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like, Target Cubic Zirconia, Sears Synthetic Emeralds, Maxim IC
no one would buy them
atmel shops it out to their distributors
so its random
mine drove up and handed them to me once

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wells whats the point of cryo-maintained supercomputer farms if you cant h4x fureal?
that sounds soooo great!
i will start getting pictures to you!
you're the best!
macegr: oh i guess im editing the photos and uploading
so now gallery thing isnt a prob
yeah it was awesome
i break all the rules yo
i need her codes email so i can hax her webspace
tell someone just because that happened t their chip, we still want to maybe do their mom if said mom is hot
they come in cheapo jewelry boxes =\

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punktong: $1K
test33: yes duh
microprocessor = deep (slow) logic
it prob wont compress incredibly well
be all like super fuckin random and all
def nothing like text code fed to bz2

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i cracked it last night with a speak and spell and a corkscrew
i used two dictionary words with a number and a symbol
because really who cares
are we talking about wifi pw or what?
meh convo to slow back to frenchie dystopia
macegr: stream encryption?
ooooooooooo, you guys are gonna get in trouble
they are mad peoples
how much data is generated
it means the fastest one

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$40 plan has a data cap, if you go over they will charge you up to $90
what hack
i can has free?
macegr: no i want a modem
i dont want phone net
thats like $10 or $15
i want everywhere net i can plug into a lappy
thats $2K/GB!
im not tryng to pay anything for shit net
i dont need phone maps or phone irc
not worth $10/mo
yours are fake
the roof of my mouth tickles because i burned it with pizza =\

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completely fucked as in u
gtfo is relavent?
where are you is relavent?
pls2be less ambiguous as often, stu
is avylon a good movie?
er, avalon
french scifi shit is so weird
hes on his phone
i was irc'ing from court years ago
sprint is $60

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oh yeah i saw the sketchup
ok sleepies nite

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i wanna take shower ans sleepies soon
no i dont think so
but maybe
oh no i dont think so
i <3 my pcb drills
the .012 actually worked i was like !!!!!
yes i figured

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so he sold to me for $300 and said it was the backlight inverter, so i spent $30 on inverter FRU, and thinkpad worked, <3
<3 autocad
fuck haters, they did 2d perfect
yeah its like crayons in 2nd grade
extension of your brains
matlab costs money?
macegr: clunky
wait you mean text cmd entry?
its quick if you can remember what it wants
tan/tan/rad circles #1
instant diamater compensation
dynamic text entry = neat
i like all the little autocad graphical fluff toys
solidworks = awesome
solidwork #1 3d, autocad #1 2d

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<3 ltspice
makes designing opamp input circuits so easy
test33: AND = series, OR = parallel, NOT = single switch amplifier
fourier transforms seem neat
its kinda cool i get to learn math details now, since ive been using all this kinda math for years now
ive seen lots of algorithms that looks pretty easy
i just dont understand the math so i dont get how it works
my thankpad was bought from a dude who bought it from school, mandatory
he was the school tech for them, tho

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haha, i hand coded that board in gcode
after designing for that purpose in EWB
i did the CAM work in notepad
no im a cnc machinist
because its a ure wave
its really the only wave
everything else is composite
square wave doesnt exist
its sine wave with alot of odd or even fundamentals, i forget which
i kinda thinking about that
its make 300% more sense than the first time

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what do you mean what do i use
a camera
dude wed corrupt him
he wouldnt invent the light bulb
hes invent like, the light bazooka, or something
wtf bulb, id troll him for a pussy little thing like that
sad thing is wed be packetting with morse code clickers =(
dude they all the same fool to me
old white guys
you know franklin was the first fireman
it is historical!
its to create sine waves wtf
cant find real pic
its an avr and resistors

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he means like, i didnt know people on the internet could post pics
he is slow
thank you for the update
remember to hold the clutch in before you hit page up
else you gonna stall your client out
only if you were mean to her
if its to be you slavebitch, yes
its its to be your girlbuddy who really into fucking, no
not at all
she just likes to fuck, hell you almost a victim, except you did it to yourself
no complaining!
macegr: heh
oh man
the last ripley clone was pretty fucked up
she was 10x worse than winonabot
winonabot had issues =(
and a data transfer mole
i think denielson got lost =(
oh spoke soonish

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did you see sines?
do it like / /ignore denielson
/ignore denielson
well i pass thie knowledge on to you
hello, voltage potential
you are charge up
dumping extra charge
denielson: okay you said how to make sine with dc but digital is non ideal did you even look at pics
yes like statis electricity
floating voltage
it just picks up charge outta sky and holds on to it
dude im am not spamming 20 pics again
oh so he doesnt mean he didnt know we posted pics just now

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that ones sexy too
and that shit came out of a 20MHz avr and chinese resistors
tho algorithm wouldnt be hard
just add and truncate a bit
for 2ch mix
enough scaling?
yes but i got pissy at it because i could do full octave with flats
on stk500
need to make a switch board

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denielson: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/b/avr_sine-01.jpg.php?p=*full-image
denielson: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/b/sine768-02.jpg.php?p=*full-image
now heres the sex: (on the analog)
mathematically sound, 1% resistor dac
go play with your pretty but likely all non-ideal analog sines

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shed have to like resize her huge donky pics into like decent res
ima be like wtf if she dont know how to do that =(
like if they dont teach art students how to steal, install, and run photoshop, im appalled
whats sharpcast
k is its gpl
or least some sane ok for commercial license?
no art students dunno shit about tech--they use macs
can you do the sqr boxes?
with comments?
i think shed like that
like her and her far away buddies could play
yeah they do
everyone needs it
unfortunately many of them have me
im using zenphoto
its not an issue with the gallery php
its an issue with my host
maybe i can ask them for more ram
for me and sandi and fur
but cant be huge
cmon its $1.50
they answer live chat instantly
is one.com
i think they got way popular, its slower now

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johanna2: sec
it shouldnt need feedback
its source, it should just do it right
johanna2: haha get real
so my webserver sucks
cuz it has a ram cap
and it cant process large res photos
so half my album is fucked
obviously i wouldnt cap my own ass
i kinda wouldnt mind a virtual server or least a mufucking shell
but $1.50/mo for 1GB and unlimited bandwidth is neat
okay $1.50/mo < $60/mo
well doesnt matter
sand9i wanted webhosting im like 'these people is cheap i use them'
so she like buybuybuy
now im like muther fuckers
like, she maybe cant use it as a source image backup
well, not with a gallery app

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22:42 < denielson> How do you guys generate sinusoidal AC in DC powered circuits?
dac, digital wave table
same thing
yeah kinda
but a micro can do this better
and discrete logic could do it best
1024x16 sine wave is gonna be better than any analog signal
as far as an accurate sine
no its the best
because itll be mathamatically sound
as opposed to an approximation by a system that breaks math
hello, filter
pfft, your filter sucks dude
sine from a broken opamp circuit = pretty looking, prob not a real sine
sine from a long wavetab = true sine

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5pt straps, yo
canstfu and ask, n00b
i do electronic
i think youre right mine are dim =(
i thought you meant compact flash at first

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macegr: what?
macegr: white delrin would work neat but is $$$
macegr: oh neat
sign/stencil plastic is good
something like that

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maybe shes leasing
you would win, big head
punktong: pus the flap open with a stick and pour the gas into the lip?
omg cmon
little spring door gonna keep us from putting any liquid we want into our fuel tank?
read: retail gas

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it has pixellation

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lol = Laugh Of the Lamer
itll work prob, if you gear it waaaaaay down

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else the changing polarity thing isnt happening
so its basically dead short thru a coil
current feedback
weed eater motor prob made for going way fast with not a ton of load
no dx when you have you piece of paper, that wont happen anymore
mechanics actually means bookish physics in engineering
youre thinking of like, a mechanic
which is a tech, who knows how to do things, even if they have no idea why

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are you unsynced?
custom package
they prob make em in the block fuse style
thats weird i think you have a part off in schema space
okay i still think your description is on crack
0805 = easy small
0605 = hard small
0402 = wtfno small
er, 0603
for the machines
macegr: i want to make a tiny straight 6
with DOHC
(easiest, in terms of machining)
if you dont give it enough power, itll stall out and burn
dimmer setup is fine you just have to make sure when it has power its spinning

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stu: RPG and missiles.
shotguns = effective
yeah i agree

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thats pretty cool
i just print google maps
or use a real map
how you get lost with maps, yo
get new maps
no we build new roads all the time
thats when dotted projected road lines becomes solid real road lines
you have to use your brain and overlay the dot in your mind
i just blow up the cameras
ok nt rly
my phone tells me traffic, and CHP/LAPD reports
do your thingies do that?
if they dont you should bitch
yeah really
ha thermite

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12:38 < renesis> http://cinemageddon.org/details.php?id=7345
B/scifi/kungfu tracker
okay lets just talk about what you want
how is the train?
or something
gpf_1: neat

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no clue in photoshop
yeah dunno kick it for a few years
heh, im doing a 40GB torrent to a usb drive
this just feels like a Bad Idea

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i dont have a prob with you asking at all but...
why would you come to #electronics to ask about gimp?
see wow you are like sent from the voodoos
charles: see, thats why this chan has never been on-topic
i use windows gimp like 95% more than lunix gimp =\
i can crops, adjust color, and save a few images in the time it would take photoshop to load up
no you actually said what everyone else says
it might even be preq for being reg in this chan
ha, fun
yeah see i know how to do indexed color modes in gimp

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wtf i dunno
define seriously
dsm_600r: ask the fucking question?
look interesting
gradient tool
ctrl-Z is undo

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yes, and its been done before like that, someplace, like recorded somewhere
yes pianos exist because harpsichord hurts
i went to exgf's bro's classical guitar recital thing, and one of his profs did part on harsichord with him
omg so plinky

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best, ever.
i have respect for the old music.
it has all been done.
we didnt rock the harpsichord or the full orchestra or big band forever in popular culture either
do not ph33r technology. the electric blues guitar was at one time considered TEH DEVIL (dundundun)

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btw both cases, the person voulenteered
naw patric was weird
because someone else did it first
hehe, there was also the random junk war with the car wash workers
in the end, we threw over a bush
but then we heard them draggin over and engine head, so we ran away

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i know the weather, you guys cant be a huge diff
<3 tacoma
blackmoon: yeah but in US and especially cali, i get alot of financial aid
because, legally speaking, state of cali is my mom and dad
well, my CC education (three associates degrees) was like $20-35 a unit
the year i lost financial aid and didnt get fee waivers, paying out of pocket wasnt an issue
CSU are expensive, but not insane expensive
$20K a year i think
maybe $2K
haha, yeah ive lived with lots of people who were pretty wasted in the head
you into some weird shit trying to stay entertained
like, we were wrapping n00bs in big floor mats
called it the bluej
people say trippy shit when they overheating and cant breathe!
also the time we put the geeker guy in the oak locker
and we were like, tipping it and shit
but then we dropped it, scattered like bugs
staff came in, theres a geek upside down in a tipped locker

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blackmoon: no idea, i gave him your nick tho
get msg?
yeah, likely
jezus fuck
that doesnt buy you a single studio apartment here
er, rent you
that doesnt even rent a room here
rooms are like $600 now
okay well i guess living in BC would be okay
its still pacific rim of fire
i have years of school
tho i might transfer up to uni of WA at some point
maybe if i do grad school or want to do an ME after EE
and i been to sea/tac area alot

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blackmoon: buddy in bc says now is not great time for moving, as he is in between jobs and just had to blow $1K on a new computer
okay i have to test gallery software because art school exgf and art school best friend want webthings

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jman: find something very funny
stand up
laugh up funny thing
if you find yourself on the floor, crying, then your rib is broken
or possibly just bruised bad enough it might as well be
dr will just wrap you up, just be a man and dont laugh at anything for a few weeks
or cough, or move very quickly, or talk loud
coughing sucks
people will look at you and be like 'omg are you okay' because you will be on the floor, on your side kinda wiggling around like a failed breakdancer

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tu madre es un pedro
not really =(
like 15ft to the left
my cat is hot and drinks alot of water?

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blackmoon: http://www.burmanfoam.com/
make it
dude .5mm
are the mating surfaces deformed?
its bolted on and not bent up or anything, right?
1.5mm sounds like enough
if not can stack and bolt semi-tight, maybe works fine
you can design a mold and make it out of silicon rubber!

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i should get some more of that shit and try it in machined molds
damn i cant find the name of it
berman industries or something
man fuck google
im gonna use maps.google

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well, yeah bearing, seal
its the piece holding the shaft in the block (and block endplate, i guess)
theyre fun to work on tho
like 5 or 6 moving parts
carb, oil pump (which ir prob doesnt even have)
i dunno if neorpene is okay for gasoline
exgf did silicon rubber/latex mold stuff
she did it to me, she has two of me =\ =\ =\

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like, landscaping supply, something like that
no just ask them for parts
gasket and a crank
(those motors are almost nothing inside, some hooky thing or squirt thing to splash oil around)
its prob got the valves in the block with spark plug in the chamber/head piece
well, no i dont think so, about destroying it
but it might have fucked the seal up
around the shaft
theres no bearing thing?
like another metal piece in between the shaft and the block

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silicon rubber prob work
gotta be someplace in canada where you can just buy a square of silicon rubber sheet
there you go
you know the type of motor?
B&S or honda or department store brand, probably
oh dude, yeah i bet you could even call like sears or something
or a lawnmower shop
this your thing with the bent shaft?
find a lawnmower shop

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sterling did some story where chem geeks make a cola wich is like beneficially brain deforming, until the extra genius drives you mad in context of society
and i guess its contagious genetic thing, and the racoons got it, and the racoons got really fuckin smart, like ewoks
if lucas had called them eWoks or e-woks, he would have been like 20 years ahead of his time

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okay lets start the religion now
haha yeah egg and bacon and cheese on seagull would be gritty
latex is just for sausage, right?
weedies. we build excitement.
my yogurt comes in racoon traps
is not as good as one racoon in the oven
because racoons are big yo
racoon will fuck up a 4 year old like nothing
you will like stom your foot and be like 'SHOO'
racoon will turn around and stand up be like 'WHAT' give you the bird and shit, go back to eating your trashes

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macegr: lcd encoder
with full customizable bit pattern
oh huh
i think so
okay i need to wakeup and get foods
i think i need donut shop bagel sandwich
egg bacon cheese aaaaaw jeah
renesis: OMG NO BLOG
you see where im going with this?

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sculptor: nice endcaps, heh
sculptor: neat
wait what?
magnetic/kevlar film
i wonder if kapton is stretchy
i had .003 kapton, didnt feel stretchy at all
you could do grey code channels on kapton with copper
just put the gcode on the encoder strip and we wont even have to program it it can load cycle while homing

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macegr: ooh colors
hack a 12" digital caliper
or 24", whatever
yes likely
prob latency
see if you can hijack its encoder section
have a tentioner at once end
it can keep track of the stretch and recalibrate on the fly
cmon blackmoon this is cnc, everything sucks, always a workaround!
sculptor: like use course absolute and incrimental fine?

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sculptor: wow neat
ha nice encoder low range
yeah is prob grey codes
does it look more than two bits width?
4b+ grey code itd be pretty hard to lose track of positition
anything analog sense is gonna be shit in a shop
okay lazorz is good

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macegr: those look like .01 at best
macegr: think so, the bars are pretty visible, fat
youd have gaps
some have rs232 out
that doesnt sound so bad really
for a normal cnc
macegr: noooooooo
my stuff hurts
ima OD on glucosamine-chondroitin and take a nap in warm shower

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yeah but that might not even be consistent from controller to controller
on a good feedback servo motor, it would be sensed that way but hopefully it wouldnt be cutting that way
okay thats like so vague im gonna have to say like, eh?
the shaft and linear, yes?
else you get backlash error bullshit anyway
haha, OPEN LOOP W00T
my maching cuts like that (in a wobbly, .00025 1/8 microstepped kinda way)
yeah i want home/limit switches
blackmoon: probably
itd be china stuff

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i never had a prob with m-codes except the bridgeport diameter comp
because it was old and had some weird 2 line lookahead thing going on
what they dont make manuals or have phone numbers?
The Bresenham line algorithm is an algorithm that determines which points in an n-dimensional raster should be plotted in order to form a close approximation to a straight line between two given points.
haha, no cmon really, we dont program the machines in raster
yes, learning how to make a hardware controller would be a huge waste of class time
as the fadal tour guy said 'hey man i dunno, talk to the engineers!'

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im like, wtf 3 hello, ELECTRONICS STUDENT
then hes like, okay graph y=2x, im like HI, CNC STUDENT
then hes like, 'neat, wanna take calc?' im like OMG NO. PH33R!
i have an associates in cnc programming
which is like 3 semesters of manual machining too
its basically trade school + basic gen ed
who the fuck is bressenhaum
g-code, making hardware controllers our bitch, manual machining, cam software, technical math, GD&T inspection, like 18 units of gen ed
okay well if it aint documented in the manual, i prob dont need it, or theyll prob tell me

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this isnt #c, charles!
yo what you guys use for php photo galleries?
to get us back into relative topics...
seravitae: youll get a decimal answer, you prob have to bump up
bust out your algebra book, mine is far
that looks sane to me
pretty sure my calc dont have that button
spreadsheet might have it
ha, math dep chair did his mini eval of me, hes like ok whats log10(1000)

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x = test_number; for (int n=1 ; (2^n)-1 >= x ; n++ )
or something, no?
solve for n
youve never seen 2^n before?
i dont program, transcribe into your silly compiler syntax
okay correct me, or accept that you are a mediocre shit talking bitch
why charles?

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sony wins
and now the retardation that was ps3 dev makes sense
say again?
just do 2^n until its big enough
2^n-1, because of zero

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okay i wish to unlock my sam7 flash, again
surely i should have notblogged about this the first time

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the swedes always bitching at me to do it
i have to like paste their addies into notepad++ and convert

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pls2ask the new.google
omg i havent used digikey in that long?
school sucks
maybe cali will be next
the UN?
you want cali to ask the UN?
so talk about electronics, charles
comrade-: i never really thought about that
yeah i responded
and he mentioned it was a super dip pic and laughed
im assuming some isolator amp or opto
sculptor: please, random ascii is not electronics, desist!
i dunno how i put putty and irssi but i think i have to setup the bsd shell for it

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<3 <3 <3

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why didnt someone tell my digikey made their part info page better?
theres pics
theyre dumb they should but that low by the spec table, it would be less wide and make more sense

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but hes like, legend
so its almost stupid to mention him in a serious discussion of that culture
haha i saw him do a lecture on a hip hop nation
they got their hip hop bill of rights accepted by the UN, apperently
oh hes neat too
most the old ones still around are cool people, wasnt brainless thug shit then
but yeah, krs music prob the only shit i would really still listen too
qty available: 0
you like, failed at failing

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ladies love cool jay
ll cool j
that was prob pretty pimp in 1986
remember he was wearing primary colored overalls with his boxers showing, and an oversized bill dayglo hat
when you look like that much of a dork, and rapping about your parents half the time, gotta least have a cool name
teh teach0r: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VRZq3J0uz4
hes prob really the only one im into

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efnet theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7l250E5uM4
hehe, went to conress and said people werent buying his albums
but he was making the best music of his life
haha, like no one got up to testify that the last good song ll did was like in 1991
hes tellin farmers he gonna bomb a town haha wtf, farmers
this isnt the web
how can i be blogging genius

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thats your prob not mine
welcome to 2008
your internet is dead
accept, plan, devour, etc
do the humpty hump, cmon do the humpty hump
are you sure it isnt the wierd al version? =D
cmon white people, do the humpty the humpty hump, do the humpty hump
peurto ricans, do the humpty hump, everybody do the humpty hump

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