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the video amps are $2 i think
its hard to find good rail to rail shit
i dunno if they make them, i cant find rail to rail in and out
audio junk seems one or the other, but maybe i can use something
but yeah, i saved him a ton on the output section
chipamp for like 100mW is like $1
my shit is like $.20
yeah i think itll be okay on 3.3V rail with 1.8V in
its for pwm dac, needs filters
he wants to do samples
blackmoon: i might load up the active filtered with a pair of unbuffered filters
so maybe i can get it under $2
its only like 100mW tho, 8R
but its very good idle current
ima suggest putting the rail on a low ron fet
that way its zero power when not being used
i dunno how uPower he wants to get tho
he mentioned like 3 AA batteries tho, heh

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thats heat treating probably
oh after you use them?
oh like a coating?
maybe the coating reacted to the heat treating
thats happen tho, when my TiN wears down you can seethe gold coating wear thinner, fade
its still there tho
i think tc should use video amp active filters and a headphone amp
like $5 to do 8 poles
beeping and maybe samples
plus im a whore for integrated amps
but yeah one video filter for 4 poles, and then the AB amp thing i simmed
thats like $2.50 i think

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theyre like upgrade bins
i almost bought them
but i forgot my bank card at home =(
i only had enough for the aluminum persulfate
ya rly
$22+tax = dremel+2
omg i should play megaman
i wonder if i can beat original megaman one sitting
carbide doesnt dull as much as chip then shatter
thats why i like it
its either awesome, damage but still cutting, or complete fail
i have a cobalt 1/8" longer than standard length of cut
when it wore down it bent 30d in the slot
no bullshit
like, 3K rpm, bent, cutting, for hours
you could see the bottom how it would lag down, then straighten up and cut
yeah cobalt is good
carbide is mostly cobalt i think
but yeah, HSS is shit
'cobalt' tools are just hss + cobalt

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it just has divided compartments
litt e bins that snap into the top
i have a nice dremel, plugs in, many amps, circle maker and flexible extension, etc
macegr: haha
sticker smt

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which makes sense, i took about .004" off the tip when i broke it
well fuck that this is better
i put like acetate sheet on it
when i drill
sign plastic
then i have stencils
then maybe i can thru hole plate
full color silk
they make spray acrylic
i could color ink the pcb with acrylic, then acrylic clearcoat
then i dunno, laser it off
oh, i think i glanced i dont remember, maybe not
i need to get a verticle wire brush for my dremel
omg frys has little polishing and grinding kits that snap into my dremel case for $11 each
like 10 bits each and mad accessories
ncn sticker would be neat
how much laser do i need for that?
1W is enough?
or no
er, cnc

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thats much better than that one sided bullshit
yeah i figured out it was because i was being greedy
i did one last night and it came out 90% okay
but i wouldnt use it without electrical testing
and thats with a broken 30d conical
my fixture is really good at keeping it square
and then i use the conical tip in a via hole to set X
then verify in another hole
its set at .007 plunge and .015 diameter

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this one is no fail board
this a ninjaboard
omg dont talk shit about rf it will curse you
even at 600dpi its gorgeous
ima do the etched on now
and we will compare technologies

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sadly, i dunno why she likes pisswater so much
and youre too white, too buffy, too rich, not funny
you would get her drunk
then try and talk her up
and then guys would start looking at her
so she find one to talk too
this is how fights start =D
bars are so lame =(
.007 plunge, .015 diamater, 50% overlap for the broke conical is double plus

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my sister wouldnt nail you

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omg pls to use pirat nicknames on the irc
you call me ren, and i will call you dickhead
oh fucked up she looks like my sister =(
and its beastie boys
thats like my sister stretched up 4" and getting exersize

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timecop: did you see ab output driver?
omg i think he is actually sleeping

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dunno, reflex reaction
bang, OMG GRIP, bang
it might be reflex reaction for muscles to lock up
so two is maybe not as suspicious
it would have to be a nice gun
and really lucky trigger fingering
naw just a quick semiauto
motorcycle.jpg #1
dont do it!
stu: sucks
theres never anything in the logs when that happens =(
iunno then, bad virtual hardware

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thru ab_out4.png
bode with 440uF output, bode with 220uF output, pretty waves, bias currents
ltspice is sex0rz
unit41: was that supposed to make me laugh
it like kicked my in the face with a piston or something
i had to look away =\
its supposed to make me laugh cuz its some crazy free energy generator
heh i think its maybe $.25
okay ima put the insano buffered pole thing

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i can try and save the opamp and do some crazy shit with npn and pnp
because i wanna see if it works in the sim thing
you need filter poles
its just matter of how to impliment
omg ff was failing at 100% cpu
stupid interweb

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pls2continue inbreeding amongst yourselves
LA is a race
haha @ hair pulled back
with teh gel

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okay we will schedule an impaling for BC
so what exactly happened
i never read anything about that
wai he murder who
i know who he is, i dunno the story
russian wife
hey i like murderfs =(
its basically the best performing fs for the lunix
i rawked rfs on my kernel raid0 for a couple years
dunno it never ate anything
oddly my gentoo purred for years
i dunno what was up with that i was like an anomoly apperently
romanian russian polish mexican
and we think there might be chinese on the mex side
mexican side has a pure spaniard and a pure indian a few gens back
so im crazy central american pacific coast native
maybe aztec even, =O
if i wasnt aztec, aztec ate my people =(
blackmoon: if they have an 'other' checkmark for race i put los angeles
lots of people like me here
hybrid units are the next stage in evolution

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timecop: almost have picks of $1.50 part alternative
with like, charts and shit
wow thats fucked up
no iceland workers, timecop
hey my family people are from poland
also romania
dracula impaled my peoples =(

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you can get like, 936-10, 936-20, something like that
for the aueuyoeue thing?
i have a medium iron
it doesnt really get hot
and i think it has the most tips
almost the same
mines bit diff
ive dropped mine and cracked the chassis and it still works fine
thats pretty hardcore
in what?
i think theyre maybe $20 or $30
yeah with feedback
has like 4 wires or 5

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i got greedy last night
tried to do like 5% overlap with conicals like a cnc barbarian
did you get one of those china hotair things?
or is yours reputable
its not dead yet?
the same one tc said lasted 6 months?
well the iron thing
i think cheap hakko/metcal/weller shit is like $300ish
or maybe $400
dunno my 936 is badass
i use mine everyday
kevtris said he used his at work like 10 years or some ridiculous shit before needing a tip
i have 3 tips, all like new
yeah the n36 has rubber grip
and a kinda short tip
thats the regged one
hakko has those for like under $200
er, digital one
stu: they have 3 diff irons

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if someone dropped a 20K cnc on your lap you prob couldnt do shit with it without paying someone
because youre a trolling ass
and youre bored
and my shit has way more leds than yours
and theyre way brighter
and running efficient =D
the blue ones till the bastard red fuckers ate everything!
the miniboards are nice
i actually noticed the other day i have one pinned to my wall next to my friends little art thingds
like, pic of jfur and her torch, drawing with markers on cardboard cutout my friend did, my miniboard, some foofy envelope a girl send
its weird i thought i lost it =\
i have one of the amp sections too
stu if your board is just like soic shit i can do that easy
thats like skill level: last year
the wider DRC boards come out pretty nice

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because it wont be as tough as it looks
thats not a pic of a 30d tool
i did like 20 plates with that tool
and the pyramids should be way stronger
and im going to do some tests to see what depth i need to go for reliable copper removal
ive been doing like .007ish
maybe i can get away with .005
then we can do .007 space, and do tqfp to spec
thats not the point
and no
not at all?
my plates are $.50
$20 tool for 20 plates is $1 a board
or less
the machine has done enough for me i held up well enough i considered it paid for
ive learned a ton
expresspcb is like $20 with their miniboard thing
no mask or silk
but i think they look sexy
tinned and thru hole plated
um, boards and parts and skill picked up
stu you are like the definition of doesnt get it

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guys its so cold
the new milled board with 50% overlap came out so sweet
hehe, with a broken cutter even
ttmustang: beep
check that shit out
im using this now: http://www.2linc.com/engraving_tools_profiler.htm
yeah but you have to buy 3
twingy is getting some and sending me one
thats how i got the other one, save on shipping and i dont need to buy 3
tho if i like it, ill buy 3 more eventually

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cable spool or reel
try that

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or terminal clamps
heh, battery terminal clamps

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okay wow
if the sim is right, this ab driver works totally cool with like 4mA bias current
my bad, 5ma

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i found the magic bias resistors
man, i even like whiny somwhat emo drum n bass
like this guy is all 'iiiiiiiim stiiiiiiiil noooooot over yooooooooooooooouuu'
but fuckit yo the music rawks

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i get the 5v rail?
also the opamps make the gain easy
how much current does the lcd eat?
i think rf mixer shit
theyre like $.04

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but at 3.3V you want rail to rail video amps
i dont think they make cheap audio shit in 3V rail to rail
okay but yeah, i got the output shit down fine
bare minimum, no filtering, 3 bjt and 2 caps, 4 resistors
for an AB output driver
o, and output cap, eith the 220uF or 47uF
you can put a dual video amp on there for $2
for a 4 pole active filter
like in jewscale.png
what what
no im saying less shit
im saying replace the expensive output amp with a few transistors and caps

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it sucks because any good opamp for 3.3v is gonna be like $2 at least
all rail to rail and shit
no thats nuts
because pwm you need to filter
active filters are sex because they dont load themselves down
thats actually what the circuit in the notblog post you linked to was
4 pole active filters
timecop: so what is this for?
voice synth thing?
how many jew* files do you have
like voice sample or music or what
they stole my circuit!
no rly
those are salen key filters
thats how i would do it

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yeah because im doing this for the money
biasing transistors is fun!

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yeah pretty much
and not quite
you modulate duty cycle
and it will basically convert duty cycle into analog values
because it averages the square wave
yeah basically
pwm + lpf is a dac
i dunno, more pins
and youd still need an output driver
okay you design it hell pay you the $20

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okay i put a mad input filter on it
but i added another 3904 buffer
so the parts are small
no no opamps!
if sim says this shit works ima test it

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timecop: this shit is gonna rawk

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iunno 100uF
awesome i used a 220uF
no that is awesome mr timecop
maybe for sun tea
yeah its like java archive
its how the java apps are packed up i think
like exe + stuff
sad, sry =(
oh right because its some monolith interpreter thing

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reflected wave cancel your signal
perfectly matched line sends back nothing
most of RF is transmission line skill
timecop: its easy to see if you draw it out and add the waves
if you get 100% refection, it totally cancels your wave
because its reverse phased
cables pls =(
timecop: omg i think i built some fureal proaudio shit
ltspice says yes
we find out
still tweeaking
okay you know you need big caps for speaker output, yeah?

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big led or some shit, i dunno
maybe one day youll do a transmitter
i killed xover distortion without feedback
thats cool
FM amp takes some skill
AM shit isnt so hard
and the reciever is like almost a halfassed real amp
looks nice?
nice you know a fureal RF hax0r
mobilestu: systems of boards?
er, s/of/or
i want to do some GHz capable amp sections
something standing wave ratio
its reflection

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ima kill tc's profit with 3904s
oh nice
they are good for tons of stuff
if you need big ones, more power, 4401/4403 are similar but more dissipation

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79e-9, yeah?
well, 80
no sir
thats e-9
er, no EN sry
i want engineering notation bad =(

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i really, really like ltspice
shit is like perfect no bullshit sim
the shit it lacks is worth it for the time it saves fucking with bullshit

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timecop: what do you have between .1uF and 1uF?
haha i half expect 'nothing'
ha yeah
you have like most 5% value resistors between 1K and 100K?
cmon youve bought 0805 kits from china by now, no?
okay yeah like 5% and some gaps, cool
ill try and do like 30Hz to 15KHz
above 10KHz is mostly trash
and itll cut out more pwm switching
doing two pole hpf

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timecop: what 0805 caps yu have, big values?
oh shit 10uF caps?
i can use them even?
oh fuck ty
travellar: x5r?
okay then im making you audiophool fureal shit
timecop: check out tiny speakers at parts express
they have cute 1"/2" things for dollars

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the thing is most of the passives youd need with an opamp anyway
but a chipamp is usually half supply biased
and sometimes with gain
for maybe $1 for 1W
timecop: is speaker selected?
like do you know what one
because lower the impedance, more possible power
8R would be good
i think they come down to 8R
like headphones
im designing for 8R
fuck cryptonite
timecop has money
he can get real copper

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the low response on the transformers prob good for filtering digital
i want to do a class-D tube thing with RF tubes =D
okay yeah
kevtris: its still on sale, yeah?
haha new
yeah its def gonna be an intel chip
cheap, functional
kevtris: shit caps =(
i want to tube a preamp
thats what theyre good for, imho
they have no place in power audio anymore
neither does discrete really, anymore
its just a tradition thing
unless you are a layout ninja, you wont do better than a semiconductor corp
yeah timecop
im designing for the 3.3V rail even
so if you gimme 5v we can get some real nopower
thats what im testing for
1.8V offset .9V
but its be more power, cleaner signal
but 3.3V is working i think
if you let nme get nuts, ill long tail pair the input
and you can do AB + feedback =D
but then its like, just buy an opamp

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dude call arstubes.com
on the phone
talk to marty or martys dad
youll love them
they might love you
they have every tube ever
also transformers and big caps, etc
lots of 0805/0603 size things
but you need the filters
for pwm
be done in maybe 20min
so you can see all ur semetic parts
kevtris: i dont think it was asus
but yeah i think they still sell them
maybe just leftover
tho i like preamps tubes
so i think its decidely neat
i dunno

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thats what really big fucking capacitors are for

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oh damn
you guys distracted me
twingy just had his best idea yet and i didnt go wow
if its for a bridge rectifier im not sure it even matters
anyway you can scope it
fin the neutral wire on mains
scope the other side
i would do it thru some droppping resistors
and then yeah test the phase on the output
the one that matches better is the matching side
oh wtf dont bias your speakers

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macegr: when i get sam7 spinning again ill try on that
because yeah thats kinda amazing
modulation is weird =\
i wanna build an FM reciever i think
i get it but not enough
oh weird
test it ccfl_man
leave the secondaries unloaded, or thru like 10K
wire up the primaries, test it

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thats too much
man fuck we need arm9 already
naw thru a filter it would work
i would do 8 poles
at 20KHz
ripple doesnt exist thru LPF
it wont be there
no itll average
but it cant do a delta of more than 20KHz
it averages to an analog value between the two a bit values
but i think the math works out the same
you need a fast timer
but you can do 640KHz updates
s/a bit/8 bit
like, you can put a 100KHz square thru a 20KHz 24db/oct filter
and itll come out a line at V(square)/2
they avg

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dude thats like insane/genius
thats some sorta cascading pwm thing
naw you do pwm
so you have a 40KHz source
and you want to have like more than 256 bits
so sample at 400KHz
and do pwm with the inc and dec
for a period of 10
or 4
2 extra bits
40KHz to 160KHz
now 8b into 10b
4b extra would be period of 16
40KHz * 16...
dude i think its sane
we pwm the pwm

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what dac?
dac doesnt matter
the timer and a filter is the dac
what fuckin dac
yeah its called the timer register
oh yeah =(
then you settle for 8bit audio
and super high sampling
all my sine waves are 8b
yeah dude its called a low pass filter
one opamp = 4 poles =D
dual amp
because fuck those compensation pins im like WTF DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH THESE IS YOUR PART BROKEN?
naw you just do straight 8 bit samples
truncate 16b or 10b
did you mean bouncing 8b values
to create in betweens?

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macegr: hell yeah
macegr: well fuck speed
high res
i think 50MHz was a 10b audio sweet spot
for like 20KHz or 40KHz sampling
i mathed it for tc other night, it was more than i thought
50MHz for 40KHz looks right
almost no cpu load
you just need a timer than can spin that fast
you only need to update every 1/40KHz

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macegr: wtf
avr = gift from voodoos
i didnt know any had PLL for peripherals

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unit41: omg pls
unit41: wow did you wake up from drugs or something?
you gotta hide some at the beginning
or just put it someplace very inconvienient to get to
what what

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macegr: omg hax
thats mean =(
when virus came on floppies
timecop: simulating furiously
timecop: im putting filters on it, so its kinda alot of parts, but youd need the filter caps with any amp so its not really extra
pwm you need filters for clean sound
or fast speed and lower resolution
you still need filters, just smaller reactive part values
ima try and keep caps 1uF and .1uF

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ccfl_man: your mask changed
ccfl_man: ill get into the bot shell tonight and fix it
lost the pass im pretty sure
denielson: talking about and actually testing competitive are two things
like, they talk about quantum gates and folding spacetime too\
macegr: !
ttmustang: maybe be weeks end
ttmustang: school started so im on like 1/4 duty cycle with my hax now =(

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im doing led board and then prob dx board, because he paid already
i need to order a new tool to do yours or get better at etching
so yeah if needed quick id ourpcb or express pcb it

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kevtris: nice time
dude like teacher goes whats an IPO
and whole class just sits there
im like jezus fuck poor guy
and yeah, i guess i did know how the stock market worked, i just didnt believe it because yeah wtf kinda of racket is that bullshit
investment banks are some mufuckin pirats
i guess google bypassed them and sold straight to brokers in an auction
because google is smrt

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its better, just took a bit to get over it
dead tired or dead in trouble
yeah i fucked off welding
HAHAHA okay i woke up at like 3p
dude i went to class, biked 4mi there and then back
i like, forgot
kevtris: neat
timecop: dude its intro business
like, i keep to myself and draw stuff
and then when the whole class is stumped i answer shit
so the teacher doesnt have to stand there forever like a douche
cuz he cool, class is just sucky to teach i guess

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maybe they threw it on my balcony
dude for months
before xmega
im guessing maybe january
yeah not so long
but more than a few weeks
i like it

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usps phone number useless
dx^: =(
they will prob be like 'well ok if we find the person that did this to you we will put them in federal prison'
like i give a fuck
yeah its certified mail i think
its not tracking, its delivery confirmation
man this is ass
maybe i wasnt home and they sent it back to dx
dx^: omg return addy pls?
i was home tho this is fucked

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dx^: yeh
i forgot to call them

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so you rapid over to it, drop the tool in temp slot
put the blank in another temp slot
actually fuck the blank
anyway, go over to indexer, drop off tool, pick up another tool, back to work
ill put it at the end of the table
itll help keep spindle wear even on the X
yeah stupid simple
the haas turret breaks all the time
it just goes into WTF NOT DESIGNED TO BE HERE RIGHT NOW mode

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then place over a 1/8" top slight taper
arbor press, heat treat
make sure 1/8" shank is very loose fit
because its only for straight shank
its going to be little, 60K max
okay but yeh, then have a tube with a flange slide down over it
magnets in the indexer
so the tool index will actually pull the tools out
the spindle is capable of grabbing and pulling out
i have to test magnets on carbide
no the collare are going to sit in indexer counterbores
and then the tool changer can like, replace the hole with a blank tool
to keep it from getting dirty
thats why i can do this
there is no other axis
machine rapids to index
index is just a block with a matrix of counterbored holes and a magnet on the bottom
yeah but its not a turret index or anything
its just a numbered tool holder
itll be bolted to the table

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wait did you do high side driver for the led?
i think you need npn, no
3904 is NPN for led, 3906 is for the high side of the AB driver
theyre nice because they have spice info in the fairchild datasheet =D
also okay lemme swap drills
hmm i wonder what i also'ed about
but ill do an ltspice sim and send you that schema
macegr: magnetic tool index
and then i have an idea for fabbing the spindle shaft
basically 2 slot X across a 1/8" drilled shaft

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im not doing either
im sliding the spinmdle down over the tool direct
indexed holder
than solenoids snap the collet tensioner down
and spring back to mid point idle location
i can do compressed air
i can make you an audiophile class driver with $.20 in parts
is it under $1 and available in like 1000 qty?
sot23-6 with pins out the side is my guess
dude i can do it with 3 bjt and two resistors
and your shit will be pimp
well, you need pnp and npn
yeah you need a 3904 too
you want those, tho

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hmm, k
then make a module with user io and spi/rs232/analog(and pwm) input
why naw
timecop: $20 ill sim you an AB driver with 3BJT and some transistors
better for power
see my way i only need that
and i know how to do that
its only gonna be for 1/8" straight shank
did you see god bearings link?

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and put a 10KHz filter on its input
doesnt matter
i use a 500mA headphone amp as a project amp
er, mW
its just below 1W output
theyre made for single supply
and some come with gain already
throw on a trim pot for volume, and set the at alot
well cuz you dunno what level the speaker will sound good at
its not use vol control
er, user
macegr: i have workable idea for autochanger i think
two or three solenoid and spring for changer, a 35mm brush motor with 3:1 gearing for spindle
relay for spindle

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speaker 16R and R23 is 64R, then speaker gets 1/4 voltage
timecop: thats class A
its wasteful as fuck
but if you can keep it from clipping, you can get analog
if you put it on the 3.3V rail and capacitive couple it to 1.8V and bit more than half supply bias it,
then do input lowpass filter, to kill your switching squares
like, you put in dquares but it comes out the average voltage
yeh =\
its analog level conversion
its how you get AC signal at 0VDC to other biased DC voltage
the caps lets the AC thru but blocks the DC
because DC is 0Hz
itll buzz
and if you keep the wave generation above a certain level, probably
you need a filter, really
want an opamp?
i still think you should just get a headphones amp

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(unbiased class AB)
io pin low is off state
and then you control gain with the ratio of...
R23 and the speaker resistance
k pay attention
same current goes thru speaker and the R23 resistor
same thing
put a filter on it
same current goes thru speaker and the R23 resistor...
so their voltage change is related
so you directly control voltage/current thru R23 with the base and Vbe voltage constant
since the current is the same in R23 and the speaker, you are directly controlling voltage/current across the speaker, but scaled
so like if the speaker is 16ohm, and your resistor is 32ohm
the speaker will get a voltage drop 1/2 the size of the resistor

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timecop: gimme datasheet link for your conversion IC
srs thats like all there is on the board it cant be that easy to fuckup
LCD Level Shift
prob a buffer
did we already do this the other night?
i dont remember if we finished
i just remember .7*VCC was fail, haha
ok cool you got some v converter ic
dx^: find a gimpy girl
and be her shining example of compassionate strength
ok resend when its on
use a transistor buffer
some sam7 pins will do 10mA
other just 2mA
thats why all my led run at 2mA
on the board you linked to with the 0603
it might mean it can only source
i need to make a piezo buzzer circuit
im do class-B i think

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anyone need anything from goldmine elec?
i need to pick up some replacement drills =(
haha its like ON NO .024 BROKEN
YAY .0236!
ive never sent anything to nippon before
their kits are all random
i have the wierdest fuckin heatshrink colors now

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taig conical cutter vs aluminum persulfate double boiler competition soon
it works well
thats almost jp

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dx^: omg hai
milled board came out okay
but not perfect
im 90% positive because i got greedy with the steperover value for the trace mill passes
no =(
not even a note
my buddy thought myspace bots were real girls =(
im like, noooooooo

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that chick has almost as many ear piercings as my sister
i dont understand how guy acting stupid cuz he drunk is emo
i gotta go school
fuckin business class
i will bring the eee
who is caveman

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