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im not afraif of aliens im afraif of bad people
afraid, even
ha, classic irc
#electronics. just better.
analogy is very advanced
you know how chinese drs know everything about you by looking at your tongue?
well aliens its the same, but its your butt
obviously aliens are smarter than ancient chinese
aliens go faster
speed = tek.

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i aint trying to do mobo on eagle
and actually, it could prob do it
stu: ever played with eagle autorouter?
its interesting, heh
its like playing with random numbers and praying
path0s: its not even that so much
theres impedance/latency/emi-coupling issues
test33, no one really know why computers actually work
they just do
its amazing
like, the cpu are cycling faster than the fucking wifi carrier wave
test33: cmos pairs, yeh basically
the bulk of it

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you cant butt swivel on the door sill?
its armrest, no?
i think well have a roadster phase again
like in the early 90s
that looks sometimes painful
thats true sport, yo
fuck entry/exit ergonomics
just put the driver low and towards the middle
name the poly edge, name tool
the poly edge thickness will also be your thermal pad cross trace thickness
fuck autorouter

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just a big coil and magnet or something?
youre prob not gonna get finish much better than a bently
and bentleys are about speed
rolls royce is for being driven, bentlys are for driving
i think they been winning shit past few years with their endurance racers
lotus does suspensions bits for everyone
ha, they prob made more of thats in the 80s and 90s than the esprit
the g1 elise was hot
g2 elise is kinda mean and ugly lookin
kinda sucks us didnt get the cuter ones

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weirdo car shit
sensors you can beat people down with

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denielson: learn non ideal opamp math
the real shit, not the idealized equations
yeah, controlled loading of the previous sections
current gain
^dx^: you do, in front of the opamp
yes, non ideal opamp math
deals with open loop gain
and the feedback compeonents
er, components
.05 is huge!
haha fucked up!
jezus fuck what gap?
i hope this isnt some sort of mechanical gap between two moving parts
this was the VR sensor, no?
or diff one

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the inputs are connected thru a billin ohms
it has very low output impedance, so its output isnt very load dependent
then its just a normal diffamp with a butload of gain
call the Vin- a ref input, amplify the diff from it at the Vin+, thats at the output
feedback makes them useful, else theyre pretty retarded

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in what?
virtual short of Vin+ and Vin-?
its driving whatever the output is connected to
positive and/or negative feedback, output circuits, etc
well yeah
theyre high impedance inputs
and low impedance outputs
the inputs suck a uA at most
er, a few uA at most
well, good amp at least
not even sure what you mean
youre an engineering student arent you

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yeah life sucks test33
datasheet says like 150 is min i think
i dunno why dont you check a datasheet
theres prob like 5 current ones by major semicorps
mines a chipamp
by national specific for headphones
yes but they are switching

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omg i need real gallery software
test33: not so hard
its typically 3 stage design
long tail pair input, gain stage, output stage
yeah, 741 intentionally had early roloff
to keep it from oscillating from high freq noise

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ac-130u: one of them has an eq enabled
i think wmp has that SRS WOW bs on by default
disable both
hehe, turn up amp!
oh, yeah
i should design a headphone amp
like, find a couple neat opamp designs, build discrete
i have, its silly
its just a basic NI circuit, i think
it didnt even have input bias compensation
ac-130u: sec
yeah its left off most basic schema
well, its not like its anything special to begin with
so i guess, yeah, several?
its just a signal amp connected to a real load
sec, i show you something

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like, the descriptions of industrial processes and tooling
and the specifications tables
and maybe 3 or 4 equations from speeds and feeds
like, the book has everything, but thats almost its failure too
if you havent kinda studied its layout, you waste time trying to find info you njeed
but yeah, take notes, use bookmarks and post its
you prob aint doing it with a bible, so just treat it like that

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i would undo it if i could but i felt like mentioning it would be lame since i cant
take notes
serious, take notes, bookmark interesting pages, its huge fucking book
just like try and like sumarize shit make sure it totally makes sense
i have both
but yeah, its almost to much info to totally absorb
and im talking about just the machining sections
kinda, the most useful shit in the book is the shit that says none of the math matters much in the end
because there are too many variables to really cover
the leadin to the machining chapter basically says no math can do speeds and feeds
and then instead of leaving it at that, they spend like 100 pages trying anyway
but yeah, almost nothing in that book applies to my machine directly

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he gave me a B
basically, 100% of my grade was based on one half of the final
now the real shit is this: i put what i thought was missing from his class, an example of something in lab that kinda proved his teaching was ineffective, and basically said he was the reason the kids werent learning amps, not the previous semesters by other teachers
instead of doing the last problem on the exam
he says i didnt complete the exam, im like, i chose to do other problems worth more points for the time taken
real shit is everything i mentioned him not teaching is in the school catalog
he prob trashed my exam and just wanted something to fill the gap in his files
not me i dont think, what is it doing?
im running it, doesnt seem diff
and my windows is all fucked up
hell even explorer locks up for no fucking reason now
uninstall reinstall
^dx^: i dunno joellama did it
me and j4ck|u54 only ones havent fallen off
there was maybe 10 peoples

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best teacher i had in electronics ran his shit like that
quiz end of each class, on the material from week before, that was reviewed and built on earlier in class
another teacher i had hardly gave any tests
gave a shitload of homework he collected sometimes
and then gtraded based on how much he liked you
dude he gave me an incomplete, in the end it turned into a B
he said if i didnt retake the half of the final he wanted me too, hed have to give me the grade i earned
an F
i scored like maybe 2x to 3x class average on tests
me and two other dudes, basically
so i retook his test
because the rest of the tech department staff sat me down and basically went:
'we want you to do good, go someplace else when youre thru here. hes a bitch, dont waste so much time'
he said i didnt do so great

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x/y thing, dont remeber what we were getting signals from
yeah lots of 70s/80s shit hooks right into those things
my scope can interface with plotters
(80s analog + DSO thing)
ha, yeah i seen pics of tests
and we have the machines for it in welding shop
never seen a test done tho
yeah bet you get a pretty crisp snap
those machine are solid as fuck, prob no absorbing any of the vibration energy
one at school gotta be least a ton

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also we used to be a big center for defence and aerospace, so like 20 years ago, everybody was doing gov contracting work
so most of the instructors in electronics/machining/welding used to do mil/aerospace stuff
yeah we have like one or two TDS scopes
4ch mono display things
i think i like the agilents better
the green on black display is better and black on grey tek lcd
we have like maybe 40 stations of scopes/psu/dmm/gens
like, some left over test gear, tek curve tracers and RF testing stuff
big network anaylzer in the back, old thing, fuckin huge
we have one spectrum analyzer
no i think its on a table
we have a room in back with alot of the RF shit
like, last 6 labs are rotating, so everyone gets a chance to do tests with each piece of gear
ha we ever got a silly ink/paper plotter thing

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like, the $2000 digital psu only go up 1.5A
all our shit is like hp/agilent or tek
plus old tek analog scopes and older fluke bench dmm
yeah, pretty sure they have someone worked out with schools
er, something
its really good test gear
i respect the last two gens of tektronix analog scopes, too
like, maybe 20 or 30 scopes from like 80s build
only a few bust up
and this is a public school
most of them work fine
well, were prob the best funded community college in LA school district

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test33: yes
schools who do initial labs with the better gear are just asking to burn up stock
that shit isnt really so expensive for them as much as hard to get
they get deals, but its work, and its not like it happens all the time
yeah well, if they letting students burn up gens and psu and scopes, i wouldnt argue with that description
fresh creative student cand find a way to fuck up a current regulated supply
yeah, thats diff, if you been messing with shit for a semester, by then you should be messing with test gear
but theres alot of stuff we use shit supplies for, just because you know those circuits likely to do stupid shit during tests

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because wall warts are $5
and students burn gear all the time
path0s: oh
we are
(if the billary get the dem nomination, we might lose)
well, were basically hoping mcain does something stupid and dems do nothing stupid
test33: yes, because of the wallwarts
if they didnt use wallwarts, youd prob half half the units
i know obama can take mccain
billary and mccain prob be some sort of shit talking storm where no one wants to vote
bill wants it too bad, went nuts, hillary is just corp/dc slime
hello, I am pretty russian girl, bored tonight.
would you like to chat with me and see my pics?
ha wrong mouse clicker

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like, i want to kill all the techs who testify in front of congress to put them out of their misery
is like, congress dont get it, but its really important they have to, but they techy people cant break thru the stupid shell
they look so defeated sometimes, its hard to watch, i want to cry =( =( =(
hello, I am pretty russian girl, bored tonight.
would you like to chat with me and see my pics?
if so then email me at eelaine886@healtheonline.info
i missed her email! nights ago!
i think she was an automailer script

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irc over ssh, and ssl encyrption between servers isnt anything special or hard to do, i dont think
macegr: yeah i saw that before
macegr: thats just the matrix, fucking with us
macegr: i really do think we need some sort of tech congress
either national or internation or fuck knows what
we gotta stop letting lawyers legislate tech they dunno fuck about anything real =(

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irc will save the world one day, watch
more than 4ch even
dude what realtime comm method is better than irc
like, voice data overhead is kinda ridiculous on digital lines
setup, required software, bandwidth
text > voice for critical comm
yeah, like, when all shit goes to hell, youre much more likely to get packets of chars thru than frames of vid or audio
yeah, if it needs to be encrypted, then the choice is like duh
end of the world, and youre waiting for the audio to encode, dealing with 3 to 10 sec latencies
all the encryption time and dropped packets

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its basically a chevy crown vic
heheh, cops drove ford taurus in robocop
you know why, also, right?
the ford taurus is regarded as a defining point in car design
its the beginning of 'aero' design
were like at the end of this design phase
its fuckin sad that jellybeaning was all inspired by the plastic taurus
the previous gen still had steel bumpers
taurus and escort ore decent american econo shit
big 3 never get it done right like japan, its just diff engineering philosophies
same shit, higher end sometimes
like honda/acura
buell comes close
mainstream harley is shit
but buell is what they race
if i got a harley, itd be one of those little sport ones
all super low and shit
(the girl one)
hahaha wtf
irc = pride of the interwebs.

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i get 1000min of real human comm for my monthly flat rate
fuck you you dont know how to get a plan
bitch pay $5 extra a month to ruin my life cuz fucker couldnt spend $5 more on minutes
test33: cell phones in cars might be illegal in LA
either now or june
no one is sure
so we all gotta do the borg bluetooth think
la, cali, same diff
they will
fuckit people are going to do it
you cant stop people talking in LA
i wouldnt
nypd dont fuck around
i saw a guy try to cutoff a cabbie in nyc
cabbie lit up in red and blue and fuckers with badges popped out
im smoking bowls with some heads outside a dnb club, crown vic passes by
im like 'narc'
tyhen a toyota passes by 10min later, local buddy is like 'narc'
im like wtf, and i look and it has pd lights in the back and on the front dash
they roll in corollas now
which means lapd will roll in toyotas and hondas, because lapd and nypd totally jealous of each other new tricks
impalas are normal cop gear

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id need haircut and shave and new shoes
but yeah, people either link me to olpc or some pimped phone/palm thing
this aint wonkas factory yo, gimme some of that real tech
trying to be like 'but looks its smaller! fits in my pocket!'
im not taking notes on a kbd thats 2x4"
fuck that
i mean, honestly its useful
like, you at a show, no one can here
need to rendezvous
text #1
random 'hi i need attention text' fuck that
like, my gf wants to msg me something dirty, cool
you wanna spend $.25 to tell me something you thought was neat while on toilet about something you said to me a year ago
no fu
yeah exactly
like, hi my phone plan works
pls2not make me pay $1 for every 5 complete thoughts you express to me

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okay but yeah, eee totally normal pc
its like trying to wedge modern OS into pre-atx size storage
except the hardwae isnt ancient crapshit, so its way more fun at the end
i totally love it for notes
its like 1/4 the desk area of my open notebook
got my ex-english teacher all interested in one
the chassis is just so nice now i wouldnt want to hurt it in any way =D
in blac, its totally baby thinkpad
like id have no issues taking into a serious business situation, the pc is like 10x more formal than me

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im thinking of maybe doing some live from ram OS
sounds neat
i got my wifi working in linux finally
asus drivers built with a new kernel.org/slackware core
stupid AES/TKIP setting thing
so just their eth driver i havent done
like, if i OC it to the 900MHz native speed, with 2GB, itd blow away my old thinkpad
except on res
yeah linux is weird like that
best quote:

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yeah, theres industrial districts maybe every 5 to 10mi
theres like 3 in the valley
yeah but its just like keeping track of tools in a normal shop
its always been an issue, now you just add more random
yeah, thats how it usually works in big production shops
now they usually have a database to keep track of all the tooling
you want a guy who does just that, basically
tool crib guy basically runs the shop
welding and machine labs are held together by one dude
shit would fall apart without rudy
fuckin literally, stuff would rattle to pieces and machine would just sit around for lack of tooling
like, you kinda want one fool to keep track of tools, and one guy to keep track of exployees and money, minimum per shift
on top your staff doing whatever
whats fbreader?
book reader?
no i will tho, belongs on it
i have lots of space
its pretty quick and i havent added the 2GB ram yet

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yeh, okay in there
yeah, sounds like a tool crib, heh
do they stock alot of tooling?
see you could get people excited, but shop crowd is super practical about moneys
they prob working machines all day to make ends meet up
youd have to sell the lack of competition and actual numbers
but yeah, LA is a big big place
they shouldnt go with anyone who doesnt seem to mesh with them 100%
eventually someone good will pop up, its a big market, someone always does
like, you cant cover all of it with one shop, no way
so if you get a good one going and word out, thats like 2 or 3 more locations ready to open
you can have one shop run the other three
yeah, totally
thats why its gonna freak normal shop people out
like, the public thing is neat, but its a huge issue
thats why school shop peoples will work, probably
theyre used to that shit
electronics or machine lab wont let normal janitorial in their buildings

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yeah, and its a place to put old tools
you dont need past .0005"
for most anything
beats a .001 caliper so fuckit
its it 2d or 3d?
how does that work?
okay ill say i can help and ask him for marketing stuff, to shop around
like, i can ask in machine/auto/welding departments
take ove to electronics too, instructors would think it was neat, maybe know people
most tech teachers do work on the side
haha, suck
yeah but test gear in a machine area is bad =(
asking for long term issues
oh okay

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TechShop locations will be $25,000 square feet
i think he is confused at dollar sign!
yeh, heh
I'll mail back i can help out if he gets someone to start one up
its LA, tho
just matter of time
he better off ditching anyone who doesnt want to play nice
yeah im going to talk to them
one wants to retire to spain and like, make carbide jewelry, or something
like, he been around forever, prob still knows some people with shops and $$$
ron, too
but yeah, the business model prob sounds crazy to a normal machine shop head
because like, youre not having the machines running producing parts 24/7
so itd take convincing i think
i know people would be interested
but the numbers just seem wrong compared to a production shop
you maybe win on the lack of real competition
which might sound golden to machine heads
thats prob your hook, if youre trying to sell it to production shop owners with extra cash

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meh, f that
pastichio, rice
i couldnt finish =(
mine was like 2x that size
its kinda like a meat lasagna/souffle
did i?

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pretty impressive, im amazed people dont get splattered in school shops weekly
plus they likely getting paid shit
well, they blowing up, they prob have alot of money to play with soon
then its just matter of figuring out whats working at diff places
yeah seems like a hard business model, lots of money down up front for all the machines
ha damn
harold_pa: k
ima go get some greek foods

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and then
okay, so first people got no time for 20 years, and 2nd people are tards
trying to keep shit safe, im assuming like #1 job
like, thats kinda my concern with open machine tools, but its not very diff than academic shit
prob better than most production job shops
i dont really have time or experience to be starting shit but im down to help
is neat idea
harold_pa: it just seems wrong
yeah basically, mini academic resume and like 'i work cheap', or something
yeah totally
if you can get a tech teacher, itd be a score
theyre use to keeping retards from killing themselves

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mitt is a loser
oh? yes?
and then
ha damn

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more information

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yo stfu, loud mufuckers
no, fureals... talk fools

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naps will totally fuck up near-term reality

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damn, english teachers dont fuck around when they email you back...

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there are worker people stomping around on my roof
is annoying

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wtf is the logitech logo supposed to be?
its like pacman eating a powerpill, or something

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blackmoon: C999, count backwards
cap label
yeah so like start at 999 for unlabeled shit prob safe
ha nice
hahaha wtf

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i want to see the vids of them hammering out the cages for the speakers
or hand casting or forging them, or whatever
maybe they were hand assembled from parts
but so what, almost everything is
it usually results in lower end product fit and finish
shit you did completely with hand tools from raw material
a speaker is a machine fabricated object
or its a science fair project
and even then it was hax0red from common machine produced parts
hand drill and shit?
power tools is kinda hand made
heh, we trust machines here
los angeles, bye

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in this context, none
yeah id rather buy a raw driver from china and stick it on a piece of plywood, thanks
open-baffle quick response, woot
if you buy from a 'good' speaker company, youre likely getting shit unless youre getting their topend
topend is priced so ridiculous, if it wasnt good shit, you could probably sue them
if im going to spend serious money on speakers, theyre going to be pro audio drivers
prob jbl, cerwin-vega, mackie (mackey? macky? blue dancer guy logo...), carvin
shit i could drop down my stairs, it prob wouldnt care
i dont know what hand made means

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generic opamps, 2% poly caps, 1% resistors, $5 chipamp
$75 for prototype pcb fab
or maybe $10 to perfboard it
oblivion: http://sound.westhost.com/biamp-vs-passive.htm
oblivion: http://sound.westhost.com/lr-passive.htm
read those
it has nothing to do with electronics
i have preferences but its based on intimate experiences with their products, not really so much the quality

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1 of the first, 3 of the second, gut your speakers, run the drivers direct to the amps
maybe $1100
fuckit i dunno
but thats a neat setup
then you prob wanna build it yourself
$100, half on psu, rest split on amps and xover

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theyll sound 'cold' if you dont rolloff the highend
unfortunately that is the downside of clean audio
parts are minimal, so you can get pretty creative on optimizing layout
oh and they have awesome PSRR
so psu is like, toroid + diodes + caps, done
anyway, yeah id read up on shit for maybe 3 or 9 months, and then maybe try and build some little amp sections and an xover
convert and/or blow up your speakers
or just leave them
and when people tell you your crossover sucks, tell them their passive xover sucks too
then piss on the car and flip over their grandma
you could do that
okay heres what i would do...
(sew sec)

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before the amps, prob after an input preamp
passive xovers are used because it makes a speaker system more compatible
and you only need one amp
$100 built yourself from monolithic chip amps
about half of it being transformers
national.com, search for LM3886
prob best power/precision for the money
anyway, figure 6 to 18 months to really know wtf is going on and build something useful
looks like a gainclone to me
ive prob built like 4 or 6 boards with diff types
they always just work, just a bigass opamp, very cool shit

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or 1 input pair
it means it has three speakers in the cabinet
okay its a passive xover
so its shit, even done well
sure, same diff
if youre running one cable to it, its passive
hes coming at me with consumer audio bullshit
you wouldnt put it in the box unless you put the amps there too
active crossovers are integrated into the amps or into a preamp unit
if the amps are integrated into the speaker, crossover usually inside there with them
does that make any sense to you?
then no, you probably cant do better
if you want to do active xover, you have to gut that cabinet
take out all the electronics besides the speakers
and then add 3 more sets of connectors
get 2 or three more amps
per channel, mind you
k then you need an active xover

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ima just throw it off the balcony at the used car dealership
hehe, k notrly
flat ps2, like 8 games, 25" tv
also dvd remote for ps2
this will sell on the craigslist, no?
i can even throw in a SNES and a Genesis
$100 firm
wait passive or active
because really i hate passive cuz thats a bitch to do right
well page is loading fucked up slow
but its a passive crossover, so yeah even if it was good itd be crap
okay its a 3 way driver
it has 3 input pairs?

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no because then your stealth is focused, not omni
and possibly others will know your run away secret
more dudes, fools
other ninjas
because people have to throw them consistently
and actually theres alot of sizes
haha warning grenade
blow little chunk outta your arm
i dont want my tv anymore
i want it to go away
i want that desk for eee
not desk, endtable, sry

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i dunno i thought they werent supposed to talk about it
hes a bad ninja, scary
i dont think ninja school advertises on the google or history channel

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hello, no
per datasheet on a ton of parts for like years maybe
heh, i got them to send me all the newer 20MHz dip shit like maybe 6 months ago
because using atmega8/16/32/64s, no?
i think those are 8/16MHz
theres 20MHz things in like every package
atmega164P, aaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah
theyre neat, but no adc
but how will you become a ninja?
=\ =\

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one line for the opto
<3 modern uC.
yeah just about
soic4 and soic8, xtal
couple 0603
yeah easy
tho im all about 19.6608MHz xtals now
low power is for wussies
WE NEED TO GO FAST UP IN THIS MUG (but maintain synchronicity with standard timing silliness)
whats that
thats slower
how can that be better
you been playing with the old shit, comrade

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my best friends mom is cute
she was my yard duty in elementary school
so i had this weird ph33r/crush on her cuz she was the smrt one know i wasnt really that good a kid
fur's mom is hot.
also ms stier was prob someone grandmom
but she was hot, also my programming logic teacher, she was like hybrid carol burnet/old mary tyler moore
id do 8soic avr, xtal for timing (internal for timning app? cmon)
then um, reset resistor
some buttons
yeah fuckit, pots on adc

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some opamp circuits you gotta reset
because they will drift depending on leakage and input load or whatever in that circuit
i only used a 555 like once in lab, dont remember internal schema thing
hehe, no
you can get 1% polypropylene caps tho
theyre not so expensive in nF values
not internal
its more than 5% i think, per the datasheet
yeah, but do you wanna tune all of them?
im like, 20ppm xtal, done
naw shes not so great with tools =(
tho she fixed the toilet paper holder in her bathroom by herself, i was pretty impressed
i wouldnt know, you more likely to be the expert on that
and im like, wtf have you seen my mom?
ur a young guy, i honestly think you could score something bit prettier, maybe within two decades or your age

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and the drift might be from the parts warming up a bit
the 555 timing stuff is maybe drifting tiny bit as you use it
like, put you fingers over the parts and see if it creeps up a bit more
yeah for sure
i dunno the exact 555 circuit really, but it might be do to cap leakage

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no i dont get the camera part
like it has inputs to do that or something?
i dunno alot about cameras, theyre expensive =(
okay neat
how much for those cameras?
with the simple remote
yeah optos are good for stuff like that
yeah see i dont need camera that bad
i have art school friends alway wanting to buy cameras
okay what did i need today
moneyorder condroiten/glucosamine gel-seat pullout-bowls
haha i have to plan this out so i dont end up biking back and forth 3 times =\

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arizona looks alot like inland santa monica mountains
hehe, looks neat
the chassis is clean looking at least
i dont get how it works

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okay wow that was maybe the best rambo movie
omg rambo went home to arizona, no more rambos
rambo 3 was maybe better, but mostly because of the hinds
omg pls no
is like an apache+blackhawk, wtf

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the dr missionary just stoned a bad guy to death
he feels very conflicted, but there is still shotting and blowing up and stuff goin on

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he escorted some unarmed missionaries into burma
had to kill some burmese pirates to get them thru
he did it for the girl of course, he didnt want to
the head guy was like 'ill have to report you, killing people is wrong, for any reason'
so yeah, he got killed
legs blown off, good gore all around
maybe hes not dead, dunno, girl captured, preast shows up like 'yo, i got mercanaries, take them there'
so now hes on a boat with mercs
youre canadian, you wouldnt understand rambo =(

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blackmoon: its slightly linear
you can like lightly rest the pads on the strings
and you get muted ringing, instead of a clean sustain
colonel comes back
its not colonel, rambo was tripping
its the preacher from denver

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mostly likely switch
tho it could be a pot chained to a release value

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'are you brining weapons?' 'no'
'you wont change anything'
'its thinking like that that makes the world like it is'
'fuck the world'
hahaha, okay maybe new rambo gonna be okay

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what did he do?

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i like datasheets.
man everytime i go to watch rambo
i find something better to do
like, normal shit
haha, man i have such low expectations, itd actually prob be pretty amazing if it fell below

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wtf 15uA
dont blow on it!

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blackmoon: did you get the final shoe purchase update?
hehe, kbbl

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heheh, opamp diodes and inductors are weird
be odd trying to use them in some sorta smps
okay im cold fuck being awake
ima watch rambo and go back sleep
i know, im just saying for a silly circuit
and yeah, because you can get a mR drop across a fet instead of like .2V min for a shottky

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