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the peppers prob grow pretty fast
im going to get some pots tomorrow
and replant everything so roots have space
except the tea bush things
those have bigass pots already
they get big

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yeah they are very low maintenance
they just happen

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i need to throw in a couple 0805 resistors for that and an 0805 for the red rail
im running them 1/2 power, they dont do much
yellow stuff looks nuts
my flukes are like funky orange
ima test for a month with these and see what happens
yeah i think i seen those
ima do em in a box for a month
so if they need anything besides red and blue theyre fucked
im do a CFL box too
i have habanero peppers, some weird tea bush, and my succulents
figure thats kinda a good variety
yeah one spectrum is better for flowering i guess
hehe look my cat is staring

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pics of led array
best: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25328466@N03/2388381156/in/set-72157604383963728/
thats like $10 and change
psu will prob be like $10-15 with all connectors and shit
so for two array system, like $30-40
chassis stuff on top of that
oh heh yeah i did that
i turn them off because theyre gonna burn the sot23

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unit41 audio schema pack got alot of electro harmonix
ask him, i think hes hosting
heh, took all day to grab
its big =\
he posted in chan earlier tho
oh you can right clicky in ff download manager for properties

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kinda too tall

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stu: old skool
minidin 3, ph33r
yeah they got lazy
one pic all minidins, grab datasheets
no its lazy
i wouldnt call it wrong
100V AC @ 1A

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dude those explosives were digitally synced
theres low angles looking up where its so fuckin obvious its sad
shit tore down the building faster than gravity
and molten steel in the wreck for months
plane fuel yarite
'we found the hijackers wallet outside the building'
wtf wallet
fire melts building
dc barrel jack works i guess
because theyre not bipolar
okay back to plan a
thats almosta good idea
but i need dual rails
and people will blow shit up trying to plug my shit into computers or whatever
psu to usb onoz
stu: yeah bad
for the bipolar signal stuff im using minidin4
needs to be a cable
go find disclosure project vids
theres ones with the engineers at congress
then come back, discuss
kinda looks ghetto
barrel jacks will work for the power amps
because single rail
and then minidin 4 for bipolar power
or minidin 8
so people cant plug that shit in

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darkertech and macetech combine forces, ph33r
its like when the xmen and avengers get together
you know you are paying .25 more for those books
no just in here
you are afraid of irc people, eh?
prob better that way, you can get STDs from efnet
hey man
dont talk shit about akroid
yeah likely
ref: sneakers
stu: panel power connectors, very small
like 2A capable

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timecop: hai
neat, pls to email
you did dual filter an the ti thing?
neat, i think even kevtris would be proud
oh and from two night ago, almost no cpu overhead
your time spins at like say 30MHz
then every 1024 timer pulses, you update
that would be 10b resolution at 30MHz/1024
like 30KHz
so you filter at 10KHz, and youre way good
i think the timers will spin pretty fast, on the pll clock
im getting special poontang speaker for make
a pair
i have highs and mids
makerfaire booth
we have booth, me and macegr

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timecop: for the power pkg?
its hard to make small power stuff like that
signal shit its cheaper because not hard and less materials, usually

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okay ima do some curiously strong work

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you put in a frequency and it pops out resistors and caps
yeah same datasheet
dual is basically just good enough
quad is like a brick wall to digital style waves
you can prob do audio samples clean
yeah basically
you have a pole on the input and a pole on positive or negative feedback
lots of ways
timecop: if you go with that, just knockoff the last two opamps in the schema
and wire it into the typical app for the ti amp
ill doublecheck the schema to when you send
those little amps are pretty sweet tho, they already have the half supply input biasing

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but like, 10KHz 8 pole, you can prob sample at 22KHz/1024 bits
pwm filters
like, audio quality
mp3/vid audio output off one pin, stuff like that
but yeah the dual amp, 4 poles, is enough, kevtris agreed
you can use that dual amp
yeah theyre cheap
theyre work, just not for pushing a speaker
because the voltage drops out
er, *theyll
like, theyll work for a speaker too theyll just clip the shit outta it
and no power
timecop: do you know about filter pro?
yeah but its good for pwm filters
like youre doing now
also adc input
but all the low pass filter types use the same layout
you just adjust the cap and resistor values

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like, output to speaker + thru a series cap, usually 100uF+
then speaker - to ground
the ti thing is a bridged output thing
so it doesnt need the cap because it floats the speaker between the rails
its connected to speaker + and -
thats like $.50 cheaper maybe?
dunno what those 220uF caps you have cost
see the chebychev filter sections?
theres 3
you can do 4, and tyhats basically insano roloff, optimal for pwm
or dual amp, 4 poles, good enough for audio
so up to you, dual or quad, but the circuit is the same
like, caps and resistor values change
you just stack more sections on
yeah but one is failed output
so use the first two
and ditch the last two
or ditch the last one and duplicate the 3rd
ill upload pics in a sec

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timecop: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=296-1949-5-ND
timecop: i can adjust schema
do you want dual amp filter (enough) or quad amp filter (lower usable pwm freq)
i think thats cheaper
ooh yeah i found them
well, its basically same
maybe not
it doesnt need an output cap
its bridged
sec i check out lm386
yeah standard AB
LM386 is a more standard design

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timecop: ceramic packages are sexy
ill keep chip i know ill never use just because they look cool

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but yeah same datasheet
so yeah still need an output amp
so .20 AB driver or battery output amp IC
for ur nuculur vepuns
but yeah
you dont need a quad
however a quad filter would be hella clean
and like .30 more than the dual
if you order actually went thru for the quads

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timecop: yeah
timecop: also ty, neat part
better than my ti sample video amps
not better at all
but much cheaper and appropriate for system feedback speaker
timecop: wait no fail
stop stop
table 3
output voltage vs load
itll only do like 2V
so yeah, need an output amp
datasheet for the ad8534
no 31 is the single who buys singles (crazy people thats who)

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timecop: d00t
leave them
they will get the clue and go away
timecop: you can test diff gains when youre buiilding it
you just swap one resistor

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timecop: schema with documentation almost ready
with gain settings from mild to hot
so yeah, you pick

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thats the usb flash one i think
i saw it at Frys =\
some just PICs
oh he asked
yeah mostly AVR

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macegr: okay ima try and make rev3 100mA led string capable
so i can use the superflux led
sot223, biatch
at denielson?
anything TDS isnt that ancient
actually i get there are aslmost 20 years ancient tds soon
kk, rev2b is drop resistors and fix the gnd cludge
then i try and etch
if that fails i just mill it
er 2a i guess, there was never a 2a i cant just start at b
macegr: okay i put 5W of led arrays against 14W CFL
because i have lots of those

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no (781mW/2)*.707
276mW RMS
and some headroom on the rail to rail output
wtf are you doing
thats for rms to peak
rms to peak to peak is 2.8
so 1.8VDC PWM becomes 1.8VPP
which is amplified to 2.5VPP
which converts to 1.25VP which is *.707 to get rms

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you set DDR and PORT regs?
some peripheral hijacked your pin or its blown out, my guesses
yeah so check and then init that shit to off
classic, ph33r
oh, shitty
maybe its blown =\
timecop: okay im chebychev 6pole your 1.8V pwm and output that shit at 2.5V
yo someone do power maths for 8R

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yeah i got sockets
female pin headers
timecop: chebychev 6 pole
you are now audiopunk 3r337
omg still like 10db better than a butterworth
20:28 * renesis set passband amplitude ripple to .1dB
butterworth might have gain too
bessels are flat with low phase fuck
im pretty sure linkwitz riley is like special matched bessel situation

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ebay store, Sure Electronics, pin headers

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yeah ok
your partner guy or whoever suggested this, no?
he said drive with 6th order filter and then drive with an opamp directly
or something, right?
dude +-250mA is all it says for output at 3V supply
so its better than my AB driver in two ways
okay i will hax a schema in eagle for you

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im officially out of glucosamine and chrondroitin
its $.30 more
dude you say the board
its like an ocean of space
dude at the nursury they had salvia
behind the teah bush saplings i picked out
ok neato
theyre $1 for 100
timecop: i will draw you up a circuit to copy
timecop: this can sink/src 250mA
i think, i have to make sure they arent lying
also do more voltage, it can amplify
then my AB driver

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like, 1000 years of native culture
i have a bottle of it
topical, like clear sludge
because a filter and audio amp will prob work better
or you use a quad amp as 3 filter sections a buffer
i got datasheet
its a shit audio amp
but for your purposes its perfect
so ill do a circuit with that, 3 amps as filters and one as an output buffer
well, if you dont give a fuck, sure
so yeah, for you, awesome
the specs that count on the amp are ok
your input and output voltage and current handling
every other spec is kinda sad, edge of usable
25mV voltage offset, shit like that
pctek: it sounds like something good to take period
and it doesnt really have mkercury
they process it to undetectable levels
so its less mercury than tuna in can
which i guess you would have to eat a ton of
and i dont like most fish

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jennyfur says hemp and flax seed is better
for omega3
than tuna oil
iunno tho
naw they process it
iunno maybe
i will tell her like 'ben says you suck at suppliments'
mcarp: it heals stuff faster
its really like a neosporin commercial, shit just heals quicker with less makring
well regardless im not trying to be like i understand how aloe works
it works tho
i dunno how vitamin E made the keloids on me ear cartilage piercings go away
but it did
iunno, show me datas

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i really need to adjust that
im supplementing with naps
basically im doing something, i see my bed
all of a sudden it feels like a good idea to lie down
then i wake up like 3 hours later
naps are good tho
you gotta be getting enough total sleep
so like 1 hour nap wont fix 3 hours less sleep
but theyre neat, energizing
yeah its weird on scheduling
yeah you gotta get almost enough sleep at night
for naps to do anything
else youre just trying to makeup for it and failing
macegr: haha
ima try some breakfast tea
do like, black tea in the morning and chamomile at night
yeah it doesnt do a ton to me either
but tea is tasty
its great for wounds and scin irritation
well, it might not make it feel better
but itll help it heal
i think its vitamin E or similar, plus stuff
like, good for scars, burns
i know
we just broke off aloe vera and used it raw as kids =)
its like natural neosporin
yeah the drinks are neat
korean market here has alot of kinda
it has clear aloe chunks floating in it

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these amps are like gio mA to 250mA
and output protected, etc
dual is 1.35 tho
and quad is 1.65
so im like, 6 poles and an output buffer
because this amp can likely push a buzzer
neck what?
o =(
kevtris: physical pains =(
my hip has gotten so bad i couldnt irc
i lie on my side and cant move at all else my nerves go wonky
actually yeah
i dont get it anymore
not for months
since about 2 weeks into the glucosamine/chondroitin
i get some weird knee pains
but im like fuckit ill just keep taking it
maybe fix that too
i fgeel really good
considering that im not taking great care of myself
also like what two of three weeks into fish oil...
i got no business being this aware on this little sleep
im getting by on like 4-6 hours and a nap
yeah i think its working already
my short term is a little better in low sleep mode
i need a fuckin schedule
yeah im like 4am to 9ish

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i found a total shit quad rail to rail opamp
$1.63, 250mA output capable
perfect for timecop
i dont even wanna say important specs
because its shit =(
its 3V test condition, too
3V input, like 2.7V ouput swing
this is for filters
ima use one of those lm3whatever you said
yeah or similar
kevtris: either 4 poles or 8 poles
for teh low speed pwm dac
timecop pwm0 channel
sam7 output
you think?
test33: or bessel
okay well might as well do 4
okay you mean two amps
yeah thats what i might do
or 3 amps and one for output
timecop: kk i can prob add into schema myself
this thing says 250mA output capable
hehe yeah it like sharkfins
timecop: no opamp
well gate would work too
but typical digital buffers suck at this kinda stuff
like great you buffered 2mA to 10mA

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hear about the racist urmom?

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not like arm or leg

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hehe, i got the two trees and the peppers in my backpack for a bike ride
haha wtf
i have to find boxes for my grow setup

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omg thats not close!
macegr: i got plants
some little tea bush saplings and habanero peppers
also i have my succulen im going to clone
have pics, uploading

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i might do a 1" acrylic stackup or something
aight no answer im buying plants bai

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i like to make the cutout for the iec connector really close
then its like fun to be safe
i have cherry mains switches too
amber lit
lemme check a local place
two actually
i want to try and get tinted reflective acrylic without doing tap plastics
the reflective inside, tinted outside would be awesome

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macegr: okaty im going to design my own goddamp headphone amp output section
opamp plus AB sot223 thing
this is gonna be neat
man im going to buy plants
he can come get his moneys
he has a truckthing
i well send the psu box and speaker boxes and a little compenent rack
i have sw but i can get sketchup to do that im sure
psu box and i can prob do on my mill
because the cutouts for connectors daughterboards need to be dead on
but cabs and shelves can be lasered up

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cut, powerful
is like milla jovovitch transistor
2W dissipation!
yeah not at the same time, heh
but it fits probably
and i can run superflux with those and tri rail smps
yes i am wrong =(

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damn for every web order i make at digikey i have like 20 aborted orders
(it keeps track, heh)
you can
itll save all of them if you log in
after awhile it archives and starts a new one
also there is parts lists
you can order multiples of parts sets
and that, those are my favorites
$1 =\
4 poles = $2 =(

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so i dunno maybe it sucks in a CE article about realtime OS but in my bedroom installed on random computer, it works quite well
also JACK audio server impressed me
i was to n00b to do anything with the synth module stuff
yeah dunno i got bored and tried it
i dont even remember for what
if it spins fuckit
man its 3:30
this guy is real slow at getting his money

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at the end, i pull parts off the machine
and the measure out to spec
so i dont understand your realtime in linux isnt proper statement
emc hax0rs seem to do just fine
yeah rly
i should be web browsing on my cnc box anyway
er, shouldnt shouldnt
turbocnc needs about 300MHz
emc needs about 1GHz
thats the biggest difference
teknique: ?
dude if your doing real dedicated cnc machine shit, and it errors because you were browsing the web or 'compiling shit' youre a dunce
okay so windows blows most
and linux does firefox and cnc cycles
and you have yet to present anything real
you telling me it doesnt working im like, machined parts and pcb from a realtime linux box every week

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im stepping at .00025 divided by 80 on 20tpi screws and 200 step motors at 30 to 45 ipm
whatever the fuck that means in nanoseconds
okay but my shit come out machine perfect
and the audio shit i played with worked excellent, no glitches
i do cnc cycles and firefox
yeah its called priority
the non realtime shit will lag downjm
i do this shit all the time
or the cnc will throw and error (rarely)
but it wont affect shit
it knows what happened
i run microstepped pulse/dir stepgen shit too, thats about as realtime as it gets
and im running a full gui, so i mean it already beats the shit outta turbocnc and explorer
windows at realtime was like, OMG ITS WORKING DONT TOUCH ANYTHING
linux and realtime is like, normal

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i dunno wtf you guys were doing
i had to use that failshit to get turbocnc working
realtime linux is actually easier
hell realtime linux with emc livecd is like no brains omg it happened
get real man
its the only realtime soft machine controller that works decent
and ive setup realtime kernels myself
its not that hard its just a recompile and some config
JACK audio server uses it
pretty neat, non glitchy realtime mixing and switching and synth shit
windows just doesnt do realtime
windows blanks the screen,m CNC dweels for half sec
major fucking critical damage fail
i can browse web on my linux dnd machine and the cycle keeps going fine
thats what did it to me
alsi, AXIS gui is fucking awesome
it makes other ui look silly, and its not even close to mature
betashit fureal
opengl feedback, tossable, decent controller setup
so yeah teknique, i dunno wtf youre talking about

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omg you have eye of ninja avatar
i think im going to go to cos trolling with tshirt ninja and gas mask and sun glasses
like 5 hours tshirt ninja shit
i would do raiden
with tshirt ninja head
also im bringing my real cam
fuck that guy on the roof takin pics
aw shit
omg i am progress barring my files onto make pool
omg my shit is like all over the groups page
i like how when i am all late to show up shit is good and mature
like computers
computers in the 90s were fail, dude
we have this thing called memory management now

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i have mine set to dark, thick paper
i dunno how
im am this face: =|
show meeee soooon
wait no
i almost took off on my friend i owe money to buy plants
comedy ensues
kk i know how to batch stuff now
ok i wasnt in group before
oh shit i have msgs
oh shit one of them is real kinda

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macegr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/make/discuss/72157604389239755/
look im on makegroup
okay i go buy plants and maybe do the etch board today
if that pisses me off im just going to machine another one
ima try UV
also i want to try and find some shit that can thru hole plate with a stencil
i can drill stencils

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smart resistors
2 transistors + 2 resistors = smart resistor
it change value depending on voltage
iunno, its just a PNP current source circuit

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i has a flikr
i have ice bong action

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my friend was supposed to come buy and get money i owed him
but he took a little longer than he said and i fell asleep
he said he could hear my phone in my room from the gate
hes coming again now

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it got about 3x denser with new growth pretty quick

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dude my succulents fell over or something
two of them
they look okay
i think because i put them on the balcony edge
and they were trying to get more light
im like wtf guys
the ones in less light are fine
pretty okay
they get a dried brown kinda bark where old leaf jellys fall off
yeah theyre okay
those two are more limp
because like they fell out kinda
like tiny bit of on top root showing
stupids, their roots dont go very far down
prob no watering =\
i should do that
okay i will test those two with led and cfl
and also the newest growth ones, very tall
i think the cactus dirt is washed out
i still hace cactus dirt package
so when i transplant i can use that
and then read what it is and try and renergize main pot
i think maybe its filled out the pot
its like 'i get this big, hi'

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also do wish to prove a link to the commercial schematics archive you spoke of previously?
i didnt see i been in and out and actually sleeping
gotta babysit the stupid machine
oooh, ty
i should RE turbo rat again to see what those cap values i fucked up really are
and then do that Johnson DEQ distortion + parametric EQ thing
it doesnt look so complicated since i started doing smt shit
then compare
damn that big
okay i gotta go get plant things
i bet i kill the led and cfl plants except the succulents

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macegr: how do i upload alot?
in a zip?
show me clickies
hmm flikr toolpage
Flickr Uploadr 3.0
so h4xr
sexiness: young ally sheedy
still more progressbar...
omg the progress bar gif has bounce
sure, you dont?
it depends how entertaining
keep going this is totally the most sense youve made in mulptiple lines in awhile

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oh i need a yahoo id
lame now i have to make a real yahoo acct
mufuckers closed down my email

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ima post all those pics to the make 2008 page
macegr: okay at this point i think voltage match smps is winn0r
this 23V across all rails only works at 25C exactly
then im past spec
hmm rly?
i can prob integrate into my wordpress failcms
my montreal buddy will prob be happy she all flikring for years
k like you and her are the only flikr people i know
i know
but i want something like, easier than typing
for when im really half asleep and blitzed
else this shit dont get done
kk i start this darker flikr shit
ima buy more domain
i pwn darkertech.com, ph33r
already, so you cant steal
i would be like $1M
if theyre like, ok, then im cool with selling out
i can be therealdarkertechnologies.com

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im prob gonna parallel and run smps
and tiny regs in the tins
i dunno what to do for power connectors for the amps
i wanna do tip jacks for speakers
but then i dunno what for power, minidin prob not good enough
i should do back to monoamp design it made everything easier
blackmoon: yeah the oversaturation looks like some crazy plasma thing
hey how to submit this to those make blogger people
this a good led grow light design
not like that wtf light show pwm shit
haha stroke nice
you gotta MIG, handle it
omg he took ur MIG!

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charles: ^
macegr: also
best pic
thats like only 2W
with 3 voltage rails, i think i can prob do 100mA with sot223
thats old
thats huge, 500VA
i would do like 100 altoid amps with that
the gov should have given me grant money last month, i would have fixed my car
who know what its gonna be spent on now...
the one i want is like, 4" by 1" maybe
itll sit on top of a altoids tin with almost no overlap
then you make a little clear box to put it in with an IEC input and fuse and breakouts to curiously strong connectors
its bipolar rails
and tons of power

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now with pics

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woah pics came out awesome
perfectly oversaturated

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ha wtf alternator

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blackmoon: i got special order bong!
half bubble base, bubble chamber, ice pinch low i the 1.5" shaft
about 10"
like a sporty one
i special ordered it
i have one kinds the same, but with ice ring and 2" shaft
i broke it tho trying to stick a non conversion glass on glass downstem in it =\
its not an art piece
its just clear boro with a sticker
like a girl with smokey hair
in a smokey nightgown
and script all like 'Meticulous'
gokart or mower shop
small engine shops basically
yeah i know theres a couple here but i lost them
okay i go take pics

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ill add pics soon to that post
i should have put equations
its more personal notes tho
i need to do system input watt, too
oh its done?
i need to swap my tires
i need new ones end of this semester

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no im about to post derating maths
white mmbt is so fail its funny
wkr4k4r: not so much
sub launches
coastal regions, you maybe have a chances
getting them on the up
naw, subs were huge fuckup for the whole MAD thing
wait you can kill me in 10min now?
fucked up
naw dude you dont have enough awacs
you dont have enough anything really
so you have to do everything
omg autocannon
that thing with the big forehead on cruisers
phalanx cannon?
its nuts, its shot down tons of friendlies
he just talks most when they come up
but mil is pretty much edge of tech, its sad how on topic it is =\
man i have to detatch
this chan is way more fun than maths

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dx^: my girlbuddy/brain said obama is bad too, he all gonna get us into wars too
i had no way to argue
also, LA is going to run out of water
like 10 years ago
whole southwest is like WTF
mexican border towns are like killing each other over our trickling mud leftovers =(
its not a desert
its a coastal plane
LA basin is, the valley is a flood basin
yeah that too
also we have snow almost year round
in two areas
and some really nice beaches that tourists never go to
so always chill, even in the summer
also semi arid sandstone mountain regions
complete with manson mythos, nuclear research, and anti-missile silo networks

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i derated the white led mmbt3906 to like 15mW capable
shit working fine irl
i will post maths of their failure
elsewhere it is 80 lines already
warm wires is where its at
hahaha, old man tech professor:
okay you know how to test for wire? feel it, if its warm, thats okay. if its hot, use next bigger wire.
warm, hot, next bigger, <3 demartin

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i want turbo generators
fuck intake boost
i want to put geared down turbines on alternators
iunno two
well, id have to get bigger ones then, wont i

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thats a big deal yo!
i dont like convetibles
rollbars on street cars are jokes
targa style is better
im not trying to buy a convertible bmw
thats like not in the budget ever
wtf @ that when there is much more cooler wastes of money
buy a dino 246
fuck a porsche!
oh cmon you need that 911 shelf?
what about two minitrunks!
where is the engine?
i dunno!
those are affordable
you can get an old 911 for nothing
928 too
928 are pimp
yeah prob always fallin apart =\
NA pls
fuck that
daily use car does need like 400hp

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h4x it youself, old vw engines easy as fuck
its like 20 fuckin parts or something
most the efi stuff was setup for impending and happening emissions bullshit =(
thats when 914 2.0 went from 120hp to like 80hp
and rubber bumpers instead of chrome
75/76 year are dogs
73/74 #1
they also had a v6 model
they didnt sell alot of 914-6
only for two years
it would have killed the 911
so they stopped making real race car layouts and did 924/944/928/968
poor 914
not really
its a roadster
the new hardtop mid thing is true sport
it was too fat to be pretty like the 500 =(
yeh that
the boxter was too fat
er, *550
yeah but with a roof

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okay then yeah use 10-100R and calc for a low freq
one would hope its a precision ref with current sinking and it wouldnt matter
youre guess as good as mine what freq to shoot for
resistor times freq
no it isnt
but it changes when you load it down, but adc is pretty high z
i cant imagine its sucking mad power, unless youre doing alot of stuff on the adc port
i wouldnt
just put 1uF and and a 10R resistor
then you want filters on the inputs and the psu
else you wont get super consistent readings
well, you can also internally oversample
instead of filtering inputs, both ways average, typically
full electronic fuel and ignition with temp feedback

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best porsche ev0r
and it had bosche EFI
and a porsche 5spd transmission
the van engine was 2.0
it had diff heads im pretty sure too
it did have a VW handbrake, tho
anyway fuckit, you can put a 911 F6 in it
they didnt because it would kill the 911
and that was their pet project
anyway, its porsches competition for the muira and the dino 246
i dunno i wouldnt wanna use more than 10R if it was resistive
because like, youre prob using that rail as the ref, and if its not pulling a consistent current, itll cause jitter
im like fuckit, put a 6 and carbs on the fucker
or make your own damn EFI
914 is the ultimate h4x car

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that will work if youre using vcc as a ref, pretty sure
aref becomes a bypass cap input
yeah i read wrong
its usually port a psu
you always have to connect avcc, even when youre not using the adc unit
no time for urself
09:14 < superware> stu, ok. I'm also using atmega8 for ADC (internal 2.56V reference), must I connect AVCC?
omg 914!

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do you guys write notes on your monitor in permamenent ink?
or thats just me
i dont think itd be good for lcd
i use 90% or 99% iso
acetone might eat the bezel =\
dry erase is pussy
i can just wipe that off reflex style and forget
put the 10uF on the psu
put the .1uF on the IC
sot223 3906 are 1W dissipation

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some fast diodes and seamless can thru hole caps for the psu
usually have to calibrate those for them to be worth anything
but yeah
20*3*20mA leds
thats shifty vu max draw?
ill do 6V
omg do it now!

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well, im saying i can put a vreg in the tin for shifty vu
the avr needs one anyway
what have you tested
will 5v work?
or 6v minimum typical
5V is okay?
20*3*20mA leds, no?
5.5 is cool
haha avr at abs max w00t
ill just do parallel regs
because the avr only needs like 20mA max probably
maybe 100mA is im doing fuck know what
okay i shop for curiously strong parts tonight
thats with assembly?
i dont need that
thats not bad
beeper timecop he prob knows
vregs, avr tinys, switches and buttons, connectors, chipamps, and a ton of whatever opamps im in the mood for

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macegr: array working
macegr: gonna pick up some plants and CF lights today
charles: k
ill do at angles so it doesnt totally over saturate
not yet i left it in living room
psu is unweidly
500VA unregulated
no switch
no fuse
thats how we roll in the TV room
macegr: im going to do three rails
this set of units
okay ima figure out pics
but how much powah
its regulated so whatevers
i should buy that toroid thing now
then i can really get nuts with amp configurations
we cant like, bring fire extinguisher for effect

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thats what im saying i can just use one of those
but they come in shit like soic, smt transistor packages, etc?
they prob sell alot at $5
cool ill check those out too
just run strings of LED and a shottkey for protection
and do current sense psu
okay higher power stuff gets shit like that
this thing gets 3 voltage rails
with about .5V overhead at Vf_max
tho 1.25V is about the same as my current system
cuz the bjt smart resistors

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hmm, neat have to read those
omg dont prob thAT NOOO
maxim keeps spamming me with LED driver propaganda
current smps and shit like that
i should do some ridiculous 40W array with active cooling and some of those drivers
like $80 in led, im guessing
pfft okay search current feedback smps and what stuff pops up?
because thats fucked
no i mean like digikey/mouser
like someone gotta make a current sense smps
yeah theyre asses

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the series pnp on the current sinks
dude its like 23v rails =\
bad for plants
white rail is 120C
yeah, raise above ambient
because its dropping like 15V
because just two white led
i have to put resistors to drop
or do at least two rails
on my array i have them running like 1/5 current
damn i dont think my dcc is setup

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108C for the min dissipation condition
thats alot of derating =\
i think im going to do a three rail supply
red is 22C and blue is 5C

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that was pretty neat in the 80s
its prob real driving
race driving had more cars
waste of money
shit was always $1
yeah def real driving
i always hit the barn
i was to young to know about brakes
did you ever play race driving?
it had a stunt coarse
stupid shit like loops
super banked turns
ha, jumps
if you went to fast you would over shoot the landing ramp and just die
4 or 6 cars, 3 tracks i think
like, classic, speed, stunt
heh i think i bump the white one like 150C

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i hate that guy, such a minimalist
i guess
it looks machine welded
you can see the welds
because its just clearcoat on metal
i have diff stickers
and crank
yeah its nice
yeah totally
surface hardening
thats what makes it pretty
the welds are awesome
if theyre not machine, theyre a mastyer welder
and its a damn good machine if it is
dunno its clearcoated its fine
yeah but thats how it is
grinding that shit off just gonna make it weaker
maybe not by much with proper welds but it sure wont make it stronger
but yeah it looks neat
its totally even
it shows the technical level of the welds
theyre like, totally consistent
it doesnt matter
and its more work to look normal
where as this think look totally industrial
like, they clearcoated it for a reason
if you want consistent surface get powercoat or something
meh, arcade is dead
put a pcb in a racing cab
race driving or real driving maybe

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like, just a motor, or something actually for bikes?
little rubber wheel on top of back wheel?
or link
i didnt know they sold those
locked or totally free?
i guess totally free
oh haha
its prob a bunch of curvy nubs inside
the shit on my haro is prob massive
i think thats mine
im like nyquist wtf

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im like, soldering iron in my hand and super sharp teweezer, trying not to lose sot23
he saved it fine
hes like, why will it work this time?
im like because this time you saved it with the program
but it didnt work last time
because you just renamed the file to .doc last time without resaving it
eh? hmm, ooooooooooo
but he called back 10min later saying it was messed up again and i asked him how he changed the file hes like
well i just right clicked and renamed it
=( =( =(

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And what's the internet without the rick-roll?
oh and i youtube fine from my cnc machine
man if i held up examples of stupid windows users, you know who would win this argument
i had a friend call me up last night because he couldnt figure out how to save to .doc format
average users are not so much more advanced
no open office i dunno if i put pirat office on his machine
fuckin scary
is it good?
xml based based sounds like, readable by human
but its m$ so that doesnt seem right
yeah so hed have the prob regardless im pretty sure
he was frustrated, im like if you email it to me i cant check for like an hour

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i like having fri-sun off
only crazy people at my school take fri and sat class
blue has a .8 to 5.6V spread
for pnp Vce
ha red is 3.2 to 8.8
this obvious leads to three independent smps in the psu...
ohnoz $5 more =(
oh i guess no because the smaller coils/caps will even it out

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haha my pnp series shit on the white rail is dropping 15V at Vf(max)!

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i need to go to nursury today anmd select a couple plant 6 packs
and some empty ones to clone a succulent named cactus
also plant food for mommy she not so green like after i transplanted her =(
if this works im going to use prototype arrays for cactus, balcony is setup so it only gets a couple hours sun a day
then i gotta mill another array
fuck this etch shit i swear
ill try once more
but its such bullshit to get everything lines up right
i need to make an underlit table
i need some sign plastic

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its gonna be the best efficiency
i actually should do that for higher power arrays
i want to do goofy shit like 10W led quads with high density and heatsink on the back of the board
heh, like 10A-15A probably
prob use onboard current regs
smps IC, not bjt source circuits

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blue falls 200mW behind reds 1.5W at Vf(max)
just use some boost DC supply
do it one string =)
then its just If of a single element thru your psu
its need to be like 500V tho =\
get a current feedback smps
lots of led drivers setup like that
they prob use the sense resistor as the led ballast
so itd prob be mVs over Vf

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because 100mA needs better transistors
maybe sot23 or sot223 okay, but not 3906
but im running them at 25V
instead of 23V
so theyre prob doing 2x to 4x normal power
which is prob out of spec
im doing calcs for 23v and 25V, to see what theyre supposed to be doing and how im burning them currently
ever start something in a text file wish you had done it in a spreadsheet
hehe, my system output at typical Vf:
blue = 1.008W, red = 1.088W
thats pretty lucky

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