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theyre custom jobs with dell spec bios
every dell ive worked on has been a bitch
well, one was actualy like a normal pc
but it was 2x as much
and it still had shit psu and wtf bios options
psu should be standard

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someone should a bbq out of p4 and amd xp chips

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yeah see hes fine
charles: are you natted?
/set dcc_own_ip
i dunno wtf theyre doing
he need to fix his dcc ip and ports anyway
its always psu
me too
ima buy a case and make sure its setup nice first
ha yeah, sucks

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omg lies!
blackmoon: some weak stuff
/set dcc
timecop: mils
or inches with missing decimals
like, its inches
machinist work in mils
it works
youve dcc'ed to me
did you change shit?

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fuckit just make a 1" board that plugs in
timecop: little board?
stickers =(
stickers are for action figures
bubble sticker > sticker
yeah for a couple days
then the corner starts to lift...
then what, wtf do you do then
what if it had important connector infos on it!?
superglue wont eat the sticker?
timecop: link to gnaakids.jpg

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yeah even my mill can do your shit probably
actually your shit is short, it could
the spec?
vid loop shit or what?
what is ur h4x application, sir
blackmoon: pci spec was kinda a fucked up read

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so an individual meltdown would be kinda whatever
yeah but im sure cores are way bigger
because each rod has to be critical, no?
nerobro_: heh neat
'there lie wastelands, all who go die'
timecop: tell you cnc tech to put his machine back together and give you some etch samples
if the engravings look good, $8 for milled panel is pretty awesome
ask him if he can do it with a few diff tool profiles
like, point, ball tip
tiny square endmill

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no i mean go china like get my shit from their
w00t, 99 typos
it should be standard
with fault tolerance
developed openly by joint research and etc
like the shuttle
except more non failure
just make sure the hallway is mirror finish
man thats be the worst hallway for sex
be like so smooth couldnt feel anything
of they need to make little reactors
and mad parallel them

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if thats finished, thats pretty good for low cost
so just a drill hole, a slot, and a square hole?
see that price is so unexciting
yeah i saw
they punch ugly
did you see pics?
a buck or two!
shit if i go china, its to save like $50-100 at least

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like, theres prob some plastic made for this
that you could squeegee on and let dry
what do you meam?
itd be a blind hole to a specified depth
oh like for screw heads?
thats actually counterbored and countersunk
because its a clean thread
you have to countersink threaded holes least a bit or the come out nasty
because the tap bits on the surface, full thread, and lifts the metal a tad
countersink it bites below surface, and increasing thread height instead of starting at full
before or after silk or etching?

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i guess just make sure its not super thing paint
well, silk prob wont go into the etch well
and i prob wouldnt rock paint in letters unless it was clearcoated
ha, dyed anodizing is sweeet
some of the paint markers at the field i worked at were insane
timecop: prob best do either engraving or silk
or i guess silk outlines if you have a hardon for both for some reason

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if its got major issues, get milled
fit will be way better
wow thats like best theyre willing to say?
that shit was ugly =(
i guess the thickness is an issue
i loved that docu
'its stuck... yes it has a fuel rod stuck in its tracks... stupid american robot'
timecop: yeah they suck at big shit
just get milled
you might end up with fit issues
omg you were gonna paint the panels?
are you like awesome at spraypaint?
timecop: oooh
timecop: on anodized?

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blackmoon: you mean the rollers with the loose looped sheet?
those are actually excellent
theyre actually too good
you have to make serious effort not to roll to tight
but yeah, joint in about 5sec, usually perfect and creaseless
the rizla style tube fillers
i think they break more
they supposed to work good
blackmoon: i just read that
punch might be nasty
timecop: not if theyre good
if theyre good itll look pro
pro shit is almost alwats stamped
timecop: ask them for for examples of well finished anodized stamps

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rastas are same as xtians
jacked the jews for culture, call a man the messiah
ras tafari was their jezus
btw im obviously not a rastafarian
dunno about that
they had space station
they built the space resort
they didnt wanna go back to babylon, called the spaceship zion, listened to zion dub
which is basically drum n bass
two axis machine
Z and C
Z for the rolling assembly
C (same parallel axis, of course) would be for distirbuting teh bu
put the dispenser on an M code

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see wtf is up with people making shit up to talk shit about people
mufuckers, use real shit, else it dont hurt!
dude whatever moon
be optomistic!
you could charge your cell phone with just a parachute
zion is rasta shit because zion is biblical shit
as is babylon

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but yeah, everytime they redesign a reactor from scratch, its whole new set of failure points
and its also a whole new set of production cost
timecop: !
my cnc is running
shit it been running since i got it
aint no reason to take it apart
you dont need to dissassemble the whole thing to tune it
your cnc machinist's machine failed
okay just for blog clatiry
timecops's cnc machinist's machine failed
timecop: so wtf, tell him to fix it

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seravitae: sodium based coolant is standard, i dunno much chem tho
or was standard
but the coolant that the research reactor dumped was sodium based
dunno, something ate the seals
i dont remember what happened, but it dumped coolant, blew up, radioactive coolant splashed into west valley hills
they contained it
and then turned it back on, no one knows why
well, maybe mil knows why
nerobro_: commercial/functional or just research stuff?
yeah but the other reactors are okay
the workers are just insane
well, okay yeah
thats not a sane statement
any system is human
its because every reactor is one off
they need to start making standard reactors and controllers

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20 jigga watts dude
thats more than the fuckin de lorean
yeah fureal hehehe
flux capacitor was for making it last longer i think
lightning couldnt be so long
it was 4MW i think
3MW of thermal
they got 200KW for power out of it
400kW piped heating
yeah not so bad, wasnt just power
hehe, cook with it
i wonder what the santa susana research cores were

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no one lived in the valley back then
just farms
nerobro_: no one died
thats critical mass research shit tho
they all died from it
nerobro_: yeah, i didnt know about yours
but no one died immediately from santa susana
thats like, first deaths
NASA system failure studies have cited that the core power level reached nearly 20 GW in just four milliseconds, precipitating the reactor accident and steam explosion.
are they saying it was 20GW in the core for 4ms?
thats what they are saying huh
dude that much dissipation, core prob didnt exist after =(

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nerobro_: when?
nerobro_: santa susana was unshielded mil research reactors, in the 60s i think
and besides that, they manufactured and post-processed fuel rods
blackmoon: mil, "fuckit"
nerobro_: its not very public, no one really knows here
nerobro_: its like 6mi from here
they didnt even get in trouble for that
wiki has a santa susana article
but yeah, they got in trouble because they dumped the chem they washed the rocket test platforms with into the ground
nerobro_: nice
nerobro_: it was before chernobyl
the weird thing is:
they contained it
then turned it back on, damaged, for like a week

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like, we want your worldwide infrastructure, but fuck you, you keep that
in santa susana?
the lake might be chatsworth reservoir
but yeah, the workers used to eat fish they caught in lake by the reactors =\

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charles: first nuclear meltdown was 30mi from downtown LA!
no but im hoping maybe i can score some surplus shit
wtf are you talking about, pls to be more obvious or something
im not planning on doing precision research for a thesis
i want to go to the west valley by santa susana and up by top of de soto and see if it reads diff
then LA proper and the mid valley and east valley
that land is like unwanted/unclean
except for housing developers, which is scary
they plan on clearing the land for residential
but yeah, one aerospace company bought out another company, everything except santa susana

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stu: because the pc had a gige port
wonder if people have data implants yet
no i mean like mass data storage
no data feedback implants
like, drop 100GB into this mofo and send him into russia
or something
sometimes ninjas gotta go into chernobyl
or the west valley =(
charles: i want to take a geiger to the hills around my home
charles: there is secret gov stuff!

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like, someone trolled me because of my hair
but gave up
okay besides that, im not thinking of a ton of recent things
tell him not to bring it up, was dropped 20min ago
i aint gonna ignore his ass
what does it come with?
is that a 64b proc?
is xp functional at 64b?
oh cool
props to mr toshiba
timecop: heh?
omg i need to get a real computer
just sounds funny
yeah im not doubting it works
why is it better to run 32b xp?
whats wrong with 64b xp?

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so you get a license
and you can sell full auto
wow go NRA
fuck firing dont make any money firing them
i know people into this shit
but im not trying to do illegal shit with a machine bought with academic aid
tinkerbelle = good girl cnc
dude its a little mill
tiny, fairie mill
shit sitting next to a haas almost look like it could just burst with some pixie dust and float
like 80lbs or something
omg you ask #cars peoples that?
dude this is so 20min ago
i get trolled everywhere
youre trolling me here
not like i dont have productive convo

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studio prob got like 100 phone numbers and fuck knows if they even know whats going on anyway
like, temp agencies are setup to cut people checks
and basically contact people
so i have no idea who to call to get tickets for random shows
but i know temp agencies will know the shows that have extra seats
someone asked me about that
making gun parts
said i would need a lathe (i would, to do anything id want to give to anything)
any parts?
you can make full auto conversions to go into stripped out recievers
and big bro is cool with this?
so its regulated

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jerry is chicago
maury/montel is like softcore jerry
but yeah, hollywood and burbank do a ton of pilot and 1st season shit
so they needs butts in seats, and they need people fucking laugh when they blink laugh
so yeah, pizza and juice, tickets thru temp agencies (heh, you get ticket and they pay you, its weird)
well, somewhat
its shit work, because they overbook a ton, get alot of noshow
so sometimes you just dont get a seat, and you dont get money
and you prob wasted 30min in a line
also its not consistent

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you would know its me because they forgot my fake name and used my real one =(
girlboy girlboy girlgirl drama
like, we like it, but we feel cheated on
guide us, dr drew (stfu adam)
audience or guest?
you get paid or just food?
omg wtf
you got jacked, yo!
they trying to piss you off
late show is kinda like a real show tho
maury is like, a drama production
usually for tv audience spots, you get money or at least food
ha, maury they prob rather have a pissy audience
nyc might be diff tho
well, nyc and chi
oh right

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they got the call in freakshow on cspan =\
omg middle american xtian repubs
thats one thick WTF bubble they live in
i dunno i just watch the politicians now
thats like some trainwreck fureal shit
its staged
they will do on scene shit, someone will throw a turkey out the window
and there will be a cam on the ground, at the window, catching the turkey flying out
they dont need to pay people to lie
people will make shit up to get on
and people will work with them to make it a bigger scene
its a free trip to chicago
shit we did it for nothing before loveline was a middle america syndicated then mtv thing
was like, see how long you could take up the radio with your fake shit
adam corolla is on tape somewhere telling my friend to tell me to shut up and then to give me the thumbs up

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see, like there, like stu takes it from a chan discussion thing to like this personal attack thing
after a crying on the floor, presumably beat thing
youre the only other person besides avrfreak makes kiddie physical threats like that
dude whatever, scematics
you do it and avrfreak does it, and most everyone elses violences is indirect or unfocused on chan members
who the fuck cares about in person
no one going on a picnic with you, stu
so kinky!
yeah 4a sounds good

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is stu jewish?
shit im official not jew
hardcore jews shun me
charles: indeed, love feeling obtained
i was crying earlier because i thought my kitty was dying =(
wtf is renird?
no rubin
ha its fucked up someone in another chan uses my name and middle initial as a nick
tho i mentioned it and they changed it to frankp or some shit
see wtf is that about, stu

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the blogger?
haha stu afraid of truths
because he has ph33r
because he cares
stu: <3
asscones, stu
stu i dont give a fuck
my main interaction with avrfreak is you still going on about him
and him ranhdomly messaging me 'mucking foron'
i swear to god
jezus fuck, rennie
girls call me rennie
with an i, retard
no youre a retard for bringing it up for absolutely no reason, genius
like, what kinda stab is that?

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because honestly, everyone intelligent says i would be retarded to do anything else
but okay stuf, you can be the sole dissenting voice
because what i should do is get a job
like you?
quit school, get a job, and just take pride in my paycheck
you are a contractor
yeah fuck all that
you really think i couldnt dick with computers for money instead of going to school?
stu, do you honestly think i enjoy my status?
i mean, how dense are you, seriously?
no but you make a ton of assumption anyway
dude, if we took a poll of who thins ren is a dick and who thinks stu is a dick, i dont think anyone really confused to the outcome
i dont make it a point of my existance in the chan
i dont assume youre an idiot
i know youre an asshole
i know youre quite good at many things, actually
thats fine
obviously im doing the same
so its kinda wtf statement
hell yeah
its thurs night
fuckin celebrate

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wtf stu
the more school i do, the more in debt i will be
stu: lack of motivation is the brain moosh
dont use it, you lose it
because you have to make intelligent jumps from my statement
more debt = more money to pay off = more work
see what my issue is when i was a kid, people told me i had to go to school, because i was a waste if i didnt
and i bought it
okay well, not everyone does shit the same
i didnt even start til 23
ha, waste
because yeah
having a job
and 2 weeks vacation a year
thats better than like, 3 months off
prob 4, all vacations off
paid to have fridays off
if ima get paid to work for someone else, or to go to school
damn straight im going to school
if someone gonna give me a loan with deferred interest at the best rate of my life
fuck yeah, im down
no stu
i want to work at what i want to work in
something i love
i am willing to put the time in to do it

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again, petty bitch shit
not rally im just making observations
youre the one who gets rather personal, constantly, over nothing
pretty much the same
stu: sure
dude try years
also weeks, months, etc
uh huh
so thats what happened to you?
serious, you talk about being practically learning disabled all the time
i wish i could learn this, i wish i could learn that, i wish 10 years ago i had start doing this
bitch about people who want to go to school

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how did i almost kill my cat?
fools a pothead, we dont make him smoke
stu: wow, you are a bitch
do you really have any delusions as to why people dont <3 you?
possibly that is the point, i dunno
stu: okay irssi does not do that onjoin by default
/set quit_message

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screen + irssi = edge.
yeah see, i have control over my quit msges
no, but its funny anyway
oh fuck i decided to go to sleep an hour ago
i have to go chill with business teacher
well fuckit, i dont need to think hard for intro business
i am still traumatized

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i just alias my join #chan,#chan to /efnet
prob some sexy way to do it in config
i dont like it autoconnecting to shit on start
yeah thats what i do
then i check my alias, edit, join
im in like 10 chans
on this net
with windows up to...
i just never close windows
like 3 chans on the freenode
and youre in 3 because you use bx and windowing is a major pain in the ass

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bare Al lettering in the anodized color
stu: i seen it after, done well
but yeah, ask them for examples if they say they will do it after
because if it chips, it will look shit
the anoziding
yeah, its not an issue that way
it just looks sexy when its done well
but its shit if it chips
$23 is shit
but yeah, its expected =(
he got $8
its like theyre not charging him for setup or something
they prob have some full automation cnc setup
irssi has windowed chans by default
bx is some wtf hellish shit

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so it should be like 12min segments
2min intro, 2min summary
yeah almost
but it has its moments
they seem to be gettin thin on ideas
yeah i should dvr them
timecop, i dont give a fuck about tv
really, tv = lame
yeah why
so i can give you money to get it for free?
i watch cspan
if i didnt have tv id just stream it
they redid their site
weird shit:
i emailed them all like 'rtsp sucks, get some wmp and flash, or something. you are like a bush regiem tool for oppression of inormation.'
only i spelled everything write, and was much more artful about it
so they did, after 6 months
and now its beta as fuck and barely works
i dont think flash works yet
you might want to do that after anodizing
ask them
if its done without chipping the anodizing, its awesome

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kevtris: did you see my polish sociology teacher?
omg stunt trees?
like, real, but expendable somehow?
wtf is a stunt tree
seravitae: the music is depressing
was it chopped?
or uprooted?
wtf thats almost not a tree anymore
that isnt a tree, thats lumber, yo
see sometimes they dissapoint me
they have truly golden moments
but sometimes its just vid fill
yeah i dont like watching it
like, every segment takes 60min
yeah like 2 or 3 linear segments
like if i dont pay attention for 3min, im lost
but they fill min in 5min later
like, gee thanks
why didnt you just do the whole fuckin think in 15min
its just to broken up
they know people will prob only care about two
and one prob kinda sucks
so they stretch all three to keep the audience
thats just so wtf

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dude if something happens to my cat, i will prob have a psychotic episode
he totally had this Ph33r of Death look in his dialated eyes, didnt struggle when i picked him up, was just kinda in this mode like 'yo im a cat im dealing with intergalactic forces right now, check with you later'
then he wandered to his food bowl and ate furiously for like 5min straight
so maybe just too stonered
he did this before years ago when he walked thru a cloud of kush smoke
is it the cop?
i hope its the cop

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yes but i guess i have to respect that or something
as it is original, even if it is communist idealist lala bullshit
the post-trek shit and late-trek shit is kinda stupid =(
like, the space station dramas and 3rd gen enterprise and similar shows etc
hehe, old trek is stupid, but its like funny 60s stupid
next gen was okay, because i can talk shit, doesnt change ive prob spaced out to like 100 eps of it
everything else = sad
my cat is okay now i think

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for some reason i remember penispump dramas being related to dramatica
stoner chan mofo
thats why it exists
because what is cummunity without laughter, afterall?
naw sometimes its pretty funny
you watch post-trek scifi, i have little faith in your taste for popular media =(
anyway the odd thing is troll chan fuckers will wander into stoner chans, following their troll crush
half of them dont even smoke weeds =(
like wtf we aint there to be social, we handlin stoner business
like !synchro

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it wouldnt really be a vreg, but it would drop voltage (just vanilla pwm + lpf, without feedback)
no an unregged smps
it would transmit ripple, heh maybe perfectly
yeah, it would just be a vdrop
like a pass transistor regulator with a resistive reference off the rail
its a regulator
its just got total shit PSRR
i think no feedback smps with fixed duty prob be same deal
teknique: nice
so dramatica isnt gnaa, is it?
yeah i didnt think so
is vap0r involved in that shit?

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i think im tearing up my shoulders with my bike and backpack
oh i dont think i told you guys
my cat had some sort of siezure or kitty-stoner wigout moment
ha, axiety, ^dx^ style
youll have ripple still
is it a regged psu?
yeah if its regged diodes is fine
bit h4x, but it works
smps is regged or its insanity
tho actually,
yeah im not sure it would be horrible compared to unregged psu

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i wonder if those digikey ones did 2A parallel secondary at voltage that low
the little blue pcb ones
they were above 500mA i think for 5V + Reg overhead compatible ones
and you can always buy two or three and parallel
radioshack cam wallwart
theyre like 3A
like $20 maybe =\
i run my kodak off one because it hates NiMH
thinks batteries are dying, wont always flash, shutdown after a few pics
which is lame because it says NiMH on the battery door
its a shit cam, i got what i paid for

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charles: its steppers, so its consistent in its inconsistency
but yeah, i would go with a transformer that recitifies to 3.3V
and use bunch of caps in parallel
its nothing precision
yeah, and then there are linear reg options i mentioned before
yeah something like that
dont forget bridge diode drops
yeh what charles said
you can use other rectifiers
but they suck for one reason or another
except efficiency of single diode drops
or just using half the transformer at a time

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for 2A, tho, you could do fat linear regs, or normal linear regs + pass transistor
like, everytime you step, current thru the zener gonna change, so its power dissipation and Vf gonna bounce all over the place (zeners have odd regulation curves)
pretty much just good for loads of consistant impedance when you dont care about effeciency.
smps might go nuts, dunno
lower speed smps and very high speed steppers, might go nuts

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fat wallwart, or transformer + bridge pack + caps
oh, yeah nothing
damn sleepy
dont want to do that
youll burn ton of power and regulation will be shit
can get a adjustable reg and use a pass transistor
i would look for a transformer that will rectify to 3.3V and just use a bunch of caps, instead of a zener

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i dont even remember what my stepper supplies were
really havent had any probs with them, and they were obviously used when i got them
little octagon chassis pac sci steppers
older gen of some shit they produce now
you can prob just use 12V unregulated with fat caps
steper shouldnt care about the ripple too much
it should be fairly consistent too
for what?
33v or 3.3v?
whats the 12V for?
its just for the logic and low power analog stuff?
yeah, thats no big deal

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they have said as much to the media
see me and my friend didnt really care, because we figured OJ was smart enough to chill
like, he got off, but he proved LAPD homicide is a total joke
but no
beats multiple girlbuddies
robs his own memorabilia
wtf kinda insanity is that
ha golfcart rages too i think
oh i dunno about that
path0s: precedent
just soak your crime gloves in water before
kevtris: heheh
yeah he pissed
theyre usually current driven
so you set some vref
yeah, you would need diff voltages for diff steppers, id imagine

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ok see?
see why i am glad i didnt have a computer 10 years ago??
first compy - celeron 700MHz + eth port after 6 months of dialup
macegr: dragon isnt huge
like, if its under $70 now, id get it
dude make a case or use the little red dragon box it comes in
dont install a zif
yeah or that, $30
if its not $30 get a clone
do they still sell avrisp? (the serial port non-avrisp2 one)
kevtris: sigh
vegas wants to do it
they will just because LA didnt

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actually i guess we did do it at a discrete level =(
can you get a dragon?
dragon do jtag/debugwire/isp
shit i dont even use its breakout board area, i just use its programming headers
all that ZIF drama for nothing
its a fake 3M ZIF anyway
prob explode if i use it to much
it says 3M in a normal sans font =\
its just not fat and blocky like the 3M letter should be, its like, arial 72pt or something
should have hit bold, or something

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register-based base2 maths is trippy
that seems so incomplete =(
hehe, i guess because they dont want you building som4e jushua thing
er, joshua
oh damn, you are named the computer that sentence was prob confusing
(wargames joshua ref)
we programmed 8085 by loading up mem with opcode, on a hexpad and 7seg
and then you pointed PC to your code and hit GO
like, we would convert mnemonics to hex on paper =\
prof. was right tho, anything modern is like 20x easier
avr asm only took a week to get functional with
from like not knowing wtf it was, to like running code, one week and $50
i dont think half of the datasheet and opcode spec would have made sense if we didnt do procs at an almost discrete level

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else the semester of discrete is kinda useless
ok not useless, but its theoretical
im not gonna be building bigass discrete logic circuit fureal in ever
my teks DSO module is like 12"16" of socket to socket DIP
the discrete semester after mine tried to do two weeks of xilinx
turned out to be like 4 weeks of nothing
my digital teacher was actually pretty awesome
department head, he just teaches DC, digital, and procs
in fpga code?
wtf is that like 2 or 3 lines of code or what?
wtf clip the overflow
like you have to do that, and it doesnt just happen

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elaborate, fuckhead
how many, what is the actual work?
this is for anodized drilled and routed panel?
how many?
oh shit
yeah $8 is good
i would try and talk them down even more than $5 if you can get them on the phone
$8 for 10 is pretty good, $5/100 is kinda less good
its aluminum, anodized?
yeah then $8 @ 10, pretty cool
yeah i wanna use schema entry

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my net is fucked
i think the cable dude who put IP ohone in used the section of cable other cable dudes avoided like plague
its prob wires to half the apartments in the complex, and then unterminated because fuckin ancient and ignored
or ip phone and net modem are battling for dominance over the net services
omg i hope you dont mean the 80s thing
a friend came over and that shit was still looping
and i had no net, so i like derailed and distracted when i attempted to turn on the net radio
but its got the 3rd beat clap, so my mind somehow accepts it being the bg
so we listened to it for another 10min before i realized =( =( =(

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theres a really low plonky panio sample on the synth
towards the end, cool sound

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kevtris: oh, maybe
im guessing i know by the time lyrics hits
yeah music is fucked like that
funny thing is it sounds almost like dnb to me
because its processed vocal samples
and theres a clap on the 3rd beat
(jungle is very 80s, heh)
link like 20 lines back
yeah its heavily processed
HPF and and processed drums
stupid 80s monosynth
i know i heard it before, no idea tho
its a dance track, no real vocals to google
the bass is actually really good
the piano shit got some really nice chord changes
80s mixing board hax0r

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now that you say it, nothing i guess
brushless is like a very coarse stepper
stepper is mostly useful for exact positioning, possibly without feedback

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yeah either buy a $400 fridge thing or buy a pair of $40 junker minifridges
yeah, you would have to h4x the thermostat into a remote unit
macgyver0: this is for beer, power is of no concern!
haha, no rly i smoke im full of it
ya rly
i need to get some DC miniPC sex and just have a workstation game/comp
meh, im like it depends on your thermostat setup
besides all the thermo-mechanical considerations
i want to figure out those AC clutches, they look maybe very useful

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hehe, isobutane
when i was a kid and we were going nuts with fire, i fucked up a tip on a butane can
and it sprayed all over my arm
took about 5 sec to realize it was really, really cold
not hot
frostbite is totally like a 2nd degree burn wtf
yeah im like, transplat a minifridge setup or two onto a box
a/c = mains + pressurized system
so im like not wanting to fuck with it if i can avoid it

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i still like CCFL's idea
take mini frige, chop the top, drop in your keg
maybe something vagina like to firmly seal the keg into its opening
prob for like $400
neat, but i dont wanna pay that unless im a bar or a frat house
path0s: neh, a stoner am i
alternative to building keg thing i think
oh, yeah you said already
i dont think it should cost much more if you hax it right
you just need parts from a minifridge or fridge, and box
but still, minifridges can be had used for like $40
box is maybe $100
if you go nuts with insulation and hardware
which would be cool, for 2 kegs and a smallish compressor

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hmm, i wonder if the dremel replacement brushed are square
you can prob do it with acetone or something
i doubt its some hardcore enamel shit
oh the whole thing
yeah possible
take of pin oxidation and label, then just tin/bend pins, relabel
no i think label
you can prob find some chem that would do it okay pretty quick
not like you have to worry about the internal electronics surviving
solidworks #1
tho i prob only know like half of the really functional shit
(not including the cosmosworks stuff)
i ate 840 calories of flavor-blasted goldfish today
wait fuck no also
path0s: no, not enough fuel! =( =( =(
oh cool

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like, vibrations and passing from on contact to another and shit maaking the brush pads bounce against their springs
yeah, more vibration + uneven impedances and junk to catch fire and make noise when heated
oh yeah hi
some of them are hella sparky right out of the box, tho
my guess would be shit bearings on the spindle
maybe just unworn-in brushes
okay yeah, makes sense

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i wouldnt think so, theres no current going thru the rotating body, right?
there shouldnt be any sparkgaps that i can think off
yeah, isolated wire and soldered or crimped/clamped terminals
i lost my little Al engineering ruler
triangle profile one with a bunch of dumb gradients
like, 30ths and 20ths and 60ths of an inch
sparking prob has to do with shaft bearings and concentricity of the bearing section of the shaft and the brush contacts

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someone need to jack the original fab documents
wtf is commodore now anyway?
did they just die?
surely someone owns rights
damn, so fuck knows where the original docs are
haha @ (!)
prob pretty easy to find dead chip distro points
unless its like 2 or 3 distributors deep and theyre absolutely everywhere
joellame is prob best at topics

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are they accurate low grade repros?
or just hax shit
oh theyre bad?
so real sids, but bad, rebatch labeled?
fuck that
someone will make a repro
yeah but its not exact repro, is it?
youre still FPGA based
i just mean exact in terms of package and labeling, and basic testable functionality
that would take mad $$$
assuming the market is that deep
heh, have fun with that

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i dont care about that, because that doesnt seem super hard
im worried they break my shit =\
like jezus fuck bed is 3ft away, i can fuck much longer on that before they just worn out
beds and walls, #1
if i had $25k to drop on a down payment, id lease a single bay shop for a year
fuck a house
get a real garage
sleep in that
(fureal i might just do that in pomona)
house is like 10-20 years away, i dont plan on being totally stuck any time soon

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i have 3 crt, a tek scope, random junk on mine
and i stand on it to hang mobo on my wall
macegr: yeah i think its 3d modeling UI is neat
oh thats the long conf table, maybe 6ft
the 4ft ones i could prob jump on
CNC enclosure it built onto a reinforced 4ft conf table
yeah =\
biggest prob would be where to fit the girl between all the junk
right now shed have header pins, herb grinder, lighters, dmm and scope probes, dev kits, mini scale, logitech driving wheel, pill bottles, ceramic flask stuck to her ass

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ha whatever i can still see woodgrain!
what is that little tiny scope?
yeah looks neat but i cant make out model name stuff
wow your desk is deep
no shit
AA tek, awesome
i have a bunch of conf tables =\
the cheapo folding leg ones
is neat cuz you can rearrange the conf tables
yeah if i had space and something permanent id want to make a work table
conf tables like $40-60

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but actually that hurts sometimes too
under the joint, like rib/blade meeting area
yeah, right now that
around the bottom of my shoulder blade
towards spine
oh huh
kk laters, trig class
msg me link
show pics!

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n3v: give or take
shit will go down
even if shit just means people goin nuts
2013 will likely be very different
^dx^: make my shoulder blade stop hurting
under shoulder joint right now
usually under
arm down, rotate at should straight back
or straight out
gener rotator join movement = dull pulsing pain
stretch feeling unobtained
haha, almost
that did something it feels weird now
i think i need a car or bike with shocks
outisde edge of shoulder blader

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btw those millenium freaks were right
so best get your seatbelt
911 was the millenium event
remember all the xtians thought world was gonna end?
well they were right
it just takes like 11 years
we didnt start in the year 0
so full millenium are 1-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000
2001 was the first year of the new millenium, christ calendar
which is based on jewish system
which is based on egyption system
which is similar to mayan system
which are all based in astronomy

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shes itching her ass
see fuck that
i need a girl who is like 'god? whatever'
^dx^: hahahahahaha
^dx^: hahaha wtf what a racist bitch
man i gotta ride my bike
by my deltoid area hurts
mayan end of the world, 2012
are ju ready? eh?

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see what youre assuming is tech savvy users pay for windows
and their loss will hurt m$
except tech savvy users only use m$
they dont pay for it
so the people who can figure out how to build m$ src werent paying for it, anyway
okay man fuck it
use bsd license
there now go make money
make everything all difficult
i think they have it built and ready
and they waiting for the year lunix use rises like 300%
and then they will set opensrc up the bomb
those look like stupid bitches
im sry
i dont care
they have not made funny geeker jokes in front of me
they are stupid looking bishes
she is wearing polkadots

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failure, breakthru, dissapointment, hack, who knows
well, yes if you spun it wrong
its is more a media campaign then anything else
and you are betting that you can effect the whole market
and they are m$, so of course they can
people will buy it simple because they said so
well obviously you dont sell it like that
yeah hes still a dork
ozzzy: because it comes with a m$ serial and m$ updates and m$ tech support
damn straight, people will do it
you are mr shopper
breakfast at mcdonalds = #1
ozzzy: not if they sold a ton of it
obviously they will sell for the same price

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there is, its untapped market share
and for them, it would be cake
80% of the cost would prob be in the media spin
if anything, the public relations chaos is prob why they havent touched it
risk = $
the worst that happens is they fail, and they are still the biggest tech company in the world
with one more failure OS
yeah youd have to measure the gains of total domination
its been done
can go buy redhate or suse at frys in boxes
of course not
it would be a momumental something

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they could do it very quickly, really they would just need to work up some good init scriprs, do a splash screen, and a pretty box
they would flip opensrc in a day
turn their biggest threat into alternative profit, while at the same time totally fragmenting the threats philisophical basis
it would be some true vader shit
the software would improve, most likely, and then become a true threat to their mainstream commercial OS
they prob had the idea, thats prob whats stopping them, but its dumb
because they will ROLL in cash for the tech support they will have to offer
the worst thing you could do is to stop developing open software under their nose
but then you will have quit, and they will have won

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yes because they need the stupid users who dont know tech and dont do anything with their puts except word and photoshop to buy apples
because if they dont, they will be hauled into court for monopoly
however if they form a clear alliance with apple, they will be hauled into court for anti-trust violation
because nothing open-src and commercial is even a real threat
i dont even know if redhat or suse is public
so basically they are stuck doing what they are doing, as far as OS wars shit
i think if they were smart, they would make their own osx
based on linux or bsd
and pwn the opensrc market
they would be the clear winners, if they sold GPL software for profit
linux is sold for dollar bills at walmart
theres a market, it just doesnt threaten their share at all
they would also fragment the open src community
because no one could stop them, if they followed GPL
if they were smart, they would do it in secret, and just drop it in stores, and host paid download, and host unbuilt public src

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you make their OS division small enough to compete with, and then somehow create incentive to compete with them
not like they havent bust up monopolies before
see this is almost worst, because it a market controlled by two companies who really arent competing, as they compliment each other
you have options
one is a very bad option, and there is only one commercial alternative to that
if microsoft killed apple, microsoft would have major problems

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haha, m$ can maybe kill apples stock prices whenever they want
well, its prob way more than $150M now
if they just dropped it all at once itd have an effect
what they dont show in the PC vs Mac commercial is that the PC is that kids fuckin dad
PC prob paid for the mac
seravitae: old
is m$ didnt save apple, they would have kill them, and m$ would have to deal with real monopoly litigation
apple os exists to keep windows out of court for total utter domination of commercial market
they would be split
microsoft would be split into diff independent divisions
or microsoft would move out of WA

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dude pc vs mac commercials are gay
its for nurses and data entry secretaries
because it runs word
how much of apple does m$ still own, anyway?
At the 1997 Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be entering into a partnership with Microsoft to release new versions of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh as well as a US$150 million investment in non-voting Apple stock.
did they sell that, or what?

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tc bitches about it
macegr: jes, very neat
just type beijing
tricity bidding like the wrong way

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"the amanda who got free from a crazy guy"
she is defined by her 'crazy' ex bf
rab: hmm?
rab: old
no probably gnaa h4x shit
rab: no i meant gnaa blog
i believe they have a blog for news and etc

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instead i smoke herbs, and took a nap in the shower
my friends bust in im like fetal position in the bathtub like 'IM TAKING A NAP'
yeah but she was cute =(
i miss her
so who is leader of GNAA?
where is this blog?
does it contain GNAA specs?
is this blog public?
do we have to threaten timedong?
no he is vice president or something
hes pulling a putin

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on like the same spot
fuckin allison and mayan, drunk alky bitches
see fuck that
i go home
turn on the shower
get in
theres usually a period where i want to die
but then i dunno what happens
at some point i just realize im okay
because timecop is lame
because lordpil is gone
because he loved rugs too much
and he spammed often about his problems with other peoples arm-c code
just too much
so charles wacked him
haha, yeah tc says im not as much a draw as lordpil
adword income is down
i think tc is lying tho
oh yeah
but the shower
its neat because you have this realization
like 'im okay'
and you black out thru most the bad shit (2 or 3 hours of water waste)
and then instantly OMG IM OK
its very trippy
haha, on nyc road trip, i took a nap in the shower, after dnb at the bar
cuz this sexy barserver girl knew about the valley
so we talked and she fed me amstel lights
i was too drunk to ask her back to hotel thing

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ha, then i fell off my bike a couple years ago
and i had thinkpad in my backpack
so instead of putting my arms forward...
i put tham back, so i bounced off my ribcage and rolled on my arms, OVER my backpack
everytime people made my laugh i would fall down crying
for like a month
well its mostly gone
i dont think its done that for maybe 5 years
the back thing was prob from coughing
i actually get really severe back pains while puking
(other reason i dont like drinking really)
like maybe my deltoids just too big or something
yeah its been a few for me im pretty sure
oh no my bad
i ate the tacos i made from the cheap Vallarta market seasoned marinated steaks
shit was like all fat and bone fragments
dude two diff people once puked on my mattress in the same night

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rab: heh
rab: shhhh!
teh fed will come!
it feels like my joints
not inside
it feels like when i have rib/.sternum pain
but in back
aw fuck again
fuck the machine, gimme some of that paid operator
bosons: !
in front or back?
i can breath deep and my sernum will kinda ramp in pain and then i kinda internall hear a pop, and it goes away
but it hurts kinda same like when i bruised or broke my ribs
i played pop-warner football as a kid
and just didnt give a fuck in general
also i didnt wear anything except min pads
no flack jacket
more pds = softer for them, less agility
fuck hitting softer
so yeah, prob bruised and fractured ribs and i know i had hairlines fractures in my forearms
this is like 9-11 years old

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blackmoon: funny=5/10
rab: hahaha why am i laughing now =\
maybe its so the packages dont wear out the postal machine
in which case, okay im down
sad =(
you could just take it to another box tailor
wtf ur theiving
theivin takes time
fureal, yo
when i take hits from teh bong, my ribs hurt by my spine
=( =( =(
^dx^: lower sternum ones i think
whats you mean

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they just sent me their new paper brick
haha, yes you must that was awesome
thru 3.jpg
the handwriting is nice
like, you can tell that dude writes on funky cloth boxes a lot
wtf is that about
does it have a packing slip or something?
maybe they forgot to put something inside
this is just the traditional indian fix for 'damn i forgot to put the packing slip in'
ha wtf is it for them
okay dude thats not ANY less weird
thats fuckin waaay weirder actually
it would be a bitch to seal up again
macegr: they are your indian branch?
wtf ask
path0s: no its normal cardboard nox inside
nox (c) me, forever
you know i really dont mind
im like, wtf why did you just waste 20minutes
like, do you do this all day?
24/7 wastewastewaste

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of course, but the principle is still notable
mouser could package in shredded digikey cats

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be cool if you have a digikey catalog shredder that dumped into one of those packing material droppers that hang off the ceiling
thatd be pretty professional
'we are chewing up the competition, and lowering our costs at the same time'

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the paper cat is mostly useful as packing material
atho rab make good points about why using digikey cat as packing material for business venture is prob less than intelligent
because there are instances where you would be telling a customer where to get things for less money than from you
this is very bad, its like anti-advertising
omg who has to look around for the catalogs
i swear that shit is so big its like always in my peripheral vision somewhere

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<3 that production style handwriting

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i guess you would really have to be paying attention for months to understand the irony in that statement
then babyTV would stop doing that, lose investors, and prob go out of business

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blackmoon: spark gap is typical?
jezus fuck thats nuts
yeah that shit like 'hi my name is voltage delta-fuck'
so tig is totally awesome
its like spraying electrons or some shit
i have to go back to a MIG seat next weeks tho =(

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you just spen like $5B too much on stock for your part
might as well buy a steel fab
bitch is 9:40 and a wed aint no girl people locally
okay, talk about neuromancer movie
also, talk about how silly it is the writer of that article did not read the book
and doesnt really understand the plot =(

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case: http://www.wallpaperbase.com/wallpapers/celebsm/haydenchristensen/hayden_christensen_2.jpg
who cares its neuromancer news
you failed to see the significance for the net bleh
seravitae: small enough to work
big enough your boardhouse dont go 'NO' or 'MORE $$$ PLS'
a 10mil trace cant carry mad current
mils fuckhead
dont be a stu, incubus[]
no, it isnt
whop proposed 10mm?
no its not
mil is note a mile
its a thousandth of an inch
miles wtf
you just so fucked up a part

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