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timecop: level conversion?
damn i had shit scrolled up

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blackmoon: ooooooh
blackmoon: neat
i say that
but when i went to adjust it, i saw scale and that thats what i was thinking about
*saw that

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magazine paper, line up holes and xacto edges, iron on full heat like one minute circles, cold water to set the toner, warm water to remove paper, etch in double boilder setup, swish around
because the copper stays really hot
big wok pan, upside down plate, water 1" above plate
throw tupper with acid in
yeah i wanna finish and clean up before anyone gets home
also, my printer seems off on the X axis
slightly too small
er, Y axis i guess
but not on X and Y individually =(
and not eagle
one scale factor parameter

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k ima try ttmustangs board one more time
you can do any angle in eagle
oh doing that after routing
yeah dont do that thats bad
delete nets, manipulate, reconnect
i can get schema and boards to look exactly how i want in eagle tho
and its quick once you learn the satan ui
you have hardware virus

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in eagle that fucks you
because if you route to it, then change sides, itll auto via the same place on the grid

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omg lame, hello
route trace, when you want a via, switch from top to bottom
you dont have to right click shit
when you route, hit t and b to switch sides
you can use the dropdown in the toolbar too
yeah i guess
i right clicked
on the trace

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board mostly came out okay
i have to figure out how to line that shit up straight
i guess line them up one side at a time and cut along edge with razor blade
did .010 no prob

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i wonder where to by magazine stock

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came out nice this time
the transfer
i fucked up one side
but i choreboyed it
haha i went to sev and bought choreboy
guy prob thinks im a crackhead now
should be

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macegr: neat

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im trying with mag paper again

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okay also, the back of the paper is sticking to the iron

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i dont think this paper

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the photo paper like sticks to the copper
not just the toner, like all the glossy shit
and it doesnt wanna rub off
also the paper is really thick
wtf clay

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macegr: cooooool

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i wouldnt mind some trade magazines
4/win 31

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woah thats not ogg
thats everything
wtf omg
digikey doesnt have
mouser does not have
what packaqe?
hopefully not leadless
you didnt link yet
that + SD connector + analog output = erotic

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in diptrace?
about to cut ttmustangs board out
with the power of GCAM [audience goes wild, etc]
do you hang out in #help?
because you are banned there
what kind of input and output?
well, i am

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dont worry about it
drill house will just round up to the next one
er, board house
it wont be
its like .004 on the diameter or something
they say on the technologies page sometimes
just use .005 incriments
what is this for?
use .035 for IC and .040 for headers
is you measure square pine remember to do it diagonal
then use .06 holes
tho if youre measuring square pin to put in a hole, measure diagonally also

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wtf is standard
you mean like standard footprints?
they had smt passives labeled metric style i think
they were there i just didnt recognize the numbers
harold_pa: smps

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glucosamine/chondoitin #1
well normally i do 8mi split into 4 rides
i did it all in a couple hours today
ms peow in on the radio
harold_pa: stfu and inquire already

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dx^: not yet
dx^: ima try and do your board tonight toner transfer style
dx^: i rode bike like 10mi today, feel fine

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macegr: yes
you added the f connector thing?
wtf is that

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k back

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dx^: i got teh special paper!

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its a bitch
i just got a perfect print
you have to wipe with a sheet of normal paper in between

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when i print on the gloass paper it leaves toner on the roller and fucks up the next print
also i have to manual feed
my samsung tray fails and feeding the gloss paper
rockshox: beep
rockshox: samsung cheapo laser printers might have pretty straight paper paths
like, when you manual feed to the front, it go straight past the laser printer shit to the back, where it gets flipped up to the printed tray
you can maybe just take off the jam access panel on the back and trick it by fing the switch

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rab: sigourney weaver > linda hamilton

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calc says im paying like $.035 per sheet
im ok with that

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not yet
hmm, yeh
sometimes usps is slow, is not officially late
i wasnt here but my mom was all day
normally they walk to door or ring when they leave packages
tracking is expensive
i thought it was like $2 or something
4x6 paper in my samsung printer tray looks cute
not laser printers

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you can get 4x6 and 6x12
and 2x3 maybe
i think all of it is single sided
and its not FR4, its other stuff
paper and epoxy based stuff, i think, pretty hard stuff, just isnt fiberglass tough
you can tell its paper based when you score/snap it
break it?
remove IR leds?
or whatever its using

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mini emp
heh, emp weapons are freaky
apperently theres two types, ones that fuck up anything digital
and ones that will actually lift grounds
basically fucking everything
i guess from random current flow
Office Depot professional photo paper
in brilliant gloss
yes is the purpose
i even got 4x6 because thats what size all my copper clad is
its weird their product name is actually non capitalized
all has it
but its like $2 for 4x6 or something dumb

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it wont jump out of it
itll just go right thru it like a resistor
i should check my smoke detector
gpf_1: i came home once, for hours i could smell plastic burning
could find anything
then eventually found a 9v with a wire tail shorted out
was melting its little plastic connector cover

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i got special photo paper
and i got acetone
omg h3x

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like, world leaders are like 'no options off the table' when asked about using nukes in a limited conflict with a nuclear armed opponent
hell limited nuclear war is prob worse because it means shit will prob keep happening
im procrastinating
im like verify locations on a map or something

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fuck i gotta go
he doesnt do seconds or hundredths
charles: dude they all die
nuclear weapons = doomsday device
youre saying it works, or what?
they didnt really escape into a hole with all the artists and scientists
MAD worked to end the political cold war, doesnt mean both sides still dont have all their missiles ready for a war
neither country is exactly what i would call super stable right now, its not like we were ever friends

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but yeah, nuclear war, they bomb the fuck outta LA
from downtown to edwards
valley gets nuked because of mil research, two airports, and anti-missile silos
dude new area 51 prob not in any wikipedia
its prob like africa
haha, they prob made a giant underground cavern to fly stuff around in
charles: oh cmon you think because politicians had tea in the park the gov of either country just turned the nueks off?
theyre still all manned and targetted and ready
MAD only works until it doesnt
and limited nuclear war is almost worse
seen strangelove?
it didnt work
seen lordpil

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america also has am official we dont give a fuck policy about treaties
no, skunkworks isnt
skunkworks is pretty high profile
its the model alot of shops are based on, but you cant do secret shit at lockheed and boeing in palmdale and fly it out of edwards/dryden
you just cant
people would know
skunkworks employs normal engineers, who go home to their family pretty much every day
also former employees are basically black project defectors
gov isnt do super secret shit there anymore
just kinda super secret
ha, area 51 is pretty high profile
me and a friend think its like a circus
thats just where they put their decoy old and failed UFO replica tech
most gov places doing defence like that

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ac-130u: thats like saying nowadays we know god exists
who is they
okay well what about the huge part of the government with zero oversight and unknown budget that dont give a fuck about politics
fuck all that =(
anyway, gov does alot of shit and doesnt tell anyone
gov prob does a ton of shit that it doesnt even keep paperwork about
so i dont see why anyone can just assume they are or arent making anything
considering the shit we found out about what usually 20-40 years ahead of standard public technology

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and thats if everything worked right
and both operators at every silos were down
pakistant calls the pentagon up and goes 'yo we have a problem with your nuclear weapons safety. would you like our help?'
pentagon to press: yo we give advice
one nuke
two nukes is a kill
and one nuke might make it dysfunctional
no way you launch success is 100% with a clean silo
its prob way, way worse with a nuked silo
rockshox: cities are one hit, silos are two hits
both sides had enough *known* warheads to do that so many times over it was a joke
and lots of it on subs
which you can park off a coast
and who knows how many both sides kept secret, maybe even from each other
where is live is like saturation target
because its a city and a military complex with industry, defence, research, and anti-nuke and possibly nukes

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all industry countries will be either hot zone or just stone age
MAD wasnt even like, if i hit you you can hit me back at the end
it was just, i can hit you and you can hit me
total ridoiculous standoff shit
watch now i bet someone has a limited nuclear war with tactical shit
and then the world doesnt end
naw but at the end it wasnt even really like that
because with all the subs and maybe space stuff, also nukes in europe
like, you could just get a clean kill
you just dump it all on the other side
and if they hesitate for 20min to make a decision, you maybe get a total kill
you splash all the bombers with barrage of missiles and fighter jets, launch everything at once, and if other side is making some sort of policy or ethical or beurocratic decision, you just scored a total kill
yeah basically

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dude they have nukes in space
also possibly cuba
and im positive sub based nukes can hit you
there are prob more sub based nukes than anything else, now
because they totally destroy MAD concept
like, 20 or 30min to respond is really not very much time to respond
and dont forget bombers
you cant assume every bomber on standby will get blown up
because irl they fly with tons of mig escorts and tons of jamming and tons of surface attack missiles
missiles that blow up radar and RF comm is like vietnam era shit
at this point theyre prob like perfect
calgar: no
people will survive all over thw world

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i was born at now
k i gotta go
i wonder what is more right, shell clock or pc clock

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eck0|wrk: its prob the company they undercut in store to sell more craftman
its the same thing as i linked too
heh, some shop people are better at tools than others
the tall shit you gotta like bolt into concrete to be really stable, compared to a desktop thinger
for the same money, because tall things = way more metal = more $$$
yeah its maybe better than the craftsman in build quality
cant you just go to sears and play with them?

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twingy has stuff from them, seems happy
those will wobble more
no the whole thing
i think the spindle is offset on a assemble the rotates around a Z axis centerline
dont do it
its harbor frieght
it will works for 2 weeks, and then itll just stop
and they will gladly give you another
if youre lucky
if youre not lucky itll like explode or catch fire
theyll still give you another one
yeah sears shit is alright if you dont buy the worst models
they always have a deal
its usually the runt tool
oh, k sec'
i dunno

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cheap cnc is almost synonymous with bad cnc
taig is $2000, but its a 100lb machine
i wouldnt mind one for tapping shit
just to hold straight and give me a handle or wheel to apply Z force
just go to sears i think they have decent $150 drill presses, and cheapo $100 ones

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fuck i should go
i shouldnt leave cad apps open at night
because i just end up waking up and doing it in the morning
which means i end up talking to you guys
so everything takes at least an hour longer
i dont even see how that makes sense
oh fuck that
.002" inch capable cnc pls
because drills is labor intensive (tool changes) but its quick
ttmustangs board takes like 20min to do tons of drills
i know because ive done it, alot
yeah, $$$
or time to do it right
thats like a 2 weeks project
i dont mean like, two weeksspare time either
in that case its take like two months, nothing else
eck0|wrk: get a $50 arbor press

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2 days on schema and 1 to like, jack off i dunno
10 days for routing the board
i mean you assembling them
no shit i go to school 8 hours a day, figure it out
i do
not like 10 hours a day, no
not always at once, either =)
schema should take you two nights
one to do it, one to redo it
i said, i have to go get photopaper and tuppers
or i have to get conical endmills because theyre confirmed awesome
but yeah, theyre $30 i think
i got mine thru twingy when he got his, i think they were $27 or $37
something with a 7
theyre prototypes stu you can do whatever you want to them
also lots of pcb have router sigs
just like lots of IC dies have art
dude its 3 of them, its a prototype run

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charles: decent cutters run $20-$40
charles: and i just found out pcb gcode ignored a Z feed rate parameter
who know wtf else it fails on
it fails on emc drill output too
also it takes between 20min and 6 hours to do isolation milling
depending on board size and complexity
well, 3min and 6 hours i guess
miniboards are like whatever
but yeah
so im gonna CNC drill and route boards
make a underlit setup to position the paper
prob be fail with photopaper but i have ALOT of white leds
no hes done hes contracted to do 3 now
he prob means like, real ones without the perfboard and wired spaghetti
mobilestu: just post schema in here and we will bitch at you if its dumb
then it will maybe be sucess
5 days rush from chinapcb
now you have 15 days
lets say 2 days assembly and celebration
13 days

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rab: im all out, shrug
mobilestu: only because its going to take you so much time!
blackmoon: hours
no agitation
and that was the same failboard from the electroetching
also random catalog paper and still figuring out how to peel off the paper without taking off resist
boiled it
and the bulk of the paper peels right off
yeah its not hot enough to take off the toner
mobilestu: yes
rab: thick catalog paper
get a hakko 936 like everyone else
this isnt photopaper =\
im going to get photopaper today
actually i have to get going i have alot of stupid bullshit to do today
mobilestu: sucks
what do you mean move
/win move [num]
i wouldnt have said to use anything
you think i know wtf i am doing?

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i dont watch tv
ttmustang: depends i guess
rab: fuck that, she not that pretty
dude she fucked a giant cat mutant
im not trying to be sloppy seconds on that
im sorry but hamilton is not hot
shes like cher looking
not really
not at all
dude you want me to find some real life pics of hamilton and compare?
its not great but im sold on it
considering what a hack it was, no heat or agitation
very big pic
i hope you have high speed fureal
mobilestu: hahaha
i need to get acetone for the resisstt
yeah bubble or recirculating pump and jets i think
mobilestu: silly!
rab: i got nothing
charles: i might, id have to get a new conical cutter

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rab: it was just setup to do the war
theres no way they end terminator like that and just end it
rab: no one cares about terminators from the future killin sara connor in 1985
3 was basically the end
it didnt have to be that good
they either had to stop it, or fail, and they fail
rab: yeah but i dont see how traveling back in time to kill random white chick is any more exciting than timefucking a was in the future
it sold because it was arnold
no but people keep saying its good

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remember marty was like in his mid 30s or something
he was supposed to be like 18 or something in 1985
maybe mid 40s, im pretty sure it was 2010
they say because of the almanac
2015 in the google blurb from wikipedia
Back to the Future is a 1985 science fiction-comedy film directed by Robert .... Just as Jennifer and Marty reunite, Doc arrives from the year 2015, ...
lloyd is awesome
yeah 3rd one was kinda meh
1 and 2 kinda same movie
im not sure but they may have filmed them at the same time
3rd was later
i hope they dont fuckup the next terminator trilogy
google is skynet =(

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blackmoon: haha
improvement of language isnt so important
reading is
language is only important if you want to have a social edge
just buy books about stuff you like
stuff you you will want to read about
mobilestu: is that like, ludicrous speed shit or what?
especially on a train
man hes as bad as man
i havent seen that shit in maybe 3 or 5 years
and like a decade before that
i prob seen it loike 100 times tho, we had it on vhs as a kid
damn i forget to hit down before starting new lines in irssi sometimes =(
okay so i need to write an interactive contractions script and a down key on time script
no i think 2010 or something

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if its sucking thermal energy it would be warmer
dancing molecules
or, but itll lose energy in the tank
so when you drop its pressure itll be lower then it started
that makes sense
no more bumping molecules, no more heat
outer space = lonely molecules, no heat
see thats when busses are nice
busses acan go around, on dedicated roads theyre as fast

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i have to do errands today

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08:46 <avrFreak2> aszshole
dioxide: ur banned from #help =(
he aint trying, either
he banned me from there =(
#electronicstech i believe
loading probably
or speed control
dipping in the ocean

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did you eck0 yourself?
wtf is that
for oil drilling?
yeah looks like blow back protector
i wonder if there are pistons and springs inside there or what
oh nice
oh hmm

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fools been there like a decade, you can walk up and say a mobo model number, chipset, and they say available ram and cpu format and speeds
then they check the little book and go 'yeah'
and they usually know what all the electronics stuff is called
find that guy at circuit city =(

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for some reason it seems more annoying than average best buy or circuit city
but you aint gonna buy a mobo or floppy drive at one of those places
theres you guys thats the definition of Fry's
no place else on that level has a stack of 200 SONY flopp drives for $5
rab: yeah id never buy unless i totally fucked up on an order and like needed some shit right now
their connector stock wouldnt be a joke if they kept it stocked
but they dont care, least the two LA shops i been too
woodland hills (canoga?) and burbank
heheh, alice in wonderland and UFO crash site
but again, id take Fry's of radioshack, best buy, circuit city any day
also, their customer service gets a bad rap
stupid customers dunno shit try and find the first mofo in a Fry's polo
which could just be random fuckers off the street cmon they aint paying for 20 BSEE to rome the store
but theres always fools in the hardware/electronics section who know their shit

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rab: yeah but i doesnt have a huge motor
like um, 114-117 i think?
they are like the 110-112 but bit smaller with the ugly offset dial
110 and 111
theyre basically same height, pinch on the bottom half is more extreme, and same size selector but offset to the left
i saw at Frys
theyre uglier than the 110 stuff, but i think theyre smaller
salec: just wait a few years
they have zero on east coast?
like fatburger
people talk alot of shit about frys but its a great place
like, its retail
no one sells electronics retail really
the little shops are almost like low end wholesale distributors
like, Frys has each part individually bubble packed
er, lag, but yeah me too
yeah Fry's is basically techy retail
its better than like, bullocks
but yeah it still like a big mall department store

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man fuck sketchup
that shit is aweso\me
instead of sleeping after diptrace i played with it for 4 hours =(
its like baby solidworks
i do all my dimensioning in solidworks and autocad with inf length reference lines anyway, so working in sketchup was like zero transistion effort
craftsman shit is always good
its rarely great, but sears wont brand shit craftsman if its crap
rab: i wonder if it counts as a hand tool!
seems like no, they prob like LIFETIME GUARANTEE FOREVER on the hand tools
oh neat
its a fluke 11x clone
rab: have you seen the new little flukes?

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