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stfu mopeds are neat
metrosexuals stole that from the rudys
rudy skas know how to wear a suit and tie and not look like complete assholes
prob cuz the checkers
kinda hard to take checkers srs

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altoid component system
i wonder if nursury open now
i need to go get pots and soil
k bye

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bass rarara
so im dropping $7 per power IC on the big amps
ultramega soic-14 thing
its got a fuckin heatsink pad on top \o/
i guess i only need a big amp for the bass thing

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heh im done with signal routing
now i have to do snaky rails
=\ =\ =\
4 band constand q graphic EQ circuit
to fit into an altoid
bipolar rails, soic amps and 0805 passives
oh stereo, so its like one circuit mirrored
8 dual amps, im amazed the shit all fit
the linkwitz riley active xovers should be easy after this one
also the input section is identical for all sections
so aloty of shit should go very quick
the power sections all chipamps
im going to use bridged output chipamps
so i dont have to use decoupling caps
coupling caps

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yes i do
135d angles are standard
i use .05" radius miters standard
unless its out in the open then ill do bigger
ill post pic in a couple minutes

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timecop_: omg stop making kiddies cry
eq board looks like some cyb0rvoodoo tiki shit

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they short shit out on insertion
voltage in anything youd be fucking with
1V RMS is like standard 0dB for audio
so like 2.828V peak to peak
omg right angle traces =(
i dont even do 135
i radius all my shit now
its a 1/4 turn inductor
incubus[]: theyre seperate channels
audio isnt mixed LR until its modulated for stereo FM transmission
its two diff conductors
two seperate waves
thats why you need three conductor connectors for stereo audio
path0s: its a failboard from the 70s
please to miter corners at 135d pls

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stu: ima get tiny poontang extra xmax things
and then some 1" and 3" things or something
they were like 50Hz rolloff
stop autorouting, lazyass
do it fureal
so like amazingly, the 4 band stereo eq section fits
soic 0805 #1
1/8" or 3.5mm stereo phone or miniplug jack and plugs
and not alot
maybe 12V/1A
theyre not suitable for power
theyre barely suitable for audio

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would it be wrong to cutout the bottom of the altoids and replace with clear acrylic?
because like, these boards are so pretty on both sides
stu: haha nice
it looks like some sort of target map for industrial espionage nanos
is it just bitching about trace width?
yeah man chicks dig width, not length

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i like to keep connectors on the same page tho, easy to see what io goes to what pin number
i need to give harold a position in darker technologies
he can be like, director of human relations, or something
everyone likes him, he would be very good at it

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its not so bad
i think its maybe better at shoving
im finishing up my graphic eq section altoid thing
yeah everyone does, its like a universal things
people who dont like cats dont, tho
because theyre like 'does he bite?'
'only if he likes you alot, then yes very hard'
ive always played rough with mine
he was kinda alleycat for a long time
come home with other cats fur in his claws, bites a few times, etc
haha, he used to always have grease on his shoulder blades from under cars
because they will fuck you up
for diptrace?
i use tc's schema
i havent done anything original in it
for eagle, i always draw my own boxes
and name the netlist FRAMES
and then ignore frames stuff in ERC
stu: depends, sometimes that just makes it harder to read
generall you wanna split up by system
but if youre clever with busses, you can usually get small or medium size shit on one page
and then put psu and connectors on another maybe

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macegr: sweet
my exgf's dog was name Mr Mister
i gotta go buy pots and transplant all my things
and soil
and plant food for cactus
i dont need 2ft tea bush pots im take them outta those bigass pots too
actually i wanna bonsai those tea bushes
i prob saw like 1000 diff plants at powerline nursury
those were prob the coolest
haha, they were growing salvia right next to it
i wonder if its like, potent salvia

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timecop: did you ever find a gerber editor?

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yeah because it sucks

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haha @ 5.25" fail floppy

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