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omg its going to fit
4 band multiple feedback constant q bandpass filter eq will fit into altoid tin
i dont have aids!
i checked on wed

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macegr: doing eagle layout for EQ
macegr: old

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neat, gate swappable opamps
space free?

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omg rab
rab: for 10mA opamps
rab: $.35 NE3352

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do not want

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timecop: are you fuckin mad
they expect you to have a department of networked computers specifically for this application and nothing else

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omg sim still going
15% sweep done
30% sweep
omg 80%
timecop: are you sure its enough!
what if project files are 1GB each

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lemme know how fucked up that turns out
its a DVD?
i wonder how big it unpacks
i wonder how much is code and how much is libs/docs/examples
ha, no see because thats integrated into the code =(

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gotta add one more amp to the eq then its perfect
i tried to skimp

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watch it
its senna
senna = racegod
1:00 in gets nuts
blackmoon: eats cars
monte carlo, monaco is basically a minature country for rich people

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wtf is a monte carlo simulation?
monte carlo is my bday race
fuck that
monte carlo
only street course on the schedule
most dangerous shit in F1, but itll never be taken off the schedule
shit eats race cars
its my bday GP!
(is in may)
blackmoon: its tradition
like, they will never stop doing le mans 24 hour because of the danger
like, the longest straight goes thru the parking lot of a hotel
here, ill see if i can find good vid of a lap

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heh, takes forever to sim all 3 EQ sections

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open the lib you want to copy to in control panel
go to control panel and select the device you want to copy to the lib
right click, 'copy to lin'

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crossovers are typically 2 or 3 way, because phase fucking on 4 way is a bit to much
this is for biamps and triamps
EQ arent fixed so the phase fuck is variable
right now im going nuts with the Q =(
i hope 1.666 is the winner
1 too much overlap, 2 not enough blending
pfft, dsp

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youre nuts, go research
you want to phase fuck equally in your pass band
filters are gonna phase fuck regardless
you try and time correct some shit, youre gonna totally fuck up other shit, not to mention the added noise from the involved extra circuitry
youre not shifting everything 180
only in the cutoff region
like, youre delaying the same in the cutoff regions
where they overlap
so it basically is time corrected where your signals are audible and overlapping
the not without fucking up other shit
pro shit is 24db/oct linkwitz-riley
thats an eq
not a crossover

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the crossovers are gonna be cake after finishing the eq
4 poles
linkwitz-riley alignment, biashnieah
yes but perfectly phase fucked

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yeah i am perfecting my EQ

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i did
its weird
i feel happy when i get to use mice again

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bver: no because the mango loli thing
gets sharp
dang0r! mexican candy!

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bver: because its sharp
why are you msging me to ask me weird questions

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okay i fucked up my eq
damn i cut my lip with the magoa chili pop
it buuuuurns

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dx^: why
i dont like to think about male nipple why you say this thing
good job
timecop: so, so, so old
timecop: like, hundreds of days maybe
timecop: yeh, heheheh
1:23 = priceless
they need to make a videogame
like, 1:23.2
1:23.9 is way too far

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omg chili mango pop and dnb
sim so sloooo...
i have to go to the ups hub andf pick it up on monday
no school next week tho

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and then plug into the mobo
aevin: heh
no that would be miniusb A
fuck all the silly plastic

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Q=1, not enough

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i am happy with ltspice
-1600d =O

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omgomg its doing it
haha nice
stu: looks like amps n stuff
okay i have to figure out how to tune gain on the EQ thing

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okay ima trple check before i hit go
that shit took forever
okay, i hit go

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whats a softpot
cnc positioning my nuts
its 3M
maybe just the backing strip
how deceptive
yeah i see now i made the pic fat

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no its useful!
ok no rly it sucks

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fuck ricing hondas

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free will is a myth, you are you environment and your genetics
$5 for solving your biggest life mystery
i accept paypal
kevtris: wtf
useless OS, wtf bios options and mobo options
kevtris: oddly XP pic viewer is the only thing i thought it did way better than win2k
incubus[]: because no one gives a fuck what you say because you fail at saying it
$5 for psychological therapy, pls2pay to same paypal acct k,ty
kevtris: i wonder how much they get per box for that shit
like if what you pay to not have it on there even covers it
or thats just the most they dared to ask
but it could be way more
because theres soooooo much bullshit
they have a toolbar
no one pushes it because its yahoo
i hope m$ eats yahoo and regrets it for decades

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no one can speak subatomic philosophy like me
u try u fail
whole universe is a 3d raster
i dont even know wtf QQ is
and im sorry but your shit sucks
explain or be misunderstood and ridiculed
dont talk like tom petty
so i speal of ghey incubus[] emote philosophy
ha one of my filters actually has sub 1% freq error
(average lookin like 3% low)
omg amateur

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ha, kinf od, total avrfreak shit

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its compensated
it it was .0002 on the x (not a typo)
.003 or so on the y
well, it makes sense, almost
but it hard steps at .00025
and it soft steps at 1/8 that
i guess pwm chopper drive or something, dunno really
it sounds alot smoother with the microstepping tho
but the aluminum shit i was doing, uncompensated backlash, was within .002 and .001 on some parts
you can machine so that backlash doesnt matter
if youre using dials on manual mills for any kinf od reliable measurements, you have to know how to

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ima try .0005" cuts per tooth

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3rd day, no show
.005 diameter, .0075 length of cut, 2 flute endmill
i want.

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wow i think they told ups cust serv reps 'okay let them bitch, and then tell them you understand where they are coming from and its okay to call and vent'
2 did it today, the exact same way
i do
theyre not calling
they cant tell the drivers to call
the driver can call if the driver wants too
actually the only time ive had a prob with my cell company is when im trying to reverse charges and i kinda dont deserve it
dx^: wtf =(
fuck upsex
wtf is JTS
is that like old school rosewill, or wah

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or LFS
debian is hacked to shit
thats why theres like 4 or 5 different branches
debian works amazing within its own branch of hacked to fuck debian
slackware is vanilla linux how can it be fail
sec, phone with ups
have to tactfully bitch

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15, 30, 60, 120 (BASS); 240, 480, 960, 1920 (MIDS); 3840, 7680, 15360, 30720 (HIGHS)
preamp is a single pole 10Hz - 40KHz bandpass
and the buffers are going to be 5Hz - 40KHz
so its like, standard per-octave EQ, + subsonic and ultrasonic
fuck debian
if you want to run current shit run slack or gentoo

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with solid state linear IC driving them
just to make them really ticked off
so UPS fails
yeah did they actually build or sim anything?
yeah neat

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you dont get the layout noise and distortion
which is prob big part of vintage audio stuff sound
besides bullshit like carbon 5% resistors
its 2p
macegr: class-d tube amp
i wanna do it
its like putting a chevy engine in a mustang
people will feel offended on a personal level

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thats 4 filters, boost cut boost cut
but its 4 filters 3 times
and then for the crossovers, im going to design a 3-way xover
and for two way, you just leave half the board unpopulated
yeah sure
actually, theres JACK based stuff for linux would be better
i didnt get it at the time to do anything useful with it
cuz i was so n00b at everything
but its just modular synth parts

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its doing something else now
omg it is ramping freq
wkr4k4r: it never goes slow enough to actually read whats its doing
now i have to select values, adjust 'pots', and do again
kinda can
actually, you can somehow feed it wav file direct, i remember seeing that
im like, let me run a test, change values, run same test, change values, same test, one plot
then i can like, hit go, have lunch, talk to buddy on phone, clean room, then check my graph
wanna see the 3 eq circuits?

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fureal, yo
im gonna hit go
it is taking very very long
i just want some bode plot, yo
bode was the orb is solarbabies
tepping gmin=5.2435 step=3.03030% newton-raphson iterations: 49 fill-ins 17283 (press esc to quit gmin stepping)
what does this mean

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im doing a sim of a 21 opamp system
i dunno yet
i gotta go thru and select values for all the caps and resistors in the filters
heh, prob like 20 or 30 min
i wanna do with as few caps as possible, but keep the the resistors in the 10-68K range
i can use a set of caps for every pair of amps
and then use the same 4 resistors for all the filters

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dont touch it too hard you might crush the led

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he doesnt wanna do smps
it gives him the ph33r
he does it its a power loss and futile
use 4 resistors in series parallel
or use two resistors of twice value in parallel
or two resistors of half value in series
you prob dont have a ton of .5W resistors either
yeah, that too
throw like 2K on there in parallel, itll prob get them under .25W dissipation
if you dont wanna unsolder shit

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ur doing it wrong =(
you have base resistors?
they need base resistors
yeah theyre integrated on some
how much current are you doing?
20mA x 7?
why not
20mA * 10V = .25W
thats too much
youre burning your resistors
youre burning the resistors
build an smps

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yeah massively
like pack every other day
not quite suicidal levels of smoking
but close
thats suicidal
people who do that stop, or die
dude ultralights is like smoking air
its like 'WHERE DID MY HIT GO'
but then you blow out made greyblue smoke
macegr: okay so 4 band EQ is kinda lame
macegr: but 12-band per-octave EQ is sexy
no audiophool can complain
so im do three eq tin, identical design, but diff passives
do rane style graphic EQ filters
from 12.5Hz to 25.6KHz

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dx^: it didnt work!
i forgot to put a resistor on one of the inverting amps in the mixer!
works perfect now
omg and dnb radio is plating good shit
and i seem to be surviving okay on the cig gum

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but thats good, because nurses always saying how success rate on that is awesome
laser surgery, not so great
anythying under $1K is charity
this might be a 6mo project for you
irc is blocking my filter calc

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heh, neat
macegr: preamp circuit done, two opamps
eq circuit schema ready for sim
7 opamps =(
dx^: nooooooooo!
imaq try and get most pcb started and maybe done by end of next week
break, and i cant go anyplace
mom having eye surgury
so like, i gotta kickit and do everything
and she get to watch tv like a pirat
i want eye surgery
no that shit is dumb

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its common

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Tesla Motors
1050 Bing Street
San Carlos, California 94070
hometown, w00t
see now even you are better than avrfreak
that only took what like two hours?
okay UPS should be here in the next two hours
im asuming an led toy
he just hasnt filled in all the leds
me too
why so many resistors
oh ok you are adding more
im like, did you only have 22R resistors or something

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did they get reasonably priced or something?
i believe for a few months
but they been backordered for ages
its better than an rx8
rx8 is trash
on so many levels
well, how does that remind you of trash, thats kinda nice =(
its more like an elise
bit more conventional in styling, but its basically an elise
yeah theyre selling them
but theyre just filling orders for the next year or two probably
like, theyre production trim, they just dont have enough, haha
yeah, its like elise body lines with ferrari lights
straight on, it looks like a japanese ferrari

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im tellin you
if you do it
and tell your friend
and you guys fight or whatever or discuss i dunno
and youre friends after, thats a true friend yo
all guys want to bang all girls
sometimes it just disgusts them more than other times
haha ok not rly
some fatties are okay
no thats not ok
macgyver0: hahahaha

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its in hack mode, please to characterize yourself and post in a public place and link to said place in this channel
actually old TTL with inputs undriven went high i think
but wtf why are you using TTL, get some CMOS, yo

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active use of protection diodes = bad
you mean non PayTV?
blackmoon: electronics is so neat
i do maths
then i build stuff
and then it does what the math says
dude if something is turned off, or without inputs driven, its undefined

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because preamp needs 680nF for the 10Hz rolloff
so im gonna do two parallel 680nF for the input of all the other units after
so its like a 5Hz rolloff with same load
meru_: because itll float, and drive its input randomly
transition is when cmos eats the most power
so if its picking up some random high speed noise, it could be flipping the output constantly, eating power for no reason
and generating more noise
i think that falls into my first reason
self generated random high speed noise
well, i guess its less random in that case
actually its totally nonrandom

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fuck knows man
he wanted to pulse standard LED at 100mA, theyll prob just work for a couple weeks anyway
2 years for LED PWM has to be some kind of record tho
like, i felt bad because it took me an hour to code because i had to learn LPM instruction (loading flash data to regs)
wavetab based, all he had to do was adjust my wavetab to do his project
shit was like 20 lines of code, including all init
instead he banned me
nice, parallel 680nF 0805 way cheaper than 1.2uF or 1.5uF

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omg ur wires are too long
blackmoon: avrfreak strolls into nop the other day like, 'how do i use the pointers with post-/pre-incriment in avr asm'

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thats how i do it usually
why wouldnt it program
the electrons jump along the wire to the little tray
electrons come front the negative end
thats shit better have more than one LED
3r337ness = LED count.

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cops, useless
'yeah theyre juust trying to scam you, dont worry about it.'
time to spam all of irc with their phone number

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indian voice: "this is target, stop calling!'
i dont have caller ID i just have numbers
they called with a number, unblocked
any work or gov purposes, im mexican

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target says i filled out an application
and if i will be there tomorrow
i wanna see the sig and my ssn
ill show up
with some fuckin lapd
i got hung up on again
thats twice
they straight hung up on me
'target' when i called back
im calling the cops
then i get a silent call like blocked ID

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i too lazy to go across the street

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damn say something
okay multisim > LTspice at simming pots
i dont think LTspice even attempts
maybe there is a way to script it so it runs AC analysis, changes some resistor values, does it again
i cant afford multisim
so i think my mom is slinging nicorette or something
she got like hundreds of $$$ of it in a ziplock baggie in her bathroom cabinet
and i know she dont use it
maybe she slings it to the kids where she working

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if you stab him hell prob call the cops
and then project will just take longer
yeah friday only matters to people who hate what they do in life
maybe he is gonna be in the navy band

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R117, R119, SW1, R118, unnecessary
stuffed pcb and eq curve pics
<3 mr elliot

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dunno clicky link works here, thats weird
i refreshed and its gone!
two pots, the resistors in series with the pots, the two caps on the pots, and the resistor from the wiper of bass pot to other pot cap and INV input

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UPS running to a door, hitting a doorbell, and sprinting back to the van with your box is a common story here
tho yeh you only really see it happen to other people =(
i told them to stop because they just chuck everything onto the porch
and its a 20ft throw from the street or a 15 foot throw across the court yard into the inside balcony
also they dont leave a note
so ill be all confused because shit says delivered but i cant find my package
and it kept fucking up books and shit
2nd story =(
they have to hit the bamboo screen hard enough it doesnt just bounce the package back
so yeah, no more of that
mr elliot did that with 2 caps!
you have to put the domain too

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(tho normal graphic EQ without the constant-q filters dont do this at all, so you can argue that those arent very graphical either)
haha, k
i now have the local UPS hub number
theyre not public
you have to call the 800 number, and get them to get the hub to call you
calling the hub fastest way to gaurantee your package dont do anything stupid like dingdong ditch

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so like pot, attenuator VOLUME, unity to 12dB GAIN, +/-12dB BASS and TREBLE controls
and im considering doing a 3 altoid tin graphic EQ, 12 bands, multiple-feedback constant-q active bandpasses
so it would be a bass tin, a mids tin, and a highs tin, 4 knobs/filter sections each
identical design, just the passives on the filters are diff
with knobs and imagination!
i can fit slide pots, i dont even think the tiny ones =(
but yeah, if you can see the knobs pointers, pretty damn graphic to me, as far as interface
and then the EQ curve supposed to replicate the controls

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okay so i got the preamp down to two opamps per channel, using some hax0r baxandall's filter network
well, kinda
because mr elliot had his own simplified variation of the circuit, which included extra feedback components for easy adjustment of tone control ranges
so i used his simplified version, with no funky feedback parts, and then adjusted values till i got bass/treble curves how i wanted

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use flux
okay, usp is all spammed at
fuckin hate this bullshit, i hope they called non blocked so i have the hub number

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