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^dx^: .bashrc and .bash_login
one is called when a term is opened, other or both are called when you use login shell option
chair is awesome

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i has a chair

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okay ima go get chair

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i hate wells fargo

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i think its metric
maybe M4
its a guess
i believe both the coarse and fine pitches are used
same size screw

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yeah see fuck that
riding in the street is for suicidals

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something low hanging 6ft off the back of my bike either gonna get me pegged or make me ride so fucking slow prob just easier to walk
people will hit me, it will throw me into traffic
and i will die
^dx^: good bad what

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i dont wanna go like lilo
trailing shit
rab: and carry the bike
interesting approach
lemme go see if anyone is home k
ren + 100 lb acceleration + valley blvds = deadren
rab: tell her is dangerous to drive so fast
bike not for hauling
hmm, other truck friend
or injury
breaking and possible liability

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i dropped it on the hard floor and cracked its chassis
works fine, still love it
for the one we been having orgy over
yeah i would have sent you solder
sry =\
like i really wont ever get to that spool i dont think
how does $78 round to $70
theyll do that
i wonder if my mom is home
i wonder if office depot chair fits into corolla
my truck friend moved to lancaster =(
macegr: it does have wheels
i can just strap it to my ass
and ride my bike standing up
so itd be like i was sitting down sideways
okay no fureal

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^dx^: i want to make vise thing for vetical drag solder teknique
yes as am i
so it air
-12 is medium iron?
i think i have that
kevtris swears no clean eats boards (after years)
i have like two forever spools of that shiot
^dx^: did you buy that?
nm my solder goway
i have a spool that i wont use
not for years at least
yeah kevtris has one, i think its his at work iron
so i got one
and i love it

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i use a thin cylinder with chisel tip for smt
but its total shit for anything else
every one starts sometime

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water based halid flux number mother fucking one
no idea
conformal coating spray, rab linked that liqid tin shit
the liquid tin stuff looked neat
but my organix flux is super safe
super even says on the bottle
blackmoon: the water stuff comes off really easy
weak iso takes that shit off like one wipe
its a tradeoff
like, small tips will lose heat
youll hit the joint with the tip
itll cool, you shit will stick
you watch while the iron figures out whats going on
then it kicks in, heats up again, and you wait till the tip heats the part up

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^dx^: if you can think of any parts let me know
it almost drc checks, few little errors
so its pretty much done, can go thru and check traces and connects
oh i wanna check your SD card lib
i think it had to do with where pin 1 was
but im not sure, not a big deal just have to check, prob paranoid
kk ima work on make stuff for a bit bbl

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THP is more important
thru hole plate
yeah probably
ill do hem if you want
you just string them up, solder, snip
wire and solder
they make little cylinders the press in
and you solder em in i guess
but thats seems like a bit much
like, extra wok for less copper to emulate a biproduct of drilled and plated production process
wires is prob better electronically anyway

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they called it miter because theyre assholes
miter will do round or mitered angles corners
neat huh
radius 0 dont work yo
well because it is like a subfunction of the route tool
when you route next time, itll be set to what you set it in miter
which is a bit annoying
ac-130u: safety, isolation, noise, tradition

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^dx^: ^
look how pretty with mitered corners
im sure some of that will not drc check (corners of 0805, need to adjust a few traces)
but its pretty close to done
you are far sighted?
geeks are usually near sighted

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yeah its pretty
im rounding traces
ive done $300 i think
miter tool makes the boards look like old tek shit
yeah pretty much
im doing all the little details
then i have to route the power fatter
ill have some pics in sec
yeah lemme make more pretty, 10min
tell me which pin, should fit easy

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i hate how you have to ratnest stuff twice
like sometimes it doesnt reslize shit is attached till after first ratsnest
macegr: i think ive seen that
it looked like prototype kit for very lonely people

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sounds good
ha no
that just sounds like something bad gonna happen
also flycutter at my fixture =(

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yeah help would be nice
im working on dx board for like an hour
you dont have a normal phone?
you dont have free night minutes?
oh hmm, maybe mine too
i have 1000min tho, i never use more than 400
but i have an old plan, and it wasnt ever advertised
oh, cool
im growing to like dx board
i just did a bunch of work for nothing because i forgot i had lamer vias

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aw, tear
macegr: when to plan to submit?
i need to write some of make related blurb on top i guess
then adjust PSU diagrams on curiously strong stuff and post
and then post the array and the block diagram for grow leds

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hillary paid the media to go nuts over FL and MI
personally i dont think dem party should pay
they made rules, state decided to break the rules
reps are voted in by the people
people fucked up, people should pay
$10M aint that much money for democracy
macegr: was awesome

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macegr: heheh
5W white is like $20 shipped i think
i just decoupled gnd to gnd
that looked really confusing on the board view

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and uses the edge of the shelf to pop the security box on the movie open
my sisters bf at the time was like, pro theif
so yeah, that was dumb
sister bf: get drunk on your roof, drop in thru your vents, come out with your whole video game wall
normally he would throw shit inside to trip any alarms and wait to see if there was a response
but then once he didnt, and got caught hitting kay-bee toys and was too drunk to effectively run away
all sorts of shit
i dunno really im not so much breaking into buildings

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you take the tool from behind an unattended counter on your way out
ive always seen yhandheld ones
they do it in a couple seconds
anyway, if you do this stuff often you know someone with the tool
haha, or youre stealing shit from blockbuster
so were getting videos to rent, and this guy who worked there is talking to my sister about a movie
bitching about his job, take a vid and goes watch this

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my xmas dickies had ink tags, had to take them back
its like a pulley puller i think
theres a thin shaft
cotton doesnt care
but ya bad for synth fabrics, if you break a bunch of threads
they just need to place armed guards in the department stores and in the dressing rooms
not like, rentacop with a beretta
like, national guard style with an m16
macegr: shhhhh

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see they just us generic RF stickers
its not an ID
its just like 'HI IM RITE HERE!'
macegr: yeah but thats like RF tracking
but theyve done dumb RF security shit for awhile
dumb like, i dont think it has data
Ink tags or Ink pins. Also called benefit denial tags.
haha benefit denial tags
make you look like a colorful idiot tags
now run from mall cops
macegr: hahaha fucked up
macegr: it wouldnt matter, the ink tags tag people usually
like you get it on you and thats how they know
i know
but thats now how they get caught
thats just how they justify a stupid tech

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well then we need to develop tiny shaped charges
so people stop getting hurt
rab: yes
but with tiny angle iron
and thermite or tiny c4
rab: hahahaha RF tag triggered
thank you shopping at walmart! *pft* [instantaneous happy children]
^dx^: is there a ham print on your wall?
ac-130u: neat
they they been doing RF tags forever
just not RFID

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^dx^: theres like 30 types of what your described
oh wtf
like consumer portable boxes?
i need a girl to rub my back and sex me
exgf doesnt convert to tmpgf for a whole week
rab: no its like how walkmans and little shit comes
they have a funny name
bubble pack?
rab: yes it seems rather out of place, i agree
rab: haha
they need to teach kids to CUT AWAY FROM YOUR BODY in school
sandi will use a knife and cut back towards herself
macegr: wtf is a sharp plastic edge
what about sharp steel serrated edge?

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supernatural is just what we dont understand
electronic energy was once supernatural
tlekenesis is supernatural
but when they figure out electromagnetic for real and they do meaningful biological EM research, it wont be
itll just be an anomoly
all possibilities of everything exist
every divergence equals a complete new data set to generate
you could model on a universe in a computer now
it just wouldnt work in realtime
blow torch
rab: he already submitted order

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cycling over
you dont know
for now
humans = dumb fucks
so why waste it on having an opinion on god?
atheism is faith in a belief
agnosticism is sanity
its realizing it aint knowable, and its not important
aetheism is disbelief in god
agnosticism is like officially no opinion
i assume god is whatever physics boils down to
god it the equation that trumps e=mc^2
god is the system
rab: but see thats a religious view of god
god is everything natural
you are god
we are of god
thats judaism
satan is roman integration of greek shit into tribal myth of the arabs

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to say there is no god is to say you have defined god and despite its obvious inability to be known by any sane definition, you know, FOR SURE, anyway
because apperently, being an aethist gives you super powers
to know about things which are beyond perception
if you claim to know, it is
thats being non religious
its the belief there is no god
god is undefinable
you cant know or not know
to claim you know is to claim you have a) supernatural powers of knowledge
b) faith
the point is there is no point to god
his existance doesnt matter
or her
or it
or they
to claim there is no god is as lame as claiming there is a god
i claim that anyone who knows anything is full of shit
bigbang could be the end of this univer

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then stu got job
or something, maybe he was like spy for couple years i dunno
maybe you have more energy because you eat better
stu: okay see now its only one teacher
because i found out sexy polish dr of sociology is remarried to an aetheist
im not trying to battle no aetheist that will last forever
(see its funny be aethist is a person of faith...)
no shes religious
dude her research for phd was like divorced roman catholic women
and she says polish chruches in america are weird
because they speak polish from like 1934
thatd be neat if we had churches were women spoke like american chicks in 1934
rab: yes it is so

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its all stuff they can fix, and bethesda is known for paying attention to fans
however i think thats what destroyed oblivion
i dont have stupid goggles
i have rear goggles
real googles
ok i want chair fureal
im lowriding again
i need to make a kb shelf or edge pad or something
so um
okay if i use the microwave with the metal grill it came with, itll be okay?
it is loose for cleaning
stu was was almost-famous jungle selecta

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okay worse then
hehe, i played morrowind with winex
shit worked
fallout wins, but theres some bug with fadein/out of the 2d stills
it takes like a minute to fade in and out of splashes and game to pipboy
its gonna be shit
were all gonna buy it anyway
i have very little doubt bethesda will fail on some level
and no one will accept anything short of the slightly buggy perfection of the first two
most the complains have to do with generic scenery and character design
it doesnt look steam-punk enough, or something, dunno
fuck grammar
something in machined brass?
omg fuck ashton
i cant stand that ass

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we should charge people to design eagle libs
that might actually make money, because it seems to be universally hated
stu: called something diff
find the jdec number and search or something
yeah tons
its okay
i actually like their alt grid system
its the ui
the cad is okay, the ui to drive the cad and file management is like, unfinished
not like, unpolished
like, incompleted, not done, missing major functionality
use the grid
move your origin
work off centers
naw its quite functional
set a working grid and a pitch grid
do a SMT thing with 100+ pins in a minute
stu: why i just make my own
that doesnt count
same thing

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much better off with 200uF on the reg inputs
because DC warts usually have ripple
why too late
you ordered 100uF, no?
yeah you can put one or both of those before the reg
okay i did that because thats what i thought you meant
and then kill the other 100uF, yes?
which is good
the IC have local decoupling
youre the only person i know draws their rails pointing down
heh no the 5V wraps down so it doesnt hit the 3.3V reg
then the power led just sticks out to the right
oh neat
omg make it
they come in 3-6 i think
i dunno what 6 looks like
yeah those are fucked
the drawings are hard to read
dimension leader sprayed everywhere

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^dx^: what else
1210 inductor, reset pullup, 7mm cap for DC in
thats all added
wait you want the 100uF before or after dcin?
you donjt really need so much after the linear reg
okay yeah you have 100uF on the 3.3V and the 5V

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just figuring out what grid and angles work
i can copy the one with supply
and delete the rest of the amp
so itll match up perfect
okay neat thats better i guess

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i made an opamp with two diff symbols
dunno if that works
one signal has psu connects
i hate psu stub symbols
yup, sad
supper rate
^dx^: 7mm, 100uF?
well, doesnt matter, its 7mm, no uF
i hate eagle symbols

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^dx^: 100uF on the DC input?
7mm can, yes?
okay i think i understand gate swap too
its when you make parts from multiple symbols
i guess if you give things matching numbers you can swap them
yeah okay
because i didnt know how to do that before

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happy person
arm head arm
eduard0: yeah thats why we gonna get nuked
the first time something in america blows up
she gonna nuke like mideast from left half of suadi to pakistan
oh hey guys
my microwave
(so this is actuall an anti-charles rant)
has a metal grill in it
maybe this microwave is not meant for using?
okay put a spon in your microwave
what about cdr
wtf how does that make sense
oh hmm
no was too long
i dont understand

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FL and MI gonna get redos
but noe one knows if cacus or primary
see because at a caucus, like people can canvince you 'WTF BILLARY? WHERE IS YOUR HEAD'
and then obviously guess who wins
it doesnt matter
because it was a repub controlled state
so it wasnt even the dems who made the decision
FL repubs pushed the primary date up
well regardless, they broke the rules
all the hillary voted should be discarded
they fucked up
and obama and edwards were following the rules
thats right he voted for black muslim terror
lets get mayan end of the world rolling
4 MORE YEARS! \o/\o/o\/o\/o\/o\o/\o\/o\/o\/o\/\[excited peoplke]\o/\o/\o/\o/o\/o\/\/
if hillary wins im maybe leaving the country
she will get us invaded or nuked
i can feel it
dude wtf hillary county
yeh \o/

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by the end they prob a pool of psych medication
its not hard
very useful
bos linked the pic with him holding the big phone to his ear upside down
>( >( >(
rab: no hes our president
sworn in
and actively doing presidential fuckin things
you people bred him
it is your fault for not killing him
naw man im just spouting hillary campaign lines
rab: cmon you are tx you kill people for insulting another mans truck
this guy pretends to be one of you, and then does like 8 years all wrong
then goes on vacation there
not rly
tx = racist
not in a bad way, like a cultural way

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blackmoon: =(
if hillary wins im leaving
she will get us invaded
wtf mccain
mccain is a joke candidate
he wasnt a party republican this time last year
he is now
so most respect i had for him (politically, he seems okay guy, kinda cool even, just a soldier dork)
ive lost, because he twisted to fit the ticket
he wasnt one of them really, but now he is
i can make something
slot some thick AL, screw tight clamps
clamp screws thru pcb edge holes
i dunno what is standard
if it fits the rail its standard no?
thats weird
okay so hes normal
we know he can do that shit and not go insane
which is good because presidents NEED drug immunity

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so yeah, whatever
if you dont do it im pretty sure it does it auto anyway
usd of course!
cali does have out own currency yet
it would blow our cover as double secret independent nation
er doesnt doesnt
rab: i tend to think of it as 'stuff'
there is money, which is a gov thing
and stuff, which has value, which is a people thing
la has many kind of stuff
better to have stuff then to have monies
they can take your monies in seconds
takes like, trucks and moving people and all day to take some of your stuff
macegr: what are these din rail things?
like i kinda know what they are but i never seen them
i dont think

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if by then isnt a prob, i can machine as many of those things up as you need
thats a quick board
macegr: okay, so passives to make it real, and buffers for the clock
sec worker
blackmoon: ding
so uh, guys
itll convert, i dont think it charges

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are those darlingtons?
yeah i can redo it quick
all the work is done
well its current limited by the logic output
so just get some tough logic
yeah but thats all 0805 doable so should change routing
you can do along the back edge
but yeah, im not doing shit for a couple days besides make stuff and dx stuff
oh and wtf school stuff i guess
its a pretty low power switch
but itll kick over high power drivers no prob
heh, needs to be soic and 1/4 the size
but yeah socketted darlingtons is smrt
macegr: i got break in a couple of weeks

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you are alot more fun to be around when you arent trying so hard
im busy i have no time
i love how charles compares one chair to like 3 months of rugs
heheh, grasping
does it have to be pretty?
dude it was NEVER about just electronics
charles doesnt get it
hes become bouncer status
its for people who do electronics
or have interests, or for not smart people to find smart people (this is what they all say iunno)
macegr: its single sided, and mostly ground plane
thats 5min machining time
and i have those coming
those headers
coincidentally, from china
come in the cool box

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go fuck yourself
what, that was controlled output
not an accident!
no whatever about that
thats not my blog
go thru how much of that is technical
and how much is blog
then feel stupid for how much time you wasted doing it
jezus fuck find something fun to do and stop being a shit op
serious, go fuck yourself or contribute or something
how about the hours of talking about chipamps
when you (being charles, for the blog readers) stormed off like a girl
because i dunno you didnt believe in monolithic opamps behaving like opamps
charles: serious, get laid

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so um
i should maybe get a chair
because if you want to reply you should get a life
serious youre on the channel why are you going to lordpil.com

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i might stick in sketchup and grab from two views
also i want to make a mockup
just throw some pots in an altoids and led bling
hehe, naw they clear lens
and dont talk about how diffuse has nicer light
fuck the light
water clear looks neat all the time!
they dont mix
avrfreak didnt get it =(
my pics are all disorganized
im try and handle that and reinstall windows this weekends
i deserve new windows

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guys guys guys
the worker is installing microwave right now!
macegr: okay pls2 comment on pics soon
for make site
just random related projects pics
altoids headphone amp, chipamps, audio opamp circuit stuff, etc
not done only like 4 now

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oh huh
rab: production or low run/single?
hes only like 1500mi away
hello, drill, tap
rab: lots on ebay, on hand stuff from extrusion shop
rab: blocks of aluminum at mcmaster
fuck fins, its cheap, just go with mass
well, no =(

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rab: large?
like 50W large?
5000W large?
if fan, cpu sink will prob keep it under 60C
find extrusion company
and ask what they have kickin it
ebay also
no ceramic is bad!
$$$, breaks

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its better that you got away from her she gonna be a lawyer
good job
but yeah, you cant do that AND marry them
naw she has to like go and boff other guys and like get better at sex0rz
then you want her back
naw thats the thing
they find a big guy
and hes to pokey, and instead of yayay shes like OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
and then she will love your peenthing

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^dx^: my sister got one
a 2G
no dude
MY sister
think like me, but with less ethics
oh yeah sure
doesnt everyone?
we just thought everyone smokes weed except mom
but yeah she doesnt use it much
i have to go to her lace and set up a wap
oh i think she uses for school sometimes
ha, her and her bf come and ger herbs
like, i have to do seperate bags
or they argue
did you ever poke her insides?
wasnt she the one who was like, just BJs or something

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$200, leather or some open mesh
yeah ill send today
haha i cut that shit with a knife cuz i didnt wanna look for a blade
so you get the bigger chunk
theyre same side, one of the jagged edges sticks out bit more, heh
but yeah, good shit
fuck where did i put it
i dunno i didnt think youd notice
itll prob cut with scissors fine
i used the 2" knife i used for the box
it feels alot like silicone rubber
not quite as dense, but smooth finish and kinda flexible the same way
ima use for the led arrays between the Al back and the actylic chassis
er, acrylic
did you try the xanadros thing yet?
other side of my house, thru two external walls and an interior wall
and i still get decent reception

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like, more than two even
can call me geek please do not call me nerd k thx
i get in too much trouble
im not a nerd
because its wrong
im not a compsci fg
that shgit just another trusth table, aint that special
*typos, no u
i think my chair is depressurizing
because im pretty sure i didnt pull the lever this time
i have a bit of extra money right now
i should maybe buy one
yeah really

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yeah dunno, if they were that good people would still use them
but they seem neat
well, yeah
some people do everythiong, tho
but in general mills can do most of what they can do
and most engineers know to design for a mill
some stuff mills just cant do
because the radius of the tool would make it a weak tool
thats a mill to me
im not trying to do old machine tools
^dx^: !
omg how much for iron?
no dx =(
like 30W unregged?
radioshack irons have total shit tips
wellers and hakko tips are sexy, its like totally diff experience
i dont think digikey has hakko tho
fuck you i have dreadlocks and listen to eternally underground music
and smoke enough weed to kill a horse
and i have friends

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^dx^: ^
they are cheaper then the duals
i have an order with all the stuff i asked for
so digikey will keep it forever
like weirdo stalkers
heh yarly
pin shaper?
blackmoon: yeah theyre like pokey machine tools

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aw damn
those were my dual mosfets
^dx^: kk sec
very tiny
ha wtf

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dude hes so stoned

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oracle login
$980 payment in march
they still sitting on it
musicians dont know what AC is
just put power adapter
or adapter

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thanks for that actually
i want to use their adapters for altoid component audio
aaaaw jeah
dx scores
course not
then you could just go buy it

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no without cracking open
you can see it with a scope
man cops are bullhorning mofos outside
macegr: yeah reading
I got to the door and it was labelled push/pull. Confused? Actually, the signs were both in etched glass, and even though one was reversed and on the other side, my brain read both and farted before I tried both ways and got inside.
yeah i have the same thing
fuck barrel plugs
n00b478: effects
and filters, and *stuff*
no i dunno but thats what signal processors do

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not so stuff, knees are fine, no hip siatica anymore
fuck barrel plugs none match
like, well make standard for everything
except the most inportant connector
radioshack warts are actually nice for that
you basically paying $15 extra for the neat array of connectors
you prob better off seeing what kind of psu it has inside and making one
warts are such shit
transformer, diode, cap, done
yeah, thatd kill it
you can test them for bad diodes

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^dx^: just get local or from someplace else
is prob expensive at digikey
64/37 prob best
that looked painful
yeah whar rab said because he can add
^dx^: anything under .035 prob okay
i am mistapping keys because my chair is all low
i am prob damaging nerves in my forearms
like sore or like weirdo nerve pain
i think the glucosamine is working
i almost killed my bottle of 180 triple strength caps
like 2/3 gone at least
but yeah im just sore when im done riding my bike now

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voodoos have touched us thru vishay
x10 pls
lowercase e is neat its like a dinosaur look
its gonna eat you
wow i really dont want to edit photos i guess, haha

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how many are their?
i dunno why they call it miter
tho every program has diff idead about bevell and miter and fillet and yeah
^dx^: fuck
its because they were neat
some asshole bought them all
1A 60V for .13
no wonder they are gone

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thats the other reason i want to use the current sinks
i want to put the LED at 20mA
not about 20mA
no looking at them still
is just one
maybe getting diff one now tho
LM317 come in sot-223
in 1A
x6, pls
you dont really need sinks
i was gonna make copper sinks on the board
can just bolt to those with some thermal goop
like, after parts are final, ima go thru and make some traces fatter and then miter trace corners and do heatsinks and check ground plane
swap input cap because yeah haha at 100uF 0805
rab: its called miter
it puts radius on angled trace corners

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boards with traces with too many smt leds on them
yeah but i dont think they have 50 led arrays
also, with one of my setups you can hit two sides of a plant
their 6w setup is bulky
have to hang it basically
its kinda too big for the kind of plants it can support
because i dont think LED are as better as they claim
traffic maps are neat
which for the arrays?
ima mill pockets into acrylic blocks
then a gasket layer
then back Al heatsink panel
with white LED switch
mill makes nice edges
plus everything fits perfect
like, i want to go to a specific depth
and i want the bottom to be flat
ima have to polish tho
^dx^: yeh for 5v supply
not likely

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and then i can make a little board with a 5V linear reg to do mosfet rail switching for the arrays
thats alot of leds
thats like for a ficus!
so what im hopinh is the distributed heat lets you put the lighs almost directly on the plant
of fuckit just stick them up in the bush
well people are buying led plant lights
that do almost no power
but its light in the spectrum plants use
and like, efficiency is whatever if it dont hit the plants
like, if you go into a room, and there are grow lights
everything you can see that isnt plant is wasted light
they offset the light because of they dont the plants burn up
except not as much with flouro
and LEDs are about same efficiency as flouro now
macegr: i wanted to do stalks of some sort
but i want to just make a generic hardware hookup on the back
i got a plate of .250" 6061 Al
so i want to make heatsink backs on the arrays
so basically, big acrylic block with heatsink on the back and some mount points for diff hardware
actually i wanna do that with smt led

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for what?
yeah but thats not simple
not like current sinks and a dc rail
existing design works without the digital control
because the first prototype prob wont have any digital
because i want to leave the LEDs full power just to see how well it works
power consumption and prob light emission, im competitive with the $170 online units
macegr: im using banks at like 23V
because my 6 blue led and 8 red led strings add up to around 22V
max spec'ed Vf
+1V for the current source
so 23V or 24V boost supply

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rab: wtf
1.5A sot223
macegr: yeah but i would just hook the pot to the adc too
rab: thats cool
its still be neat having 1.5A going thru that shit, within spec
tho yeah at that point maybe a to220 saves space
yeah they have like 3 numbers or tinyprint
im using pwm for bright control
using BJT current sinks for the led
$.07 per bank, use mmbt4403 or 3906
no but its good for leds
and it makes the system totally immune to unmatched VF

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i could ramp the comparator and pretend its an adc
yeah 4ch
but i dont think on soic
one is reset
but i only need two
tiny = atmel fan controller, so ADC
oh wtf green LEDs

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or is it 232
^dx^: ^
no i dont think
no it was like vreg!
or something
it was tabbed sot-23 type thing
thats all i remember
yeah okay it is 223
i thought 232 for a sec then didnt know
they were like alot of mA at 5V
yeah should be soic
its for control thing on grow leds
pot to pwm

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its actually awesome for bipolar supply setups
because ground is taken out of the power loop
its basically just signal reference
heh, bridged class AB = H-bridge
yeah you can just parallel across the outputs like normal
the speakers float, theyre not grounded
nope, you just invert signal to one side
and you connect speaker across the power output
okok, best setup:
balanced signal input
so you already have inverted signals
and you just wire the diff inverted signal lines to two idential amps
and you have a no circuit bridge setup
^dx^: yeh
i maybe linked on the irc
i dont think i emailed sec i look for file
oh and then there was like 18 of something awesome
but i forgot
sot-223 vregs maybe

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okay then its just size and sheets i guess
ya rly
can it just autoroute sections?
i hate the back up file, do everything left stuff
im saying can you select nets
and just autoroute those
i could maybe wotk with that on big projects
but i dont think it does
^dx^: yeah but theyre $$$
and the $1M class shit supposedly is smart enough to be aware of EMI and trace inductance and stripline type stuff
like, if your shit can design chips internals, board level is prob cake
you just wire the high sides together
and you invert signal to one side of the bridge
leave the ground outputs open

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thats pretty good
turn it on
kill it with fire
and reboot
path0s: you ever fuck with layer colors?
ha i set schema to white on black
okay but fureal fuck you guys because you are distracting
the number of grid points before a grid line or dot
default its set to 1
it cant autoroute, do multiple sheets
and its like 4x3" or something dumb
im like fuck cadsoft, but its totally affordable if you have a business

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is his shit ancient?
just take your eee to the bathroom!
i dunno why that is in there
no the box
that it came in
thats an awesome idea tho
we can make a fixture on the cieling
so you could flip the LCD and wheel around and up
to pee
just make him do $20 more this time and next time and see if he still bitches
oh nice
$1 per mile
round trip niggy
this guy maybe dont know that
charge him that
and tell him that

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ccfl_man: wtf
$40 for showin up or $40 for work?
or a truck
then call his mom
i charge $40 flat for computer work
but i only do computer work for people i like
or like, fruit monitors (wtf is a fruit sensor)

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what does that have to do with it
stu: you can bridge or parallel them
like, bridge them and run them in parallel to insread the load capability
or you can just make them all the same
and then invert in a preamp to half
but its no diff then designing with two LM3886
charles: hello, gainclones is old news
national has app notes for them for bridged/parallel duty
theyre made to be run off unregged supply, so noisy DC from a car prob aint that big a deal to it
yeah lots of people have used the simple bpa-200 circuit with success
(including me)
and its literally just an opamp
its FAR from ideal
because its tuned for audio
and signal to power level gains
no one does better than national at this type of shit and this is like their flagship linear audio thing

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or AB
well obviously its silly
but itd be the best sounding silly on the block by far
and fans
haha water cooling
i dont think ive seen a water cooled gainclone
i think they exist tho
hello its a DC rail
put some diodes on that bitch and run it straight
good amp with awesome PSRR (like gainclones) will handle it
people run them off unregged supply with mad 120Hz bump
use a LM4780!
or not, i use 3886 now actually because the fatter pins
easier to layout
but yeah 4780 is same thing, smaller
its an opamp
its whatever you want it to be

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drop it to ground, it opens up, until its dropping almost no voltage
its prob only for 1ms
you could easily make the psu have a delayed turnon thump
because when its dropping no volts it dissipating no power
so it only burns on slow transition
or if you totally blow away its bonding wires
shit will get hot for sure
fat heatsink, fat traces
make sure it says it can do 100A
itd be a really expensive fet
yeah relays are neat
charles: eventually this wont be smps
sry, convo been going on for a bit, heh
AB even
cuz fuckit its cold in britland
yeah finally 12v wtf

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but good enough for audio
no for audio the circuit was perfect
because it was an LR based xover
and it acted exactly like it should have
all crossover are kinda shitty
LR is equally shitty in the phase domains to both pass bands
so the shittiness syncs up
stu: yeah
with a fast enough driver it doesnt burn during transistion
if its fast enough it doesnt even really have to be big
you drop alot of voltage at the pins, relative to wire
but its only like .2"
you think the pins are fucking tiny imagine the bonding wire inside
well i meant per pin, but yeah
be neat too see some pics of them wires up but uncapped
like right before they cover it all up
most likely
you could do it with a P fet on the high side
with a pullup to the external rail

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panasonic does red ones, vishay does orange ones
hehe they look like chiklets
i did a linkwitz-riley active crossover with them
and some 1% metal film resistors, and i think TL072
shit tested like it was a simulation
using the HP scopes and gens at school
i was like looking around for seams in the matrix or lawrence fishbourne or some shit
no it was, usually the circuits arent so much
like, this was dead on sub 1% stuff
what do you mean that is ideal =(
no real amp
hehe, its that actually
no im saying it was perfect
like the sim
was trying to sim a tl072

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bridged sets in parallel
thats single channel power
but that would be a precision matched audio system, heh
or itd just fight itself
yeah stu i think that works
if you make sets capable of 2R, bridged thru 4R should be okay
search bpa-200
like $5 each
the dual chip is under $10
sec ill look im curious
rab: not really
i typically do panasonic cap based designs
because companies copy their product line
like, you can get any panasonic spec cap from chemicon for less
but if its not a huge value, and money wasnt first priority, polypropylene caps are sexy
oh, yeah 1-5% polypropylene

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uh huh
that was actually my expresspcb project
i made bridged LM4780
then i paralleled two of the bridged sets
each board had a little opamp buffer
4ch 2R is gonna be 8
so thats 400W
no 8 chips
well, bridging is diff
its weird you bridge two chips and you get 4x the power
but theyll eat themselves
because theyre each doing 2x the current
tho i guess you can adjust gain to compensate but no one seems to do this, dunno
but yeah, thats why you bridge parallel
yeah car is a wtf place to put an amp
the DC rail thing is cool, but 12V is shit
but yeah, 4 bridged pairs would be 2R 800W

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and i have to go to 'more...' to get to the thing that will show image dimensions
thats cool, i like gainclones
theyre really simple
if you just want to buy some kits or PCB to try it out
er no sry
the LM3886 kit is like 3rd or 4th gen braingt gainclone stuff
dude, diyaudio chipamp forum went nutty on that shit for prob 6 months on the first one
just like, deciding how to layout 6 or 7 parts
its kinda OCD, i think, but theyre pretty neat boards

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macegr: page 13 = total fail
might as well use as art cuz shit aint very useful as a schema for troubleshooting
this is lame i think ima download my whole image dir and sort them here
and then put them back
stu: you know why windows fuckin sucks?
because when i right click on explorer column bar to add more meta columns,
shit is like, list of 30 things, and 'more...'

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stu: yeh
stu: theyre rated to 4R
2R is double the current
so you just use two
you put small resistors in series with the outputs
.1R or .5R or 1R
well, in the case of 2R, id do like .1R
so the amps dont battle over a few mV
provides each amps feedback with slight buffer
else they get the same feedback, but maybe they dont agree, one is trying to make it 10V, other is trying to make it 10.2V
prob way less, but yeah is no good, distortion and wasted energy
thats pretty much the the only thing diff with parallel, other than obvious shit like keeping part values matched, etc
macegr: do not want =(

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so yeah, fuck swapping good amps for audio with good amps for video, just because they are fast
also does BB even make monolithic amps?

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500W about
4x LM4780
macegr: these are legend
LM3875 is legend
these are better
$5 chipamp
$3000+ minimalist design audiophile amp
same thing
+7 parts
and connectors
macegr: go to national and look at the LM3886
find the graph for output on 25V bipolar rails with a 80KHz filter into 4R
okay well its an example of national being like 'okay fuck all of you'
no rockshox
no i dont at all
because im not doing video
i dont need 50MHz amps
because any sane preamp bandpass filters audio spectrum and headroom anyway
so its useless
because they will pick up noise in the air
and then start spray your output signal with shit you cant even hear

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use smt caps in those cool seamless Al cans
ton of short caps in parallel
like, in a 2x4 board, you can prob do two gainclones with integrated preamps
then run stereo, parallel, or bridged (bridged requires differential input)
like, if you learn non-inverting circuit opamps, you can do gainclones
if you learn opamp single supply coupling and biasing, you can do gainclones in a car
without having to create a negative rail
in which case, you need fairly large output coupling caps (else the speaker will half DC supply on it all the time and burn)
or you need to bridge
because floating speakers are sexy, fuck ground

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waking up
^dx^: ok so havent ordered parts?
we should do that shit now so you can maybe order by noon
split 48 wil keeel it
it needs 40-70V about
split bipolar or single supply
traditionally, gainclone is +-35V into 8R
LM3886 will do +-25V into 4R
60W, actually =)
well, you get less power
but i think its 40V
but maybe 20V
i dont remember if it was bipolar rails, 20V each or just 20V full spread
mobilestu: yes, two in parallel
will do 2R
and twice the power
LM4780 = 2x LM3886
i wanna make some SMT gainclones
i was still afraid of that shit when i was doing lots of chipamp stuff

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bridged AB was big shit, like back in the 70s
80s, before class-D really became common
yeah its almost always AB now
class-A is a sick joke
its from when parts were as big as your fist
finger size resistors
no one gave a shit if the 3W out radio was eating 30W
mobilestu: yes
it does make sense for driving mids and highs
and smaller woofers for midbass duty
thats pretty cool
that will change car audio
more than anything since class-d
oh ok
if ford is going to do it everyone else is gonna be doing it at some point
because them gm and dodge, then japan has to do it
because well prob make laws about it, haha

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so resolution and THD is pretty good, but only to a couple hundred Hz
AB is awesome THD, full spectrum
but whatever you burn in the speaker, you burn in the chip
most performance AB chips are 50%
it makes figure out PSU pretty easy
take output power, multiply by two
i was considering doing a boost/invert SMPS or just a boost
with bipolar PSU outputs
because minus the psu, you can fit gainclones in a little chassis
basically a heatsink with a little box attached to the front
youre burning that much in your speakers
for the same amount of output, there is considerably more heat
thats how it was back in the day

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like, input side might be issues depending what your interfacing
but output you just hook them up like any other audio src
whole section of DIY people just about DACs
but 48V is 200W RMS into 4R, with 4 gainclone chips
i would build an amp into a 10" cube box
like, a bunch like that, and stack them
throw in a 15" just to fuck up your suspension
gainclone or any AB chip wont be as loud class-D, but itll sound better full range
good class-D amps are usually slow switching, for sub duty

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yeah rly
bridged 48V is serious power
you could run AB no problem right off the rails
gainclones are
no but theyre 48V, basically
but amazing THD spec
50% efficiency
yeah, but you can bridge and parallel
you can parallel pretty much indefinitely, you might not get the amazing THD
but prob better than typical bridge/parallel setups
and theyre small
like, you could fit 10 gainclone easy in most of the chassis you linked
but you would have to do some major heat dissipation upgrades
you set the gain
i dont think they love unity much
but theyre tuned for audio gain
yeah totally
change a resistor
yeah dacs arent hard

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then when the current is going the right direction and right rate, it throttles back
like, you have huge voltage rails
so the amp has reserve power to pull the speaker back
well here, its like automatic vs manual transmissions
automatic, youre really just giving the drivetrain suggestions
and it reacts however
with a manual, you can directly control the mechanical elements
the speaker isnt just reproducing the voltage on input bigger
its tracking the current, so itll use any voltage it needs to in order to get the speaker position correct
because speaker excursion is related current in the coil, not voltage
its small voltage -> high current conversion
instead of small voltage -> high voltage conversion
so you need ALOT of voltage
its weird
it totally makes sense, but no one does it
likely because of the psu requirement

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AB is like B in failure mode
G i think is a variation of D
tho i might be wrong and it might be transconductance
which is like, current feedback for your voltage gain
its actually a perfect amp
but you need HUGE rails
way more than power delivery
i dunno if they gave it a letter
like, speaker is a current thing
not a voltage thing
its okay they dont really teach this shit
because its totally not practical
okay, way any coil works is current has like momentum
like, it cant go from 100A to 1A in zero time
bigger speaker, slower current response is to voltage
transconductance (im 90% thats what they call the amp config) uses current as feedback
instead of voltage
so it knows when the speaker is lagging
so like, your voltage signal swings to the low side
the voltage on the output swings low
but its not enough voltage
because the amp knows the current is still going the wrong way
so it hits it with a HUGE amount of opposite voltage
to defeat the inductive current lag

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mobilestu: it should be okay with a toroid
you filter the output of class-D heavily anyway
yeah it should eat noise except like 60hz/120hz stuff
which in a car doesnt exist so much
however you got the car noise
mobilestu: toroids keep most their flux inside
all the magnetics travels thru the ferrite
macegr: hahahahahaha
if you want high quality, do bridged class-B
you take a hit in efficiency
max theoretical for class AB and class D is 85% and 100%
no i meant AB
B is half wave amplification, for AM amps, heh
er no thats C

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rab: beep
we must brainstorm of vertical drag soldering rotating/flippy vise
because every flip setup i can thing of that will do a wide variety of boards is prob gonna be flimsy
except one, i guess
you dont have the thing flip on an axis, you just have the pcb edge holder assembly come off the rotating assembly
so like, pull off (magnetic would be neat), flip, slap back on, solder other side
else you need clearance for whatever max height board you wanna do

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okay f this im go crash on the cold leather thing

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you bought blue ray?
you fail
when they stop making DVDs ima blame you, bitch
im tired but my bed is in shelf mode and the leather couch is cold
no i have a queen on a frame
but it ends up being used as a storage area
i need to get exexgf over here and trade sex0rz for room cleaning
troublemaker always changing her phone number, calls as blocked ID habitually
'why dont you ever call me?'

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