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wtf i am waking up way too early
i might oversleep
you go back to bed

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timecop: hahaha i was like 2K OMG PROJECT KILLA
but yeah, then i remembered
atmega flashback
going thru your arm thinger?
glass eyeball are neat
they make you go 'aar'.

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i watch cspans and go to bed

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like, drum n bass on a good car system makes hiphop carsub action look silly
yeah, you are pimp with your monosynth and subic zirconia
hiphop bass is silly
its slow and basic
my friend getting into broken beats type hiphop
i guess like that broken industrial/breakbeat stuff
but hihop
heh, metal
a bass guitar cant do what typical dark dnb synthbass does
not without so much processing that it might as well be a synth
and theres no way it could keep it as consistent
dnb all about the droning bass

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highs are shit
highs are shit.
i want detail, but i want it from like 40-400Hz
heh, i wanna do one of those HPF roloff corrected subs with a high xmax import 10"
wtf at higher highs =(
timecop: i want my shit to growl
hiphop and rock are like: thump thumpthump thump boomthump
shit is always hapening in lows and mids

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it aint gonna help much
pfft, white people buy caps
hell prob more white ricers than black ricers
but yeah, if something responds better for half a second after a drop in the music
then goes back to a typical response for the rest of the hard music (read: like most of the music)
thats poor response
and i bet there are situations where you could get the amplitude to wobble noticably
well yeah, inside the thing on the amps rails
and even then, if the prob is just the car electrical doesnt do enough power, itll lag down at some point

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my cat can do 500A
a dmm and a clock?
stu: a very tiny little bit!
okay i gotta go sleepies
all the music is listen to his hard all the time
well, almost all the time
shit aint a kick drum every 4th beat at 80bpm
if you dropping mad voltage when you do power transients, you need:
a) fatter wiring
b) better battery/alternator

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is for led array power supply

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i am good.
headphone amp + 10x power supplies + avr tiny mosfet switch
for led project
sec i make pic for the ^dx^
^dx^: k done ^^^

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you got little ones
which attiny were stupid to program?
okay so tiny15 is okay?
okay thats why 11 are $.50
you got fucked
just search by manufacturer
they might have restocked with diff name or something
no proce breaks until 25
mother bitches

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neat, yes?
^dx^: yeah but its dried our and shitty
like the flux is no good
rab: yeah i need soic8 tiny
the flux on the braid
i think it like flaked off or something
coils are expensive
blackmoon: FU!
norly, hi
what is cheap?
i got 470uH
no its 10x10

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rab: what do i need from digikey?
ur smrter
22:19 <@renesis> eggsalad: what do i need from digikey
22:20 < Eggsalad> renesis: I really need to go fuck a nigga.
see, i think you can be more constructive
you have no faith
i need $20 for dx order
logic fets

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^dx^: kk almost done selecting parts

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thats the juice, yo

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ur mom got mail
no min is 450
see not so bad

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rab says i have to do self destruct still
rab: say
meru: she is an art student
thyey do things like that
also shes <3s me and stuff
im like HELLO 500 MILES STOP <3ING
she dont care
i guess so
k no rly is ok
meru: sounds like a shitty school
no i did no see spreadsheet

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no i was playing video games =(
i dont care
his ethernet thing
is there a self destruct pin i have to avoid?
also his ZC mains switch thinger
but i dont mind doing that because hes attaching it to something i made
oh wtf
^dx^: you said schema was done
exgf drawing making me kinda horny for exgf

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yeah you dont want to piss charles off
hell like, say something, and stuff, and then you will be like:

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^dx^: exgf
^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/albums/b/sdermr1.png
pen and paper pr0n
compare to other link
my exgf make a drawing like his ink blot
20:55 < renesis> ^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/albums/b/sdermr1.png

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macegr: hi niggy
i have pizza
whats that
yeah these guys are inconsistent about their pizza
my quebecer friend got a bf i cant go sample her pastries anymore =(
loading furiously
macegr: hahaha
^dx^: did you see my gf drawing?

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bitch doesnt get it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/02/24/hillary-clinton-mocks-bar_n_88194.html
no magic wands to make special interests go away. you have to let them pay you money. thats how you drain their resources.

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okay i got normal pizza
pepperoni and mushroom
and dont be saying this is blog shit
because its research for BJT pizza cooker
not jews timecop
a jew, several political xtians, and a blackmailed muslim fool

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so i can look at domestic beer price again and laugh and apologize and walk out

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in nyc they had no good beer so the barserver girl fed me amstel lights instead
and then it turned out she knew people from home
that led to even more amstels lites i didnt even pay for
lite beer, =(
i asked for something dark and tasty
that was the closest she had
haha, and then me and one of the #dnbradio fools were trying to find places to drink in manhatten
we started like bit south of central park
wtf, mood lighting and matching couches and $8 domestic beer
so we bought 6 pack of modelo and brown bagged it
then like 20 or whatever blocks south we found the cheap beer district
but we had already had enough
i wanna walk into that bar again, so i can sit on the nice red velvet cough, wait for barserver girl to hand us menus

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i know =(
ricotta instead of marinara
you aint got good pizza
NYC or chi style
admit it
you havent had good pizza in years and thats why you are so fuckin pissy
you dunno about nyc pizza?
is about the crust yo
and the circumfrence
mostly the same
yeah really
its like someone said make pizza and gave them recipe
but showed them pic of lasagna
and chi pizza happened
3" tall piza wtf =(
but i have to go and try for myself

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omg no! im cleaning my room!
also bathroom
also remembering trig identities
did you know sin(A) = cos(90-A)
also, i need pizza
ima see if they do pesto
the 'white nights' shit was too hardcore for me
(ricotta, onions, tomatos, garlic)

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how do i do multiple network configs in windows?
like, i wanna switch to dhcp without it forgetting my static settings
kostix: on a mac is a dropdown menu
dude just make libs
eagle has libs for anything
because you make them in 2min
one day i will make a tutorial and then i can link you to it

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i think ima going to get the smallest blue Pulse transformers and do silly series/parallel things with them
^dx^: like if you want sd card and connectors on a certain edge in a certain order or spacing
or if you want it to fit into certain enclosure size
cmon, make it more challenging
unrouted board ph33r me they are like 'ohno, ren' and then i route it
and stuff
so my friend pointed me at this bad movie torrent site
i am junkie
bad scifi, badass mufucker 70s movies, bad horror, bad pr0n
bad kung fu, bad public service announcements

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dollars, sculptori
^dx^: si
2 bourds routed and milled, wtf corrections on the zc circuit
er, boards
i got all european or something there
prob in a bit
i am like rectifying local disaster
rews (c) rens
haha dude W and N are 4" apart =\
^dx^: email me with dimensions and connector/SD placement and etc
mount holes, special part placement, strife, etc

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stu: both
or just the transistor

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okay so $30 for psu thinger and $60 for eth thinger
and you dubbed me for the boards i think
no wait
okay fuckit, $21 on the ZC thing, so $69 for the rest of the board and the eth board
^dx^: sounds right?
ima get some of those squat yellow triad transformers

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^dx^: okay you want to pay me in digikey parts?
when is order
terminal strips!
screw terminals
yeah pretty much
allelectronics.com has them
^dx^: oh ok neat
i want headphone amp parts and transformers

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send me the libs you used

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^dx^: if the other board was worth $20 ($10 wasnt for routing, was for wtf issues in schema)
dunno thats like $60
cuz is totally 3x the work
ur busses look very star wars
^dx^: is all dip except for one long soic
okay back to boxing random junk
so far i have SNES box, genesis/32X box, and PS2 box
he workin on it

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^dx^: opening
i was boxing ancient game systems

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i think timecops mother made him code things in flash, then beat him with it
sometimes antialiasing makes me wanna stab

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omg im trying to draw draw with the blur tool
pretty: http://gcam.js.cx/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=44
not yet im drawing

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you shouldnt tie girls to poles unless they want to be there
dont pee on girls
unless you ask first
and they say its okay
haha the laura kitelinger girl made a funny pee on me joke
on her comedy central standup clip show
she was geeky-cute, i miss tv a bit because of her
also christine romans on cnn
she one hot financial reporter, yo
one is a function of the other
yeah i saw
thats what they get for not letting lockheed make them

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no u
i am downloading classic pr0n called six swedes on campus
omg stop fantasizing about me gpf_1!
its blonde white girls
so prob blonde white girl muffs
what wrong with girl butthole?
its so squeezy
thats what showers are for
ive never known it to be this messy
girl on period = much worse

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there is no good place for speakers in a car
subs usually go in the trunk because thats where they fit
then put them in the factory mounts if they fit

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^dx^: haha zone 3 wtfwtf?
man kiwi boba is like a kick in the face

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2U rack chassis is like almost $100
its prob all chinese import too, if its not branded shit
people make custom installations with them
heh, do you like carpentry?
me im like, wood is always so bent
how they even work with that shit

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well, $30 is what i said for this one
eth thing iunno
have looked at it super long, looks like about 3x the work at least
er, havent havent
oh its final?
okay neat
its soic and tqfp?
okay yeah
ill do a board to practice tqfp
pop out a next gen vap reg
i got all those parts in a baggie somewhere
ccfl_man: plates to mount the racks?
that would prob be the best thing, just cut those to suze and mount to your cabinet thing
the extra width on the sides behind the mounting wood mess is better for the gear anyway
ccfl_man: yeah if you can get those cheap, that + 2x4 or whatever + screws
tho even stupid shit like that and panel plates are $$$
like, empty rack shelf: $40
like, thats $5 of steel bend in 4 places and hit with a couple spot welds
no im saying, the markup is fucked up

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you can screw wood into the cabinet, screw a metal plate into the wood on the front edge
with flat head screws
and then have the metal plate tapped for the rack screws
if the cabinet was total shit particle, and you used enough screws, i dont see why that wouldnt be stable
measure 5 time, cut once
ccfl_man: that will wear out
if its shitty particle boards, you want to use lots of thin long screws
else that shit will just tear itself up in a few months
okay whole thing?
give me budget
because i wanted to do that headphone amp

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im thinking about converting my big fischer cabs into tri-amps
i have most the amps
id need to build a tweeter amp
everyone does?
rack shit costs too much if you cant find hand-me-downs
shit is priced for studios and datacenters with too much money
man stupid war
we should have bought all the metal in the world and made shit instead
i have my EQ curve set to ridiculous bass
linear slant on the foobar eq, and treble full drop, bass full up on my 100w technics chipamp thinger
its like being in the bathroom in a club, is awesome

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those are neat parts
very high inductance for your dollar signs
ha how do speakers crash =\
are they cloass-d or something?
or just retarded controller
omg =(
ph wow your class-d sub crashed?
stu: does it have like, knobs and displays and stuff?
or its just like, signal in, sub out
oh lame
defeated by the logic mute
oh, no standby supply?
sounds wonky
did it cost more than $100?

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i got bacon/egg/cheese on sesame bagel, and kiwi boba
and drum n bass godfather sounding thing on the radio
life is pretty neat sometimes
dropping characters?
you should get bacon/egg/cheese on sesame bagel, it will make you happy
wow this like an abusive amount of eggs

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yeah really
cute girl shrinks are fun
no the ones who listen to everything you say and dont talk much
and then say something half intelligent
and then listen to you more, looking totally interested in what youre saying
is very sexy
that sounds pretty depressing

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yeh kinda
off-topic and stu is an ongoing problem we are dealing with, thank you for ur concerns
stu: BAD
jlewis: see?
no fuckin around in here yo, we regulate, come down on neiahs, BOOM, etcetc
do you wish to donate to psychologist for stu fund?
stu: haha, classic
stu: but did you explain irc to them?
heheheh, im guessing no
thats like when you would ban me for pasting avrfreakness
but really you banned me because you h8

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this banana-bubba-something kush is excellent for brain cells
just ignore charles
commence interpersonal trolling!
omg no its not =(

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haha is he still +g
morning prickface
07:27 < stu> it's called 'delusions of grandeur'
okay that was a funny reply
jlewis: stu is pulling further into his i hate everyone cacoon

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hey guys im start a wars with #cars
all opposed say 'nee'
okay voting is closed
resolution for declaration of war on #cars is passed

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