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oh man
i have hundreds of good CoS pics
i got pics of all those metro dressed preppy wannabe fucks
and their big fat ex cop security
they said they were gonna get the cops when i was on their side of the street at the shrine auditorium demonstration
but they got this big fat bitch
so she shows me:
so i laughed at her ass all like HAHA THIS AINT SANTA ANA
she like a fat man
dude i have this pic where both the fat ex cop looking security looking at me like:
you should be ashamed
okay tmpgf done with shower bye
omg is prof spewing bullshit?

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oh i found us
that guys loves the pussy
macegr: tmpgf here k bye talk laters

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okay so i show up thurs early or wed night
yeah that sounds super neat
is why im saying
haha fun
thats prob the only cool reason to not go
like it sucks, but its better than doing anything else thats not being there
we should do a craft, too
we can glue painted pasty onto the tops of the altoids
or i guess find craft people to do it
and they will be ruined but in a sentimental way
man wtf
they need to organize their list somehow
we are engineering?
maybe growleds is green
macegr: stu is gonna hax0r your fakeident or something
stu: hello, plants cant see green
ur sol

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dude girl anons, mmmm
now tell me that isnt an awkward situation
'hey babe, un, lookin good?'
dude on the way home on the last part
orange line high speed bus to couple blocks from my pad
there was some anons i think
they was cool, i wouldnt have known
but yeah, little thick geeker girl:
blue bomber shirt, giant pixels
'say hello to my little friend'
that shirt is like the coolest thing to happen to me all year
i wanted it to blink
her bro was there =(
CE from CSUN, we got into it, i think we scared his sister and gf
hehe, they did some failrobot
it almost finished the track
but it moved the last cone .5" haulin ass
so csun robot disqualified
well, plane probably
southwest, WOOOWOOOO
but yeah whenever you think i should show up ill show up
plane, train, bus, maybe a ride
i got two people maybe wanna road trip it with me

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how many of those can there be?
like 2 im guessing
eastern european
to be a teacher replacement
i have a thing for the eastern european ones
i think its in my programming, because russian and polish and romanian on my dads side
theyre particle
i have gas cans
ammonia and something else
theres like two or three kinds
but some crazy fuck
and CoS is nuts
anon is paranoid as fuck
anon is paranoid as fuck
4 people
i think 2 were real
we saw them across the street in failmode
same clothes no masks
man, arrested
im glad i live in cali
im spoiled as fuck living here, yo
i dicked with the cops all day
they deserved it tho
they knew it, too
they were cool tho
the 20 cams helped
like, try telling the, WE NOT HIPPIES
they dont care
netizen? wtf are you talking about GET THE FUCKIN IN YOUR SCELL BOY
on of the cops called a girl anon boy
she wasnt even guy fawked
she was bandana style
its neat, all jungle stylee

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like, more expensive cars, you will see parts are made from like a bunch of stamped pieces welded together
<3 the speech
so like, trolls basically raised the bar in organized protest
and theyre not even trying
okay well, theyre trying, but seriously no one seems to be going apeshit taking it serious
yeah all that shit is forged, or cut welded plates
fuck altoid amps
i could just load some chipamps in a bag with a string of batteries
and do like 100w from ma belleh
macegr: there will be more
i wouldnt feel bad for not going yetr
i didnt go to the first because i didnt wanna get tear gassed
so i told secy married sociology teacher
and shes like, OMG TAKE PICS!
she doesnt get how pics just fall like rain after yet
but yeah, when i said how i didnt want to go to the first one, she says:
'oh yeah, because what if tear gas or something'
i want an unmarried unbred polish import sociology dr

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crumple onto the bracing stuff
which i guess hopefull is supported by the frame
thats why there bigass frames and latches on doors and sills
oo atlants
so um
i have hundreds of good pics
theyre way better than i thought
haha i have like pics of EVERYONE
but itd kinda have some stamped steel shit
thats what it usually is, but its usually thick
so like it kinda forms a brace with the hinges and latches
but yeah not so much on little cars
just a thick stamped piece maybe
stu: no but cheap econo shit almost always made of stamped shit
haha, its like puzzle shit
like, its not something welded together to form like a 3d structural part
its just some thick steel, bent creatively
and then like spot welded to a frame or another piece like that

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stu: some of the metros had inline 4s and were just normal econo cars with no kind of quarter panel protection
like if a another car hits that car in the quarter panel, passenger side, i bet it goes all the way thru to the driver
stu: no
very no
the one they made a name on was an inline 3
no bullshit
okay yeah
if its that engine its probably not so bad
stu: i dont like them because theres almost no metal in the quarterpanel
see how low the wheel well is?
theyre made with multiple stampings
welded together for strength
i remember it just being this big sheet of sheet metal
all doors are made to crumple
they have a cross brace thing
like, on the drivers side theres usually thick metal upport
outer doors always just an empty shell
some window hardware that usually isnt even there because the window up

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oh you know why
i was polite and i would stand to the side and watch
like, i was literally 2ft to the left
fuck i did that alot
alot of pics of me taking pics of people taking pics of me exist
scientology trying to use anonymous shit against anonymous
its like they used the anon press release to write the response
test33: chilling
looking brainwashed, metrosexual
it is hollywood
dude metros are total shit
total and complete
metro is chevy failing at my car
so hard
like, my shit did 50mpg in 1986
my shit is 180K miles and died because i drove it like a fuckin race car
thats a metro
even if its not, it is
its a failcivic =(

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no he doesnt want that
like, matched channels with a switch or a uC doing some sense magic and shutting down is probably ideal
like, as far as audio is concerned
but yeah gainclones behave
dude its like 7 parts wtf
i was thinking about doing a boost supply for a gainclone car amp
AB bitch, fuck fet switches
no this is old old idea
when i was messing with them
i dont even have a car now
well, a reliable car
i bet
i think its a mini jeep
if not maybe an econo
macegr: you saw me?
i think i was too scary looking

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thats some crazy passive filter thing i think
then yeah they do it like how moon said
their output one one channel is to -
inverted, with + as ground
yeah to have matched output
you have to design it well
because if your shirt is distorting the same way a tiny bit in both chans, doesnt matter as much as if both chans are fighting
its so awkward but i think we can force it
yes sculptor
automatic based on hookup
stereo inputs?
amp section inputs?
oh thanks for explaining bridging to us
blackmoon: dude theyre giant opamps

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well, theres 1000 ways to do it with a microcontroller
but yeah im thinking theres prob a way to do it without that
without doing something retarded like running one amp in inverting mode and the other in non-inverting
yeah but how does it know blackmoon
oh, yeah i guess thats fine
it seemed retarded but maybe with good labeling or i dunno
but yeah you dont have matched audio channels
running NI and INV
tho yeah, if you decent you could get it close enough for audio
could prob tell with a scope in mixing mode
but prob not by ear
wait that maybe just works
my god the diagram makes it hard to concentrate
i zoomed at it made it like 3% bigger =(

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standard to bridged?
i would run pair of buffers after the input filters
for each chan, one inverting and one non inverting
you run one of them for normal mode
you can pick whichever config to use for stereo amp duty
i like non inverting but inverting is used in alot of micers and stuff, i gues sbecause the isolated ground input
nono, not really i got into too much detail
but now you have an inverting and non-inverting signal
for each of the 2ch
well, you wanna hit a switch, too, probably
you just want it to happen

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psych is like art, you can just make some shit up and get a few people to agree, and BAM its science
fuck beer
beer is some piss
gimme herbs or gimme a tasty chilled wine
fuckit man gimme fomr of that $6 shit, id rather have that than avg clear beer
sculptor: anyway you gonna like contribute or just fail at being an intellectual troll for another 10min?
earn what
lick it
is that something from mormon texts?
yeah go fuck yourself
dude, dont start shit
serious, go troll in #gnaa or #marijuana or some useless shit like that
im bitter because im trying to have a convo and youre like gettin off on lookin stupid

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your welcome for the advice, $5 donation would be appreciated
wkr4k4r: it used to be like the seat of buddhism
thats where the dali llama kicked it before he had to run away
sculptor: serious, stfu, troll
content, pls
wkr4k4r: i think its fucked up now, tho
its an old poster
it has hari krishna stuff on it, heheh
um, vishnu?
and some of the other weirdo characters
okay nice
so what will it say about you?
any, fuck psychology
how a person with a mind gonna try and study someone elses mind
thats like, fuck i dont know anything about how my car works
but lemme go fuck with this other dudes car and make it try and run
you wanna do useful shit, do a sociological profile on public and private sociological circles on efnet

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oh my bad some is venice beach
the pics are 100x better than i thought
in 20 years, only one venice will exist
macegr: =(
macegr: did i tell you our anonymous speech was read to flight of valkyries?
i mean how pimp is that
guy fawkes, speachin
while guy fawkes is holding the boombox with flight of valkyries
sculptor: nobody gives a fuck about real paris except for shopping and the fucking ever staring tower
i doubt texas paris has the same appear
like, my friend bought me a...
he bought me an hash parlor add from tibet
he was gonna buy my a samurai outfit
but decided no because id prob just wear it once
i dont see what that has to do with my convo
sculptor: youre a bitch
have a convo with like, stuff, or stfu

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i have 1000 min, for like $40 base, and i got $5 phone insurance and think thats it now
like $55 after taxes, i get night and weekends and sprint to sprint and all that shit
i never use more than 500, i average like 350 maybe
and theyre like 'but this plan is cheaper!'
'but that plan is 300minutes'
'you only use 300 minutes!'
the trick with sprint is getting it thru a private dealer
280MB of 1.3mpx pics
951 files, 5 folders
no way
this stupid windows properties box says i snapped 1000pics into the micro sd before the phone decided to die

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but yeah, like people bust out their $50 razr like 'omg look how small!'
and i laugh and pop out my phone because its almost as thing but about half the XY footprint
its not as good on battery as the other two samsung ive had
but its noticable smaller and lighter with like 5x more features
also sprint gave it to me because im a badass customer like that
apperently not changing your phone plan for 3 or 4 years is a pretty big deal to them
they try to sell me better plans over the phone, and couldnt because mine wasnt an advertised plan, it was a hookup thru a dealer friend of a buddy
so they gave me 10% off my bill for a year for wasting my time failing after i told them they would
so yeah, i <3 this phone
well, theyre smaller plans
for okay money i guess
with sprint, certainly
naw they have nice specials

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also you have to switch my phone into mass storage phone
which turns it into a dedicated microsd card reader
shit stops being a phone until you unplug it
er, mass storage mode
speaker phone from a menu, its not even mapped to a softkey
like, menu is softkeyed
i really love it tho
even if i paid for it i think id like it
its a little samsung phone
fit in your fist
and the majority of the UI is good
like, people seem to either love or totally hate samsung phone ui

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sec ill post battery charged

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I've not been here very long, but 4chan is changing for the worse.
wtf thats like being in hell for 3 weeks and bitching its getting hotter
Anonymous must move to greener pastures, in order to disassociate itself from such degenerate behaviour. The home of Anonymous shall no longer be 4chan, but shall instead be this new site called:
hahaha, i thought he was like half sincere till the end
i guess it doesnt make sense without the first paragraph

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even tho the charge cable and the usb cable go into the same connector
i love it, but its bit eccentric with some UI stuff

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yeah im never sure if they mean 0KB bad blocks found or thats how many are in the block table
fuckit it says its fine
who are you to say the hardware is lying
yeah but it tells the hardware and hardware puts it in a table, no?
yeah dunno what handles what
format might now
diskcheck and diagnostics tools will
i would think with a full format it would, but yeah again, no clue on the details
no i dont think so
it kinda bothers me, that seems like something should have been added like two years ago
its all about the tabs yo
it builds wasteful browsing habits tho
naw, im like jew outcast, remember
so um
my phone doesnt charge thru usb
even when its not in mass storage mode

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timecop, dont be a format whore
i need a shower i am stinky
i got LA proper rain all in my dreads, too
its not even 4ch anymore
half the people there prob didnt know wtf 4ch ones
haha, they decided a few people were CoS spies because they didnt know shit about 4ch or efnet
i only think they were right about two of them heh
why is that weird
timecop: it maybe tagged them already?
its a guess

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im sure the bday party at the shrine goes late
i cant find me
haha but i know all those people
lemme plug in my phone and dump the pics
okay elaborate, timecop
quickly i gotta go to the other room
i dont even remember if i did dude
i have been busy most of the day, tho
that guy was chill
i liked him
the reast of the cops were basicall hiding out in the open

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i might just pass the fuck out tho
haha, my sister partied out, she didnt crash out til 10p
im go smoke up all her weed
(cuz fucks its been almost 20 hours now i think)
macegr: i think i was on the other side of the street when they were rick rolling
i mostly stood on the corner and stared at CoS fucks thru my goggles and snapped mad pics
theyre on the wuss side of the street
tho there was a PI in a tan suit, and his buddy
at both locations
hand in pocket, lots of people say that saw a gun and a hip flask
dude walked like he had a buzz on
og is there alot?
i can prob find me in still shots
i was in hollywood for maybe 3 hours before i booked to USC
ha funny
yeah LA just finishing prob couple hours ago

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we have the flight of valkyries over ours
youd know me
welding goggles and dual can gas mask and black hoodie
macegr: ill let you know
i was taking pics
i have maybe 300 or 400]
phone died
oh score
i should check southwest flight cost
macegr: CoS was blowing out their speakers on the giant monitor playback
to drown us out
i have pics of all the CoS crew
only 1.3mpx and no zoom, tho
i have pics of the fucker on the roof of their building taking pics of us
i had to walk around huge hollywood block to get behind the sidewalk barricades to get a closer pic of him from the side
he prob just gonna be like 30 grey and white pixels, tho
macegr: ill go thru the pics and delete the trash and upload
maybe tonight

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i am returned
damn my feets is like 'daaamn'
dx^: okay glucosamine and chondroitin are awesome
hip is knees okay
also, MTA busses and trains def the way to do this anonymous protest shit
macegr: awesome
oh ty
i guess about 200-300 in hollywood
macegr: ha
macegr: i know that speech

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samsung BW laser
red line is two blocks from CoS

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printer driver no worky
solution, uninstall driver, delete ! from device manager, reboot, reinstall driver
works fine

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