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and now i think explorer does CSS right, like firefox
in a certain mode
except firefox doesnt actually do it like the css spec
see, this is why i got over it and just accepted using someone elses theme, web layout bullshit makes me wanna stab

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i should learn sketchup
all my 3d stuff is like non free
you got the shadows and fades tho
so you are totally almost there
naw is easy for web design people
they just draw that shits and cut up the image
i mean like graphic web designer people
then you use a lice
haha ur website has infestation, sir
CSS is fun
but then i get like a day into it, and all of a sudden it is not fun'
aand then you look at your shit in IE and you just feel like fuck you world

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i dont even feel motivated to hack wordpress
im worried it will eat all my shit or something
like 'hi i deleted all your pictures! do you love me? yay!'
yeah im just waiting for it to do something totally random
i want a server
i hate my stupid host
i mean, really they are awesome for the money, but 1.50/mo is nbot so much money
yeah but not even just for me, buddy people ask me about doing websites
but i know they dont really wanna pay alot
so they ask me what is good and thats somewhat confusing, because most are kinda sucky for cheap
yeah i like the cms thing

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i guess it was near the comment thing before
it moved up and over and inch
blackmoon: cmon you know you want a notblog
macegr: yeah thats better tho, even just the text and arrows
looks more like a read more thing should
can make arrows bold?
thats good tho like that now it is obvious
should i link my english teacher to icanhascheezburger?
i can be like 'kittehs need ur halp!'
yeah overload
then i can like be there to save her, greycz style
u can has gramm0r!
im not sure if she is a kitty or dog person

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and it saves moneys on everything else
if anything fails you should like turn the fucking shit off
its got linear regs in every module
i think itll be okay
but this way i can handle wall wart ripple and polarity and etc in one module
instead of all of them
and power switch
because the ones that begged to be used are like $2.50 each
k rdy
well, 2.50 were the absolute cheaper ones
all the other ones (there was prob 10) were around $4
because yeah if i make all of the modules i want too
is prob gonna be like ten or something
fuck $30 on cool switches
$3 is much better, works same, less flippy til go
i am not positive how it is different

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yeah but how
hehe, neat
is prob better than a single hole
i was gonna put power switches on every component
but thats lame and expensive
or like, you could just plug it in
i was thinking about making a power conditoner component
so i could put the switch on that
the BOSS pedal DC daisy chain adapter comes out of that
thats easy its like caps and diode and maybe a coil

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i saw, neato
i had ur page open
why did you just put that there?
i dont like read more
because yeah i dont really want a long article to look like a blurb
man that IC is fucked up
i hate those leadless pkgs
macegr: what are the slots for?

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itll always lag windows in hardware support
and itll never have the same level of dveloped mature applications
exception being networking
manufacturers dont support it
so drivers will be missing and incomplete
solidworks, electronics workbench, anything music, graphics at a publisher or corp marketing level
anything that took like $1M of man hours in coding and testing
the big shit that works
AutoCAD, masterCAM
if i had a business, id need legal autocad at least
which means id need windows
i could use eagle
i wouldnt use eagle in linux if i had windows
it just runs better in windows
osx is a joke
apple product is lame

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the man cron column
never used cron
like, i know what it is and how cron syntax goes
id have to check for order, since i dont remember, since i never use it
yes that sounds like a job for cron
i kinda thought the name was the coolest thing about it
im like 'hey ive used that word irl'
i wish it was much better

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poke it out with needle
no but
because like splinter is little, moon
sword is big
sword is like for when you get logs and shit stuck in you

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like, binary shit, everything gotta be compiled in kitchen sink mode
just to make sure it works for everything anyone might do with it
theres some i810 hax ones supposed to be pretty good for linux
what drivers?
the astray thing? or you found something else

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^dx^: make sure its pointed at your libs
if you installed shit it might be in /usr/local/
configure script might not be looking there
stu: wtf
^dx^: np
thats why i like gentoo
everything is compiled for the same set of features

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GTR2 #1
i only sucks a little bit now
think it belongs to gnome
deb binaies are too h4x to compile alot of shit without work
fuckin like 3 stable branches and 10 testing branches
mod sine is shit
i think atk might be general, i think pango is more gnome shit

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hello mr timecop

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macegr: hehe, looks like FAFSA setup
you just login, it preloads info from last year, you run thru and make a couple changes and hit submit

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only somewhat affordable car i know of is full aluminum is the honda NSX

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how the fuck does + and - have to do with in and out
i love how technology progresses
now i can bend straws, and they dont break
fureal new era shit.
expensive, just use aluminum
thats prob w3hen they start using Al for mass production

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heh, painkillers

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why sorry
anyone brings their mom up on irc leaving themselves open to abuse
k i gotta go play video games with #cars bbl

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im almost positive hes white
im pretty sure hes from tx or some shit like that
japs hate the chinese
dnt you watch bruce lee and sunny chiba?
like 1000W of resistors
ceramic and cement resistors
its like mexicos claim to fame
sand resistors are what mexico does reeeal good
5% tolerance?
noooo problem
what does her death have to do with her creation?

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its a meme
no one or everyone take your pic
blaming timecop gives tc much too much credit
like, 100 people decided on the same day that fail was funny
instead of the normal 10-20
thats why it memed
work for a company7 in japan that sells semi-illegal cable decryption boxes

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macegr: neato
thats a really old scope i think
i got my 504 for $50
22 series are tanks
brind teh DMM
ha tubes in a box
pointless to buy those things untested
okay neat

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they prob had like 50dB/w drivers
you cant make it much smaller
because of the connectors
thats not whats taking up alot of board space
and you wont be able to solde them easily
yeah maybe
but the serial and partport, the SD and eth are whats making it big
0402 is nuts tho
dont trust 1/16 watt parts or whatever they are
you can do it it sucks

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ps3 development was like a year long joke
ive never had a prob with a sony portable thing
i had a CDRW mp3 diskman that did 90+ hours in mp3 mode
on NiMH AA
thats the kinda shit they do better than everyone else
they make you look like a loon, hahaha
because they have clear chassis sections
so people see you rocking out
but the cd aint moving
test33: sony software and sony media are like the less talented divisions
sony makes the best cheap headphones and earbuds too
like, its not amazing shit, but its decent and awesome for the $$$
i wear earbuds mostly so it doesnt matter =\
ha, with the canal phones i couldnt hear shit tho

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sony needs to stop doing everything except micropower portables
because thats really the only thing they do indisputably well
test33: yeh like i said, micropower ultra-portables is all sony does really well
their PC arent much diff than a dell, they can be good but theyll never be good AND a good value
pro media
so yeah, pro media gear and ultra-portable
and just drop all their other failures
especially ps3
macegr: =(

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they cant hang with environment here
90mph to stop and go is like just kinda daily thing
this place eats cars, domestics about 2x as fast as imports
to say that its because ALL american car owners like suck at driving or something is kinda lame
and everything here kills american cars
yet its normal for japanese cars to do like 250K miles
if you swap the engines, the frames will do over 300K easy
just have to like change their oil and brakes

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domestics dont last
imports (especially hondas and toyotas) do
90s cars are the same
all the 90s american cars are practically used up
tons of early 90s civics, accords, corollas, camrys
like, a 200K honda is still good
a 200K domestic is total trash
yeah well, i have interest in engineering
americans cant make cars last for shit
yeah because new cars arent there yet
man you are dense
you point is buy new shit because reliability doesnt matter if you keep buying new shit
how about like 1998
dude it doesnt matter
on average, over a subset of like 1M cars in LA
domestics dont last

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comng back from the desert at 4am, youll be doing 90mph
bike cop will pass in motorcycle lane doing like 110mph
usually they dont tag you for speeding unless you weaving thru cars or just going way faster than traffic
things that cant do like 80mph here struggle
you cant really kick it in the slow lane of a freeway all the time because of interchanges
hehe, thats why i like it here, it wears cars out
so you can easily spot what makes last 20 years consistently
like, still alot of import 80s cars
almost no domestics
90s is starting to be same way
it is if youre buying old cars
eduard0, im not talking about like 20 cars
im talking about probably tens of tousands of cars i seen

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like, im putting them in acrylic blocks with aluminum heatsink backs
arrays of 50 20mA LED
so heat dissipation should be excellent
so you should be able to put the lights on top of the plants
instead of standing them off so you dont burn them
`nico: is not started yet =\
LEDs on the way, i got the Al and actylic
oh and DX got the psu parts for me (payment for routing something)
kevtris: wtf
fuck tolls
we have almost none
`nico: i want to do my cnc lighting with them
`nico: theyre about as efficient as flouro
yeah they flicker funny to something
er, sometimes
thats lame
we do 90mph in packs with cops pacing
macegr: =\
blackmoon: no they drive with traffic at 90mph
heheh, its worse in the early morning

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no the kipkay guy
omg ertyu too
me and macegr are trying to get a booth
thats stuff ima try and make
san jose i think?
bay area
my friend wanted to try and grow some bonsai on her shelf
but no light
no red and blue
i dunno if they need alot of UV
do flouro do UV?
you can grow little plants with a coiled flouro
well, green is pretty much only thing they dont use
they use one color more for vegetation, one more for flowering and stuff
`nico: yeah

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this guy seem a bit dorky
omg make is sponsored by radioshack

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n00b853: thats an artists life
thats what they chose
musicians arent special
business men got the idea to copy their shit infinitely and pimp them
so then musicians thought thats what it was all about
like, musicians used to actually play music for money
why why
n00b853: the record industry is like 10% musicians and 90% people who dont do shit involving music
but who drive BMW, wear nice designer suits and shoes, and only drink at the most expensive bars in LA
when you pay for music, these are the people you support
and you didnt get a car wash?
once a black chick walked up to me
then in a perfect valley stoner voice, asked for a ride to burbank airport
because she said i looked like someone who might have similar interests
but i have to go to electronics lecture =(
she was hot
before recording, musicians played money for music
they didnt play music once over and over, and then sit around for 20 years making money
whats kipkay

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i has a papercut

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okay, shrug
its spec doc

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about 10x a 128kbit mp3
yeah prob end up a little too big
yeah they should
everyone uses 44.1 or 48 as far as i know
im not sure they all do
i think theyre supposed to if theyre compact disc spec players
you can use winamp to convert
discwriter output plugin
wkr4k4r: noop
48KHz works, because alot of CDs are in 48
and i think 24 is supposed to work

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oh and concrete
you can
theyre $$$$
theyre covered in industrial diamond abrasive layer
yeah, theyre nice drills with diamond cote or diamond impreg
prob costs a ton to produce
they use weird powers to make diamond/metal matrix
yeah because theyll cut so quick
you can go fast before anything has a good chance to heat up
oh, weird
well, hss or carbide vs plastic is basically racing
yeah thats what i mean tho
suff is gone before it has a chance to turn to goo
the burrs dont
endmills and drills are pretty much just standard endmills or drills
and theyre either made of a diamond matrix or they have a diamond abrasive coating
yeah HSS will stick to the plastic if you do speed wrong
you have to fly thru shit and make sure you dont come back to the same spot right away

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yeah those are neat
i need to get some bigger ones
gpf: need to make a special image out of wav files
are you feeding it mp3?
some apps will convert them
nero will do mp3 i think
pretty sure
blackmoon: i want to get some cheap diamong impregrated burrs
they wear out, but theyre supposedly awesome for ceramics and glass and stuff
yeah i seen stuff like that on ebay sometimes
you have to watch it tho
sometimes they dont mean diamond impreg
they mean diamond shaped burr teeth
the diamonds wear out the carrier
yeah if its diamond carbide, it should last a long time vs steel
glass and ceramic are fucked up hard tho, eat all the tools

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its messy, but it keeps the chips from flying
so you get like oil based metalic paint, basically
well, dust from flying
yeah, prob caught an edge and just ripped it off
yeah gotta watch that, get all in your clothes and shit
but you can wash it off your arm
gets in your clothes, it messed up when you take them off
like, chips all in your tshirt, now you gotta take it off, without it getting all over your face
or yeah totally
theyre good as long as you dont load them up a ton
because they just dont have the teeth to clear alot of metal at once
but stuff like sheet steel itll turn to powder
you just have to watch it doesnt start burning stuff up
wtf is a 3/4" saw
oh hack saw?

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yeah more lik grinding than milling
make sure it dont get too hot
carbide is not so much an issue, but they wear down quick when hot
carbide you can actually get red hot itll keep going
because you heat up a single spot
if you moving, youre always getting into new metal and clear hot metal chip, moving away from previous cut hot surface of the part
shit like aluminum its critical because the Al will melt and fuse to your cutter
yeah shouldnt be an issue unless youre using for a long time
theyre more like drills and endmills
grab a slice and throw it out the top
i guess so
its not as prone to corrosion as steel
but yeah typically any machine tooling you get comes covered in thin layer of machine oil, or just caked in grease

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its better than anything else tho
yeah the burrs prob last long time because no long blades sticking out
yeah, it wont really wear as much as chip
like, angular sharp faces, you can see it easy
HSS is diff, it wears down and kinda gets shinier
where its ground down or rounded off
you can feel it when burrs wear down
heh, they just dont feel sharp anymore, kinda just bumpy
but yeah that should work for slots, might go slow
yeah thats what theyre awesome at
high speed finish work, like features in dies
heh yeah
shit like deburring and breaking edges, doing bevels, theyre really useful
for long cuts, theyre not as good as endmills tho because they dont like dig out a bunch of metal every cut
ha funny

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that might work
yeah they just wear down quick against tough metal
cuz they dont usually cut as much as kinda grind or chip
yeah but they not indestructible
theyre just hard
def better for a burr tool
well it wears down eventually even on softer stuff
heat and vibrations chip it i guess

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blackmoon: addy
wasnt in your paypal, didnt know where to mail
i thought i maybe had it in my paypal but i think you msged on irc the other time too
yeah i thinkt what does it
like, donations, services, quasi-cash or whatever, those dont give addy out

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teknique: then gate the edge detector so latencies match

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it only gets clocked if chip enable and the clock are present
gate latency is the only problem i see with it
AND gates is likely how they do it in a D flop IC with CE
they drain log style
dunno, resistance that increases log style

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just put AND gates on the D flop clocks
with D flop clock signal and chip enable signal on the input

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^dx^: killed drc errors
^dx^: you schema had erc errors because of net classes or something, i dunno
all the power pins in schema bitch
no errors, just warnings
^dx^: did you want to breakout the reserve int net?
because its connected to nothing

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yeah theyre not the same
i know because ive blown up to220 like that
317/337 are diff too
'is this a game or is it real?'</bueler>
'whats the differrence?'</joshua>

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dude that wasnt me that was my linksys
or wait
my shell?
j00 are logged sir, pls to desist
7805 are center pin/tan GND?
oh wait i have part numbers i can check

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^dx^: almost done killing DRC errors

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its not 802.11 data stuff
companies make little short range wireless things

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stu: use foxit

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`nico: tried dia?
`nico: btw hi
dia can do block diagram stuff, it doubt it has built in image blocks as pretty, but itll import images
tabfail =\
yeah for vector block diagrams
it can do alot more than that, but i like the simple, and actually blocky
its got good object/grid snapping, pretty simple

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^dx^: sd socket errors fixed
(dimension layer stuff put on top place)
blackmoon: !
stu: where is moon
i need his addy so i can mail him his gasket rubber
stu: no thats cool, ive had it, he just forgot to msg and its not in his paypal payment
i kinda like eagle/diptrace capture
i dont like sim/capture integration

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why are you measuring it in mm
its not in metric
sounds sane
im hungry bbl
`nico: i like the formatted page better
because when i use the pile, i always end up grabbing material safety sheets
i second the peer pour troubleshooting method

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its not like tech support is gonna have instant access to product drawings you can get off their website
kinda neat he would have mic'ed it for you if he had one
buy some calipers
go to an art store and get an engineers ruler with .05" scale
or plug it into a breadboard or perfboard
and count the .1" holes from one to another

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yeah wtf is up with that
they put it really tiny too so you maybe wont notice
yeh, i seen it its not even just this socket
those are pretty neat looking how much $?
they are latched, tho, right?

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fuck modular
modules are there for when you forget shit
^dx^: 9 1 2 cd 3 4 5 6 7 8 wp
^dx^: thats SD card pin order left to right top view?
ya rly
ill check but im pretty sure youre right and they have an on crack pinout

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oh huh
did you fix the libs?
be nice to have it not spray weird meaningless DRC/ERC errors
you can send to me i can fix
o ok neat bbl
im going to do your stuff

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omg lame
capn eds worker grunt is like 'a what? bong? what? a water pipe?'
they know nothing i have to call back when head manager dude is in
is it working
fuck this ima organize my albums

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you have to h4x in

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he downplays
DX is 45% cybernetic now
damn his addy in in paypal records
isnt in

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i dont think paypal records goes back that far
oh you can download paypal history, how functional of them
i was gonna say they trying to be all bank like
but i think thats better than my bank
sliced green bean + toasty almonds + lemon juice + salt/pepper
oh diy baked beans is neat, everyones are diff
moonfart: no u

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i pray to the voodoos in the machine
stress relief is good, duh
you mean gibson novels?
you mean raw ascii?
blackmoon: msg addy, its not in ur paypal
damn i wonder if i have his old paypal

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hammer was def better at movie raps
the raphael thing is like some deep social commentary yo
no hes a rocker like for 2 years like 6 years ago

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i think my cat is smarter than a baby
they need to figure out like 100 logic tests a cat and a baby can do
okay im pretty sure USPS is open now

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not lately
you guys cant be thinking about an adult in the same room with the youth without thinking about doing them in the booty?
and actually yeah, younger brothers and sisters have ended up in my room
along with assholes who lied to chicks about the age
that actually became a problem, but like he dont come around because like half the block seem to wanna kill him
nothing is locked up
oh wait
helmuts kid was in my room
he gonna be a little hax0r, YES HE IS, w00t
(hes like 8 months, heh)

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it only has one reset button
fuck default passwords
its doing what its supposed to do
reset is disabled in dd-wrt
none of the wrt54g hax reset methods work on it
it is a full functional brick
ccfl_man: that makes little sense to me
a WAP54G
its not entirely supported, and i didnt flip the reset from disable to enable
some h4x fuck kid in my bedroom thinking he knowing what he doing while im off doing whatever
who fucking knows

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^dx^: people say sometimes i look mean like 'you im going someplace gtfo of my way'
passowrd is in nvram, which isnt wiped normally
non of the hard reset hax methods to corrupt/reset nvram worked
zzzz_: wap54g
its like the wap half of a wrt54g
i have a wrt54g now anyway
replaced stack of stupid blue things from 6 years ago
yes i said i did
it wants the shit i set a year ago
do you want it?
yes i tried them
linksys pw and ddwrt pw
i cant remember my pw
like, its hard to be mad at it because its doing it right
its not the issue
^dx^: exactly
ccfl_man: reset button disabled

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they werent matched, so it just ended up whatever i set to last
no i got a wrt56gl
i bricked my wap54g
i dont remember the login or the encyption pass
and dd-wrt had my reset button locked out
so it is a brick
it works fine
i see it in a scan
i use atheros
but in linux i got madwifi working
so i didnt have to ndiswrap
thats when i had the encryption matching issue
windows shit just works, pretty much like always
i got a slimmed down kernel
ccfl_man: yeah
it wont
reset is locked out
i can hard reset it, and it wipes settings
but not pass, its nvram stuff
well, the normal methods for unbricking wrt donr seem to work on the wap
20lbs is usually okay if they curvy
it doesnt wipe my pass
^dx^: hahaha

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does winamp have a playtime counter?
ive done 12W 5D of playtime on this foobar2k install
Hammer just called raphael the leader of the group
see when i was a kid, i thought hammer was wrong, mistaken
i was a dumb kid
leanardo wasnt good at anything
thats why he thought he was the leader
he had no other kind of life
hell yeah
Donatello + Michealangelo
sculptor: im using WPA
dont remember if i got it working with AES or TKIP or whatever it is

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09:36 <@dankles> http://guidowned.com/vanilla_ice_ninja_rap.mp3
09:37 <@dankles> http://guidowned.com/MC_Hammer_turtle_power.mp3
id feel secure
id prob have pizza too
shit thats all around win
i want the original turtles with mean eyes and red masks
i get alot of deja vu, some of it i know is from dreams
like, you remember dream when you wake up youre like WTF WAS GOING ON
then you have some deja vu shit and you remember the dreams and youre like OOOOOOOOOOH NOW I GET IT
its never like, anything important
are you guys listening to T U R T L E Power?
dont listen to ninja rap
that shit is embarassing

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it fit in my moms corolla
which is good as all truck people are either annoying or 60mi away
man everyones moving away =(
im like the only one staying in LA adjacent area
well, unless the billary wins

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i have to bike to post office
but i need to eat so i have energy
but i have to bike to the energy
^dx^: i has a chair
it is cushy leather with high back
and armrests
it was on sale for $150 normally $200
armrests are so neat
now my wrists dont rest on the edge of the table
table edge: im up in ur nerves, fuckin up ur future dexterity

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sculptor: yeah when shit hang hang with the tiny res, everything is fine

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the 4G dpi is nice, makes term fonts look pretty

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lots of games are gonna have no idea what to do with 1000x600
it doez zsnes and nes
i wouldnt try alot of other stuff, its not great at games
when they drop the 1024x640 one itll be more fun for game stuff
er, 1024x600
because then you can do non hax 800x600 and the touchpad big enough for using in games
heh it would be neat to learn ncurses on

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yeah mines awesome once it gets going
i dont think i like avast
yeah but you need 640px for alot of dialogs
er, 600px
After a long time waiting, I'm glad to announce the new resolution of 640x480 & 1000x600!
I'm keeping in dvelop, to make the code more stable, and 1000x600 is coming soon!
why not 800x600

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also Frequency
thats what my fluke has
the 111, the 110 is same without current stuff
maybe for control
buttons knobs and display
its prob bit analog
eee troubles?
does yours take awhile to boot?
okay mines like closer to a minute
i think i got something with nlite that the wifi driver checks for, or something

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power on *pop* to-220 mising fronts, little burnt dies showing
.5% R, precision vref
not usually inductance
i think some do tho

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stu: your lm317 voltage output is following the voltage input?
^dx^: every DMM ever
its dropout, or its backwards or something
stu: what is vin?
^dx^: look in the AD597 datasheet
its a K thermocouple amplifier, but at the end they have an app circuit with an IC that does voltage to decimal lcd
78x and 79x dont even have same pinouts
i actually bluew up some fairchild 337 because of that

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i have to figure out how to pkg moons rubber
def will not fold down into my standard shipping envelopes
this is fucked i was just at office depot

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stu: im getting sot-223 lm317
they say up to an amp im like !
go minitab
its sot-23 with a big tab
same style, its little bigger
^dx^: just woke up =\
kill it with plasma and fabricated UFO invasion for mass mind control via fear
oh neat

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okay for speakers
cdr cake 4" sub
and then 2 way coffee can speakers
that way you can make them open baffle or sealed by taking off the plastic lid
thats is not a loft!
thats like, bed shelf
macegr: no for the little speakers
1" and 3", probably, band pass and low pass filter
think open baffle is prob best with the active filters
because you dont need the tuned box shit to modify your shitty passive crossover situation
kk bye

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so there is like a .010 bump in the tin cap front edge
which fucks up using it as a place to engrave module name
i guess i make tiny name plastes and epoxy on or something
haha or like the tinest socket cap screws
or whatever
engrave the sides, omg solved
oh neat
something like that or some 1/32" Al
yeah but its a good idea i can maybe pick up blanks somewhere
or have some made
yeh those are neat
they fit too except the long skinny ones
and the super tall ones
haha, 'calibrated: last night'

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ha fun
shit, i think today is the day i nuke windows
or today is the day to procrastinate
i mean fuckit its sat, if not today...
ha wtf why
you have to
im like wtf a i gonna do with a dim repub guy
dr dr, or like, science dr
mayb i make a mockup
no like take altoids, drill 4 or 5 times
throw in pots and led
i can do 4 pots easy
maybe 5 pots
the radius is a bitch
fuck tv

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just make it type clear
hi wat
timecop: maybe, not today
timecop: k, is possible
timecop: i got break in like a week so i got time then
also, ask twingy
hes better at this c shit, by 100x, so he might be able to hand you something now
oooo, techy flea market
oh thats neat looking
i only have a notblog

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