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you guys come up with some useless arguments
k bbl company
6' blonde chick

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awesome: http://man.linux-ntfs.org/ntfsfix.8.html
stu: dork, its mounted read only
and its happened to me on boxes without a lunix
wtf does that have to do with what we were talking about
no stu
its not
unless you compike in the shit like OMG EXPERIMENTAL lebeled in the kernel
no one uses it
because like timecop says, because he knows, it sucks
timecop: prob not
no stu
it means it wasnt on my box
so it wasnt an issue
and my fs were mounted read only

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if you boot to lunix, hit it with ntfsfix, itll do fscheck on reboot like normal
and fix itself
well stu you are obviously lucky
lunix fuckers even made a program
thats the only bluescreen i can think of getting with xp
it either doesnt fail, or it hard locks, no blue
works fine with other OS and windows fixes itself and it works fine

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ms brown is late
ima organize my albums and stuff
lunix fixes bork NTFS every time
does that anger you?
ntfsfix, biastch
ive had xp bluescreen about hard drive failure
which i love because its like 'OH YEAH WELL THEN WHERE DI YOU GET THAT ERROR MSG FROM'

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dunno my shit worked when i was fucking with it
im pretty sure we had aic working when we got busy
hahaha arm basic
its your startup asm and/or your debug setup
call someone on the phone and tell them to hit the button
remote rebooting is critical fail
i did ur mom in vmware
but like, ur mom 30 years ago when she was hot
dunno that dont look so bad

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lexan > plexi
just get acrylic
polycarbonate is high impact, scratch resistant
yeah it wont snap
it is somehow like, more rigid and yet more flexible than acrylic
its really just better for mechanically critical shit
like any kinda of shielding, you wanna go poly over acrylic if you can
like, if you can spare it, get the polycabonate
you dont need a thick sheet
1/16" is prob enough
but its scratch resistant
so itll stay clearer longer than acrylic
but im talking like, over years
ask twingy, im pretty sure its working

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not for another 4 or 5 years
calm the fuck down
i got more important shit than money to do right now
i wont be done with college for another 4 or 5 years
fureal, i got friends who make money
im supposed to be the smart one, go to school, pop out, and like make some shit happen
leave resource gathering to the people who enjoy it
also its available in more sizes, and thicker, usually

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its weird because i can actually show them half finished h4x shit
theyd prob appreciate it
(like, i got tons of pics of diff chip amp boards)
oh wtf
so i do a psu
and then its just a few opamp circuits
do you think soic/0805 is suitable for kits?
people gotta be learning smt soldering
i can bring my hakko
hackers cant be using thru hole forever
like, i want to make modules for darker store, i was thinking i could do thru hole basic kits and 0805/soic advanced kits, same circuits
(also id really like to lab test some TH vs SMT shit)
i dont condone tv

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ty mr timecop
version 2 or production style?
ha nice
ima go thru the circuit with dx before i mill that shit
macegr: okay neat, i think i can do this
headphone amp definitely
preamp and crossover altoids, probably
9V supply, vreg, rail to rail amps for those

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how about audio?
i wasnt sure
okay not what i thought, even better
okay what about audio amp and preamp and eq kits?
okay dude i can do that in two weeks
i dont care, if i can maybe get in with an audio kit project, i can try
headphone amps!
ill buy a case of altoids
how fast is chinapcb?
i can get something back in a week?
timecop: beep, fucker
so by mid march
oh damn
prob earlier because submission date
oh no shit?
jezus fuck thats a weekend for full open-hardware spec docs
4xAAA based headphone amp
well, i can show related shit ive done
finished working prototypes
timecop: chinapcb turnaround time?
whats typical tho
business days, yeah?
so 2 weeks
woah real days
what fuck is china smoking
meth, i think
okay cool

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seravitae: what
dude you fell sleep to me probably
im totally going to hollywood cos on the 15th
im debating whether or not to hit up the chanology wiki peoples for socal
what if they are really the enemy who has infultrated!
im going to wear a hooky, a 2can gas mask, and some welding filter safety glasses
a #5
so im not blind
and some grey or black dickies
(so like, ima dress pretty normal, plus gas mask, which isnt entirely abnormal for me)
wow nice
so i have dreads and can do electronics
geeker chicks will be all over me?
im telling sandi to get her own gf
cmon i could make one in 2 weeks
maybe next year
do i have to be selling?
or prototypes okay
okay neat

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ima be with sandi
however if not, score
worst case i can bus it
its like 8 hours
man now i wish i hadnt asked sandi
yeah maybe she can find a girl too
oh neat
ms brown is coming over for a dub
i wonder if she expects to pay with 10min massage action again
(ima be like fuck that, we can trade 10min this time)
dude its awesome, some guy at her work is doing same massage routine on her for months now
she picked something up
she tried to pay me with a massage a few years ago
and i fuckin told her to stop after 10sec and just gave it to her

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macegr: eheheheheh
macegr: eheheheheheheheh
macegr: did he ever learn normal asm
or c
not implimented
maybe i can convince sandi to come down, or i can get jenny to drive up
ha, or i could get other homie to do it
just for the road trip action
he prob been down, we havent gona anywhere together in forever
we need to get our bro quality time

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dude trying to explain anonymous vs scientology to normal people is weird

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dude a couple thru hole parts will not ruin your board
rab: space the pads farther
it usually helps rounting
'omg how will i get over there'
'oh easy, th resistor'
its like adding a 3rd layer

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do you know how many traces you can put under a .4" spaces thru hole?
a fucking lot
thats how much
double sided too
naw man
1210, maybe get two trackes underneat
thru hole, you just got like 12 traces and massive ground plane
is not so comparable
i go under sot23
behind what

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dayzman: datasheet
also wtf define 'better'
better what
regulation, max current handling, what
timecop: naw thru whole it totally like a distance jumper

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rab: absolute decrease or relative decreases
i guess relative
okay well its like a lie detector
except the needle only goes up
heh, i totally RE it and host the schema
you know about xenu?
volcanos, hydrogen bombs, killing off galaxy overpopulation
thetan energy is the souls of the galaxy overpopulation
the xenu killed
in volcanos
plus hydrogen bombs (just lava, not dead enough)
haha nice

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because im not down with cults or people who threaten netizens
and because hollywood is home
they are bad people, and they are in my home
fuck yes they are, scientology vs the internet since they knew wtf it was
yeah weird buildings
old shit tucked in there
my friend think the moon landing happened in a building in hollywood
hooker hotel lookin shit
but its really like 8 studios
and then like, there are shop front that go back 20ft or so
but the building goes back like the whole black, 100ft
er, block
can you feel it
rab: no shit?
what is it?
sell it for research?
psi_: unless its debugwire, i think so

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macegr: ultrasensitive power meter on an antenna
hell its prob just an led and a pot
a vu meter and a foot pedal
thats it?
i have a scientology doc pack
so maybe
(secret docs, from the bittorrent)
macegr: nice, emeter teardown
im going to hollywood on the 15th
im going to wear a gas/dust mask and some dark glasses
tie my hair back
scientology protest
hollywood is like their base
they own like two blocks
im sure there will be more protests
ha yeah awesome

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hey guys
should i explain anonymous vs scientology to my sociology teacher?
like, im taking a religion in america class
ac-130u: obviously
teknique: iteite
no i dont have to
im sure she has flash
she even my sociology teacher is better than timecop at media playback

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and sending to you?
no is cool
chinese food?
dining quality or just dollar quality?
some fast chinese places are good like resteraunts
its gotta be run by mexicans tho
(because real chinese food is ALWAYS cooked by mexicans)
okay i was generalizing
i should have said brown people
rab: whaaa
at like 20C?
sot23 usually like half watt
thats still alot tho, before derating
223 is the minitabbed one?
hehe those are cute

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no shit?
i <3 those things
theyre pretty fast
its maybe $4 at digikey
youre never gonna buy 1
haha yarly
fuck that
^dx^: when are parts ordered?
so like, some person in china is ordering stuff from digikey

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sculptor: OMG HAHAHA
i dunno if its more or less fucked up thats its not a mil sniper
i would have just made dude a generic mil sniper
put a star on his shoulder
add some cargos, extra shirt pocketm diff hat
itd just be so much more political that way

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like, turns with decreasing radius halfway thru
shit like that
we make the topography
europe is all crazy, no grids
we just drove through
i want to go their but i dont know my family there
my dad pissed them all off or something
ha thats awesome
pacoeste: which communities are eastern european?
like the romanian and polish stuff
ha thats where im from kinda =\
looks greener than i thought
rivers, i guess

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freeways are like made to drive hard, all banked perfect so at the stated speed, your car will make the turn automatically
so you can take everything like 25-50% faster usually
fuck SF
thats east coast implant shit
where is here?
i think in NYC its actually law, they dont always have right of way
oh neat
okay so my dads family is from there
old jew crew people, russian and polish and romanian immigrants
when my great granda or aunt or some shit learned to drive there, she wouldnt make left turns
got everywhere by making right turns
she was an old woman and was afraid to cross traffic for lefts
its almost the same
well everyone goes slower
on the east coast
because your roads are all shit
it fucked me up, they werent like, made to drive on

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i rode the robinson like a crazy person
drivers in traffic would catch up to me and flag me down and be like WTF SLOW DOWN =( =( =(
wide sidewalks on main streets, cops would rather have your ride on them
so cars will be doing 5mph, bikes like 10-20mph
100% right of way all situations
also stfu, we do bumper to bumper at 80mph+ without wrecking
like, every fuckin day
100% right of way ALL situations
in NYC is not like this
if you slow for peds the peds will look at you like WTF GO VBITCH IM NOT GETTING IN FRONT OF YOU MOTHER FUCKER GO!!!!
i guess they dont have automatic right of way
hey but southern cali prob has the best civil engineers in the world

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most downhill types swear by the kevlar liners
i think they mostly dont use thornproofs because the extra weight
yeah from the side, cutting down a seam
i have those
they lasted almost semesters
so far
er, two semester
they wont make it thru this one
also the harro is a very heavy bike
not on the harro
i dont lock the backs except coming down dirt hills
er, haro
it would eat thru those tires in a few days
the robinson i would steer the bike by locking the back brakes, tires still lasted two semesters

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sucks, when the tires are mad filled, its so easy to ride
but fucker vibrates, gets tiring
i LOVED my Aluminum Robinson
24" bmx, cruiser gearing
omg he killed goofy
heh, i have no gears
blackmoon: get thorn proof or kevlar liners
theyre not that much $
thatd be horrible

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rab: i just replace the tubes when i get the bike with thornproofs
theyre like semimetallic i think
thick tho, they dont come skinny because they dont expand much
but ive never fucked up thorn proofs
they leak thru the valve, thats it, any tube does tho
oh weird
i like pull bigass thorns and shit outta my tires
rab: what kind of bike?
i have thick 24" bmx thingers
so like, bigger diamater thinner stuff prob worse
no but is it like a mountain bike or smaller bms/cruiser/hybrid thing or street/race bike or what
oh, yeah it prob has thinner tires than mine
oh neat you have fat tires
i have no suspension except for tires

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i need to do laundries
buy a new tube

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metric only uses .01 multiple units to hit standard inch values, because standard inch base unit is more precise
mine wore off
not really tho my shoulder isnt bothering me
im just sore
i bike without stretching, because i dunno i dont like myself or something
you are a better person than I

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1mm is abtract, large for a base unit but waaaay small for a derived unit
cm is not so big either
decimeter kinda works, but honestly its very large compared to most precision features
NO ONE sane does precision drawings in inches and feet
you use inches, to .001 multiple resolutions
so its base 10, just like metric
but aligned to some convienient dimensions for practical precision fabrication
if you cant remember 1000 mil or 1000 thousands in an inch, you are the retard
not i, sir
your units are made to work with your whole entire scientific system
they are not optimized for precision fabrication
when you have some sorta sane response that doesnt involve converting mass into volume or some shit, lemme know

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if something calls for .250, you do .250
0.248031496 if you machine has .001 runout
.1 millimeters = 0.00393700787 inch
your basic drawing unit is 4 times larger
and dont argue with that, because its pretty standard, usually they only go out farther to match up with standard tools
i dont care dude
this isnt about metric vs imperial
this is about precision units for practical fabrication
which isnt cpu cores, and which isnt measuring volumes of water, or trying to use one set of drills
.001" looks alot saner on a precision drawing than .1mm

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youre wrong
1 in = 25.4 millimeters
leaded gas is better for cars
09:18 < Blackmoon> 0.0253 = 1mil
thats wrong
its a very big deal
okay well its important
youre dumb
no, youre dumb
i can work in both
im formally trained in GD&T
the spec is metric since 96
so all my advanced inspection training is in metric
so wtf are you on about?
1/4 is .250
on the dot
i dunno wtf 6.3mm is
besides 6.3mm, on the dot
6.3 millimeters = 0.248031496 in
your shop fails
stus shop wins

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who fuckin cares
for precision work, 1mil is perfect
rab: exactly
blackmoon: who cares about water weight when youre machining?
so what
what does that have to do with fabrication
wtf is a meter
who cares about a random wavelength of some radiactive element
everything is in inches, everything is consistent
omg you cant divide by 12?
anything in feet likely isnt precision
seriously, 1mil is perfect unit to work in
because its a realistic goal for almost any machine
even a shit machine tool can hit .001 if youre a ninja at machining
a mm is very large
a um is very tiny
its .02mm, its abstract
1mil is like the edge of practical tolerance
now youre getting all fractional
metric never does that

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but like, if you plane a surface, and drop the spindle .001 and machine more, you can see and feel it, but just barely
conversion isnt a problem
only if youre doing it wrong
it depends on the programmer
yes it does
imperial is fractional
so everything pretty much matches up
who fuckin cares
it does make perfect sense
09:10 <@TekniQue> that's one bigger than 3/4ths of an inch
7/16 is 1/16 below a half
um, i can get imperial drills in almost any size
theres like 3 diff drills sets
you need those drill sizes for all sorts of shit
who cares
if you need an F drill size, use F
if the metric size is closer, use metric
if the numbered or decimal drils are closer, use those
no if it was metric, youd have to be like

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inches are better for precision
1/1000" is basically as small as you can see
1mil is perfect precision unit
fuck that
im not machining any silicon anytime soon
for practical precision, .001 is like the edge of production tolerance capabilities
its also like the smallest shit you can see/feel
lasers and a big lens =)
not at all, not with a sharp cutting tool and a stable machine
you can see every cut catch the light
and you can feel a 1mil diff in depth
naw, under 1mil it pretty much blends
but around 1mil chip load, you can see like every cut

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squidpump technologies, yo

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my shit isnt even linked to on my front page
theres a simple circuit, and then a more complex one with opamp bias servos
nice you should donate to darkertechnologies
07:11 < timecop> 0402 forever
wkr4k3r: bish where yo submureen
i say some funny shit

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with like 200V capability
only sinks/sources like 4mA tho
its basically the first two stages of a power opamp (diff input, gain)
and you add your own output stage, and take feedback from that
you can do 200W into 4R
with 4 of them
search nationa.com for BPA-200 application note
so you can do it with 8
so thats like $100 in just amps
you need like 1000VA psu
id guess another $100 at least
i wouldnt even parallel the BPA-200 sets
id just run independent circuit to two subs
what works?
or what fails so hard it is funny
yeah =(
im getting hits and shit
the eee stuff too

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LM3875, 3 resistors, 2 psu caps
and an input attenuator pot
well, and yeah
the "Power Humpty"
which was the psu built into a little cylinder you could put on the floor
and you ran the DC rails to the little amp box
which was kinda configured like a vertical Wii
with a slide pot on the front
the wiring inside is kinda nasty
PCB is total cheapo shit
timecop would prob appreciate it
tho maybe not, as the specs are amazing, its not really audiophool
they ran it to like 35W or 40W
they sold it based on THD+N specs
and minimalist design
and short feedback path
(they soldered the feedback resistor DIRECTLY to the IC pins)
just get a single driver
or dual 10" or 12"
you prob want to use something else, tho
they make a driver for class-B output

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500VA and 350VA are maybe $50 and $60 at partsexpress.com
avel toroids, is not random shit
yeah but the amp will cost you $10
per section, really really nice parts
your psu is a bitch
and not even your psu
your toroid is a bitch
almost on the dot
whatever you put out, you burn in the chip
i think socket-A cpu fansinks with or without fans are best heatsink solution
because they have the center channel slot
easy to drill thru or drill and tap, use mounting hardware, etc
my cnc isnt big enough for speaker cabs
i fuckin gave up on that shit
it would have been like 40 setups =\
like, 5 really
get LM3886 tho
isolated package
they do more power, and into 4R loads too
its a significant upgrade to a legend
oh if you dunno, gainclone is from gaincard
nipponese company called lab 47 sold gaincards for $3K+
in early/mid 90s

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4 or 8 way will be 1ohm or .5ohm
depending 4R or 8R drivers
8 way 4R is less even =\
i think
oh maybe not guess not
its better
id rather have 2x10" than a 15"
clearer bass
i dont listen to hiphop or rock music much any more
my bass actually does stuff
not just kick drum thump and monosynths
smps is an audio killa
traditionally speaking
class-D is shit for THD+N
smps is class-D PSU
it sprays everything with noise
you can filter it out, but it might not average out equal so youd add distortion
toroids are the best
shielded toroids are like better than the best
seravitae: what prices you seeing?

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so theyre running normal spec, you still have 4x the power tho
then yeah, you can throw more bridged sets on there in parallel
but you have to drop speaker load to get more power
well, kinda
its differential output
you either run a chip amp inverted, one NI, feed same signal
or you run identical amps (what i prob should have done)
and then feed differential input signals, or create a diff signal
bridged ganclones
or bridged-parallel gainclones
well when you parallel its pushing the same voltage
you get added current handling
yeah you just need lower impedance speakers to get youre $$$ from a mad paralle design
you can run 8 gainclines NI in parallel, if youre just doing it thru 2R, you wont get 8x the power
maybe .5R or something
full parallel 4 or 8 way box

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hehe, parallel smt electrolytics in those cool seamless cans for decoupling at IC
gainclone = LM3875, i think
but i use the LM3886
LM3875 = natsemi legend, LM3886 = natsemi improves legend
i did bridge parallel for a project
i never lab tested it but it sounded okay
you run 4, in parallel pairs, bridged
and then run at their normal spec
you get 4x the power
you can mad parallel them to run them into smaller loads too
well, you bridge to get 4x the power out of 2 chips
however, you would be running 2x the current thru them
and they would literally catch fire with some signal sources
you dont
so you parallel them
and that halves the current thru each one

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heh, i get epson salt, iso alc, baby oil for the bongs and cnc machine all the time
rock salt, iso alc, baby oil, vitamin supplements, girl tweezers
they prob think im a totally diff type of weirdo
stu: for what?
audio stuff would kinda be cool as i wanna do soic and 0603 signal amp circuits
and i wanna do full smt gainclone

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seravitae: pretin the iron with a drop of solder
and just stab the solder onto the pad and smt lead
and wait about half sec to a sec for it to drop onto the pad and part
then head the pad solder, stick the part on WAIT FOR THE SOLDER TO WICK ONTO THE PART
then let go, do other side
nothing should take more than a second
do shit like preheat ground planed pads so it actually solder in a sec or two
seravitae: lowest you can use is sane
i use higher than i should, because i can go a bit faster
i also use more solder than i should
holds bit better, and it solder faster
mini solder blobs on your iron tip are awesome for heat transfer
theyll kinda form any shape they need to be to get you pin and pad
its not hard to do really if you got tweezers
i have huge tweezers from pakistan
like, 7" tweezers, the tip is as big as an 0805 is long
and i still do fine
i really need eal tweezers =\
i think im going to hit makeup department at the drug store

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yeah digital shit you can prob use those all day except for maybe psu stuff
that makes no sense TC
07:11 < timecop> 0402 forever
id do analog in 0402 if i was controller the environment
like forward of the input section opamp in a multistage circuit
if it was high impedance i could maybe go 1/16W anyway
er, controlling
most digital shit, youre prob fine
for what
i have not so much time till break
and im prob road or plane tripping it somewhere
gee thanks
can i still call you prickhole motherbitch?
no i slept
yeah i gotta go to class today

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.10 in = 2.54 millimeters
ha if its metric its prob huge
just make all your own libs
using any sim or pcb app just for its libs is failure
but 0805, just use datasheet
they usually have suggested pad layouts
i make all my own because i like the pads to stick out a bit more because i hand solder
its either metric or a ridiculous footprint
i dont make them that much bigger
fuck that
what are those 1/32 watt?
sam7 still fucking with your life?
that sounds fair
like .05W
analog shit, say input circuits for audio, could easily blow those out with stupid user moment

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cant be from the arc UV, i wear leather gloves and jacket
theyre supposed to be
theyre .08 by .05
the pads are upposed to stick out, like maybe 25% on each side (figure 50% larger than your par)t
its for soldering
also keeps the parts spaced
oh thats too big
make sure its not some metric bullshit
then you grabbed a metric labeled one
its prob 1210
12 millimeters = 0.472440945 in
wait i went backwards
.12 in = 3.04800 millimeters

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