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yes kind of
not enough, helped
heh, my 0805 are now in baggies in baggies in baggies

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most tubes setups will roll the waves during transistions and clipping
unsharpen corners
you can emulate it in solid state with filters tho
yeah its so subjective its silly to call one platform lame or not based on sound
people traditionally dont like precision audio
it sounds cold to them
and lacks bass, if its a tuned flat response system
but yeah, tubes vs solid state
im all down with monolithic audio opamps
50W RMS output at 50% efficiency, for $5
che choice is clear, and it has little to do with sound
its about reliability, cost, and flexibility
i can filter it and make it sound alot like a tube amp
i could output transformers it, i bet it fools alot of people in ABX comparisons

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not a tube amplifier
shit (read: common) audio tube amps
because they based off tubes with ancient specs, using the same fender and marshal circuits, cloned over and over and over again
like, long tail pair into A or AB output into tube transformer silliness
so like, its a lack of slew rate because of the tubes and because of the output transformer
also, they dont clip as sharply
those thats only applicable to musicians and audiotards
its like electronic equiv to removing either even or odd harmonics
like, a typical solid state amp will clip hard
its basically harmonics to infinity
solid state will handle sharp transients, and will clip against rails really hard, very flat corners

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fuck if i know
4 pole filter, pwm output, maybe 20-80KHz
cutoff at 5KHz, or 10KHz?
im like fuck the last octave
maybe even fuck the last two
mmmm, audio warmth feeling obtained

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i have found magical combination of available parts for preamper
no, 2.828V to 2.0V conversion
2Hz to 30KHz single pole -3db response
local parts usable circuitry obtained

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oh, lame

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he was kinda a little guy, clean cut, nice kid but bit weird (meeting his mother and her puppy explained alot)
but yeah, maybe 150lbs, 5'8"
he was in placement partially because he ripped a newpaper machine out of the sidewalk
and somehow got the change box open
like, once he was pissed, and he pulled a steel gate off its welded hinges
little guy, holding on, yelling, shaking the shit out of it, till it just snapped
but he was very polite, when not enraged
we used to play that song and watch him do stuff in the quad
yeah just yank hard enough, prob tear out the sheet screws

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ac-130u: omg old skool
in group homes and placements and psych hospital, going nuts over undelivered pepsi was often a fun way to pass time
some staff got the symbolism
blackmoon: heh
see dont what that tv box
go find lyrics for 'institutionalized'
no suicidal tendencies
i know, why i brought it up
daniel sube was 'war inside my head'

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doesnt MJ own most of the beatles catalog?
all of them?
yeah totally
okay thats cool
harrison should have them
is hes still alive?
hes quite, does production
so many dying i get confused and forget which
like it finally hit me james brown really dead
not like, the song, like fureal
i bet bob dylan somehow lives to be like 140
haha like
they run out to put his coat on
and try and pull him off stage
but like, stead of throwing the jacket off and fnishing long set
he just go home, die

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calgar: ?

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i hate how socializing takes so much time

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too busy checking for people and dragging people out to count, like not even an hour
i guess like 2 hours now

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cops lucky they havent gotten school gunmen like those N hollywood bank robbers
i heard way more too
they prob still sweeping classrooms

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(vixipixi from chi told me)
macegr: not particularly, but she awesome people
her and her bf at the time picked me up in midway terminal
smoked me out two bowls in the terminal loop during a 45min stopover
so i <3

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teknique: cmoning soon (to an overheated pc neat you)
yea -typos
haha, man can you beieve im going to welding this sleepy?
no burns last semester on oxy-fuel torch
so by definition, i was doing it wrong
but i got an A anyway
with the TIG thing, maybe

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hes not juist a worker, hes also the tech shop president
okay ya i lied
im all out of cherry yogurt =\
how many people got monies, tho

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im not sure theyre that powerfull right at the lens
okay do this for silk, right
get a CNC mill
get like a 3/8" collet
put the sharpie in the spindle
obtain ur label
naw man
use silver.
but yeah, they got fine point paint markets in any color
youll get spirals and youll ruin the tips
but its fun
we do most 1st semester mill work with a felt pen loaded into a spring loaded holder
so we can land the tip at diff depth for diff spinny effects
not at all
you just do a cool splatter design on the clipboard fixture
sometimes you have to pick the end of the pen out of the tool holder
its semi translucent
so you might get a neat penetrating/diffusing effect

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soft or hard controller?
soft controller you can prob measure backlash and program the offset
hardware controller is a big maybe
Cleaning your Linear Encoder Strip
oh wtf
thats prob bad for laser
does the paint get smokey?
i guess okay then
i just imagine thing paint smoke film partially blocking laser lens
yeah but it needs to be focused

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diy, if you have a fuckin laser etcher
man fuck you guys
ima go eat some yogurt
towards toolmarkers precision
to really do fixture setup clean
that sucks
is it a feedback system?
or just open steppers

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yeah i can take pics of the pcb again
but its only leds and ballast + soic
not the headers, rca jacks, or passives
just VU section and amps
i have to figure out the filter values work with parts i have
i figured out the preamp input
taking it from 2.828 to 2.0V
im guessing 74-76
no shit?
they sucked at opamps then, tho
and 555 is like couple amps and a ref or something, no?
(hahaha i dont do 555 circuits, touched one once in basic DC class as a 'circuit to come' end of the year lab)
thats about 3 amps worth of transistors
for timing, you cant fuck with a uC
dont do it!

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but yeah, so me and jenny old buddies, been there done that, actually get along much calmer when one of both of us involved with someone else
but yeah, we can get touchy feely, else we get like, touch feely
but jezus fuck she like rubbed my neck for 5sec while walking out door once
omg magical
er, cantcantcant
when i thought my cat was dying last night who you think i called spraying my wall with tears =\
when harold is bad, harold is her cat
like when harold go outside and roll around in bbq ash and leaves, harold = her cat
macegr: she mostly finished a massage school too
and she wasnt bad at touchy feely stuff when we were younger/stupider, either
like, we were both good, but now she some kinda 3r337
rab: something more interesting?
maybe an electrician girl, or something?

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i wouldnt mind doing stuffed shells or lasagna
not me
i just wanna find a girl person to rub under my shoulder blades
because thats where it hurts
right here:
yeah kinda under bottom edge
no, underneath
its not always underneath
depends on my arms position
kinda like, bottom of my shoulder blade, middle of my deltoid, kinda feeling rib/spine joint pain
i think backpack and shockless bike fucking up my shoulders/back
macegr: which girl
sandi is gone
jenny is actually ninja at massage
but she has a bf, and im not trying to create drama and personal anxiety explosions or anything
sandi does clay, jenny does clay and glass
yeah well shes 400mi away

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i have elbows
classico four cheese sauce
parmesan + romano
weird sauces are weird
tomato + cheese sauces = neutral, tastey
whatever is still weird
i think classico makes it actually
and weve had it
and i still think four cheese #1
jdude: yeah
in 1986
before i got a snes
er, nes
where is teh bouncer
stu: !
macegr: thats some work
i put the electric boiled water in a pan
turn on fire
wait like 30sec for rolling boil
throw in elbows, 10min, drain/rinse, preheat sauce, spike with more cheese, dump pasta back in
is not 5min
if 5min just to make good filling
straight ricotta is meh

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14:21 <+Eggsalad> Stu is a hybrid animal, the result of an eggsalad?
man fuck this physicans and electronics shit
this year, we need to be doing some magic
should i take nap or make pasta

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just ignore stu, he is our poorly implimented AIbot
charles`: travesty, HUSH!
fuck all you guys, GMT-8 #1
end of the world, mufuckers
(continentally speaking, of course)

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ha, svga res monochrome

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timecop and teknique tried to say my scope was shitty because it bounced with my onboard card
and the ac/dc coupling didnt matter
im like, hello youscope does not break capacitors and basic AC electronics
be neat to make some sorta general gfx adapter for scope

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if i was a running and jumping person, im sure i would go faster and higher with these shoes

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that would be so fun
whatever, we can hang
yo man all you gotta do is build a giant magnet
vacuum cleaner.
you would launch bombs
filled with gas
explode them to create short term localized atmosphere
then suck that shit up thru a filter
mobilestu: pfft
aint no super akira beam from space gonna kill me
<3 new pumas

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by under control, you mean they are watching it and pointing calculators at it?
why not
ideas is ideas, yo

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path0s: fuck
fuck it blow it up thatll make it better
they want to test their missile shield ballistics tracking
like wtf who cares, no one is gonna nuke us with missiles, because we have more, and we have radar
wtf is LEO
they used to airburst nukes
there are already ninjas there
NASA airbrushes them out =(
better propulsion and armor

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they gotta use enough bleach it fuckup your sense of taste if they gonna be doing it up like that
i dont want to go to school!
i want to sim and solder and test!
wtf business class
i should have take some alternative lame ass class
how come no one draws opamp circuits like me
why do they always do this feedback divider wraparound
just drop the feedback straight to gnd, run the feedback line back

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j4ck|u54: have you seen gogol bordello live?
find them
new york immigrant gypsy punk
best live show, ever.
i dont even give a shit if theyre fake gypsys
they rawk
gypsie are people
in LA, they are generally known for trying to cheat commercial establishments out of pocket change amounts of value
im sure some are good musicians
im sure some wouldnt know quitar picking from butt picking
you got butt in your mouf!
its in ur throat! nooooooooo!
haha when i was in county jail, there was mad pics of people in jail and their staph infections
theyre like 'dont get this'
wtf dont get that how im not supposed to touch anything ever and also not bath or something

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im sure if you walked up to him like: bessel, butterworth, and chebychev. you want in?
hed prob do it for free
heh, linkwitz-riley
i dont know about songs anymore =(
hey man nice chebychev
have you seen the vid?
such a casual suicide
the vid that the song is about
not the music vid
oh sry read wrong
gogol bordello
chebychev sang in immigrant russian punk accent

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ok no sry, pls done die
i want to do a butterworth or chebychev
chances of having correct 5% value caps and resistors = maybe
i guess i can solder up preamp section and then try and find some combo of available parts that does something around 10KHz

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omg guys
my 10K 0805 are gone

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no u!

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should get a 550 speedster and a cowboy had
but yeah, 3.3K with 10K VCC/2 bias Rs will work
fuck low power, noise supression and EMI transmission is sexier

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macegr: convince stu to stop embarassing himself so i dont have to feel awkward anymore
you know, like how you feel when you watch the scenes where bowie sings in labyrinth
omg what if i dont have 0805 in 33K
2.828V to 2.0V preamp input will be defeated =(
omg yes we know, you dont care
okay bye, rebel

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he got jewish pattern baldness with the matching beard
also not like sigourney
who was the girl in abyss?
like a less genetically challenged julia roberts type
um um um
macegr: no his baldy side hairs seemless melds into his beard
but i dunno he prob fatter and more crazy now
who knows what he looks like
andie macdowell?
omg i think thats it
she was hot, yo (she got old i think)
we need to freeze the good ones while theyre still hot!
until we can figure out how to like put them in some sort of age stasis mode
no stu, 32-bit
dude, why you talking like a girl
because that nick doesnt insult me, as other people call me it
but they are all girls
so to me it makes you seem very girly
macegr: wat
they gonna remake ALL the new eps?

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omg please, no embarrassing movie refs to hacking a prophetic author
thats like the angelina jolie movie for hax0rz
60 sec is the angelina jolie movie for car mofos
yeah it was
the lara croft shit is her gamer geeks
she needs to do some hardcore trekki scifi
then she will have enough influence to raise her geek army to steel all of the childrens from afrika
yeah sigourney is used up
cameron gonna need a newer ripley
omg sigourney in low cut french panties to small
at end of aliens = best moment of sci fi history
no sry, end of alien
dude im sorry that was awesome when i was like 7
dude my dad is a 350lb bald jew
not rly

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you can
itll suck

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Pakistani government would be willing to offer technical advice and assistance to the United States on improving its nuclear weapons handling procedures. Speaking anonymously because of the issue's sensitivity, senior Pentagon officials said it is Washington's role to give, not receive, advice on nuclear weapons safety and surety issues.
the last three paragraphs are good shit

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i wonder what gibson thinks of anonymous
(book before last was semi related)

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