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maybe a little bit
but its okay because now they can learn stuff

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okay i got encoders, heat shrink, opto assortment, four mini steppers, hex standoff assortment, handful of dual cat5 connectors

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^dx^: neat
its scripted
/n ^dx^

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theyre $1 now
how many?
how many sexy encoders do you want
i dunno you can paypal me one day
im getting 20
yeah 2bit grey
with button
that + display = interface
i did that for a semester

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theyre neat
hehe, avrfreak was all like HAHAHA NO ONE USES CURVE TRACERS ANYMORE
except anyone doing QA on transistors who doesnt wanna take all day
stu: no u
hey you want some encoders with buttons?

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okay cool
the thing im trying to computer with at 50-66% retail cost uses 6W and 9W
compete with
^dx^: did you see about heatshrink?
you should prob spend like $5 and get a couple sizes, shit makes wired stuff look way neater
so my $40 setup competes with their $170
and the $70 setup is competitive with the $260 product
oh shit i should get that

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yeah almost anything we concern ourselves with here, you want stranded
unless you are using wire that is the size of strands of stranded core wire
oh and magnet wire

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wow led lighting at this price costs 10X HPS lighting
its for flexibility
if insulation fails it corrodes faster
but if solid core wire breaks, it can create spark caps, which can cause fires
stranded core breaks, it prob dont matter so much
unless all the strands break
and even then, the spark gaps are prob smaller and more distributed
thats mostly flexibility
those cant break ever
so they make them like structural cables
and theyre aluminum
because its light
and they have to bridge huge spans with it
we got 6" thick shit with the layers stripped at one end in class

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clear and black, 4ft length, 1mm - 1" diamaters, $0.68-$3.34 in single qty
i could just make cable too i guess
twist 4 standed core 16ga together, slide into clear heatshrink

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^dx^: you should get some heatshrink tube
^dx^: digikey search "heatshrink alpha 4.0"

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test33: i seen that
in good datasheets too

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my insane array is actually competive $/watt and $/light with that shit

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i miss him
timecop: what gage is cat6 wire?
rough guess
thats prob enough to do 300MA, right?
per line
i think so
ill have to cut some open and test for resistance
or fuckit
ill just make an active load set to 500mA and use the old man tech method
(if the wire is warm, its okay. if its hot, get a bigger wire.)

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theyll be in an acrylic box with an aluminum back to dissipate heat
some sort of universal mount to attach flexible stalk of some sort
maybe something hax with a twist of 3 12ga solid core wire and some heatshrink
maybe use eth cable for power if can do like 200mA per line

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4x ice cube transformers, so 9.2VA
exactly 75% effeciency
if my psu sucks more than the, the ice cubes melt
so hopefully this is like equiv to a coiled fluro at least
okay the hypothesis is with a panel of led like this, you can put the light almost directly on the plants

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6 Banks of 8 Red LED
8 Banks of 6 Blue LED
1 Bank of 4 White LED
^dx^: thats 100 LED right?
each Bank is 20mA
15 Banks, 300mA
23V rail, so 6.9W
transformers are 9V @ 256mA, so 2.3VA

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18 of those, pls
say a 3V drop, at 800mA
whats that
12W dissiptation
when i become an engineer am i going to go crazy too?

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^dx^: when where you finishing your order?
hmm lemme pick some stuff
dude you dont care at all
tell him: yay

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6 led at 18V max
or 8 LED at 24V max
okay 8, neat

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(because DC = 0VAC)

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current sources/sinks/mirrors with BJT are common in alot of discrete and integrated amps and regs
when you figure them out, tons more schematics make sense
diff transistors and filter poles
thats kinda most of it
they might call it some fancy shit
but if theres two or more compenents, and at least one is reactive, its a filter of some sort
easiest way for it to make sense it take a circuit
and the choose like 3 frequencies
and calc the Z(C) and Z(L)
their ac resistance
and replace with resistors of the same value
thats how that circuit reacts to AC
also, any DC rail is 0V to AC

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kevtris: another reason to use $.07 PNP current sources for LED
long strings of cheapo chinese shit
because wtf who knows what the Vf gonna be
its linear audio/regulator sex
you use Vbe of a transistor to lock current thru a resistor
then use another transistor to drop the voltage to your load
those drivers worked fine from Vf(LED)+1V to like 18V
i only had an 18v supply to test
its kinda like a smart resistor

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^dx^: you have mails

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^dx^: what was the inductor value?

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^dx^: tpin +-
^dx^: is that supposed to be a pullup?

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ima get me some heatshrink
think so
if you give me parts list ill adjust the board
thats fine
i always get chemicon versions of panasonic NHG, FC, or FM, depending on size and current needed
same specs and size, cheaper
NHG = tiny
FM = badass ESR
FC = happy middle
okay yeah gimme bit

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i havent done that or the 1210
but thats going top of the board
and 1210 fits snug, also on top
i dunno what to do
i hate shopping for connectors

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as opposed to quad flat no fuckin pins
do you need $1000 in atmegas?
isp too?
where does isp go
the header is connected to usart stuff
okay yeah

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you want premade cables?
i think those connectors are a bitch
theyre like tiny blades that cut into the ribbon
hehe 1x2 ribbon
please why must you call china 'chinks'
they are so generous
you should call them 'asian buddies'
asian buddy pcb
dude they will invade you im not kidding
dont piss the asian buddies off!
japan first =(
haha yeah fureal
to them you are like a $10K fighter jet part
i want pots
or i dunno what do i want
flat pack
quad flat pack

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hebd: hi do you want to know the true honest answer?
here i wont even wait for your reply because im so fucking busy
read the fucking datasheet
okay yeah DMM diode tester
blargh2 voulunteers to halp.
neat how much time
and dude what kind of questions if that 'do you want anything from digikey'
i feel so misunderstood

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if i had a time machine i would bring actors from the past back
like, alley sheedy in 1986

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^dx^: okay ty
omg was that tuesday?
okay good lucks
they have teh technologies
they will rebuild you, bett0r, more h4x
^dx^, ph33r
we can make a movie or something

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timecop: it connects to website and slings chinese food orders
and logs to SD
^dx^: look you have first customer
bos violence jackoff store

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taking over the world bitch
now you in on it, so you can leave
i hope you have health insurance

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no never
^dx^: you have to make sure its compiled illegal ninja style
yeah mplayer + vlc can play anything

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i use mpui for windows
no it standard for timecop

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and very small/consistent parts
for eagle
no just basics, i always do that
then i make IC as i need them
also opamps and basic gates
heh, better, i guess
he a rebel, tc

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^dx^: im making a basic part lib
when i am done you can have
then you schema can be sex0rz like mine
r, c, d, l, schottky, zener, pot, transformers
im doing symbols and then im going to load them up with diff footprints
^dx^: im trying to develop a spec for 150 dpi min export res
and consistent font sizes

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if youre that determined
because hes bored and itll get him off the chan
^dx^: hahaha at .5s
he has mil spec parts?
dracosilv: if theyre ceramic, save them
if its white plastic, trash them
if its purple and gold, its ceramic
whatever they look neat
make some art out of them
ppro are same style =D

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timecop your examples are lame
context or anylsis pls
if you do it wrong
dracosilv: coils, connectors
trash everything else
youre not ninja enough to know a usable part from a trash part
so its all trash
pull anything that says 74xxxxxxx on it

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cp -r
it might be -R
one of them is -R, sucks
what about the $30 ICs
get the coils
get the transformers
coils never die
unless you kill them
i dont see how the 2nd sentence leads to the third

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yeah i love that
how is being rooted on irc a threat to the network
like, stupid users getting pwned is a network threat?
dude why do you think amd bought ati
theyre bringing the gpu onto the proc
it will pwn or amd will die
^dx^: feels better
yeah it was a wtf move
like, nvidia makes out best chipset
lets buy their failing competitor
because AMD about the gamers
gamers are about challenge
and since amd offloaded the shit flash mem div, was just to easy for them
they were pwning too hard
theyre like how do we make this harder oh i know LETS BUY THE WRONG FUCKING GPU COMPANY
blackmoon: hello, AMD put the ram controller on the prob
so they can put the gpu and the cpu and the ram controller on the same bus

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mufucker you should use an i386 and some logic fets
filterless class-D, yo
i will pay you $5 to design that
okay $10

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put two in parallel

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i made caps/coil/diode/resistor symbols that fit in .2" and export to 150 dpi
open scratch lib
go to control panel
select lib device to copy
rename in lib editor, back to control panel, open working lib
select device from scratch lib in control panel, copy to open lib

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stu: looks neat tho, k nite
blackmoon: how do you copy devices within a lib?
i have to do it with another scratch lib
and copy back after renaming
you just start over
yeah but i mean the whole file
yeah i know
fuck that took forever to figure out
ya rly
one you have it down its pretty quick tho

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and offset them so they have some spacing between
so their cans can get rid of heat better
i would cut some 2ox copper board about that size and measure the resistance, do calc
prob okay tho
blackmoon: they make helmet with ram air scoops
and little adjustment levers for the vent gates
blackmoon: shoulder mounted
integrated turn/blink signals
IR link to a module on the bike

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caps like that
heh, yeah
500mA per cable is pretty good power
lope: think its been done
the big honda bike have AC and it pipes to your jacket
stu: caps like first pic, traces like second pic
and you prob wanna back the caps off the fets a bit
heat bad for cap

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ya rly
bos_: yes that would be bad
but hey, if you got an extra mobo and psu
and lots of usb connectors
stu: that setup + caps on the other side might be better for EMI supression
because current just going one way

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its like a little black box programmer board
'plastic board that is neat'
haha, BUY!
power supply usb!
thats right it is now legal to use usb as a general power tap
cmon how many mobos you think will do usb-spec after a year

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yeah that works
yeah keepout layer im assuming
its kinda like a pF value capacitor bridge, when you got a plane hugging a trace light that
it doesnt matter usually except when you start pulling massive current at high freq
but then yeah, itll send back noise on your drive lines
wtf is a willem?
youre going to BUY dafoe?
i mean hes a good actor and shit, but dont you thing SAG will complain about the civil rights implications?
well fuckit if it does like, all of them, i guess so

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yeah like that
you can optimize the poly around the fet you know
so you dont overlap the gate trace
because thats prob connected to shit by your low voltage control shit
you can trim the corner tho
and then run the gate in at an angle and then trace wouldnt be surrounded by the high voltage/current stuff
top left of megatrace
maybe so it only half overlaps the left pin
just trim the edge back
so you can pull the gate trace out without being on top of the power stuff
yeah just cut the corner off
not so much, just so you can route the trace out with no obstruction
yeah because most the current prob isnt going thru there anyway
all out of the way on the bottom
and on top its broken by the trace anyway
so its just hanging dead trace
ttmustang: no idea
i dont even no whats its for
it looked finished

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(coils kill your max possible voltage change speed)
you can use the other button too
break, or something
rounded traces or >135 angles would actually be better
but its a pain with high density board, so most everything is 135 degrees, sometimes with corners mitered off or radiused (fillet)
some apps will even teardrop all your pads and traces (thats more a fab issue, tho, with tiny traces going into bigger pads)
okay yeah its miter, and the value it wants is fillet radius
ome stop talking like a girl its embarassing

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okay yeah, one connection, and then a source trace on top and a gate trace on bottom
but wider, so theyre basically the same width, about the same as the to220
diptrace will prob isolate the pads (once you got a schema for it)
(or manually ratwired or whatever)
that was you get as much metal as possible
and it might actually help with certain types of noise
break the right angles
try using the fillet tool
looks like a round trace button
set it to like .04 or something
right angles are like quarter turn inductors

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thats better, but id still totally overlap
so like same trace dimensions top and bottom
literally on top of each other, as wide as the fet
and then the thing should isolate for you
well yeah cut corners for the gate
id make it fatter too
gate trace
tiny voltage drops because of current from switching capacitance
its not that big a deal, but it might be if youre driving them fast
bus bar needs two connections like that?

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did you use schema capture?
did you make a schematic and then use the netlist and parts list to do your board

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like twisted pairs
you want as much continous copper between the bars as possible, so id just do blocks of copper from the bus bars to the fets, fet width
and let the pcb app connect or isolate the pads to the trace
well not exactly like twisted pairs, because the voltage isnt differential just current
but yeah its not a bad thing and itd sure as fuck help with heat on the pcb
did you do it or did you let the machine do it again
just hit the ERC button
you should be able to figure out all the errors and decide if theyre important or not
drc too

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fill up the board
thats a very good idea
also consider doing overlapping top and bottom side
so basically a mirror trace, but with diff connect points
yeah 2oz copper, maybe heat up, prob be okay
yeah but i would just dmm some
its maybe .05R
i would do traces as wide as the fet
drain on top, src, on bottom, or reverse
its actually better for EMI suppression that way too
because current in = current out, so their magnetic flux cancels

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d) not enough information
id make the red wire fatter

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blackmoon: hahaha!
zzzz_: yes but im not doing any RF prob til summer
need like a few weeks straight
and i got like 3 projects needs to be done at some point
vfd clock pcb is basically done except for buzzer
which i want to breadboard
which is pretty lame
(it not being done because buzzer, not lame because breadboard)
(just labor intensive)

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i would rather have 40x1 =\
25A @ what?
and not really no
tek DSO from the 80s, pair of fluke 110 series, and for signals i usually just make an avr do it
wavetabs and dac w00t
omg clean sine
i should really buy a signal gen

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i got 200 led, 30 terminal blocks, 80 probe test pt, one tiny lcd char display
blocks and test points i just want
the char lcd was cute and $8 shipped
i couldnt help it
200led = 10W LED plant light test
do cactus and some herbs and bonzai
like, real herbs
if she can get that shit growing with 10W, we know its useful
oh they have 40x2 ones, nice

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baby char lcd
sure, depends on the run length, but yeah probably
just have to make sure you done mess up the solid core bending it
yeah should be fine
you can always measure resistance of diff wire for your length, and calc the heat dissipation
no idea
im sure if you wanted gold on Al someone knows how
but yeah i would think it involved something in between
okay rly, no more buy

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you can current sense and pwm a current limit circuit
thats less sexy
but prob works better and is simpler
teknique: ha, h4x

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logic fets?
ur mom rules the world
er, wait no
ur mom doesnt rule the world
why do we hate china
like i enjoyed a girl who is hotter than ur mom
see how that works
even if ur mom is hot the girl i got with is hotter
holy shit no more buy
okay one more
he has scopes!?

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stu: theres standard transistor pinouts
prob is theres more than one
blackmoon: neat
thats alot prettier than i thought the board would be
i thought it would be all h4x, its kinda pretty
okay they maybe did it wrong
whatever handle it
put some bus bars right on the power pins
buy insulation
hey what else do i need from china electronics/
cmon guys think for me plsss

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it was vibrating and rivets were flying out tho
but moon kept shoveling coal into the inverter anyway
thats how you wanna do it
blackmoon: whats the power section?
its just pwm?
blackmoon: fat transformer?
or high speed sex
i didnt see i been shopping
sec i look

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stu: paper and pencil, scanner or cam, GIMP
invert then monoscale it
and bright/color correct
well, bright contrast correct, no color really
i usually index color stuff with small color tables so it PNG crushes nice
i needed a tripod
before tripod like id take maybe 10 shots to get a good one
blackmoon: flashlight?
i just bought 200 ultrabright 20mA LED

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just use 8 good fets
and you wont ever have to worry
well what duty tho?
a heatsink
okay all duty
short fat runs with poly block traces
bus bars

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so im making arrays of these bright normal power LED
you seen macegr led package for rgb project?
is same package, ridiculous bright
anyway, were gonna try with some little herbs and cactus and bonzai and stuff
maybe 20W or so
i figure since the heat is distributed, you can put the arrays like right on the plants
like, within an inch, a range which would cook small plants with big lights
stu: you can just parallel some big transformers
if you really need the current and cant find anything
blackmoon: haha
im prob gonna do boost smps
to like 20V or something
then an avr for pot to pwm
on a linear vreg
like 5W units
supporting 2 arrays, for now
use more than one
its so you can move them around
psu basically on a dongle
like, i have 30VA of transformers as payment for dx projects
a ton
theres graphs
melted the wire/die connections =(

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just buy more and parallel!
blackmoon: youve seen tiny digikey xformers?
little blue cubes
like 1" blocks for 3VA or so
i got the single coil both sides ones, i want to run them in pairs and quads for LED plant light xformer
army of mini xformers, easy to route, lots of space for smt bridge and stuff underneath
blackmoon: the china electronics piranha 20mA LED are as bright per W as the 3W ones
well, people do it and says it works
fleuros and MH and LPS lights work, and those are pretty localized spectrums
because effeciency and tested reliability isnt there
its getting there
LED are basically same a fleuro tubes now
yeah but people are selling LED plant lights now
overpriced bullshit

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parallel to247 would be fun to route
yeah, not so hard single layer with TH resistors

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its really an obsoleted package
itll never die tho because so many generic parts are to3
big industry needs to3
run some current thru them
just to get them warm
we have alot of steel and Al can stuff at school
the metal to-92 size things are funny
yeah that would have been neat
could have used same board and flipped
yeah but its still gonna be like 5x the cost
and maybe not even perform as well as a very good to220 fet
heat transfer wise
lots of industrial machines like that

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uhoh stevo
he local kid for years at least
someone lived next to him
stu: you would use a bank of mosfets
and heat dissipation might be better with some better fets and a fat sink
.2" pitch
they used to be cheap because they pumped them out

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naw man romanians and i think other eastern euros do it too
might be mediteranean thing
thats how you know not to use the code in that post
only use the posted code if everyone is like :)))))))))))))) in response

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guns in boths hands aimed at each others heads
sure you know this how
this is about technology
bin laden uses cameras
im ban on site there
the romanians are gonna be pissed

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no i know people over there
it is very real
and it is very retarded
and were very used up
wkr4k4r: omg al queda period is a lie
its not now
we bred it
we told them it existed
so they made their own
not anymore
it exists now
we made it real
there is no real al queda
al queda is CIA/Muslim Anonymous
there are
they arent significant
brits got caught faking shit
brit special forces were fucking carbombing shit
instigating shit, to create political situations in iraq
and instead of apologizing when the mufuckers got caught
the brits fucking invaded iraq police
and stole their special forces back
and then went 'yeah were sorry' to the press
bin laden and bush hate each other
prob because of some fight over a bitch at a country club when they were teenagers
i dont think theyre friends
i think theyre close
i think osama is their bitch, or dead
i think ALL the wannabe illuminati neocons are blackmailing each other to the end of the world

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they do flame wars at latency: email list
you know when someone is arguing on irc
and they go away for 5min
and everyone is destroying every possible argument they can make
and then pop out with a long truncated answer
thats what email lists are, all the time
stu: mostly in the real world you boss can walk up to you and smack you for being dumb
or call on the phone and yell
there is no boss even in open src
youtube is an amazing comm tool
this is honestly the most informed american public ever
theres a reason voter turnout is pissed
people have some idea wtf is going on, right now, as opposed to whats going on last week
no but theres massive political scene
they voting for him anyway
because mccain is 1000, no one gives a shit about the war beause we dont have money to be all empire status
fuck you
vote obama fucker
waste your life on nader fuck that

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yeah man
its a full time job keeping timecop employed
no he learns its neat
blackmoon: no charles routes his boards now
he just like, connects stuff in loltrace adware schemas
and programs stuff
stu: open source works
you just have to be picky
haha whatever
only shit i couldnt do was cad/cam
blackmoon: keeps it underground
geeks gotta have an underground too
open src is just an excuse to spend more time on irc
you know, 'developing applications'
the real bad ones cant even keep up with irc

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sucks, gotta tell it to use new drivers
but ya, internal SSD is like about 25MB/s reads max, its about 1/2 to 1/4 a standard hard drive
SD is about half internal SSD

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normal SD going about 10MB/s sustained read
SDHC like 15MB/s
mine went 16.09MB/s
normal SD
maybe everyone elses kernel and hax lunix sucks
usb flash?
some of those go fast
prob all sorts of flash in them, everyone and their moms makes usb flash
someone got .9MB/s
Cisco giveaway 64MB
internal SSD is 2nd from the bottom
everyone their got their drivers proper
if you dunno whats up, certain lunix kernel builds will try and use old sata interface on the drives

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it burns out eventually
theyre only rated to like 100,000 or 1,000,000 writes a sector
the drives have firmware that spreads/relocates data words
so youre not always using the same section of the drive
like defrag is prob pointless
its like a slower hard drive
like a laptop hard drive
except furing mad seek stuff
like loading diff boot files
it flies when it comes to random access

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and then SSD will start coming up in a couple years
because yeah, we wouldnt even be having this convo
if SSD was a standard
they wont just wear out mechanically because youre always turning your pc on/off
shieeet: no theyll fail massive
but the hardware is made to try and deal with it
failure mode is different
the flash burns out over time
hard drives are like perfect until they arent, at which point they eat themselves
why stu flash raid is actually a good idea
it makes it suitable for keeping critical data
you see a blinking red light, you go swap and SD, system rebuilds the SD data
shieeet: wait a couple years
its neat for eeepc because its so cheap and small
just recode the disk io side to interface SD cards
its its own thing, it has spi compatible mode

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you have like 20
i want a 7200.10
or the .11
im trying to resist buying new hardware til summer
than build a new box machine
ive used up this socket A dinky
solid state gonna start getting serious
hard disks might taper off in performance and capacity in next couple years
maybe get wtf cheap, hopefully
once they got affordable 80GB+ SSDs,. hard drives prob drop like cdrw and dvdrw did
blackmoon: itll be TB for $100 within two years
i remember when $1/GB was badass
people dont really need a TB tho
so i think hard drives for consumers prob taper off in unf

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gotta love confused head actuator slamming the arm against its assembly
like its like the harddrive equiv of keyboardsmash.gif
people bring me computers like 'is that bad?'
the computers i got from exgfs backyard did that
those were the only hdds that sprayed POST with SMART failures
shieeet: what kind of drive?
just curious
are you using
yeah smart params are weird
i dont even think manufacturers use consistent values
haha yeah
why do you care if hard drives fail

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its probably better than a cheap psu, but maybe not
well yeah, efficiency is usually higher
okay well if you trust the electronics then, id leave it on as much as possible
keep in mind theres a total inverse argument that says increased runtime on the bearings will wear them out more than cold startups
but im of the opinion that 10K bearings prob get hot enough to do significant things to the metal theyre made of and mounted in
like, says .001 of expansion and contraction
everytime you cycle it
er, *say
i really dont know, but that doesnt seem crazy
so like, multiple that by a couple thousand (life of your computer, starting it up every day for a few years)
at the end, the beating centerline prob not exactly where it started
blackmoon: haha yeah fuck that
shieeet: if you leave hdd powerdown on, fuckit man your hard drives hate you anyway
just turn it off whenever

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ive seen tons of failed maxtors and WD
tho seagates are less common in the pc i work on for people
so its a biased opinion
mine work perfect but i park them in front of a fan
like i said, its worse for your hard drive
its better for your caps
unless your psu or mobo regs are shit
then powerup might in fact be a straign on the whole PC
like infiniti hardware combos, theyll all behave diff
also their is electronics on your hard drive
those might be better off with less runtime
the constantly on thing is mostly mechanical issue from hard drives
the level of mechanical precision on average hard drives rivals the level of precision used to make procs
the number of ways a computer can be put together
high end doesnt mean anything

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1W are .025W/lm
okay neat plan works i think
watt per watt the little piranha things from sure seem the same as the better high power ones
hard drives are mechanical
cold spool up is bad for bearings, bad bearings lead to hardware failure
in that regard, you want to keep the computer on all the time
with fans on the drives to keep their runtime temp low
you want them warmed up, not hot
however electronics, caps especially, are rated in hours of runtime
like, my pc been on prob 25K hours
theoretically, for the mechanicals in your drive, yes
you shouldnt constantly cycle it
in terms of caps and prob a few other less reliable parts, no
blackmoon: i have a pair of seagates, like 6 and 4 years old
on about 24/7 whole time

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wow nice
the 3W white led are .038W/lm
so theyre like the same efficiency as the big ones
about the same price, but i get distributed heat and light source
and more fun to route
the 5W ones are .026W/lm

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wait thats not right
5.2W/1.55lm = 3.35W/lm
oh no wait its lm times 100

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according to the calc thing, 400mcd/135deg = 1.55lm
20mA * 2V for red, 20mA * 3.2V for blue
so 40mW and 64mW, red and blue

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400mcd * 100 = 40,000mcd, 135d view angle
stu: i have like 3 or 4 more years of projects =D
thats if i dont do a grad program
and after 10 years of school i prob be like fuckit whatever
wait so i can go from mcd and view angle to lm, right?
hacked``: its just an amp
hehe, square waves are like mad higher freq harmonics

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those are nice tho alot of them are just wire loops
yeah those are like metal strips
cheap ones like 18ga wire loop

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hacked``: find something more interesting to talk about
quickly pls, the pc droll is so meh
i would have put the transistor packages closer to the edge
neat board tho
heh, see my board for dx?
they have a bunch

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so get an SD
dude, youre gay
take it to #dumbconvosaboutflashmedia
get a usb drive
for $60 you can have like 200GB
and you wont lose it
anyway who cares
you laughed at 2GB SD
which is the best value in SD
so were laughing at you because youre a lame
were not saying your SD solution isnt better
were saying ur being a lame
pls dont confuse the argument
all your points so far are irrelevent
i have socket-a 3200+ and 1GB
i win
pretty test points

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hacked``: gtfo, thxbai
because you want the 8gb ones for 8x the price of 2GB?
okay go die, lame
'i know the best one' oooooooo
8GB will be realistic when they have 16GB and 32GB sd kicking it on shelves and sub 1GB is dead
stu: you would do a usb mass storage thing with a uC and mad parallel spi
hopefully multiple channel hardware peripheral
the uC
then logic it
sd -> usb -> raid control -> pc would be slow
fpga would be ideal
enough io to put every SD on its own lines
hacked``: who the fuck cares about bluray
only tards who were dumb enough to buy ps3

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ur dad is gay.
i have fresh chicken whenever i want it
boneless breasts and thighs #1
fuck the bones and that chiken insides bullshit
dude go watch some cspan hearings with the FDA
yeah and?
yeah, well the shit meat exists because of them
because they allow fucked up mass production practices
small farm meat and other countries meat and shitty like ours
okay ur a dork
ill come up with reasons later haha
stu: 5.25" bay with like 24 SD slots!

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i want honey so bad
i always forget when im at the market
no peanut butter and honey sandwich
no pancakes and honey
life is kinda dull lately
oh man, envy
it fuckin tastes goooood
shieeet: no i mean like, when im not 2ft in from of my monitor
no its a fuck processed cereal because it tastes like cheap candy meal
kellogs corn flakes, #1
almost everything else is crap
i had a big microwave
so big! totally 80s
we had real oven too
ur dad was prob a mill worker worker
get it
ur dad worked mill workers
because like, hes gay

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hacked``: no pure sugar gets stuck in your throat
thats why you dissolve in it phosphoric acid
what do you thinkg who the fuck cares
god are we 12?
yeah uh huh
um, its all the same when its dissolved
its not like you open the coke and it comes with vials of diff chems you have to mix up
corn syrup is prob way easier on production equipment than granulated sugar
omg its gotta suck cleaning up a sugar processing machine
like, corn syrup you can keep in some sort of slightly pressurized system with a valve
i dunno have like 1 ton of grain sugar just seems like a fucked up mess waiting to happen
oh man

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diet coke is shit
if you think that tastes good youre some kinda flavorn00b
its always tasted like shit to me
that aint no sugar
gimme some of thet high fructose corn syrup shit
okay not rly
but i bet someone does
i dont like being lighter
my balance is tuned for this ballast setup
+ lemonade

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is winter over yet?
ive almost lost my bet that bush will invade russian in the winter

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F16 vs pickup truck
america is lame, 100%
california uber alles.
it prob cost us $500K in man hours and consumable supplies to blow up a fuckin toyota minitruck

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no shit i thought most of europe
okay well the yeah, stoppit!
oh huh

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power input load
no but maybe some tube amp parts
ya rly
what timecop said
heathkits from 1965 and shit
our grid supply was an old tube based bench vreg
at tube job
i should call tube marty see if he still has same broke ass tester
get him to want me to make him new tube tester modules
stu ur steering wheel is on the wrong side
is it?
id figure itd be close if rhd wasnt more
are russia/china/india lhd?

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hahaha 353 headphone amp
already bidding for $10
you will kill that with 3.5A
or drop it out
yeah but itd be very greycz
tho arguable his h4x fabrication skills were his redeeming quality (dude was ugly at machining)
okay but thats output
if its AB hes prob pulling closer to 30W
if its class A your grandpa is nuts
or old
yeah i guess old works
does the radio have a sticker?

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space is messy like my windshield on a road trip

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why you letting your gramda look at irc?
damn farthead is like her normal vocab?
maybe she is channeling irc thru RF signals
sev didnt have altoids
i was like WTF

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make it
haha i wonder if you could do it with a 7805 and a bunch of pass transistors
is only 3.5A
er, 7812
or 317
yeah and then you take feedback from after the pass transistors
ha i guess
i would just make it from discrete parts
(analog class was like 75% psu design and troubleshooting)
like, you could even just do a zener with a current source on a transistor base or 3
PSRR is okay, but regulation in terms of absolute 12V might be shit
regulation in relationship to itself prob be pretty good

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