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#electronics theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE9oiMLIHGA&feature=related

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thats for people who cant figure out a $5 dmm is probably same thing + features
dude if they have the hitachi based lcd, theyre prob $30
thats your lcd
its touch screen?
that was something else?
thats so ugly, i def more into the ones with the hookup all on the bottom edge
yeah led on big ugly pads on the right, wires crowded on the left, ugly
it is thinner tho

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i believe its run from ram
yeah everyone seems excited to tet that working
i dunno they can do it from flashed code
it flashes everytime you change code?
i actually gotta wake up and figure that shit out
my openocd is doing that shit where it ignores flash commands again
dont remember what i did to fix when it happened like two months ago
okay so its from pc ram?
that seems half assed
okay yeah, thats what i thought
ha but what if you need all the ram
good i got the big one!
dude yeah
thats why we have a printf and a dump ascii for usart
the one that like, thinks, adds 30K
yeah but thats usually a hax thing
theyre like $20 or something?

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kill them with fire and enjoy whats left of weekend
oh nice, mozilla bug even
timecop: dude thats like a 7 year old bug
i wonder because like, its not an issue anymore, or like its still there they just dont care
haha, old mozilla is tc spyrare, classic
truly frightening
im just like, at what point did mozilla browser just give up and take over phoenix/firefox
its was all lighter and faster and etc
and then one day it became fat and there was no more mozilla anymore

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oh well, you have new ones coming
know for sure then if it the reversing rails or just bad parts
damn pads bigenough for the backlight or what
so like bling chinese kids with soldering guns can do those i guess
its usb supply
so, yeah
obviously dont have both connected by mistake, but yeah thats why its vin not vout, heh

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if its always same random trash id guess its broken
you tried writing other sh it tho?
oh wtf
the trash on the right might be some init mode thing, if you didnt init display char layout
oh right you sent other pic with other words
yeah that thing is bork, or youre updating it so fast with consistent trash its ghosting chars
which i kinda doubt
did you heatgun both of them?
meh, reject bin shit
okay so both were reversed?

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morning mr timecop
oh, no i didnt
just descriptions, checking scroll
oh, ty
hey you almost got it so say GNAA.US?
does it have fixed comm rate?
it can if they didnt pay for a diode
timecop: yeah bit its clocked in, no?
unless its crappy
and/or broken/wrong
the odd thing is the contrast on the semi working bits
not supposed to be greyscale
yeah maybe
on the lcd?
hehe, yeah heat and cold do weird things to em
im thinking its either fried, or you got some timing issues and its gtetting trash
it it always the same random trash?

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timecop: thats just what happens when you pull a uC xtal
clock stops, its still got power tho
oh no i read right
im am cold
get a life
or off your power trip, something, find something better to do

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nice work
fuck that
you can get leaded silver solder
yeah 6040 is radioshit solder
yeah but thats ALL radioshack usually has
because its cheaper
not mine, ever =(

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macegr: can html provide better results than that?
yeah i want to program it but i have fubared sam7 programming somehow
yeah two of the amber ones are fucked up =\
i have fat solder
.025, is too big
i have two bigass spools of it =(
its still fuckey?
my flash is doing that locked shit where flash command acts like it doesnt exist
silver solder is kinda neat
is like, harder

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macegr: pics of assembled lit up board soon

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it just reverses the phase
i wish i got yellow leds too instead of just amber

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okay sam7 isnt deaded, i can light up all leds jtag/telnet style
you people are just moving away?
to where? wtf
the annoying one?
thats it
okay thats only gonna suck for a little bit
but then it should be better, right?
li0n: depends
if its a passive crossover, maybe
no probably not
like, if only one is rev phase, it might cancel and drive you insane
who are you talking to timecop

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anyway this all started because im using linux
which im not. i just finished playing a fureal windows pc game
with a proprietary driver from logitech and everything

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#electronics biggots: functional/free/effective/proven < not even capable
you guys are fucking idiots =)
my sam7 is totally doing that ignoring flash commands things again

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this aint fucking kiddie pc software
when cnc progorammers crash shit, it costs money
i can blame cradek
and then sometimes it changes in next version
most of the time im being dumb tho
but yeah sometimes emc is being dumb, i go bitch, and then it gets fixed
open src #1
you go call your corpy tech support

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usb has shit latency
so the usb controllers available actually do step processing
you feed them vectors i guess
but its slower
so you get like 5mS res
theres more cpu involved in feeding the usb
its generally slower
theres a hacked to fuck emc that supposed has a usb controller down to 1mS
but i dont know if its a polished driver or what, its def not supported, as it basically has to make emc function without most of its functionality
like, im doing open-loop stepper shit, so config and control is hella critical
if the driver does something weird and the steppers lock, controller has no clue
so your machine setup just has to be perfect

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the new fadal controllers are supposedly even more pimp, onboard CAM app and shit
it doesnt matter
you can use anything with rs232
you could use qdos1.0
as long as you can flip bits on the serial port based on ascii file
you just feed them gcode, either thru rs232, floppy, usb storage, ethernet
then they eat it, throw it up on a toolpath sim, tell you if youre insane or not
but yeah, thats how CNC is normally done, and thats why its costs $20K+ for anything new
$50K for anything worth buying =(
mine = $2500, tooled up

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linux, i get realtime control, opengl graphical toolpath preplotting and position feedback, easy config, and i can do shit with the pc and not worry about it dwelling the fucking machine tool
fuck porting, shit works now
then itd be a hardware controller
and itd be like $5K
pc = almost free
end argument
windows = not even capable of hanging
actually, no thats not true, it does hang, literally, when my machine tool is supposed to make nice sweeping arcs and shit
we run that at school
we load gcode thru rs232 from a win3.11 box
into a smarter machine like moon describes
the Haas controllers are PIMP
we have like 4 or 5 extra ones just sitting on a counter setup as sim units
neato stuff

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mach hiccups, dwells the machine
everytime screen blanks, machine dwells
dont even try and open an app
in the lunix, i can do CNC and browse web, machine tool runs fine
so i dunno wtf youre talking about
DOS and linux can do realtime, xp cant =(
yeah link me to the software
because you said it can do it
thats why?
who the fuck does that?
ever heard of id rather make parts?
its realtime control step/dir
stepper control is done pwm with a driver board
k sure
jezus wtf, i must be some kinda idiot actually spending money for shit that works as advertised
the only probs ive ever had with it are dwelling with windows base control, and just the bullshit that is DOS

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who are you pointing at?
certainly not me
dude everytime you and stu have said that, i am irc'ing from teh xp box
because i know how to not do it wrong
because yeah i have like nothing better to do for 3 years before i actually needed EDA and CAD/CAM apps
for why?
hacked``: lunix can do realtime machine control
not as realtime as 200 step stepper at 45ipm on 20tpm screws, 1/8 microstepped
and the computer will do 60ipm, the machine wont
does not compute timecop
how is effective machine control useless?
doh *tpi
im sorry it cant
how many cnc machines you dont with a pc controller?

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no u
why would you even know what why are you using vista

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just use water based flux

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those rubber foam makeup pads
i wanna try those and iso
comes in all diff colors
its like foam rubber but i think its open cells so its spongy
because qtips, clothes, stuff like that leaves shit behind
you get the flux off but theres fucking cotton or paper particles up in everything
the hardcore makeup shit is made tp be cut up and hold squishy makeup
its the solvent
thats shit you wiping off is prob all the flux
cuz its prob mostly some shit that evaps away, but the flux prob does evaporate, so it kind collects where the drips were
i can get 99% iso from vons
i should get makeup sponges and spray bottles and iso
i need for the beo engee anyway
70 and 90 are common
99 isnt like rare or anything, tho
its like, iso alc, some water and fragrance

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thing so maybe

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unit41: maybe even better that way shrug
blackmoon: thank you
dude, thats chassis, heatsinks, hardware
texas is not far is they got good prices i wanna try them
Al extusions
i want to shop for a place that will do anything for not to expensive

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i bet most companies try and do it local
because shipping
100 of them will be =\
you want like ferrite toroids?
yeah little thingers

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digikey has little pulse xformers now, no?
yeah they got maybe 3 brands and 4 or 6 products

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15KV is bad for LED< k?
you can fit so many cig boxes in a peppridge farm cookie bag
what the EM field is coupling to the led fields?
make the cleartube longer then
er led pins
tell them to make it longer!
microwave transmission, so yes, indeed, magic
also im pretty sure its a pretty weak definition of 'lite up'
kevtris: no other side i guess
did they make it longer?

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foil sleeve
kids okay
stfu and drop it
it isnt going to change
hacked``: basically because parents cant keep their children from taking apart the electronics and gnawing on them
which i guess happens alot in europe, i dunno
dude lead dont hurt you unless you ingest it
or like, bathe in it

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he okay people
dunno if he lookin to move but he might be
might be mechanical rear brake
or some sorta slip adjust mechanism
yeah obviously

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what motors?
oh i didnt even see those
sorry, shopping
i just got like $200 in books for $30
ha hope they get here in some kinda sane amount of time
people moving away?
i know someone in vancouver
want me to ask?
dunno, they okay
chikenfat go to works and drinks
he brew beer for awhile
blackmoon: i known him on irc for like 6 years
and when my bro couldnt land in seattle because of storm, he landed in BC and stayed with him

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i havent gotten one of those for weeks
i thought he was busy dying or something?
wow lame schema png too big wordpress doesnt wanna make a thumbnail

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man fuck this
just use steppers
you could do calcs for turning based on steering wheel encoder!
hell dont even use pivot based steering
tank control gokart.
just dont do in hub motors if you do suspension because the unsprung weight is trash
check this out:
motors under your knees, shaft or tensioned chain coupled to both wheels on that side
dual sidestick controls
double plus weight distribution

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stus mom needs alot of pressure to transmit 6hp

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shit a car one is prob less for oem crap
well, oem replacement crap
yeah but a gokart one isnt gonna cost more
yes its very big gears, one is like floating i think
diffs hurt my brain =(
raw materials and loading design
gokart isnt nearly as hardcore

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because those little engines usually go like a billion rpm
okay you drive a 30K rpm shifter kart =\
no raaaa, eeiiii
just get a gokart diff?
am i ruining the fun?
gokart/motorcycle shop

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blackmoon: find a pick-a-part place
and just use the steering joint hardware from a honda or toyota or some shit
no, the joints
likt the little rotating assumblies and shit
you can just unscrew them and measure the threads, and then make your own and screw the car things on
ha, 6.5hp is alot for little kart
with any kinda of torque tho?

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omg sexy teachers book is min $60 used
why sexy teacher, why!?!?
for steering?
canada doesnt have junk yards?
go pick apart and jack some steering assembly stuff
just put in your pocket you wont have to pay!
just use a well padded seat
oh hes doing A-arms and springs?

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looks pretty sweet
heh, i want to use ball bearings in my non existant motor
oh moons is making steering?

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you do that now, remember

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qwkjhawtyghnm lokweoikme tyuhjs98is?

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DA and judge too
and they pay the pub defender
district asshole and public pretender

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its one of those words thats no one likes hearing in the system
like, harbor view, camarillo, los padrinos, various other juvenille hall and state psych places
i think pelican bay is the scary cali prison
fuck that aint no prison gonna kill me
shit im institutionalized anyway =\
that is a possibility
its the song, i didnt see the music vid till outta high school
crack dust

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doesnt work for community service or extra curricular academic activity
is that makers weekend?
ok yeah
80% yeah, but i dunno what comes up
school is pretty chill this semester
ill let you know if i know i cant make it
ex gf in chico, buddy in sacramento
cant think of anyone in the bay area
there no prison there
but if you really need to get rid of it, i can prob arrange something with sandi or sacremento person
los padrinos
oh my bad i guess thats the hardcore juvenile hall
okay neat

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but they extended the fuck outta it
extra week for recommendation letters
(is like automatic scholarship entry stuff)
prob not
i got nothing to write in for cummunity service type shit
er, community
its scholarship stuff, they want community service and involvementn in extracurricular activities
what ima be like 'i h4x.'
electronics and cnc
sometimes i even sleep and socialize

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wow $.01 + $4 shipping
thats better than $100 for sure
oh wtf
i missed the deadline for pomona aid

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he didnt put a book edition
ima get some $6 book
79 Used & new from $3.70
half.com my nuts
school people are stupid media inflicted biomass
amazon used booksellers > half.com

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i think they fucked me this semester
charles: i needed the trig book that day =(
okay thank voodoos, its a real book
(sometimes departmen heads will release 'books' with 'publishers'
really its their lame half assed lecture outline and powerpoint, photocopied and spiral bound, for like $150
you cant get these books anywhere except school, and they wont buy them back =(
i dunno why he put Pierce College in the book titled, scared the shit outta me
supposedly borders is the deal
they have a no questions return policy or something
but you have to basically not use the book
my scanner was $30
all that was wrong with it was box was smashed up

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macegr: do you think sparkfun will give me small amounts of credit in trade for header breakout devkit eagle lib?
okay that is my plan
i will extort $20 credit for my eagle lib
which they will see and they realize the obviously need
yeah, im thinking this is more likely the case
yeah but i can prob get something for another $10 or $20
really i need to stfu and buy school books
spent $100 on a trig book =(

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i think im gonna outline an eagle lib spec
so all my parts matchs
i always forget what font size i want to use
also yeah, you have to do lib drawing lines at .006, which isnt a default option
because thats pin width and net width
else your shift looks all mismatched and lame

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itd prob break her neck
i bet they felt stupid
no, i bet they realized their policy bullshit killed a baby

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okay, take .25 ball bearings, put some 1" shafts thru them
put bars on the ends of the shafts, press fit weight on one side, hole for connecting rod attachment pin
do on both sides of ball bearings
k make 5 to fit between all the cylinders
somehow weld the crankthing together, mount it by the bearings, should be ridiculous smooth
and then like, people dance and fornicate
good idea, no?
you like that mike tyson ending?
"not, but its early", not=no

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i have like 1200 channels
like 200 of them are actually real channels
okay i have an idea
not, but its early

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because you still need reflectors
that tree probably had a family
tv is bad for your squishy brain
make it out of wood, brass, and steam
maybe you are doing hooking it up and pointing wrong

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tho me and her both have tons of other possible reasons for that...

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stu: thats prob for acute situations, exposure to extreme levels
not long term low level
yeah put a shield on that shit dork
youre prob fine
me and my sister used to stare into the sun like that dude from pi
we both have 20/20 vision
i think some people just suck at UV or something
macegr: i mean like, general vision as affected by UV
i guess its just bad for eyes
IR and UV just visible type shit humans cant see, all sorts of animals see it
i wonder what he did wrong they are forcing him to go to radioshit
blackmoon: likely

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stu: its a bit of metal in a vacuum tube?
or inert gas tube
wtf is he doing?
stu: random metal in tubes usually to eat o2 (by oxidizing)
thats how we knew the leaky tubes soon as we opened the boxes
silver silver silver silver, flakey white, silver silver
lopta: all of them with datasheets

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its so think i could almost see it dissapearing in certain chems
er, thin
but yeah that metal shop place maybe got something
you just need like $2 worth of high temp rubber material
you have local metal place, no?
look for gasket material
sometimes they sell it in unpunches sheets
carb cleaner is awesome
dont get it on any kinda of surface finish =(
it ate my balcony floor =( =( =(

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so yeah, prob hard to just say gasoline proof, when its a shitty tube applied rubber dealie
blackmoon: is the carb on a manifold tube or its just bolted to the block?
like does it get mad hot?
can you hold a finger on the area where the gasket is?
yeah you can prob use rubber or something synthetic that wont melt at pussy temps
silicon rubber isnt expensive, you dont need a ton
okay cuz look, you will use this gasket bullshit, right
you will have to bolt down onto it
while its still kinda wet
so you gotta tighten but not so much that it pushes the goo out
so there is slack, and your motor vibrates a ton likely
so that shit will just crumble because of the vibration from the slack
no idea
im thinking either yes, or it just dissolves

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and also it wont work anymore anyway
you can find some gasket material and make on if you have to
like, because its just a carb seal, it prob wont fuck up your carb (unless the engine is blowing back into it, heh)
but it could maybe gumm up valve stems or something
blackmoon: itll work just maybe not for very long compared to some punched and cutout rubber type stuff
silicon rubber prob work pretty good
the gastic shit usually kinda gets crumbly
like if you use it for valve cover gasket, it can come apart on the inside edge and get all over your head mechanicals
clog up oil pump or water pump
well yeah for your carb gasket you need something wont get ate by your fuel
gasoline can be almost anything
they add diff junk to it, detergents and who knows what chem crap

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maybe i can get away with some thick shaft sections coupled by big circles
stu: haha you arms feel all rubbery and tingly after?
web lag
or for gasket sealing?
all that stuff is kinda shitty compared to actual gaskets, heh
if it crumbles itll fuck up your engine maybe

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obviously worked if you cant hear
you try it with the carb adjusted with straight new fuel?
yeah i was gonna ask about that
the workbench looks light, heh
10:46 < stu> http://di.cx/v/hobbies/rc/stu_a300_160208+005.jpg.html

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crank im like hmm
but yeah, i wanna do a toolpost on mill table h4x to mill valve bushings
thats some of the sweetest youtubed taig shit i seen
ha, nice
prob vibrates that wall behind it funny
steel sheet or something?
oh i guess you had someplace diff because you said its but was pointing outside
should make a plate to mount a drill and boring bar verticle
oh the exhuast just piped out?

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ha, omg 2stroke are looooud
gotta think of a neat little motor to make on my mill
i think straight 6 would be fun, pretty easy
ow =(
oh dude thats gotta sound huge
okay neat, i think ill do a tiny straight 6
hardest part should be figuring out how to do a crank
cam i could just do a shaft with holes or a slot and mill out cams, slide on and fix with pin and set screw or something

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yeah but youll still get weird fuckin echos all over garage
ha my honda was straight piped for a few months (cheaper than muffler), barely talk in my car on the freeway
glow what? glow plugs, diesel, eh?

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macegr: my wrt54gl can has mobility?
hehe, bolt steppers to the bottom and make a linksys tank
chico people made me a tall glass out of a newcastle bottle
i broke it =(
i also broke the stem curly on the glass pumpkin
i saw them do that (and fuck it up on other pumpkins), was pretty awesome
tested inside?

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dont believe the new era propaganda
no =\
ccfl_man: they are internel
oh, ha yes
wave reflectors, #1

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wtf are trees
mmmmm, trim
just put up some metal reflectors
conductive metal, insulated from ground, use like mirrors to bounce the microwaves around the trees
im not being silly
well i am
but itd work =D
if you cut down trees you will not have enough oxygen and you will suffocate and die
go read science book
algae is a type of small tree
no it all comes from your trees
phytoplankton is a myth

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when i can get dual 20" lcd for like $300, im down
yeah sure
when oled comes out, ima grab me some lcd
dual monitors is the setup
im only running one (other just off)
and its kinda clauserphobic
mine are old shit
im like more bright! but its already jacked to 100% on one =(

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i gotta clean workdesk
i think ima do this
toss TV
use gorilla glued end table for eee, and tek scope
macegr: why?
have one for shipping costs?
neat, extra motiviation
we can call it your bday present to me
not really
blackmoon: few more years

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i dont
you dont need to until week you build your compy
all changes in 3months anyway
thats actually about what it takes me
what if you work in a reconstructive surgury clinic
not safe for cubicle
you gotta have your 'show desktop' icon on a 3sec script that resets when you click or type in windows
or he pukes on your head trying to puke in pail

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but thats in the real world (the internet)
in the fantasy world (real life), hacker is a hateful label
they dont really see the use of a person who can penetrate thick security
or that all their security basically came from people like that
be it contracted or malicious
dude, one day the gov will run packet servers
and they will use an arrested kiddie to run it
and they will call him a hacker
in fact, they will call him The Hacker
no he prob just does pin -n 9999999999999 on 1000 machines simultaneously
of course he will wrap it in a bash script called 'national_defence.sh'
'bitch! youre caught. you can go to court, and probably jail, and never work in IT. or you can come with us.'
if FBI/NSA not at your front door, you aint that good

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truly, weve already taught him too much, and cant have him against us as it would be much effort to continously adjust ban masks
the media has trouble understanding 'anonymous'
they are so bad at the internets
CNN splashes IRC whenever they do a security story
its so embarrassing
im like, wow all your research and thats your big evidense, chat scroll
yeah that will hold up in court
no macegr
no hackers here
haha theres like 25% of this chan i have no idea who they are
i dont think its an issue until CNN and Fox figures out usenet
which basically just takes on of their IT guys going...
'uuugh... well, i know where it all comes from.'
jman: obviously

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so yeah, now sandi feeling even MORE awkward
because her grad student buddies treat her like as the spokeperson for all of latin culture
and like, if youre a kid from LA, thats kinda like 'NO FUCK YOU, CRACKER'
theyre from iowa
they dont get it
yeah so shes kinda having social issues
they just seem dim and redneck
they dont even get how theyre being assholes
they think they were being assholes
and now by putting her culture on a pedastool, its respecting it
basically, sandi = odd one
dude, indy is redneck racing mecca
daytona dont count cuz stock cars is gheys
yeah really
also timecop can learn
we have proven this, a few times
one day maybe his troll army will save the internets and redeem itself

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teacher tried to talk to exgf later
only make teacher look more stupid
no but she was just being a hateful bitch
not as much hateful but like, dumb
like, dude okay yeah maybe the people in charge are like you say
what about the 99% of the people who agree with you who live there
it was a very eurocentric view of was chinese people were bad
'they have no respect for culture, none of them!'
im like wtf culture
but it was alot of really silly shit to say
5000 years of continous culture, they have as much intercultural history in that country as we do in all our western history
how long ago was a chamber pot common in europe
they needed plumbing because they were dumping their shit into the middle of the street
black plague my ass, black heigene lesson

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http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_board.png http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_schema.png http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_parts.txt
how interesting
tell me more of this html?
will it work with wordpress?
you think itll catch on?
damn cuz im already getting sick of this wordpress
looking to upgrade, maybe this html is the way to go
my exgf pronounces ajax as AH-HAX
yeah basically
omg you are so anti-cultural!
so shes in chico right
her whole art program, few exceptions = crackers
her teacher was talking about a china trip, and making huge generalizations about chinese people
and like, it made sandi cry
so she told teacher like all the stupid things she said
because she wrote them all down
and why they were stupid
and basically shut down class

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only complaints ive heard people make about him:
hey did you know obama is muslim?
the billary != milf
pilosi is more fuckable
shes wired on something, maybe just coffee
i bet she can move when she on top
dude LA has like 20 girl reps
okay no fureals
its like 6, and brad sherman (PIMP)
fuck her
you know i loved her?
because i never saw pretty woman
and she looks like my sexy best girlbuddy
but yeah, her and tori amos, like they got all confident and successful
kinda killed it for me, i dunno
same can be said for slug of atmosphere
jessica alba was hotter when she was kinda insecure and chubby

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naw fuckit we america
civil rights was prob 'hmm, this will work in 10 years...'
hes the only one that isnt trying to cause fights
he the only one that gets that people dont wanna be primary colored
he should win because his spin is best
serious, hillary couldnt even wait for the main election
she got nasty in the fuckin primaries vs her own side
and STILL obama being a real thinking politician, calling her nothing more than a formiddable but qualified oppenent
and even calling her a friend
huckabee will ruin education to make evangelicals happy
i know im just saying why he scares the fuck outta me
yeah fuck you, i can play bass to kinda SO WHAT
dude girls wanted clinton like kennedy
and he aint even good looking
hes a chubby!
thats why obama should win
everyone like him, and people talking shit gettin into trouble, because he aint

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mccain cant win a debate vs a real person
i mean cmon when your competition is huckabee and romney
huckabee cant win
the longer he stays in, the more people hes pissing off
he doesnt have the votes to win
its already over, hes still in it 'because i learned about miracles in school'
as opposed reality
like, he has to blow mccain out in every single primary from now on
and people like mccain
i like mccain
hes a dork
and a soldier
but i dont think hes a bad person, i dont think hes owned
wtf is a huckabee, dude
hillary is owned
borak obama
is like fucking historical
yeah mccain isnt bad
if hillary wins, i will vote for him
congress will stay dem

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she prob pissed him off one night
and hes like 'ok you lose'
08:58 < macegr> and announced a winner, and told them to send an email to get their prize
08:58 -!- macegr was kicked from #electronics by Quarks [flood]
clinton wants to contest primary outcomes
they dont get it
like, obama gonna win unless someone knock him down hard

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we pointed out he was not muslim
but his estranged dad was
like every estranged black dad in the 60s
and that his name rhymes with 'osama'
watch out!
dude everyone things hes hardcore muslim now
because of billary/repub email spam
carl rove is doing fox news campaign coverage
im like, wtf he does even call them up to adjust the spin anymore
he just shows up
obama bin laden!
obama bin fuckin
haha clinton jokes #1
i dont even remember who did that, maybe chappel
but yeah bill clinton went nuts
see i love that man
he knows his wife got no business leading the country

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my quebecer girlbuddy will turn into a flap man?
she got a bf, is this the first step?
omg he is infusing her with his man particles!
oh hmm, not yet
she said it was cool if i visit if i dont stay there
also he prob not cool with us hanging out alone
by all means, he shouldnt be
so like, i should see them both
i will check for cardboard cutouts
they are not so horrible at tech
i will also check for cybernetic internals
small wonder style
i bet it was levine or levy before the LA producer got at her
april lesbian is a bad pr0n name
april o'niel
Borack Osama
haha me and geeker girl in sociology class making obama jokes

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like, this is your wine for cheese, this is your wine for beer, this is your wine for bathroom cleaning supplies, this is your egg wine
see you dont know what wine to have with eggs
but they got your back in montreal, because its right next to the eggs
quebec isnt totally canadia
its more french
but if you call them french, as opposed to french speaking, they will murder your family
yes, they are cute when they are girls
they will still murder your family if you call them canadian or french
i dunno some of the older ones were hot too

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LA was built in the 60s, 70s, prob asbestos everywhere
well, greater LA
inner city is like 20s-50s build with 90s-00s retrofit
my building is not like the other
this was prob commercial space 30 years ago
it looks very 80s, and its amall
now its maybe 3 competing strip malls
i cant handle small town america, its like being at home if 80% of the valley just disintegrated
but the food and markets are all the same, sometimes just smaller
he is
montreal was a trip
because it was structured the same as LA, but all the branding was completely diff
and wine in every aisle

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08:26 < Blackmoon> Warning, religion is known in the state of california to cause... Eh, Just about everything.
we have one of those signs on our front gate, most 60s/70s build apartments do =)
carcinogens and birth defects, not religion
theyre everywhere, heh
you kinda stop seeing them after awhile
for apartments, its usually asbestos or black mold
like, if you get black mold and your management company doesnt handle it, you can sue them hardcore
in all the pub schools
they remove it in hazmat suits a little at a time

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like idiots with 2 year historical attention span
religion almost doesnt exist here
its so diverse, no one cares
like, its like spice, theres so many people into their own shit, religion and hardcore religious people kinda specs in the puddings
religion dont control shit
im not huge fan of rice pudding
or horchata for that matter
remember this next time you try and call me a mexican
blackmoon: we have that sign on our front gate =)
either black mold or asbestos
but we pretty late build, escher architecture from late 70s or 80s, we prob not heavy on asbestos
so my guess is black mold

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ha, i never thought about it like that
but i dont really have probs talking to guy teachers and admins
yeah really
too much shit to remember if you dont
keep teh untruths specific and concise!
blackmoon: i think if we dont 180 education in the next 10 years, american empire is over in 30
our kids are totally that dumb
if they privatize and voucher education, a VERY large portion of the pop will be taught bible science
creationism, world flatness and center of universeness
total disregard for statistics
bible as history, science, business, and ethics
california would possibly break off
we pretty down wit public school here
also we dont blame loss of jobs from outsourcing on mexicans

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because my head counselor at one school became the assistant principal of attendance at another school
and she was cool with me, i could walk into her office for random convo whenever
and then shed give me a tardy note, signed by principal of attendance
was pretty pimp
i wasnt a rebel, i just didnt give a shit because i wasnt really learning anything
the smartest teacher made me her TA instead of kicking me out, and i basically ran her class instead of disrupting it by entertaining myself with the lab gear
its repetitive
you covered most the material except language, possibly math, in junior high and elementary school
they had this class for undermotivated students with very high standardized test scores
and i convinced the head counselor to get me out of it (her program)
because i told her i didnt give a shit, and itd be better to give the seat to someone else who wanted help
so she agreed, and told my counselor, who was pissed because he said i was poster kid for this program
and they literally yelled about my in his office, whole staff of counseling office just looking at me, sitting by the door

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the raver massives were kinda cool like that before like 2002
show up between 22:00 and 00:00
nothing over till it blue out at 6:00
no one can
daytime it was time to go home and rest
then when i was a kid in group homes, we used to stay up late to kickit because everyone else crashed out or in their rooms
so like, me and my bros were pretty sane, not breaking shit and causing staff issues, just smoking herbs and talking outside
school was fake their, no reason to stay awake for it
like, i got my tattoo from the husband of my school principal there
i used to just not go to class, hand out in the principals office, talk about motorcycles and tattoos
hang out
heheh, i also used to do that in public school

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well, yeah might just be broken
i dunno
wtf was i doing sleeping by midnight
yeah looks like i was down by midnight
dude what kinda of a little kid were you
struggle against the waking forces on the weekdays
wake up 5a on the weekends
gotta hit that atari
get me some more digdug flowers
yeah my age sensor is bork, dude
no but i can try
serious ive never had problems waking up for the weekends =)
sometimes my morning starts at 17:00
no schedule, i usually fall into inverse schedule
survive the night, rest during the day

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07:59 < timecop> maybe you should learn the concept of timezones
morning techy peoples
why do you call me names like a girl
i told the girl people who called me that
they say youre a poser
you aint a real girl
you sort the contrast thing?
heh why?
oh fuck
did it have rev voltage protection?
yeah because that .02 diode just jack up the bottom line too much
so what its burn ot what?
meh thats early
no way you work sundays
timecop: it might just be filled with crap daya, needs init and loading
daya (c) ren, always

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