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whats dreamhost
i think you have to be here for like at least 3 years before you can openly trade juarez in chan
its in the #electronics TOS

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ur mom is a blog
ok rly i have to go to school bai

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i voted
i got sticker

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like, depends on the metal, and how wide the shaft, the fender ones are shit tho
ive seen things with good steel and a way thinner slot looked kinda functional
lemme go look because maybe im wrong...
okay yeah, my fender doesnt have thw worse one
maybe .1" slot, bit smaller
but you can still see how all the posts are kinda at diff angles
rab: hehe, set screw knob wobble

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you can get knobs kinda gnurly inside that fit over them
or just use plastic knobs that the metal gnurls bite into a bit
the slot kinda give it ability to deal with diff knob sizes better
dunno, just knob, i guess
yeah, the shaft is a bit oversize i think
anyway, i hate them
eventually they kinda lose tension because the metal flexes inwards towards the slot
because using the knob all the time, so always wiggling the shaft a tiny bit

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i checked, theres enough space under the pots in there to 9V or two
er, to fit
and they use big dumb pots
im prob just going to use $2 panasonic ones
haha, i replaced the cap with a bigger 1% poly cap
i have way to many extra 1% poly caps =\
well, im pretty sure it was wasted on the jbass
other than i like her to feel pretty
neck is all fuckey, and need to take to guitar tech so he can charge me like $50 and talk a bunch of shit at me
maybe ill even tell him how many times its been dropped on its tuning pegs
(i dunno because so many times)

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function1: no
im just saying, the slotted shaft pots had extra work done on them to make them like that
well, maybe a cast part
but they have gnurls cut into them
and they couldnt do that on a cast part with a slot without some weirdo fixture
so they prob gnurled a bar, cleaned up and cut it up on a lathe, then ruined it, at extra cost, by putting a slot in it
yes, i could do that
but theyre shit pots, im prob gonna replace them if i ever do anything to them
those soic filter circuit turned out smaller than i thought, can prob fit them on a board with the pots

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sometimes frictions ones work
like if shaft is plastic or metal and gnurly
cheap fenders use awful split ones with vertical gnurls
you have to use a set screw in the slot because using it on the gnurled post thing will just push it in
like, someone paid money to make a machinist do extra work, to make the pots worse

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goldmine-elec.com has panasonic mechanical encoders with metal shafts
and integrated buttons
shaft is pushbutton, theyre like $1.25
macgyver0: ha, sucks
macgyver0: i always almost get them
rab: yeh, thats it =D
10 for $12.50, 100 for $100
i dont think digikey even stocks them
and theyre expensive stupid anyway
er, stupid expensive, wow dyslexia came back =O
i bet at least $3-5
the panasonic encoders, plastic shaft, bit short, are like $1
from digikey
yeah ive seen pushbutton encoders at digikey, not metal shaft, more than $5
but in the paper cat, i dont think they were stocked

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they feel nice, heh
almost every company makes cheap audio and general purpose pots
well, every pot company
what is it for?
panasonic pots in audio style pcb package are like $1-3
yeah they have those, its like my standard cheapo pot
yeah, the conductive plastic ones are more
these are like printed carbon or something
yeah and they are more even, i guess
like for interface?

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theyre either everywhere because theyre good, or because theyre cheap (if theyre cheap, they might not be bad, but probably)
no im saying datasheet for the pot
if i has a bunch of data and decent documentation layout, id trust it
sometimes its just like a dimensioned drawing and like some tech data written into the title blocks
try to find something with a min turn cycles spec, or similar
oh okay so this is possibly ancient surplus shit?
if they still exist, and youre lucky, they might have data for the old pots too
at least figure out what family of pots, what alpha thinks you should be doing with them

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just wire it up into one big reallt tall drive?
oh you mean rebuilding the bad disks
neat someone coming to look at honda tomorrow \o/
silencers: no
i want to get the head or engine rebuilt
i cant do it in my parking lot
there are no big mechanics to beat people if they walk up and try and steal my tools if i have to go inside
alpha is company?
i think i heard of them, shrug
link to datasheet, thats usually a pretty good indicator
heh, can be good or bad

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crazy fook
two 1.66TB partitons is still pretty fuckin huge
stu is bored or something
oh neat, youre stu again
i can nick complete your real nick again
ha i did that, software raid
couple years, amazed it never took a shit
put a fan on top
no room?
haha, hopehope
you doing raid5 or 1/0?
with 8, neato

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naw thats not enough
stu: wonder how long to format
oh quicky format huh
330GB partitions
i am wasting so much weird pizza...
this is truth
least one extra for system
or system lives on something else?
yeah fuckit, do one

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but yeah thats it, i remember how it had wires going in two angles from some pins
ima have another slice of cold weird pizza
oh hmm
ima rip it in half so it is much more crust to pizza ratio
kinda taste like onion bagel with creme cheese
and tomato
shit i should vote huh

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yeah i was like blicingly clickyclicky
ima try and get into TIG today
like, fuckit i just skipped 4 months of math might as well skip 4 months of MIG
timecop: the one with blue wires, all jacked up in the air?
dark shadowy bg, was a nice pic
rab: was in topic for awhile i think
so swish prob got it
haha, yeah
timecop: did you do that?
i remembered it darker

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are those bad or something? i dont do rs232 alot
i cheated, because st500 has one built in, so i jack it
those are $2, tho
nuh uh its 4/4, no?
that is odd
rab won anyway
i only checked like page 1 =\
rab: did you check the data?
noe the pin out schema

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yes well they did it to him anyway sculptor
i have the weirdest pizza
i would stick with the first search qeury
ricotta, mozzerella, sliced tomato, sliced onions
joo got seagates?
but thats it
no sauce
oh neat
i got my mom a samsung
her computer has yet to explode
expensive sucks, i dont like it
thats unrealistic

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yeah maybe is asynchronous, or just needs clk line
needs hardware control lines?
does that you horny?

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is it old?
if its old, you prob need the hardware flow control stuff
if its newer it maybe does asynchronous
i hate when something is called serial but it needs like 4 or 6 lines to get the 2 data lines working

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flg: sshh
mafia bad
i dont think they have a presence on efnet yet
14:03 [EFNet] -!- Cannot join to channel #mafia (You must be invited)
hehe, when printers were primary output

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were are using a bunch of fets
so we can totally target heat
we can spot weld some thermocouples on th cookie sheet same time we spot weld the fets
feedback cookie sheet, aaaaaaw jeeeeeeah
like, i think the best way it to use two cookie sheets
one on bottom with the shit welded to it
and then the one on top just normal cookie sheet
replaceable if you just burn to many pizza
because like, you suck a mospizza sheet
but a kinda works

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(the alternative was dropping all my classes, losing financial aid, and doing that in a non transferrable algebra class for whole fucking semester, and postponing transfer for a semester at least)
golds: my and macegr had a very good idea for a pizza cooker
you would just bolt a bunch of to-220 mosfets to cookie sheet
yes you dont remember
dude you fuckin stoner
whatever, use mad resistors
i was just gonna use cheap mos
with bad Rth
yeah we can just make a pwm reg with really high freq and really slow fets
we can use that reg to power the BJT
naw thats lame
thats like how they do it normal
but yeah we can do a low cost variant
with mexican 8R sand resistors
i still think spot welding shitty mosfets or BJT to to a cookie sheet is the way

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like, leave an Eee and a bigass battery somewhere to do logging or control stuff
yeah but a normal battery adapter will die out at prob 10V
i want something that can do 6V batteries and 12V batteries, even drained past recovery
so i was thinking boost to maybe 15V, then buck down to the 9.5V
yeah, but eee is also a computer
duty cycle mod it
heh, possibly very big cap
oh, btw i broke into math class i needed
heh, all i had to do was like, factor out something, graph something, and say what log10(1000) was in front of the math dep chair

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okay SLA is less energy dense than Li-Ion, right?
so if it does catch fire, it prob wont go off the same way, right?
i thought SLA were gel cells
just sealed and vented, or something?
yeah but it has mad power handling capability and its safe
and pretty good at recharging when drained low
okay and if not you have overpressure and hydrogen and oxygen
that doesnt sound good, heh
but it sounds more like an explosion than fire
yeah i want it to do long life Eee stuff
because it would make a neat dynamick embedded platform

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oh, hi
damn i gotta leave soon

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rab: jes this page is <3

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fairchild has a good page of IC packages
has dimensioned drawing links

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you should have measured all the Vf during paralol test
you can do it in series too tho
i have business class today =\
ron paul wants me to vote for him today
to bad rebups are bitches about primaries
and he cant break 10%

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well, if theyre diff brightness at same current, in series you lock in those differences with absolutely no way to tune
if it was some Vf diff that made them different brightness, but chaqnging the voltage across your resistor, than series will help
yeah but either their just diff brightness at same current
or they have very diff Vf, which is changing the V(R) on each branch
so they all get diff voltage
er current
if theyre diff brightness at same current, series wont help, itll just lock in the brightness diff
but if theyre diff brightness because diff Vf, so diff If, because diff V(R), then series will help
what i would do is make a pair of matched current sinks and stick the leds on them to compare at same current
test the Vf, and now you have your own Vf spec, better than the datasheets if your current is matched correct, because its specific to those parts
okay yeah you can test like that too

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you want like something that outputs like 35V
so you can do maybe 8 or 10 led
the more led, and the smaller the R$, the more efficient, but the less headroom you have
and the more voltage ripple will create current error
you prob wont notice the ripple much at 60 or 120Hz tho
lope: is it from the ebay?
you prob have to buy something, or its $10 your ebay sellers fees, or some shit
i wonder how those led strings plugged into mains work
the ropes, they dont look like they have any iron bits
i dunno at worst ebay spams you even more
and you can prob turn that off
or just parallel them and accept the loss
oh that bad

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ha yeah i need to make dcc pop up in current window
kk i check it out
damn i dunno if this shell has http access...
damn i gotta like, dcc this shit to myself or something
no they make little ones
maxim snailmail spammers makes sure i know
it will be a DC/DC converter
the most effecient way to do that many led prob is off mains

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whats bimetalic
so put current sinks on strings
omg $.07 extra each string
seravitae: much more useful idea than the mains one
the boost IC
like, youll prob be able to use that more in the future for other stuff, heh
yeah you need one per series string of led
because they limit current in that series circuit
uh huh
damn you got 150mA led?
i have my led at like 150mA
but i think the fluke might be lying, as the battery is shorted i think
just 15mA
in a series circuit, current is the same
so everything in the circuit will get 15mA
it wont dissipate like voltage in series
cuz no place for electrons to leak out
15mA in, 15mA out
kirchoffs #1
fuck norton and thevenin!
blackmoon: whatchu doing?
blackmoon: say!
oh still, neat

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macegr: yar, also
i fell sleep like 10p or 11p or something
seravitae: theres no reason you couldnt do it
other than its dangerous because mains
you might need a bigass diode on the led string to keep it from rev popping
fuck i wouldnt even test id just put it in, heh
or you could just diode bridge mains, get like 2x the brightness
macegr: you stole the idea in my brains
it prob be pretty easy on my rex
well, i was just gonna use normal led tho, not rgb
because yeh, cop mode get you clinked real fast =(
yeah i dont like jail very much =(
they always screw up and keep me too long

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what board?
blackmoon: hi
anyone seen new rambo?
you can only do one led, no series, unless you use a boost reg
yeh what charles said
just make a different circuit off mains for led
mains is enough voltage for tons of series LED
if its that big a deal you can use pots in series with R to tune, seies R on parallel led prob aint gonna be a project killer
seravitae: it was really a joke, but yeah in that case you would use a very big resistor

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yeah sleeping, school again too
lucky j00
haha i was like 35min late for sexy polish sociology teachers class
(starts at 11:10, not 11:45!)
polish import
in series, yes
youd just have to do math for the right resistance
er, more math
because youd have to figure out R then divide it, then pay extra money for more resistors
your boss would be like wtmf

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