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timecop: short story was neat
its pk dick
minority report
paycheck too i think
i havent read it tho
you seen paycheck?
prob least annoying thing affleck has done besides dogma

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its not hard
the finish is usually pretty nice, kinda matte feel, not shiny and slippery

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the putty shit?
or you want like rubber gaskets
you can get that shit at mcmaster
you buy it by extrusion profile shape
hmm, k
plastic extrusion, plastic trim, rubber extrusion or trim
heh, mcmaster got .5x.5 right angle strips
.125" thick tho, damn

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see thats where youre dumb
no one has basements in cali

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we used to spray everything with cheap perfume and light it
hehe, me and my sister
its like all alcohol
dogs trackin hookers, nice
okay, so i have to do extra credit for remarried erotic sociology teacher
Scientology vs. Anonymous: A Breif Sociological Perspective
haha, how sexy is that

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bridging and bi/triamps, mostly
the cool shit would be a smps gaunclone supply that was as tiny as the amp
then you could do whole amps in one of those little extruded cases with active cooling
or i dunno maybe i didnt see
maybe it was a canada thing
haha wtf
did you get a blue one?
i dont remember, maybe not because theyre hard to find in the bag
people say they last weeks
someone told me a month later the blue one was still on
i was like wtf
oh we did that
my friend had an empty garage
so wed close the door, turn off the lights, light the ball, and kick it around
also just to be extra stupid junior high kids, we left the bowl of gas in the garage
well, hit it with your hands to
no one was like, catching that shit
usually hand hit was like OMG GONNA HIT FACE
melts bottle, now its a fireball

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get the isolated package
its the low rail
which if only ground if you single supply
so maybe
just get the TF
and heatsink direct, with some heatsink goo
that way you dont have to do some bullshit if you wanna run a bipolar supply
(arguably proper supply for s gainclone, but theyll work in about any config)
digikey has them for $5
better heat dissiptation and lower supply
(lower demand, most likely)
its either metasl tabbed or metal on the back
dunno, never got them and dont remember
id get the TF
just to keep the amp isolated
theyre fun chips tho
when you have enough gainclone boards around its pretty easy to try out stuff

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inches = more precise
also, natsemi = american
dont what, mm only goes to two decimals to match up with mils
inches is base 1000
so dont be floating any of the easy conversion bullshit either
show me the datasheet with microns for a non raw die pkg
or stfu
show me two decimals on mm, and its most likely to match up with standard fractional or .05" units

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i went and saw the hole
i swear this is what i said: 'wow neat'
big wtc hole was the last thing on my mind when we went there
it didnt even really hit me until we left that thats why half the city in lower manhatten was in scaffolding
it says shipping fee
he fucked up cuz he has fakey email
then its just because its LM4780
and they know most people sampling only need a handful, not 1000
thats neat
man i missed boeing and southwest stock low peaks by two days
they sample them
companies who do audio, timecop
um, hello yes

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i bought southwest at 11.64
i almost managed to get it at its low peak
fuck i wish this was real money
asus doesnt seem to be normal public market
or im just confused because its too many different companies
so i think im going to fly southwest to the bay
because now they prob have the most inspected fleet
its not on the way foolio
also, its gone

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except certain high demand parts
yeah i put it on a host that has webmail access
and then i just forward everything to my gmail
usually you dont even have to reply
just click on a link, so forwarding to a common adress works fine, dont even have to login to the domain email

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so like month+, ive usually assumed they turned me down
i wonder if i have any left
i think one, i was gonna do some suicidal dead bug shit with it
stu: do you know about their output stage driver?
its like 200V spread rails with 4mA output
its basiccaly the differential and gain stage of an opamp
and you throw on your own AB power stage
thats prob their sexiest audio part right now
omg dork
natsemi you have to use non hotmail/gmail/yahoo
thats why i bought darkertechnologies.com
originally i was running dns broadcast and email server from my house, just for natsemi samples
man fuck email servers
blackmoon: classic
stu: if you do a non public domain email, theyll do everything free

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in act it isnt if i have to resize to reproduce it
of an end of term
relavence = zero
putty tray has a bug
dude, dont be a charles
we been over how this chan isnt just about electronics
your statement has zero relavence to the problem
which tc is having trouble accepting, haha
those the new ones?
they take longer
overtures i usually have to wait a few weeks
ive given up and bought them, and then had 5 free arrive
yeah but its weird because i dunno if they notify you if theyre notgonna send
and its a very popular series of IC among hobbyists, so they prob not trying to sample to the whole world
like, by comparison, most my national samples arrive within a week of ordering

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yeah because its easy to reproduce
putty tray fails
dude your suggested apps fails in reproducable manner
why are you so OMGNO about it
you say a url
unless you put the end of the url at the end of the term
its been doing this since i got it
timecop, im not writing in the timestamps manually
tons of people
thats nice thats thats your solution to the bug
stu, end of term might not be line 80

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google web apps pwn
damn near all of them
oh i have to check my stocks
putty tray fails
no retard\
now you get loser points for assuming wrong
its a bug
if the url hits the end of the line, it picks up the time stamp and pastes along with it
several times

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omg UPS 800 number girl is like 'sorry i cant leave the driver a note'
service is fucking useless unless you call a hub direct and sound frustrated as fuck
i can call back and tell them to leave it then i have to bike like 5 extra miles today
man fuck and tomorrow im gone from like 3-8p
maybe i can get buddy to pick up my ups on the way to red line on way to museum
fuck ups
anon should do UPS after scientology

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stu: anything high speed, you typically want short straight runs
i think spreading parts out really isnt big priority
no i think your 'pro routing' methods are odd

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pro layout isnt concerned with looks compared to functionality
0603 jumpers, nice
wait stu is saying charles fired isnt spread out enough?
why not use a breadboard?

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with a lightly tinned iron
dip and soic spacing is about the same
becauause the thru hole pads
k, bbl
can always make you more

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why would you need to do series on the usb?
you can do parallel usb kb and mice
fucked up
thats not even funny =(
i use organic flux
because i dont give a faaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
flux core isnt enough flux
works fine and having a solder joint made perfect in like a quarter sec is big diff to me
yeah, lightly
i usually line up the ic and solder corner pin
then do other corner
heat the pad and the pins

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5.125 x 3.35
im going to
haha pot based event timing

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macegr: its just one
dx^: i think it looks okay
so i opened the project after moving the files to a backup dir
and eagle doesnt bitch about the files not being there
it just opens a blank board and schema with the same name
how fucking fightening is that

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use poly pour tool, draw your boundaries, name the poly line after the net you want it to stick to
dx^: there is extra inverter gate, no?
or 3
you can wire up the buffer enables so only one is active at a time with an inverter
then it just takes one to select

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macegr: =\ =\ =\
its like same board
have you heard of say something interesting
we were having a conversation, lame
yes, and i dont know what you mean
pls2be more specific

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dx^: why do you need the inverter on reset to the rxd0 buffer enable?
why cant you just ground it like everything else
or i guess like the inteth line
yeah didnt know why needed it tho, k
its all about DAC to amp to speaker on your spi programming pins
my dac project has the analog out on the spi port
so when i programmed it it made dying noises

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omg no more lazy stubbed out schema =\

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thats decoupled to ground
R14, R15, C18
maybe not
k done

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oh hmm
damn lag sucks
dx^: they leave the center tap open on the tpin side
open your eth controller datasheet
figire 2-4 page 9
to the center of the series resistors

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dx^: k looks good i think
yeah fuck i cant find the datasheet
for the eth controller
the jack looks hooked up right tho

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ha nice

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dude they say the craziest shit during philabusters
they say the craziest shit when theyre being bitches all night
dude they have to
they cant just say the same thing for 20 hours
my mom cooked beans, potatoes and eggs, some other stuff
and then just left it all there
so like i go to cook and its all crusty two day old mexican foods
potatoes and eggs go together
and then beans on the side
haha, someones mom once called me 'the unkempt one'
well, someones bitch step-mom

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okay ima go have mad chocolate milk and check your pins
well, i check pins then i pack the whole thing up and send
panax: stfu
mofo couldnt break 10%
like, i <3 mr paul but he a loser
naw he got around 10% in alot of states
well, if you wanna believe the spin, okay
running isnt winning
when he has alot of people winning on his platform, ill be interested again

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i bet most of his shit he writes
itll be sad
i can see alot of mccain smiles and nervous laughs
stupid jokes
mccain jokes vs obama jokes, hahahahahaha
no because i was at school when UPS came
ima try and call tomorrow and tell them when ill be at home
or maybe right now
you cool with the board tho?
i think so
dunno anything about it tho
not pin for pins yet
just on the schema
yeah really
!quote mom
!quote just
!quote 15
apperently were supposed to keep track of the quote index locally or something
i has a hunger
dx^: the SD is hooked up right?
i dunno anything about that

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dude, hillary is all on her gender every rally
like, i wonder how many intelligent women went 'OH NO SHE DIDNT'
she might win
its fucked up
yeah that means she will win
ballsy, no?
so why does everyone msg me after getting banned?
both will win
mccain cant win
mccain was cool because he was a fring repub
hes not a platform repub
now he has to be
so his old supporters alienated
and the traditional repubs like 'yo, we know you aint one of us'
he all twisted
panasonic 50K audo potentiometer
if people can talk to each other about candidates, she loses
shes just not intelligent enough, neither is mccain
need a fucker who is quick and can talk and mainly can chill mufuckers out
who aint about the win, whose about the ends

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yeah #2
dude its like the balliest shit ive ever seen a politician do
if he loses, im out of this mess
fuck this country, fuck the retarded media pwned people
ill go live in costa rica or moons basement or thailand or some shit
20:26 <Neff> why was i banned
ha my usenet pins at my max
<3 easynews AutoUnRAR
haha, funny
i just firefox and a download manager
but yeah cuz i got usenet for n00bs
hehe, <3
whatever i get my shit!
usenet apps fuckin weird me out man
oh neat can you run those on unmodded wii?
i didnt think nintendo would be cool with that
i dunno im asking you didnt say anything

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dx^: did you see obamas speech made in response?
go to the video archive sit
sec ill try and get a closer link
omg an op did something useful to a troll
im stuck!

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leaving for school in 20min
and im starting up the ltspice

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dx^: neat

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because it was way cheaper when they needed to buy like 50 copies

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yes but i was at school =(
im might call and tell them to hold it
then i just ride my bike down there in between classes
that way i have by tomorrow after class for sure

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it smells nasty up in this bottle
so this is like, a lifestyle change

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so i have to put the dental floss and two bars of green soap and a bottle of alc back =(
dx^: beep
how come fish oil only says good for heart
how come it doesnt say keep you from going nuts as well?

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e-draven: yeh, and then i went shopping
sucks i left my bank card at home

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lyric spam?
join #someotherchan

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she says we have to do the extra credit (essay on anything religious)
er, fucking lag
tektite: maybe

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the mount of load is directly related to what its pulling on
also define load
no one know wtf youre talking about really
okay so sexy sociology teacher was all mad because i didnt do my paper
at me and someone else
okay not mad, but like sad because she likes when me and other dude participate in class
also she said she liked the guy fawkes max
she says we have to do the extra credit (essay on anything religious)
or she will be more sad

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so if i bike to the endmills, ill have them tonight for after class

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dx^: =(
i went to school and missed the endmills

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like, civil rights #1
republicans got twisted
mccain was like old republican, now hes like a half assed wannabe platform repub
he will lose, repubs dont like him
everyone with a brain like obama
his speech yesterday locked that shit
that was ballsy shit
no one can fuck with him, because he is fureal
hillary wins if some shady shit goes on in the DNC, and then it breaks the party
rab: dude it was the only time everyone called cspan and agreed
if she wins, it will break the party, and repubs actually have a chance
blackmoon: =(

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if osama loses im leaving the US
the other two are instigators
both are like new platform every week, twisted
mccain used to be cool, because he was a fringe republican
he was a pain in the ass
now hes there leader?
ccfl_man: no
ccfl_man: two party politics is a joke
she isnt a democrat
shes money
she dumb
seriously, shes dumb
and hes dumb
like bush is dumb
obama can think, hes a leader
other two are sock puppets
not true
if republicans followed their traditional platform instead of the 'moral'
bbullshit they had to float to get the xtians in the 70s, id prob be repub
dude learn to make ur own libs or stfu
eagle libs = shit
most other apps are same way
ccfl_man: the ones with the most power, yes
not in like 30 years
its also conservative interpretation of laws
like the consitution

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nvidia is like the standard in lunix
but people who say games dont run on linux dont have nvidia cards and nvidia drivers

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hahaha, 'america? fuck america ima send it to spain.'
dont buy ati
AMD fails

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neat truck
like, one of those with the big box on the back the only truck i think id be all happy about owning
it stopped there?
delivered status?
i was like, hopehope its just passing thru

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rab: nothing in san jose but i know people in CO
ovens are neat
Double Cleanroom Tables
see i need a truck
CO is not so far

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xmega \o/
i have to go to sociology
macegr: sample them
no do it now
they get samples out before they distribute them
my local distributor got me chips weeks before they were on digikey
stu: just depends how nuts you wanna get =)
yeah exactly
sam7 or xmega pushing ADC tinies thru async rs232
leave the spi open for actual peripherals
no how youd do it
anyway keep going =)
keeps track of speed

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macegr: army of 8pin tiny, just for processing
like, you have a core chip, that allocates process handler cores
yeah thats the way to do it
yeh i want to do an ECU with avr and maybe a sam7
of course
macegr: slow
dont put my shit on a space ship
ill make a watrning label
shuttle launcher setup in circle and cross
sam7 pushing 24pin tinys
one tiny per injector and coil

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if you cant hook your digital system concept into as much pages ram as you want or can have based on io, you fail at digital
theyre neat but i dont see how you can just mention them without a useful application
hey i like arm9 chips
8 cores is a waste if you can do it with one
most people dont even use very much time on one core
id have to look into it way deeper
then yeah id prob not be down
you can just throw on multiple avr and/or sam7 or similar
well thats a killer, right there
if im programming multiple cores, id rather each have their own set of tools and io
at this point, i dont think the price vs performance can be that great if 8 cores is $12

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its not bad for $12
hahah, dip and qfp
because logic is a big bag of worms?
if you cant wire up memory banks, you dont know logic
ur a higher lvl code boffin
man, algorithm = check for enable line active, if no set yours active, do ram, unset enable
my god i must be some sort of worm wrangling genius
yeah you can do it completely in hardware and make it full proof
so if a device tries to write when its not supposed to it effects nothing
*fool proof
haha FULL 190 PROOF

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doing it right in hardware means its unfuckable by stupid code
its 4 cores and shared peripherals and ints i think
or 4 cores or whatever
yeah dude people never use much of 8bit uC processing time either
like, 4x full uC > 1 uC w/ 4x cores
you just have to know how to wire them up and how to code it to be useful

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no i dont think so
share between what
discrete gates
too slow
you just dual/tri/quad port it with visible enable lines
fuck 16b
you just have to make sure only one one thing on the ram bus is output enabled
so either you do it with buffers
or in software based on control lines
sure it would, just go HIZ until you need them
meh, 2 way buffers and enables

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havent tried
i have mine on broadcast
timecop: =(
rockshox stfu
dont be a stutroll
yeah because cigs are destroying my hip
not my retarded habit of never stretching and only working on set of leg muscles
smokers have a higher risk of not giving a fuck
i think my discs are ok but iunno
is okay cuz in 10 years ill just install a wetwire and control my cybernetic parts which i design
triple strength
i take at least 3 a day

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nicotine and additives are the main bad shit in cigs
tar is bad but not the killer, relatively
j4ck|u54: 1 smoke 1 to 3.5g everyday
im pretty sure i smoke more herbs than cigs
under 10
between 4 and 10 each day, prob
american spirit lights
rockshox: no
enough to do 8 miles biking a day unwinded
i dont have gears
so not really
when i quit for 3 months
i smoke at least 2x the weed to make up for the habit
and my lungs totally healed in a couple weeks
on a bus ride home, someone let me bum a cig
shes like 'if you start again, in 3 days youll feel exactly like before you quit'
long bus, 24 hours up the coast
yeah but im bad at habit forming =\
this shit works, yo

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i need to arrange it so a dr tells me i have lung cancer
even if i dont
so i stop smoking
but how do i do it without being in on it
i live here
i might be slightly conditioned to fuckey air
im kinda serious, sadly
like, i can smell the nothing when i get off the plane in WA
because my baseline smell is sooooo far from nothing
i get chest pains
but alot of it is rib/sternum stuff
but sometimes i dunno
j4ck|u54: dunno like 10 years
i also smoke weed
which is like more tar, less chemicals
alot of people thing might be easier on weed smokers
the cigs, because weed smokers always coughing targoo up
so they cough up stuff normally would stay stuck in cig smokers
like the radioactive particles
radioactive particles.
always higher in smoking people
weed prob doesnt have the same problems
my throat is scratchy too often
j4ck|u54: weed i smoke more, thank you
its not as bad

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i dunno what that is
hey whats 'no home for...'
old men? no home for old men
no country for old men
is tommy lee the cop?
today but i might not be home =(
mill is the whole machine you keep confusing me
weird dual 4:3
dude whatever its boobies
jezus fuck youre on the internet you have no bobbie shortage
dx^: did you see the topside of ttmustangs board?

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ASTM D4236-94(2005) Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards
i have to pay $36 to know if my markers are safe fureal
oh neat theyre water not alc based
thats why they take so long to dry
well whatevers, it can be worse than finishing Al shit on a lathe with sandpaper and oil
hands all covered in aluminum soup

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vacuums arent really same as stepper harmonicsharmonics
damn, over edited sentence
also, vacuums dont usually make noise from the same spot for like 10 hours at a time
so i silver metallic sharpied a reminded on my hand
i wonder if its worse than normal sharpie and my hand will fall off and die
'Conforms to ASTM D-4236 Nontoxic'

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pretty sure thats why dude complains
er, doesnt compain anymore
i think he stuck the dude that rents a room under me
they prob nice to me because i run my CNC and theyre like OMG WTF IS THAT ph33r

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