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hats they might be giants
im sure

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ow lucky
altoids corner is exactly my biggest radius gage

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oh hmm my rail to rail amps run at higher voltage than i thought
hey wrk at 3 but go to 15
also wtf there is no sn10504
sn10503 wtf

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if it works and i dont have to use a 9V, i can center tap the AAA batteries for the signal power stuff so i dont have to DC bias or output couple
AAA alkaline and NiMH and whatever else you can find in AAA = available

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preamp, eq, active xovers, monoblock amps
maybe fir magnets inside so they stack automatically
then i want to make a 4" sub into a 100cdr cake tube
i dunno what to make speakers out of
even the 1" drivers i can find will stick out the back of altoid cans
i can power it with 4x AAA and fit 4 front panel stereo pots and 4 stereo miniplug jacks in it
i have to arrange the batteries in like an H pattern, tho
2 packed into the sides, then two across bit towards the front

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im not selling
is for makers fair
and its always cmoy headphone amps
which is just a datasheet opamp circuit
mines not a headphone amp
is gonna be a whole component system

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i wonder if dx is okay
i have to hang up clothes then dimension altoids can

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insulation fall off, all the metal expanded, now you short is shorting on the engine and chassis
you battery is like 'whatever, i can hang'
meanwhile there is hole in your fender
windshield wiper fluid explosions
mains its like OMG I CANT SEE [breaker flip] OMG WHAT HAPPENED WOAH IM ALIVE YAY
yeah it probably vaporized pretty quick
no more short circuit
all the way?
oh heheh
i thought maybe you found a tiny hole
lek: magnification lens is neat
also the gold filter
lek wtf
it autocompletes based on last letter typed
Blackmoon: ^
but yeah, it didnt take any getting used too, i was welding from way farther back tho
and yeah colors are better with the gold plate filter
blackmoon: i got your rubber gasket stuff
stuff is hardcore, its like rubber+

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fuck that itll melt on a high current line
its just bad because shorts happen in cars
shorts = melted solder joints
fuck that
go look at at production connections
on every car i can remember
dude car battery is a serious psu
its scarier than mains in short circuits
because it will deliver the power
like, all of it
dude itll unbraid 0ga stranded wire

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test33: its really simple, AND is two transistors in series, OR is two transistors in parallel, and NOT is just a transistor in saturation tapped off the collector and pullup resistor node
mechanical logic with valves and relays is same
haha, or tubes
it is
because everything is in saturation, run well past linear region
you just put resistors there so shit doesnt burn
CMOS is the same stuff basically, but they use transistor pairs to switch to hi or lo voltage
so no pullup resistors
the MOS pair basically takes turns shorting the output to a rail
heheh @ tube computers
for what 6x9s?

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so you put a resistor across it and you have a current source
heh, i had two semester of just digital
in case people only take one
r teacher likes digital
did they teach you how to make gate logic with two transistors?
if its an analog class and youre learning digital, and you cant make AND, OR and NOT gates with transistors and resistors, they failed
okay youre still in it
they have a chance to redeem

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uck resistors
goddamit stupid webirc
current sources > resistors
Inconsistent Vf? Fuck the Vf.
oh i think i has darker technologies logo
they are like made up diodes that kinda like like => and :<
test33: yeah its called BJT Vf
and a resistor to control current thru said BJT
(bjt = built in vref)
er, Vbe
but yeah its the Vf of the emitter diode

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macegr: we do A1, italian breadcrumbs, couple eggs, garlic, spice, hot sauce
then you cook well
because it stays juicy in the middle
A1 steak sauce
its like, bbq sauce, but tart instead of sweet'

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dude whole milk is soooo goood
i think i migh buy some next time
2% is okay
but whole milk just feels so proper
like omg i am energizing and rebuilding
pAth0s: naw nonfat is water
straight up bluewhite water
ome do
im anti bullshit
current establishment = bullshit
Blackmoon: cook all of it?
i gotta clean the weber
its getting warm again
i make minimeatloaf hamburgers
very well on the ouside
juice yum on the inside

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its just useful for transient response tests
which you dont really wanna do on a sub
i know
its odd harmonics till forever
but filters dont care about sines, they care about delta
so a square is like hitting it with a section of sine wave at a way high freq (depending on your slew)
beef and bell peppers is awesome basic foods
why was that quotable?
macegr: has to be done well
squishy bell peppers such
pAth0s: my brain just prases blackmoons speech into something kinda like english
er, parses
prases (c) ren industries

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but youre not gonna use the amp with another psu
you dont even to clip it
itll tell you the unloaded rails
test33: depends on switching speed
higher the switching speed, lower the efficiency
you wouldnt notice
a slighly clipped sine
its just an interesting thing to know
is not really any kind of test
you would notice in music
clipping sounds like blown speakers
driving subs with swuare waves in just dumb
a square wave is a high freq wave
because of the delta
its effective a very high frequency wave for a very short period
well, yeah you can say it like that
but basically you have a very high delta event
that would be equive to a waaaaay higher sine wave

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stupid circuit breaker
some class-A amps would asplode
25% ideal effiency aaaw jeeeah
its like an amp test

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everything beneficial about psychology is basic shit that sane people know
like, omg power corrupts
like, omg helping people is good
macegr: you are prov 30lbs lighter now
thetans are so heavy!
mobilestu: awesome
can you get egg?
he was having indecisions
i dont like american cheese
its pussy cheddar
they should just call ultra-mild cheddar
ok trudat
|test33|: EE courses is alot of things
so to be good at all that shit, yeah ultra genius
man i wish i had ingrdients

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chatrat: dude i read about emeter
the unlabed knobs are bias and gain
so you can put the needle wherever you want
whatever mace
you werent deep enough to go to sea org
epoxy and lead/tin?
dude the best one is:
'when i see a car accident i dont just stop
'i get in
'im like, hey whats up
dude their 3 hour conference with their captain was not funny
it was watching people cheering rvisionism and violence towards psychology
blackmoon: its a portable lie detector
they know
its part of the paranoia hook
test33: not cruise
cruise is a joke (literally, very funny too)
its their post hubbard leader
everything has problems
scientologies is like, people dying

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its really annoying because mufucker is always like 'no one in class got this shit like you' well yeah because i do this shit 24/7 and talk to people about it all fucking day long
i got new shoes i like them
oh but it started when he wanted me to explain anonymous
yes, the anonymous vs scientology thing, because im going on the 15th (because i really dont like scientology, and for better or worse, hollywood is part of home)
sesame bagel + cream cheese aaaw jeah
you dont know about anonymous vs scientology?
what kind of efnet netizen are you?
dude you are
like it or non
you are almost famouse on multiple networks
everyone knows what a su is in sci/tech chans!
there is even a reg on freenode nicked notstu

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i kicked my 'friend' out because he tried to say irc was like 10 people who sit at home all day because they dont have jobs
and that the internet was like TV and not real
fuck the argument
i wasnt trying to have an argument with him over that shit
you have a job
thats nice, i learn tons of shit from it
in general hes an annoyance and projects his own bullshit in a passive agressive manner
it was kinda like, mofo doesnt wanna listen, but assumes a ton, and constantly tells me 'its like when you said'
and like, i never said that shit
sure stu

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seravitae: buy
meh, lenses is like the edge precision grinding
pretty sure tolerance on even prescription lenses is pretty tiny

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path0s: ouch at -55dbm
4 floors and a wall
floors will fuck you in an apartment
all concrete and steel
i thing theres usuallt expanded mesh or chiken wire on exterior walls too
for the stucko
oh, not bad
wood is neat
i dont reallt download anything to my eee so not an issue
its fast enough with 80% of the web
and its 800x480 anyway
it kinda sucks at web, its like, just enough to be useful, utlitarian

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i usually leave in the morning charged up on stanby
when i get to class is like 90%
when im done about 1.5 hour later, is like maybe 50% or 40%
itll do like 12 hours standby
more or less
it wont do overnight if you forget to plug it in and it wasnt fully charged
sculptor_: yeah playing divx itll do about 2hours and some headroom
4gb what?
divx file?
4G eee?
i have a 4G
its about 3+ hours normal use
no wifi
the wifi is pretty good
i get decent reception across my aparment
is like maybe 30 yards to a wrt54g, thru two exterior walls
i got it in in under 800MB
nlite stripped
no issue with compatibility yet
but i dont do alot with it, just word and movies, music mostly

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yeah its okay
its a bit tiny but totally useable
theyre pretty cool, i havent had any probs
macegr: new ones prob wont drop for months
yeah i told everyone to wait
i just wanted one for this semester
taxed and shipped is like $450
bit more
yeah prob same
ive had no problems with it
and you buy a external usbhdd and its like a normal tiny laptop
yeah i got xp and slack dual boot
both are fine
even the xanadros OS is okay
it takes a bit too boot on mine, xo
er, xp
its something to do with the wifi driver im pretty sure, if you manually switch off the wifi, sometimes explorer will just pop up instantly
might just be my setup dunno
sculptor_: yeah i have a 160gb toshiba drive
itll do a movie off the usb hdd, just barely
itll do a movie off SD or SSD fine
itll do about 3 hours
maybe cut in half with wifi

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macegr: sexy
mxman: hi
is dx back?
^dx^: are you okay yet
macegr: i was right about where they replaced the speakers
except they didnt put the speaker grates on top like i thought they would =\
theyre firing into the ground
i thought they would at least do it thinkpad style and have they firing forward and down on the front edge of the lappy

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tank girl makes machine gun noises while firing her machine gun

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k bbl

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filter, moon
the 2.5 is nuts
blackmoon: dx was right the gold plated ones dont green tint
#10 gold not good enough for sustained looking at the sun

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also with the ejection seat, you maybe have half a chance
but yeah, prob like as much as a small house to do yearly maintance on them
and im just assuming an F5 is dirt cheap to own
haha, im pretty sure they would fall apart under 10G =\
theyre kinda old
neat, komrad is coming over we gonna kill a pizza
the gold plate filter is very gold
wow @ welders magnification lens

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i mean wtf, her followers are like the dorks who follow the popular girl, while the popular girls rags on all of them
she talks down to everyone
fuck yankees, cali aint shit
we was like, huntin gold and shit
i wonder how much an F5 costs
prob not much, they in all the movies
F5 = movie MIG
theyre almost as badass as the vectored SU
whatever, thats the fastest shit ever
death in most cases would be fairly instant
to much confusion to realize, and then a shot bit of extreme pain
beats a car accident

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f14 dont just stop
theyre like sharks
they stop, they maybe die =(
JSF = funky vectoring and auxillary fans
hey fuck you
F4 was awesome
first modern fighter
its not the same
f15 is 60s design, 70s build, for the most part
f4 is like late 50s design
rab: ty
you are forgiven for bush
dude did you see hillarys televised rally?
she like totally told you guys off first minute
said you guys suck for producing bush, too bad hes coming back home

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some pilots can hover them
basically just stall them and kick it with neutral thrust
yeah they do it on both axis
out vectored thrust is just pitch vectoring
they did shit to the intakes too, so they dont stall in weird manuevers
theres like secondary intake vents on top
landing and takeop there are barriers that lift in place to cover main intake
dust and shit
because russians dont give a fuck they will land on your house
but yeah i guess they can like, fall backwards and sidways
and the engines still get good feed
no dude, they will hover stationary
and then like fall out of it
yeah but its prob more an issue if you can stand your plane on its but and hover around if the pilot has the skills

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took advantage?
that was the best thing to ever happen to that girls life
shes gonna be okay forever now
whatever, she has a name and a face
no turning back, she pimped it enough she should have money to be fine for her whole life
no doubt
only people came out lookin stupid:
stu: <3
the russian response to our 70s fighters are the best jets in the world
newer shit is just more stealth with more avionics tek
haha, he just did a cobra, and then laterally yawed left while hovering

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dude, this is she treats the people on her own team
and her trying to act like she aint down with nafta is a joke
she trying to use clinton regime as her experience
bill was ALL about nafta
yeah but bill was a politician
shes a politicians wife
she was corp money
ya rly, that made them look pretty retarded
um, hello youre taking up senate time with debate about BJ vs fuck
i got my mcmaster!
see i would have missed my ups if i went to school
by like 5min =( =( =(
it would have never ended
its bullshit tho
you dont fuck a girl with a cigar and then not fuck
they did it, they just both didnt say
its not a public matter
at all, i dont care
in fact it made me think bill was more human
bill is a big selfish brat
hes an american
like, oh he got a bj from an intern?
well duh he is the president

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anyone wanna bet on the outcome of texas?
hillary = no chance in ohio
charles: about 6 hours they start coming in
theyll be final in like 10 hours
they cant touch obama, bad campaigning like slides off him
its like mufuckers learned from trolls on irc
liek every attempt to make him look slimy, hes easily defended, and it makes hillary look like trash
shes lookin like the greedy power drunk bitch she is

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i got mile of phone wire on ebay
3 twisted pairs
that thing is dorky looking
jacket for your xtal
no doubt if it works
its still funny, heheheh

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my exgf has these rolled kevlar fabric torches
its neat stuff
was it alot?
you can solder that without stripping, right?
doesnt break up like fiberglass
but it soaks up matrix resins and deals with high temp as well
big spool?
or fist size or what
do you have any IDE cable?
udma 80lead style
its same gage
i know but its expensive
blackmoon: ebay?

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anyway, drill holes into the ends of the tubes
and couple to turbines
and put on a clutch and CVT
blackmoon: cmon, you cant do a turbine like that one a real car, no control
drag racer shit
blackmoon: naw no intake turbines =)
just drive turbines
use pulse to push the turbines
the constant speed would be awesome clutched on a CVT
yeah massive down gearing
hehe, figuring out cooling and tolerances to work with the metal in transisional temps would be hellish
it does
you just need enough layers
yeah nothing going thru that
blackmoon: its like super fiberglass
less brittle

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im not sure it even had control surfaces
yeah they were ninjas at ballistics
yeah but active ones?
hehe neat
so what they were on timers?
thats kinda insane
blackmoon: =\
blackmoon: little ones in parallel
like, an array of 20 tucked close
that would be a performance cart
heheh, i wonder if its pointed slightly up to keep it from doing wheelies
blackmoon: yeah prob by moving the control surfaces
because they flew level
hmm, true
i wonder why they dont drag race them more

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blackmoon: http://aardvark.co.nz/pjet/images/valveless3.gif
okay my bad thats neat
thats not what the germans were doing tho
a lot is an understatement
stu: yes you got bombed on by them
the V1 was pulse jet
first cruise missile
v2 was liquid fuel i think
doodlebug, buzz bomb, it was a pulse jet over a fuelsage with a warhead
it was original cruise missile
it wasnt guided
they just kinda launched it and i think it could stay level by itself
was either an arcover thing or a fuel timing then
yeah no spinning mass
they might have fired it dumb

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if youre not voting for hillary
thats why they went balistic
dude war back then was like, bomb 20sq mi to hit a factory

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once theyre moving its not an issue, its how to get them started
blackmoon: its just blowing shit up and making sure it comes out the right way
once its got momentum, itll work right
because of an intake or startup function
an intake baffle would work
and an open back
its not the like V1 motor was an unobstructed tube

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its like, just the afterburner of a modern turbine engine
pretty much
yeah but youre just spray fuel into a burning moving airpath
when they move they do
no thats based on catching shockwave
this is getting explosions to go a vertain direction
one air is burning and coming out the back, it will suck in air
they used the valve intakes to keep the explosions from coming out the front, it was a weird design
if they dropped it for later v1, it makes sense
but it keeps the energy going one direction!
yyeah once its moving
blackmoon: yeah but stationary, it just blow up both directions

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close back flap
open front flaps, spray in fuel
buzz bomb
maybe the fuel feed
possible the exhaust
but the intake was valved
they didnt roar
they buzzed
because it was a weird fuckin engine
blackmoon: its a carb on fire
do you know how an afterburner works?

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per coil
cool, heh
blackmoon: heh
see thats dumb
because the wings make it more likely to be a cruise missiles
but yeah is shaped all wrong
pfft, they blow up shit for fun all the time
R&D, woot
just paint everything black
and do everything at night
thats how our real tek rolls
v1 were original cruise missile
v2 was original ballistic missile
v1 engines was just a tube with intake and exhaust flaps
they spray in fuel, open back flap, ignite it

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you have probs with ups and fedex?
for anything?
yeah theyll charge extra handling for no reason
like gee thanks for the extrafuck
yeah usps is like $3 dude
i dont even charge people shipping alot when i relay shit to them
like, i do shit to sweden, small parts is $3
a fucking heavy wire crimper + parts was only $8
yeah people shouldnt fuck around with shipping
thats why i like mcmaster
they wont even tell you how much shipping is when you confirm order
they wont bill you until it ships, and they charge you an actual amount
like, based on weight and size and real shit
its just a big missile
tomoharks grow wings
and that does look like it has the popout intake on top
tho from that distance who knows
teknique: they pop out bigger wings when they cruise
like, wings and an intake
theyre dones + warhead =\
yeah in parallel
you might need series resistors
like 1R or less
oh shit

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its more hiphop than pretty hate machine
buts its beat and industrial samples and guitar
he reminds me of marilyn if manson was fureal and not a suburban kid with nice parents
but he has that same hi im a fuckin weirdo and im smart deal with it vibe
sculptor: ha
farm geeks!
reza: theres a line in Tr[n]igger like 'WHAT DO YOU TEACH YOUR LITTLE CHILDREN ABOUT ME'
that kinda sums up the general mood of the album
reza: bloody sunday cover!
(yes the u2 song)
did you get flac?
im like why would anyone get the other too
you can make the other two from the flac
its someone trent produced
i think there was a few other familiar names, engineers
so yeah it might be alot of the same talent
but niggy tardust is saul williams like nin is trent reznor

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do you like industrial when its more hiphop?
pretty hate machine was pretty hiphop
like, down in it is rapped vocals =D
its hard shit, i like it
them is him, and yes, that and broken are <3
confusion, anger, indifference, acceptance
pretty hate machine, broken, downward spiral, the next one whatever the fuck it was called
i think niggytardust.com
We have removed the FREE option from our site as it was limited to the first 100,000 customers.
its only $5 for flac
and i dont think so, 100K is a good deal of product
everyone who really wanted it when it dropped could have had it for free
i want one, i paid $5 for the flac
i paid radiohead $5 too

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reza: he already did it
k back
he produced saul william's 'niggy tardust'
the day after radiohead, he announced he and his label broke their contract
that he was independent
like next month they released niggy tardust, free mp3, $5 flac + art pdf
mr tardust sounds like black reznor, its pretty awesome
theres a few tracks i dunno if its him or reznor

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theres maybe even a little trim pot or dipswitch inside for that

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you can do mad parallel AB chipamps to get sub 1R load capabilities
but you need like 50V rail
maybe not, they might get more power out of it bridged
which doesnt make sense really
because power is usually speced at a certain THD
and bridging makes it works
so you would thing it would actually less than double the power
but i seen specs like that alot
they maybe just run them alot less headroom for those tests, shrug
his amp wont do 2R

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like, you putting alot of faith in the amp, if its not phased up right itll just fight itself
prob wont hurt it, just wastes power and makes noise doing nothing
id would see what makes more power
bridged at 8R or single channel 4R
okay 8R you maybe get 120W
heh, buy another won, prob solved
itll always sound clean
2R bridged setup
stu: how is class-D efficiency on most big amps?
like 75%?

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for why
oh so its 8R or 2R?
yeah its 4R mono
yeah 8R sucks
yeah its weird theres shit you can do
like, two chans same signal thru both coils its nuts, but it should work

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rab: beep

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pretty neat
not jezus
native americans were smart
maybe it is some giant civil engineer projects

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^dx^: good lucks!
omg maybe he is already there
(if you dont know today they are drilling holes in komrads spine for further cybernetic enhancement)
sculptor: ?
how is that christ
how come when anyone sees something, they think its christ or mary?
looks like a native american girl

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heh, you just drive screws in, from the top for C and from the side for L
or reverse, dont remember
okay pimp that flux
omg dentist ph33r
maybe you will get one like my big booby asian dentist
booby head brace \o/
okay ima stay home maybe
and wait for my ups
because i really really wanna try the better welding filter and the magnifying lens
yeah i have to miss class because of blackmoons gasket rubber
ha prob have a test and then i gotta actually do decent work all semester to make it up

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heh, someone dubbed bush quotes including "let's roll" into a dnb song
metals are weird
i need to buy altoids
none of the hax0rz know wtf a radius gage is
i wonder if its easy like tuning waveguides

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anyway, people bitch about me using up their tax monies
but no one bitches about gov using its tax money to abuse kids and stand by while the larger kids molest the smaller ones
and no one cares that their money is used to siphon insurance money by drugging kids and sending them to psych hospitals
no one cares that much about that either
its just the popular thing right now
because gas is up
bitch aint no invasion of america gonna kill me
now we are komrads

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its all connected
probation is for naughty kids
i was ladcfs
yes i went to jevenile hall, they apologized for it
if not sleeping for days because i wouldnt go home is illness, sure
hahaha no
dont you wish
my dad never even hit us
then you should find out more
and if you pay taxes, you also supplement my non income with disability, because im insane
(everyone in the system gets a diagnosis, at least SED)
(Severely Emotional Disorder, hahaha)
okay cool
then americans pay for my expenses
you know about americans, right?
i dont
screw america, california uber alles
in the forest of chubbies lies the greatest asses and tits and thighs
sometimes even all on one girl

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so i dont really count that absense, because he offset it
sculptor: oh you dunno about me do you
i dont do stupid food service jobs, i get paid to go to school
what catch
fed grants
or deffered loans with subsidized interest payment
because im a ladcfs system kid, i get any aid i want
they gave me money, i deans listed like 7 of my semesters
and earned 3 two year degrees in 5 years
google it
i think it was a pretty fair trade for their financial encouragement
los angeles department of children and family services
wtf what do they do
thats the system, theres juvenille probation, ladcfs, la county and state mental health, and the jail and prison network

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and put fill around the center pole, put a cdr on, more fill, cdr, more fill, cdr
sub on top (sealed system of course)
i dunno what to make the normal speakers out of tho
i have intro business class in 30min =(
im considering it
i did it last week
but he skipped a whole week
im like, fuck how you gonna skip a whole week, 3rd week (last census autodrop week)

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then you just add caps where you want your roloffs to happen
discrete BJT can be a bitch because base current changes loading of the input filter poles
then i decided altoids are a shit platform for speakers
even the 1" speakers stick out the back
so im going to make a 4" sub out of a tall CDR cake
twist it onto a base for a shorter cake

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i hate that, heh
(not autoconnect, just saying hi to people and realizing youre saying hi to empty chair)
well, thats kinda normal on the internets
i can has intelligence? no. =(
sculptor: stu had not seen all the altoid component system parts
its bad we want stu to be exposed to more not brit thing
so he is not so angry
i guess i failed tho because altoids are from britland
i prob just reminded him of home and pissed him off more
stu: is really not so hard to get flat responses with opamps
because HiZ input, you set the input load to whatever you want

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stu: no ones is
passband is a -3db value, if single pole (passive preamp input)
he deignored me then reignored me
because i agreed with him, he just didnt understand
you are always wrong, even when you agree
stu: ima make a altoid compenent system
pro audio style, monoblock amps
most of the design is repetitive
im prob switching all psu to 4xAAA in a h4x H layout
stu has not seen!
and i should be able to fit magnets inside too, so they will stack automatically
autoreconnect i think

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that one looks smrt
3KW 1R kinda says they did it right
heh @ black and gold pcb
power: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/make/curiously_strong_microamp_block_dia.png
can you feel it?
hehe, thats actually a pretty good test amp platform
(speaker profiling usually done at 1W)

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oh one on the left
264 maybe
those are the other high power package
they have plastic all the way up the tab
most the insane power fets come in that package
stu: looks sane tho
goofy, expensive
thats how most consumer amps look

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i oxidized the outside of a bunch in lab
you get them hot enough they turn crusty white
thats they way to do it
thats the only audiophile philosophy i believe in
you run only what you need to survive
every part is a source of distortion and noise
so dont use them if you dont have to
aside from decoupling caps
use all of those
stu: very nice
short circuit protection = fuse, transformer
fan control = volume based
blackmoon: integrated doesnt count
integration is key to minimalist philosophy
you never assume your layout will do better than natsemi or TI engineers
i want to design a class-D amp
those are like to-247 or something
not 247

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no they were
you needed tubes and sometimes transformers i think
like, tube job had a huge old tester
only one rail was regulated
just kill the ripple
and then you design with active current sourcing and feedback
to get decent ripple rejection
but all this shit was way more $$$ because you needed tubes, which cant do serious current
like my old tube teck is suprisingly stable and accurate (except for the scratchy switches)
oh, i wasnt sure about those
haha mine has like 2 or 3 transistors
huge cans (not to3 huge, like, this is the smallest we can do in 1965 huge)
or maybe late 60s, dont remember
the cans with the little tab?
ha yeah, old
the metal style to92 size things are kinda neat
supposed to be better for emi and heat dissipation

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the tool crib
dude you gauss a tv already?
sucks they dont have a degauss button =(
all mine in the 90s did a shit job of it
i would spend hours trying to drag colors to the corner of my TV
rockshox: me
sorry i cant afford two 19" monitors with decent res
i could buy a computer for that much
dude, LCD is lame
benefit = small
my desk = big
yeah i have 3 monitors, a tek scope (non TDS), and i stand on my desk to hang mobo on my wall
so like, space and weight is not a prob
i just have dual 17" =(
i cant find two decent 19" crt
dude your tech scope is prob 40 lbs
no exageration
my old tech scope is that much and your modular things is more dense
yeah i wouldnt be surprised
you have shit jacked into it too, tho, no?
or really?
i thought bigger
i guess some
also the long tube
thats prob 15lbs by itself
at least

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tho yeah i guess you could series/parallel a bunch
blackmoon: your gasket sheet should be here today if me and ups dont miss each other
like, $17, throw $10 to my paypal ill cut in half and USPS to you today or tomorrow (or whenever the fuck i find mr ups)
i would imagine it goes fast up the coast
no idea what your border boffins will do with it tho
rockshox: i machine in my bedroom
that shit smells rank
or rank + flavor
yeah but mineral oil works fine
and no odor
if i had a big shop id prob buy gallons of tapmatic water based type shit
but my mill is 6ft away from workstation
the baby oil and lithium grease dont smell
yeah its good shit, but its smelly
it makes my room smell likt sweet synthetic fat

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i use baby oil
baby oil is like all mineral oil
mineral oil is like basical cutting/machine lube
its the first thing the machine bible mentions
blackmoon: yeah, its hard, sharp
generates less heat, and it can take more heat
carbide is just a better tool for general use
that demagnetizes them a bit too
like if you do it every time you take it out and put it in might make a diff
haha, yeah that would be cool
nerobro: theyre usually shielded at least a little bit =(
burnage on anything that doesnt cost $100+
active current limiting pls!
if you got a big enough sub, it would just handle it
like, 800W type shit

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its the way the cutters on the bottom face meet
its slides better, because harder
less friction/heat
TiN is harder
TiN, TiAlN, Black Oxide
you see those coatings most
its as basically as good as the base metal
all that shit eventually wears off anyway
its basically a slight advantage
C is cobalt, no?
yeah i seen those
they do look funny
you can see heat treating marks
blackmoon: heat treating does that
itll do it to uncoated steel
anyway alot of oil is how you should be doing metal
especially on your machine
just dump quarts of motoroil on your work

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hehe yeah its called a grinder
blackmoon: you have a chuck?
i was wrong
they make tons of diff burrs for routing pcb
you want something like that
4 and 2 flute
blackmoons doesnt believe in warranties or death
blackmoon: those are centercut
they drill mill in any direction

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blackmoon: with any tool, side cutting, youre fucking nuts if you wanna plunge and rough at those depths
note profs machine has nothing to do with yours
because he has a heavy mill, its stable as fuck, he can prob hog out 1/4" depth cuts with good feeds and speeds
whatever you use on your drill press, you want to do short passes on the Z, .05 to .005
its a drill
theyre all drills
until you wore the blades =\
because it can catch with its cutters
yeah because it hit the hole and wanted to go down
because thats how drill flutes work
pretty much
chewing them up if they fall back in
blackmoon: you can regrind them
you just sharpen the tips up
too much $
into a working drill again
oh i thought you did more
nerobro: doable tho

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standard endmill, you drill to depth with another tool
then just side mill planes
blackmoon: on your machine, carbide will esplode!
as you know
on any less rigid machine (you machine defined) you want to take light cuts
you can go faster
but deep cuts, the vibration and extra heat will kill your project
AL it will melt Al to your cutter, steel it will just wear your shit down and chip the tips
or make your shit explode
blackmoon: i know you said last night
blackmoon: up your spindle speed
you want it to cut
not to catch
it cutting to much per rev
sure they do i can see it!
also use-enco.com
its a bur, its basically a grinding tool
theyll wear down too
pls put it in a baggie first

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um, yeah what i just said
it is
HSS sucks at making clean cuts
dude, if you cant see the cut marks vs carbide, its because its not as clean and sharp a cut
anyway, next subject
wtf is godspel
okay im flat wrong
nerobro: compared to carbide, HSS is soft, lacks edge
you can get neautiful finished with anything
like i said, HSS is a better finish, looks, because it doesnt cut as sharp
carbide you can see every cut mark
of course i dunno wtf im talking about
so HSS is slower, more friction, more heat
no i said its not as clean or sharp a cut
HSS kinda blends each individual cut, visually
carbide makes clean sharp cutting marks
flat endmill
it depends on speeds and feeds
carbide is faster than HSS in this respect, for a couple reasons
speed is directly related to radius
blackmoon: to length of cut
for that tool, say around an inch
it depends on the tool
you want to take shallow passes tho
blackmoon: yes in layers

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yeah i saw that
professor: dude drill press
that doesnt look bad for steel
he did
the carbide blew up
HSS might work out better for you
you have a bench grinder i think, so you could learn to re-edge your endmills
you wanna go faster
try like 3K
blackmoon: all of them
endmill is side cut by default
some are centercut and will plunge
prob just random burrs
theyre pcb burrs
blackmoon: mine are carbide
all my shit is carbide i wont buy HSS for my tool anymore
it doesnt have enough power to destroy the carbide, so if i dont chip it, it lasts forever
professor: yeah because it sucks at cutting clean
machining anti-aliasing

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macgyver0: AAA batteries in an H pattern
where is macegr
my taig flies thru Al
steel not so much
taig is like 'wow steel! im made out of oof steel! hey wait...'
blackmoon: i saw a thin almost slot
last night

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