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hopefully they bring the new microwave
(we have had no foodnuke for like 3 weeks)
(double plus toaster oven)
hahah, i bought like 3200 sticks of incense
+ random samples (16 boxes, 2 sample box sticks per box)
this is nag champa stu

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omg its that much
teknique: is that per year or forever?
$9K, that shit better be forever
you just have to know the link or something?
omg wtf
teknique: if its half that its still alot
if its annual
no i woke up, check scroll
22:01 < macegr> renesis beep
you mean i woke up to early
school today
also i need to move all my herbhed stuff
someone coming to fix leaky faucets

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^dx^: http://www.sandisk.com/Assets/File/pdf/retail/Mobile_Devices_US.pdf
try and find the timing diagram in that
digikey docs for SD is some propaganda =(

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timecop: no u!
n3v: dude thats a funny cat face yo
n3v: you are dense
find sd card on digikey
download datasheet
no there is more steps timecop

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thanks!!! ^O^~~~
everyone likes lolcats
no they dont like that usually
!quote 20:28 < CCFL_Man> ^DX^: be smooth, girls today love smoothness
!quote ccfl_man
!add 20:28 < CCFL_Man> ^DX^: be smooth, girls today love smoothness
!quote ccfl_man
its broken
i havent had a computer for 10 years

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#php i think, for awhile
battini, heh
youre designing something why dont you have a wetwired connection to digikey search
did you not get your implant with the last paper catalog?
hello, cookies
im in ur dome, storing ur site pref infoz
however you forgot the period, yo.

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strapon or magnetic?
yeah you like put a ferrous metal thinger up her gina...
then use neo magnet base thinger
blackmoon: it would work!
seravitae: think its almost over?
rocket propelled grenade
hence the logic fet or bjt idea
dont you have logic fets?
try and find tiny logic shit
use timecop inverter things

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i see fine
i can read 0805 resistors in good light
seravitae: secret is you must stare into the sun as a child to temper your eyes
remember this, for when you have children, or grandchildren

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no it just didnt even light up
or show up in lunix as a device when i plugged shit in
no just cable with usb hanging out
i should have got same brand as the cheapo one i got
plug it in, just works
i spend extra $2 on the rosewill, and got fucked
or maybe its the usb header, i dunno
was working before
enabled in bios config
is that alot

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at worst, they point you to a doc or page on the web site instead of helping
timecop prob just doesnt care
so its really just the logo
ph33r is good
keeps you sharp
yeah really
i wish my card reader didnt have one
"USB2.0" why not "DUH, HI"
its painted =(
my rosewill reader might be DOA
i plug into mobo usb header and power on, its like 'HI IM NOT DOING ANYTHING'
if it needs a driver to work im like fuck you
no one ever repaired PC
PC repair is like car repair
you just swap out modules and send bad one back to be remanufactured
FRU = Field Replacable Unit

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do you want to put a fureal USB sticker on it?
prob not
well, because ftdi does the usb hardware
so if you follow app circuit, they prob had shit certified
seravitae: call ftdi
actually a good question
im sure FTDI has had shit certified, it might cover you if you use their chip
as long as you follow app circuit
that just seems logical, tho, reality might be way diff, shrug
i think you can program it
id just email or call

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watch that shit
without youtube i would have no idea
when it starts to get interesting, stick with it it gets way better
no youre not even close to the amazing shit
forward to 1:40 if you wanna start at the wtf shit
yeah timecop\
he h4xed the ukulele
asian, foolio
yes well in america we fuck anything
it makes for pretty children
pls to keep having your white man inbred freak show
mutation and strife make for better genetics

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pls no copyrighted songs, seravitae
what video?
thats depeche mode
no its for DX
because his massage guy is personal jezus
itd be even better
redundancy keeps the copyrighted material free
wanna see good?
wanna see why youtube is #1?
can you be artistically engaged?
let us see

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no plants
dude theres a nice pic of a girl being mounted by a unicorn
she looks into it
i wonder how much she paid so her face could look into it
you have to play that personal jezus song next time you go
im pretty sure its a sliding scale depending on stuff
well hes ripping you off!
seravitae: did you see failure LEDs?

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an amp in saturation is an inverter
single stage amp
timecop: is okay is still neat!
for uPower stuff cmos inverter would be neat
but prob save more power just getting a part that works
aw sad
bigger resistors, of maybe accept failure
hello solidworks
corkflakes, milk, OJ, yogurt dinner #1

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logic fet, resistor
bjt, two resistors
how much?
random guess
yeah rwall find the part with the other enable polarity
rwall (c) ren, all times
kevtris: i dont think is micropower stuff
kev isnt EE
youre the engineer, fool
stupid engineers!
k sry
timecop: bjt = .05 in quantity
no i mean like in 10

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sucks because this brain is so much better
or maybe its just not ruined yet
dude eggsalad kinda sucks
he says way too much
the stoner chans have bots that hardly say anything, theyre the hardest to figure out
like, you think theyre jusy annoying for a very long time before you realize omg this person is not real

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it just wont work
is that mythbusting girl?
redheds are hot
fake shades of red #1
k next question
omg why are you all acting like girls =(
you and stu should have a lesbian orgy
okay so you need to figure out what the chip select active level is
and then you need to make your tristate things match
and you need to make sure the inputs will flip at 3v or whatever
oh i wanna see...
that makes me want to delete his new brain and start over

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their organization is trippy
no they did
thats why the other released vid is weird
they re-edited all hubbards books
they say they were all mistraslated
transcription and editor errors or misjudgements
well, i guess a ton of it is oral
do keep in mind they have their own production company
from actual studios to like, factories and distribution
no they have audio
but who knows if its real, or if its cut up
anyway, they basically 'fixed' all the books
and releasedf audio lectures
like, 3 hours of this, on their cruise ship
seaorg, wtf
their new leader is talking about how all their new technology (read: psychology) is improved
because its now how hubbard wanted
kirsty alley and cruise clapping in the front rows
^dx^: the chip enable line controls the tri-state
so when you enable the spi interface, it should disable thr tri-stating
i dunno wtf CS is
chip select?
just make sure you get the right polarity for the enable
they usually have a few
well, you dont want the gates to tristate when when the chip is enabled

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several, actually, but i dont consider them real unless they have a text document transcript
few thousand people showed up, many masked, last organized fuck scientology event
next one is mid march, supposedly
there is a wiki, and youtube hype, and of course digg
on what
kevtris: hubbards wife went to prison for it
kevtris: it doesnt matter their paranoia is built into it
so when bad shit happen to them, they just say its an example of them being oppressed
and they believe, because theyre trained to be afraid of everything else not scientology
they test you early, if you are strong willed, they say you are not ready, or never will be
fuck that, fuck them
they fuck over normal people who are at their lowest
they are a cult, ultramega, indisputable
kevtris: they are like some scary hybrid of a cut throat corporation and a cult/religion

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^dx^: girl voice
anonymous needs to do a girl voice press statement
you dont digg?
4ch and the internet conciousness are pissed at scientology
anonymous has vowed to detroy scientology
they got few thousand to march on the scientology buildings
this is like, the new chapter
do you know about the tom cruise vid?
basically they threatened someone for hosting the vid, its inside propaganda
not supposed to be public
kevtris: if its tom cruise reading a script, its nutty
kevtris: if its tom cruise being fureal, dude is warped
yeah tom cruise saying they are the authorities on everything in the universe
and thats its a blast
it is really, really fun
also alot of weirdo scientologist acronyms
anyway, people were hosting it
because, yeah its weird, people should see it
scientology threatened, so someone took it to 4ch, i guess
anyway, anonymous has a press release

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right, and one of you chips is using a bitch lower voltage supply
i bet you can get 2/3ch tristates
i has a hunger
i totally got the cheaper pizza at venice instead of holding out for the traditional venice pizza further down the walk
well, no
but if it pleases you i will pretend my cornflakes and my yogurt are grits
no =(
cornflakes + cold milk, yogurt, OJ
you thought it, code it, foolio
its better than your printy thing for your chef person
he can wait!
okay when this bowl gets dirty, i cant buy a new one instead of cleaning them
...okok, if the bowl is like <$7, i can
okay that is a good rule

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stops with like most ratlines still there
you know it backs up your work, right?
am i milling it?
if im milling it i dont mind routing it really, the non thru hole plating requires bit of extra thought
yeah thats fine
oh wait yeah i am, you already paypalled
you cant via someplace a connector will fot against the board
you route solder side
because you wont be able to get to topside
and you do vias clear of the connector
because you have to via with small wires
yeah, depends how you do your connectors
or, you get it fabbed
then its like fuckit, im a pro, i dont have to think
ill do it, not an issue
btw you can have your money back if you want =)
yeah ok
still on that?
oh thats right you needed tristate for some reason

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top left, opamp is unity with 100K load
but because of the high impedance inputs, i can do very sexy bandpass input
and the bandpass will never be loaded down more than my bias resistors
^dx^: $40?
why because itd be so fun id feel guilty?
i had fun on your fet board!
did i charge for that even?
what this is alien technology now?
okay $400
take it or leave it
oh, damn i went to high oh well
cuz it sucks
how long did the autorouter just stare at that shit and do nothing?

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like i maybe should have done that with these little rail to rail amps im using for input preamp
because there is pwm filter like inch away
and theyre high speed vid amps, might have shit phase response in their positive gain region
sometimes reading is hard
i dont think so
are they better than cvorn flakes?
be honest
D= D= D=
sounds crappy
corn flakes + very cold milk = world domination
okay im try new venice beach bowl
dude id prob gain 1000 lbs and die
seravitae: buffer
input impedance matching, usually

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so for audio stuff with typical input loads, its kinda not their
er, there
its basically same reason you would decouple your divided feedback point
to keep it from sucking up stuff at frequencies where its phase response is poor
because then negative feedback is positive feedback are all of a sudden there is random RF riding your audio

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kevtris: you cant sweep the filter with a signal gen?
oh neat
how many io are your pic?
you dont want to do parallel dac?
youre trying to figure out signal gen thing, right?
blackmoon: its to filter high freq at the input
shows up on both, so its gone
its usually like under 100pF

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macegr: i have 100 white ones
timecop: loading...
timecop: ha, thank you
the piranha ones
there is multiple white ones?
they are 20mA, theyre wtf bright

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yeah if i knew who he was i dont give a fuck now
$100 says they made him up
timecop: link to GNAA kids pic
the ones with like all the kids, with their uniforms

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ur mom programs in POOPEE

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timecop: be happy, sir
ima fuckin hungry
^dx^: did you see macegr's layout thing?
omg he gone or something

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like, autocad crashes, so theres obviously bugs
autocad still #1
what passwords?
for acad files?
seravitae: non working LEDs at 2mA http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_built2.jpg

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their server masks real file modes
you can change it, itll say it works, but itll display as the same mode
755, i think, for like everything
but its just a mask for ftp, you can change modes thru php, even tho it wont display in the ftp output
reinstall windows
ha im about too =(
and youll be all out of sorts for a few days
all the tiny little settings you made undone
yeah that would be neat if they did it well
but the UI is like heavy in modern windows widget stuff
his phone number?
why are you stalking avrfreak?
seravitae: fail?
avrstudio works fine, yo
um okay
theres reg definitions that are off sometimes
which doesnt usually take long to figure out, and its not like its a very common thing
okay but thats reality seravitae

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tell gf her pics will have to be small for her server to not fail at her gallery
er, exgf
or tell exgf that we need to get new server machine with less fucked up resource situation
and shells
its an okay ass
we have paid for old machine
old machine pwns our domain names too now
so wed prob have to pay to transfer registrar or some lamer bullshit
$1.50 host is awesome, but totally shitty, at once
1GBhdd/unlimited transfer, $13 setup, $1.50/mo
shit is like on resource lockdown tho, no shell access, no chmod from ftp
stupuid engineer!

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option 2 can be done with ZC detection, gracefully, or without, fuckit style
option 1 requires ZC detection
like, fuckit style you might get massive voltage deltas
so noisy, mad over shoot on inductive loads, and more prone to fuckin parts up
you can burn the motor
if the winding doesnt have enough DC resistance and you give it enough power to burn the coils, but not enough to spin it
if your period is long enough, fuckit style is okay accurate
as far as power modulation
you basically slap the triac constantly
do you want us to click on that?
your description prob doesnt apply to us
as its 2008 and we been rocking flash for like 5 years
personally i like being able to do things with media
like view it
yes, exactly
like the pr0nz

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^dx^: did you see sam7 landing pad?
teh audio thinger
you should prob see because you want a board done
fuck that
i have trojanware usb-stick office
timecop: i used h4s office instead of openoffice
openoffice is huge =(
er, h4x
well, i dont care it works the same for me
^dx^: sure?
^dx^: two ways (listen)
1) modulate duty of the sine wave. power delivery not a linear relation with time
2) skip full 60Hz cycle. power delivery will be linear relation with your on/off cycle ratio

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mufucker if you went blind youd still be here
this incense is more piney
with tad rose scent
than typical nag champa/super hit
i didnt put mounting holes on them
those holes are for the mains wires!
wait no, that was a fet board
omg you keep the logs
hahahahaha @ rejack
man i hate how trucks rumble
and tuvcks make the ground shake
what else in southern california rumbles, and makes the ground shake
=( =( =(
timecop: america been dead, this post mortem twitch
california uber alles.
speaking of which i must post venice pics in los angeles category of notblog

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i think they got a lathe setup now
rent is a few hundred a month, maybe if i get a welder i can keep it there
yeah but call it duty modulation
instead of pwm
its not really a pulse
timecop: neat
you either modulate the duty or you modulate cycles
could you even smoke?
or would possible coughing just destroy you physically
i couldnt when i fucked my ribs
i still did
but mostly with limited success and tears
i think they were 15A
get the datasheet
im pretty sure theyre 15A
timecop stfu stop asking obvious questions

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wanna try some of those spi dacs
pc try to eat all the incense smoke
timecop: not surprising
i got a new bowl
i got 3 now for primary beo engee, i feel comfy again
$30 for some OR branded glass from capn ed's
$10 for random venice bowl
my lazy ass should go to the toy district shops again, get same shit for $3-5
china shit is pretty, but thin, has a wispy jellyfish look, cuz they fume EVERYTHING blue
the nepal glass is awesome, tho, looks like local hippy art glass
i gotta get jenny to show me shit in her glass shop before she goes away

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i got 180g box of Nag Champa and Super Hit incense
prob those little things that look like miniature soic6
sot-23 is too big?
lo mr timecop
sot23 routes nice
they make matched pairs and arrays i think
they at least make matched pairs
thats bga
pretty much

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basically combustion is shit for desert

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masseurs prob more than most
blackmoon: dude
southern cali
it snowed once in 1986
and apperently not for like 30 years before that
no russian trucks in america
like trying to jack our research
like, we get snow in the snowy areas every year in LA
but in LA peoper, or the valleys, its like once every 30 years
rab: hahaha
blackmoon: yes precisely
or afghanistan being a tank/helicopter trap slash junkyard
well all our cold war shit was made for a wart in western europe and over the pacific and north pole that never ever happened
its not good at death head and sand and deep canyons
single sided isnt even really much cheaper anymore
einstein was a bitch
i love him, awesome guy, total goof
but he fucked up at being a human being
sucks to be him =(
and it prob comes in literally every size
in the mideast and south easia
so filtering is a waste
just kill your engine efficiency anyway

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also, mens central jail is actually a reinforced fallout bunker
i dont need that, i get santa susana from my friend
she lives on woolsey canyon road, is the same road up to the base =)
er, santa susana infos from my friend
they close off the road to truck in missiles and junk, still
sign like 'hi we need this road for two days on this date. sucks to be you.'
truth, thats why its build up there
on a mointain, supposedly russian trucks would overheat at that incline grade
apperently we had a mil division devoted to the physics of russian transport trucks
everyone does

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italy dont got that
ha my exexgf babysat his daughters
(hes mad rich)
yes but not the valley
valley is 400ft up
150m, yo
thats the valley bottom elevation
a surge would have to get over the santa monica mountains
also a nuclear blast shockwave in LA would prob be survivable in the valley
theres also prob some sorta military base underneath the west valley
(nuke/antinuke missile bunkers, santa susana research installation)

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no, real venice
in LA
not if you live here
no one means venice, italy when they say venice here
wtf is their in venice, italy
wtf this aint america
this is california
you can do that in real venice if you want
there is canals
it used to be controlled rent
but thats over now, so lots of people and shops moving away, rich people movin in =(
no not ours
venice italy is broken
let me show you something

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dev of that thing was like this repetitive trainwreck
neat im going to venice
have to be sure not to bring too much moneys

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yesm its basically a major machine failure
some machines with open ways can get rust on them
yeah, usually not the machine techs doing that
yeah, they usually run the program in sim and bitch
well, modern controllers
old controllers are dumb
teknique: cmon that new gotta be like 20 hours old now
naw they won cd, kinda
it was phillips and them
yeah, kinda
they made alot of money off DVD with ps2 tho
wasnt their format, but they had $$$ on it
oh neat
how much data per disk?
thats kinda ghetto compared to 25GB data capacity, tho
but yeah, still neat if its cheap
its sad because this means ps3 worked

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supposedly thats like the best thing you can do to keep the ways clean and level, cuz most work done in the same area in the middle
also my instructor is frightened by tap cycles
because the reverse the spindle on the fly
but its not production shop, he just wants the machine to last like 40 semesters
it cleans stuff off the ways, and just keeps them kinda more level with the used area
yeah, you just have to make sure youre doing that
instead of leaving it on all the time and doing parts forever (happens i guess)
but manufacturer people say to do that alot, because itll clean them off too, if chips or lube get all them
alot of that has to do with machine design tho
some machining centers is prob not even an issue because shit is shielded with that stuff in mind
yeah, crashing shit or overtightening shit into dirty tapers

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^ fine
probably, milling can take a long time
tho, actually for some shit like, that, no i doubt it
a board with small isolation can be done under an hour
sculptor: not really, thats kinda more a machining thing
well, like they teach simple machine maintenance and use habits in those classes, CNC is more a programming and setup thing
tho it might be in the text book (i never bought them did whole program from machine manuals and machinerys handbook)
i kinda want those books now
shit i should see how much they are online, used
theyre usually pretty quick reads
like, super technical shit is all covered in machine handbook
do you run the machines full axis between setups?

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meh, i like real insulation
call my old fasioned
because if he doesnt say it his way looks dumb =(
i mean from a sanity check kinda view of things
why wouldnt that work with insulation
hello wire stripper
he needs better stripper!
find buy me a spool maybe i will decide to change my mind

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just use 80lead IED ribbon
its solid core, .01 (30ga)
and you prob dont need it anymore anyway
well, moon prob does
i do =(
rab: cmon get a better lamp!
macegr: your hands and a $5 wire stripper?
wtf weirdo
rab: no you need to temper your eyes by looking at the sun as a child
then they will last forever
see i bet you didnt know that
um, now your thing clips the other end of the wire, strips, and flips it around?
thats neat
rab: kk
haha weird
anime hax0r?

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dude hates me because i tell him hes wrong, and he checks it out, and im right, so im a moron, and now hes conflicted and full of self loathing
also because i handed him santa beacon sim code after playing with lpm and pwm for an hour
dude no one knows
i have no reason to believe hes lying
mail him a digicam
im sure he would be more than happy to docu his life for you
nice analysis
dong clothes are done
also, avrfreak is a much better machinist than me
or im sorry, not machinist anymore, since he obviously has no practicaly machine knowledge
now he is a better machine builder than me
im like, wtf i suck at machining
my nick in the shop is scrappy
because like, i scrap shit, yo
why CNC is <3
yeah he does
hoi bimgy avr5wferaklsjW
i <3 that one, that ones true

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its amazing for $1.50/mo
but yeah, its not great
dude, no, i have not hacked my scifi novels
i dont write in my fucking books
mufucker blowin up his heart because mufucker doesnt know it aint a big deal

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not this one
which doesnt use imagemagik
so i might be able to get more res
but i doubt a ton more
macegr: it wont matter, her images are huge
dumped from 6Mpx cam or whatever
how come quidhopst has 5000MB and 5000MB as options
yeah i thought it was you
my traffic allowance = unlimitted
tho i assume that just means 'until we bitch at you like "WTF, YO."'

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omg this almost makes me wanna pay money for a real (virtual) fuckin server
yes, for photo resizing
is 32mb?
gov pays a monthly maintenance fee too
(besides the loans and grants and fee waivers and etc)

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this is abby he is helping me
max mem limit is 16mb
haha yeah really
me: can i get more?
him: max is 16mb
maybe didnt understand the questions
me: exceptions, or never?
him: [still long pause]
him: sorry its default server config
wow he bugged out
they usually wait for you and ask if you need any more help if you pause
Abby: Thanks for your time! Feel free to get back to us for further assistance. =)

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perimeter(), poly_out(), poly_in(), along()
okay youre idea is much more odd
omg my alarm ringtone is so ghey
i am such an asshole
fucked up shit doesnt even work
i only hear it when im already up
i used to have it set as my phone
that got me up
however i dont think it would, anymore...
because now im like, whatever i check missed calls fuckem if theyre blocked
i had brass monkey
i was phone tripping the song in everything
i would take a shower and hear brass monkey in the running water
had to stop
okay lets see what webhost says when i ask for more rams for image processing...

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i should msg the one.com people be like 'how much do you fuck me for more ram?'
because i want huge schema thumbnails
is for the bot
i dont pay for the irc one
um, whole point is to get it away from home
the only 24/7 linux box is the CNC
i dont want ssh on my cnc, i dont think
def not with an open port to the web
cnc hax0rz, ph33r
hope guy before you cleaned up after himself
omg youre going to say buy a vserver
wait im thinking wrong context i think
yeah i thought about a script

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if it is pwm, so it would be a point of noise coupling
yeah thats significant
because its not really 10MHz sine
the delta on the rise prob gets it towards GHz, effectively
yeah because the more you chain, the higher you trace inductance gonna be
oh its a parallel thing?
oh huh
okay well its pretty
i pay like 3x for a shell i barely use than for my webspace
oh thats neat
you can make 1x1" units easy

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straighten out trace to R1 i think
besides that neat
and you should do two vias to ground pad
or i guess you have it connected to GND lead so doesnt matter
you can test
dude those led at 20mA are so bright
i ran one at 100mA or some silly shit and it was ridiculous, lasted days before burning out
and i think maybe batteries just died
maybe still okay, no idea, havent checked
red and green were like half
blue is almost white, on the single color led in that package
i have books and pomona fees outta the way, i think ima score like 200 red and blue led in that package
do like 5 arrays of 4x5
all ska tie style
stu: actually those are the best traces
RF/low noise and old hand drafted shit is always sweeping thick lines
not for this application
altho it is switching fast i guess

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is that like saying 'have the power'?
er, i hhave the power
omg i give up
timecop: bye
man its 9 in the AM
okay i gotta fill out some scholarship bullshit
no, pics
i has a shell bill
oh thats so pretty

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ha, like when you oxy-jet cut something
i have a ton of 1" acrylic still
im like hording its four huge plates
i have to think of something awesome to do with it
i could mill it
you just gotta keep the cutter cool so the acrylic doesnt foam
because that ends you cutter, same as fusing Al to it
i want to figure out some ok polish for it
because anything gets to hot it clouds the finish
wtf washing, no for automated polishing on the machine tool, for like clean finish
they have focus issues
and its prob gonna foam shit up
because its heat based cutting
you gotta keep it cool and lubed so heat doesnt build up
oh shit huh
thank you, bbl

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you want to make a big interlocking trellis thing for led?
thats .2?
okay i have to start laundry like now
you guys are fucked up
kinda, no
oh shit
thats not a trillis thats an eggcrate
thats how tubes come from russia
when you buy 100
well, of the little cute ones
yeah totally
you could do with a few mil undercut, prob fit together awesome
what kind of wood?
yeah that prob comes out awesome on a laser
cut exact or tiny bit under for good friction fit
acrylic is weird
itll crack at corners
pretty neat
was it ripply on the edges or pretty smooth?

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or going nuts, needing ambulances because they blew their top on irc, calling everyone a moron
but mufucker couldnt do avr code for like 3 years
macegr: naw we looked at each other like '...'
like 4 times
because one girl would get nto her car
another variant would pop out of a car
or the minimart
then theyd go away, and another, then another!
nuh uh
we were like pointing =( =( =(
i dont think he was from their either!
patapatapata[these are ninja footfalls]patapatapatapata
do it with fire
V groove the back?
no clue what you mean now
what are they called
for flowers vertically on your house...

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so when i was in 6th grade, my girlbuddy rhianna would sing that in class
because like, it was on KISSFM ALL the time
so everyone had it in their head
and then everyone would look at her, because itd be quite except her
including teacher
and shed turn all like superred
and she was one of those omg im so white im clear kinda girls
when they are cold you can see their viens
she was like southern-french
when i went to baton rouge
really, when i woke up in baton rouge at the gas station, and looked around, i saw like 3 girls all southern-french hot like my 6th grade girlbuddy
like, they breed odd bouncy haired white girls
it like hypnotized me and the middle america homeboy like stabing hay on the back of a truck with a farmtool thing
cheater: pfft
cheater: no one hear is arguing

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macegr: i dont understand that show
i have banana-bubba-something ush
quote, unquote, The Real Shit
stu: oh you didnt hear?
the rebels took out the death star, yo
i dont see why timecop loves audiofile trash but cant deal with flash content
oh no, they set us up the IED

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youll see
youll stuart watching it tonite!
its funny
hmm, no
mesons: stfu, kthx
seen timedong
haha @ cc debt
i have no cc
how about: hahaha!
fuck all that
i have student loan debt
subsidized, deferred, gov is paying my interest
i think only $7K right now

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prob soon actually, we cleaned out the fridge
and we have way more food than i thought
oh, shitty
i eat like that at school
a good mean is two slices of cafeteria pizza and a bottle of mocha frappucino
which is weird because like, its not a coffee slurpee, its just like, chocolate coffee juice
kinda kills the frappucino effect
i dont usually
which is prob why my health isnt totally jacked up
thats so non intuitive
ha woah!
i just made wee!
okay really, i have to do laundry right now because venice in three hours
better than the simpsons in many respects
stu: its the simpsons, but more insane
yeah but in general its good
compared to avg tv
compared to itself, sometimes sucks

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teflon, heat, drops of peanut, sesame, or olive oil for flavor
butter is for weed baking.
its prob not teflon tho, its prob some safe to eat when it crumbles alternative, now
okay thats a white boy thing
hey i saw the predator TV thing on msnbc or fox or whatever
hahah wtf at white dudes tan
you can see his UV goggle rings
macegr: nice
bacon, eggs, cheese, potatoes, selection of betters, dried cayanne, the spice, lemon, etc
wrap in floud tortilla
grill burrito till even brown
stu: hungry?

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