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my bed looks like i already had an extmp gf over
no its made]\
yeah stu
shes driving down 500mi just to get herb

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timecop: jezus fuck you still dont have that working?
thats pretty much what my status is
anyway, getting your shit done doesnt require not smoking
in fact if i ran out youd be fucked because surely id just go out and find something more interesting
gardettos and chex mix, pls
not so much right now, no
but yeah when i find my sam7 thing on my desk, ill think about it

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test33: the circuits are pretty much precision audio grade
like, the bandpass wont be
because every stage is gonna have a 20Hz to 20KHz buffer
its not paid for yet
i have to select a power IC
then do parts lists
theyd actually make pretty good bench amps
for stuff like speaker tests
usually you characterize stuff like that at 1W
well, no not at all
most expensive single part prob gonna be the wall wart supply
i would
but it would be a stack of like 8 1000W 2ch independent amps
and id just call it 'the amp'
factory direct, mfkr

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i think power and source selection box is gonna by a tiny avr and some tiny relays
i thought we were just making them out of linked blocks
we can stack or just do like pile of VU
which would be weird, but maybe neat
oh, i dunno we can stick them on perfboard and do an eggcrate on top
maybe slide them into clear or white heatshrink
VU ropes

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that way a 3 way system would be 6 units signal level
and 6 power amps
that would be sweet in a 2x6 insertion-slot cabinet
the acrylic thing
er, riaa filter
okay i need foods

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he used FM on the nice one
and chemicon equivs on the smaller one
(black + gold = panasonic FM)
blue and gold is FC and black and silver is NHG
see shit like that is smart
you design for panasonics, because every company and their mom has equivs for less $$$
i want to add an riaa tuner
which would go under the preamp i guess, with a bypass switch

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look, pencil h4x
i put on my page
trig is really boring
he was doing sine waves
and i felt lost and stupid
then i read 2 pages in the book and figured out they were doing in radians
and had like 180min to kill still
oh thats neat
damn he said smallest in the world
2x25W @ 4?, 10% THD+N
2x14W @ 8?, 10.0% THD+N
smallest in the world at being crappy =(
Typically 0.05% THD+N @ 2x13W 4?, 14.5V
not so bad, but thats within IC amp range

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damn now i need filezilla
whats that
oh hmmm
i need batch conversion stuff
will it do conditional resizing?
like if bigger than this, make it this
oh wtf i didnt need filezilla thats why i have a huge bloated cms
okay ill try and remember to grab that right after this
is it free or demo or pirat or what?

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test33: yeah but do you understand coaxial cable?
macegr: seperate layers and colors!
colors isnt layers submenu in gimp anymore
but thats old
i think so
i could scroll zoom before
like in eagle
it might have been another key

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k scanning furiously
path0s: my snes didnt have interweb
=( =( =(
copper and aluminum braid
sometimes glass
sometimes plastic or foam dialectric
aight gimp is eating the scan
test33: do you know about coaxial or twin lead transmission line?

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oh nice
test33: i usually need an image editing app while running resource hog apps
so i dont need another resource hog app running
okay interfacing scanthing
good job
no scanner sources
i think thats just the preview/settings app
i think the driver was in the .4MB file
fuckers couldnt put the .48MB file into the 8MB files
oh i needed to plug that shit in again i guess
hardware/driver people, please to spare 4 lines of code for a soft reset

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okay i need to install driver
pls stick around i drew curiously strong system while in trig
its pretty
fucked up
this driver just installed and dropped a scanner interface app
like, no warning, no confirmation
but appears in start menu
mine is cannon
test33: i dont think canon is bitches like that
need to install gimp
what did you get, nikka?

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thats some crazy engineer shit
yeah ive heard
zero radius inside corners for no reason etc
cuz now they gotta like get a laser or some shit
or hand finish it
or dream up some fucked up fixture
or just happen to have an unused 5 axis
macegr: =O
well its not work if they know whats up
its just how you do it
tapping = money
test33: you have to design a product for mass production from the beginning
if you want it to be successful
you need to make something for way less than whats its worth, or you fail at life
locating pins are neat
you can get pins in awesome tolerance for almost nothing
or drill shafts for bit more but dead on accurate

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and the reverse
or else the ratio stays the same
and you have to know which to set high and which to set low if you need a certain result
well, yeah
i want to play with Vbe multipliers
supposed to be good temp comp if you tune it right
yes let the techs and machinists worry about building the shit
engineer: 'i drew this'
CAM tech: 'k [wtf...]'
yeah see, you cant think like that tho
you have to have some idea about mass production fabrication
or you will come up with amazing ideas that youre like this is so awesome why doesnt everyone do this!?!?
and then machinists will hate you and youll wonder why everyone else gets better machine shop quotes for their parts
really only manufacturing engineers think about that shit all the time
macegr: have you seen the double stacked ceramic 1210?

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well, when you build shit, always use 1%
just dont buy 5%
but design with 5% values
when you can, because those will always have higher availability in every tolerance better than 5%
it doesnt matter you gotta know what parts to slide high or low to find circuit min and max states
like, in alot of circuit, if you calc with two parts set high by 5%, youll get the same answer
like, if you know how the math works, you can do cool shit with spice by doing calculations with different node values, and producing a wave with the result
two parts set high 5% not doing anything?
if you do that with any vdivider, you wont get an error calc
you have to set one high and one low

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just use th textbooks to understand how to read the manufacturer data and hints and application notes, because thats whare you learn the useful shit
also, learn 5% resistor values and 20% cap values
textbooks will have bullshit like a 2.00ohm resistor and a 8.00ohm resistor for opamp feedback
wtf is 8.00
i dont even think its a valid 1% value
its something techs make fun of engineers ahout =)

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theyre very basic circuits for testings parts
you want to try and figure out all that stuff
like, how you would find those values if someone handed you a bucket of random parts and went like 'these are semiconductors, characterize them'
like, once you know what all those parameters mean, you should be able to understand smaller sections of large circuit schematics
then when you see enough schematics, you notice alot of things are similar, then you start to recognize common discrete circuit blocks
yeah they just want to know if you know how the circuit works ideally
but yeah pretty much everyone i know who knows alot about this shit lives by datasheets and app notes

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okay later hater
you have to be able to understand systems and apply math to them
not understand math and apply it to systems
i guess
math is important
because its always true
you you really shouldnt need math in your initial phase of a circuit design
other than some basic shit
you should just be blocking out system functions and then making schema sections without specific values
once you do that and have something that is sane and functional, you can start getting heavy into math or sim
i suggest you take the textbook methods with a grain of salt, and dive into datasheets and app notes
like, there are common sense methods to test almost all parameters you find in a datasheet

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um, thats building any system
music, electronics, architecture, furniture
ha, i think that is how prof says 'i dont know about that stuff'
you learn what circuit blocks work
why they are good for what situations
and then you just chain subcircuits together
big software program is the same way
being an engineer doesnt mean you can design or troubleshoot shit
bing a tech doesnt mean you can design or troubleshoot shit either
being an engineer means you were good at college stuff like math and physics and doing coursework on time and doing well on tests

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thats so lame
blackmoon: did you like F-Zero?
see in a real game moon that makes you a bitch
yeah see ur arcade racing whore
test33: you dont need math
other than for calculating filter poles
which is like math i can teach you in 2min
test33: kirchoffs is the only shit that matters
ohms, powers, and kirchoffs laws
and the math for single poles
almost everything else can be derived
and when you learn RF, you just learn its normal analog, but twisted
fuck thevenin
thevenize my nuts
if you need to go to thevenin, measure a working circuit, or sim it
im not an engineer im tech trained i use what works, i dont need to know like exact electrons in my circuit or how far out the magnetic flux of my power lines extend

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j4ck|u54: yeah pc
very scalable, as far as graphics
okay so i drew my curiously strong audio system
the 2way active xover varient
ima scan, brb
blackmoon: you see gtr2?
blackmoon: youtube link
i know =(
i need print and scan and aux audio/midi card drivers
i know =(

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just fire that shit up and put tape over the fan hole so it doesnt smell so bad
yeah just wedge a stick or a knife under your mains breaker so it cant trip
that way you know your shit will run okay without interruptions
btw the red switch on the psu?
thats turbo
when you need some extra umf, reach behind there and flip that
no bitch
magic smoke
GTR2 at insane res
because fuck ultramega pretty
when you can have ultra pretty and FAST
race sime
er sim
thats gtr2

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journey: hi, nice to meat you
what is the approximate cost, within $50, of your gpu hardware?
then spend $200 on a psu
get that, youre welcome
get that, even better
well pay more for shipping this time
i suggest getting the rosewill
wtf do you want us to say?
your smoking psu is fine
you dont need a psu
dont wait

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22:21 < Journey> anybody here know about power supplies?
and then you say thermaltake
please to leave and rejoin and ask a real question about a real PSU, k thanks
ow much are you spending on video hardware?
journey: say
journey: how much
dollars, mofo, how many moneys is your gpu setup
no not the psu you didnt get
what is the dollars of the gpu setup you have now

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oh i guess ninja scroll maybe goes after akira or GITS
but yeah, you gotta learn where 'but what you dont know is that you're already dead' comes from

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trigun is neat
bubblegum crisis is to shonen knife
its neat but sometimes the girl drama kinda kills it
okay so elfen lied
rockshox: no really akira doesnt make sense
because they had to like compress the fuck outta the manga
rockshox: its was hollywood budget shit
it wasnt real import anime
gillian anderson and some other americans heads were voices in it
like it was neat for an american cartoon
but it kinda drug on
were having a convo please dont interrupt
man what else is like essential
rockshox: first of the north star
the original movie, fuck the extended series and NES game
ok actually i take it back about the NES game exploding heads was pretty cool
rockshox: its like the first modern anime movie to hit america
basically like: first of the north star, vamp hunter D, akira, ghost in the shell
double plus essential shit in chronological order

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cg and drawn stuff integrated flawlessly
but they forgot to make a story
timecop this is when youre supposed to find something else to do
test33: overfiend.
test33: find it
awesome tentacle demon sex masterpiece
nothing will ever being like seeing first GITS for the first time
shit was awesome
everything else is kinda meh
average anime
which is kinda shitty
rockshox: it was first
akira didnt make sense
i havent watched a ton of anime since cowboy bebop actually
some movies and bits of some series
but that shit one of the only series i can get into

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its kinda same shit as ghost in the shell, cyborgs and people working together
yeah its kinda pseudo-chibi mixed with tech anime
i think because its based on a detailed manga
that kinda stuff just mixed better in pen and paper
rockshox: you seen lain, right?
omg you should watch lain
if you want mindfuck that hits somewhat close to home
dont see it
he prob means the one that got mad hype
its was like concept demo
i havent see hellsing
ninja scrool is classic shit
rockshox: seend vamp hunter D and bloodlust (sequel)?
im thinking off...
its very, very good art

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also another one, but im pretty sure its dreamcast
maybe arcade
but like, you have polarized blasers
and polarized enemies
and you switch polarities to blast certain enemies and dodge enemies from the other projectiles
dodge projecdtiles from the other enemies
i dont like those so much
soul caliber?
im pretty sure its not mamed yet
but that shit is so much fun
i guess i just like the fighting games with hand weapons
oh neat
blackmoon: well, its a weird architecture
most of the drivers are finished
well for notable games
but some shit aint never gonna be polished
and since mame is really like 1000 diff projects, yeah i doubt itll ever be finished
maybe 10 years after the pop out the last arcade cab
yeah exactly
rockshox: do you like anime tech art?
appleseed is drawn nice
the story is kinda meh

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is mame 1.0 yet?
or is it like 0.354
ccfl_man: do you have a rom set?
i have a full romset for mame from like 2 years ago
i like the shoot-em-ups and classic shit mostly
me or ccfl_man?
why do you think that shit is on dvd
i played prob most at least once
its mostly a nostalgia trip
well, prob played half
about 1/3 you can look at and just know its some not fun shit
mahjong or whatever, wtf
oh, im down with its existance
most the arcade cabs will be completely gone in 5 or 10 years
samsho games
im a whore for those
only fighting games i really like
but yeah, all the 194x, raidens, modern dreamcast level shoot-em-up, and similar
haha, theres one where you are like a samurai running around towns and shit
but its vertical scroll shooter

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so like, i have to clean my room
because there is like 2 weeks of debris on my bed and tmp/ex gf gets here tomorrow night possibly
last time it was like this i thought it was okay but then we ended up bumping fuzzies next to an open 3" switch blade
its all fun and games till someone gets a resistor pin in their eyeball

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heh, predictable
i think the glucosamine/chondroitin is working
my hip dont bother me and it actually feel good to push my legs to burning point on bike again
siatica thing hasnt happened since abut 2 weeks in (im maybe towards 8 weeks)

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k i gotta go

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ya rly
i should really make that interactive contractions script
its not implimented =(

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^dx^: what to do to your zc psu?
you wanted to do it soic or something, no?
i could stand to sit in front of a computer so long sober
i know lots of web designers cant do shit unless they stoned enough to sit their for like 14 hours straight

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^dx^: aaaaaaaaaaaaaw cheeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah
okay back to video games

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legalization isnt the same
its regulation and limited criminalization
um, you need a license to grow pot in cali
there are restrictions to whqat you can grow and transport
and you have to be registered to have a shop
it is highly regulated
thats who the fed busts now
people who dont follow the rules
^dx^: naw man
this a whole new era
being black isnt enough anymore
you need to pay them money for medical card
or represent someone with a card as a caretaker
anything it helps
insomnia, anxiety, pain, psych
i dont get constipated
so it must be truth
thats okay i dont go to weed forums anymore rly
then you are not allowed to be in control group
because he doesnt get consipated ever
so he will ruin the excellent results

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timecop: WTF AMERICA
WA, AL, HA and OR can come too
oregon will be like our midwest
i dunno man
they gotta get their shit straight with their laws
1 ton of cocaine = ticket
1 gram of weed = death
dude we seriously should
we need imiigration control
haha i think they looki goofy
they make faces and stuff
fuck legalization
decriminalization and delegislation
that only law should be that there are no laws

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real link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU
im not clicking
timecop: possible
but just a little bit
thats how the rest of the world is dx
in america we have filters on tv and cameras that undoes it
its like how widescreen will turn 4:3 chicks into really big ass and thigh chicks
i hope i rick rolled you

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fucking dork
okay i wont criticize people for turning this into #jewtronics
im gonna go play video games
try not to go nuts anymore
thats sounds like neo-natzi british dance music of the 80s
oh man i did nazi phoenetically, lame
are you new to efnet or something?
over-unity tesla collider: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EekrMMOt0NY&NR=1

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dude rasta albums had jewish symbols on them

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so yeah, continue to highlight the failure of nazi germany and the jews deftly gaining of the promised land
any jew knows im not a jew
hahaha @ money making =\
i grew up among the jew crew
ac-130u: alot of rastas are jews
because rastafarianism is judaism
except they thing a kind of an african county in the 20th century was the messiah
ya, rly
go learn some shit
they think a king
okay charles
14:37 <@TekniQue> I saw the biggest jew nose today
bad technique!
no i just dont talk about shit without trying to learn something about it first
rastafarianism is judeo-xtian
stars of davids
is the image the project
no i dont stu
er charles

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im pretty sure that gay
serious start a #jewlovers channel
because thats what you fucks are
jew this jew that
you guys are the only fuckers talking about jews in here
so wtf are you, christian?
or just non religious because your parents were christians and you figured out that xtianity is like the gayness of judaism ++
no they hate suki

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^dx^: yeah thats easy
im trying to play video games but it keeps booting me from server
stupid mod server thinks im cheating

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bubble rams, haha
if its big enough and has enough surface area for its volume, dont see why not

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charles: ebay piranha led
they work
im not trying to grow a tree
pls2read page before floating weird statements
google led grow lights
my system prototype is like $40
theyre retailing same power for $170
multiple places
macegr: peppers and succulent trimmings
like, small things you can go to any nurserey and pick up a 6 pack of
yeah, leds coming
the board will be quick
twingy wants me to test recent gcam
so acrylic and heatsink rear should be perfect for that
yeah that shit is nuts
that some borgatron shit

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theyre little palm sized arrays
in like pairs per unit (so you can at least hit both sides)
charles: led/resistor deadbug
wire, clear heatshrink tube
yeah its like maybe 2.5" by 5" max maybe"
for a 48 red/blue and 2 white led array
macegr: wai
but 2x
because 2 arrays per unit

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aw sad
how do you know
you stalked them all for their home addies?

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i live in it, its sad
yeah its a good thing i smoke herbs to cover up the smell
also the imported indian incense

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its like the diy rage for massive tube subs
because they dont expand at all
theyre made to hold structural conrete
so you either find tubes that match sub or you make a mounting bezel
well, supposedly its the best setup to get massive 'box' volume
people will make boxes with like 4 subs
and then on the top face, theyll have a 15' sonotube
like 18" diamater or something dumb
(the example i saw was built in a place with open cabin ceiling)
stuffed with fluff
well, yeah but apperently you get deep low end capability
people will just put standoff feet on them and put subs on top, too
so like 6' tube, 4" off ground, with a 15" sub on top firing upwards
yeah sealed cabs are the best for most stuff
yeah you can get good sub drivers for pretty cheap
not brand stuff, but sometimes brands use the same stuff

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but if you distribute and evacuate the heat, you can do like zero standoff
with small packed arrays, you can literally light onto the plant, from every angle
sun cant do 20 or 24 hour light cycles
not in continental america anyway
people veg them fine at 24 hours
hello, LED plant lighting
more on topic than your train trip
you and charles should start Save #Electronics Club
then you can talk about trains and ten years obsoleted OS and no one will interrupt you with silly discussions of electronic devices!
i wonder if thats a script for when i say very long lines
sure, mr adult
d0gzpaw: construction tubes
d0gzpaw: sonatubes and something else
d0gzpaw: the things they pour concrete columbs with
er, columns

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one color mostly for food production and i think the other is more for reproductive stuff
no theyre like the same
if theyre not lying about degrees and mcd
because hi watt are lumen rated
so you have to convert
but yeah price and light are comparable per watt
its like those bastards have spreadhset technology or something to make up prices
yeah but i think they can see yellows maybe too
certain plant lights have yellow spectrum along with red and blue, dont remember which
but it doesnt matter because with LED you can hand pick spectrum
really its just a matter of research to find the blend, but LED are more capable to hit colors than plant lights
also, plants will grow with flouro
its way less power, prob works because you dont have to stand off the lights as much
high efficiency LED are pretty much neck and neck with flouro now

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im going them in a 1" acrylic block
er, doing them
with gaskets, heatsink Al back for dissipation away from plant and mounting hardware
(i have alot of 1" acrylic)
and theyre 135deg leds
so like, in an array of 48 LED, you could put them right on the plant
and get good coverage
casting is dumb for prototypes
i can just mill a pocket into the acrylic
d0gzpaw: do your part to change the language to something better or gtfo
non proto you would do a polycarbonate front plate or cast clear plastic block
yeah im fine at english
fuck scemantics you guys had no probs understanding
serious dis irc stfu about proper english
fool, see you cant spell
anyway, the major benefit of LEDs is heat dissipation and spectrum selectivity
so a 3W led basically kills the benefit
.5W or 1W you can maybe stack as close
d0gzpaw: plants just see reds and blues mostly

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well then youre wrong
3W only gains you localized heat
so you kill the major benefit of LED lighting
for possibly no gain
because you can array 3W led like you can .064W led
because theyll burn
no extra power per watt or money
for extra power
it is
you need the mixer board and control shit
complexity and cost it wont really reduce
by taking them farther away, you reduced efficiency
its the same price per power and watt
ive done the maths
its localized heat source
it makes it more difficult to dissipate
and its less spread out source of light
both are reasons you would have to move the array off the plant
piranha 20mA leds are perfect for this shit
they dont need UV unless flouro do mad UV
its as efficient as flouro
with more specific lighting
i have 4 higher power white led per set of arrays (two arrays)
to make them green again

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if i can find a .25" wide barrel plug, thats enough for 5 minijacks and DC input
Curiously Strong Component Audio
like, i have a tiny opamp layout for soic/0805
need 10x power at least for herbs =)
this is just small scfale prototype
i went into the hydroshop, they know whats up with leds
they not gonna be down unless i take cost of commercial shit and divide by 4
(about $40 for 10W of led)
um, no defeats purpose
dont be an ass

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wtf a $200 psu
are you fureal?
oh for everything?
are you pc shopping for ^dx^?
because he is an ME student hes bad at electronics
2.75 x 1.75"
altoid pcb dimensions
enough room for front panel daughter board

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the mids and the high mids are usually too high and the whole fucking building resonates horrible
thats a big venue
like very large small venue, thats a neat size
like, 1K max and 3 rooms, 7 days of dnb, with an all ages night
because yeah only kids you see at dnb are the ones with fake ID
we need some shit like that
then the promotoers can all be arrogant assheads in one place

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bigger, open 18" pro audio is usually big lateral slot
its so big you dont get port flutter noise
also i think the cylinder might lend to the blappy mini-explosion noises
because i never hear that shit on a pa 18"
im pretty sure with ports that big, you approach the true open baffle response of the speakers
its usually operator error
(pa rarely sound great but ive heard enough amazing setups with identical hardware, so im sure its not the gear)
like, i dont think they ever EQ highs from the floor
its weird, you go to a club on a rock night, sounds great
same club/system on dnb night, and the shit sounds overdriven to fuck
house of blues has a dnb show
like, house of blues = money
that shit couldnt take the dnb
mobilestu: or the same one just never done dance or dnb before

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sealed is like a low end compromise usually, but clear and no port noises
you can make a 4" wide band speaker sound massive with special tuned horns
i HATE port noise
im like, vent that shit to the outside or some shit
like, tested in open it doesnt matter so much, because port and speaker prob not firing in same direction
but in a car everything goes nowhere and all mixes (badly, in most cases, heh)
if its big enough i dont think it affects the low end response much
like, you dont really see heavily ported pro audio boxes
its either a hole big enough its practically open baffle, or not there or so tiny it prob doesnt make a diff at power
well, yeah the exception is the ported sub boxes
which are actually kinda waveguides, because the subs are never open on the huge things

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i totally had that shit like 10 years ago
yeah but you cant listen to audio like that for more than like 30sec before it just hurts
dont wanna drive with earplugs
if youre getting like 110dB at your ears, that shit is already ultramega
because those TB things will do mid and high bass better than any 12"
sub bass, youd want an army of them
like, 12 or 10 to do sub duty, and then one of those to do like 60hz to 200hz or something
well, some stuff like that
advanced porting and waveguide stuff
heh, i dont like alot of porting and guides, does weird things to driver response
like, if you dont know what youre doing, its hard to get what you want

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QFP audio
how many ch the eq?
bands, eq channels, shrug
im considering buying a 10 band stereo component EQ
AudioSource, cheap shit but i had the same one as a kid
partsexpress.com has them now
what kinda stuff will the bass processor do?
parallel them
thats how id do any of those long excursion TB things
well, no dut dB drags are lame
id rather like, listen to music and shit

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mobilestu: NYC was like that alot
all the trains run diff at night, skip stops
(night schedules are done in bold letters on the map)
well yeh duh
check out THD vs Power @ 5V
gettin older

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At 8:28 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Cal Poly Pomona Police responded to a
call of a 21-year-old female student who collapsed in the Admissions Office
lobby. As university employees tended to her, they found her bleeding from a
stab wound that might have occurred accidentally as she collapsed. Police
state the wound was apparently from a folding pocket knife with a 2" blade.
stabbed herself, doh

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