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there is oxygen indoors too

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hehe, thats what i gotta use to run quad stereo altoid amps at full capability
its 4" diamater, itll actually bolt to the top of an altoid tin quite nice
can put rectifier and smps inside
cap farm

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yeah your right i shouldnt talk about electronics in here
electronics projects among regs, i dont see how that is relavent
btw how was train
he will scroll up and see
not really this an irc thing
email is small file transfer protocol!
is not decent comm protocol
yes tc also has provided documentation
not for realtime, no its as bad as a forum
and yet the msges get across somehow anyway
its like his irc has a scrollback buffer or some ricer shit like that
you got tagged as searcher spam!
google is pretty good about keeping those sites out of searches now
i bet it looks for certain templates cross references with random detection alrorithm

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dx^: d00t
dx^: buttons connected
lcd RW routed
dx^: k ur board #2 tomorrow
i do ttmustangs first

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stu: she was mad addicted for like a year
and one of the chans did like an ep a day in order
travellar: i walked out
and bitched so hard that the theater gave me and my 5 people free passes
then on the way home, i made my friend stop the car
and i pissed on a bus poster for blues bros 2000
hello, its like my video bible
blues brothers 2k was shit
i was an excuse for everyone involved in house of blues to get together and jame
like, they took all the jokes from the original, and tried to outdo them
well yes obviously
its like the katamari ball games
besides obvious control improvements, katamari ball 2 sucked because it was trying to hard to be like the original
instead of being some silly and new, like the original

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cable tv is like 98% filler
1% is genuinly good
other 1% only you like, is fillter to everyone else
we have qa block thats like CSPAN 1, 2, 3, weather, cable news, discovery and history channels
i basically keep it in that range
if nothings on, ill just let the politicians drone on in the background
sometimes you catch them saying some wtf shit on the congress floor
blackmoon: few chans are good about series
like my mom prob watch every X Files in order twice
who gives a shit
pulp fiction wasnt big budget hollywood
it was a little prick fuck, just like you, hijacking hollywood resources
you didnt watch it
you missed the point
what is your type of movie
movies never have points, really
just like books

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i never said i dont watch it
i dont tho, actually =(
not in years really
the genre is 90% shit
theres some gems in the 10%, tho
like, the writing has to be movie good
most shit is like, 4th grade level logic
yeah gits was first useful CG integration
there are scenes where i still dunno whats CG touchup and whats hand drawn
vamp hunter D prob my fav, and the sequal is prob one of the best detailed animes ever
like two hours of gorgeous

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macegr: have you seen the mia taping an interview with vincent scene?
they cut it
timecop you dont know about the overfiend?
the best part of that with when the tentacle penises become so huge the hospital just kinda crumbles around them
but at the end, the demon and the schoolgirl have a touching moment that makes it all okay

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blackmoon: somehow this fractalized monolithic transistor 'atomic model' is gonna drive led better
wtf calpoly pomona spams

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do you have a research lab or something?
oh hahaha yeah i forgot
timecop: you know there is a movie with jean claude van damme called 'timecop', right?
seravitae: i think youre like making shit up
why would you do a transistor on an fpga
like, use a transistor
dude ur on crack
yeah thats what i said
wtf is a fractal transistor on an FPGA
why would you emulate the atomic structure of a transistor with a burned gate array
like, why not just use the available atomic structure, in the actual transistor
maybe he saving up for one really good life

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timecop, we know youre gonna hate on it
why dont you just delete it and we can link you to a synopsis and you can just bitch based on that
that way you dont have to waste a couple hours
it is
it isnt, you maybe got extended version
which has more villa lobos and the mia taping vincent scene that makes alot of the dialog make more sense
take it home
and dont work on shit while watching it
and you wont totally get it the first time unless youre an organized mind
tarantino is a coke head failed hipster
which makes him like the perfect hollywood director
you put current thru them and they light up

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damn you havent seen pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, or the usually suspects
youve seen seven, right?
no cmon youre trolling now
seravitae: ...
timecop: you watch funny movies?
like, comedy or B
define funny
and i dont think GNFOS counts, that hasnt been funny since like the 90s at the latest
hahaha you loaded up a vmware for that

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the only movie maybe better in the same era is the usual suspects
you havent seen the usual suspects?
so you dont get the keysey soze jokes
um, wtf was that split screen bullshit
looked like some dramarama shit to me
tv is like shittier than the worst movies
tv content = trash

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timecop: watching movie yet?
dude its like one of the top 10 best ever
for reference, i think most the others are kurosawa and kubrick movies
tho i am a hughes film whore, admittedly =(

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im go smoke weed with my sister i guess
lemme route dx board
then tomorrow i can try and do the three pcb
macegr: omg .005" endmills
i would think they were weird conicals but you turn them in the light and the cutter faces reflect all super tiny
no more triangle profile traces

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theyre unshielded too
yeah, thats where i think you should filter
drkshadow: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/TQ111/1205979571164.jpg
so you basically have random tuned antenna hooked up to shift bright
what loss

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waveguide shit and fucking with copper panels, watt meters and gunn diodes was prob the most enlightening RF shit we did
the test gear stuff was cool, but reflecting microwaves around like light made alot of it make sense
like, waveguide shit is oddly simple too
its like, 1/2 wavelength width, 1/4 for height
and it just works
you can drive screws into the tops and the sides to adjust the characteristic impedance
one adjusts capacitance and the other does inductance
im like wtf
oh timecop too i guess
macegr: RC on the lines maybe
mmm, glitchy

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like, stuff happens when e field and h field intersect funny
RF is fucked up =\
they dont couple
well, not really
like if the fields are perpendicular they wont couple into each other
but they prob not lined up perfectly anywhere except one spot

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crimpers for molex or molex crimpers?
and thats with the dies?
theyre stingy with the dies too
oh, yeah those are like $100-200 for good shit
macegr: ask about 1x2 headers too
those are prob the most useful test shit ever
also multilead cables with 1x1 breakouts
you just put the conductors in a circle, wtf
and magnetic fields always doing circles
electric field spreads like light

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did you search isp cables?
2x3 is avr-isp little standard interface
yeah dude no one has those
serious if i do a shop with kits and stuff, id sell those just to justify buying the crimper
almost no one stocks them
1x row box headers are like, wtf rare and/or expensive
the jumpers are always too much
its because the crimpers from molex and amptyco are like $400
two people have thsese crimps:
big corp sweat shops, and they dont want to sell shit to you
they dont even know what sell shit is
and people who have them for personal/small business use, who sometimes make cables and sell them so they dont feel so ripped the fuck off
like, i bet this is the reason the crimps are that much
keeps shit moving in large bulk instead of just being a flood of little part orders from every tine shop in the world

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american muscle is prob only other car chassis last as long before being dropped
because really, how many ways can you bolt a body and live rear axels to some chassis beams

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fat spoilers and stupid plastic trim
its like auto union engineers ricing a bug for 40 years
because its an amazing car
40 years of continuous evolution
only one complete redesign
well, look at any endurance racing event
count all the cars, count the number of porsches
its no doubt the most raced family of cars in history
actually with a 911 you can
i bet scca has a close to stock class for 911
also lots of owners clubs
again, prob more than any other single car make
40 years of continuous german engineering means a ton
they still win races, theyve always been competitive
which is amazing, because 911 is basically a 912 is basically a sexy beetle

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yeah but the motor is its soul
that car is some sort of anomoly
like, they built a road car specifically not to be building a race car
like, the F1, not for race track
then they pwned GT racing with it, for 2 or 3 years
anyway, rx7 is like in that category of cars
its not good for shit except being good at turns and going fast
if you have kids or much more cargo than a backpack, youre prob better off with a 911
Porsche 911 = Riced VW Beetle

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its a luxury coupe
it got too many everything
corvette = sport
rx7, sport
911, sport
miata, not sport
miata = recreation
miata is like playying catch with a football in the park with 3 friends
rx7/vette/viper is like full on contact shit with 250lb fuckers being called the little guys
mclaren F1 is bmw pinnacle
they sure as fuck not gonna use their chassis
i think theirs only one
so that would make BMw use in mclaren road cars = 100%
mclaren is MB now
like, im not sure how the money works
mclaren is still TAG company
but they have like a forever deal
yeah its mclaren
mclaren is basically their R&D now
hell of a fucking skunk lab

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its need when you figure placement out and it almost routes itself
like by the end all thr problems you thought you had are already routed
those are like my fav 90s
you did not just call a g3 rx7 a ricer
rear drive
and a alternative powerplant
and no compromise chassis design
the weels are like shoved into the corners
and the drivers ass is like dragging on the pavement
timecop: no dude
YOU drive the rice
g3 rx7 is basically uncompromised 90s sports car
theres maybe only 3 or 4 of those
everything else is borderline econo roadster, or luxury/touring-sport stuff
an M3 might be fast, but its not a sport car design

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timecop: pulp fiction
thats from gat swapping the led for routing
is functional, not pretty
timecop: you havent seen reservoir dogs, either?
two pins connected internally
made the routing possible
oh neat
i wanna do led tails for my rex
fuck i need to fix little honda
fuckit im just gonna rip the head off myself and drive it down to a machine shop my damn self
well, with someones help of course i have no car
timecop: wtf
fureal, wtf
reservoir dogs = quality low budget flick, defined
75% is just dialog in a warehouse
rest is mostly bar, interior residence, and car shots
oh shit nice

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hello, 20mA
within 1V at Vf(max)
the drivers take 1V
im going to set the psu at like 1V over that value
but yeah, is why the red strings are 8 and the blue strings are 6
like 23V or 24V tho

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they dont give a shit about voltage
R2 just sets current thru Q1
Q1 Vbe is the reference for R1 (they are in paralle, Q1 locks R1 voltage, and thus current, since its in series with the other transistor and the load, they all do the same current)
(minus base current)
its not current set
dont design transistor circuits with current ever =(
unless its saturation switch duty
the base emitter diode and R1 are in parallel
Q2 current = R1 current - (load current/transistor beta)
yes now you are thinking

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then to add digital control, break them out with .1" jumpers to a digital io controller
i like the box ones anyway
i need 12
3 color channels x2 plus returns
between the psu and the controller board
why didnt you just get sonme ide cables rockshox
macegr: did you see layout for array?
rockshox: they use fat .5" cable
soak in schema for a bit
haha notice the white rail hax for ease of routing
switch after an led, and current source in the middle, heh
the drivers drop 1V
i think we keep it in a box
and open the box with a plant inside at people
pulp fiction style
timecop: status on being experienced
smart resistors
theyre 20mA clamps

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macegr: im going to use the 4pin minidin im using for power for shifty vu comm too
hehe, yeah we just have to devise some way to not kill it
like some 20V resistance input circuit
okay so like i think algorithm is just like, find absolute diff between two adc
a half vcc biased opamp and then a half vcc reference
and then you just do some rolling average
and then blow the rest of your time playing with color registers
macegr: ebay
that shit is expensive
i have some from stk500 kit
i want to do a 2x6 header on the psu for the led arrays
but for non controlled use, just jumper them
excuse to buy a baggie of jumpers

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well, 17W consumption, 20W output, maybe
so im probablt gonna be wallwart limited for power
naw its not the problem
im doing custom heatsinks
like, whole inside of the tin where theres no components is gonna be heatsink
maybe do a cap hugger
theyre wide to220 format
also, i found a neat headphone amp
for $1
wtf amazing THD specs, so i think ima try and sell those on ebay
people sell those shits for over $20 all the time
its a $1 IC, $1 in caps and resistors, $1 in connectors, $1 in altoids
like, i need to make psu for it or get some massive wallwarts
macegr: if little fans werent so noisy and unreliable id consider it
these are car chips tho, they seem pretty hardcore

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macegr: im getting tham at all
and digikey
3.5mm miniplugs = .40 i think
minijacks = .50 or something
yeah, .40 and .51, plug and jack
okay but i get fucked on binding posts
so maybe gb microshit is helpful
thats best prices so far on the super cheap one
im making custom Al backplate to offset the binding posts
so they dont stick .8" into the tin
because i need to put like 2000uF of caps in their for output, at least
macegr: they will be bridgeable
basically, power supply is fucking me
because at full power with 2R or bridged 4R, each tin is 40W consumption

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the minidins are gonna cost me $2.50 per tin =(
for power, its ideal
bipolar rails you want to wrap the wires together
the audio is all gonna be 3.5mm miniplug
can get RCA adapters easy
im using tip jacks
like, tiny banana plugs, basically
but i might go to banana binding posts
so we can just wire random speakers and small animals to it
theyre actually more $$$ tho
and the tip jacks are cute
yeah, basically that
the tip jacks are sexier tho
some of us know how to do real audio, timecop
anyway, stop beng a loser
any good digital system has a high quality analog output section
and you know this so stfu

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autocad, solidworks, any EDA app
5min aint enough time to learn shit
its enough time to learn to draw lines
like, drawing lines and making drawings in autocad isnt knowing autocad
thats like, oh i can scale files
im a photoshop master
macegr: beep
do a acrylic speaker cab
hey that guy looks like robert downy jr
macegr: i have to figure it out
but basically circles and mount holes
theyll be open baffle
more audiophool trolling of course
define rectify for us
timecop: k no
ill check for the files again
but i wiped out my software setup dirs
man now you get no play for being all stu with your misleading public statements
macegr: i was thinking about cat5 power for the altoids
because its like 1/4 the cost
but i cant think of how to daisy chain them

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like, half the people in here use loltrace because timecop couldnt figure out components in eagle
components in eagle take me about 2-5min
all the little things youve mentioned that i laughed at timecop
it needs a better suite manager
and better lib subfile handling
thats it
really thats eagles only big issue
everything else is just hard to use because its non standard and dense
no but i would
its worth the $$$ if you can use it
and timecop you prob new at cad
easy cad software is usually shitty cad software
hard software is usually feature dense and difficult to navigate until you learn it, at which point you can do things faster with the more mature tools
eagle has an issue with lib subfile handling
i dont know where it is
i have a keygen somewhere
im not giving you my working directory
yeah really
dude, real cad apps are career shit
you dont learn in 5min

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its optimized for experienced eagle users
yes, i am aware of the paradoxical nature
dude that aint shit
fuck free
if eagle sues me, ill pay them
because you tried for maybe 3 days im guessing
if loltrace ui is like expresspcb im thinking im going to hate it
expresspcb felt like ms paint++
yeah ive been doing eagle for years now
i get maybe 90% of it
macegr: everybody uses them once =)
rockshox: make compenents
fuck libs
in ANY app
shawn888: i doubt you figured it all out in 30min
like, most of the more detailed use only comes with alot of random wtf experiences
well thats lame
eagle isnt shit
hello all my pcb are in eagle
id hardle call it impossible
and some of the gimp shit you talk about with diptrace just sounds silly
so what, its a tool
some tools arent easy to use
easy tools are easy

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i might try and finish up led board and dxeth board
and i dont know why the board i sent you has ratwires
i dont think mine does
the miniboard service is decent for what it is
theyre too expensive for anything production or nice
the software is kinda chinky unless they improved it 800%
yeah use loltrace or eagle
making circuits with raw gcode is simple and easy to use
it doesnt mean its a good idea
i need to write a how to be pimp at eagle howto
nothing i dont pay for is crippleware
fuck eagle free
whatever because you suck at eagle
i make good shit with eagle fine
you fail
eagle is amazing cad engine with a shit ui
but it is an amazing cad engine
yeah i should
its hard when youve become a certain skill level with eagle to use other shit
because you eventually learn why its frustrating for beginners
its not optimized for them

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because it reduces warranty collections
which saves them alot of money
cmon im surprised this isnt like blindingly obvious to you
well yeah thats fine
they accounted for you in the budget too
you are the part of the budget that makes them legal
hello mr timecop
how are you on this fine evening
like, some ants, or a highway of ants
if its just some you still have time!
dont kill them all
you gotta do some keyser soze shit
and leave a few behind to tell the others
then theyll either come back in bulk crates or theyll leave
dx^: get on it?
dx^: they are much to small to carrty my weight
i will chip their tiny tiny teeth
theyre sexy
i think ill be able to do fills fast with the .02 endmill
no i went to sleep =(
ima start that up now or in the morning

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ya, watch them probes
haha, and some real circuits, you probe that shit, the parallel impedance can throw off the circuit and blow out something else
like, probe it right, and shit
pc tech stuff took maybe two years to learn from zero
its not super complicated
its not even very many chips
like, maybe a half dozen major chipset families
hit the registry run nodes
that fixes 90% of stupid software shit
some spyware shit that spyware scanners just cant remove without a brain
yeah lame
like, if (joystick != there) stop, fucking idiot;
but yeah there like 3 or 4 spots in the reg shit will init from on boot
thats how you clean out web abused and OEM installations

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dx^: i fell asleep =\
blackmoon: did you see led array layout thing?
def some 20 hours no sleep psychadelic shit
mobo are weird
theres gotta be like 20 little systems, each with their own amount of discrete support shit
you get a psu test jig
fuck making it module to build it is like $20 maybe
and you slap the mobo on that shit
normal pc tech is like bad auto mechanic
no one 'fixes' a pc
my cpu, mobo, or ram is fucked up
i dont have extra ddr400 and socket-a 3200+ to test with
but its stable at ddr333 speeds

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omg stressful day
man why asshole bf gotta be hitting on my sister
mcarp: cmon, variable depending on selected IC and discrete circuits
no i havent seen him
plus im not trying to cause more issues
typically i dont get involved in her drama
it wont be the same
dx^: its ok because she hanging out with her ex bf buddy
and hell kill him

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like, i can just set the units scale on my mill to 1.001 or .999 and itll compensate
cnc machining is like teaching a retard to machine
retard has a ton of cool gadgets, but its still pretty dumb
itll bang its head on the wall all day if you dont watch it
haha nice

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not like CNC machines arent sloppy
they just automatically compensate for a ton of shit
and im not a machinist ever
fuck that life
a cnc does as good as it can everytime
a machinist can do better then the machine spec
you can measure shit like runout and backlash easy
fuck that
load it hard and then just know how to cut clean when it counts
big machines dont even really cut metal off they just kinda shovel it away, until the last pass
yeah but finish cuts should always be light, thats why theyre finish cuts
some production shit, they will do 720degree circles cuts instead of 360, just to get any metal it didnt catch from spindle flex and bearing runout
like my taig is off about .001 every couple inches or so
prob leadscrew error, because very consistent .001 per specific distance

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the other resistor just control current thru the reference transistor, and provides current limiting for the base of the pass transistor during powerup conditions
but yeah, then i dont gotta worry about inconsistent chinky Vf on the diodes
itll do 20mA, give or take a mA, no matter what
so i just design for Vf max + 1V headroom + 1V drop for the current sources
initial supply is gonna be slow thri smps, try and get ~90% efficiency
is neat cuz im not using a wallwart itll actuall ybe worth bench testing the supply
excuse to crash electronics dep lab and say hi
sam way the average machinist does now
average machine tool has mad slack on the lead screws, and prob couple mil runout
meanining you know the machine, your tooling, and the material, and you cut with intention of hittin a mark exact
thats it, nothing special
nothing cant be compensated for

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im gonna test with succulent and small peppers
cuz you can get pepper 6 packs
more efficient
in more than one way
jezus fuck you guys have like no memory ive gone overt this like 10 times
anyway each system is a pair of 3W LED array
hardly enough to grow anything but a bonzai cannabis plant
i wish i could sit here all day =(
i gotta like get up and handle stuff and then like, people show up
i gotta be all fuckin social =(
people use them for cloning
Vbe of Q1 sets current of the resistor with the transistor and load in series with it

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thats what i did instead of sleeping last night =\
autoroute that shit
plant light
for tiny plants
you guys are lame

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macegr: i finished LED array one sided

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hey dx
i think you fucked up
kk look at datasheet for buffer
output enable
dot input, so active low
output is enabled when active low
so when you shit is reset, your shit goes hi
your OE
which is a HIZ state
reset is active low
you pull reset low to reset your system
so pull reset low, inveter goes hi, buffer is in hiZ
do you want hiZ dutring reset?
yeah dont do that anymore
that happens
reset goes low
inverter output goes hi
hi = hiz
stop trippin

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dx^: i was sawing
dx^: k, thinking
dx^: checking datasheets

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im almost done with led array

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dx^: i got the endmills
and fuck express i dont need the shit in 11 hours
maybe thats the way brit postal service works =)

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omg i pasted for nothing
you bitch

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expansion = more arrays, bigger units
so the plants dont look black =\
its on a switch on the array
thats the other thing i want to do the latex or silicone for
button cover
gasket with integrated cat5 grommet and button cover
its like 9a and maybe 70F

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but ground should be redundant
white is 20mA, blue is 80mA, red is 60mA
ima split blue into two
just to keep the max current per wire a bit lower
4 power rails, 4 return grounds
seems sane to me
no expansion

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like, eth grommet and Al/plexi gasket
you just gotta buy two jars of stuff, and mix them, and pour
wait an hour
and then you slap sealant on the gasket thing
oh oh
macegr: beep
are you gone now wtf =(
okay make speaker cabs with your laser device
because altoid amps are gonna bump
im basically wallwart limited
the chipamps will do 10W into 2R
so thats like, 20W
and theyre stereo
so thats like, 40W per tin
wallwart doesnt exist
cant for the eth
the eth is the problem mostly
also i have the buna-n rubber
ethernet cable
anyone can get that in any lengths

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macegr: i think ima cask my own latex grommets and gaskets
pretty east, not so expensive, i know where to get movie stuff
i want to make grow led arrays water proof
im like, wtf special grommets please
no one seems to have what want
whats rtv?
okay for the Al to acrylic seal, fine
i can even machine grooves so they fit with overlap
but then for the cable, hmm
because i want it so you can unscrew the thing and replace the eth cabe
so its needs some sort of like, fold over grommet
i am why
but yeah so i was thinking a little latex or silicone cube
with a hole, eth cable size
and then xacto slide down the side so it opens
cost is the mold
i can do some crazy one piece thing, too

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stu, point is why would you bring it up
you know stu, some of us in here are quite intelligent
like, you say things, but we actually like assume more from these things
this aint no courtroom, yo
why would it need to be over anyway

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i get paid to learn and survive
i have and idea
please dont explain it would only prove my point further
and your point is
minority about what
because i wont eject and get a full time job?
wtf stu
i go to school and learn things i want, try and help people when i can, and wake up looking forward to working on my shit
how is that bad
because i wont get a job
because im doing what every intelligent person has told me to do?
theres like, 20 intelligent educated and trade professional people i know going 'damn, you should go to engineering school. job!? wtf'
but no
i should listen to stu
what options, youre lame
ok answer questions
school, good or bad
not for you, in general
yeah really
im a one off
you cant fix me i dont have a specification
the gay option
the fail option

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dude, free housing while i go to school and all i gotta do is live on campus for free for a year?
im down
dorms arent that bad
jail sucks
system placements suck
psych hospitals suck
dorm is like, ok haha
what are you talking about
stu youre a tard
why would i do that
damn its like you are so bad at math
ren + bsee = $$$ and business loans
um, you hate your job you bitch all the time
im like, having fun doing job type stuff in my free time
but you dont get it, you failed
i have to go get it
captain obvious
so might as well get paid bank with no topend
you dont pay attention?
anyway stu, because i go to school, i can do electronics
i can also walk into most higher pay scale tech jobs and get hired
because alot of places are like 'omg a real AS?'
i dont have to play with computers for money and bitch about it

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see its already to happy hardcoreish
i like the shit after that, but before the super clean minimalist sunday morning shit came around
and like defeated the tek shit
but yeah generally, the long droning bass is nice
so apperently if i live on campus at pomona for a year, special program will give me alternate housing options
(like, pay apartment rent)
regardless, the state is laughing at me
28 and living in a dorm

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DJ Deacon is my high school buddies bro
that might be Tokio grill
yeah is hiphoppy
deacons olod live sets some of my fav shit tho
hehe, all his samples and non dnb music selection, very hometown
stu: 3:30 in
they got the recording piped in from the preamp
thats prob at respect, its a tiny club
no one does dirty jungle bass anymore
mixes dont count

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thats such dnb shit to say
'mufuckers still owes me weed' or 'mufucker still owes me for weed'
first one
college kids figured out electronics in like 2000-2004
like, stupid candy ranver etard girls who couldnt tell diff between house and dark jungle
well yeah pretty much same here
when i was in high school, my friends older brother DJ'ed
like 95, and he was making jungle
yeah thats when it showed up here
i wasnt into any of that stuff
but hardcore was like, 94
stu: =(
recent, LA
i need to get a car or a MTA habit

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cockny flow, w00t
heheh, the first time someone played the streets for me i was laughing for like a week
thats you flowing?
least ur not buffy
yeah because absolutely no money in dnb
like doomed to the underground
yeah every big city got its own little dnb scene

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emcees have such big necks
its like, they build up their shouting muscles
or some shit
it takes a few years
after awhile you can tell when the emcee are flowing, when theyre going on about jungle cliches, and when theyre just making noises because they cant think of anything
hey he says lots of stuff in a row
dx^: good emcee is awesome
which sucks because maybe like 10% are good
its not ragga

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its weird because theres so much dnb now that isnt dark or techy
sunday morning shit
cmon loooonger stu
yeah i need earplugs
okay so i turned down east coast gov research lab tech job to go to school more in LA
so i think ima try and get sound tech job this summer
i can try and find hippy sound dude
he was gonna give me a job back when i didnt know what electrons were
(he the man controlled the wall of vegas)
you prob ate something green

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see it alone
you will be lie: D=
macegr: LED array like 80% routed
i managed to fit all the current sinks without resorting to extra board space
and your right i did have to offset them
theyre .300 x .305, +/-.002
haha, yeah
that was one of my first mix tapes
hype was very big around 2000
which i guess was the last year it was cool to be big
but he was still around when rave blew up in LA
then cops were like OK WTF
and no more massives till its blue out
we want recordings of audiotistic 2000
there was two dnb areas in one hangar
like, i guess a big festival massiv like 20K-40K
audiotistic has to have been like 100K
like, everyone was there, you mention it around enough people and a few always go 'hey i was there'

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macegr: beep
k dnb is awesome because people can wine about shit, but the music and vocal is still like non crybaby
is like grungy era stuff
man i turned on MTV for like 10min yesterday
american dnb scene means you brits did something right
dude, see threads
your a brit, you must
like, i almost puked, the movie was so awesome
they really do that shit =\ =\
oh yeah, MTV for 10min, canned riffs thru mild boss pedal and some crybaby vocals
i dunno if its old or what
19:01 <@Turdis> http://www.mininova.org/tor/563400

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