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i have drc set at 8mil so chinapcb have to try real hard to fubar it

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and then fat 15V or 18V linear regs in the psu tin
whatever 7805 come in
er, 78xx
yeah i want to do those
like, 7815 and 7915 linear regs in each tin
and then 7818 and 7918 in the psu thing
if they even exist
fuckit ill LM317/337 it
yay problem solved
i dont even want to know how much more hellish routing would be with single supply biasing =(

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i think the mirroring should be pretty easy
then i select miniplug jacks based on this design =\
i think i can maybe get away with cheap thru holes ones from all
if not, the same style but SMT should def work
the left opamp is most of the routing for the preamp
yeah i really like SOIC/0805
i could do a topside ground plane
and reduce vias more
but i want to do shielding traces on top
and keep analog ground just the signal grounds
then run that between the two sections back to the psu on the top right
so yeah, dual smps, boost and inverting

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oh i totally have to fit the section of the analog ground
thats the left side
now i have to mirror it
macegr: so the dictionary actually sells?

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hell this is analog
shit just dont happen
digital is like, omg i looked at it too hard and it routed itself =(
heh, the relay board for input selection is gonna be fun
i wish they made analog chips like microcontrollers
like, you could program the pins to do whatever
ratwires = 1
(the shield gnd to the analod gnd
okok taking pics

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i dunno i want him to feel involved
dip ur butt in it
gimme 5min i have images of eq section design

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macegr: pics soon!

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0K, ph433r

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macegr: pretty soon i will show you bipolar psu snake

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okay bridge/channel select switching in back
im gonna use those little boxy DPDT or 4PDT switches
maybe she will become an engineer when she grows up
pimp conference, were bringing ur mom
shes not one of the pimps

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macegr: almost done with a fulle channel of EQ
everything else besides this should be cake
the crossover is about as crowded, but no silly loop back shit
yeah we gonna like blind people who are roawkin out
'oh you like the music? here check this out [enable godbright leds]'
i think i wanna do power amps next
okay so i think im gonna change from two independent amps to a sterep amp/bridged amp config
ima jack stus thing
so be like a stereo volume pot, then a switch to select stereo or bridged, and then a switch to select left right channel
i dunno if front or back panel
prob back
yeh back is good
little people will prob be touching on my little stereo

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50% larger than a big house cat
you can not keep that thing as a pet
it will eat your babies for dinner and play with their heads on your bed while you sleep
well, maybe not
cats are weird they remember other animals for life
like people remember people
like if you put a cat and a dog together when they grow up and seperate them, theyll prob still hate dogs/cats
but thell be chill we each other later anyway
fuck surgery =(
like, they are so massive for their size they dont need no tail for balance

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its just like, all muscle and bone and paws, same size head and insides
beware teh spikey ears, thats means 'fuck with me and i will remove teh flesh on ur arm'
theres no way fat cat dosing is knocking that thing out, that shit will grab your scapel with its hidden extra opposable claw and surgery you
the are very integrated into the normal cat population now =(

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i like the organic feeling hash
like the shit feels like a mix of strange herb powders and distilled fluids
indian and european stuff is weird like that
sometimes they over do it on little cats and they get like that bad and then their organs fail and then they die
(if ur cat turns yellow get little dude to the cat hospital like right away)
well, i guess its weird because like, how do you dose a cat
all diff sizes and builds, like people
yeah but 10lb cat isnt the same as a 10lb cat
but then sometimes they die
like, some cats are fat, some cats are big
if you dose a fat cat like a big cat it maybe kills the fat cat
its true!
haha yeah like those big lynx hybrid cats, you prob gotta dose them like a kid
or you cut into them, and they just go oh wtf and kill you
and thats a 10lb cat

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like, if im dead sober and i smoke cali kush, im basically useless for an hour
kush is the devil!
serious, truth...
and fuck you if you think there was badass hippy era weed, was just rare
okay but for real
that crazy killer weed exists
but its not from canadia, its from cali
(og cali kush is some serious turn you into a curious small child shit)
find amber hash
it looks like amber
feels the same too but way lower melting point
its totally translucent
its made from the leaves of kush
half the people who had a flake of it on top of the bowl swore their shit was laced with opium
have you ever seen a cat too stoned off balanced half asleep barely can work its back legs?
stumbling around almost like that
they act the same if they wake up after napping after anesthesia
theyre like what oh i have back ones to CATCH UP YO
so yeah, amber hash from kush leaves = omg!

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for $10,000
this aint cigs this dont kill people
i dont even think theyve linked cannabis to lung cancer
because maybe the lung cancer isnt even from the tar in the cigs =(
some people think that herb smokers might actually be a bit more resistant to cig toxins because they often cough up excess tar from smokin herbs
along with whatever bad particles from the cigs
its sick, but it makes sense
you gotta be smoking like a pack a day to be horkin up serious shit smokin cigs
lizard_x: yeah if youre not use to sensi stuff (or its been a week or so) a little is kinda weird
like, its teh herb delta
like, going from dead sober and/or swag body buzz to like heady indica buzz
i actually dont like it i guess, whole change of state thing
like, if you smoke at least a little bit every week, you dont ramp up like that, everything comes on a bit more like creeper buds

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decriminalization and complete across the board delegislation
we ran that shit fine by ourselves
no one was getting hurt, no one flying on a plane 2000mi to do some deals with terrorists drug lords
this aint rock and smack
its illegal to justify someones budget in the depression, not because it ever hurt anyone
if fed gives up, big tobacco and pharmaceuticals and lumber gonna pwn everything
then itll prob be illegal to grow your own industrial hemp without some fucked up licenses and fees and inspection concessions anyway
like, yeah sure its legal

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we had that shit since 2000
now its on every other street corner
prob 3 pot shops within a 5mi radius of me
los angeles, california in general where local cities havent made laws to ban shops
um, ghetto?
hello, san fernando valley, like blueprint for 60s/70s suburban america
houses here are like $400K-800K
dude medical in cali is like 'dr, dr, i cant sleep, but when i smoke i can sleep.'
srs, old
fuck the shops
fuck legalization
fuck regulation
fuck the cards (im gonna get 0one, but fuck them and the ~$300 it costs)

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meru: certain cities here are non public outdoor smoking
its some wtf shit

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blackmoon: hehe, gotta wonder which dude they used as a calibration unit
macegr: D=
meru: =O
meru: lots of placesw in cali getting like that
its like fuck you, you dont own the outside

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(mushroom mushroom)
i say 110V because it doesnt hurt as much
hacked``: youre an idiot
macegr: okay i will try this maple you speak of
meru: hope you have good lawyers
what is not free
no i mean what is the margin of not-free

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aw look, charles bumped stu just to set a meaningless topic
i wonder if they have set a date yet
heh, eagle is so frustrating before you map UNDO/REDO sane

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i havent opened the book at home
been learning half of it on the test
like, i paid alot of attention first 4 weeks
i drew them on postits and stuck to my bathroom wall
i dunno what maple is

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i dont know what that means

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like, whole tank battles, dozen enemy tank kills, 20 seconds
one M1A1 downed by another M1A1 =(
you dont have a learning disability
serious your not dumb
anxiety thing prob go away mostly if you fix the social thing
good lucks =(
everyone kinda does
hell mathemeticians prob got the biggest issues with math, hahaha
dude i seen math almost make you cry
ive been accused of being an outlyer and thus insignificant =(
more than once

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so i fucked up becase as a kid i watched cable news, cspan, and built models of gov black project hardware?
yeah, but theyre useless for iraq war ii
M1A1 were mean for european theater type battles
so like, open sand desert was like long-range guided-munition high-speed tank heaven
some of the tank battle footage is amazing, a line of M1A1 doing prob 40mph+ flying by some confused iraqi tanks blowing them away, auto turret stylee

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well, dill pickles are awesome
dill is the rye seed, no?
i think by irc he means people on irc
i think dill are close enough to rye i dont like it

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i have a single channel mostly laid out and its like 2.5 x .75"
yeah for the rails and for the returns on the pots
also because the jacks and circuit might have to overlap slightly
smt jacks
if i do thru hole, probably not
i dont like dill

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omg sugar coated xtal ginger #1
also ginger beer
and ginger in pasta sauce
and on the salad dressing
ginger up in the PB&J sandwich
ginger up in the fried rice
ginger beer, aaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah
fuck jelly
honey > jelly > syrup
honey + peanut butter + brown sugar + sourdough bread
macegr: it fits i think
the 8 dual opamps for the eq

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it might be noise on the rails
if its oscillation or noise from inter-circuit coupling, like bad layout basically, prob not
if its from power supply noise, or an external ground loop or noisy ground issue, maybe
if its noise on the signal transmission lines, you can filter it out, possibly at the loss of some high end response
fuck high end tho, ears hate high end
stu: unless the layout is jacked up, you can prob make it better
unless situation is already pretty ideal

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<3 food stampsyeah food stamp rules are weird
er, stupid up key
oh shit its saturday
i would never now it was saturday if fl4pj4ck didnt show up on the radio
i guess its sat night in britland

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ya rly
everyone is like OMG NO GOV ID
im like, wtf the gov isnt keeping track of us?
wtf thats important thats pretty much their main job
shit, they supposed to have all that info anyway
then no one can bitch
or just do a flat sales tax
like, if youre a business and your selling shit, you charge tax, and the gov collects from you
that way people automatically dont get taxed for saving
because thats retarded
it should be related to the economy
poor people can get food stamps
<3 food stamps

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zoxc: decoupling looks fins
oh, thats why the series pass transistor stuff
yeah looks neat
what what
zoxc: o, ha
okay, just route across
mine does
someone prob broke it
its neat how quick i can get in and out when i can do the machine
no one uses it
doesnt do international tho
like, here is my box, here is the zip code, this is my money card
[thinking noises]
big stamp or little stamp?

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zoxc: post in png to a proper image host
zoxc: why do you need intermediate regulators?

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syndication was the worst shit to happen to the radioshow
MTV was like syndication++
i stop listening when adam corolla got there
serious, he turned it into a lameass comedy show
like, lame standup + sexual dysfunction often involving farm animals
yeah for syndicating to middle america
he was not funny
he was annoying
hes not very social
ricky was cool, he was funny because he was real
like, mufucker got fired from KLSX because he socked another radio personality for calling his porn star wife a bitch or a whore or something
thats pretty badass
whats corolla got?
mr beechum, the shop teacher, mornings with kevin and bean
haha fuck all that
him and kimmel and droll on with their 20 years dated jew humor
people did it better in the 80s

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he talks alot
hes a tech for local carni rides =)
im sure sculptor is taking notes to include in his psychology term paper
!quote renesis
!quote 99
!quote 6
dx^: dude i remembver loveline before dr drew and ricki rackman
when it was poorman

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in the words of the departed (lordpil): really, who the fuck is charles?

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zoxc: C1, C2, C3 are IC decoupling
figure 5
oh look shit op is active, i better stop talking about electronic stuff i know how he gets when we are off-topic
neither is your daily trolling or his biased bouncering =)
he not even on the swish map, yo
dude, cmon now

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