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just use a sniper

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yeh, def soon
need to pick out regulators and big coils
no, just working on stuff

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why else would it be worth mentioning
speakers will still drive either
and you can def feel sub bass
also lots of things have vinyl rumble
haha, which is cool to see on a speaker, but prob not great for them as its almost DC

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3 inverting amps
2 of them set up as a mixer
breakouts, and no not neccessarily
arguable best EQ are parametric
3 knobs per band, for freq, gain, and Q
the amps on the bottom are multiple-feedback bandpass filters
this is gonna have 4 stereo pots per tin
im gonna have 3 eq tins: bass, mid, high
octave bandwidth, so one band subsonic and one band ultrasonic

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everything done now except input selector tin, power supply tin, and regulator tin

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who the fuck is people?
labels and values done \o/

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macca: pay us well build you one
i am im offering my services
fuck a volcano
volcano is some stupid consumer bullshit
$500 for a hot air blower, $800 for a digital hot air blower
people buying those can get fucked, need to get some fucking priorities or some shit
vap bros, i rolled my own digital feedback reg
seriou, volcano is some retard shit
$20 says same retards buying volcanos are blowing money on MULTIPLE roors

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labels almost done

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its done
wait like 10min ill show you

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bos: i would guess so

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heh, k
didnt you see ferris buelers day off?
do it
best movie ever, possibly
i was 4
i think
or 6

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the digi isnt my honda
honda is normal gages, they might be UCE controlled tho
im not sure
i think so
ECU, wtf UCE
speedo is analog i think
the tach might be digital from the ECU
its an analog display tho
modular, all pops out
yeah i remember doing one drive cable tho
maybe im tripping tho
it was late and a long time ago
i think speedo was off the transmission and tach was from ecu
it was a connector and i think a cable
like, square end
maybe im wrong i dont really remember
theyre not one way characters?
i bet it depends

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i wanna do an led overlay for my honda
something that goes over the existing cluster
kinda 80s corvette style
i replaced the whole dashboard
removed and installed, 3 hours, half in the dark, never done it before, worked perfect after
honda #1
thats from an 84 vette
no my honda is analog gages

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omg its like, more perfect now
total ugly duckling shit

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import stuff mostly, but not just from asia
like, $2-$200 drivers
also overstock/liquidation buyouts
so they score some nice common brand stuff too sometimes
ok ima do this shit

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i have to make a playlist to test curiously strong audio
fucking poontangs arent on clearance anymore
i could have gotten ultra xmax ones for $18
theyre like $40 now
tang band raw speaker
logitech uses them
they have 10mm xmax on 5" drivers
20mm of swing!
within spec!
average for a driver that size is like 3-5mm
the larger ones are up to 20mm i think
competition for the dayton titanics
those are 18mm and 20mm, depending on size
theyre big things tho, 10/12/15"
i kinda wanna do a serious thing with dual 10" long xmax if i ever get a car that moves

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are they supposed to dump coolant and shutdown if something happens?
or its like, kinda broken needs work
theres a safety valve or something?
haha wtf
so it stays charged?
yeah a relay is def what i would use near a really big fucking magnet
anything else would prob blow up i guess, tho
yeah just dump load and try not to weld shut
neat pic huh, heheh

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seravitae: cool
did it fuck anything up besides the magnet device?
yeah thats a trip
i expected like, bits of paper and carboard
is that medical or something else?
haha theres alot of funny pics of shit stuck to MRI machines
amazed theres not pics of like people stuck in between metal things and MRI things
cuz like, big heavy looking tray, sideways 4 ft in the air
hahah that had to have flown there
thats good
i have piercings in my head =\

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Not Pointing iN = NPN Transistor (the arrow direction in the schematic symbol
like, stuff like that helps alot
its like learning to screw shit in as a kid, righty tighty lefty loosey
yeah the best tech writers are known for being easy to understand
serious none of this shit made any sense to me for like 2 years
but fuck those
like, ohms law, power law, kirchofs laws
you gotta be 2nd nature with that shit at DC to start doing AC

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because i didnt say what i was referencing, so you assume ground
but if im referencing point A, point B is 2V
if im referencing point B, point A is -2V
yeah its weird to get that at first
in DC class, first semester, i think he spent more time on voltage potential differences than any other one thing
yeah thats how it worked for me
i unno, do this shit all the time and stare at schyematics even if you dont understand
like, youll remember schematic layouts
and then when you study circuits, youll remember seeing them places
and you can go back and look again and see if it makes more sense
there arent very many big circuits
just big systems, almost all circuit blocks consist of small groups of parts
or larger arrays of identical circuits
yeah anything to remember
ELI the ICE man
Not Pointing iN
ELI = voltage leads current in an inductor
ICE = current leads voltage in a capacitor

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which is think translates to absolute number of electrons
im pretty sure joules is coulombs per second
its just pressure
its potential energy
which means a difference in charge, technically
drop the balls
like, its all about differences
voltage is a difference in charge at two points
commonly its specified at ground
like, V(A) would be voltage at point A, referencing ground
same with V(B), ref gnd pt b
A or B might be subscripted or after an underscore or lowercase or whatever
so V(AB) is voltage at point A referencing point B
instead of ground
like Vbe is voltage at the base, referencing the emitter
no, ground is 0V
like, ptA is 5V
ptB is 7V
those are both referencing ground

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im almost done
i have to adjust a couple traces so my plane feeds thru all the pot breakout pins
and then i have to drop grounds thru vias
and then i have to go wtf because i was sure this shit wasnt gonnna work out
no low voltage
low current
low resistance
all relative
V=IR, inversely related
I=V/R, R=V/I, proportional
C might be coulombs

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the speed/current depends on both the amount of balls youre trying to put into the tube (voltage)
and how wide the tube is (resistance)
the three are always related, forever till you die and then after, too, even
i guess so
balls is electrons which is absolute charge
i never use them for design (like, ever) but juoles and coulombs are related to exact electrons
thus exact charge or potential energy, given a path to a more or less charged area
voltage is psi
and current is cfm
cubic feet per minute
rate of flow
like fans and shower heads
over time
but yeah, its volume or air
ok i dunno

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this is kinda better anyway, full octave from subsonic to to infrasonic is pretty badass
even if it is spread over 3 tins and needs 6 extra amps
swuave: no
electrons move fairly steady speed, but i think it has to do with current and conductor material
electromagnetic waves change speed depending on transmission medium
fastest being in a vacuum
it doesnt matter
check it out, electrons move like mm per minute in most situations
if that
youre thinking about it the wrong way
say you have 100 balls in a long tube, packed in tight
when you push another ball in, one ball comes out the other end
its not the same ball
it didnt go thru the tube instantly
it just pushed the other balls thru
the more balls you shove in, the more current
by definition
the wider the tube, the more balls you can shove thru at once
this is parallel with resistance
wide tube = low resistance
small tube = high resistance

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i miscalculated spacing for a pour by prob 2 mil
perfection denied
this board is so awesome
i thought it was gonna be total fail but in the end it worked itself out
and im sure i can fit 10 MFB BPF amps in an altoids tin
i got 4 in a horizontal row with room to spare, and the 10 amp board will be wider
for curiously strong rev2, i guess

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tho blue fuming looks yellow before you have some solid color behind it
jfur worked in a shop with bad ventilation, looked dead tired that whole year
heavy metal poisoning =(
its residue from fumes so it maybe has oxy or carbon component

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it fumes blue
i dunno why not green
gold fumes pink/orange
heh, my art piece is gold (lots of pink/orange, lots of rework with clear glass, is awesome)
i know
but it fumes blue

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almost done, DRC = no errors!
copper fumes blue

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macegr: i want to build fureal audio stuff now =\
wtf are you talking about
oh speakers
copper, ferrite, steel or aluminum cage, pls

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mobilestu: got like paid or got like moved in?
and thats neat
are they 1924 screws?

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timecop: fuck them i fly southwest
chassis fractures and all
(serious i wasnt one bit surprised when i heard about that)
dude its air greyhound
its awesome for the same exact reasons
you can show up 3 days late, and theyll put you on a plane
also i had major chubbies for a few of the flight attendants
me and the sexiest one made fun of each others hair, haha

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k no sry im jk
man this board
no eagle for a week for me after this
no eagle for 12 hours after this
hey guys, im good at circuit boards
guess tickets?
or i just do it no radius
and hit them when im done routing a piece
takes a few sec
i always route little pieces off board and move into place, so nothing is ever very big or complicated
also, i spend about 50% of the time doing placement, no routing

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my things are mostly for bench use
when i get my grant check, im going to get a handheld scope
audio stuff
like 5% precision for tests at like 80% or 90% clip
macegr: i wanna bring my flukes and do power tests at make
we have a booth
darkertech/macetech alliance, ph33r
rockshox: what is ur fake company name
fine =(
macegr: thats pretty much having a booth unless we dont let him have a chair
what if they only have one chair
initials are neat

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im going to do the avr stuff at home on the taig
i dont want to rush that so much
all this shit i wanna do kits off tho
need one more revision but i wanna see them one proper boards
youre making the giant array boards?
you think is totally non-thru plate doable. huh?
besides the vias
like theres no vias under ICs, i guess
theres nothing else to get in the way
lace with solid core .010
IDE cables are good for it
hit with flux then solder
i do .012 vias on my home shit
what fluke?
oh neat
i have a 110 and a 111
i almost got a 112 but decided backlight is a waste
the non backlit models last forever on batteries
i know
you can disable it too
doubt it

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equalizer almost done
this shit is kinda pimp
i thought i can do 10 band but the slide pots too bit
if i can find little slide pots, i can fit 10 band stereo EQ inside the tin, i think
like 3 boards maybe
yeah gotta measure those diagonal or you get fucked
(sqr pins)
macegr: im gonna do psu and then gerbify and get a quote
the square pin ones do
the round ones prob like .035 after plating
yeah like tomorrow
tonight rly

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honey ale was good
and it fucked me up
vikings know whats up
no bos: and we are pimp
not get pimped

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wine and champaign is better
it actually tastes good
beer tastes like shit
people drink it because it gets them a buzz
people like it because it reminds then of that buzz
one beer may taste better tha another
but in general, all beer tastes shit
its an aquired taste
and i dunno if i liked beer but i drank a ton when i was a kid
everyone is
beer is shit

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almost done signal routing
then i get to fail at trying to route power
beer is shit
i hate being in love
tho in a sense its kinda neat, because when i fuck around with girls, im like slightly distatched
and that seems to turn them on
beer is shit

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you did it wrong
sounds kinky
he needs bias resistors to lift the signal
2nd battery yeah
yeah he doesnt even really need the input cap then
but yeah is better that way
input at least
wtf at 101 gain
i hope you put an input attenuator on that
btw that circuit is straight from an LM741 datasheet

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dx^: =D
so like, the filter section is routing amazing
this makes me wanna do production soic/0605
im doing the eq
if there was slide pots small enough and i had more time, i could do 10 bands in one tin
oh, no
your addy is on the box ill send to there
everything is too expensive
doitle: draw pic
o thx
is it single supply or bipolar?
that wont work single supply without coupling caps and bias resistors

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i dont know anything about opamps

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sure why not
id prob just rather buy an smt coil
but fuckit, tungsten coil, take it to like 400C
the ferrite will prob melt

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real gov tech 50 years ahead of industry research
mach 3
50s design
yeah designed 30 years later

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lifter is just an ionic air mover
everything has potential
you need a psu
gov aint gonna help you
you on your own

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saturday may 17th at the smell in los angeles ca
haha that venue is cool
what is your degree
whatever f engineering, i can actually do stuff
what is your major
omg so now i wanna make fureal component audio
like not in an altoids
dx^: make me 1U rack units

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urmom is some finishing nails

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youre getting beaten up cuz youre being dumb
a) you dont talk shit at a cop while youre cuffed
b) you dont talk shit at a guy with a gun after he just beat you down
you dont give them rules
they dont care about rules
you cant tell them what to do
they do what they want
you best become their friend or earn their respect hella quick
else they beat your ass up if you stick out from the herd

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gpf_1: how did that boom microscope thing work out?
have link?
i has a heavy base, no?
its not like clamp on is it
yeah it was thick, i remember that
thank you
wtf are you talking about
you got tazed?
whatever you got tazed by a big tazer?
well you did something to piss them off
arent they all high voltage?
oh wtf
ok i have to go
well not rly but stop talking til gpf gets back
whatever prob better than being straped to tables and left there

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omg new eq setup actually gonna fit i think
this def the ugliest board in the making

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haha wtf
of course its russian
whatever just grind them sharp every battle
thats alot more work and not as cool, tho
like you found a way to huge steel spiral rollers more expensive

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joshua_: hai
damn thats alot of million values

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everyone else pretty much sucks
except for the white guy who sounds like question mark
but hes not that great when he get tired, either
well, good mc is awesome
good mc is really truly like a 1% thing

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stu was kinda almost-famous once
really in drum n bass, the best you can do is almost-famous
no one is really famous
thats what most working dj are
and theres maybe a dozen almost-famous dj in an era
yeah i think in britland a few of your people are famous
dude we have like, diselboy
AK1200 and RAW is known locally, at least, kinda
normal people dunno, but most people into dnb or hiphop know
your people mostly come here
theyll come to LA and stay for a few years
and go away
like mc mc is brit i think
hes a dick, smoke up all of everyones weed
also he dunno the songs very well
and was generally annoying
question mark is brit too im sure
hes a good mc, you can tell because his neck is too big
he got like like little black guy built and huge bodybuilder neck
i had a set was him and hype i think
question mark is the only guy i look forward to seeing

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i counted 3 times, off by a dollar one time
jungle shit
stompy bass, yay
yeah see i like the jungle stuff that became the dark/teky dnb stuff
i guess same time and a little after old hardcore
scifi jungle samples #1
skinny djs wtf, not watching tv and sitting at the decks enough
strongbad listens to house =(
yeah i think most dj do
all the good ones are fat
i want SLs =\
i have a friend prob hasnt used his in forever
also another friend is moving
i dunno if hes taking those or if those are gone already or what
i dunno wtf is up with his stuff

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and only a few shows lasting long, everplace else losing venues
i did that at the alexandria
we was just chilling after a party in the lobby
and like, security came up and my friend is all on acid
i make a joke and spread my hands on the little ventilation box and spread my legs
and my security fools laughs and we start talking
we look over, and my buddy and other security are like, standoff, ready to grapple, 2ft from the edge
were like, 'hey guys...'
haha he went to a desert show
and bought some liquid L, and the kid dropped it on his hand
and his arm, whole vial
so he wiped it on two of our friends
and they tripped for two days
then two weeks later
same thing happened to hime again
then like 2 weeks later he was counting money
hes like 'how much? i counted $700 and $550'

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you use the ch cut faders
old skool
djs seem to forget about the knobs and switches now
like hi, you a tech not an artist, handle the shit
i wouldnt care if it was two laptops
but its always like, a mac, and a deck
and thats it
the turntables is hooked up but they aint movin
they dont set up from the floor here anyway so it all sucks regardless
theyre too big
id run lower power, mad parallel
like same wattage just more amps directly driving less speakers
the big big venues usually have an amp farm
clubs usually have like, a stack, singular
yeah you want like stacks of just amps
and stack of your processor shit
yeah when you can run the amps low, they sound so nice
those overkill setups prob running at less than 50% most the time
everything is just kinda jogging, very clean
clubs with not enough power always clipping something or spraying weird harmonics everywhere =(
yeh sucks
maybe one day ill try and open a club just for like dnb and reggae and dancehall
they just do nights at diff clubs

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naw man that was 2k
and i think it was 04
and m$ confirmed and i was looking at code i didnt understand and i laughed and laughed and laughed
that was just ancient beta code wasnt it?
they prob had to rewrite twice by then
oh huh they never rewrite
sculptor: does it include a link to the src torrent?
what about, write a modern OS
serious, they need to make a whole new platform
and sell in parallel
and just dump windows name when sales taper
i mean fuck they only have a trillion dollars
ya rite, show me the shrinkwrapped box
shit they prob as bad as GNU kernel
estimated release: 3-60 years
getting close!
i dont care
as long as it dont desync for like a minute im cool
omg stu

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dude if your the one real man in a ballet studio, youre getting tang
most of your stuff sounds too disco party =\
im more into ragga stuff from then i guess
not all the stuff you link
and dark/tekky dnb is best
not enough anymore
i like drums tho
yeah good set is a gem
ill listen to radio sets i like for years =\
haha, theres this guy arje in #dnbradio
i think he spins almost every day
omg i cant tell him from the playlist
hes the only dj i wont rate
and i even rate the ones with emcee i cant stand
thats just dnb
its not done
im downloading whole set
k starting
haha, tape length set

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you missed nothing
he was okay at audiotistic 2000
but that show was some sort of anomoly
like 2x people showed up at the 50K head venue
fat chicks were like sliding in thru steel bars'
we were all on drugs, but everyone saw that happen
stu: i dont like rave stuff so much
like, here its pretty much candy rave, maybe hiphop area, and drum n bass
hardcore is gone
completely, last tyimes i saw it it was like 3 guys and a girl dressed in black, 2speakers1dj
jezus fuck thank god
but yeah youre festivals look nuts
i dont like HHC
i kinda like the ragga stuff from then more
and then i like normal american hardcore
but that was forever ago
like, um, ron d core and couple other fools
its like, house with crunchy or stompy bass
2x or 4x speed
and usually kung fu/b movie/porno samples
4x is terror core, its like 300bpm bass every beat
its silly like most metal rock music
some are ultra hedero, its weird

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can you do ohms law and power law and kirchoffs law?
yesno yesno wut
haha, slowed down 90s dieselboy on the radio =\
that kid gets props for blowin up the UK shit here and good production quality
fucker cant spin live worth a shit and wearing lip gloss and eyeliner now
fucker should have finished college (im pretty sure he didnt)
trying to be emo/metro dnb WTF
hes like the only guy who will like trainwreck for 2min and totally not look worried about it
like he rockin out to something totally diff on his headphones
no u!

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put values in for S and solve
wtf algebra
stu: im okay at most math if its applied
im all fucked up
i like word problems
im like fuck everything else
how is she messed up?
the pic was generic
like serious its something that would popup if you did like google LA beach blonde
srs we dont got all day we got our own shit to not do
because we spent years learning this shit
well, some of us
other never learned it but theyre not making us do their homework wtf
srs, we dont give a shit about you until you put time and effort in
we ignore most of denielsons and incubuses stupid math questions too
and theyre regs
no dude i mean like, come back in two years
no not a joke

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hey whats like soic but smaller for opamps thats not leadless?
i should check
0402 + mini-soic or something tiny like that would be neat
charles: ban
no we hate your fucking homework and now we hate you
yeah well work for you for money
why do you need to make a graph of a random equation for yourself
stu is worth $20
wtf thats homework
it doesnt matter if a teacher gave it to you or not
how the fuck are you gonna learn on your own if you ask us to do it for you
wtf learn how to pay mofos to get shit done maybe

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macegr: what did he buy with his backpay?
besides avr for the beacon in the wrong pkg
does he have a digi scope?
ill maybe buy
ask him if its DSO
and ask him if he can hold it
dont tell him for me obviously
yeah whenever i dont have scope moneys budgetted
but he does nothing quick
hell prob be selling that shit for 3 years
i think alot =\
i dunno details
i should just join with a diff mask and nick like before
thats the only way hes cool with me
hell like even let me help him and shit
he aint dying
hes just fucked up
trust, i used to be a dr, i know about these things
k not rly

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i had something in my sock
it was an led =(

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1its neat and totally random

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magnetic bullets and coil barrel for power, yo
and a cap
no fu!

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they can get drums for AK easy
ya right do the math
rate of fire vs long clip
because its useless for hunting and personal defence
personal defence
not assault force agression
and then itll prob lockup and kill you =(
yeah since the 90s duh
its prob cheap chinese knockoff if a gangsta using it
wtf is apple //c
fuck full auto
even mil M16 dont do full auto
single, and burst
they just have to keep pulling trigger
we can do electronic gun
2 solenoids
magnetic bullets
paintball markers used to be cool
i want a minimag so bad =\

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blackmoon: also that requires an SMPS per string
but yeah for stus thing, prob not an issue
how nope
you just gonna pray current splits even?
lope: hell yeah
only way to fly
blackmoon: im doing 3 smps and 1.3V drop for the current sources
very cheap
for like 8 strings
blackmoon: is true, but without current specific chip im on like a 1.5V ref or something
so its gonna burn the same as the current sources anyway
hey thats neat
i never do that
j00 a buyitnow ninja
ill shops for them when i do the big led array
fuck that
real street arms = AK
for asia, for for africa, for mid east, for urban america
dude tek 9 is like no ammo

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warmth is dissipation is brightness
more bright = more hot
extra heat is your lack of ninja design skills
anything 20mA driven is gonna be spaced enough
even if you wall to wall pack them
my heat issues is the current sinks and thet wont be an issue, tri rail
theyll pop first unless theyre like half watt or above
then heatsinking becomes an issue
doesnt matter
led is constant power
fuck that
then you hand test the string
or deal with random brightness
or you use a current sink
id use a current sink
yeah or that
thats the most efficient by far
ok so no school refund
that was something eccentric about the school db
they say the refunded me already for what i paid out of pocket but i remember 3 semesters now two
however i guess theyre getting pell grant checks now
finally wtf
okay back to sirkuts

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so um
100mW super flux arent 100mW
unless they bend some P=VI law somehow
well i dunno but they lie
theyre same dissipation as my pirahna things
like similar Vf and If
im going to use kapton insulation with heatsink goo and a aluminum finned backplate
no i have to finish EQ schema
whos array
and why do you need to scope led rails
not much
the individual leds get warm
and the drive transistors get warm, by design
like maybe .02"
theyre theyre like 2mA led

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ready for service in like 1893?

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no the controller box doesnt have a stand
they dont put the transformer in the iron =\
at frys
theyre best tips ever
permatinned, fureal

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um, i doing electronics
youre like, talking about nothing on irc
ltspice is good
itll sim huge circuits without locking up my pc
who gives a shit about ui
get over it
working ui is like skill level: kindergarten
just handle it and stop crying
theres more to apps than just buttons and menus and zoom/pan models
power bill + $20
i leave my hakko on constantly
tips are always fine
haha get a good iron already
hakko 936
i dropped mine and broke its shell
still works awesome
(you drop anything thats basically a 50VA transformer in a box, chassis cracking: ok)

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who cares the sim engine is fine

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then breakout the 20 pot signals to the stereo slide pots mounted to the top of the pin, under slotted felt
on that board, bus the common BOOST and CUT traces
and run two lines back to the board with the connectors, input, and mixer amps
then bask in the glory of a realized 10 band altoids EQ
wait fuck
omg like 2.25" Y without the front panel stuff
duals, heh

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leave psu and connectors
and input section
do the inverter/mixer
thats three amps on the main board
breakout signal/boost/cut to pads
then do a board that fits low and forward, under the mixer board
put the 10 mfb filters on that
that should route hella sexy, uncompromised
maybe only prob will be pot breakouts and i dont think itll be a prob

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someone told them itd a good idea to be an EE
because they start at $50K min a year
you either need lots of people, or a few people and a real building
and 8 hours a day
well, 10 to 12 hours a day, getrl is programming
or it doesnt get finished
its a chance
games is a big project
'really the biggest besides mission critical sim and control/comm
games isnt just 3 math
the engine is like 25% really
yeah kinda
engine is like 5% because levels are like 80%
this is the plan
copy over the preamp schema and board
gut it

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im thinking like 10-20% but whatever, thats low to me
they do busywork
math, verification, simple shit the serious types dont want to bother with for the 30th time
prob a ton of that
ya rly
do you think dude is ever gonna design ever a peripheral psu on a motherboard?
he will work in an office
and manage 5 guys testing ram sticks
his job is to compile ram stick data
thats not lol thats the truth
and thats sad
i wake up in the morning and design shit
i prob do more PCB in a week than avg engineer does in years or ever
like, kevs not an engineer
mace is an engineer, but he does this shit on his own time
you either do it or you dont
there as just as many shit techs
have the paper but dont have the vision or the will
they just dont care, they got paper to earn more paper

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he listens and he reads
yes then doing
but timecop can learn
haha fuck school right
you prob got more gear at school than you can afford
its good for yourself if you know how to do it
but if youre just sitting in class to pass, fuck that
wtf how is the electronics job market
thats like saying, which food at the market is edible
very little lately
i think tc put up a troll shield
even his trolls behave then they stop in
not hard to imagine
they teach how to make devices
not how to make things with them
youre just supposed to figure that out
because ur an engineer youre supposed to be smart
so they oump you full of higher math and physics, and a few circuits classes
and drop you industry, like GO
how many new engineers do you think design?
well, more than zero
but yeah a low number

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for anything youll probably do, you want analog circuits to help your digital shit
you cqan do alot of processing in analog if you have a specific purpose
its all of AC electronics
like, ALL of it
RC and RL and similar circuits are it
everything else is semiconductor
theres only 3 passive parts
everything is filters
you DC caps are filters with your series traces and wires
or any line filter coils
you can make any length of cable look the same length with cap and coil tricks
filters are all of ac electronics
if you dont know about filters, you dont know jack about electronics
you can prob do a bit of ac analysis
but you prob cant visualize it
incubus[]: yes, timecop doesnt know shit about analog
thats news to no one
diodes are the wtf device
fixed pressure reg
yeah he is proof docs are good

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yeah fine pretty
ANYTHING less is un usable
cheby chev
theyre nice
thats how stacked filters work
the named one have special characteristics
like bessels dont have the ramp before falloff, i dont think butterworth either
butterworth is steeper, bessel is least phase fuck
chebychev is adjustable ripple and roloff
theyre related
yeah but itll sound a bit off

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anything worth using has a learning curve
yeah when i probe the line
incubus[]: does you thing do graphs and AC sweeps?
because you ask for it
wtf use is an AC sweep without graphs
does it do probed wave output at least?
at every node?
with current values at devices?
yeah can it do two nodes at once?

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anyway how is ltspice intense
im saying why i wouldnt
and why i dont see the point
when the alternative is good, free, local
EEs use what the company hands them
it has heirarchy and examples
and all the good ones are spice
unless theyre $1M a seat or some shit
and spice is free from a semicorp
yes swcadiii
fuck that
i wanna see a graph of current flow
positive and negative polarity
and a pointer on my probe
normal ltspice graph will do algebra
its smart too
if you do V*I, itll give results in watts
heh, transconductance amp

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also crossover, tiny amp, mega amp, headphone amp
okay i shuld do PSU stuff before anything else
its called: learn electronics
youre BSEE?
incubus[]: does it do standard active filters?
yeah actually
its called a calculator
serious dude, its just RC math
go backwards in a line so you can calc the impedance of the forward one
furthermore, i could do that in LTspice in a few sec and have AC and transient analysis graphs up in a few clicks
if its spice, yeah
if its not spice, its useless
then wtf use ltspice
im not trying to be connected to the web to be doing design
do you know how intensive complex sim is?
im not trying to let some overloaded server handle that at its discretion

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why not just use an electronics sim
ltspice is pretty ok
its pretty barebone, tho
so its a toy?
i dont
i cant get ltspice to sim anything i need
its gui sucks but thats whatever to me
can can can
the sim backend is good, tho
schema layout takes a bit to get used to
but i use like 4 diff cad apps, same time, so im used to using diff UIs of various functionality
yeah but big opamp circuits and filters are nice to confirm
i like doing the maths and then seeing lines that match up
did you drink it or wut?
okay, preamp is done

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mmm, walnut brownie
i dont even use a magnifying glass for smt
1mm is .04" sounds huge
yeah its neat we can teach him shit
and then like, he makes money
so for this chan, he is rare success story
yeah that too

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database says they owe me >$800
i guess when you fix FAFSA, its retroactive
whatever if obama loses im moving in
fuck this country
Barracus Hussien Osama
okay so a bridge rectifier and unregged section cap board
all FC SMT 470uF in parallel
thats one tin
and then another tin to regulate to 15V many amps, +/15V, and 6V
halid flux is major conductive till it dries out

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haha at 450V
mains -> bridge -> FAT cap -> vreg
10mA is pretty good
ya rly
oh thats kinda neat
cheaper than copper
ok i gotta start the equalizer redo board
so new plan is like, too many slidepots
on top of the altoids
i can fit 10 band stereo EQ
multiple boards tho, thing is 13 dual amps minimum =\
but the 10 filter amps are easy on another board
alps and bourns
i need 10
its gonne be like $25 =\
i need them quick tho
are they back within a week like the fast peoples?
natsemi will get everything except popular shit to me in a week
yeah see thats so close
im going to go to school and see if they ower me a refund

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whats NST
ima SMPS/LM317 it to like +/-15V signal power and 15V high current for the amps
omg dude this is audio
thats bad for opamps =(
yeah ther have them up to 1000VA
and like one smaller one
i got those little $1 blue bricks
from digikey
im using 4 of them in parallel, like 9.2VA total
no shit what part number?
sampled $$$ or good shit for real?
that would be badass for rolling your own linear supplies
i want to make a bench psu with my 500VA thinger
no the opamp
the 140V ones
oh natsemi has some opamp input stages do like 200V
yeah i bet =(
they have source and sink outputs, to link your own biased output circuit
theyre 4mA output =(
need like a darlington to drive an army of darlingtons
oh neat

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the surface of the paper/epoxy stuff gets slick when its hot
im not milling tho
this is ourpcb stuff
masked and silked, etc
should be standard FR4 copper clad
so should be pretty much same as what im using
for non kit altoids tin use, the pads are basically test points
VEE and VCC to the indicator LED
probably, but i dunno
if anything isnt, its that
the layered fiber fab is prob spec, the copper thickness is def spec
ha ya rly
why are babies licking circuit bpards
blackmoon: did you see the transformer i got for the system?
should be here like tomorrow

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3 amps for the drive and mix circuits
and 10 stereo MFB BPF filters
dude those are .2" pads
for breakout to shit like panel LED and headphone amps
i dont see the point?
no im just ninja
it has miniplug connectors
and minidin3 for bipolar power
mod chips
i dont see how they would break with fluxed tinned standed wire
i could prob put 16awg on those pads not so much issue
nothing is moving one shit is installed
and youd have to do some major wtf shit to pull off pads that big
like, attach other end of wire to a bike or something
dunno never had the prob with my milled shit, 1oz copper on FR4

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yay @ rent, not at repeat of paid sluts
its just underage girls with their shirts open in a server room
pretending to be tech
dude its blackmoon
you run linux 1000x more than him
that shit took like 90sec to load on xp

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ill start talking about rugs and debugging other peoples c all day
ok hai
i guess
its just some paid sluts with their shirt open

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