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hehe, 15deg LED = awesome

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its only exciting if no coils involved
its a ball screw
so it spins are it drops?
okay i gotta smoke and shower
so like, i think sony upgraded their cheapo almost 20 year old earbud design
says neo magnets, like 108db/W sensitivity

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oh shitt
painkillers, drink water, distract yourself
just go to sleep you cant make that better
lucky youre not like bleeding out your eyes and shit
for why
macegr: yeah i missed the Stagg part
dual 10" = clean
yeah dual 8" prob get you excellent midbass
macegr: eheheheh

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ty i was trying very hard
nice (literally)
so i have to go to a religious ceramony for sociology
by the 19 of march i think
ima do it, yo, ima infultrate
okay no, notrly
but maybe a little bit
dude, hollywood
17:38 -!- blogger is now known as timecop

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if your metal thing permanent?
when i did my ZC detector, i used like 16 .25w resistors in series-parallel =\
4W 1% w00t
i bet that is cheaper than 4w resistor
Ti is so neat tho
you should keep it!
or get a section of you skin replaced with a translucent synthetic and show it to women when they come over

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^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/zcpsu_for_dx5.png
i have to pick a movie
um, no i used a mega for vap
if you set it up to

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you would swerve into the other side of the road
car would instantly flip around
go the other way
see moons is so smart

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^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/zcpsu_for_dx4.png
that simulates a vreg better

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i <3 ltspice
well thats reality
but yeah, you wanna play with it
with your primary seconary voltage (use peak-peak values, not pk or rms)
you want to get above vreg dropout voltage
^dx^: uno mas screenshot

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^dx^: taking screenshots

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use voltage
^dx^: how much amps is ur circuit
i just use a sine wave at secinbdary voltage

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its neat
oh, yeah 0805 is better i think for high nF and uF
^dx^: do you have LTspice?
what you want to do is sim your unregulated section with a dummy load thats like >50% more than what the 7805 can do
and adjust cap till the ripple is well over 6V on its lower edge
yes, very good spice
but very vanilla
UI a bit silly, but not bad
it doesnt have fluff, its just graphical spice
i do it i show you

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^dx^: basically unregged supply runs off the caps
and the bridge tops them off
you have to make them big enough they dont dump out below dropout before topped off again
if .1uF is enough, itll be close, youll have lots of ripple (which does couple to the regulated v rail, although very very attenuated)
10uF is safe for most small stuff
theres a definite 'right' range of values
yeah, its a bit $$$ tho
look for 1206 or 1210, prob cheaper for that size
1uF around where prices for 0805 start ramping up alot
you can also use an electrolytic
can, tiny smt or normal 10uF thru hole on its side

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^dx^: assuming input from an unregulated DC supply
^dx^: test circuit with DC input
maybe .1uF enough cuz you got like no load
dropout voltage = 1V
so you need 6V, all the time

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ACSTEP is seconary
NEUTRAL is primary
put 2.2uF before the vreg
and .1uF after
ur shit is backwards

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thats a 150Hz @ -3db filter
this will kill your 120Hz sqr pulse =(
with your setup
actually wtf
its gndded =(
your detect signal is -3db of 0V all the time =(
not on mains neutral
you have to do one or the other
you cannot bridge =(
hes paid me $20 for related stuff on this board
no mains side bad
because the topside of the opto is going to secondary

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you have a 1K resistor that does nothing
except bridge 5V to gnd
you can put a resistor between collectors if you want too
this thatll put the opto resistor into saturation quicker
i has a hungry
you dont really need the cap
and the resistor
no hes actually trimed it back a ton
we just havent even touched on that yet

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wtf why didnt they name the pic sziklai or complimentary darlington
and then...
^dx^: omg noooo
you dont want it on neutral you want it on the secondary side

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you would feed the opto emitter into the bjt base
and then put the two collectors together
i think itll work
wait no maybe not
ah, no
you clamped your opto output to .7V
because its in parallel with you BJT Vbe
oh cmon hacked`` stfu
btw hi
here sec
you can put a resistor between the collectors, think it speeds it up
do this if you are 3r337: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Compound_trans.png

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ha omg i said .05
thats supposed to be .03 =\
is that absolute max?
oh ok
comrade-: just means 5V linear reg
78 series is generic vregs
78 is positive, 79 is negative
mains side, no
secondary side, sure if its under wattage spec
if not you can always series/parallel them
put them like darlingtons

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neat @?
^dx^: please to check detector led maths with me or moons, ty
okay new schema!
dx isnt a girl tho, he should be okay, yes?
mains ground, not the earth ground tho
black wire
hot really isnt a super technical term either, heh
omg stop trolling!
for what?
okay yeah, 8v/.05

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like 100% or more current transfer ratio, detector to emitter
less space, prob less money, less assembly time, will look sexier, will get you more pussy from very white girls
yeah fuck all those inverters
this an avr?
dude you can smack the gio with like almost anything, they survive
haha yeah yeah whats up with that
your grounds is a rail symbol, sir =\
oh shit huh
blackmoon: why dont they integrate those for mains applications!
blackmoon: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/zcpsu_for_dx.png
make him do like this!

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whats msm
wait where is the new
i dont see why you need another transistor
just get a darlington output opto

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just do that
you can put the opto input on the other side of the transformer
do not put it on the other side of the bridge
cuz isolated
you can use resistors and a zener
or just resistors
take glucosamine
ingest copious amounts!

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^dx^: scanning
dis a transformer, 3 IC, 2 cap, 2 resistor solution

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^dx^: almost done

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^dx^: still drawing

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TVS zener?
no you have the 2.2uF on the wrong side
and if you put it on the right side to fix the vreg, your ZC wont work
because its never gonna hit zer0
unless youre dropping out your vreg to total crisis levels
^dx^: still drawing

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im like, gee thanks 20 pictures or 5 songs
so i figured that 2GB uSD would be expensive
no, like under $20 i think
yes i told you
because it has decoupling
so it wont hit zero unless you suck out the caps completely
okay i was gonna take nap but now i guess im doing drawings
well you know my name is simon...
ac-in opto
wtf is VR1

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teknique: did you get 4G or found an 8G?
which is...
oh, yeah sweet
also you can stick a 2GB SD in it
or 8GB if they decide to get cheap
its like, new era floppy, but way less shitty
<3 SD (wtf at microSD, tho)
dont forget to turn off the installation mode in bios
or it wont do usb at 2.0 speeds =(
yeah my samsung has that
like, i dont think i can get it out without something to poke it
my fingernail dont reach far enough to click it into place even
my memories are stuck in my phone
they shipped it with a 32mb microsd

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teknique: my xp takes long to boot, once i got all my apps on it =(
like, before driver install, its was ridiculous quick, at once point it was booting to welcome screen before the progress bar even finished fading in
if the wifi is turned off when its boots, seems to take significantly less time, so maybe some fucket networking thing
monolithic lunix is like, 5sec kernel splat before init scripts
really just their eth drivers complain about installing on new kernels, and people have figured it out (also acpi sleep and cpu throttle stuff)

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you can install from the SD card =)
no u!
teknique: not so much
okay yes
but fuck is ima but a cdrom just for the eee
have no desire to ever carry one around
but thats kinda meh
i might try and do a boot from SD mem resident OS
when i get 2GB
teknique: i dual boot off the ssd
my nlite XP fits okay on 2GB with mad headroom
ive never had prob booting my laptops from dvd in usb-ide chassis
its the easy way, im all like, id rather spend $40 on something else, gimme SD pls
im kinda glad i didnt have spare usbcd around, i wouldnt have learned all the boot from SD shit

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omg wtf old woman pr0n?
no fool its madonna
i want that book
it has funny madonna pics
like such as ^
teknique: hmm?
screen looks same size as mine

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i can do vias on the mill
small wire
no you cant thru hole plate
and you cant put vias under parts
because the parts wont fit flush right
difficult, unreliable

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film: smps, inverting config
-DC to +DC

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it has croutons besides the dressing
its gone now =(

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macegr: sweeet
try sign plastic
meatball sub extra cheese pls
white breads
they used to have a kickin chiken ceasar salad sub

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^dx^: note how mr crean's circuit doesnt not have decoupling
its not a psu, itd dedicated ZC, it takes a bridge and an opto
you can just do it with a darlington ac-in opto and a couple resistors
oh yeah
ignore one of those
okay i have to go be sociology student like

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cig lighter ignition coil
yeah theyre so neat
mobilestu: theyre pretty waterproof
you just gotta blow the water out so everything moves right
but usually theyre sealed up enough it doesnt matter
thats why i <3 cricket electrics for shower smoking
bics electrics were neat, but inferior
omg sociology
then indian and possibly gay trig
decent teacher, funny guy
no literally gay
like micheal jackson overtones to his voice
yeah i should =\

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wtf is U1
25V what
yeah gate grounded might be right
just use 4pin ac opto =(
youre gonna get more delay with ur circuit, sir
because: latency from the transformer and the diode drops of the bridge
you can use an ac opto on mains or on the transformer, get same true ZC signal, without the diode drop delay, maybe without transformer delay
youre gonna get a much wider ZC pulse taking it off the bridge like that
and actually, yeah if you have enough caps to do a decent unregged supply, it just wont hit zero

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i feel like they just wanna jack me for my domain =(
what if someone who doesnt like you kidnaps you
and you cant maintain the server
i see this is a very big risk, stu
i hope it is a pretty girl kidnapper
she want you back
now that you are rebuilted
no because they can sense it in you
whatever you dont have things poking out of you
thats prob hard for girl to deal with
like 'omg if were doing it and i grab him there he will break'
did you try and smash into her?
hahaha, nice

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damn i barely remember doing that
okay not that either
workbench: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/b/natsemi_altoid_amp2.jpg.php
workbench: see its easy, very small, even smaller soic and smt
what cheapest virtual server thing i can get?
$40 for crap, or what
oh wtf no shit?
wtf am i doing
located where?
mobilestu: whatever, its better the one.com/b-one.net

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i just like the couches out there, heh
i would maybe pay for that
wtf are you talking about?
who wanted the headphone amp?
workbench: http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM4881.html
do that
you can put a dual pot on the input
workbench: sec
fuck i have too many pics
i need to categorize this shit
thats kinda awesome, i should redo it soic and build it
workbench: okay not that, pls hold

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i think maybe i will give people happy unvalentines on my bday
meru: may i ask why you ask in here?
we should have efnet opers redir #random_topics to here
i dont mind
and i dunno, local publisher
to see if you can get someone to edit it, tell you what they think
bitch you cant have cable tv and watch it too
fuck i wonder if my net went up, i just give it to my mom (who pays for tv and stupid phone)
was $50
i wonder if we get a better deal on net because she get tv and phone
haha my mom is prob coming up off me =(
like, i dont need cable tv
she actually uses it
to the point where all my dvr shit gets bumped off, so i stopped using it
i can stream cspan from the net

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not as simple!
tho yeah, go with anything on that site, all good shit
workbench: soic or dip?
people should just give gifts when they mean it
i dont give many gifts, because im an asshole
i was selfishly doing school work and talking to you guys instead of making valentines for everyone =(

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oh shit
that girl is from chico!?
i should make sandi find her
and then, um, i dunno
oh wait
because sandi plays drums and doesnt like some of her current chico peoples, thats why

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rab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6HPRHqXrSw
diff live peoples

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linux livecd?

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it would be easy for them to get all ages venues
in fact probably easier
theres is apperently alot of ridiculous petty strife between LA promoters
like if it blows up here or NYC, all ages, then kids will want it and itll be the next overthrow of pop
15 year old joke: 'in 5 years, everyone will listen to dnb.'
i need to slam my glucosamine

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lots of kids now, i presume fake IDs
theyre in clubs now
rave scene kinda died out when it blew up
like, i think a few shows have been all ages
but they all drunks
(tho i havent found any other music scene to be diff)
naw, im never stoned
ill smoke 2 or 3g at a dnb show, like real dnb setup at a massive
by the end im so worn out and sweaty, i prob burn off like 3 weeks of herb =\
however, this is the way its been
and it is not dead
it seem to be the trick to staying underground
well, no thats not true
the promoters do it for the money
and because they drink

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also, i think MTV might have put dnb awards on tv
i dunno, they sponsored i think, so
if they didnt win, they got popular, lots of people know about them now
yeah theyre neat
drum n bass shows is like that, but sustained for like 4-12 hours
so like, done right, youd have to have bands setup in parallel and literally mix themselves into each other
rab: oh no, you dont understand
its dub based
ragga dnb basically worships herbs and ja
less ragga dnb only really likes it
no you can just be normal person at the dnb show
happens alot

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rab: did you see the kids in band doing live dnb?
rab: sec theyre neat
they have an anthony micheal hall lookin geeker who beatboxes
timecop: loading
its drum n bass, so dont expect it to do shit for a minute or so
timecop: neat
timecop: it it faded because changing?
or did you burn it using a heatgun
i have venice pics on cell phone
some guy birded me for taking pic of him
fuckin clown
i wish i got a pic of him flicking me off =(
rab: i think they maybe won something at drum n bass awards

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