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except they look neat
<Patrician|Away> what does your robot do, sam
<bovril> it collects data about the surrounding environment, then discards it and drives into walls

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eminemBNJA: Oh I like that Baby. I put on my robe and wizard hat.
tubes suck =(

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i sent my english teacher http://bash.org/?top link
i wonder if she finds it interesting or totally offensive
i wonder if im somehow ruining her life
damn is it okay to give bash.org to non irc people?
what if she has some sort of psychotic episode =O

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neat english teacher wants to use one of my essays as class examples
its the one where at the end i flick the lit cig butt at the ground and it lands straight up
ha, no this is 100% unique ren experiences, with witnesses
(was dialog essay)

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okay if IRC was two movies
itd be lod of the flies mixed with [what goes here]
yeah fuck you shawn888
who is that?

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cryptic: this is like an audio io breakout for a sam7 dev board

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mobilestu: hell fuckin yeah
these boards line up perfect, and dont have the poppped off thru hole pads from drilling after
<3 tinkerbelle
dont see what your point is
how will i test CNC board milling capabilities like that?

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okay one pcb finished
one topside to go
pray to voodoos the motor doesnt go into thermal shutdown
50/50 chance i fall asleep =\

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omg cnc keeps going, but i wanna stop

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if you find some power class-D solution, pls2msg me with part number
from who?
k, neat

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yeah you need 50-70VDC to do it right
well, clean amps and a god inverted signal bridge easy
or NI and INV amps setup on the same signal (how i did my bridged pairs)
then you just parallel to handle lower impedances
power class-D isnt so turnkey
there was a natsemi solution, i have a sample tucked away, but its discontinued
but itd be better to just use diff amps on their own speakers
is you wanna use AB chipamps, use LM3886 or whatever natsemi has released to top them
also LM4780
its 2 LM3886 in one package
theyre are like better versions of a legendary chipamp
will do 4ohms or 8, instead of just 8

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use 50% class-AB chips
best amp circuits for the $
$5 IC, two 50V 2200uF caps, 5 resistors for feedback, input bias current compensation, input impedance and attenuation
unregulated power supply, minimal decoupling (because your decoupling is primarily AT the chip)
um, coupling cap, if youre feeling extra creative
thats it
50-60W RMS, into 4R or 8R, at sub .1%THD
figure like $10 an amp section, $70 for a psu and power entry and hardware bits
oh, and cpu fansinks
you can drop the fans if you want
can bridge/parallel for 4x the power

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pay no mind, just paste ur business

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macegr: lo komrad
application is meaningless!
ok norly, darkside is bad.
wtf is joules man
get a ups
itll say Ah or some shit
or say thius many hours
make sure this many is a big number
get a fuse
macegr: yeah my wall ALWAYS trips first

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ha neat i am 3rd google hit for 'sd livecd'

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caps that will kill you

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if we help you more, you may injure yourself
possibly fatally
have you obtained #electronics lioability waiver and returned with appropriate handling fee?
?? waiver

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remap it to sane shit
its the grayscale
the loss of color gradient kinda subtracts depth data
bad skin too
hammer of thor.
haha wtf thats it
do you fuck with lightning intimately often or some shit?
whats a ups?
^dx^: does it make you levitate?
ima drill some shit

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no see you can tell on the small pick
her neck overlaps her straps
and her tits are hanging out her shirt all the way up to her collarbone
kinda cute
she prob got big white girl butt
and then

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^dx^: duh, 1st is myspace angle
face and cleavage
is ftdi the only people make rs232/spi->usb?
path0s: who is likely cheaper?

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yeah i did to
got the blue 7segs too
its comparabhle
avr asm OMG LOVE
blackmoon: i was going to but then i saw the docs
and i laughed and went back to avr haxing
i eat pizza
an bagels
blackmoon: avr docs are up their with nationals
once you get the layout, its easy to find data you need on any avr
mass unban
months ago
meh, stop giving stu attention
so stop talking about him

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i make my own
i have a symbol with rails
and one without
so multi parts is like, add symbol with rails, then add symbols without
fuck the libs, make your own
yeah usually
rab is smart
no zigbee isnt bad
just avrfreaks
every way
okay next
okay well dis new era stuff

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omg moon
always use netname labels on bus
else its not functional for documentation
eagle busses = neat!
blackmoon: tried failtrace yet?
they like a net container
just the nets
the bus lines do not
its all about the net names
professor: drawings frames
title blocks, frames, documentation drawings, etc
like, net tool is wire + dots + name
^dx^: long as it looks good
i seen grounds at angles

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but the whole reason i have a shell is so i dont have to run a crapass windows client
remote bash, neiah
msys or cygwin?
its gotten so much better
as long as you dont have multiple cygwins eating itself, it seems to survive okay now
oh, yeah i dont run that
maybe some libs, i use rxvt
dunno if thats going thru some x stuff or running native or what
cmd.exe terminal is such a lose
calgar: h8 xchat
so do i like, export my putty keys or something?
is it keeping them in the reg?
or what
calgar: used irssi?
garlic and pepperoni?

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i just got pepperoni and mad garlic
they didnt have any kind of bacon, just ham
naw, good crust
nyc style #1
people say chicago pizza is good too
also chicago has real mex
you like 2" thick shit?
its so easy to fuck that up
i usually wont order, most places fuck it up
oddly our school used to have really good pan pizza
2.50 slice instead of 1.75!
i dont know how to get files off this shell
id have to get all creative
like dcc it back to myself or something

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i custom ordered a b o n g yesterday
like, 60% down =\
he said one week
but prob two because sometimes meticulous glass is lazy
(meticulous = company, not adjective)

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never seen those?
body shops and restoration shops will make those
so they can mount a chassis and spin it to work on diff parts
usually along the long axis
yeah its usually a stripped out chassis
do welds and painting
like, no one cares enough except hardcore body/restoration shops
takes practice and diff rods

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you have a tendency to kinda creep closer to the work to get a better view
surprised i never melted my mask
like, keeping track of the fkame deflections is the weirdest part of gas torch welding
calgar: simple geometry
calc outer diamater volume, subtract the inner diamater volume, multiple by mass/vol figure
heh, upwelding beads with oxy-gas torch was fun
kinda get a puddle going, pool up and away so it cools and you preheat, puddle it again along the cooling puddles top edge, repeat
weird shit
er, pull up
somehow get the rod up in there

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oh wtf
they didnt tell me how much
btw how did we find pizza before google maps?
thick pipe = money
shit i gotta check if i have a #10 or #11 filter
im either doing MIG or TIG
blackmoon: you autodark hasnt taken a shit yet?
no i mean 10 or 11, compared to the 5 i have no for oxy-fuel welding
i think i have a glass one
and maybe plastic one too
i might get an autodark
keep the normal mask 5 for torch welding and cutting
yeah i have a flipup filter mask
you get to close

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man i fucked up
i lost the pizza menu
damn wtf
gee thx 3sec notice

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well yeah
okay that is the good one?
uberdata is gone or some shit

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blackmoon: k ur insane
bacon tho, hmm
i wonder if they have real bacon
i hate that canadian ham shit
im getting from this brooklyn crust place
stu__: how to max/reset ecu parameters on hondas/toyotas?
like, flash program, serial cable, solder some bits into ecu?
meh fuck that
guy who is doing my honda motor says if i can figure out how to do that, he has customers
mechanic guy who is doing my honda motor says 50K JDM motor would be like $300 for him
mechanic guy #1
of what?

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?? led
mr diode
heh, pcb might be fucked
funny: 3/10
yo guys
help me pick pizza topping
im almost burnt on pepperoni and mushroom
its probably fine
they make audio bits like that?

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i guess so, i dunno
they all kinda weird

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food tastes so good
i so love cubed glass shapes
like when they flatten 5 sides
big goofy radius on the edge
no i think i like boro art glass more, ty

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my cat is totally trippin on Eee standby light
decib: me?
or mr gr
@ kg
wow did you make stu join by saying boot?
how come no one joins when i do it wtf

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hw wants to construct dual keg cooler
Ap = Pout/Pin, dork
yeah that is maybe a bettery idea
if you burn it out, fuckit
its a minifridge
bettery (c) rencorp, all times.
just rip the top off a mini fridge
and drop the keg in
keep the door for looks
are you still only feeding on alt days?
hows that working?
i like syrup or jam
peanut butter ++

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make sure it has ventilation
i think it was mrtube, was all into old fridges
but yeah, one he had boner for was like compressor on top
which makes sense, because in normal design, heat would rise and hit the bottom of the insulated box
im do pcb today
maybe break my jabra
hey, i know why dB is 10*log10(Ap)
DECI, duh!
ccfl_man: tell cryptic_ about fridges

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fridges are just like, steel, foam, vinyl, plastic
wood and like, foam or similar, you might do as well
like, temp feedback for kicking on/off the cooling is prob the hardest part, im guessing
yeah, stick the temp sense thinger in the middle, shrug
heheh, integrate it into the kegs
you could prob sell that in college towns
heh, electric cooling sleeves for kegs
make the keg look all cyber
put some leds that blink
kinda like r2d2, but a keg cooler
i dont think so, no more than any constant duty motor

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blackmoon: charles: evasion!
oh look its noon
time to be useful
ha fucked up
do 3 way with them
and try and get them to talk to each other
put each other on hold and shit
see he doesnt evenm know it was me
because im permaignore
cryptic_: maybe just rip the compressor stuff off an old working fridge
clean up, put on a 2 keg insulated box

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eat a dong?
whats ead?
omg 100K for brakes?
like, pads?
omg f that
well, depends
sometime factories are stupid at brakes
but yeah, i aint trusting brakes for 60K miles
path0s: or if youre driving in super hot weather, or youre just having fun in a canyon, or stop and go LA freeway shit
no fuck you, leave
we all suck, remember
we are all morons

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^dx^: jezus fuck that thing looks alive

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blackmoon: do you know what is logo on chip on lower left pic?
nm i found it you have to do 'csr bluetooth'

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no he eats it, blackmoon
i <3ed playing with mercury when i was a kid!
i was so dissapointed when i found out it was bad for me
i even did it a few more times =\ =\

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yeah even if its a silly design, if it works and parts are generic, its not a horrible design
crazy analog/pwm mess
sucks the resistor on my bluetooth is a 0402
the led is 0603 tho, so i have replacement
rather have a blinking red beacon on my head than a blinking blue beacon
i want to cut the led current to like 1/3 or 1/4
because i want to know when its on
i dont want to be a sniper target
replace it with red and put some paper
its got a diffuse white button thing
i have pics lemme upload

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but it was like $20 =(
too much!
mine has 4 slots
i dont remember how many is claimed
it is like 45 or 52 many, something ridiculous
haha wtf
shoeglow: macs use dumb monitors too
they used to at least
like, when you break this, you coming back to us. BITCH.
yeah macs didnt use normal vga connector
fuck if i know
sony is always trying to introduce alternate formats
yeah but its just the sony way
its just some bad habit they do
like they cant control themselves or something
everytime someone does something neat, they gotta make their own
serious that company needs therapy or something

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wow external ramdrive
dude my atari 7800 could play 2600 games
then i got a NES
you guys were probably crying in frustration between hax0ring
but i want to make them for usb!
i wonder if there was a debate during design
or everyone was just like, psu+printer, wow ok
mmc is sd without the security stuff, no?
yeah no one really does mmc, shit died before it took off
it just doesnt have same internal hardware features
something about data locking, dont remember
yeah microsd is fucked up
i dont know who let that happen
^dx^: i almost got one of those!

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wrist computer is lame i cant type on that
itd need some sort of brainlink to be useful
and then you might as well put the computer on your head and wire it into your optical nerves or some shit
dude this thing is little you can pop it out and have it running a couple sec
easily hold with one hand, type/mouse with the other
heh, most stores i go to have tags on the shelves with $/oz
1GB is like $8 now
it happened in a few months, SD cards just kinda dropped
yeah, havent been paying attention to real prices for awhile, or just temp-stupid
i got a 486 laptop from my exexgf
silly thing

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like, fuck chiklet keys
you dont know about my little computer?
you have been stuck in generator/inverter land
in black they look like baby thinkpads
i should add picks of black and pink ones
i still have my sisters
charles: dont think so
i dont think any of my net shit is gbit
take you standard keyboard
make it an inch shorter on both sides
just the main key section
and thats how big kbd is
its not so bad
and considering people hapilly text on their cell phones and other stupid shit, i kinda lauigh when people complain
no im saying just for little usable computer

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big long session ID tags in the url tho
Groups partner for diamond semiconductor processing / Filtronic partners for work on diamond semiconductors
stuck diamond in their search
that is funny (debeers in first line)
people will prob just call them DFETs or some shit
5 companies will have versions with a few years of initial rollout
whoever had the best name wins
mesfet does sound silly
cell phone is just what theyre calling potable wireless devices
like, very small ones
its not like anyone has a cell phone thats just a phone anymore
i bet even kevtris's phone has phonebook and alarms and shit
thats why i really like Eee
is small enough to be portable, big enough its not ridiculous

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i think theyre using the carbide as kinda an energy spreader
instead of putting a pin wire straight onto the diamond
The relatively thin carbide interfacial layer is provided between the insulated gate structure and the diamond layer in order to inhibit the formation of electrically active defects, such as interface states at the face.
im guessing "interface states at the face" is just where the current is actually dumping in
so slap some carbide across base or MOS insulator, get the electrons dumping into the doped material more even
found two articles

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my cat is staring down Eee standby light
its plugged into ac power, poor kitty =(
shoeglow: 404?
maybe i need to login or some shit
ha, carbide
i get redir to http://www.rfdesignline.com/shared3/nopagefound.jhtml;jsessionid=LW1BQVYLOIY2EQSNDLOSKH0CJUNN2JVN?_requestid=27356

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like, ram with 3d cube of packed diamond BJT that you flip by hitting bases with multiple intersecting lasers, or some scifi shit like that
clear is the new black!
heh, nano tube conductors and diamond cmos, ph33r

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might be spoken for
diamond psu drive, or something
no single thing is bitched about in pc world as much as the psu
yeah itll melt alot of metals
iron is enough above 1000C i think, lots of alloys are below tho
but its just weird because itd prob have decent optical qualities too
so they would make sense for some sort of optical/electrical bridge tech

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iron is higher
fuck a fan
liquid + thermostate
er, typo
not for long if it works
it wont be huge chunks of diamond
industrial diamond is common, its usually high end prices, but not out of the range of normal tooling
and they have to figure out how to mad produce them
or else they wnt roll them out
yeah supposedly naturally impure diamonds that work are fucked up rare
ieee is first hit, so they drop ready to do stuff
prob brand names

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you know shit is hot when first google shit is ieee
its awesome for optical
we need to synth the fuck outta it, devalue the shit to almost nothing
dude this think said like 1000C
1000 fucking C
i dont think you can put that shit in plastic, yo
yeah non doped diamond is prob close to indestructible
terms of heat
i think you could cut thru most metals

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175 degrees Celsius = 347 degrees Fahrenheit
325-450 is usable
i actually like low temp cooking alot better, cooks everything more even
blackmoon: what makes more heat than doped silicon?
power R i guess
i bet you can get those past 200C
but thats lame
oh wait
yeah youre not kidding
i just remember reading articles and a story about convieniently impure diamonds
wow so i wonder how hot those can go

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i feel like i could do a better power strip, handed a proper steel chassis
ones i seen literally just some wires or bars and ceramic caps, and some sort of tvs thing
cheapo breaker
fat chance, thats be whole extra $.50
yeah rly
did it have a dual choke?
ha, some sort of surge cutoff
i really wanna get a spot welder and make a cheapo BJT pizza cooker
find some really shit Rth transistors (efficiency!)
naw, dont need to blow them up
but yeah, bunch of bjt or mos to-220 spot welded to the back of a cookie sheet
175C is enough im pretty sure

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09:32 <@Blackmoon> then put him on ignore when he could'nt comprehend that all powerbars are rated for the same 'load'
haha @ 'rated'
metal box with some caps and tvs, and slow ass breaker
yeah i know
mine never blows, for example i short a bench supply
the house breaker always flips first
i dont remember flipping a power strip breaking since like the early early 90s
i think mine all suck or something =(
also i think your house just might be scary
just descriptions over the years, heh
i have a few my mom brought home from school
those things never trip
charles: shitty too small?

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charles: SAY!

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