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wow mcmaster has them cheaper

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whats up with paypal waiting random days before hitting my bank card
i hate that
okay trying out new NIN
okay im buying a .005 endmill
i wanna see what this shit is about
and ya i really need something better than 10Krpm

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it seems i need a fuse roller for good toner transfer
even ugly, broken conical did the .015 boards okay

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the machine is capable, indestructible toolbit died tho
<3 carbide
the links are tiny endmills
square cutting profile, so consistent diamater any depth
but $$$
and i never used em i dunno how long they last
pretty sure it depends how much into the FR4 layer yu put the endmill
im maybe going to try toner transfer + CNC drill
600dpi should be okay for .010 space/trace

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okay i think fail pcb is done
ttmustang backside because .004 broke off the tip of the conical cutter
like, itll still work because carbide, sharp breaks
but not for .01
the top is actually perfect
haha this cutter is pretty used up
like last bunch of times i used it i expected it to break
it takes forever
i use another conical
like 60d i think
the one im using now is 30d
but theyre conical, you you get odd profile traces
kinda triangular towards edge of capability
anyway, shit broke a tiny bit but his board is alot of .010 traces
so i thought id try

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maybe even american
$44 hmmm
naw man you know that shit makes you wet
wtf 2 year old bread what a waste of bread

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pretty much
like, if that was a social workers keys, that could be tons of kids personal info
everything is hacked
yeah like hacking a usb flash = sticking into any computer with xp
maybe i should get a tiny endmill
instead of a conical

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blackmoon: you done toner transfer?
how well did it work out first few tries?
not if its used for personal information storage, not at all
its better than nothing and they might have kids personal documents on it

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i wonder if the cutter lasts longer now thats its not to a tiny point
i dunno i never been there
its not surf, surf is different
i wonder how much the eee thing eats
underclocked celeron

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i seriously dont 100+ hours on a conical tip
anyway, my point is, why the fuck is stu such a petty bitch
like, dude all he been bitching about for years is
omg ren goes to school
omg ren smokes weed
like, omg get a life
dude, i really hope youre not proposing we all properly punctuate on irc
cmon we all know how to spell
this is so fuckin lame
you guys dont even talk shit interesting
serious i have channels were we spam creative and talk shit all day
like, this is amateur shit

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like that
no i know you do
that if you im stu im tought im like whatever front
haha, teknique, the droog
wtf does irl have to do with #electronics
why dont you fucking stop spamming
and actually consult the menu
instead of staring into your phone and hitting buttons
$20 tool
cmon stu get real
find something to do so you dont have to troll #electronics

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omg stupid fucking carbide cutter decides to break now
okay learn something about it so you can say something makes more sense
like ive prob done 100+ hours on it and it should have already broken awhile ago
okay again, stop saying stupid stuff its embarassing
its like watching bowie dance in labirynth
you are embarassed for someone else
you said one irrelevant thing and then one just on crack thing
please, go ahead and continue

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because theyre sexy
so yeah
i just broke .004 off the tip of my 60d carbide conical
that shit was expensive
still working, but not as pretty

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and put some lights on the sides and bottom
kill the lights above the water
thatd be pimp
naw you make the beach
indoor beach
nipponese been doing that shit for decades
big wave flap thing
eats kids, cool tech
thats nuts
sharks all bumpin on your box
those are pimp
ha nice

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if it exists, US gov has it
man fuck that
you know how heavy gold is?
you dive in an your ribs would collapse and youd suffocate
or yeah prob that depends on the coinse maybe
gold foil
like digikey paper expanded
and soaked in grit for a few days and then rinsed of course
so it not sharp
no like put that in the safe instead of coins
do like strips or something
youd prob just get stuck at the bottom
take 8x11 paper
except gold
now slot stamp it
expanded metal mesh style
or digikey filler paper style
now expand it and cut into strips
itd be gold how would it not be fun
oh huh
i dunno probablt
naw dude were dumb
goldslager style
just fill the safe with water
and then put gold strips in it
big enough it cant get into your nose

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blackmoon: ya
its just coax
teknique: its transmission line
so yeah its tuned for a specific load
else you get standing waves
oh you want the specific load
i thought you were like completed diff like not coax line different
stu: its dimensions
to RF, it looks like the same load
no matter the length
if you have the correct load on it
yeah its voodoo
youre not sending signal thru the copper
youre doing it thru the insulation
the copper is just to set up the EM fields for transmission
21st century alchemy
tesla says we got our whole EM field half assed
he prob right
um hello
tesla EM model = over-unity
= gold
well, fuck gold
gold will look silly at that point

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stu: wtf
thats so expebnsive
but yeah
jezus fuck those are nice
stu: are those dayton?
its worth it, for the finish, but for cables, yes
1.5' stu =(
those are pimp
yeah that sucks wtf
but the connect is erotic
thats monster dont be a douche
lets scratch off all my permanent connector gold!
yeah but MONSTER on the label fucks it up
and those are all for looks
i still think the first are the best

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blackmoon: taig can do .010/.008 trace/space
im like =O
BC is far
if mccain or hillary win, maybe
fuck her
and he was cool but hes kinda twisted now
obama is mooth, he can chill mufuckers out
they just instigators
if they in, im out

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yeah so im like fuckit, just go symmetrical
its be fun to build a discrete amp
long tail input with sot23
whats its not super hard
oh neat
blackmoon: are they on PCB by then?
or still on ceramic blocks with silver solder
i forgot what those are called
the metal to92 size things
is there a pcb?
the ceramic blocks was instead of PCB
okay neat
that shit is so hax0r
stu: did you check parts express?
anything like that
half the time its the same shit
companies just tag their sticker on it
haha ok

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then it becomes ultramega
complimentary darlington is neat
you can get away with 1-1.5V Vce
depending on current
oh fuck calcing base current
darlingtons with matched PNP/NPN
and a BJT Vbe multiplier for bias
attached to a tl072 output
theyre close enough with feedback!
else youre doing h4x stuff with darlingtons and complimentary darlington in the same amp
and that makes electronics tech jezus commit suicide
okay not really

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you use them in feedback systems
in their linear region
?? basics
stu: go to sound.westhost and find the article on hexfet design
its like normal AB design except biasing is a bitch
<3 darlington/sziklai BJT
thats why you gotta use two

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okay ill be quiet

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its just like, the graphs will be slid over or up the scales on diff specific parts
oh fuck man its late
balloons or pistons or membranes or what?
i like pistons (uF) membranes (nF) and large metal sheets and plates (pF)
yeah see dont ask me to explain caps wtf where is your head =\
inductors are turbines, henries is mass and blade size/pitch related
yeah see i dont totally understand your explaination =(
they have membranes that will fill up with electrons before they turn them on

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wow datasheet walkthru
ignition: you are a lucky one
it should click soon
prob just a lazy bench test
'fuckit [grabs ruler] perfect.'
yeah be careful not to breathe on it either
theyre all similar pretty much
for a set a devices

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yeah run
so fets and tubes kinda same design problems?
for linear shit
stu: fuck you i have garlic trisquits and rich people spreadable cheese with herbs and more motherfuckin garlic
stu: no its good
its like art show cheese

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charles: !
ur bummin us out man
theyre going to call it 'The Study'
thats all you need in a study

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its prob synth rubber for petrol
its really cheap for its specifications, so im thinking its really common
yeah i was happy when i opened the box
im going to use this as the seal between the acrylic front chassis and the aluminum heatsink back chassis in the grow LED arrays
i want to make them water resistant
timecop: omg you mean cylinder heads?
cmon you dont use rubber for head gaskets
ok neat
bruce willis should have been neo
blackmoon: rufus was morpheus from the matrix
well, san dimas was the matrix
the phone booth was the nebuchadnezzar
28 seconds
wait for it

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buna-n i think
buna-n gasket sheets
search that at mcmaster.com
top table, 4 down, 2 in, 16.82
take pics =D

blackmoon: search full hose at mcmaster
er, fuel hose
first hit is buna-n hoses
Buna-N tube with wire support makes this hose durable enough to handle loading and unloading of gasoline, fuel oil, and other petroleum-based products. Hose ID is smooth for unrestricted flow. Can be used outdoors.

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rickroll them
do it
fuck ted
rufus was morhpeus in cracker disquise
the phone booth came from the matrix
ya, rly.

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yeah i know
yeah so dont use that cable
well your grounding idea also has problems =)
ur doing unbalanced audio how do you not have grounding problems?

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and cars are fucked up for wireless
but yeah fuck that
you want respect from audio peoples, make a little buffer like they make little bass preamps and EQ
that has RCA in and XLR out
and do your amps XLR
and do bridging by just routing the balanced signals to identical amps
its a standard
but XLR would sell it if you ever want to do a run of them
yeah speakers ins
alot of integrated amp subs have those
basslinks are pretty neat
Infinity makes them i think
10" bass pod with RCA and speaker inputs
naw you can do it
like, it makes the bridging situation ideal
because you have a perfect inverted signals
so now you can run identical amps
well youre talking about using balanced cable as coax
and putting signal and chassis grounds inside the shields hugging signals
just do RCA style shielded with a creative system ground scheme or do balanced

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some cable is really nice but you gotta use it the right way
like, if you do rca, leave the grounds open one end, and then use a big fat ground strap
yeah thats the prob with the dual grounding setups
it make sense electronically, until you get into really noisy situation, then one of you channels might pick up noise while the other is fine
blackmoon: bipolar power
signal grounds only
and then sane ground
shielded grounds on one side, and nig far ground straps to a central location
naw you gotta make a buffer
and stick it right on the head unit
stu: you run + and - supply
and those are your power lines
and you basically only have signal grounds
they might isolate analog grounds thru resistance or a coil
make a pod
honest opinion: RCA to balanced buffer at the head unit
and then signal transmission balanced to the amps
you can do bridged really easy then
with identical amps
omg thats madman
because itd take digital conversion
and very high bitrates because or error checking

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sup komrads
stu: omg still on the wiring
stu: you have to different grounds hugging your signals
one of them is connected to chassis ground which might as well bve oddly tuned antenna in a car
than you, third same opinion
amen to bigass independent grounds
or pro audio signal transmission
you should make an RCA to XLR buffer at your head unit
and then do your amp XLR
you know that would be pimp so dont talk shit
then you can use your blinger cable in a functional manner
dude serious grounding is black magic

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fpga, asic

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no you want #electronicstech
this is about consumer electronics
no rly, what
not if you can code
get real

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he prob aint even from here
import mutherfuckers
president of what?
a TV show?
yeah martin sheen too
also jurt russel at some point i think
i mean cmon in hollywood, snake pliskin can be president
man im glad i dont watch TV anymore
its like people are still talking about the same stupid shit they were talking about 5 years ago
hello, progress, or something
you need some new fuckin TV shows
i mean you like the human race

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no its much, much more than that
anyway, im from the san fernando valley, dunce
where do you think 'valley speak' comes from?
i can talk like this if i want to its my birthright
yes you do you know all about it
you prob seen more images of the valley than any other single city
you watch commercial pr0n and american movies
yes there
95% of pornography is show in the valley
and not 24
any time hollywood needs a suburban setting on the cheap, use any random place in the valley
you need some weird techy scifi lookin shit?
rent out the sepulveda dam (as seen in countless commercials and gattaca)
who gives a fuck about jack bauer

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my taig is doing .010" traces ok
not neat, i totally made the milled hole for the eth too big
man fuck i need biggy pcb drills
of course not people talk everyway here

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MTA took about 1.75 hours from my pad to LA museum of art and la brea tarpits
but no traffic, no parking bullshit
we gonna leave at 3p on friday and get there by 5p so we can spend full 3 hours of free fine art viewing
haha at some of the shit considered serious art

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buck smps

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thru http://darkertechnologies.com/image/ttmustang_mill_05.jpg
okay i have to get some wild and crazy russians from north hollywood thru MTA to la county museum of art
other wild and crazy russians

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im going to take the russians to LACMA on the red line and rapid bus
hehe, we gonna switch over at macarthur park

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like to them its just random hyroglyphics
mill a mold
pour latex or silicone
and use that
yeah i can CNC them
with an airbrush attachment
art shop
like, you gotta find the one teachers go to
macegr: nice
just depends how much money you wanna put into it
like, how fine youre gonna get it
but yeah, good thin paint that will mix in realtime, itd prob be perfect
total gantry mill shit
reactive dyes
and low power settings
no =(
dont worry you will get discount, ha
where are my rolling papers
(is how to set Z)
nm i found it
do it.

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the toolmakers vice, no
the tslot nuts, yes
before i really knew what was up with speeds and feeds with taig on steel
the fixture for the pcb in Al, yes
because i have like 100 of the same size copper clad
yeah, if you do it right
al will move easy enough you just cant let it weld to your cutter
Al on cutter = game over
serious its hell to get that shit off
i just use them on cool Al and wood and hope it chips off
usually works
yeah prob made it soft and pulled itself along it flutes
oh haha yeah i was testing something
and i didnt wanna waste pcb
ttmustang: oddly friends have said i should do like posters and tshirts with my drawings and schema and pcb designs

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blackmoon: neat
took about a week i guess
yeah, i sent last monday i think

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like, sometimes RCA cable feel like theyre gonna fuck themselves or the connector up inserting them and pulling them off
BNC would be cool
i mean fuckit if you have to plug two things in for a stereo channel anyway, why not
ha see thats how you build a system of defiance
make selector module with RCA input, and BNC breakouts
and then make the rest of your system BNC
with independent 12awg banana grounds

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rab: yeah if people were serious, everything would be shielded balanced interconnects
its prob the shielding
prob just connected on one side
which could be a very bad thing, if your systems are on a noisy ground
but yeah, if grounded close on a power strip thru very fat power cables, that kind of cable might be helpful
i think it would be polite to only disconnect one channel
maybe that is how they do it
rab: do you like your noise 60Hz or 120Hz?
i always forget what note that almost is
like, typical audio really is a 'fuckit WHATEVER' grounding situation
also, im not super into the friction fit thing
even 1/8 and 1/4 phone plugs are better about that

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dunno, id do RCA with boosted signals to defeat noise and sane amp grounding, or true balanced
if just standard hookup isnt good enough
were talking about your weird cable setup
those are shielded balanced cables
its audio h4x stuff, we dont have balanced so lets kinda pretend because, indeed, stereo sheilded cable are neat
you just need connectors that dont fall off or pull apart
expensive connects = looks
but yeah, some of them look hella sexy
id prob blow the money if the budget was cool with it
dayton (partsexpress) imports some neat connectors

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grounding is like the black magic of pro audio
yeah RCA and balanced are both transmission line technologies
its coax and twinlead
like, id just do normal RCA or a try balanced system
do your shit XLR input

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it like eats all its own emissions so it cant couple interference and noise
shielding is effective too, but if you are in a way noisy environment and using a shield as a ground line connection, it can make your shit noisy
yeah because cars are the definition of a fucked up noisy environment
so yeah, if you ground the shields at one end, and then run the ground lines parallel with the signals down the coax line...
so like, shield, signal ground and signal in a pair
then when you run stereo, you have two long ground connections hugging different signals
so you just introduced a ground loop, which maybe does nothing or maybe just creates weird crosstalk issues you cant seem to fix with hardware

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well, hopefully its twisted
yeh, its in ther marketing blurbs
stu: you could use it as two balanced lines with shielding, or just two stereo lines, or be a tard and put stereo down each twisted pair
you just tie them together and its like coax
then how do you do it
well yeah
its extra stuff, if youre not running the line unbalanced
i actually have a ton of that stereo shielded stuff =)
i have a cable with like 24 channels of stereo shielded cable
running it balanced is not bad idea tho
its RF alchemy based
its almost like radio stealth

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have you read fahrenheit 451?
remember the firedog?
macegr: cell phone band cam on it
macegr: broadcast criminal hunts live
stu: RCA is coax
XLR and mics are balanced
balanced is basically twinlead signal transmission stuff
opposing current and voltage, so all your EM fields cancel
macegr: that shit is scary
macegr: that + blasters + remote interface = future of law enforcements
dude it can be ass on face on all four sides
stu: its shielded twisted pair

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devil girl with the greycz board
dig that jollyroger breast logo
ttmustang: yeh, its 3/8" ply i think
held together with stair brackets
with some angle brackets with standoff to hold the acrylic sheet on the front
like 1/8" acrylic
stu: i think she has stuff
also shes nuts
shes system people, junkie survivor, dont get in her way
yeah like bad stuff, prob not okay too poke
maybe better now, but dunno
she kinda like a close friend of a bro
anyway, i got devilgrrls back

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and the milled pcb in that gallery are all taig
the nutty blocky shit was designed in electronics workbench ultiroute with poly traces, transcribed to autocad, and hand gcoded
man i was nuts

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yeah but lots of beansers in ncali
all the way to WA
also, im not a beaner
i dont even speak beaner
most white people in LA are more beaner than me =(
i can understand it semi-fluent
but i dont speak it
my dad was a bitch and didnt let us learn spanish when we were kids
because he wanted us to have strong english
like, my sister picked it up from the maids
but i hated the maid we had when we were a little older
after delci went away =(
she had no teeth and she would scare me by gumming my finger
also, she used to put hot sauce on my thumb when i was little to keep me from sucking my thumb
that was fucked up, yo
not funny
but yeah, hot shit dont even phase me now
i prob have the pepper spray immunity of a full mexican
rockshox: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/technology/cnc/

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luckily he had his phone number on his so i could call him to find my boards
they wanted me to send back his board
they got the fedex setup and everything, i just had to drop it off
they overnighted both of us boards
i still have his
tube preheater or something
they still spam me
they got my schools tech in trouble
like he was kinda mad, which made me mad, because jim is awesome
so they did it right and put the department on the package
but then they fucked up the other package in the order
and put my name
and jim got in trouble for getting personal mail for students
so my friend says i was an ass when i walked to the school mail room and asked for my package
i just remember being like 'do you have a package for me' and having my STFUGTFO my way face on'
theyre not round eyes
their shop might be
but theye based in N Cali
oh huh
i dunno man im pretty slanty eyed
and theres no asian that we know of on the mexican side

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then it spends 200 pages going on about how to calculate speeds and feeds for a ton of common situations
but yeah, you cant fake it when you have tools that will measure .001 like its nothing, and .0001 with a tad effort
like, machine your parts to dead one, put in your locker, measure the next day and its under by .004
being a tool room machinist at a contract shop gotta be some fucked up stressful shit
ya rly
but they have inspection evironments
any serious shop needs to have a temp/moisture controlled room for doing inspection on metal and synthetics
rockshox: .0001 is more common, but .00001 isnt totally rare or anything
rab: you know they sent my prototype board to someone else?
and then they sent me his

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if you are ninja and are willing to tune it, and know your feeds speeds, i believe it is a sub mil precision machine
but honestly, a good machinist (red: not ren) can make almost any machine sub mil if you give them enough time to study it
its just a matter of compensation and feedback, be it thru linear and shaft encoders, or a machinist stopping the spindle to hit it with micrometers
we have bridgeport mills with like .05 backlash
maybe way more
but we can get them to .002 precision easy
and .001 if we hate ourselves and dont value our time
rockshox: check out CC too
like, best to go in and check out the shops and try and meet intructors before picking programs
like mine was awesome, but ive heard all sorts of shit
okay cool, nm then
like, the cool thing about machinists: totally practical minds
its like zero theory, all experience and logical sense
like, Machinerys Handbook (shop bible) speeds and feeds sections starts of by basically saying:
'no calculation can give you a proper result for speeds and feed. it is machine, tool, and part dependent'

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rockshox: yeah they are not tool room quality
but they are def production shop quality
ive had mine like two years, its not worn out, its like broken in
the table is light, and i have my brass leadscrew nut clamped way down, same setup maybe 3 or 5 months
but yeah, its getting godlike X backlash
X and Y tested same method, programmed compensation
.004 for y, .0002 for x (wtf)
rockshox: sec
not really
big machines can be alot worse
they have closed loop systems and servos that auto compensate
its transparent, its in the controller hardware
yeah on any system
but on an open loop system, you are setting compensation in software with no feedback
so you set it for a certain portion of the table, usually the most work XY section
and then you see how many steps your steppers do without actually moving the axis
with a indicator in the spindle or mounted to a stationary object
rockshox: i get stuff like >.001 over per inch
i think i have a leadscrew error issue, or backlash issue

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from taigtools.com
it has a shit Y
you will not be doing very large parts without fixture and inspection talent for multiple setup parts
okay cool
keep in mind its tiny, tho
not alot of metal keeping it stable, itll screem if you drive it to hard or too deep
so chip loading should be in the range of .0005 to .005 or so
yeah on a big machine its possible
going deep, too
youd just snap the tool or lock the axis steppers on a taig
or flex the spindle and column assembly
big machine are so amazing
i wanna try and find a shop with a water jet
see if they will let me hijack it
like, i have an AS in CNC, and im willing to have them review my code
but i wonder if they have a prob with it
it saves them design and setup man hours, they love that

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if you want, contact him about a deal offline
thru paypal, so its still legit
1) Deepgroove 4 axis control box
likely a xylotex 4ch in a print server chassis
thats my setup
the 4th axis is a toy
thats $2100 shipped
are you a student?
its a toy vise, its functional but not precision
its a small stepper on angle aluminum
with a toy 3jaw chuck
okay, well i said i was a student
maybe tell him you will maybe purchase another turnkey syste, for the shop
but i got mine for like $1850 shipped i think
dude he just wants money
it might have been $1850 base, under $2K shipped
but expect to pay several hundred on tooling and on cutters learning speeds and feeds
dont be afraid of breaking it, its a hardcore fureal machine tool
its just tiny
if you fuck up the table, they are only like $120 to replace

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sandis art crew has defeated our silly technical madness
wkr4k4r: my gf did that with THC chem symbols
and printed cannabis leafs
er, tmpex gf
she didnt print real cannabis leaves
you need to make those with dirt and sunlight
its running now
i spent last night going on about the backlash compensation with #emc heads
because the Y is sane
but my X axis has unbelievable backlash spec
too good
like, in my working area, .0002" was what mad it compensate correct
like, Y should be worse than the X because of the nature of the loads with XY table setup
Y moved the whole X setup and a bulky table support thing
does it have a driver?
the ebay sellers name
yeah man

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tropical cows
.032 holes are so unexciting
i have like...
35 sizes of pcb drill between .012 and .0625
i need to get sized up to .125
er sizes
'sized up to .125' sounds so wrong
toner transfer youtube
first hit is to clay

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thats not real choco milk
garlic salt and bottled nesquick
shit thats not outcast status, that heaven yo
kill a tropical cow
burgers and milk, yo
cornflakes and milk

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not blended spices like that
cmon i just turned surviving into vacation dining
ugh, prob salt but i guess fresh water happens
well, you could be sub tropical in a large river filled sea
like, if im stuck on an island in the nile, im sure as fuck not trying to swim to the jungle on the other side
dunno brazil is really big
yeah i dunno what
dairy is comforting
dude chocolate milk is voodoo
it just like, drink this and you will be happy

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i dunno know alot about that stuff tho
like i could prob get some algorithm working, but i wouldnt understand why
just shift the peaks in the freq domain
bit pitchless speed change is the killer app i think
like, done cheap in a box
shit my hashbrowns is burning brb
so stuck on a deserted tropical island, but very well stocked eco system
you can have two foods, unlimited
say you crashed with a food products freight deliver
i want lawrys lemon papper and garlic salt
and id kill shit and cook it medium well
and put lemon pepper and garlic salt on all of it

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they have gemini and old numark shit, mostly
yeah, compared to some tech decks, heh
also, i wanna try some of those dsp decks
with the constant pitch speed shifting
numark had one awhile ago, they prob all make one now
but id just need something to play records
i dont want to gig
`nico: yeah that stuff will prob be big
because its not super cheap, and its a pretty new effect
most processing is digital versions of old tricks
because thats what can really make a dnb mix odd
its like you fav track, but shifted 7%
so now its in who knows what key, and eventually it sounds okay, till you hit the next track mix
and then its like dischord level: deftones
but the deftones always do it four times in a row, so it sounds correct even tho its like harmonically broken

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its weird how CNC stepper harmonics will blend right into a thick dnb track
its cool as long as its a fair set
i mean, the only shit i have a prob with is when its just like, switched playlist style
with a ton of rewind
like, if you at least mixing them into each other when they change up, so its like a proper flowing set, im usually okay with it
thank god
man, good
because a good emcee is an awesome thing
but i know like 3 and only ones name
(question mark is neat)
(mcmc can suckit, needs to learn the fuckin songs, my friend says hes a herb bogart too)
`nico: no i have no decks
and its hard to justify buying goods decks
and i dont wanna buy shit just to have to buy new ones in a few months
so im prob gonna try and pick up some friends techs when they get something else
borrow or buy
i might get something like those
theres a paisa music shop on van nuys blvd has alot of mid and low grade PA stuff

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kids need to get into it
it fell out of the rave scene into the club scene most places
it hasnt really hit underage show scene
dude yeah wtf is that
like, rainforest bass was prob the only thing in last few years i remember liking
whatever that song is called, synth flute and this massive mampi swift distorted stompy bass
i like his sound
but i just know the tracks get played
i saw him live and he did my fav set that night
so i dunno a ton of his production stuff besides the obvious ones, but he ok dj
well, no dieselboy
motherfucker can trainwreck and look bored at the same time
like, fixing his lip gloss or something
like a real pro
hes to skinny to be a talented dnb dj
like, where your belly roll from sitting in front of your decks and just spinning and drinking for 7 days straight
yeah, he got real weird
like, alot of people say he got caught up to early
because he was kinda just a kid in school
nuh uh
i dost listen to shit except the radio and live sets and shows i go to
serious i know like 10% of the names or producers of the tracks i like haha
neat i will bookmark and check it out

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heh, im drillin .012" holes
carbide yay
the key to the improvement in energy efficiency was finding ways to make the circuits on the chip work at a voltage level much lower than usual. While most current chips operate at around 1.0 volt, the new design works at just 0.3 volts.
joellama: neat
Commercial applications could become available "in five years, maybe even sooner, in a number of exciting areas," Chandrakasan says.
not like those quantum gate fucks
expected quantum gate rollout: 10 to 100 years
like damn, just say 'we gettin no where fast, so far'
macegr: dude in 5 years, everyone will listen to drum n bass
they been saying that 15 years now
its my fav dnb joke
this time we mean it tho
and not like how i said we meant it in 2001
because that was obviously a joke

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LA has real pub transport now
i can get like across the city in under an hour
in some cases i know its faster than a car
also no parking cost or time
its so weird its like all the shitty pub transport jokes are just like, ritual
because its really very good now
heheh, we bankrupted because of it, but whatever
prices went up tho...
okay i need to refuel and then CNC some shit

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so i dont look so out of place, even tho i stick out
the economy is why
oakland looks neat
i did a bus stopover
its very stacked, 2/3 story east coast duplex stuff
but i dunno it struck me as being very neighborhoody
like brooklyn
i could never live in manhatten but brooklyn is <3
yeah but i saw an ocean of that
yeah they had a little skyline, but i didnt know if that was oakland or someplace else
i dunno my way around up there, ive only done short stopovers or overnights to go other places
like, everything ive heard about SF proper, i dont think i would like it
like, it might be fun, but not the kind of place id want to stay
but alot of the outer bay area seems cool
yeah bay seems to have alot of awesome markets
LA does but everything is so spread out
also, SF prob the only place with worse traffic than LA
like, city traffic
manhattan was kinda the same traffic, except instead of just happening at rush and lunch, its all day
SF just looks like stop and go hell

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and most latin people can tell im a hybrid, so they dont really try and start shit
like, if i had to be gen pop, id roll with the brown people
but its not like the skins would see me as a traitor, and black people see me mostly as an oddity, with the fro or the dreads
like im pretty thick and apperently my default face is like, 'gtfo of my way'
which is just a native LA thing, put on your face and look straight ahead and walk
so yeah i dont project VICTIM like average cracker in jail
most people who dont try and act hard or dont project spineless amounts of ph33r are okay
ive never been messed with by locals in south or east LA
or the few parts of the valley that are fucked up
yeah that helps
but yeah, i get messed with by the LAPD, not locals
i also dress like an urban kid, but not gangster, more non-affiliated punker

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when i went to twin towers over that weed bullshit, that was the popular inmate joke
of course
you have it snuck in by your visitors
girl put it up her twat and then you put it up your butt or something
most likely
40 soups per gram
id prob be smoking with the guards in the admin offices after the 2nd year
yeah id go nuts
been there, done that
it wouldnt be that big a deal
shit if i could get net access and a library job, hell itd maybe be a enjoyable experience
i have psych records, so i can get it so im solitary if i dont want to play with the inmates in general pop
also, im generally not considered white by minorities
they know im not a proper cracker

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you get people to come and put money on your books
or you have it arranged that you puy your own money on your books
d0gzpaw: in prison
in the store its like 10/$1 some brands
soups are $1
even if it changes, thats just the exchange rate
in prison, hard cash is in the form of ramen soups
dx^: microwave in common area probably
or they have a guard give them boiling water
keep in mind this is a place where fruit fermented in water under your bunk for weeks is a profitable commodity

An alcoholic beverage produced my inmates in a county or state level. Alcohol is made from fruit, sugar, and bread that ferments for a period of time ranging from one to six days.
whatever everyone i heard talk about it would use juice cups
theyd have like single servings

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and mint
we are cloning peppers, yo
fresh oregano is awesome, actually
is bay leaves a little bush or a tree?
bay leaves are double plus
i think so too
dx^: you mostly fall asleep
anyway, they need holes for water to get out and air to get in
dx^: its contraband in prisons
kitchen workers will steel the nutmeg and sling it
wonderful sleep aid
dx^: dude, prison is weird
ramen soups are currency
'yo how many soups?' or 'quanto sopes?'
well because they have store, right
they dont have access to money but they can spend money on their books at store
ramen is like $1
even county jail
if youre placed on a unit, you get store
i think maybe
but they just buy food usually
probably also bathroom stuff
but yeah, soups is basically currency
not much

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on ur phone?
wtf by irl people?
oh my god im sry
haha sociology teacher is so cute
i gavce here the anon vs cos pics on a cdr
and shes like 'OMG I CAN KEEP THEM!?'
apperently they dont require any comp training to be sociology dr
*gave her
so yeah, final count after i split off the supulveda basin and venice beach pics was 800 images
d0gzpaw: kinda i think
they need better than average drainage
need air in the dirt for the roots to grow fast enough to keep up with the stalk i guess

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charles: you eat them like raw avos
you slice lengwise and then peel back the skin with the flesh attached
i dont like mangos but my sister and mom <3 them
messy shit
like, if ima make a mess, ima do it with a pomegranate
d0gzpaw: nice teknique
you suck on the skin
to get that stuff
thats how the hardcore mango eaters roll
haha mango cookbook
11:56 < d0gZpAw> Charles: ooh, here's a pro! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvLdPjpELyU

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damn i almost gave teacher a cd full of gcode files

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we have a samsung DVD/VHS/flash card thing, but it only does wmp codecs

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anon is paranoid
alot of cheaper ones will do divx/xvid/win stuff
look around on dvd rip forums they prob hasve lists of multiformat compatible DVD players

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i think PUMA may have overtake Converse as the official shoe brand of geekers
dude fawkes played we will rock you
and no one knew the verses
and stomping on concrete only hurt us and made very little noise
it was kinda a sad moment =(
it was like me and three other anons during the verses
also lazy netizens have no kinda chant endurance
by the time the second half get going, the first half like tired
dude TAX THE CULT and FYI HES A SPY were def the winners
they def caught a couple CoS lurkers
but i think a few people were people that showed up because of flyers
didnt know what the fuck a 4ch or an efnet was
you know, the kind of people you really want to have around
like, 10min they forgot about scientology theyre like flaming possible spies
me and few other people kinda like, yo scientology is on that side of the street

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no they were goofy with the slang when they werent being all civil with the cops
no i dont mean like all the suit fawkes were 4ch'ers
or even all the 4ch'ers were suit fawkes
but im pretty sure those dudes were
it was like, omg stop saying those particular things it just doesnt translate to real life ur embarassing
the rick roll shit is classic tho\
and the flight of valkyries
ive never said lol in anger
i say sigh
okay i edited all the stupid drill files
i always forget i have to do that

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theyll try
kids on the bus were like 'whats next'
see my thing is, anon vs scientology was kinda a reactive thing
cos messed with people whose whole existance is messing with people
its obviously bigger than that, 4ch isnt this many people
reactivity or bigger than 4ch now
well yeah of course not
4ch is just where the anon icon is from
im betting the 4ch'ers where the ones in perfect anon suits and fawkes masks who were claiming to be the organizers, and 'running shit'
who were talking to the cops

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CoA vs CoS
dude cult can take me to court, i dont know any of those people
im a native of LA, ive always had a prob with scientology
and its not like this is the first set of scientology protests here

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i need a script that reconfigured and split pcb-gcode EMC drill output
macegr: i forgot to do an assignment for sociology teacher
but i have like 250MB of CoS protest images i can give her in offering in hopes of mercy
because yeh that was her request, TAKE PICS!
i was supposed to like, sit in on some religious ceremony
i dont think being outside trolling the cult counts =(

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macegr: heh

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also his controller is on the array
bulky, exposed
the only thing i would try diff is arrays of 0603 led
but i mean like, farms of hundreds and prob active cooling
it went the wrong way

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rock shows or hip hop shows and alot of electronica, we usually do
its like someone hit indexed color mode on the venue and set it to like 2 colors
usually just camo pants to big and my carhart(sic) jacket
thats a good official position
youre messed it up already
are they too big
they have to be too big and cutoff so they like swooshswooshswoosh like samurai pants
yes we already destroyed it on basic design principles
its not power efficient, its not optimal lighting, its not brightness matched
its macegrs led matrix
but non glorious
in direct comparative sense, its like the anti-macetech matrix
but its more an led visual 'wow' thing that a led grow light

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drum n bass needs vikings like that
if i ever build a ultramega dub-style System, it will include viking defence systems
northern europe has drum n bass
drum n bass is everyone
like, my komrads are typically a color mismatched crowd, we dont even dress stupid the same way
we dont stick out at drum and bass

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haha hes being casual now
its prob better

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teknique: their fox 11 (local LA) statement was like a anon statement, but they switched scientology with anonymous
thats all i loaded
he made a small version of your project, basically
3 logic fets
6 because mine is dual independent array
me waiting for the viking
oh shit

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mine is also immune to Vf variations unless a whole string is above Vf spec
so assuming theyre consistent in light/current, they should all be same brightness, unlike dudes, where they all are diff current and brightness depending on Vf

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but the duty control on mine is just gonna be for scheduled light feeding and red/blue bias and switch white lighting and brightness
like, if you wanted to sim sun moving across sky or something
the current control is with BJT current sources, and im running strings of 6 blue and 8 blue
the current driver takes up 1V
and im doing like boost reg to 1V above the led/source V calcs with absolute max LED Vf values
so im dropping like 2-3V for about 20V worth of LED, current locked
as opposed to dropping a volt for ever volt output
er, 6 blue and 8 red

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f current control
my things are current fixed
you would control power by controlling duty
k go test, do like 'fuck efnet' or something
like, fuck resistors for crap LEDs in strings
also, hes got 1 led per resistor
prob dropping like half the 5v
because im sure the cells dont 'sync'
plant cells are like semi-autonomous
plants are functional marxism
its a really nice LED blinker
you dont need avr led control at all
for this
thats why in my block diagram its called 'digital control option'

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By pulsing the LEDs at 720Hz or higher the plant can achieve maximum growth with a minimal amount of energy.
um, or just leave them on
the only reason to pulse it to bias red/blue
which prob isnt totally neccessary unless youre doing research with alot of arrays
well, but there are so many cells
im thinking some of them are ready for more all the time
The cost is $60 per unit + $5 USPS shipping.
40 LED
resistive current control
okay thats like a 3W unit
i wanna see test data
mufuckers need plant pics and graphs
yeah but like how much sense is what mean
anyway, its gonna have the outputs jumpered
so i just pull the jumpers and wire in a controller board

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cmon that shit is like VHS era amusing
#electronics, meeting all your GNAA needs
you just want to be seen as one
i know
yeah well, ill believe you when you start talking shit about more than every race except white people
sure its a cute statement but i think logs would say otherwise =)
i just woke up, i gotta start drillin
then i gotta be like 'teacher i didnt go to religous service, because the police made us stand across the street and down the block'
maybe i can bribe her with 800 protest pics
macegr: why would you pulse them?

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just a bunch of big headed crackerass-crackers
lack of anyone to play with besides stupid caucasions growing up would actually explain alot
no why, do you hate on gays too?
the joke is so old, dude

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