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fuck i dunno
i did it over a few days
and i did the top files, which takes awhile, tons of horizontal passes
er, top fills

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^dx^: audio io thing for the sam7 board
ima scan the back int the solder one of them up

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weird floatey scratches are in the ziplock baggie

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whats VB
ur mom is 48MHz with usb

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k im scanning the pcb
^dx^: teach me how to do codes in windows so i can do ftdi driver
you have to teach me windows gui to
k, ty

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macegr: less youtubes, more led!
watching tig welding vids

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i dont even really remember that shit
did they have denim jackets?
how come bad guys always capture good guys, then tell them everything
why dont they just murder them on the spot
rest of the movie is them dominating, and whatnot
maybe eventually they fall prey to their own greed
taken out by some other badguy
efnet should write movies
we need like an efnet production company and military
okay rly im going to cut the boards out bye

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5000 rounds fired in full auto burst
whole ep
no one gets hit
sometimes they hit a vehicle
the only way to kill airwolf: shoot it with a revolver in the refeul probe
hit it with a missile, dead on, itd limp home, but take out five fighter jets on the way
the 80s were so magical
dude its duke
its because he had the will to survive
and real joe training
yeah but it was kinda fucked up
optimus was too ghey
and they left one dude
to die
cartoon i always assumed bullets just didnt hurt transformers
they had blasters, but i think plaster to transformers is like when people punch people
its not like
its like 'AW FUCK, MUFUCKER'

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wtf is raven
i havent finished
i have audiobook
i put in on while some people where over it took them like 20 or 30min to go 'dude WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE LISTENING TOO?'
yeah i think i know the fool youre talking about
that guy was fucked up
i hope they got yakuza to take him out, or something
in all the good stories
except keyser soze
like, in most awesome stories, you know 1/3 in the protagonist gonna die
and you know he know too
that wat make dude unstoppable
fuck this james bond shit
in real life people get blown up and shot in the face ALL the time
bad guys dont miss EVERY FUCKING TIME
like wtf did ateam have a forcefield, or what?
yeah really

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rock n roll is dead, mufuckers.
aint no arguing with me now, aight
damn so is bob dylan dead too?
badass, still kickin
i hate his music but hes an awesome old guy
thats mufuckin hardcore americana, yo
i bet when david bowie dies he detonates and takes out like a 200mi radius
gut feeling
im sure bowie gets girls
thats like saying prince is homosexual
and obviously, prince is like a pimp, all the girls love him
theyre not homosexual, theyre just like, sexual

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also cutter diamater is set maybe .001 or .003 off
because im sure ive taken the very tip of the conical down a couple mil
so i can show you teh picz0rs
why are you up!?
get down get down
[bass line, trumpets]
damn wait
is james brown really dead?
because there was that joke because i called my friend and hes like the song but im like no fureal
so fuck
oh shit
xmas 2k6
mufuckin james brown
dead more than a year
damn i was just so busy last year i had no time to really reflect once the initial shock went away

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macegr: she flies fast
she not fat she thick with no boobs
she has a gina and wobblies
but yeah, almost, on top
dude if i was 15, id do her
macegr: will you be up soonish?
omg nm
jezus fuck its just 9p
im cutting out the circuit boards
they are almost axcellent
backlash variable set too agressive

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rebuilds mailboxes

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fuck 4pcb.com
senjd your proto board to your competitor and shit
eagle default is like 16 layers

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its because their machines uses top down view

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omg $.70 uC pls

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wow NO expansions slots
thats pretty fuckin noteable in the realm of oem trash

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ok guys
remember my pumas?
i dont think they have shipped
my bad theres an email like PUMA Order Blah - Shipped
timecop: thats not enough
one of them has to be 128, because is not two zeros
18:29 < timecop> im guessing -127 to 127
reason its 127 is because starts at zero
so its like, one which side is extra digit issue

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could be ram psu too
well, turn off your speakers see if it goes away
oh no sound
heheh, buzzy coils

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urmom was beat by s afrika

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im a monkeee =(
matrix ate it
hmm, rectifier bridge?
ha, hax0r
time to mill
we all do, dx

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my friends name is fur =\
i wish i knew french
i guess not so much
wow he plots his tubes

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i want
yeah guess so
yeah exgf and best friend do it
bunch of pyros
he uses some sort of tungsten wire thing to cut the the glass
omg i want to know what his little spot welder setup is

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no not bitwise
11=0 00=0 01=1 10=1
nor, foolio
exclusive or
001 = 1
011 = 0
i think so
man now i am fucked up
because i almost nuked some higher logic section of my squishy brain
gpf_1: neat
gpf_1: omg homebrew capacitive discharge welding?

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damn thank god for sim it managed to someonehow crash tool anyway
blackmoon: | is bitwise, || is boolean, yes?
and & and &&
whats ^
^^ actually does something?
^dx^: why not?
if diff, do 1, if same, do 0
i think its the basis of like tons of comparison algorithms
00101011 xor 00101011 = 0
00101001 xor 11101010 = 1

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seravitae: char_var = (bit2<<1)|(bit1<<1)|(bit0<<0);
would turn bit2 and bit1 on, leave bit0 off
it might be ||, you want the bitwise operator
i think its |
i dont do c
yeah see i didnt remember that
im a takuma sato at c
do you understand bitwise AND, OR?
yeah i can see why i wouldnt remember that
woot, cut out like 160 lines of stupid tool crashing gcodes
because crashing tools sucks

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emc is open src, and emc works awesome
while windows is at best mediocre at machine control
omg, laugh of the lamer @ windows based cnc
it has a learning curve
yeah UI is suicide
its not near as awful as orcad
solidworks, bit of blender tutorials
is that gfx 3d?
yeah that shit is nuts
needs 3d ui or something
blender has that UI modes dealie
i think solidworks done it best
3d apps should take a cue from SW

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so my silk goes over the edge of the dimensions
so instead of just using the dimension layout outline, pcb-gcode goes out to the edge of the silk
thus crashing my fucking tool like a bitch punk
wow neat you finger doesnt have cracked fingerprints from packing all those bowls
hey neat my middle finger prints are pristine
hello dipshit, eagle is not open src

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lo, komrads

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like, i dont think it turned out like they wanted for the cost, heh
i think my sister voted hillary
because hillary is a girl and my sister is a girl
and my sister is down like that
hillary will lose tho
she got no moneys, shes conceding loses before the day of the vote
The Billary = In a sad place.
he fucked it up
must generate files

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world industries?
he say joomla waterdrop pwns u
blackmoon: see world industries did it first
did you glue it?
it looks like it got the centerpd wet
rab: they make fucked up expensive sockets too
next time do chip first then wire onto proto
so much slack
e-draven: sexy!
im not sure we have a ton of those

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for looking up connectors
kevtris: hi
maybe he is working
oh kevtris yeah?
you should develop it
jezus fuck i need to clean the b-ng
its like a piece of smooth obsidian now
with veins of gold
(kinda pinkish into orange when fumed onto boro)
Badfirmware.org is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.
joomla f0cks u
<3 the mexican wrestler logo
what was the skate board company?
that had the fireball and the waterdrop
cmon one of you knows
dont make me ask the potheded chans

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just use gloves mr moon
leather is preferrable
after the crime, if not already soaked in blood, be sure to soak in water
precedent is set, "if the glove dont fit, you must aquit(sic)."
rab: noted
rab: but okay if im mailing something to someone in here or in the really real world that is not wanting my electronics
excellent packing material
it just crumples so well
its like bible paper in this respect
hahahaha, wtf am i taking a sociology of religion course =\
rab: no but wed crumple them before rolling with them!
rab: okay, see best save em up
allelectronics and goldmine-elec kinda suck as a fuel source
jameco is bigger, no?
i should get on their catspam list
oh huh, thats prob huge also
i get digikeys paper cat
i actually use it alot

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grapetoni: wouldnt be autopilot, but itd have to have some funky multimode control algorithm
and yeah, not for testing in cities
or without bunker thing
rab: got mine
rab: its for packing material and looking up connectors and hardware
also paper cats are really good for comparing equivilent parts
like, checking out every manufacturers similar electrolytic, or checking coil sizes/cost
but yeah, digimouser IC sections = packing fluff

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then you use the other two to stabilize
stu: oh im sure development would be helish
i dont think the mil uses its tilt wing shit alot
haha, like you could use two horizontal to get forward momentum
then you the two stabilizing ones to get the whole thing tilted vertical
while keeping the drive rotors parallel to ground
and then get it flying sideways
so all 4 rotors would be primarily used for horizontal thrust!
i dont want to say more i feel guilty for saying even that much =(

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blackmoon: thats so big!
yeah but those dont have individually rotatable booms
just to drive myself nuts doing control
because i think it could go faster
yeah its neat but its kinda a floaty thing
like, control firmwares would be a huge issues
did the booms rotate?
i thought it was fixed
stu: yeah dragonflyer is fixed booms, its all speed control
yeah but if you droppped two of the rotors horizontal, itd go way faster

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colsmoke: thats pretty neat
the only person i know who flies is my friends dad, and like i dont really talk to him much (because like, i had a crush on his wife as a kid and i kinda boffed his daughter)
blackmoon: cmon totally doable!
some flux, pretinned pads and wires
hell id even be stupid enough to say its easy
yes i will say it even, that is easy
stu: 4 rotors with consistent speed on individually rotatable booms
lets just say the voodoos drop the control firmware on our laps, so its no an issue
good idea, bad idea, what?

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sucks you cant say it quite as fast as SEGA
its the B
ZIGEE works
jezus fuck thats huge
thats not RC thats a drone, yo
so its like 6' long?
or what
thats 2m for you silly metricheds
is it aluminum or synthetic or i dunno
haha, thats cool
prob make a big cessna look silly
macegr: hahahaha
macegr: what gage is it?
its like .01?
i think thats .01
80 lead IDE cables are same stuff
im using it for my .012 vias
i finished the boards, im going to do a fill pass
so it doesnt have the big floating copper patches

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macegr: hi2u
you buy the breakout?
i just multiplied the reasonable price by 4
twingy, i think stu, teknique, tekrad is around sometimes
they seem to get most excited when those convos come up

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heh, note the dude is turned around and knows whats up

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omg i want to be inside sociology teacher sooo bad

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