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thats horrible =(

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ohsixi: the 2 stage section on top
is unity gain salen-key filters
you can do linkwitz riley with that layout
that why i made it modular
so you can stack filter poles
heh, 8 pole linkwitz riley
people will be like 'omg but the phase distortion!!
and i will be like WHATAEVER SO WHAT FUCK YOU
itll be awesome
thats just LPF for pwm
im dumb i should have put a 3rd set of poles
but i was like, saving my opamps, or some shit

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i dunno what else to buy now
do you have part number?
possible useful for transistor pizza cooker
still have 2.33 to spend on this project
okay neat, ima do a 6ch dip
and then ill have 4 roloff filter settings for input
thats for crossovers
macegr: neat we just like doubled our market

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timecop: fuck that, they will glow
glowing electronics = dollars
12AX7 will glow
look they match!

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chipamp, in/out/bypass caps, miniplug jacks, 4x AAA holder, input load/boost switches, power/led switch
building a class A tube thing with feedback would be neat
quartet of 12AX7
long tail pair inputs and dual gain stage out

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its gonna have integrated flashlight
or case lighting, oooo
im not saving that much
ill put the power led on a switch!
nothing sane is class A
class A is a joke
rockin 15% efficiency and shit

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theyre like 2.50ea at digikey =(
no shit
they are still that much?
what kind of special battery can i use
that will float charge
im going with the cheaper dips
dpst is neat but fuckit
its not $1.20 extra neat
no not nimh
wtf is halker
are they tiny?
its for an altoid tin amp

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wtf is you complaint about the amp, exactly?
jezus fuck
how much are AAA NiMH normally?
dollars, moon!

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or wait
prob not for $1.50
Subtotal $8.00
$1 left
why is that alot?

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its like the exact wrong size
1ch dipsw for power
4ch dipswitch for input load select and boost
for each channel
in case you gotta h4x
but no fureal they dont make ganged dips

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stereo trims pots dont exist do they
divider to gnd
im prob donna use dip switches and resistors
yeah prob doing that

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$8.27 - chipamp, C_in, C_out, C_bypass, mini plug jacks, panasonic stereo logpot, ON/LOAD switches
fuckin volume pot wtf
fuckit, im using a trim pot

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okay i need switches
power and input load (32R/20K-50K)
maybe i can get ph33rsome dip switches

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i need a pot

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i <3 LM3886
dude this $9 amp
if i wanted something nice id spend $20
this running off 4xAA
er, AAA
abs max is 6V
this aint production
and im prob running off NiMH
like, they are sometimes useful for the same reason they piss me off
hehe, "9V Format Battery"
yeah for a home amp id do a discrete thing probably
but i dont have time i wanna give this to dx by morning

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50nA at 125C!
anyway you wouldnt use Mohm resistors
itd be less than your smaller feedback R
blackmoon: is just good practice on amps with a feedback divider
heh what did you think that resistor in circuits was for?
hehe, sometimes i see people use it when they shouldnt
like they have copied a circuit
(you dont need it for diff amps or vfollower)
1uA on LM3886
but thats a 50W output, 50% efficient amp \o/
doesnt even say on the boomer =)
(its not an opamp)
chipamps woooo!
some chipamps are opamps

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ohsixi: is your shit really a cmoy?
that layout is pretty, but its shit electronically =)
cmoy design doesnt even have input bias current compensation resistor
im not sure it had a high end roloff cap either
they all have input bias current
no is nA!
hundreds, usually!
no dude
you use the feedback caps in parallel
and it error compensates
you see it in alot of better app circuits in datasheets =)
like, 1K and 20K, feedback, 1K comp resistor
but its still high nA
lets look at LF412

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well, whatever works
like honestly its diff for every machine and part
like, put technically, you figure it out
i typically start with a chip load of like .001 to .003
and then pick a spindle speed with lower diamater speed
but yeah, buts are weird
theyre almost grinders
er, burrs

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okay thats not the plan
35Hz roloff is
omg $.60!
see, why are you a bitch?
ima use a 741 and them make ohsixi abx it with his amp
blackmoon: you prob okay going pretty fast
you want to cut
as opposed to grind
so you dont want to go to fast if something has a ton of cutting edges
like like 3K up to 10K i guess
chipamp, in/out caps, bypass cap
need some stereo miniplug jacks

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man i forgot what chemicon where which panasonic
ohsixi: what am i supposed to do with that
they dont stock them at digikey
you obviously dont understand the goal of the project
dont be an ass
blackmoon: depends on how many burs

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300uF output caps
for like 35Hz rolloff
same setup on the inputs
.22uF and 20K
okay lets pray to voodoos chemicon is on our side
chemicon is with us

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then see how much money left over to pimp it out
theyre single supply
hella slow

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anyway, im not saying a good system doesnt sound good
but you try to say fuck headphones
and thats just a retarded thing to say
ohsixi: snmall driver can handle the low freq at that power level
headphones is direct injection, highest sound efficiency
crossovers = delay, distortion
active crossovers you maybe dont get so much distortion
chipamp, Cin, Cbypass
need Cout and batter holder

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headphones are flat, ideally
you have the bass that the producer intended you to have
if you need more, use a preamp equalizer
you amplifier and drivers should be relatively flat
denielson: specs dont lie
decent headphones kill good speakers in terms of accuracy
i think ive heard those
i helped tear down someones house studio
was foley editing stuff, had 5 off those mounted on the wall
denielson: their -3db response is usually better
basically, your bandwidth is what your amp can provide
if you really want accuracy, for the money, you cant fuck with headphones
crossovers and mechanical drivers create problems
very small drivers
1" from your ear canal
yeah but its optimal
as opposed to swining a huge sub coil around
why not

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i want to try those next
i like the V600, those are supposed to be bit better
dude thats the only way to hear clean music
every serious power amp is gonna have issues
delay from crossovers cant be avoided
good full range driver setup is holy grail shit, it aint ever gonna be found
headphones are the only way to experience flat music with no delay in the crossover bands
wtf are you talking about
wtf are you talking about
ohsixi: dont matter, has a crossover
means it has delay
denielson: so what
wires arent hurting your sound
denielson: good sound can be had on anything that pleases
but accurate sound is diff, and you cant fuck with decent headphones in this respect
it aint even a comparison

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im making headphone amp for my sonys
so like, i always try other headphones
at some point, i end up back at their low end earbuds
same plastic mold, like 10+ yearsnow
but they upgraded them
ohsixi: hey they decent headphones for under $100
i havent coded in a couple months
but i still got <3
instead of headphone parts?
or just to have
ok yeah, ty
okay they were 16T i think
i have box on my desk
16R @ 1KHz
ohsixi: im going to get some monitors soon
you can go ahead and talk shit about sony monitors
i dont care, theyre cheap, and flat response
i <3 cold sound
cold sound means your shit is working =D
stu: look kush

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okay and natsemi makes awesome parts with excellent docs
also have sexy logo
and 3r337 reputation
i want to make a pirat Natsemi hoodi
natsemi doesnt?
i found that
id have to change the design
diff pinout
not a huge deal tho
its not a 7805
diff pinout
heh, we were shopping vregs earlier while you were gone when i got to that stage of redesign wtf
rab found a 100mA 7805 was like .20
theyre all to92
just has in/out/gnd on diff pins
(they do that, you know)
its not a big deal tho
i can make any pinout work
just pic the parts, when you finalize and buy i do finish work on the board

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ohsixi: eh?
look at datasheets
ohsixi: omg you just said national sucks
thats like saying, clean healthy trimmed vagina sucks
its fines
how does it sucks
omg too much s key
i built that shit in my bathroom on protoboard in like 30min
and it worked awesome

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okay i want headphone amp
$9 BOM headphone amp, heh
no .1"
pretty sure
compare with the DIP

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^dx^: for ac motor control with triac, do like 5-30 cycle period, and switch half cycles for duty
so 10-60 step resolution
^dx^: the extra $10?
er, $9
yeah fine
oh from mr sure?

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so any 7805 to92 hopefully work
doubt it
depends on the transformer
dont care about sam7?
for y
^dx^: see how the diodes are?
you are dropping the transformer voltage to the rail voltage
you dont drop the rail voltage to the transformer voltage
thats why you float the secondary
because its actually a diode drop below ground on the low side
the person who said you did it wrong is dumb
not always
like on bipolar supply audio, you might use the jacks as gnd
DC motor?
AC motor from DC supply
you use an H bridge

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^dx^: very neat
about the bong hits
this weekend i call capn eds like, yo whats up
where my beo engee
(i put $25 down on a custom thing)
so its active low?
^dx^: oh it went from $20 to $30
because i had to fix crisis failure type shit
board routing!
you put your bridge upsiew down =(
okay neat
they were wrong
no i fixed the reg

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k sec

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its a tristate
its just a tristate byte register
D-Type = Data
timecop: yeah think so
timecop: you enable interrupt for that pin
and it will trigger the PIO interrupt

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^dx^: jumpers for pin headers?
need crimps
yeah, guess so

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on the other side
i need the resistor to do the reset pullup and still have continuous grounding
need to adjust a bit, but yeah its pretty done
i kinda wanna make a full smt version
see how much i can fit inder the transformer
your prob searching for the wrong shit
gee im not surprised you dont get hita

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to make single sided routing possible
you made the transformer model?
it isnt symmetrical =\
its bigger
on the topside i think
only by maybe .03
well, you would have to have fucked up the other dimensions pretty bad for it to matter
yeah, sounds right
pins looks fine

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^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/zcpsu_for_dx8.png
^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/zcpsu_for_dx9.png
dxyou had your bridge upside down
omg not enough tab
also your part was for a adjustable vreg with weirdo pinout
also you had 10uF on the unregged supply (not enough)
i need to move the little cap up
so you can fit a socket
i broke out two io and vcc to an extra header
and added reset pullup
so you can program it more than once
either with a socket or soldering wires to isp pins
i moved wiper off reset

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ecniz: between opamp inputs, at feedback dividers, inputs and outputs
its more complicated, because when dealing with AC and loads, you have to account for filter poles
but yeah, caps to ground eat high freq stuff
caps on rails basically unload the regulator
they deal with transient loading spikes
reg only has to supply energy when the caps are drained out
the only drawback is you get slow shutdown
its tough to troubleshoot\
because it wont happen everywhere, and wont happen all the time
denielson: basically, yeh

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omg xp bluescreen?
dude those are really hard to do with software
hacked``: stop trolling or looking stupid
i usually dont get blue screen
games usually hard lock my shit
yeah totally
wtf does that mean danielson
i like doing 1.0uF and .01uF
with the 0805
get a spread
on an auto, use all the values
100uF, 1uF, 10nF, 100pF
hell yeah
then you sprinkle extra .01uF in your analog circuit at key points
depending on load
when youre in a real circuit, you gotta take into account load
on a regulated rails, load dont matter so much
unregulated psu, load is everything

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embedded, acceptable crash rate = 0%
fucker couldnt code avr
dude, if you cant make that work 100%, your method sucks
basic, asm, c, punchcard hex
if youre coding a micro, and its that simple, and buggy at all, its failure
hacked``: again, dont compare to higher level silliness
this is hardware
you can code bugless software
you are the operating system
if your shit doesnt work i will be dissapointed
anonymous will be dissapointed.
thats like bug level: crisis
dude, whatever youre using
you aint using it right
it aint the hardware
because a PIC or an AVR can do that, no issues
you prob need a cap and a diode

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fuck windows?
like i said, this aint higher level code
there shouldnt be much abtraction on a micro
not a good analogy
an automatic is a complex system
the transmission is built in c/asm
the stick shift is basic
youre saying native code and standard low level abstraction (c) is garbage
but basic is better
for a program that would seriously be like a few lines of either asm or c
whatevers, im trained
i got papers!
fine hascked
but accept that it not optimal
and dont call better things trash
because you dont use them
because it makes you look stupid
except when i call PIC stupid, because im right, because AVR is better

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i learned in a week
details take longer
but i was functional in a week
c on embedded isnt very diff than asm
tho for simple shit
like godfather
c is kinda a waste
yeah but you have to syntax it right so it doesnt clobber
hacked``: whatever, learn c or asm
macegr: oh
macegr: yeah but if it was run in a c mainloop, youd still have to watch it i think
unless gcc knows not to clobber your asm shit
dude, you guys arent coding x86 pc
you have resources, for a price
basic is a waste of resources, in alot of cases, so is c
any other language for a controller is an excuse to not learn hardware
if you dont want to learn hardware, you shouldnt be coding chips
hacked``: because what you want to do can be done on a .50 micro

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k done speaking, go argue this with stu
russia, china, east europe make vacuum tubes
new ones
and sometimes they make new varients
asm, biasch
talk machine , yo
dude, c or asm compared to basic on embedded isnt even a comparison
its like, real code vs macros
reinvent the wheel?
dude its like prob under 30 lines of asm
its as complex as santa fe beacon sim
it is not 2 lines of basic
show me two lines of basic for godfather
youre doing music
you need accurate timing
or your godfather will sound jacked
but why
you need timing besides notes =(
path0s: um, you could do the same thing in asm or c
well yeah
so its some timed interrupts
and a note table
and a song table
omg done

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yeh, usually
you can use a standard voice coil drive tho
hey is dx here?
^dx^: wakeup
no but im smrt
you fail at speling
hacked``: easy
yeh speling, bish
AVR bitch
PIC is lame
no because avr is faster
and avr has way better docs
PIC is old
thats why you maybe know it
everyone comes out with new everything all the time
hahaha basic

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it depends
the speakers are likely hax
compensated with extra parts
like i said, show us charts, or gtfo
you know what
fuck you
i will get charts
its prob a piezo and a simpe oscillator
hit it with DC< it goes nuts
hacked``: a small speaker
are you getting anything else at digikey?

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denielson: because it fills anti-log style
like, every time constant, the cap will fill up some set amount
time constant = RC
amount is like .7something, or something
then in another time constant, it till file .7something of the remaining voltage
and so on, and so on
it will never completely fill up
you have to use a non piezo buzzer
i dont think piezos can do an even octave
hacked``: do you know anything about music at all?
not even tho
and not all of them
show me charts
or gtfo
hacked``: wtf are you doing?
piezo is a resonant circuit
get a small speaker
hit it with squares
itll buzz

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i trimmed my face fuzz
im a tingly
but my goatee is even
hacked``: you can never completely energize a cap
(no rly)
fuck joules and coulombs
ok i am rdy
joules and coulombs are useless for design
you can do everything in volts, amps, watts
oblivion: yes. dont do it. k $5 pls. ty.

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i hate the cold
i want to go to sleep

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prob not so hard
easy to test for filament/cathode with a dmm

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macegr: what is that
yeh they make those
oh my bad, its qfp
but they make gfn
er, qfn
by cheap do you mean overpriced?
theyre like $10 on ebay
no just the backlit lcd like that

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k done
reza: whatever, it just means 'small electrolytic'
its a triac switch for DX
ZC detect, pot2adc ui, output for a optocoupled triac thing i designed

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macegr: i know wtf
should i pick a vreg for dx?

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thats fucked up, tho =(
generic parts they might be bitches and assume you know
rab: diff pinout
is dx buting parts?
okay no more work till dx shows up
im putting a pullup R

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nothing its just ugly
only 100mA =(
haha, theyre almost the same cost per mA
he said 100mA
so i shopped for 150mA
theres GIO
should i undo a gio and pullup his reset?

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wtf is chagrin
stinger_: layout
and general consulting
because we dont want him to burn down his house
download the datasheet and look at uChips to-92 drawings
someone prob got paid to do that shit
read the label

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so i look for a 7805
and check if it has the same to92 pinout
omg ^dx^ is lucky he is ^dx^
yeah i was gonna say its $30 now =\

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look i did
blackmoon: dx made the mains connectors with holes with copper keepouts
those are the newest high end 8dip tiny
reset disabled
hes gonna program on stk500
no i dont think so
he can always dead bug it =)
dont think so
hmm, i think just almost all of them
thats the only way to program the cheapest tiny i think
you might be able to erase them HV mode
like, reset fuses

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wtr is R?
did he wire the vreg right?
Anode (zener -) Cathode (zener +) Regulated (vout?)
no idea, can find out
ti wont let me connect to their site =(

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longer trace to cap doesnt matter, it lowers the rolloff freq of the insignificant filter pole created by the trace from bridge resistance and ripple cap
the mains holes dx used have copper keepouts i cant finish =(
the ZC transistor is on the bottom by the opto

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rab: thats the vreg
rab: i want the current to dump into the main ripple cap first

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sanity check please
okay im bitch slap my friend
wtf buzzer abuse

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^dx^: where are you

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the board i mean, im not doing his assembly too
shit EE shouldnt even have to good at assembly, wtf do we know
ME supposed to tell us where to put shit
instead of that
stinger_: "ha, im glad i dont want to be a machinist when i grow up," as i scrap another part on the manual machines. =)
but yeah, usually
unless i wanna get creative and kill time doing curvies
maybe do poly plane stuff
i dunno
sometimes i do poly plane stuff

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okay should i change dx schema more?
since i know what hes connecting it too
since i made it
hehe, i got 1mm holes on the board, he got like 12ga wire holes for the triac circuitry
macegr: neat pricing, huh
its okay hes ME
he can do this all his life, and i think it means hes like, doing it right
well, im making it
so i prob make my own

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i need to stretch, and my arms are are silly because my legs are all big
yes we are lower and more maneuverable
(lineman body configuration)
well, you dont really use your arms to get around much
bigger/shorter legs move you around faster
oh neat
sucks you cant do that in the rain
no but you fuckup the gorilla suit
oh no shit, nice
he left it 10uF
ima change that to 200uF

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my custom order glass should be arrived soon
10", half-bubble base, bubble chamber, ice pinch in the lower shaft
smaller diameter shaft for excellent latency
also $40 cheaper
thats why stk500 has like 10 sockets =D
theres two or three per package
i want to get a lap bar and a yoga mat
and like 80lbs

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oh its a dip
make 'board' less ambiguous
oh shit nice
yeah totally
but pin compatible
so whatever
okay he doesnt need reset then
he just needs wiper not on reset
hehe that app is dinky
so eagle them up and send to fab house
for 3, yes
i kinda like them, too
the unmasked boards
master of castle penis
remeber, darth killed the emperor
so in the end, darth joining the darkside was a good thing
darth joins darkside = rebel victory
join teh darkside.
but he had a cool mask
yeah it was phallac
all symbols of power are!
speaking of...

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ha i just wrote 'fuck yeah' into eagle terminal
okay i know what dots are for
you have a straight segment from pin to pin in schema, right
you want to clip it, but you dont want to lose the net name
you have to do all init and flow control stuff
theres prob libs or something
were trying to get all the shit working before fucking with usb
okay dx has a pot on a head
which i think is mean to be on another board
dump it?
ima do it
okay doing it
JP1 Xed
fuck he didnt add avrisp and he didnt break out the miso

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should i change dx schema?
he has wiper on reset
and three gio
im like, put the wiper somewhere else and one of the gio on reset
okay i think so too
damn he has no resistor to copy for pullup
okay i do that than i need sanity check
all the time or weird occurance?
is the psu gnded?
bad ground or EMI defeating spi, my guess
haha, you decoupled something with your finger
try a mid or high pf value resistor maybe?
but tad resistance too
so if it was floating funny and picking up weird emi because of it, you might have drained any static energy
oh, yeah, is the simple reason
fuck yeah

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dx used the reset
you need to show us the datasheet
we need forward drops for the pair of diodes
also, its not DC
its AC sine with the bottom side flipped positive, with fucked up xover distortion
macegr: sam7s = awesome
tho i locked my devkit
or im doing something retarded openocd again
im thinking 2nd
do you mean ripple?
you subtract the diode drops from the peak to peak value
well, peak value
sec, exporting

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i think dx put his bridge backwards
backwards, see?
ur mom is old

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im even smashing and doing values for dx

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because it looks like a funky zener
i like euro resistors

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omg i have to redo his schema
no choice
origin in middle of schema
total wtf
dont forget your hat
i did
no but i am resisting the urge
its just so i am happier
that is a silly vreg symbol

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on what
its big blocks

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^dx^: so guy liked ur board?
avrfreaks forum person
er, schema, not board
okay wait
there is the things gnd
will this be connected to another device that is grounded?
or is this a by itself device, that should be grounded
because your thingy is floating, because mains gnd is not attached to normal gnd
but okay if the motor is ground referenced should be okay
okay you should connect gnd of your psu to mains ground
else whole thing is floaty
okay, so its isolated from the motor
yeah, seeing that
i havent even really looked at the bottom yet heh
is your detect connected?

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haha, mr dang is awesome at matched functional wear
him and this other dude at csun, they would like battle, at the end there was much plates and cups and bowls
no mr dang is a marine
jes i have open teh zip

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micropal: microstrip is a tuned transmission line
jezus fuck dont you have a address book in your email thinger?
micropal: sry
microstrip is a tuned transmission line
its like coax, signal between grounds
so yeah, putting ground over the stripline might make it better
but its likely to make it worse
micropal: extend the edges of the grounds
towards your signal, a bit a time, with the paint
maybe works
haha cool
big fat bong hit = cures heart attack
ill have to remember that
i know a guy there now
he ok, he called my exgf last night (they ceramics buddies)

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ha it flaps that bad?
hehe, maybe needs new spring or something
its such a h4x speed regulator
i wonder if they ket weird in very windy weather

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maybe just a slip clutch and slight downgearing
blackmoon: i had a friend had a dune cycle was pretty much that setup
like, horizontal shaft motor onto chain back to some sort of slip clutch diff
heh, you could do u-joints and then do 4 point A arm suspension
briggs and stratton
ur big goofy motor thing
heheh, 'surgey'
have one of those weather vane governor things?
those are so goofy
yeah and then the gov makes it oscillate funny
so its like long cycle surge with gov flutter riding on top
i saw that when i was a kid and like couldnt believe

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well, i mean corrupt on a worldwide significance level
dude they dont make us ching
canada is like our secret honeypot
for when our charade is up
and people are like, oh america? those people are bad
then will will eat canada because people hate us anyway
thats a wife, fool
they dissolve your moneys
and configuration and maintenance will take all your spare time
oh cmon sculptor
blackmoon could design and build like 20 of those in 3min if you laid the parts out in front of him
whats the B&G do?

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for $20
the little one
6hp at what rpm?
power = twist @ speed
naw we done we admitted defeat
we never tried to invade canada
your air force is like 10 pilots sharing 3 fighter jets =(
oh wtf
that wasnt america
that was some old priesty shit
im talking like, indsutrial america
fureals america
corrupt america!
you are like state 53
after mexico and china

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not really
your driving the wheels in a certain direction
it makes the whole cart wanna flip in the other direction
nose up
since it has mass, it unloads your front suspension, and loads your rear suspension
im saying what youre talking about wont matter as much
because what i described is like related to how much power you put into the ground
and its the same on all car type things, suspension or no
naw, use thicker steel
ha freaky
^dx^: gimme ur eagle filez
i will make that pcb thing PIMP, etc
the crazy one you linked to last night
i dunno
gimme schema and ill route

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like, i dont think the torquing from the drivetrain shit is going to be anywhere near what the wheels and suspention are going to do
like, normal cars with logitudinal engines, drivetrain torque kinda twists the car
depends alot of how good your bearings are and how heavy the transverse drivetrain is
low friction, low moving weight, prob dont matter very much
yeah but how much of the energy will couple from the drivetrain to the body
i think bearings and friction in the drivetrain in general are a factor
well yeah
wheels couple to suspension which couple to chassis
i dont think it works very different with trailing arms

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but its the torque loading of the wheels thru your suspention to your kart thing
i dont think so
if it did it would be a good thing
because during deceleration, your load the front anyway
if the chain pulling the other way was actually significant (i dont think it is because its buffer by clutch/gearing and motor)
then the kart would flatten during decel
instead of diving
but the drivtrain is like a floating system
theres friction, but its not as significant as suspension links
because like, those are fixed, basically whats transmitting motion from the wheels to the car

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yeah A arms is good shit
my rex doesnt have them =(
i paid for all my books, and fees
so when i get my financial aid, is all mine!!!
im either gonna fix honda or buy new honda
maybe old toyota
trailintg arm rear is VW/porsche suspension
(engine or rear seats in between, depending on porsche)
yeah, thats not sport
gokarts not for straight lines!
its doable
oh, acceleration always loads suspension
loads rear, unloads front
no it shouldnt
if you have good bearings i dont think it will
well, yeah

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go to pick-a-part, put in pocket, shhh!
crush bearings or roller bearings or yeah, metal bushing
car suspension is alot of rubber in the joints
like people suspension
no its good
the rubber is important, it reduces vibration and deals with geometry irregularities
like, if you shit was all precision, and you hit something hard, and it bent an arm a tiny bit, it could destor the parts its connected too
stu: i have a whole set for my car
yeah, neat shit
squeeky if you dont grease it enough tho
stu: omg you know how hard it is to find a set for 86 rex!
as bad as shopping for 13" sport tires
i havent installed them
i dunno if im keeping this one
damn i have to call mechanic guy
k bye
blackmoon: the bushings are usually greased
most the suspensions joints are rods in bushings in rubber joints

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i want bacon egg cheese bagel
use bar stock
do inside and outside diamaters in one setup
thats why its for bushings
use sealed bearings
brass is awesome to machine
it just moves
lead is a good thing
its only bad for you is you suck on it
dont do it!
i wanna hear if prof has any real complaints about eagle that arent lame character in silk related
ball or roller
roller is more but its better for a wheel bearing
and maybe you can score cheap small car shit for close to free

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or a very good fixture
some stuff you can maybe do with a socket and a hammer
smaller stuff, if you have a way of lining up the parts
wanna hear some crazy shit?
i once milled a press fit bushing
some class project thing
thren bored hole in block
measured inner diameter and outer diamaters with micrometers
like, same, under .001 match
so i went to see how tight the bushing would be
dude it fell right thru
perfect cylinders, wtf
we had to tap little dots into it like ostrich leather
and then it worked
macegr: ha, yeah totally

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normally after a mile the bearings heat up and you hear the balls slightly squeeky
i get them from my friend
heh, i got the robinson after he got his eliptical pedal GT downhill thing
i watched his pitbulls like 10 times for it
blackmoon: theyre sealed
you just replace them
like skateboard bearings
sealed bearings usually arent that sealed
just means theyre one piece, with races, with non open bearings
sometimes theyre sealed very well, usually its more to keep grease in and dirt out
well, itll work for a bit
but then you gotta do it all the time
because the light oil will leech out the grease
the haro is a big steel tank
too many spokes, heavy frame, sturdy fuckin hardware
big forged crank
the robinson was just about being light
low tolerance aluminum hardware
and open bearings
i had to grease those up a few times
eventually the races wore
i would have had to press new races into the Al frame =(
you really should ride racebikes every day like that =(
er, shouldnt shouldnt

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man fuck, sirens 24/7
LA sucks at rain
WA too
which was really surprising
because, like, its always raining pretty much
the robinson was so light, i could pedal hard, lock the brakes and lean
use body weight to turn bike, and start pedaling again
heh, bmx street drifting
the haro is like 'what? im a tank yo, im 24" and sealed bearings. cruise, bitch'
dude the sealed bearings get wet in the rain and they run sooooooo smooth

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yeah car battery can blow up anything
car battery can make a wrench explode
teknique: heh
those cables are loooong
little car?
big car?
oh, damn sucky
is the hood okay?
paint even?
but nothing outside
yeah but shorted battery is mad heat =(
ozone, mmm
ha daaaamn

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yeah really
ps2 is like the full evolution of snes
direct line, yo
well, okay sound chips okay but dont let that make you think they are nice and try and make something with them BECAUCE THEY WILL JACK YOU
if your dual shocks werent fucked up, you could hit any level
but yeah, one billion hours into GT3 (jezus fuck i was mad...)
it wasnt quite as analog
i think overcharging it
some newer types are more stable in impact/stab situations
pc psu?
connect at the battery, not the battery

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dont worry one day you will pick up all the technical jargon
yeah i put rubber feet on it
if i had kept it, prob would have swapped for velcro bottom
i want to try new ps2 controller adapter
dualshock2 is some of the best controller on earth, yo
snes controller, with handles, 4 extra buttons, and dual analog
even the digital buttons were analog
the fucking D-PAD on dualshock2 was analog
you had to smash you buttons to make sure full throttle in GT3/4
if you didnt like using the analog mushroom as throttle and brakes
psx = stolen snes cd
blackmoon: totally
its analog
they wear out tho =(
but theres a gage in GT3/4
and i could hit any level i wanted on the bar with the X button
its just impossible to modulate
because its full analog in .05" of travel

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keyboard emulators are awesome
ps/2 port is like fastest thing on the compy, oddly
its got ps/2 interrupt priority?
think its usually int1 after the sys timer
my ipac joystick was prob the fastest game input id ever used
(ps/2 emulation)
i sold that shit to someone =(
i miss it, it was built into two chassis velcroed together
so you could take buttons and joostick apart
and put on both sides of kbd
had coily wire, was neato

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i like drawing them
but they always look like stick figure omegas
lappy will do touchpad/keyboard clit/usb mice in parallel
did you put a 555 on a mouse button?
blackmoon: hahaha
haha wtf
macegr: how much $$$ for your usb hid thinger?
is it avr or what?
latency is good?

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anyone who doesnt know that, i dont give a shit they cant survive
dude, lame
youre being all avrfreak over scemantics
u proceeding a unit is micro
im saying it doesnt matter
at all
because its not electrical
and you can make it clear anyway
yeah, parts and silk
silk is there to be readable, functional
okay, well its effective
are you dyslexic?
just use K
everyone knows
no unit is specified, its a resistance
dude, get over it
thats such a lame complaint
uF is microfarads
industry standard
u ir mu
i dont have a mu key
blackmoon: uF
blackmoon: what did i just say?
no what does uF mean
in english
its better that you werent paying attention
thank you
be careful
prof will ignore you for that kind of nonsense
hahaha, headphone symbols

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also i hate their schema editor default traces
nets are like .006 lines
but im symbol editor, .01 is the lowest default setting
because they dont give a fuck about silly shit like special symbols
among other things
i dont see how that changes anything electrical =)
why do you need a mu?
lame, dude
no it isnt
youre being lame
uF and nF
you cant tell those apart?
are you dislexic?
do we ever type [mu]F in here?
uF is microfadar
uC is microcontroller
u is micro

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teknique: omg did they put a warning sticker?
i want to make a spec for my eagle parts
schema are neat but im still using like 3 diff font sizes

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^dx^: wakeup
but microsoft does suck
i got 47 irssi windows
peoples: stop msging

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i have Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

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i wish there was vid of that

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you hear of it ever 6mo or a year
teknique: yes very possible

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opium = south asia, mostly
well, for export
china maybe keeps all their opium
def never around here

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