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okay and it sucks
that just sounds like a shitty thing to use
well, good or back i was just stating it sucks
because its sucking up liquids bits of metal

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i hate those things =\
i want a hot air thinger
i just dont like them
wick works
but yeah maybe burn shit
depends on part and pad
i dont like suckers
nothing, they work i assume if you practice a bit
i just dont like them
torture device? yes. http://rsk.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pRS1C-2160644w345.jpg

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Just for anyone who didnt know, mr kaffir2 here is an almost-famous internet con-man/lame. Google danceswithsavs, dunceswithsavs, greycz, juan gelt. It doesnt take much digging to find other aliases he's used.
damn wrong button
(but yeah, greycz pisses of everyone and gets banned everywhere, haha)
rab: okay that solder sucker thing looks scary
no what is it
i guess that much
youre gonna make me google huh
oh neat

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i have running water and soap
i got green soap with micro abrasives
its weird because they dissolve
not like the bath gel abrasives that get all stuck on you
ima just get normal green soap next time
this soap is just too new era for me

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my welding teacher keeps trying to call me hippie and environmentalist because i got dreads
im like wtf, shit in my room could easy wipe out a duck pond
like, you have weird hair and you are not a biker
so you must be a hippie

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fuck democrats and republicans, we need like technologists and sane people
you just need techies, and normal people who can be like 'okok, this time you guys really gone too far. rly, stoppit'.

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space is same thing but in 3d, with gravity instead of magnetics
shit, maybe i broke him
people are like bacteria living on the magnets
okay you can stay

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every object orbits every other object
you pull the earth towards you, you have gravity
it meaningless and insignificant
but its still there
pay attention to shit
also just real life things
theres models of gravity systems that work well
rolling magnets, or heavy balls on a surface that depresses (foam with vinyl skin, for example)
rolling magnets of diff sizes is prob the easiest to play with
i hope i never have to do that
spiracy: does the magnets thing make it make more sense?
how they will kinda pull on each other bug the bigger thing pulls more

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if it aint crashing furiously, its in orbit
no orbit is stable if you get precise enough or look on a long enough un corrected time period
path0s: takes 2 hits, theoretical, to destroy a fortified nuclear base
path0s: so yeah, exactly
er, fortified for nuclear
i didnt wanna say it
because it takes millions of years
path0s: really we have advanced a shit ton in civil engineering since then
most tech is about miniaturization and comuting
after the 50s
i think its eliptical
slightly, so sometimes closer, sometimes father
dunno on avreage, id guess we wobble

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spiracy: um, because they tracked that shit for months
and new exactly where it was coming from, and how fast
in a nuclear attack, it would be close to impossible
because of the unpredictability and freefall speed
guidance control systems
yeah was just low orbit
it was gonna fall out of orbit
but it wasnt like, coming straight down pointed at an urban area
not a freefall warhead
its academic, after the missiles arc over, you have no chance
they drops their warheads with no predictability
and are freefalling faster than you can track and hit reliably
missile based defence is a joke
its smokescreen for space based
you would have to have the air saturated with missile waiting for warheads to actually hit SOME
rockshox: hmm
it is, you cant hit freefall warheads
its hitting a bullet with a bullet
and you dont know where the bullet is going to go
its not ballistic
because they drop off the platform kinda at random and retarget
ones its dropping, you have no chance
you might hit a couple
you wont hit them all
urban reas take one hit to kill completely

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* 1.414 = peak
* 2.828 = peak to peak
no wait i totally fucked that up haha
oh no i didnt

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ha bacon grease
veggie or olive spiked with sesame oil #1
yeah is tasty
bitch take it!
we had that shit for days
gone now

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i mean if an egg is coming at you
and you cant put the egg down in one magazine and have to reload to fire off another 12 shots to maybe kill the egg
well you are fucked, sir
off day?
go eat something

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macegr: nice
little girl, little girl, little hooker!
yeah totally
he needs like 20x more rubber bands and some real power on the solenoid
watch when the have a shot of the steel balls coming out the rail
they spray out in like a 135deg cone
it sounds neat when its going off, tho
hehehehe i know
with 10mm steel balls!

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or thats how it sounds to us because we dont even clearly hear half their syllables
its like they split their syllables differently or just meter them diff or something
its like how when people talk spanish so fast it doesnt even sound like words to me anymore
latin comm stream encryption or something

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it sounds like someone from 2500 years ago trying to explain electromagnetics and atomic physics
well, yeah but most of them are built on some odd faith premise
like you get to some weird paradox loop involving faith at some point
alot of buddism makes logical sense, like if you think about what theyre saying, you cant really argue
tho it has lots of weird traditions and stories, since it started
alot of that stuff is more like typical religion
you dont gotta believe in a god or creation or some shit like that to believe in basic buddist principals
so it slides into other religious mindsets well
2nd i think
i think
i think japanese people might say it your second way tho

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whole point of karma is that there is no karma
thats why karma is always defined as spanning multiple lives
its a lesson about how life isnt fair, but you should try to be good people anyway
karma = shit doesnt come around
well whatever, its just about being helpful, whatever your definition of that is
buddism is actually some pretty neat psychology based stuff
like, weird traditions aside, most of it makes clear logical sense
and the karma/reincarnation is easily explained as a lesson in 'shit happens, keep going'
also, their um.. dance of shiva? something, universal vibrations, etc

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eck0-: dude that looks like some sort of gamer-trap
swallow you up!
ima email pic to my friend
but yeah, im not moving very far away for school
and hes been bitching about making this thing for like 2 or 3 years now
like, he seems to have some sort of very defined idea, possibly even a plan now
maybe i can poke him to build some shit this summer

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i couldnt sell it to him, he gave it to me
yeah hes wanted to do it forever
he done the same electronics program as me, but he like most the other peoples, they dont do it at home, and he doesnt do it for work
so he hasnt made alot of stuff yet
hes kinda a programmer person, heheh some of the hardware and board level stuff is like totally lost on him
like he asks questions sometimes im like, WTF HOW CAN YOU PASS CLASSES AND NOT KNOW THIS?!
like, he knows it but he doesnt do it so hes not sure so he might as well just not know
but yeah i sold him the ipac keyboard emulator joystick i made
and he wore that shit out
so now he wants to build a cabinet with the newer ipac
(ipac is ultimark.co.uk)
eck0-: hahaha

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no special weapons or items, no inventory, no in depth story, no bullshit fedex quests across the environment to show off roaming
16 bosses, spread all over, a sword that points to the next boss, line of sight, and a horse
you look more and more tore up after each boss you kill, till youre like cancerboy
and its all for a sick girl
(of course)
nice twist ending
easily outdoes the katamari ball games for #1
eck0-: i just gave away my tv =(
i was gonna sell it
but dude who gave it to me was over
and im like want a tv?
he said yeah, he wants to do a mame console with it

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hes a ham
yeah (im just assuming hes younger)
oh right, jamie is the mustache
you gotta pop sacs on a flying colussus
match speeds with it when it dips low
and then jump off your horse onto the colosuss things wing
oh and then you gotta hold on while it rolls and dives and shit
half game is minibosses, other half is roaming around looking for them, eating fruit for more energy, shooting silver tail geckos for the tails (stamina increase)

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omg possibly best game ever
hehe, you steer the monster by banging on its horn things
its nuts, its like 16 minibosses
and the best roaming environment ive ever seen on ps2
i thought the intro was rendered CG, but its ingame
but theres no enemies except the colossus
its like loose prequel to ICO, very artsy
adam is the younger one, no?

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well, spelled correctly tho
shadows of the colossus, #1 ps2 game

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its (20V-Vf[D])/1K
looks forward biased to me
if you shit is using current flow it needs to be shot
and it wouldnt be 0
its be 0mA
but not 0, leakage is usually uA

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its .7
at that current
for that diode (standard Si rectifier)
maybe less
no umm
get a datasheet and prove me wrong with specs or no umm
its 20mA
because 19.3mA is prob within 5% of 20mA
and Vf irrgularity

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ok all politicians should play LPF'ed drum n bass behind their speeches

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he just called chicago houston
mofo is from chicago

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significant: obama speeches mix well with dnb sets
mad audio desync on the beta cspan flash player

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i wonder if they are still around $1k
also, lori petty and the hover tech girlie in tank girl = hotties
i like that movie =\
omg, 1 car withing 500mi
is an 82 and blown head gasket =(

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i thought you hurt it when you shorted tall battery
hehe, oh
mmm, new brakes is so nice
i went from solid $40 Hf rotors to vented $15 Si rotors and calipers, shit was amazing
heh, i was thinking maybe i get a rwd celica
and drop the front
ideally one of those mid 70s fastbacks, look like micro-mustangs
but those are hard to find now =(
neat, it still looks in good taste
i half expected a full length body decal
(haha ok not rly)

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yeah i unplugged the wheel accidentally
and lost the logitech app loader settings
so it went to shit default feedback with the generic game drivers
shit was like driving my limp dick
heh, boat game
(or arcade/hover racing)
plastic chips?
oh nice
yeah i wanna open the logitech wheel
do a teardown with lots of pics
i think its just a servo
tho it claimed some rack and pinion thing
no idea how they got it setup
stu: you had the big car checked?
shit i gotta call dude
about the motor
i always remember too early or like 11pm

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but yeah, the number conversions and logic functions on my cheapo TI were awesome in discrete and procs class
at least i moved the driving wheel to the side and im not typing like, over and around it now
blackmoon: omg feedback from sim driving game = WTF THE PC IT TRYING TO HURT ME
totally awesome
ive never played a racing game where i could totally feel the rear come loose before seeing it when i eat it
im prob gonna fuck up my wrists at 150% feedback and centering spring, but whatevers, im thinking is maybe worth it
i cant drive my real car at old nurburgring
this is maybe even better than real car

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ti36x solar
heh, i think most scientific calcs do that
you want something like, specific for that
well, it is when you do it enough
but yeah its like 3 or 4 buttons
yeah i dont like the graph calcs
to much menu shit
at very worst, simple scientific calc is 4 or 5 buttons to do something
like, enter number, double shifted, mode or function button
yeah the two line scientifics with char displays e nice
er, are nice
they still quicker than the cascaded menus
i think theyll usually save variables and equations too
haha, i had a graphoinc calc in HS, all i learned to do was program my physics calcs into it and make pixel art
i totally gotta clean my desk my kbd is like slany and theres mad debris and a logitech driving wheel in the way

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er, s/i d/it d
ti-36x solar, scientific
3rd shift and + key are engineering mode
ph33r: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/ac/Ti36x-solar-rev2004.png/345px-Ti36x-solar-rev2004.png
man what a shit pic

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the non graphing ones with history
mine is just normal calc =
powertoy calc is basically a console calc with graphing and variables
if it did engineering notation itd be perfect general use pc calc
shit like *10^5 pisses me off
wtf kinda useless units is hundred thousandths
er, ^-5
my scientific does it
its the first thing i hit when i turn it on
or i guess when i decides to turn on, silly solar crapshit

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i wanna put in numbers, do simple calculations, and have it output in 10^n (n=3x)
ivce yet to find something better than my $35 TI solar
just sucks it doesnt always work in my bedroom
graphing calcs are too much fluff for most shit =\
i think i have to buy one for my math classes =(
i might just use powertoy calc, tho
charles: multiline stuff?
two line scientifics are kinda neat

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but yeah, engineering notation on my TI scientific, #1
looks like it
thats a bit much for a calc
id laugh if it still diditn do engineering notation
thats where his paste came from charles

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omg charles youre gay
also, calc is useless, powertoy calc #1
shit id rather grab my TI from my backpack that use that shit
doesnt even do engineering notation
anyway wasnt the calc script your doing?
change of heart all of a sudden?
i dont even have a graph calc
no i didnt imagine anything
it was either yours or it wasnt

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just in case you forgot
tiny 4xAAA battery headphone amp
or some badass little trafos for the led arrays
which which
Parallel Output Voltage @ Current
Secondary In Parallel
same category, both spec V @ A
whats 200*.02*2.0
!calc 200*.02*1.8
!math 200*.02*1.8

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