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its signal power

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okay new idea
instead of 9V into LDO, ima do pairs of AAA
well, pairs of pairs
that way i can get bipolar 3V rails

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shcecking the amps
looking like $1-5, $2 average
about 1/3 AB, 2/3 D
so that means obama is gonna win
okay im go sev

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rockshox: opamp buffers, avr adc, jfet input switches or integrated analog mux
you can do it analog too i guess with comparator
i hope i am home when mcmaster comes
man that was so weird
okay laters
for years
since before i got here i think
since dianora left, definitely
yeah new topic

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well be like 'hi [echoes]'
mobilestu: is for makefair submission
my stuff will be little
like my desk
(i have 6ft folding table desk)
damn its that big?
oh neat
but yeah class-D i maybe get 2W
so ill either do class-AB or class-D, depending on what digikey, national, and TI have stocked
i was thinking a battery pack altoid
so an amp would be like one box for batteries one box for amp
well, no i can add switches for a 9V input
i have to find parts and see what fits tho
yes i was thinking something like that
theyd just stack automatically

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i would say joystick too because then you could do a turret
but thats dangerous, buttons and joystick, someone get hurt
i think ima have to go class-D for the amps macegr
fuckit two amps
naw for power
its almost same
because itll be like 2w they make class-d chips
yeah but all the audio stuff is repetitive schema and layout
well okay except a class-d amp
we are not insane like you and moon
yeah its diff stuff with like slight overlap
that way we can go to the bathroom and find chicks
well be stuck, possibly within visual distance

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april is between may and march
fuck i have like a whole month
yeah im just learning the months
crazy engineers know everything!
so a 1W amp
1.5W for when you feel like getting nuts
chatangel: i have one
i has COURT DATE circles really big on it
its from November
i killed everyone
him too
i aint waiting around to watch no one die
i got h4x to do
i dont even hold the gun
its just mounted on a bumper, with a solenoid on an AVR
i hit a tactil button on my stick shift
semi auto, only
keepin it legal, yo
haha fuck thats be an evil car mod
arcade button on the dashboard connected to a gun on the bumper

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at 1A for AAA, .8V cutoff, 20min
1 hour at 500mA
macegr: i was thinking with RGB things and bandpass filters
but yeah big vu would be neat
for an hour
like, a guess
based on 500mA at 6V, 3W, *.707, 2W RMS available, 50% efficiency
oh shit

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it fits into altoids, i made my altoid headphone amp with AAA
macegr: light organ
an altoid with spi out and audio input
well whatever it is on your cube thing
whatever doesnt matter
as long as its like borderline epilepsy stuff
the enrgizer graph goes to 1A

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prob happen again right away
can also google crowbar circuits
unit41: ur doing that thing again
unit41: naw im just letting you know
you are by far the most WTF random person i know daily on irc
maybe i do it with 4xAAA

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i need to shop for 5W amps
kevtris: you know what kind of current 9V are supposed to do?
like rough guesstimate
100mA tho?
ima check datasheet
okay maybe
macegr: neat
macegr: im maybe even spend stupid money on nice carvin knobs
but thats when i really do decide to blow my fafsa money on projects
i was thinking that
and bourns or alps has clear shaft pots at mouser
clear shaft + led + clear knobs = chicks
macegr: i could mill them
rockshox: if you were insane, sure
you would compare a boosted sense resistor voltage to a reference votage
and use the comparator output to switch a high side fet
which would clear the overcurrent state
so your psu would try again

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rockshox: your psu will drop out
you will drop measurable voltage thru traces or wires back to your ground
and the psu pass elements will absorb the remaining voltage
it will be dropped across you regulator
and/or your transformers will drop out
fuse works
they might be giants?
les is too many puppies

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i suggest the 111
for pocket sized, make it
its hard to fit standard features into tiny unit
but if its just current/volts, you can prob do a pager sized one
okay but yeah, YOU should buy a cheapo new one, or spend extra $20, and get an old fluke
youre 1000% better off with the fluke
fuck gucci

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curiously darker sub
macegr: how many makerfaire are there a year?
thats gone tho isnt it?
oh neat
omg project integration
darker macetech
aerith_ga: how much?
like $80?
Uni-T is china shit, no?
naw its totally hi end china shit
$20 i bet
their scopes are like $300!
aerith_ga: how much ching
rab: sure electronics carries their scopes
little r
Renesis is a failed mazda engine
im renesis
you can get flukes for like $50-100 used on the ebay
for handhelds

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macegr: you could have a whole line of altoid speakers
epoxy them shut with stuffing
epoxy the speakers to the panel
there are no .5" =(
but maybe 1" and 2"
and then a dual 2" sub altoid
you have to stack altoids
it wouldnt sound bad
not enough power
macegr: spakers build into the acrylic enclosure!
curiously strong sub
man ima laugh if i blow my financial aid money on curiously strong bullshit =\

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now just curiously strong microamp
and curiously strong microspeakers
<3 my 110 series dmm
macegr: 1" and 2" drivers
full range
can use round altoid cans
but back clearance is an issue
oh it will be tight
like a 5ft creole girls wawa

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i need to learn sketchup tonight
its free
i can learn
i do drawings and scan but its weird
bit more than a week and exgf converts to tmpgf

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this is so dork you could add shit forever
mp3 decoding compenent
sure, dac compnents
itd be neat without the plugin bay tho
you just find a source for 6" miniplug patch cables
and then hook it up like a normal compenent stereo
but old school, when everything was big and in diff boxes
rab: pfft you can but them empty
or dump em out and give them to homeless or i dunno
with a single slot
for 3 minicd
i think so
maybe a tight fit
but i think it might fit
ha, hax
it would have to be on top
like a turntable
altoid dj mixer
and altoid mixing table
i need to find 10mm slide pots
like on those mini EQs for cars
they never come stereo
i dunno why
but i can easily glue two together
thats some make shit, no?

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macegr: woah sexy
if they make pcb mount male miniplugs, its easy
if not, its hax but still not so hard
they are
with phase switch
and Left/right select
so you can bridge them
i could make a blootooth componnent later
that will prob take more than a week to dev
macegr: im making them miniplugs in the back
so if you mount miniplugs in the back of the cab somehow, you can slide them in
but i thought it would be need to make a very deep box
like 2x the depth of the altoids short dimensions
and then have them snug fit with the altoids with the rubber feet
then slide in, and have a door that closes over them and the control pots
i could do a VU bar graph component
but yeah, front edge will just be pots and power led
back will be mini plugs and switches
rab: of course they do
naw, most modules pute analog
i could do digital attenuator/tone tho

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stu: im making altoid chassis compenent system for make fair
go like: yay
do this this with your arms: \o/
whats dirty buskers
you dont even need a slanty front
you can do them deep
and then get some plastic hinge
and do a door out of same acrylic
slide in front
cables stick out the back
ha no
im going to make them like 3W amps

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altoid tin audio stuff
and the contant-q filters on the mid-bass and bass sections is what
rane has docs online about them for use in graphic EQ
theres a maximum q you can do at unity gain tho (you just have to stare at the equation to figure out why)
so for low-q filters, you have to run them at negative gain
did she cut herself?

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and then pics of old shit i done, same circuits, and the altoid amp i did
i wanted to go buy altoids for mechanical drawings
fucking sev doesnt have them

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dude say it like 5 times, its a curiously strong addiction
okay ill stop =\
no weed and glucosamine
ima try and do schema sections too
because its very repetitive, audio stuff
like most of the filters have the same schema and layout
except the multiple-feedback ones
(constant-Q filters)
i figure in a couple days, i can have the block diagrams, some schema sections, digikey parts for most everything, possibly some mechanical drawings

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macegr: did you see cs eq?
im am doing cs 2way xover now
ima check 9V battery datasheets
if they do decent current, i wanna make a dual 9V split supply power amp
standard opamps, with an AB driver on the output
rockshox: geek chicks
i wanna make them with a polarity switch
so you can easily bridge
i gotta start pricing curiously strong miniplug jacks and switches

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you put 110 button neos together?
watch your hard drive suddenly has no data
someone showed me a tetris pipe with a pair of neos
like, you store it as a block
then flip it and it sticks together as a pipe
its two L shape tetris blocks
with 4 tiny press fit neo magnets
its bad because its anodized Al =D
i didnt use it
i thought it was neat tho
curiously strong active crossover
and curiously strong microamp
and curiously strong microspeakers and curiously strong microsub
curiously strong pro audio stack
with available curiously strong consumer audio cabinet

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ph33r the MFB BPF
big neos?
you could smash a kids head with a pair of hdd magnets
just put the magnets on each side and wait a minute

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almost done with curiously strong equalizer block diagram

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you did that with your drill press?
ha nuts
i dunno how you dont die
ive never exploded a carbide bit
carry on
dude in the shop:
respirator, safety glasses, welding helmet, full leather jacket
im like vader status
im the only one, haha
oh hell no
go like .02 at a time

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like, hundreds of dollars in art glass bongs
and most shops in venice still carry honeybears
brad pitt used a honeybear in true romance!
no im doing more block diagram
i bookmarked
no you buy them premade
or if youre h4xing, you just use an empty one
honeybears dont stay full very long in my house
mmmmmm hoooonneeeeeeey
isohunt searches all the big ones
torrentz.com is the same
because it searches all the big ones
im not even sure they host a tracker
yeah isohunt is just like, everything
hey whats the smallest slide pots i can get?
think maybe under 10mm?

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macegr: heheh
now for curiously strong graphic EQ blockout
kevtris: omg
honeybear is a pothead icon

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macegr: okay im thinking 2" speakers exposied into altoid case filled with floffy stuff
with input, thru jacks, and left/right select switch
hell yeah
rane style multiple-feedback bpf EQ
macegr: miniplugs and power switch in back, knobs and power led up front
macegr: single channel amps, pro-audio style
using the tin floor or top as heatsink
macegr: okay this can get really ridiculous
but the obvious progession is like active crossovers
macegr: proper little rubber feet size is key
macegr: yeah you could do that, consumer stack style
wtf are you talking about
some old yeller shit

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^dx^: did you see grow light block diagram?
$350 gets you storage locker here
macegr: wutwut
dont let her smoke herb

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220K for what
signal level audio processing
built into most consumer amps
proaudio, when you buy an amp, usually you just get an amp
sometimes you dont even get 2ch
sometimes you get 4ch, tho
oh dayum
does he have moneys?
like bit under $1k/mo?
or maybe they get more because old and two people
dude in LA, rent in a one bedroom is like $1100
food = $100 if youre smart
good food too, heathy

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effective resistance is resistance + inductive impedance
at a given test frequency (usually unspecified, likely in the middle of the speakers specified pass band)
it changes phase and load seen

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i so was just sure my shit had gotten broken into
im like wow this is the most stealth mode theif ever
not unless i started getting old at 9

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its a game where you have to ride around on a horse with a sword and a bow and you find urmom and crawl up onto her ass and penetrate her with your sword in urmoms weak spot
that was too easy
i think maybe this glucosamine stuff is working

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biggest shit since katamari ball
did you ever play shadows of the colossus?
did you?
did you ever play shadows of ur mom?

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omg that thing breaks reality
dev go insane making puzzles for a platform like that
finally someone remembers the meaning of the word GAME
stupid sim coding fps dev mufuckers
OMG HALO 7 plsno
im totally confused
naw escher stuff hurts my brains
dude he jumps like 2 ft in 2d space
but its like 100ft in 3d space
thats mind fuck shit
it isnt weird we hes hugging the big things, but when he starts hopping around its very wtf
thats actually kinda cool
thats the default view for dimensional drawings =)
(flat perspective)
first 20sec i was about to slap you
its mongoloid kirby
at 20sec i dragged the bar to 50

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/ \
\ /
_ \

/ _ \
\ = /
i tried to do blasters or something
/ _ \
\ ^ /
/ _ \
aw you bitch
you fucked up a tie fighter assembly
oh nice
someone please bring back platform gaming

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vader tie fighter
yeah see its hard
you thought it was easy but you done two and you not even close yet
wonder if my clothes is done
im doing all the laundry the laundry is like oh fuck oh no no but then its clean and it feels awesome to be the clothes
is like catbath
oh shit
fucked up

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macegr: 90% done grow led block dia
you have to stay here and wait and then i will post and then you will do thinking and then say
its done

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of course?
that smell when electronics burn is ozone
burnt psu = ozone

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man i want some smt dual pole dip switched
dude TI is trolling me
im like, im busy ill make up some shit to tell you about my products later
educational electronics kits
i think they just sent it as a 'hi how are you doing we are legion we have comm' email
timecop: i cant even flash mine
i spent about 5min playing, havent touched since

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^dx^: yes sometimes
usually cuz sleepy
macegr: like half done with grow LEDs diagram
hacked``: look for something above 90db/w/m

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macegr: !
i told every to wait
my sister didnt
hacked``: do you know we like timecop?
hacked``: do you know why we like timecop?
also because timecop asks interesting questions
timecop will read the manual
well go learn how to do electronics so you know wtf it means
also timecop learns and can do algebra
we have documentation
thats like saying theres no ocean in the ocean
look harder

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its the same thing tho
amp is an amp

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i did the arrow wrong on inputs
pls to reload

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i made two dirs on my desktop
one called mess, and one called make
i put everything else on desktop into mess
i need one of these for my fureal desk
hey wow my computer feels awesome again
fuck the cluttered desktop!
no fuck you it is, accept it
some hax0r compromised security and closed down my filezilla
^dx^: =\
oh no

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macegr: im almost done with curiously strong headphone amp block diagram
isnt mintoboost like, a battery and a vreg
because my shit has a battery and a vreg
and a power dip switch
and a switch to disable the power LED
and an integrated monolithic headphone amp
and an input attenuation select switch
and an adjustable pole input LPF (again, more dip switches)

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heh, ozone generator
it converts o2 into o3
not a chemist, dunno details
dude youre like purposely making arcs into your carpet?

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elec goldmine says my stuff shipped already
macegr: the grey encoders + button in metal + bushing are only $1 now
fuck you time warner is awesome
cable buffy
fit afrowomen = hot

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haha, hardened acrylic foam all up on the band pulleys cant be good
ill go measure sec
noop, 1"
win what stu
you literally won

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since their efficiency/cost&watt has gotten comparable with fluoro lighting
cmon you know you want led house lights
and car interior and head lights
and led lights for your toilet
and for your attick
and inside your walls
i want to make a bot
with white led headlights
that would prob work
if not, itd be fun to use on cops
like when they shine lights at you, you hit the blind cop button
im making bike light
i got Al plate coming to make the back and clamps
ima do the front and sides with a piece of 1" acrylic
i have to hacksaw off a chunk so i can fit into my mill =\
(remember i have sever hundreds of $ of 1" acrylic)
dude i have four big pieces
like maybe 4sqft ea
maybe a bit thicker
i should take it to school and ruin the vertical bandsaws with it

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ding clothes are done

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rockshox: dont think so, use a voltage divider
thats pretty much done
im prob gonna take the sharp edges off all the trace corners
.010" wire, solder
thats why they are where they all, not always right at a location
the thing for my arm board wasnt any less technical
as far as fabrication, came out fine, considering im to lazy to take 30min to tune my machine (prob do that before this one)
ugly on the right, level converted spi sucked
no idea
charles: where?
the passives?
opposite sides

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dioxide: omg hi
how come they dont make stereo thumb pots
i can take two and glue them together
school, board for dx, hopefully makefair submission with macegr
routing, milling
its pretty much done routed
i have to go thru and beef up traces and make ground plane sane and add heatsink pads for the to220
which version, heh?
routed angry ^

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macegr: sketching out block dias
rab:dia has a scale
maybe you canj fake inches easily

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im 13 and im like 'because you took the light out of my eyes'
cops are dicks
they have to look at guys assholes all day
and guys touching themselves
everytime they book someone
dude they aint about being fair they about winning
they all coworkers, paid by the same place
even the pub defender
lawyers get no respect in criminal court
they almost bothered by their precense

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not always true
usually true
good cops sometimes make bad cops gtfo, tho
not like they all suck
just almost all of them
so im totally digging the new horizontal load washers
i can hop on one foot while doing the alphabet backwards while drunk
i can also walk along parking lot wheel stops like balance beams
like, prob not okay to drive a car
but i can usually do all that stupid cop shit when im drunk
ive had cops shine flashlights in my eyes for like 20sec at maybe 6"

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yeah you maybe get fucked on shipping from mcmamster
i have a plate coming tho
prob tomorrow or whenever me and ups dude can actually find each other
like .250" by 12x6"
ignore him hes covering up his CC fraud with mcmaster employees
i bought big welding goggles
#5 filter, to complete my anonymous setup
huge tinted goggles + dual can gas mask
im like, everyone should go to protests like this
like, sure pepper spray me, go ahead
then youre gung-ho or wrong
they own like like 4 blocks in hollywood
thats massive
its like this massive zone of creepy
rab: shitty
rab: you have to avoid those guys
dude whatever
its call bad cop

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i want to put like two Al edge holders on a pair of bars
under the pcb
and then you mount the bars to some kinda of universal joint in the middle
like, the coolest thing about panavise things is they look heavy and like they would work for awhile
but yeah i guess like, roation along Z axis and perpendilular axis isnt so hard to do
well, flipping you just need to either have it detachable, or have it have clearance
a rotating base, with arms go straight up, and hold edge holders would work
just seems like more metal/money to make that work
maybe not tho, Al is cheap
yeah thats why i want it
i threw my cigs behind the shelves
because i wont buy more
because i have cigs
but i wont habitually smoke them
because like, its a bitch to get back there

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rab: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product.asp?catalog_name=MCMProducts&product_id=106-003&CMP=datafeeds&ATT=froogle
k something like that, that holds a board on maybe 2" stalk (clear the knob thing)
which rotates around the boards center
that should be good i think
33/4" high
wtf machine hax0rz
well everyone says get those helping hands things, but those are shit
the base is only $20, tho
yeah looks like it in all the pics
i wonder if i can do a ball joint easily
it looks like shit eventually wears out
as its held together by screw tension and always kinda flexing

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truespace: no rly, what do you know or think you know or think you knew or what
cmon stop being such a tony snow
what is page 623.
i think he knows someone works there
of course no truespace
we have decided you on no longer a reliable src of information on this subject
because you are in a defensive backlash state
btw you were freak weirdo status like as of 5min ago
i gotta check on my laundry machines
if i come down and shes on that shit again, ima be pissed
but in my head

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or else no one would use SSL
by network data i thought you mean the packet headers used for routing
the packaged data you shouldnt be able to crack easily
yeah you need to decrypt it, to see penis msgs
else itll just be msgs about SD&^B$VE#S(&$*UJE#DP
i should learn more about SSL its available on alot of stuff and i never use it
not that it matters as all my comm is broadcast thru the web
id just be happier if it was leaving the shell im on like all plaint text
'hi mr homeland security text parser, you can has my irc'
lordpil.org, pwned by renesis
lordpil: dip yo ass in that puddin. AAAAAAAAAAAAAW JEEEEEEEEEEAH

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cuz cmon i do monthly business with them
if youre trying to spread info about the evils of mcmaster, im the people you should be telling
like, clearly and understandably
with not many big words
you have like 30sec to say before i just decide youre a freak, regardless of the truth about mcmaster
dont be a seravitae
watch your back hes saying
because it will suck up your shirt tails
and you will be sucked into the blades
because youre acting like its important
okay so you steal personal info
when you work at mcmaster
is what youre saying
that someone who worked at mcmaster sells you CC and order numbers and invoices
or that fans will fuck you up
who the fuck cares about that now
i order a self detonating box filled with alcohol
bos_: you need a key
or you need a smart brute force app and a strong computer and all the time in the world

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.... WHY
im pretty sure page 923 is a diff thing all the time
why are they going to sell my infos?
my bad 623
rab: nothing is branded!
rab: really the playlist on the radio sucks
its all about the lives sets (jmultiple times daily, usually)
(sometimes awesome, sometimes not so great, sometimes tech issues)
(is like a fureals show its neat, year round festival with worst setup times ever)
that seems a bit wasteful
like, just use the air powering the fan to fan wtf
truespace: what about mcmaster are we to ph33r

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because its load and freq and input voltage dependent
at least
my mcmaster shipped 10min ago
ups doesnt even have infos =\

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i mean cigs
i smoke more weed when im trying to quit cigs
thats how i knows its the cigs fucking me up
i smoke 2x as much herbs, but i get way better physically anyway
i dont pay for it really
i get paid in it, sometimes
well yeah
its not like the program would make SSL magically stop working
that would be a pretty big deal
use the formula is the documentation you are basing your design off of
you need enough it doesnt slam current thru you coil and burn your switch at your switching freq
yeah thats not so funny
im not gonna answer

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dude you got lead and silver on your finger so you suck on it
thats smart
no u
i think is the key statement
ohnoz uncryption
that new eee looks so sexy
i hope they keep the smaller ones too
thats like almost an inch diff
asmodee`: network datas is unecrypted so the packets kno where to go
man i havent smoked in like 3 hours
asmodee`: k my bad
bos_: cigs?

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i dislike how you act sometimes i think you are much better than that
tho im a big asshole sometimes so you dont really have to listen to what i say
yeah cuz my dad sucked but i didnt know til i was 11
i deop the bots
and then everyone else and myself
and laugh at you for opping me
just the ops
i wouldnt ban
just deop
no but i can make a mess
okay sure
you think i havent done this on botted chans before =)
btw dont op me
ok you been warned
um why
cmon reasons
fuck anarchy
mostly fuck anarchists tho
they are the kind of people who would make anarchy not work
no i believe in smaller units
tribes, families, villages, towns, if you will

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dude i think my english teacher stays home alot
mostly because she always email back quick
and shes very white
and shes totally 10 years older than my initial guess
most were pretty unfuckable status stu
like, omg ugly i wouldnt get wood
no why how many have you boffed
no just two
okay ban me like lordpil
get charles to do it so you can rule all of #electronics
yeah he did
i dont see how os/2 warp is more on topic than rugs, but whatever
actually, we all use rugs
who the fuck uses os/2
obviously we need to make lordpil and charles battle for membership
macegr: a carpet is a rug
its just nicelt trimmed for all of your living environment
stu: no im saying i want lordpil and charles to battle
in the open
obviously if one dies there will be no more coming around
like highlander
you know

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because it doesnt search
!quote list
go ask troll chans for a quote script
wtf youre mad because you guys can make a complete quote script?
dude its like my fingers lock up at apostrophe
hey maybe she is done with the washers

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macegr: see i was right
the whole thing is bigger
macegr: i want
they hit scale
in a 3d app
thats a trip
!quote rasta
!quote 13
!quote 12
!quote avrfreak
sub standard
use an existing good one?
improve it wtf make it standard
finish it

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i can watch movies more, i usually only read that shit once
isnt that in your motd when you join the server?
1 and 3 and sfw
macegr: more res?
the 8" one is less DPI

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like, if you psu is 100W, the parts in there shouldnt be for exactly 100W dissipation
hahah arrested
<3 efnet
omg how did you derive 'gtfo' from 'we were so wrorried'
stu is not ur parents
i hope
im getting all the lone wolf and cub movies
for those of you who are ignorant, is about a samurai with a kid
something happened to mom, so kid gotta follow the path of the samurai with his dad
um, no

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i wish my h4x were registered with FAFSA so they could pay me for fucking around
macegr: yeah it has t slots on the headstock
im getting some Al plate soon
wanna make a little mount for led spot
stu: no idea
which who?
physicist != computer tech
never ask a theoretical engineer about some shit real
you cant use thought experiments against a car or a computer
its called profit margin, incubus[]
keep in mind they hi-pot test PSU at the factory
so when you get it, it might be almost broken
because they ran it at 120% or something, like tards
safety tards (tm)
they shouldnt be giving you products at max spec

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i wanna figure out a good psu
i might just use 9V, rail to rail amps off a nicer 7805 thing
simplest circuits are totally the dual 9V ones
i have to do laundry first
but ill try and get some block diagrams
i did a schema for the array last night
10x10 too big
naw that sounds cool
i have to do dx boards this week too
yeah, trade/geek show style
it looks like comicon, but cool
the type ofcrowd
dude my shit can blind people
serious those little led fuck up my eyes more than when i flashed myself with the TIG welder
yeah i have a bunch of whites
i wanna do lighting for cnc enclosure with them
damn i like wanna take a semester off school just so i can h4x

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you linked to a audiophile bass file
rab: its like same shit
jungle/dnb, jungle is an older name kinda like after when it was hardcore when it was still mostly brit shit
sculptor_: btw my shit system did the bass fine
go 80s fischer 10"
okay but yeah, plant lights and some altoid audio
headphone amp and preamp and maybe distortion box too
hehe, it would be neat to have a altoid stack system
like with rubber button feet
and little speakers, in altoid tins
i was gonna do 10x10
48 red/blue pairs and 4 white led at the corners
but i think ima do 50, 2 white and 48 redblue
macegr: haha

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srs stop trying to be smart we spend to much time re-explaining shit just for you
'this is jacks wasted life on incubus[]'
these will be more efficient in light transmission
because you can put them up against the plants if you want, it wont hurt them
do that with HPS or MH
cost for LED for same light is like 10X
more power, too
but other people are doing it and there are many benefits
and people doing like $100 markup
on $170 retail product
at least $100, so fuck leds is easy, i wanna sell to plant weirdos
sculptor_: wow i give you music
and you give me this lame shit
serious, get a life
you use your system to do surround demos all day?

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and that stupid messican girl hogging the washers is duming in detergent from the bag
making a huge mess
jezus fuck
im listening to teh song i like this song
if you werent listening you just missed another sliding filter into a drop
he has to come here and say his circuit so we can all tell him he sucks if it is the case
no special treatment
macegr: i think i wanna do a submission
well link that shit again
macegr: i have to decide on what this week
no idea
macegr: okay neat
macegr: i either wanna do altoid audio gear or um, i dunno LED plant lights
macegr: my $35 thing is competitive with $170 grow lights \o/
for watt dissipation
i did a bunch of maths, the piranha LED are like same lumens as the big ones, per watt
my shit is like same price, but distributed over larger area
im using like 4 of thoe ice cube transformers to power two arrays of 50 LED
im going to make two of those
incubus[]: stfu

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go now now now now now now now now
you just just missed the drop!
turn your treble down tard
bass wont hurt your ears
yeah okay, as a bit a trivia
in experience, good clean sub bass and mid bass are fuckiing like, amazing level: meeting god
fuck trance
if you dunno know the diff you need to listen for 6 more months
trance is for etards and asians doing the nordictrack
its decent why
usually for any kind of music
dude if you throw me some dance music and it has a house or trance beat, i will ignore you forever
rab: =(
rab: theres prob country drum n bass
people make dnb out of everything

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