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only the 3r337 will understand ^
go play
best ps2 games, ever.
first katamari ball games is better
second trying to hard to be the first
also, girls <3 katamari ball
its like the super mario bros of the new millenium
shit is like cult fav, here
wtf install it

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not quite
odd faces
omg now they come to you

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hey what would happen if i dropped 25 1800x2700 files on photoshop?
ok, will avoid
GIMP like whatever, progressbar, progressbar, progressbar, progressbar, progressbar, progressbar, etc
oh huh
hold all at once
i just needed on long stand to do vias
lace board, solder, snipsnipsnip
macegr: k since you are up for awhile, you can see sandis other freakish works
this stuff is actually disturbing, stuff you guys saw was cute

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thats actually slang for "modern"
cork works
preisty = old
los angeles = squeegee
london = priesty
that is timeless
back to photoscaling

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oh nice
its just hard to resist once you know its solid
wtf else are those cables useful for now
well, yeah im imagine without wire tripper it sucks
stu doesnt have is irc wetwire yet
he still types
stu: OLD MAN

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mobilestu: people do it all the time
normal people or people on drugs inside computers = bad scene
tweakers got at this computer, it had a cdrom, plugged into a cdrom, plugged into a hdd
oh no dont use it like that =\
dude wtf kind oh shit wire stripper you got
oh wtf back order
i hope china didnt run out those things are awesome
go sleep

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80 lead is solid, thats why it breaks
(is not springy like other ribbon cable, it holds shapes)

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wow we should have #electronics sumo
hehe, takes more than that
okay yeah
thats what it takes
sleep helps a ton too
macegr: it will still be there tomorrow
but me being you, id prob stay up
well, yes maybe
meteorites, theieves, etc
no if i was me but somehow you making the sleeping decision
80 lead IDE
dude its the same shit
i been telling you guys this for like a week

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but yeah, id totally take hasnt trimmed in a month over razored
um, yeah if all american males = porn stars
sad =(
did they stop moving?
how about now?
you been tracking it?
yes ur jiggle settling time
i was hoping in a few months of macediet wed have a nice graph
btw are you still on macediet?
i told my sister
and she was like =O =O =O
but yeah then totally agreed its not that insane
like, if the extra weight is a health issue
haha, your thyroid is on to you
teh jig is up!
yeah that will do it
you like in hibernation mode
omg stu is that big?

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no grudge, we got no other peoples no we bump fuzzies when we are in town
is all about the trimmed fuzz
tho id rather have overgrown than shaved
razor burn while doing it sucks
no, clean pls
okay see thats nuts
serious, razor bumps and abrasive finish on the gina = failure
eat a polyurethane condom like whatever
sane girls seem to hate waxing
gee i cant imagine why

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i went to val kilmers high school for two weeks
and john elways high school for a couple years
and i dropped outta the same high school some of System of a Down went too
macegr: val kilmer looks huuuuge
its like stallone and dolf
dolf is big, but not really
whole movie was like, stallone, dolf lungren, and midgets
i am such an nice exbf
im doing mass photo processing for art students

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timecop: why yes

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russians got it to a science
okay i gotta crash
k take pics
oh neat

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russian girl, semi-auto shotgun
oh also russian factory propaganda
oh nice it has a sawed-off mode, crazy russians
i wonder how they fabricate the gas feedback mehcanism

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wonder what production tolerances on standard russian AK are

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is it worth watching?
few people have said its good
no i mean in general
oh ok
i need to get some tv
i have mad gaps at school, eee has enough battery for a full movie from the usbhdd
be a good time to binge a series
i need headphones
i cant believe my sonys fell out my backpack
like, if you bring both zips to the top, instead of down on one side, sometimes they wiggle open
drink gatorade

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he fires like 3 drums with it on fire before hes like 'too hot' wtf
handle it
put some geography in those central plains, yo!
you can touch cali anyway
we got lasers and UFO and space shit and totally imaginary shit, except its real
neat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQe864rGLyk&NR=1

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timecop: one day, when someone asks us out age we can be like
?? answer
your kalashnikof is on fire, sir

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and you can get the herps
im pretty sure that why it happens right at your peehole
wow timecop
i didnt know you were so sensitive
stickin up for the girls!
i think timecop is a black jewish anime fan with multiple secret blogs

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how do you have sex if you are afraid of gina juices
you still get it all over you
did i just ruin it for you?
you can get stuff from head, she just has some odd bacteria or viral infection
naw dork
you can get other stuff besides AIDs =)
from saliva, up your peehole, infecting your insides
um, you have someone like suckin on it and stuff
if it works, shrug

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yeah, dont eat that shit
crab too
crab is actually not so bad
doesnt have a ton of flavor
naw i mean it doesnt taste fishy
like normal seafood, its not like up in your face and somewhat pukish
shromp and lobster taste fishy =\
sry my ginas never tasted like fish
girls must <3 you
many of them, yes

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ive done like everything except black, on the race checkoffs
no like on paperwork
well, ive done a creole chick
which is pretty much black
no asians, that i can think of
japanese eat bugs
well, every culture

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actually no timecop always seem somewhat pleased with the china fab peoples
when he bitches, you can tell its because he is proud, and wants them to be better, because he believes in them
stfu whiteboy
(read: inbred)
stu: im not a wannabe-spic
im nothing
im hybrid kid from LA, there are likely millions of us by now
ive done caucasian, native americam, latino, asian, pacific-islander
for anything student aid related, im mexican
check teh money, yo
yes i know my father dipshit
your point?
im not confused

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stu: yes because it goes with the general trend of people telling other people to shut up for being off topic
when they have nothing on topic to say
and spend a good deal of time bitching about off topic shit
short version: 'stfu, off-topic' 'hi, fu'
hitler was a bitch
no i was smoking actually
^dx^: why arent your transistors in darlington config
denielson: i smoke while doing it, so fuck your orgy

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so you cant beat dx to prove to us all you are a man
because you can beat up gimpy people?
whatever, learn electronics and programming
and manners, and also better social habits
i dunno if you wanna ground the base
^dx^: why not use an opto with less useless pins
stu: omg yeah, denielson is my buddy
nigga, you obsessed with me like avrfreak

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i always like the jezus fish with feet says DARWIN in it
um, whatevers
stu stfu and talk about electronics, or stfu
man wtf at people tellin people to stfu and not having anything to say
like, fuck you id rather see join part scroll, rarararar
oh nice stu
youre all pissy because i noted how girly you were acting for weeks
and now youre gonna try and call me girl names
cmon nice try, do better
yes actually, it did
because the names you used are only used by girls
they went names that made me look girls
they made you look like a girl who is trying to be cutesy
oh my, surgical strike
cmon my english teacher is using my essay as a class example
so you blow carries no weight
haha, no but see thats not true
if it was true, itd be funny
but its not, so you are silly
he realized the nick sounded ghey

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he gives people vacations
how is he a bad person
yeah really
totally paid vacation
and if youre an actor, its better than headshots
they fly people out
you dont know 90% of that shit is faked for a vacation?
most of those people are normal, just ugly
no its how all that shit is
or how about we watch maury
denielson: no
they sold out to the evangelicals in the 70s
xtians didnt vote before then
i was raised whatever the fuck i wanted to be

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okay yeah
because hes a significant fuckin person doing significant shit
he prob made some academic fuck happy
with some law he didnt veto
nothing schools will give them out for donations
his dad doesnt even like him
omg stu
you stfu
he gets new eps of benny hill
we just get reruns =(
if we cant talk about everything, you cant talk about boring fucking computer shit

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hes a lawyer
sucks how theyre all lawyers
He later earned his law degree from Harvard in 1991, where Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.
he a lawyer who runs journalists
okay so they bitch about court findings
we dont have the short term for legaleze =(
um, okay
how many do you have?
no its like you passed a law and saved 1000 animals
we all have degrees, and we cant save 1000 animals
fuck man, have this, its the least we can do
your institution hands out degrees to people for nothing other than being famous, it would lose all credibility
meaning it would lose funding from donations and prospective students who went someplace else

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i think the choice is obvious
one of them is pissed off, loud, ready for change, not about to die
other one taking a dump
no shit
i was not aware of that
hillary busted a gulliani to texas
apperently they werent paying attention to the republican race
are they in law or political science?
wait is he a lawyer?
wtf is his degree in
'organizer' wtf like he dont wanna come right out and say 'i was a PIMP'

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my desk has ergonomiv issues
i need some foam padding
okay foods and cspan bbl
no i think i cut off circulation and shit
my arms on the edge of the table while typing
tho my lips, legs
who knows
prob just bike, no food, no cool down
no water
oh no
oh well
foods, bye

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yeah thats next
i gotta lib the piezo and test a driver circuit
prob do class-b driver with dual bjt
sample what
^dx^: yeah
^dx^: but itll be bigger and wont be $50
^dx^: inverse-parallel LED detector, photodarlington output
search optoisolator
select phototransistor/diode out
select AC and AC/DC input
make sure output voltage is enough (above 35V is good)
(its the popping voltage)
make sure current transfer is high
selecy a package with makes you smile
okay i got eat
hey my arms and lips stop tingling

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yeah im prob out by the end of the year
my rent prob gonna double
its prob a mexican
law of averages
anyway, i mnight do student housing at pomona
cuz, 27 and in a dorm for almost nothing sounds like a fucked up advaneute
great i prob wont know him
timecop: what degree?
but yeah its linked with CSU
its tech CSU
gimme 2min
shit im losing circulation in my arms

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supposedly HV engineers and techs in super high demand
cuz standard electricians cant do it, and the bulk of the industry work is doing digital, RF/microwave, and signal analog now
like, everyone knew the indstry was gonna shift, and i guess last 20 years, EVERYBODY been going in for that kind of degree
so like, theres the old techs and engineers, and thats it
and thats our infrastructure
apperently its a very big problem
im sure in japan theyve alreadsy planned all this out 50 years in advance
japs all off balance for work too before of over-foresight?
you guys dont have labot deficits before everybody and their moms decided to learn the next bif thing
er, labor
im asking, i dunno was an assumption
but in general: we seemed to have trained japan engineering, china manuacturing, an outsourced both
ok so you guys did the same thing
freedome, #1

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so theres likely some bounce, especially when theyre not worn in
theyre brushless or they just use big brushes
yeah what moon said
the bigger the springs, the faster the brush will wear
but in industrial application, machine maintenance is a rule
as opposed to consumer shit, which prob never gonna be brought in for service
so lighter springs, more sparking
its prob pretty quite on worn in mad parallel systems
big machine got wicked hum
all the ball and fciction bearings
also they prob swapped out when needed
as opposed to all at once
working big shit like that would be neat

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maybe just score some shit online
neat so i go blind temp style but less likely perm damage
even if it fails
like 1sec sustained burst
okay but its prob not exactly that bad'
because im sure theres a threshhold
haha for sure
yeah, still not 100%^
if youre like 12" from it, probably a good idea
denielson: you face is in a arc
even the white hot metal isnt great for your eyes
but tesla, the relative field of view cover of the arc is prob a tiny fraction of what a welding bead is
its the arcs
well, yeah
its the spark gap
like, the brushes are basically flying across metal, friction contact

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in production industrial design:
headroom = waste
buy only what you need for your shit to survive
blackmoon: your autodark is cheap import shit?
blackmoon: youve had no probs?
i needs me some vision
okay cool
i check prices out at airgas and the other places

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i gotta figure out my arm7 dongle again
doesnt wanna program, chip is fine tho i can direct access mem locations
openocd is doing that thing where it acts like it doesnt have flash commands
i dont remember wehat i didnt to fix that last time
i really want to take a nap
someone stopping by =(
ya rly
i class at 5p, i wont eb able to when buddy leaves
yeah, woke up at 6p for some reason
no breakfast, 4miles biking, still 4 miles to go
and i have welding class, ima be dead at 10p tonight
oh people fixing faucets supposed to come, thats why i woke up to early
need waters

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?? datasheets
im in sociology club =\
even if i dont get to boff teacher on day, at least she got me out of the house more
macegr: hi
just dont call me rene
i wanna take a nap but now someones coming over
i think ive dont that actually
er done

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okay yeah, i seen maybe 1/3 of these

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all B, old kung-fu, sci-fi
i dont think so
no i dont think
but it has la jetee, freejack, heavy metal
haha, soldier, tank girl
i kinda like lori petty in that
well, co-starring
starring emilio estevez!
dude it has both ICE-T rat movies
tank girl and johynny mnemonic
he was all tribal that year
escape from NY and LA
you cant hate!
bruce cambell: Surgeon General of Beverly Hills
omg it has solarbabies
when i was like 8
and they found the giant ice cube under the ground
i was like gonna cry yo, i was so happy

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omg business class then welding
the buildings are right next to each other
they are like 6 hours apart tho =(
i have 40GB of movies of failed utopias
so if i want i can find someplace to plug eee in and like, do homeworks, watch movies
from the torrent project link i did?
haha ive maybe seen 1/5
its cool i dont mind bad movies
as long as its not like, girly bad
in fact that is like a bad movie torrent site

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blackmoon: yeah find vid, you prob be into it
cant be super expensive
i bet i can find one under $20
2 flute, $5, hss
carbide 4 flute is $33
rab: its for running diff cutting speeds/feeds
cut twice as fast for the same chip size for given feedrate
well yeah i wouldnt put any of these tools in a hand tool =)

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c: use hand drill
no im just mentioning how there is even worse options
however a burr in a rotary tool isnt really abusive use
endmill is asking to chip cutter teeth
rab: k im going to buy one of those vice base things, i think
looks like maybe $30, shipped
rab: i prob buy enough aluminum for 2 fixtures
because 6061 is cheap like that
kinda always wishing i spend like extra $10 or something just to have more around
path0s: i seen that, they got a CAM app for it too
uses fat conical cutters

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xylotex 4ch driver, emc controller
its maybe $2500 worth of stuff, towards $3000 with tooling to make it useful
i got mine for under $2k, turnkey, tho
i bought it off an ebay taig dealer
thru paypal, tho
like $1850, + shipping
itll be called an endmill
or a burr
drills go down
everything else for a mill cuts sideways
exception being centercut endmills
i pretty much just get centercut carbide endmills, theyll do any direction
yeah, bur is more for shaping and finishing tho
or just roughing out material
no not at all
but its blackmoon

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stinger_: you can destroy a real mill easily while transporting it
^dx^: light switch dimmer dealy
my instructor telling me about someone was getting a tool room lathe moved, and it got dropped
toolmakers stuff is higher precision, more $$$
movers basically ignoring his ass, because they cant cover that shit
kinda, yeah
not so much being off as being inconsistent
you can tune all of them, to a point, but if shit aint straight its fucked
also theres alot of mechanical shit, they just break down too
yeah its fun
can do a ton more with it that i do with it
and i dont baby it, had it like maybe year and a half
still acts the same, its a tad worn in the middle
a taig micromill
2019cr, with smallish pac-sci steppers for XY, bigger thing on Z, 1/4hp spindle with ER16 spring collets

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thats not super hard
anything 2.5D and small is easy
omg you werent paying to the superware thing
^dx^: digikey makes tiny $1 transformers
rab: http://www.businessandhomesolutions.com/300.html
yeah, machine tooling is like that too
break a piece, maybe $50 or $100
break whole thing, $2k (this for tiny mills like mine)
multiply by 10-50 for big mill numbers

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rab: http://www.panavise.com/nf/vises/vises_base.html#300
no i mean link
penis spam in college mail is kinda wtf
rab: http://www.panavise.com/viseimages/bases/300.gif
then square bar and pcb edge holdes
tho that thing is way big i can prob just put a bar on a shaft
can do smaller pcb with simpler fixture like that
the base at least

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i can prob make that
rab: i can make that, and it will be better than those
you put the cross bad in the middle, instead of the ends
cross bar
neat, i wanted to buy Al for almost no reason anyway
.250" plate prob good for this
some washers and nuts and etc
maybe i can get their ball joint thing
and a bar, and make a spinny joint for the bar, and arms that attach in the middle
prob just buy square bar tho

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omg enco is like, big fat vices
omg rab is a girl
big fat girl =\
omg ur so shallow
i can make that

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gah is cool
we can use that from now on
hahaha i dunno why gbate is funnt but im laughing
the sourcemit and collectrain
sourmit, coletrain, and gbate
no gbate is more progressive than guh

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ha why?
did you forget to clock in?
gpf, me, blackmoon, rab for a bit
like, hours at a time, helping this dude while trying to have conversations
everytime youd help him fix something, hed jack up all the resistor values
so it would save power
and then the circuit would act stupid
the one on top
get an AC opto
itll have two led in parallel, opposite bias\
so you get a spike for both zero cross
yeah sometimes, i think for bias or something
because with a triac you can control both swings of mains same way
whatever, basegate
the gase or the bate, which

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(i always forget exact search string that works)
ill find your ribs with my knee
silencers: omg so rude!
rab: maybe enco has cheap
i just dont get spyware'
it works out well for me
adaware free works
i know
it is like atmels haha funny joke or something
you actively use the protection diodes
the whole thing just feels like bad voodoo
blackmoon: pls tell ^dx^ atmel avr ZC app note with resistive mains divider is insane
rab: darwin award candidate

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we should make him a illegal transmitter
he maybe appreciates it
okay but i dont think snoop dog would be really happy with that once he figures out what a dummy load is
maybe cats are so weird because they have people arms
did it work?
do i need to make a fixture?
yeah because the excess falls back onto the iron
how much for this panavice?
do you have pics?
find it, vertical drag soldering

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my putty is clicky now because of timecop
so i dont care anymore!
this is many line clicky
so like, if the whole world kills itself with nuclear weapons
does that mean no more FCC?
that would be so fucked up if they survived into the post nuclear era, and stole all your comm gear
FCC would be the new government =(

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i had dyslexia as a kid
i did mad therapy with some chick at some lace with very old computers
(because it was like 1985)
so i guess im mostly better now
rab: flash cards like 'CAT' 'DOG' 'RAT' 'TAR' etc etc etc
and computer games on green monochrome monitors
no on 3x5" cards
the games were prob on 5.25" disketts
i dunno i didnt know how to use computers till like 2001
nm =(
yeah fureal
flash -.3
was like .2fps
i didnt know how to read very good =(
we had encyclopedia and dr seuss
also the one with the monsters
where the wild things are?

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rab: nooooooooooo
rab: resist
take only their food and their wine and their silly entertainment
rab: dude, just teach your normal texas gf how to shoot an assault rifle
and make her like, do some rolls, and climb some walls and shit
teach her crav maga
she will be as sexy as isreali chick
rab, american 'isreali' chicks arent really the same
hmm, no we didnt get out of the automobile much in texas
my bad, we did in the pan handle
'how much is a 3 bedroom apt here?'
'i dunno, like maybe $300?'
she was pretty, she who delivered this not very shocking news
only places to work = dried up farm, gas stations
wasnt wasnt wasnt
texas panhandle was so fucking flat, we saw a storm happening like 200 miles away =(

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buggy gotta TX vid
buggy cant run passive, so its gotta be fast
heil #electronics, fool
why everyone gotta bring up hitler
he wore dresses, did it with doggies, did alot of meth, okay move along
jman: cant you just throw them out for being ridiculous?
tell them this: science made his house and his TV and his bible paper
not god
god didnt do shit, humans did technology
no a jew did wtc, also several xtians, some wannabe illuminati, and several greedy like non religious peoples
isreali food is awesome

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you can get a modem from most cell companies
pcmcia and usb
like $50 or $60 for decent unlimited data plans for my company and what ive heard about others
i think speed is shitty, tho
better than dialup
like, its honestly pretty cool, but its kinda not worth the money
i wonder what latency is like
okay thats weird
now its a crazy tx/rx RC buggy + blimp
vote spooky RC blimp 2008
thats really not a horrible idea, tho
but like, they see your blimp, they know buggy is there
and they could shoot the blimp and kill you

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ha, younger at 77
this gonna happen again in like 3 years
blackmoon: yeah
im sure its more common for aircraft
they are more $$$ and usually more complex
but a little off road thing with like, looooooong range, maybe .05s refresh low res grayscale cam
and like, something you could plug a joystick or wheel into to control it
would be neat
most of them seem big, tho
omg formiddable
2 or 3 years i bet urban areas are saturated enough
but latency i think may be an issue
voice is prob nothing bandwidth compared to vid
like, low latency, lower res prob better than pretty shit

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yeah, it couldnt be microwave
trees and shit would eat it
i know nothing
arent we 150mW?
i dunno anything about legal transmission limits in the US =\
okay but some sort of transmitter with a usb port for HID input and maybe some game controller devices
and rx with camera output
and like a long range tranciever on an rc thing
it would be mad fun/useful
im surprised no one done something like that
stu: when?
sculptor: when, now?
i know about that, hes been sick for a year
his bro been running shit, i think
some family relation
stu: old? google says 2 houras

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someone needs to make one with shifter and bobble head cam
wow i bet US mil has hundreds of those
wtf if they dont
(little off road RC like that)
stu: does anyone do long range transmitters for them?
arw we supposed to be excited you can actually do flash like the rest of us now?
stu: like, 5-100mi
looong, RF stuff
i know that, i mean like retail RC stuff

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to get your advertising into their brains, even if its just a fucking logo on the front panel
fuck selling one thing, you want to make this person know you are #1, so they buy from you, every fucking time
apple is retarded because they dont get their a media and software company
they think the hardware matters a ton
its just the marketing and the hype from artist scene
because they thing is like an alternative to big brother m$

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everyone is worried about a factory in china remaking their shit for real
like, there are prob the big factories that been doing this for big companies for years
and then little ones dont make as much money like 'hey fuckit, lets build them at night too, and keep those
this is a very good point
no moon
thats so 20th century
the goal of producing a device is to sell yourself, as a company

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gaming like movie production now
2-3 year projects, year of pre-production just to figure out wtf youre doing, and how it should look
heh yeah really
modern shit is sim
its very rarely about games, logic, puzzles
its like: yo, we made it this real. give us dollars.
yeah really
i can go 3 blocks and fire guns legally if i want
which i should do actually
i have to find where that gun range is hiding
yeah wtf

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i was close
they will mail it to you on media that self destructs
you can make it so a standard bluray laser burns the track as it reads it
one time media
call us for a new one every time you wanna view
prob like $30 now

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im pretty sure he knows it wont kill him, he just seems to like running water way more

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naw its not that
he was outdoor cat for a long time
still water = usually very bad
he waits for you to put your hand in it
because he figured out sometimes faucet water is hot
so like, if hes drinking water from your hand, he knows its not still, and that its not hot
but yeah, now i can fill a little mug with water while hes watching
and he will drink the water (but now he just assumes all cups are safe, which is bit annoying)
we have a jug thing
so it will drop more water in as he drinks it
we think maybe he doesnt mind it he just likes the attention
we have caught him drinking from it when he thinks we arent looking
also, sometimes if he thinks we are asleep, he will drink from the water in his food bowl

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cuz normally he only drink moving water
now he drinking water from all my cups
i wonder how i teach him his water jug bowl thing is same exact water

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im more jewish than both of you, and i aint jewish
tho bagels and giant crackers and potato pancakes, #1
also wine for minors
i was down with that
damn so i taught my cat to drink from a cup i fill from running water

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yes it is an election year
and damn charles, do you really wanna bring the AIDs humor?
just drop to the level of troll/stoner chan, thanks
what does that matter charles
im sure many of them are too
dude, switch to the msg window it should be lit up
unless you already broke your windowing setup
no one thinks im black except greycz
actually, he just thinks that i think that im black
wow that does really mesh with stus pic of me
dude you guys learned to talk shit from elementary school white people, huh
timecop: yes you have its brendan frashier with an eee
so i dunno, one of you has to be wrong

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you maybe have asthma
yes i havent checked in a bit, but likely no

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im not going anywhere
maybe for break, chico on the way up or back
they have internets
what do you think school and sleep are?
yeah my i irc from the phone
and from work
ha, once
so when it didnt need to be monitored 24/7

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google says rain on friday
how do i add more cities to my google weather
i figured it out before
because i have seattle and montreal there
i hope i dont have to log in from that city
that could be a pain

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yes like movies about dystopian societies
theyre not really always about poverty
cyberpunker fits neatly into the category, but it allows other not dataspace related titles to be included as well
and yes, i prefer darker fiction over shiny happy lovey fiction
if you meant poverty on more than just an economic level

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neat, 40GB dystopian movie compilation saved to usbhdd
now eee = useeeful, enteeertaining
now for el santo films
hehe my friend did subs for one, now i can understand whats going on

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and the super hit variant
this is like, The Incense, and good incense from the same company
$.032 per stick, w00t

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