just have to learn how
they have the machines, now
theyre our best NC customers now, no doubt =(
well, the thing is you just get better
you know?
like over time, you quality increases just because you defeat some learning curve with a process or a machine
and right now, theyre getting more practice than anyone in thr world
me theory is they could do precision when they want to
they really just dont want to right now
because rly, crappy chinese shit is better and better every year
i really like the haas controllers at school
i finished the program before they got the FADAL
and they havent even set it up yet
its been there for two years
i guess school i getting stiffed by FADAL techs
but it has the old FADAL control
with the C64 looking keyboard
and CRT
and the safe dial jog wheel
timecop: kk

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you can just put an axis on an axis
or have more articulation
like a sp9indle that can wrap up into overhands
yeah, its kinda abritrary in alot of systems
because what axis something spinds around depends on the posititon of another axis
like one of them is basically floating
the A/C tables are like that
its called C because it rotates around the Z axis
but if the table rotates around the X axis, you can make the same Z axis rotator rotate around the Y axis
apestate: they buy our machine, after shipping us the iron casts to build them
then they use our precision machines to build crap chinese machines
and sell them back =)
they wont be in 10 years
theyll prob be the best mass produced machine in the world
like, if a few NC companies die in america, thats it
china pwn the market
well always make the best tool room shit
but we cant pump out precision at the same price
like, were prob always gonna have the best machines
but those things are like guarded like jewells by toolmakrers
theyre rare, and expensive

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maybe has to do with internat structure or something
19:18 < apestate> basically the table will swivel in B and rotate in C
omg the floating table centers are sweeet
part all swingin around and spinning while the cutter goes at it
the $15K tormach setup looked sweet
i think UVW
or something
so lets see if i break machines in china today
blackmoon: its kinda non standard after a certain fixed set of standard configurations
like you have a robot controlled by NC with 20 axis
dude there aint gonna be no standard names for that shit

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its pretty random after the third set of labels
ac-130u: sure
all sorts of robots and NC machines with articulations like that
CNC isnt limited to metal removal
ac-130u: th gcode spec has descriptions and drawings of machines with like mad axes
half the machine prob never been made
somethey they can move the tool up and down
yeah ABC are the roational axis around XYZ linear
tho theres prob exception, because machines are so random and weird now
mcarp: close circuit is pretty non ambiguous?

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best esr = cap farm
apestate: lathe or machining center?
CNC lathes are so pimp
diameter based speed comp ftw

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yes try it
it might be dumb dude
some old analog switch circuit
but im saying, i could design something that wouldnt let you in for shit, without explosives
most people in here could
its not complicated, you just have to think it thru completely
apestate: really, its like a system build from 4 or 5 different parts
thats why its hard to say
cuz yeah you know, people just build the shit when theyre building the building
so like, they tech available for the money at the time, the contractors skill, etc
but i mean, yeah it could be pretty smart, for pretty cheap
but it could be rock stupid
like if you shined a laser on it and it clicked after a few sec, i wouldnt be super suprised

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fuck a corded phone
cellular technology ftw
apestate: haha thats prison/psych hospital shit
doubt it its prob pulse/recieve
it might even set a badflag if it gets laser input when its not sending it out
you shouldnt be able to if they did it right
well, it just needs to flip a relay on a magnetic lock
so it prob just needs to sink like 100mA or so
and run a low power laser and detector
the magnetic doors open
but usually theyre locked
in a high security place
like, normal latch + FAT magnet
apestate: yeah it depends how much they spend on the systems design, probably
or how much they spent for off the shelf and installation
also, it could default to closed
with battery backup
not like thatd be super hard
yeah thats not where the money is
the money is in the chips and the programming
and then the testing and installation

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the normal rj11 plug?
yeah its for handsets im pretty sure
those were diff, it pissed me off
we had this big ball of phone cable
so it meant i had to untangle a dif wire
miniature modular jacks?
dunno, guessing
or plugs i guess
all of it or just a fraction of the wall?
like if its sized just a few hundredths off, shopping for it could be hell
travellar: yeah
the 2/4 lead thinger that were kinda funny size
thats so weird i remember those
i havent had a phone like that in like 10 years
ha wtf like 15 or 20 i guess
dude, i used to walk across the street, hope the fence, and go to my school locker
like almost every noght i felt bothered enough to do homework

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batwing is weird its like, kinda oval radiation pattern
apestate: theres like 4 diff lens options
some of them you need to use with reflectors
try and find a diagram with all 4 (maybe 6?)
like, one of them is an upside down cone
so it reflects all light to the sides
so for either planar omnidirectional, or for a forward reflecting assembly
i forgot what all the diff names for the lenses are, tho, sry
apestate: check in the datasheets at luxeon
i think thats where i saw the table of lens options
it might be on one of their products pages tho
white is mixed
or it has something over it that radiates white light (phosphor i guess)
i read somewhere its like, saturated blue and yellow, or something
iunno, tho
yeah the 2 lead things
they connectors are a little smaller i think
ha man thats like, memories from early childhood
so maybe everything is scaled wrong in my brain heh
2 or 4
depending on phone
and they kinda fit in normal jacks
but not really, they dont really snap-in correct

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haha ee
yeah do the maths for w/$
but dont use the 10W 5W numbers
use the Vf(typical)*If(max)
prob be less
that way you can find the best price regardless of size
theyre prices are very competitive like this
so maybe when you are done, theyre close enough you have a few to choose from
everyones, tho i imagine luxeon is more just because its luxeon
i usually try and estimate shipping if its not fixed (ebay)
but if you do it like this, watts or lumens per dollar, youll have a very good idea of what the led market is like
man bet garages are $800 =\
rooms are like almost that much now wtf
5 years ago they were half that
i should go to college just to have a free place to live

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a kid in an inner city doesnt have no chance
but he or she has very, very, very little chance
18:20 < renesis> so you can just be unconcious
but you can use them
they have built in lenses and reflectors
serious mcarp, you sound like white break politically correct trash
like you went to a school where they told you you can be whatever you want when you grow up
apestate: yeh
10W dealies, no?
they make 10W stars
look on the ebay
or LED sellers
nice, what Vf?
haha, if it works
you can get the leds without the stars
and do your own heatsink and active cooling

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man we need some real philosophers ans sociologists
serious, the amateurs in here piss me off
so much white bread sheltered bullshit
everyone is racists
is what you do about it
did black people make you use seperate bathrooms?
did they make you sit in the back?
no so fuck you
they can talk shit at you
you have no justification to talk shit at them
mexicans and most asians too
white people think because 20 years ago by, everything okay
btw my dad was a stupid white person too
just anti-racist when i was convienient
18:18 < mcarp> what you do about it is realize that you can do whatever you want to do reguardless of your race. some ppl will not like it, always happens.
youre deluded
grow up in an inner city and say that shit
you live in some idealized suburbia
i know it aint about race
its about class
when i grew up, we were all colors in m,y school
all middle class home, we were all cool and all fucked up the same ways
we dont give a fuck about race in the valley
but race is a BIG deal in LA
so you can just be unconcious
and you have to understand that the situation which people live in, their race is their culture that sustains them
and the powerful, who happen to be predominantly white, are exploiting them

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like, og you have bread and water?
fu youre fine
youre an ass dude
no dude
youre an ass
im guessing youre white and your parents make more than 30K a year
i dont remember you answering
where they dead then?
what about your guardians
so yeah, white kid, sububia or rural life, and parents or guardians with more than 30K a year
yes or no or what
thats what you sound like
like a sheltered mufucvker who has no clue
that doesnt know what kind of hopeless hell a city is
i was poor in a suburb
i was hella lucky, i had good schools
and people werent shooting at me
not all my friends awere so lucky as kids
so for you to talk some shit like, 'fuck you, america is fine, youre fine, no one is struggling, you have food'
serious man, go ahead and live in your own little bubble world
kids are getting raped and kids are shooting each other over frustration
and you wanna say shit is fine
yeah stfu
now youre contradicting yourself
anyway, im done
youre a fuckin ass, dont make assumptions about whole cultures
i made tons of cases
im still waiting on you
youre like in losing argument on irc mode
contentless statement and irrelavent personal questions
i do, i did
anyway, polticis, #1

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so they got alot of repaying to do before we cool
wtf at money
if i wanted money id go learn a bunch of pointless physics and maths and become an engineer
so i can go out and learn the shit ive already known for 2 years
i do this shit because i like to
not because some boss man giving me money so my family dont die
youre trying to say shit is okay here and no one is struggling, im telling you fuck you
youre prob white and your parents prob made over 30K a year
struggling for you was maybe filling out college applications and trying to 'find yourself'
no fuck history
this is now
and shit is broken now
and people in power abuse it
i dont give a fuck how shit was
this is wrong
mcarp, dude stfu
who cares man
1000 years ago, nothing is relative
no man, i want you to say some intelligent shit
to make me thing
to challenge my brain
but you dont
you just spew the same bullshit
everything is okay
im okay
i go to work and i have a bit of free time, so fuckit
fuck everyone else
they eat, so theyre ok
thats what you said
you said shit was okay because we always have food
which isnt even true in my house
dude the fact you even brought food up

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and im an anomoly because im not a criminal, a psycho, or dead
no dude
youre an idiot
if you think cali is cheaper
LA is my home
i shouldnt have to leave because of economic manipulation
no dude
i was born here
so this is my home
this is the place i love
these are the people i enjoy
this is the culture i feel a part of
anyway mcarp
you turned this insto a personal thing
so yeah
fuckin lame dude
dude yes
you dont ask people personal question
when politics is involved
because its about the whole
and dude
the giv made me live someplace where i got to see people get butt raped and beaten
you stfu you dunno shit about shit but you already acusing and telling me about how my people are
that my peoples arent struggling
half my friend moving away because they cant deal with rent manipulation anymore
or inflation
and youre trying to say shit is ok?
fuck you i did
you wanna talk about me and my life, lets do it
yeah mufucker, so stfu
and dont tell me how things are in my home
fuck america
im california
america is fail
were the victims
you need to go get fucked, bitch
yes wow
yeah =D
my gov pays my moms rent
well part of it anyway
hell yes
they should give me hush money for life
closing down all the facilities i was at isnt good enough
mufuckers is my mom and dad now, officially
and mom and dad done fucked up

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jezus fuck, i thought i was bad about politics on irc
homie and me kinda on the same page about the state of the nation
damn im loud
im fuckin hella pissed apperently
which is what?
the state of the nation?
dude america is over
5 years ago
we in deluusion mode
very funny?
im more american than 90% of this braindead racist sexist country
and im fuckin outta here if obama loses
you guys get bombed
im cool, ima go to costa rica or norway or some shit
who the fuck is everyone?
america is a lie
manifest destiny has put the last nail in
well yes
a compromise between money and power
if you dont have either, you aint compomising with no one
wtf do you think
you think we doing okay?
you think 'america is the best'?
i live in LA dude
no one here is 'doing great'
lots of peop;le in LA are hungry
lots of people losing homes
lots of people moving away
fuck me, this aint about me dickhead
gov gives me free money
because they fucked up my life

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rab: 411ACN might be 22V
you sound like you kinda got a handle on it
didnt he have something with like 10 watchdogs?
yeah the 411B and C are 18V i think
thats maybe where they top the TL072 stuff
tl072 normal specs are close to 411ACN specs
ACN is like a $4 chip =(

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try and get something closer to 100
hmm, yeah basically
its how much of the psu ripple will end up on your signal
good amps dont care how fucked up your supply is
theyll keep a steady clean output
like, within reason
5A needs some pretty sureious caps to keep ripple under a couple volts
i been talking non stop here since like 2003
you came back
and you dont like it here
wtf is your malfunction?
youre going outside
i ride my bike like 8mi 4 times a week
naw, 24" haro BMX =)
TL072 for general purpose stuff
not really
i try and tell people im fat
they deny it
theyre like in fat friend/fuckbuddy denial
theytre like 'NO! you are just big!'
jezus fuck its like, ban one reg for shopping, and than just chill and talk about os/2 warp all the time

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yeah sounds okay
it depends on the load but unless youre pushing mad current (over 50mA, guessing) its prob fine
yeah, sounds sane
you maybe have some issue with the psu if its loaded up
ripply, but if youre not driving anything else heavy, prob not an issue
just throw like 1000uF on it and be like fuckit
if youre doing more than half an amp, id calc out the ripple tho
oh, yeah id use huge caps and/or vreg
but with the vreg you need huge caps or itll drop out during ripple low points
yeah for your signal circuits
alternatively, you can get an amp with really, really good psrr
(power supply rejection ratio, i think normal ranges is like 40-100)

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you need to lift you input signal
so its off the rails
you use bias resistor and a coupling cap
oh yeah
maybe 30V is too much
unless its a rail to rail amp
youre cool with common amps then
you can stab the transformer
but itll just break your knife tip
you maybe wanna vreg it with some fat DC caps

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fuck that
we need to make a Mcgraigor Wiggler
for $130
isnt that just like, an inverter or line driver or something?
wiggler is like one chip and a handful of passives
its worth it for $20 from olimex
they got cool dongle chassis
tho its kinda lame because my parport extention and the dongle are both female lock threads
like, oh cute, but no really be hedero
oh no nevermind i feel violated
theyre both male, i checked

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its like yeah im doing this one on my mill
because its little
and i wanna get the iec route perfect
like, if it doesnt come out, im going to adjust and redo it
tho ive done it before, and i have radius gages now
wtf at tetris arm wrestling
macegr: thats not the music from Over The Top
this youtube is fail
dude that movie was so fucked up
you cant drive your truck into rich peoples home in the middle of a custody battle
you will lose
macegr: i know but arm wresting isnt rocky
its over the top
which had really, really bad music too

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mounting hardware looks good too
just goes thru the top, wont need to make a hole in the bottom
dont have to shop for a bolt
the avel toroids have nice stamped metal disc things and foam circle insulation for mounting
so psu is going to be a double stack with a copper power donut on top
unregged psu in the top tin, regulators in the bottom tin
grommets for wire entry, wires to a connector board mounted opposite the IEC in the acrylic or polycarbonate
okay 'producer' woke up
finally, bbl
macegr: im going to do upright clear plastic sides, into slots in the 1" or nice wood top and bottom
prob polycabonate

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chico called me about mechatronics, im like aw, not going, town too small, ren for big cities
so he wished me luck at pomona and agreed its better because i dont have to leave LA, and if i hate engineering, i can do the tech program
also, devry or ITT, forgot which he said, now have an ABET tech program
so oddly, now thats an option (tho a hellish and unchallenging sounding one)
macegr: toroid fit on top of altoids can perfect
tracking number?
yeah dude they prob got busy
some slaver was like scanning 100 boxes a min and still behind

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the finish on these things is so much nicer than the goldwood and cheap dayton shit ive gotten
double surround, vented pole, funny 5 face pyramid thing in the middle of the cone
wtf S/NO: 012
i really hope that doesnt mean this was like #12 off the line =(

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roofing things?
stoner fell asleep again i bet
fuckin 'producer'
just an excuse to sleep until 2p everyday
yay, baggie of dpdt sub-mini paddle switches \o/
okay ima check out the 5" poontang thingers
so it turned out i bought all this shit on clearance
and im a fucking RETARD for not buying the long xmax poontangs
because day after they doubled in price to like $40 each
fuckin cardboard box engineer is making me look dumb

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i can see the toolmarks, i cant feel them
looks like ~.010 cuts, very nice
the spider stamping is like, precision
even the inside edges look clean
the goldwood drivers are crappy finish compared to these
mine are shielded tho
maybe they ran out or something
how big a stack is that?
haha 20grit wtf
like rocks glued on and shit
fuck at 4" tall
thats nice, yeah
yeah i seen that shit it really does look like roofing stuff

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Sealed Air Instapak
haha thats what the foam in a bag packaging material is called
these poontang 3" drivers are so adorable!
the finish is so nice on the spider and the surround i dont even wanna touch them
fuck did they non stock
phase plug is CNC machined

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i hate it when my room becomes packing material graveyard
looks like ups taught drivers how to work a door buzzer
no more meep
macegr: i got the parts express stuff
ima verify the datasheet dimensions on the drivers and the cad out the speaker thing
avr freak didnt get that
he said the leds were fail
sign plastic #1
acetate, i think
greycz was better at that than anything else
guy was a shitty machinist
thatd be pretty sweet

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timecop: trucks dont go out till like after closing probably
so yeah pretty fucked up, maybe dont know til its too late to bitch
id bitch now
at worst you look stupid because its sitting there in a box, just hasnt been scanned to fedex
you have like what 2 hours?
theres still time for someone to check shit out for you if you seem agitated enough
i thought that shit was free
oh you mean like, the whole thing?
must be pretty fail, i dont see ebay hurting for cash and needing to sell for capital
i didnt even know they pwned that shit
it tracks data or what?
i wonder if they came up close to the diff
doubt it
no one wants to talk to the ebay seller
thats fuckin awkward
i only call them up when they have the info on the paypal and they fucked me

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like the big dog pulled some ninja shit
thats cool tho, i hate seeing loose dogs
its like, damn am i gonna have to kick and punch you in the head?
because i would feel kinda guilty about that
i mean, just a stupid dog, dunno any better
cat would make more lethal guard animals
but there would be a high rate of owner consumption
did you check your order for non stocks?
it might be waiting for you to confirm splitting it before ship
wtf that sounds shitty
timecop dont worry its maybe sitting on a truck dock waiting to be scanned

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bobcats are the reason domestic cats arent bobcat size
i know im listening
inc wont stfu
fuck that im walking back the way im came
yeah they big on flight instinct
cats will hold their ground against huge shit im like
then pitbull is crying and im like HAHAHAHAHA
harold teh cat, #1
yeah when dogs flee is like, military power
fuck my muscles and joint, im gone
back legs up by their head their strides so long
i was sure the story was gonna end like:
we turned around and our dog was in the big dogs mouth with his stomach hanging out

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you never seen a hardcore cat and a dog before have you
it usually goes down like, cat in full arch mode, one paw in the air ready
dog curious, put his nose towards it
cat slices open dog nose to varying degrees of severity
dog goes wtf and doesnt fuck with cat things anymore
my cat taught his other pit about cat claws
yeah like: go away
cats are lethal anything larger than domestic
a large domestic bobcat hybrid can pretty much take any standard dog unless its like suicidal
ive never seen a dog get a cat
im sure it happens
but i seen dogs try and fuck with cats, cat fuckup a dogs face and get away while dog is crying like 20 times
yeah a suicidal guard dog could take a cat
but maybe not a bobcat

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thats his WTF YOURE LEAVING ME fee
dude buy some hybrid bike tires, kevlar liners, and thorn proof tubes
and then just put air in your tires and replace when tread is low
prob wont even need tubes again
unless the valves fail
oh you messed up the rim?
and yeah sometimes bike tires are wtf priced at shops, not cool at all
maybe pinched or something
if he makes we watch his dog while he goes away until quarantine is up, he owes me at least a rebuilt NES
fuckin putbulls
i cant be mean to dogs that shit is gonna pwn me, do whatever it wants
hopefully my cat will keep the pit bull inline

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logo/art tees are lame
flat black, neiah
serious is really easy to pick out clothes
light black or dark black
where megaman?
dude this girl has a blue bomber shirt like 'say hello to my little friend'
on the way back from CoS on the orange line bus
haha i was all into her little butterball personality
she had a suede triforce jacket too
i didnt notice till she got off the bus
macegr: neat
thats when you hit B three times
on the way up, at the peak, and the way down
man i need to make my friend moving away give me back one of the restored NES i gave to him for herb

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i whupped batmans ass
like, did he really throw down at a comic con?
im making the argument theyre all exploited, and what he got from it is no diff than what other got, and that its not always a bad decision
anyone on the radio if by definition a sellout with very few independent labels
well yeah dude
he was a shizo
he could have fucked himself uyp really bad on a bad day, in the middle of nowhere, 1000 random people around
that was the act
you have to make an assumption that he didnt want people laughing at him to say he was paraded against his will
i really think he knew he was mostly being silly, and he liked it alot when people laughed
like of few of his songs arent that funny, but i think thats cool too. mental health systems are abusive hells, mofo survive on the streets and in the system and keep a good attitude, hes as hardcore and respectable as any mofo to me
Gizmodo and Boing-Boing hurt our server (awesome news!). While he/she rests, let's give paypal a little bit of our love.
haha nice

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no one wants to be paying for a dudes $800 suit and $100K car and $1M house, when dude has ZERO to do with music production
but yet it happens
yeah i heard about stuff like that
hes a cool head
i heard him first on the kroq xmas radio show
we really loved him
he made our morning drive awesome for months
shizos are usually pretty withdrawn
so like, social stuff maybe gets pretty exciting
hello, all of rock music?
he sold out, just like everyone else
youre basically saying he wasnt capable of making decisions for himself
and the choice to let people make him famous wasnt his
you can apply that to prob 50% of punk musicians
and all serious emo and gother musicians
he would have been a guy getting knifed and ripped off on the bus because he talks to himself
im sure he didnt mind doing stage shows with some of the most popular bands of the era
he seemed to be a very big fan of music =)
for sure
but i still dont see how that makes him different
you gonna say maynard is exploited too?

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its actually pretty respectable hardcore era punk, heh
he no worse than avg punk vocalist
i only say adopted because i serious doublt his ability to form a tight live playing band like that
he dies in 2003
and he hadnt done work in a few years
whatever he was into it
hed just be a dude getting knifed on a bus in chicago
talking to himself in public
instead, he touched millions of people
was hard news to take
we didnt find out for like 6 months
some random article blurb
i dont think like 500 lbs
maybe 350lbs
oh wait he was pretty tall wasnt he
hes also political
so his fame got what he wanted people to know about bad cops out
everyone in the industry is exploited

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ill see if i can find the chiken cow
dig that bass
its good, so he sticks with it
in every song
he breaks it down and lets the synth roll at like 0:50
amazing production quality for disassociative schizophrenic
digital vocal processing at 2:00
willis = master
and 2mini of dead air i guess
This beast killed as many as 100,000 people
Its wings can flap like a bird
It can break a glass
It can also stab you in the ass
when he got big, a band adopted him

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am i not supposed to?
thats a really weak producer
can the guitar get ANY flatter sounding
man fuck soft jazz production tones
omg when you said sax i didnt think you mean like, soprano sax =( =( =(
i was thinking like, baritone pimp shit
fuck i dont know dude
unwanted song had kids having fun
and thats like a big deal in production, heh
hard to get a bunch of kids to sing in the same key!
oh nice
they dont even end it for real
fade out
jezus fuck they could do courses based on the maount of fail in that song
tho i bet its like a hit in the weak jazz scene
do you know wesley willis?
you dont know classic bad music until you know willis
do you want his solo work or his later work with a band?
the band was really good
bobcat goldswaith gave kurt cobain a tape
who gave it to KROQ
who schedules him for acoustic xmas
they couldnt get him off stage

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like, indifference + insomnia + occasional hallucinogen + issues with authority
no no more wanted songs
sounds like floyd
morphine wasnt big on solos
morphine is big on getting girls nekkid in my bedroom
you know i click on everything
thank god
omg soft jazz?
dude cmon man its a white guy trying to be barry white and failing
bad =(
woah, he just added like emotion to it, and went on actave up
and it got worse
omg theyre doing a duet now
w t f

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no regs around
just bubba and OG kush
(like, insane and killer varieties)
because we fuckin smart
and thats makes us outcasts of society
ha i used to be totally nuts

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neither was his high res nasa retouched transparency
they gotta airbrush out all the galactic cruisers docked on the rings
public scare, you know, they dont wanna do it

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or just buy or make a DDS chip
and filter it
and get true mathematical sines
for likely less money
and one opamp for buffering which may not even be neccessary depending on your destination load
i hate mics
i need to build a mic amp
and an soic/0808/1210 riaa module
digital gain wtf
how about i try some diff amps and a gain amp
you know, like every other design thats sane
the best is doing the standard way well
you dont find new ways to do audio very often
and often new ways are just variations of the old ways
thorn proofs
get some
china wake up in an hour
ima msn the fuck outt them today

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thats the only time ive ever touched on
i dont really see the point, at all
oscillator based sines at low freq are usually pretty sorry compared to ideal sines
i did it, its easy
blackmoon: need diff filter for ever sine
im like, put a dac on it
1024 vertical res, spreadsheet generated sine wave
math pure sine
.5% resistors dac on a buffer prob as good as alot of DDS chips
considering what i built was a DDS chip
(ty kevtris)
dude, everything is analog
thinking digital isnt analog is like kindergarten shit
thats a 'good' analog sine
an AGC controlled weign bridge with a light bulb for a resistor
or whatever
you make a opamp loop with buffered filters
because two opamps done cut it, the filters load themselves down in a chain
so now youre like 8 reactive parts and 4 opamps
for fixed freq
you have to change all the caps and/or resistors in sync
with high precision
to make an adjustable generator

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wtf is a relation circuit?
should i know that?
wtf does it do
sure, what does it do
ive prob heard of everything
doesnt mean i know shit about it
blackmoon: interesting
its an opamp fail circuit
oscillators = opamp failure
some opamps do it nicely tho =)
whatevr, if i want sine waves, i want them mathematically sound
not based on a broken math situation
wtf opamp
hello, .50 uC
good sine wave = $1 uC
wtf is a 555
blackmoon: but semicorp ninja designed
yeah i know it was a jk
like, ren dont do 555
rab: we did 555 on last lab of DC class
like, 'thing to come'
because it had caps

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well, i could have a working controller by tonight probably, easy
is kinda my point
machined board by tomorrow
because the hard part is the psu
which isnt cublock
and its not hard
theyre not masked or silked, besides that theyre pretty much same besides the plating
um, yeah except my shit will do .008 space trace without electrical checks =)
toner transfer arts and crafts haha
yeh =(
black and red!
if i get panels for production curiously strong kits, i wanna do black masks
yes =(
i wanted to toner transfer on silk layer
but shit is all nasty looking when it dries out
it turns whitish
like tiny layer of paper fibers
lol is not an plication i ever hard of
do they speak english in lol factory?

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im just saying $100 for an io controller and harder to code for me =\
yeah thats true tho
is the design tech in me arguing
blackmoon: KRS ONE W00T
okay thats right
im trying to make you money not him
tho if he wants to do production, its a $2 avr and relay drivers ($2)
3ch opto would be cool
i could make id modifiable
i can prob make my main file look simpler =)
serious my main file is usually like, reset:, init_tiny44, deathloop:, proc_this, proc_that, rjmp deathloop
i could put the labeles in macros and make it even simpler looking =)
yeah not till towards end tho
but yeah wi ouldnt mind playing with the cublock stuff

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how do i inc the peek location
man this basic shit sounds pretty bad
so if you have random why cant i be like 'do random' 'out port'
or whatever
i dunno man this is like a 20min avr/spreadsheet problem
they wont notice if the sequence is hours long
and if thats all your code is doing theres no way you couldnt do that with a $2 avr
yeah i know but dude blenders make the commit suicide
im not designing for them =(
remember avr sine tables? this is that at like 1/1000 speed
with half the io
so i shouldnt pwm the relays?
im like, put 4K in ram, just go in order, maybe random to pick where to start in the other random table
which is just swapped bytes
because i guess this is just octal output data
do like tiny res and a diode and resistor or something
schottky with R to set Vf and adc set to like .5V

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i guess the io controller things and the relay boards
and a psu that can hang + 50%
yeah but its still like $100 more per unit =)
but if he just wants something working now, whatevers not my monies
that seems cool
really its just the psu
yeah i dunno basic so theres prob some sort of curve i should be worried about
yeah i kinda know what it is i dunno details
all i need to do is load shit into flash and be able to hit it in order
can it do pointers?
how random is it
wtf is peek and poke
im prob hoping to for too much in the way of pre/post inc data shoveling, yeah?
well yeah i just need one or two to be fancy
ok can i do pointer stuff tho?
like have a var that holds the peek location
oh cmon i need like 1/32 of that at most, hah

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dongle datasheet, w00t
very neat docs, very little fluff
linksys internal LAN
open it and dmm it at the vreg output
confirm on pins or dc caps to see if the driode dropped it or who knows
macegr: wait for guy now? or i contact him
ok neat sounds good
so proto things with your cublock thingers is current goal

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the timeline is neato
wow thats ecxel?
yeah i guess i can see that
just a very nice layout
im not so great at organizing stuff like that
okay so i should wait for email contact and then eek out what he wants from a few questions and then make one of those
or am i contacting him
yeah looking
haha nice curvy accent line

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yeah pyramid tip conicals
if they bite into the copper with that flute shape, they should be a huge improvement over the single flute half round cutters
you make them 30deg and .005" tip gauranteed?
theyre only $12.50
but its min order three
thats why me and twingy did the group buy thing
very fair
insert win xp into cd drive...
hehe no k rly i have no halp
but yeah
half the shank isnt missing from the cutters tip, and it has 3 flutes, so maybe smaller chip loads with higher feeds
looks nice, im reading now
ha nice diagrams

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toolmaker emailed they get my tools made and shipped by monday
than marilyn at 2L emails back like, no sorry were gonna ship those out today
<3 toolmakers
The UPS fee turned out to be less than our web site estimated, so your total
amount paid is less than we originally confirmed to you when you submitted your
omg a fureal company!

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omg that band is hardcore
wtf is this guy sleepng or at his cooking job or what

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f'ed up
just make a new acct and copy configs over and pray
(i dont think itd work, really, heh)
man i wanna do that bass line
when i say do it, i also mean fuck it
man i need to get my bass setup, the neck buzz makes me sad
prob pay $50+ just to have a guy tell my its trashed

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i havent really looked at commercial water cooling in like 2 years =\
i figured waterblock under tha fansink and black thing is a hose adapter
need more light on the pic! =\
oh how cute
i thought itd be like a dual out hose adapter
on the other side
the pump is in the cpu unit?
has a wiretail
wtf are they running wire thru their cables?
dude wtf at your sub
haha @ accts on xp
isnt that acct usually named Administrator?
thats like the unused acct on my pc that still has blue teletubby gui and grassy hill
i dont think it lists it, you just log into it

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like 1.9GHz to drive a parport, heh
shit works efor realtime even without half the linux drivers loaded, all devices unknown
because emc runs off the last stable ubunt, before drivers for this existed
theyre doing new new ubuntu stable release coming out soon, so as soon as i finish whats on my plate now, im going to try the beta cnc code
then everything should work
usb and card reader and parport work
thats all i need for now
i dont want to add cards to the system
yeah i doont really anymore because im like CAD apps everyday
i miss it alot
it just runs on the cnc and the eee, but i mostly use windows on the eee
i got everything in lunix running, tho, except their h4x th driver ill prob never use
and im sure by now people sorted that out for all the distros
its been like 3 months
weird connector
for like 1/2" tube or something?

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i mill out my own brass water blocks
shouldnt be super hard
yeah brass is cheap, fun to machine
it just kinda moves out the way in consistent little chips
i got a sempron 3100+, like 45W max cpu
that system is running so cool now
for the cnc
haha it was the cheapest i could get =/
it prob has more power than the workstation now, (3200+ socket a)
yeah i need to replace this box
socket a/ide is so far gone
its pretty awesome how much proc power is right now
ha, i got the mobo for the sempron for $25 open box
only thing missing was the shrink wrap
the bioard was fine except what looked like a bit of evaporated water flux around some stuff
which doubt would really do anything but i cleaned it off with iso alc just in case

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man this lazy stoner need to wake the fuck up
hello, lazy stoner needs to get his ass over here first
i non stocked =(
haha my best friend called me up for some and i gave her my sisters
so now i owe my sister
my dumbass gave her sac back instead of keeping it while she was at work and giving the baggie back refilled
so now i am like, dry status
two days before that i was so busy on china pcb stuff i didnt even smoke
ran out, couldnt be bothered to reup
then like at some point im like WTF SOBER? NO
oh neat
i might do that for my next system if the cpu is high watt
this athlon really needed it like two summers ago
neat, loading
yeah if ambient temp isnt cool, the cpu sinks arent that great
12:38 < stu> make a gainclone in a polished machined enclosure from a billet of Al

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thats so future retro
man i have nasty alligator skin on my elbows
and like, no sandpaper left
maybe some 300 grit
o, emery boards
living with girl people is neat they have so many neat tools and chemicals
out of acetone? nail polish remover
need cutting/tap fluid? baby oil
need a chemical or paint mask? vaseline
files or sandpaper? dual sided emery boards
also multiple styles of tweezers, tiny scissors, lots of mirrors
liquid chemical applicator? brand new eye shadow stick (that pisses the girl people off tho)
also the foamy triangles for touching up and removing makeup

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12:38 < stu> make a gainclone in a polished machined enclosure from a billet of Al
been done =)
nice cap hugging heatsink/chassis
but thats not a bad idea
they need serious heatsinks or they go into thermal protection mode
which basically should be called sine wave slaughter mode
stu: i want to make one with the chip bent flat
that sits on top of a heatsink plate
or just a passive cpu sink
so itd just be as tall as the DC caps

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this def gotta be a darkertech kit
like <$10 BOM for a 60W amp, minus psu

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suckit, rest of the world
okay so now minimal gainclone without input filtering our decoupling is like, 3 parts on board
2 parts in inverting
well besides the little DC cap farm
one of the resistors is mute

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if i did like, 1206 dead bugged across the IC pins, id beat lab47 gaincard technique for shortest feedback =)
i would be shortest feedback power amp in the world!
besides fixed gain chipamps
thats not fair tho i cant make IC +(
omg look what happened to my eyes =(
.067 * 2 = .134 centers
- pin width for gap...
1206 perfect
jezus fuck i can actually fit onto the pins underneath the upright IC

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its very vanilla in design and color
china wakes up in like 3 hours
no2 tank likely
so gainclones is abandoned?
meh, fuck you now i have to do it
yes everyone lately
guess thats good
im going to do some smt gainclones

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dude i dont wanna talk to you right now
maybe later
nice couches
leather ++
i almost like our leather couch more than my bed
(bed is often in shelf mode)
needs tables and a plant
omg no tables
those are tables!
sculptor: haha fdo you think 10 days is enough time for them to decide to push it back more?
m$ should announce anything
hehe, they should just like surprise people, i think everyone would be much happier
er shouldnt
i like zens normal theme

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you constantly say you dont give a shit, you have no business being op in a chan of this nature
any channel or situation could be
sculptor: neat, sry distracted =D
i might pick up some little abec7 63K bearings
they were cheaper than i thought
wanna do a little DC motor spindle with some sort of auto changer specific for 1/8" shank
cuz like, PCB shit almost zero load
and most of the time i waste on drill changes and the referencing the trace cutters
i want like a month straight like nothing else to try it, tho
well, trying to design and fab it
is it a manual from 1899?

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since not op, you constantly say how awesome you are at trolling me
well obviously you have to be about one instance, genius
yeah well, then youre a lame
cuz fureal people dont front
sup shitop
you wanna handle the admitted troll, or what? all you done as op that i know of is ban a guy for buying shit with money he earned being a rather technical kid
charles: no because you fail to do anything oplike besides fuck with regs
mofo i wouldnt wanna come back either
you tell me why i should be banned
sculptor: sexy
sculptor: do you have any tormachs?
haha damn, how big are the bearings?
12:07 <@Charles> renesis: I wonder if you call me shitop because I fail to ban you
dude only you banned me
if i got banned for talking about rugs and shit by the new bouncer appointed by the old bouncer, i would prob be pretty done with this place too

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you wanted to do gainclones
i thought that was cool so i tried to help
you said SD raid, im like thats neat
damn how many suggestions have you made for my shit that ive considered
hell you are the vu color scheme
serious stu youre the one obsessed
youre like avrfreak youth
no you dont
youll have more lame questions later
you always do
i have money tied up on irc
i have buddies on irc
when i travel, i often stay with irc people
sometimes i think about funny things people said on irc and i laugh and people look at me like im nuts
sometimes i just think about the social aspect of it, like how many people, what they do in life, how they decided to be what they are on irc
sometimes i think about how irc pages end up in the cable news shows whenever they do 'hacker' srories
youre on irc on the train
so cmon
and if you dont think about what people tell you in here about you projects and idea, you make alot of sense
like i said, i think spending as much time as you do someplace and claiming not to care about it is pretty sad
yeah well ponder it
as an op, you constantly said i was the troll

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i dunno how you guys consider getting me started trolling me
i obvious like rambling on
yes but you fail at it always, stu
half the time you make yourself look petty
i think its amusing you need to use other people to get your back
you done this before
'and im not the only one who thinks like this!'
thats not my chan yo
thats greys chan =)
even if hes banned
ive never described it like that
because i honestly detest when youre the topic in there
wow, you make ac-130u talk to much shit about you
anyway, youre trolling is my point
ops should handle trolls
youre a bitch for doing it
i dont care man, thats like you and his little love tiff
thats so far from true its like ridiculous
how much have i tried to help you with your projects?
serious dude, stfu youre just being dumb

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we never talk about you
i maybe misread one suffix
but then it makes what you say out of context
when did i mention him to you?
youre convo topic in #cars sometimes
i dont start it
yes you said i get trolled in #cars all the time
mm, thai
im maybe go get some ginger beef
you offered a statement to back up what you said
i dunno until something more musing comes along to talk about
i simply noted you seemed to have claimed to lurk
haha ok
then how would you have first hand knowledge
i think you corrected me when i asked who told you that
and i just find it funny really because half my convos in there is like, trollin the #car people and getting trolled back
im like voiced status and i play games with ops, heh, im no more trolled in there than i am in here by you

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he didnt check to see all the ratwires were gone
it tells you
dude he didnt finish the board
he didnt check
it tells you when ratwires are gone
stu: your statement
so its your fault if people assume
Nothing to do!
i always lose it whenh i dont use eagle for a long time
im like hitting drc and erc like WTF TELL ME WHEN IM DONE
stu: you said that you were in #cars for years
so you were either full of shit or you lurk in cars
if i assume anything its because of shit you said
i can tell you the context of the statement too if you want
you mentioned before
not me =)
like i said i know the context too, so you can say whatever you want
no you seem to forget alot of things you say in your dimension =D
or at least until a few months ago
thats when you said it
i know
its ok

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but you know that right since you been there for years
eagle didnt fail
he failed
he didnt know how to use pours
you use smaller isolate or you use smaller poly construction line width

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thats nuts
every surrounding block is flat
and for like a mile behind it
like, single story fragments of walls
prob mostly big brick gov and academic buildings
if they built houses then like now, that shit would catch hella quick
when i saw oakland, it almost looked like 1000 bundles of firewood on their ends, heh
macegr: is their anything on film of when it was on fire like that?
i just seen a few shows of stuff smoldering after

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you tards put your city right on the fault line
'hey i wonder why this neat bay is right here?'
'iunno, fell white man, lets put a city here'
nice sky
i dunno man
city look pretty ok to me
wait no i zoomed
almost bad like the riots
theres flat neightborhoods
3/5 to the left, 2/3 up
looks like a school or library or bank
aint shit around it for like a mile
thats shits fine, heh
er from the left, not to the left

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i want a quake, real bad
too many non hardcore fucks here
and property value artificially inflated because new zoning laws, they need to get the poor people out so they can start building up and charging serious $$$
quake would fix that, real quick

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the payout for northridge was the most expensive disaster before katrina
and its only 10x10sq miles
if it had happened 2 hours later, thousands would have died
at least
no bullshit, conservative estimate
the 14 freeway dropped
thats like 1000 people going to lancaster at 5am
one cop drove over the edge
(its prob like 200ft drop)
also lots of commercial buildings ate it
shit collased a single story
like, cielings resting on desktops
all the support beams on the exterior bowed out
that happened across the street from me, there would have been like 100 people on that floor
and that happened with alot of buildings
we were built for an 8.0 quake 40 miles away
not for a 7.0 beneath us
they dont talk about the big one at all anymore
because it aint a serious problem
the tons of faults they found after northridge under the city, exactly like the northridge quake fault, is
they just dont talk about earthquakes anymore
like we on borrowed time
big one by 2000, 100% certainty
thats what we were told, in the 80s

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10:54 < Blackmoon> ever seen a fully open cherry blossum tree get hailed on lol
haha nice
ude you guys have spring fureal
ive been in winter/spring/summer
all completely diff in the northwest
fuck tornados
least if you get fucked in an earthquake, all your shit is in one place
thats like, a truck passing bye
how long was it?
if it was like 1sec, yuo maybe got a big jolt
northridge was like 7.0 but spread over 15sec i think it was
okay that maybe got kinda shakey
im pretty sure richter is like total power during the event
so time is a factor
everyone said 7.2 right after
caltech, amateur seismologists
and caltech is like the standard
as soon as FAFSA showed up, it went 6.9
7.0+ is a diff category of disaster

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dude his phone is like from 1924
america mad his phone
thats how fucking old it is
if the solenoids are massive, i can just use http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=122-600

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macegr: i can get constants into flash rom?
if i can do constants and adressing, this is cake
man in asm this is like, paste some code from old files, edit for 5min, done
i was doing this for like 768 sample audio sines
were not drs or medical techs

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macegr: so wait what do i code your things in?
theyre BASIC or what?
i havent done BASIC since i failed at it in 1st grade
im not failed a course
i just failed to make it do cool shit like the other kids
dude thats the only place i seen it taught or used
kindergarten, grade 1-3, boy scouts
i refused to be put in GATE (gifted) programs
all those kids were fucked up bighead assholes
hahaha fun
so what, that should take me 20min to learn?
its all inline pretty much, no?
like, statements and simple conditionals and goto jumps
all i need is something to put data in flash and then reads from it in order
and then some random at the end, if even that
ccfl_man: ph33r

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macegr: but yeah, at this point i just need the exact load specs of the solenoids
then i know what kinda copper and ferrite this will need
because besides you thinks, thats where the money is
unless its like 24VAC .1A
which i doubt
yeah ty
i thought you had that
or i guess no we dont even /msg
fuck if i know man
i think it might be standad for commercial subsystem power
like, their speaker systems and lights and shit
but maybe im just thinking the amp outputs for commercial speakers
yeah but im saying i think maybe 24VAC is like standard for alot of electromechanical commecial/industrial stuff
i made a electromagnet with my dad

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macegr: whats their load?
amps mofo
i dont think they did it right
macegr: kk
at this point i guess its transformer to relays and a D-bridge IC
and then some caps and vregs and more diodes and your thingies
haha i can do this for like $100 then youre io thingy
*cheaper than
yeh yeh
no prob doing it your way
my shit will be fine till he looks in the macro definitions
then hes fux0red
if he wants a product, thats the way to go
if he likes them i can let him know i can do it tons cheaper at a machine coded level

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kings ave?
or something
in vancouver
its famous
yeah theres like a couple shops on one block and they always showing up again, i guess
i dunno details, this just what people say
sladdict: it was rescheduled
years ago, i think
or maybe it was almost rescheduled
but im pretty sure that went thru
its not like same category as heroin anymore
macegr: excellent
relays is easiest
meth is killing the midwest and rural areas
theyd prob burn at 24V
i guess
seems expensive, ha
thats it?
for some reason i thought 8
so a 24VAC transformer, take the digital DC off that to switch relays

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china and weed guy wake up at like same time
no hes really white actually
i guess
yeah i dont think we import from you guys anymore
not like before the pot shops
i need to go get legal
do a mini hydro grow
for personal, theyre not busting those people
like, my sisters exbf laughed at me yesterday
sladdict: no
that shit is too hardcore
i dont know anyone who can live on that shit
straight herb, in cali
hash and food, too
but my sisters exbf laughed at me yesterday
because i have the best pot shop one block away
and im still not legal
well, no
but yeh
but no not at all
not rly
fed will bust
theyre just not sweeping like before
thats what got them an injunction
they could bust for 5 years while the supreme court decided fed overides state
so in the last 3 years before that, pot shops blew up
theyre bustin the shops that arent meticulous about the regulations
also shops in areas where theyre trying to pass laws about not having potshops anyway

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$.37 a watt
heh, <3 carvin
i need a carvin spy to find me the knobsrc
oooh, i wonder of tube boss has hookups
also .8" diamater wont fit so well =\
probably, i dont imagine them changing that tech very much

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they dont get shorter than that rly
thats for a tiny shaft
itd stick out like half the shaft
if you want sexy knobs...
find were those come from in china
yeah sorry man
thats one butt ugly fucking knob
thats like, 70s + woodgrain
they come in pointer knobs too
they just dont sell them

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thanks for wasting out time with new ME, fucker
but i gotta dremel out my knobs
the non knurled diameter was good
i think those ended up at all elec because of poor plastic selection
i think itd work with softer plastic
or their for tiny knurled shaft, which i see like NEVER
you didnt see?
theyre sexy
chrom knurled from china thru carvin.com
you want a real knob
oh it did say knurled shaft
sexy pot
real knobs = $

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the width of the trace you draw with id the width of the trace it fills the poly with
so if you do a massive .001" trace poly
its going to make it out of .001" vertical lines
and the NC machine has to process all of it
they usually run thru the file and kinda do a dry run internally
so they know if its gonna go over limits or whatever
so it might have just had the machine standing there
my drc is .008
that should be easy for them
it wasnt drc
i pedicted it, too
so hopefully these new boards dont have the machine just sitting around as long
theyre like 1/3 size
i dont think he has a specialty i dont think hes alive anymore
need wetwires already
china wakes up in like 6 hours
maybe i should do a 3rd board
macegr: friction fit knobs are like, too much friction
balmer needs to fuck himself
him saying that should have m$ in court

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im pretty sure if i was making analog dies, i wouldnt give a fuck about exact number of atoms either
and youd have to be totally insane next era digital shit for it to matter
hahah nice
man need to get a tissue i need to wipe up all my tears
macegr: my super panel broke chinapcbs machine
theyre not the factory either
as tc put so well, you are paying for bablefish
yeah the factory sent my design back like 'too hard, make smaller boards with less designs'
but my shit is .008 poly planes
and .007 DRC
its an insane amount of nc data
gerber exports take like a few minutes, for the big panel
usually its a few sec on my box, to process my cam job
dude susan said shed do me at home
that she was waiting for me
the outlines
macegr: do my quote at home =)
but the the factory guy went home
and she said 5min later quotes this morning

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most of us have been tho more in life than some tardo on irc
we kinda like you guys =D
uh huh
except dump shit
were still waiting man
im saying i dont fucking care about no 1uWtransistor
and it wont work with a single atom, so single atoms are off topic
are they making them out of it?
two atoms?
im making making dies rab
i dont give a fuck
to my knowledge no one else in here is either
i care about an IC
with serial io
and lcd outputs
i aint trying to be no semicorp ninja
we dont make parts we make shit with parts and drool over what they made but havent made for us yet
atoms in this chan is like, amusing convo

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again no content
just an insult
youre losing more
this aint #trolls man
some of us even have high school diplomas
some of us even built a vcircuit or two
get this, some of us get paid in dollars to do this shit
youre like, omg one electron transistor
people are like laughing at you
and you think youre #1
are you a troll?
or are you a failure
you only have those two options, now
you walk into the wrong chan to be having some cock size battle about your brain
im sure #physics would love yoursingle atom transistor model
unfortunately, we have no use for it at all
it wouldnt work anyway
sure man
cmon read what was said
you still lack content
you still have said zero
youre like, intelligenjce age: 3 to us right now
are you a lurker or something?
did you join today?
dude youre the idiot
no one really cares
this is just kinda fun
you think youve reduced us to crying?
cmon now

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serious, if someone needes to stfu
we do electronics
asking us if we do physics is like asking is a mechanic does explosives
did this is the most fun i had since waking up
man you are a lame
physics has EVERYTHING to do with electronics
man youre dim too
so yeah i dunno
blow us away with your knowledge
since you already know youre smarter than all of us
well stfu
and you can learn us
fuck dude
no one is crying so get over it
youre like the every other day morning troll
serious man, get a fuckin grip
youre like the right now entertainment, youre not making anyone angry or making anyone cry
so best find another line of bullshit
be nice to have boobs and a gina
but no
you have yet to do anything
no content
empty slinging of acusation of emotional attachment
and pointless insults
09:32 < Swuave> So physics has nothing to dow ith electronics eh?
dude if thats what you picked out of what we were saying
i dunno man, this shit over your head
09:35 < Swuave> cept that i didn't think a 1 atom thick transistor would work
who the fuck cares?
at all?
why would anyone want to use some lame thught experiment one atom transistor
you need two anyway, first of all
and its power rating would be like .0000000000000000001W

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i would just assume that was a passing truck
swuave: eh?
09:24 < Swuave> The point is electrons are unpredictable at that lvl.
i dunno man, they do alot of cool thinks with doped silicon man
i think figuring out what electrons do is like tech era: 1955
hello i do electronics like every single fucking day
wtf do you do
thought experiments?
i wont talk shit, they worked for einstein and bohr
i dont give a fuck what physicists say electrons do
we play with that shit like it was kindergarten
swuave stfu
only one person here seems to lack convo and social skills in this convo
grow up?
get rl man

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