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okay check this cheater shit out
ima make two piece Al heatsinks that clamp over the chipamps
the heatsink will bolt onto the pcb
and provide mounting for the insulated tipjacks
because ima bolt that shit together during fabrication and drill/tap it
so itll stick out the back maybe .5"
heatsink covers most of board topside
morse code vent holes on top
front panel: [power led][volume pot][stereo/bridge sw][left/right sw]
dude, fuck autorouter

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macegr: beepbeepbeepbeep[blowing you up]beepbeep

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do it now
go go go go
its dropping now
oh you missed it

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timecop: old school
timecop: thats my first electronics shit
after that, when i ripped shit apart, i knew what the diodes were and what the caps were and etc
i didnt know what to do with them
ha, i made a synth with mine
it uses pensil led line as the resistor to change the frequency
race car noises, omg
ok be healthy

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gallery software
fuck words.
k i win, rite?
you just throw a pic up and add description
image filename is circuit label
okay im doing it
yeah ur in the wrong business

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thats hard to do really
well, circuit blocks you can do i guess
like, BJT amps and followers, sinks, sources, mirrors, opamp circuits
power supplies
using hella stocked digikey parts
hello, blog cms
blog > wiki
all the bloggers do main page linked pages
like how my MAKE2008 page is
fuck that, you need to be able to throw something up in the next 6 hours or well completely lose interest
naw fuck a forum
that invites user generated content
fuck that
thats why all the circuit sites are trash
you provide information
not a trashbin
you can put a forum on the side
naw those arent make for nav
or fuckit

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ima get in on that this year
like, LM317, shit pcb, some resistors and a cap, $10
really i should be going that right now
breadboard shit
yeah wtf
$5 chipamp, $3 in bigass caps, $.25 in passives, $3 on a really, really nice conductive plastic pot
timecop: okay see you dont understand
the dumb people in here are pretty smart
audio stuff is pure electronics
dot, bitch.
if you do it right, RF interference isnt an issue
so it becomes about all the tiny details
signal to noise and distortion is standard

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altoids audio is gonna be expensive
ima have to sell headphone amps to pay for it
$1 headphone chipamp prob beat the fuck outta a cmoy amp
and mill projects take extra checking
pro boards are way less work
i wanna do kits based off it
you know, for the kids
SOIC and 0805, digital and analog junk, very high quality chipamps, good shit
samsung rawks
but theyr megacorp status
like, out of a billion customers, they gotta fuck over 10 or 20
how else do they justify the customer service warehouse costs

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timecop: digikey photos raawk
for connectors
no cmon you know about this dont you?
they put the photo right there
i know why dont you know
thats newer
i dont care about that so much
connector photos omg!

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