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ima reboot
and i guess sleep
i wonder if 'enhance usb compatibility' broke my printer

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well, i call and ask i guess
or check
w00t, hollywood tomorrow
cmon you cant show up to this shit on time
but yeah, i gotta crash
they were gonna meat at a starbucks
but yeah they ditched that, everyone just gotta show up
i think CoS hacked my print drivers
articles where
i dont see shit
i saw the anon vs the gangs of LA spam
like, yeah right
anon really wants beef with LA gangs, the day before schedule protest

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because its just more shit to debug at first
i should prob get the analog shit going well before adding more digital gunk
okay thats a ton cheaper than real pots
they 20K or 50K?
i have to go to sleep
if those point the right way, im using those and pots
i think i have a bunch of pots

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so its doable
heh, tiny dual 7seg, encoder input, wide digipot
like, on the eq and preamp, its 4 or 5 pots
4 is sane
thats neat
okay well, if i can get the other shit designed fast enough
really its prob better to keep the digital stuff minimal
like, the two things with the AVR are going to have the AVR as far away from the audio as possibly
oh the up down ones
yeah, it can all be added later tho

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im not doing xtals, just using internal
cublock thingy?
okay but tiny24 can prob do panel led too
then the relay thing is 3 buttons, 3 led, 3 bjt to 3 relays
well, it wont have slide pots
but im doing a 4band eq
i have to go in and check they are pointing the right direction
i have to h4x standard audio pot pins to make it work with decent spacing to the tin
going to do a pseudo-smt thing
oh hmm
well, the pots will all be broken out to the panel

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can prob put the circuits under the pots
if i cant put the IC under the pots, i can prob get the boards like .5" smaller
macegr: southwest prices prob gonna drop a bit more than usual
okay and attiny24
one for the input select relay drivers, and one for shifty VU
couple buttons
yeah i think i have enough pins
2 buttons, 4 vu serial, 2 adc
thats one part

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well, yeah
but these things are little, and a box like that should be strong
because it should be split for two stacks really
else its gonna be goofy tall
like, 3/16" prob good for looks, and cheap
yeah if you can get images into the laser thing that could be pretty neat
oh neat
so you can program it with an image editor?
wow all my old dip based designs would be tiny with soic and 0603
see im glad i waited before failing at my deck mixer

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er, All, so i can do daisy links and tiny patch cables
get some plastic for the outside
some weird tint acrylic, smoked or something
and then clear for inner shelves
im going stereo amps instead of mono amps, maybe
i wanna do some heat calcs
but im thinking i do the amps with custom heatsinks integrated
and then drill the fuck outta the top and bottom of the altoid tins
heh, sec
omg weird
well, if we have time, fuckit
that but deeper, split like 2x5
but yeah, if you can laser channels, some acrylic bonder and a good cut plan, shit would be pretty hardcore
1/8" or 3/16" acrylic or something
they make strips you can glue one
like, hard pin hinges and soft flexible hinges

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im doing standard front panel
like, button panel and pot panel
then i just populate as neccessary for each module
THD specs at 5V are awesome
thats kinda weird tho
like, i almost think just a normal cab, kinda deep
more like a consumer component cabinet
so basically, shelves in a box with a clear door
no but this is kinda ghetto
you just make acrylic boxes and shelves
and like do plastic hinge for the door
and some h4x latch
go nuts with vents, graphics or morse code or whatever
then you just leave the back open
im buying DC and miniplug connectors from ALL

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macegr: i have selected chipamps
ST power chipamps 5W @ 4R
very good THD
heh, 10W into 2R
i have .250 Al plate for machining heatsink
TDA2003 is neat
okay and also:
yeah everything is miniplugs and dc jacks
itll be magnetically stacked
so kinda heavy
but yeah, for a slide in cabinet thing, just have to get plugs and line everything up

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this is the one

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just get a tripod
and a protractor or whatever its called

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im getting 40
because i dont need $33 in miniplugs
or i dunno
they have .1" pin jumpers too
so im going to do the power sections for grow LED across a 2x6 header
and then jumper
then do the digital control stuff seperate
remove jumpers, plug in

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okay well thats good because it means its cheaper and i get exact lengths i want
omg its mono
oh fuck i gotta buy 3000 of the stereo ones

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so im gonna have to make my own damn 3.5mm patch cables
then its $1.25 per patch cable, and custom length
and i have tons of stereo shielded cable
nice cable fits
its .65

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my print driver install just crapped out wtf

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then we smoked some more bowls and threw tumbleweeds into the pondthing
because wtf those tumbleweeds were not from their
see thats too big tho
maybe like that
no thats way too big
naw man
im shopping motors now
no macegr whatever that it it is much too big

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i want to make a mini dremel
so i went to supulveda basin wildlife preserve
and we found these hidden lookouts over duck pond with duck island
and it has a compas in the concrete in a little circle of benches and rails
and a little thing says what the diff birds are, typical south cali landmark art thing
so the compass has letters like N E S W
and i thought they were iron but they turned out to be bronze i guess
it took forever to scratch my little down arrow <= face thing
im like, dude girls have little tiny pocket vibes
i want a little tiny pocket dremel
just for like, minor public art
no not vandalizing
selectively polishing
yeah but i wanna make mine
what do they usually use?
i want something palm sized
i said i wanted to come back with a wire brush in my drill
and refinish all the letters
and we laughed about how i would go to jail for making it look prettier

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omg i think dx board is gonna be an all day milled thing

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yeah oils bad
pay me to mill it for you

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use 1000 grit or something
yeah =D
i wouldnt wanna take of any more copper than i had too
haha black flour
i know you just wanna rub away the top oxidized layer
you could prob use paper, heh
like give it a surface
neo magnets to altoid tin
just score and use epoxy?
hmm jb weld
rockshox: neo magnets usually nickel plated, will work okay?
dude 2000 wont do anything
1000 would just be for removing ultra thing layer of oxide

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test33: actually, you do send gcode to board houses
rs274 is gcode spec, rs274d is old gerber, rs274x is new gerber
like, machine tools, you use the gcode to describe what you are cutting away from the work to make the part
gerber gcode, you describe what you want, not what you cut away
if you open up a gerber file, its just gcode with built in tool shape definitions
haha, yeah i guess you are a real machine hax0r if you code your pcb in a text editor
yeah itll export to gerber
everything has to
this silly sim says the topside will be done machining in 12min

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photoplotters i think

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im doing the board

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gcode for the mad curvy pcb might be huge
like 1MB each

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The 1' long cord is ultra-thin and flexible and, unlike most other 3.5mm plugs, they have a small diameter shank that fits the recessed jack on iPhones.
wtf so its 3.5mm or 2.5mm
i get it

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test33: snow crash

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dude shop class is awesome
i been hanging around CNC, machining, and welding shops at school for like 3 years
and the electronics lab since 2 years before that
i have taken failchiken broth, and strained it thru paper towels
now its toxins have been isolated into a transparent yellow liquid with traces of oil, free of sediment
returning to boil
i shall call this broth The Clear

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i mean pressure, i fucked that up not him
i just thought it was nuts that he stated max working pressure and acetylene crisis pressure, 15psi
and i think it was like intentional and he meant it
because trade welders are fucking nuts, yo
like, hey we spend all this money on flashback arrestors for a reason, right?
well, its just about meeting contract deadlines
to me 13PSI on the gage might as well be 15psi in real life
but its not so much an issue now because no one torch welds
artists and students, mostly
(i was half decent TIGing in like 2min tho, after a semester of oxy-fuel welding)
dude tig is awesome, its like acetelene with no warm up delay
thats kinda like soldering
the temp is the diff, mostly
well, filler metals too, why the temp is diff

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probably not
you mean in a cylinder, right?
like, any other form, yes probably
in a fuel cylinder, probably not
because welders and glass blowers need it, and just industry in general because it burns so hot
but yeah, shit is highly unstable, will fuck you into pieces
they have overpressure safety valves that melt at like 212F
you dont want to just have one lying around
test33: dude our instructor was like 'max welding pressure?'
answer is 15 psi
then hes like, unstable temp of acetylene: 15psi
im like WTF

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oh wtf i didnt pay mr zhang (ebay/sure)
i got him to drop $5 off shipping, then like didnt pay him
naw just means it dont ship till monday
i said sry, thought i paid a week ago
they prob wont care, they know im repeat customer
we should do a quarterly direct buy from them
theres gotta be like 6 or 8 people in here buying shit from sure and top brite

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inagaddadavida on dnbradio
fuckin hippies
wtf generic pipe organ synth for one of the greatest guitar riffs ever
and they dont hold the notes in the second part long enough

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not with fur and bone tho

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and i dont have to hate life because i got robbed for my over trimmed fillets by retardation
wtf im not gonna give my cat bad chiken

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i have a kitchen, with some half decent knives
i didnt even look at the chiken price, was prob like $15 or $20
dude it hasnt been in the freezer until now how the fuck will it burn
okay so hopefull i can still makes tons of awesome stuff with the chiken

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like $20 worth, everyone too tired/busy/stupid to split it up
im hoping my fridge kept the chiken okay
im making broth with all the trimmings
ill make some matzo ball noodle soup with it
if i die, the chiken is no good
our fridge usually set too cold, so maybe ok, hope hope
(because ima be pissed if i have to throw away like 16 trimmed breast fillets)
no just dumb
my mom went wholesale club shopping, and we cant just freeze the meat like that
because then youd need a saw to break off usable amounts
i didnt even think about it till today, its been there since like monday or tuesday
(cuz i aint got time to be like cookin real foods during the week)
yeah but they have a shop with a bandsaw

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unit41: art glass is a lifestyle
like if youre into it enough to wanna produce a body of work, youre working all the time
and its a fucked up environment, heavy metal fumes, oxy-acetylene cyclinders lying around
glass splinters and dust everywhere
okay so we have this sell by last wed. meat
so two days done, it was kicking it in the fridge
so i split it up, and froze it
im prob gonna toss it
the chiken was sell by yesterday
yeah i know
bacteria is just not cooking or messy when preparing
but the chiken seemed okay
so i think im going to keep that
i filleted the breasts and trimmmed all the tendon and random fat/meat crap off
and it didnt smell funny
fuck up about the beef tho

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rockshox: no that not genetic deliver
thats just 'helping people'
thats not a conversion of genetics
you theory is ur dumb
no extra pussy!
whatever rockshox
you said life is only about breeding
anything else is wrong
get in deeper, it doesnt change what the core point is
dx^: oh im going to museum, bbl

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i mean if you really wanna argue you know what all this shit is about like everyone else is wrong, go ahead
it is
so why would being a breeder be neccessary
you mind says rape chicks
it says take what you want
it says impose via force
yet you can not do these things, and still be a non-failure
rockshox, stfu
not really
thats what yours says
because youre all about the fuck and the kids
thats cool, but youre a lame if you think thats the only way to be happy
i know people who are about the fuck and the kids who are happy
i know people who are older and single and do what they love and are happy
you fail
hey what happens if you invent something that makes life on earth better for 1B people?
but to do it, you had to like, work hard, all the time, no time for people, and specific people, like girls
that makes you a failure
to rockshox, the redneck with 8 kids is better, happier, more fullfilled
rockshox: no you explained yourself all wrong, great debator

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well neither are you than
mr mamal instinct
you know this because you can read cat minds
of course
you know this because you have determined thru vast research that a human mind is somehow biologically different than a humans when it comes to soul and conciousness
rockshox, you always fail at debate
when you tell someone they fail at a debate, instead of putting forth an argument, you are the failure
i mean cmon
exactly, see
non content argument, disintegration into insult
u r a lame, and i just told you why
because you are closed minded
and you believe in mainstream statements nonscience
like 'cats dont have a conciousness'
thats like saying you know there is no god
how do you know
cmon rockshox, how do you know
show me the datas
they dont have vocal chords like us
or lips or mouths
and they communicate okay
okay yeah
my cat tells me about shit all the time
i need to be watered, i want to go outside
because you brought it up as an example
discussion is life purpose
so if you think theres a right answer, boom instard retard

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rockshox: sure, but who says you have to follow the rules
again, fuck breeding
im pretty happy
i fuckin learn and help people
that makes me happy
breeding makes me feel stupid
like, wtf world sucks more because of me and now im responsible for a kid
no more learning no more h4x
no more money no more time
im down to find someone who wants to fuck
if she wants babies, she can gtfo and find sme breeder motherfucker
you like the people who go 'because its time' when people ask them why they are getting married
maybe you are
im ren
i do shit everyday that i enjoy, not because its means to an ends, because it makes me happy
you go breed, you tell yourself everyone has to be that way
so when youre broke, and your kids hate you, you can feel useful
despite the fact youre fucking up the world even more
anyway, what you think is your reality
you reality sounds:
a) unchallenging
b) unfullfilling
whatever dude you live to fuck and raise or abandon kids
you define yourself like this
dude even my cat doesnt define himself like that
my cat is like, water food scratchy post happy

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therapy isnt a must ever
but you gotta be able to figure yourself out
random people with no personal relation are helpful for that
i guess in that sense, stu is right, irc is therapy for mentals
rockshox: i was seeing this thick nurse person named fairchild who became a robot
it was sad =(
built a TV, nice
test33: it is
dx^: is the parport jack a custom lib?
dx^: okay because you forgot to put the gnd pin for it
thats one of the ERC errors
rockshox: life isnt about getting laid unless your a breeder
breeding is a waste
there are too many breeders, fuck breeding
life is about the h4x.

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dx^: d00t
no be happy
go find a girl to mess you up
in the end, youll feel better, and shell hopefully be gone

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yeah for like 4 days
with a big NC, that shit would be done in a couple hours

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dx^: this board might be the PIMPest board ive ever done
its not my schema man!
okay i almost got first pass final export images
go to girly sections at drug store
makeup and stuff
thats what im saying im doing a final version
so we can check against the schema and check schema against reality
then go back and do adjustments if we have to
yeah i hate that part
thats when it can start to get not fun
like, the biamps i wanted to do
i have the cutup wood for the cabinets
but that shit is like 4 setups per board
theres like 20 boards
thats 80 fuckin setups
but really, theres more
because the lone ones, whivch there are maybe 10 off, prob require 6 setups per piece
like, fuck that ill just wait till i can get my hands on a big nc router

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i forgot to ask him and i think he left
but there are two trace bends that piss me off
because they dont match the others
ima brush my teeth first tho
dxdxi think i can do you board this weekend
[tab completion error]
dx, abortied sentence, dx[tab]i

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like when they stand up and their little lips peak out the big lips
thats hot, yo
i dont think its fake
why does everyone think its fake
okay check this out:
girls have babies with the same pussy that you fuck
do you know how big a fuckin baby is?
that shit has shoulders
a bald head has ears
which do you think is more challenging?
dude but its totally smooth
im like, girl pop out 6 or 8 babies, a dudes head is prob like nothing
they prob fall onto their husbands heads ALL the time
oh sorry baby i didnt mean to suck you up in there
sits down, stands up, goes to sit back down, 'OMG SOMEONE STOLE MY CHAIR'
so like, should i adjust ttmustang's board to make it sexier?

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yeah ribs are fucked
if were made in gods image, god has fucked up ribs and im laughing
^dx^: yeah no rush
dont die
^dx^: i have pics soon
im making the power lines fat
then if that has DRC errors, ill fix those
then its done
yeah fat lips and long lips and extra lips, #1
i think its an eastern euro thing, the bat lips
i dont mean like extra in quantity
i mean when the labia minora is like, extra

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oh wtf
i put the tall cap on the bottom
oh, no i didnt top silk is still on

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ccfl_man: hi
i know i saw

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yeah because it would mean you are wrong
why the fuck would you autoroute to do a standard display function
why the fuck would you autoroute to do anything in eagle
hes still wrong
you hit ratsnest and it recalcs air wires and fills
autoroutes does autorouting (imagine that)
its not a bug its a feature
no, rly

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wtf autoroute
ttmustang: im on his ignore, tell him he means ratsnest
trying to unfil?
remove the pour?
you delete the poly edges
thats why removing the pour fill is usefull, besides be able to see traces after you route/mode thru a fill
like, you can actually see the edge of the poly to manipulate it

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ttmustang: its fine
thats actually a feature, not a bug
hit ratsnest
if you select any poly edge, then zoom out, the fill will disappear
so you can actually see what youre doing
just ratnest again to see the poured poly
naw you have to select a poly edge first
like, hit it with move tool, then hit something else, then zoom
its something like that
like, itll stay filled usually
until you figure it out, it just seems like it dissapears at random

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bone and cartilage prob dont change volume the same at temps
thats my theory, yo
hehe sry i had to say it out loud

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fuck sometimes i feel like im going insane
then i realize music isnt on
okay i think im starting to get into this broken-beats/glitch-hop stuff
well, its like people in mainstream hiphop are actually figuring out theres more to life than fucking monosynth
then i wont have to hate on them so much for being musically lame
i can just hate on them for being culturally lame

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im running it at 400 for a couple days, it failed once with a ram/bios bluescreen
i dont really wanna get a psu or ram for it, its old and i need a new compy

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not from the hdd
i just want it to boot without unplugging it
primary boot device is set to hdd
and everything else is disabled
and boot other devices is disabled
but it still just sits at post waiting for me to unplug the usb hdd
yeah but its not in the options =(
theres boot priority
and boot other devices
which is disabled
hmm, award i think
on an epox
this is like last gen socket A
it actually had an SATA option
but i saved the extra $20
because im a retard
theres either a prob with RAM or the controller
probably, it gets fucket at ddr400 speeds (its a 400 mobo and 400 ram)

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which is not so great
yeah 160 to 192 isnt as noticable
everything above 192 is hard to tell
yeah anything bigger than 192, just go flac
storage is cheap
get a hdd
thats prob like same size as flac almost
think its way too fast unless you get an io chip
you can make any mp3 out of a flac
but you also have the actual cd quality file
yeah but SATA has to be ridiculous fast serial
oh okay
yeah that sounds sane, doable
so um
how do i get my pc to boot with a usb hdd in it?

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its bad at subtle gradients
but mpeg is like 10x worse, heh
but yeah a well done 2cd encode might as well be DVD for reg viewing
standard mpeg1 at comparable bitrates
or sizes i guess, i dunno how the fuck the bitrates work
i know that
im saying i dunno how either is using the bits
mp3 is ancient too
but 2cd divx kills svcd
dude the diff between 128 and 160 is huge
xvid and divx kinda fall into same category for me
the movies same kinda quality
macegr: yeah
joint stereo is a prob too
with high end, very wishy washy with alot of cymbals or distortion tones

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C10 prob supposed to be SMT
^dx^: C10 AVRETH board
guess not
Vcap pin on the eth IC is a very small electrolytic
i thought it was wrong
but its 10uF so it makes sense
okay cool, nothing wrong im just trippin then
im doing all the name labels now, topside almost done
yes i know it doesnt matter at all
on the actual pcb?
hell no i am not gonna draw the silk on the board for you
thatd totally fuck up my sharpie
divx is like the official codec of pirats
its still used tho
its never been a bad codec
macegr: heh
id prob have to mask it first tho

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as poorly named as the tool may be...
like it seems like random bullshit at first
but then you realize it is all very, very intentional bullshit

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you have to get into it a certain amount
i think the trace literally has to overlap the center of the pad/via
not the trace centerline, any of it
rab: its when you move stuff around, and i think a couple other things
k time to smash
rab: yeah
most of its crap tho is eventually justify in the functionality of some other tool

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eagle stores quick keys in the reg?
how come it forgot my remaps
all the ratwires were those little faker where you dont hit a pin dead center with the trace
stupid eagle
Ratsnest: Nothing to do!
it doesnt always do it

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if youre already doing the mechanicals for lens focus
RGB block
thats prob not even very hard
some heat reactive material
then hit them with lasers to light them up
thats like my diamond BJT data cube idea
they got him
his submarine prob just lost sat net
i should get my gtr2 on
but im doing dxboard
serious how do you highlight ratwires?
okay now i see them!

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see that blows
i want it to be erc or drc so you can highlight the ratwires
found one
Laser Heads
yeah fuck all that
rab: your link said up to 16
no but its pointless

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no but you have to modulate energy and focuse
okay bottom side DRC
hey how come ERC doesnt report unrouted ratwires?
man dx wtf did you do with this schema
charles: ok neat, ty

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focus would be more expensive id imagine
tho aiming dual lasers isnt trivial
thats why i wanna know about the control setup
fuck the computers
i wanna know about the mechanics
on idea whats its called
never done any research, it just was the only way i could think of to do it
charles: theyre usually bigger cubes
like 2x2" by 4" tall
or 2" or 4" cubes
peow peow
well its a complex NC thing at that point
4 axis
either laser mounts or lens control
lens control would likely require power modulation to do big things
so i think planar CNC would prob be best
but now you have all the issues of a stanard CNC
but worse, because you have to sync two 'spindles'

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some of the baked shit is pretty good
do they do it with controlled lenses or like a CNC axis setup for the laser mount?
how else would you do it
sounds expensive
wkr4k4r: naw you fire the lasers into the code and get it to focus enough energy at a point

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macegr: do you know how they do those bubbles in a clear plastic cube thing?
like, the tourist gift shit
i always assumed it was like intersecting lasers, because i cant thing of any other way to do it
well yeah but how do they get a point in 3d space to bubble
some people are into them, hardcore
thats weird, yo
i cant eat them anymore
potato oil sponge

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my mouth is ruined.
stu: pointless hateful jew comments as a primary form of participation, yeah
like, if you think me really likeing jewbread and going hahaha haulocaust is the same thing, really get a clue
and im sorry but comparing my view on judaism and timecops is hardly fair
i grew up among jew crew, and love alot of the culture, but in general find the religion dumb as most religions, and im like outcast status
so fuck them
yeah really
i was complaining that this is like practically gnaa sub channel
because charles goes on and on and on about being off topic
but pointless gnaa style trolling, A-OK
im eating jew bread
and its tasty as fuck
thats hardly the same as thinking it is silly a culture is angry over millions of people slaughtered
anything else you wanna say, stu?

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wow nice
you need a pic tho
wait check this outL
ha like a dip silk?
centered horizontal
not vertical
they are car people
you have to give them handicap at web design
you go do that

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it was funny when i got my hakko, i was all of a sudden good at soldering
like, im sure it happens at amolecular level, dunno if its enough to matter
but yeah radioshit tips seem to eat themselves while you work, so maybe
the long skinny chisel tip is okay
i just got tweezers like that
stupid pointy
i got them from beuty supply place
for $10
but i got another okay pair of tweezers for $.99
so it worked out nice
min just come to a point
its 4 triangle faces to a single point
they look ground
i guess its for eyebrow pluck ninjas
yeah really
i got them in bright read so i would know where they are
er red

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my hakkos tips pretty much the same as when i got them
some discoloration from temp hardening, thats about it
the tips stay tinned tho
yeah radioshit iron tips are like designed by gerbils or something
they wont tin well and they oxidize like halfway thru a project
i dont even use water
i have a fluxed coil thing
i hate sucks
heh, yeah
i would buy two radioshack tips for every project i did
and by the end, the 2nd was usually starting to oxidize to shit too
like, if the wet solder burns off of them, theyre pretty much thru
you have to file the oxidized layer off
which gets you bare copper
which oxidizes really quick

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djpc47: no u
i has a monies
chisel tip?
yeh what rab said
using the thin long chisel i have for smt is sucky even with a regged iron
big parts will pull off the heat and you wait for a half sec to 2 sec for the reg to realize whats going on and heat the iron up again
no good tips corrode fast

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well, kinda yeah but i got big calves too
dx is unstoppable.
watch go and try to stop him
turkey baster

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^dx^: beep
^dx^: almost done with board
maybe mill it today
well, that means you can feel them tho
i dont get it in my back
i get it where the nerves like wraps around my hip
no i think its from overdevelopment of muscles in my legs
coupled with no stretching, and excercising them the same way all the time
djpc47: 8mi of bike a day just for school
like, more if i have to go anyplace else
which i try and avoid
my leg muscles are always too big
since i played contact football when i was 9-11
and its not like they were small before

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wkr4k4r: its like $10 fix and they work perfect
rab: yeah you noticed the + shipping, huh
wkr4k4r: it wasnt meant to last 10 years
rab: 4 inputs, 1ch, w00t
wkr4k4r: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-PREMIUM-72-PIN-CONNECTOR-FOR-NINTENDO-NES-SYSTEM_W0QQitemZ300205949155QQihZ020QQcategoryZ41046QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
$8.50 shipped
rab: plugin scopes are so weird!
rab: possibly
theres prob alot of redundant power and ground
also, everything was parallel
but yeah, nintendo comes apart easy, and then you just pull the old connect off
slide new one on, reassemble
rab: it would be neat for some kinda raster project
because the XY diff stuff
but yeah shit is huge, not so useful
omg, the prettiest, finest trace line on it, tho

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that wouldnt be the cpu
thatd be something attached to the cpu, feeding it
is so
being ccfl_man
anyone want a tek 503 for $50 + shipping?
has manuals, switches need work
that shit takes up too much space, its become like a decore item in the living room
have you tried anything?
im maybe gonna try hitting them with contact cleaner
yeah the switch assemblies are fucked up
i do not look forward to rebuilding them
you need a new edge connector
itll work perfect
wkr4k4r: sec, i get you proper link

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but i think that rosewill shit is DOA
or the mobo aux usb connect is dead
which is fucked, because one just isnt soldered onto the board, you would think the one thats there would work
look stu
fuck you because you apperently suck at everything not windows
if its anyones prob, its rosewill for making a card reader that needs a windows drivers
wtf kind of retardation is that (btw flash media works fine in the lunix for as long as i can remember)
and it looks okay in the bios
nothing usb is disabled
so yeah, im guessing either DOA or it really needs some sort of windows driver to get it to spin
which is not acceptable
card reader should be no drama, plug in and use
yeah which is running right now
but i dont feel like crawling around to plug shit into the box
durden yay

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so does everyone else yo
gov contractor wants to interview this weekend
shit i gotta email him back, ima be busy saturday
stu: secret!
elec/cnc tech at a lab
no, buddy
its mil =\
but its far
so i dont see how it works out because i have BSEE at pomona in fall
and i dont care if they want to pay for my school, im not accepted there, im accepted here
change ur font
BSEE program in fall
BSEE prereq in fall
because they made an axception to accept me, i guess based on my two tech degrees
i dont even have the normal standard transfer requirements
let alone the engineering requirements
so yeah, im prob gonna have to take bullshit like language too
flash is so neat
i got a card reader for my cnc box so i could move programs on SD cards

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http://cam4.com/sweeteva live crackwhore, watch her slowly die
(dont click)
she so angry!
but then she danced for 20sec
but then she got angry again
honestly this is better
the flip is like out of a physics textbook
like, dude hits his calfs full speed and he only moved forward like 6"
yeah i kinda lied his center of gravity moved forward like 2ft

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really fat chick sitting on a scope

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cheaper gold
djpc47: its just not as dark?
btw gold hit $1000/oz on the market
last i remember caring it was same price as retail kush (towards $500)
djpc47: please to describe the difference
if its lighter looking, its prob just a thinner plating layer
which is fine
itll wear away faster if youre using them constantly
but it still provides same benefits as far as connection mating and corrosion resistance
i dont think eth connects will be an issue because once you plug them in, they dont move
like, thin gold on 1/8" miniplug for audio is kinda shitty
because they rotate in the connector, so thin gold will wear away real quick, exactly where you need it
djpc47: hopefully they did it right and it saved plastic without fucking it up

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i wanna go to pittsburg
i think we just passed thru phille on the way to NYC
(the half of m family i dont know lives there)
also, der be pirat in pitt

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^dx^: old
i should post new pic
^dx^: propeller is single IC multicore uC
probably useful like 5% of the time for most shit
ok tmp gf has left
she ate some of my jewbread i was like GRRRRR
no for the day
she has to go back to parents, hang out, take dad to TJ tomorrow, come back
then we hang like sunday and monday
no steak
we have a fuckload of ground beef needs to be split and frozen like now
but yeah
then she going to pittsburg
on tuesday

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