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i did just eyeball fixture X-refs with the point of the conical, tho
gonna try and find some clear plastic so i can scan the board in instead of pics
jeeps prob get stuck more
i like the buggy/jeep rock climbing stuff
where like theyll speak out on a little hill
and just kinda float nose up in the air for a few sec deciding to fall backwards or forwards
er, peak out

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machine or mineral oil to keep friction down works awesome for acrylic, maybe same for wood, you would just get it all in the wood
haha, i once cut acrylic no lube with a jig saw, and the chips had welded behind the blade the whole length of the cut
so i could out the other side, and like it doesnt crop, it just sits there with a cut all the way thru, all the way across
er, come out the other side
yeah oil on the blades is good for that stuff
else they get like sticky and rusty and unhappy machine adjectives
okay i have to cutout, and see how good the quick flip setup actually is

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ha damn, i dont have a .93 drill bit on .125 shank =\
unless i use the router bit like some sort madman
i think thats like .094 or something
blackmoon: carbide microdrill = winn0r

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its doing the header holes in vertical passes instead of a header at a time

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okay seeing .012 of anything going thru .06 of fiberglass and copper is pretty weird

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oh right
case worth of 9v abuse
u r awesome
k, gcode h4x bye
blackmoon: hi
ok bye

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that was a series def, the page didnt define parallel it just said stuff about parallel circuits

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2 pin parts
or single path circuits
it was an interesting challenge
An electric circuit connected so that current passes through each circuit element in turn without branching.
might work for everything, i cant think of examples where it doesnt
connected is too ambiguous
the chan is called #electronics
im just procrastinating because i dont want to break my .012 drill bits
meh fuckit

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!add parallel when all inputs and outputs of multiple parts or circuits connected, they are in parallel
its kinda hard to define in one line
!edit parallel when all inputs and outputs of multiple parts or circuits are connected, they are in parallel
its as accurate as other much longer definitions i thought of
i think its been done tho

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if its two resistors its (R1*R2)/(R1+R2)

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you add the admittance or whatever (inverse of resistance) and invert it to get resistance back
oh, fucked up
The system is currently not available.
the school db server has hours

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wtf is that
its just R/n, if theyre all the same
R1||R2||R3||.. = 1/(1/R1+1/R2+1/R3+..)

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low response time power supply decoupling, precision low impedance RC filters
equiv series resistance, im pretty sure
maybe e is something diff
its basically the resistance of the pins plus conductive stuff
but its mostly response time and power handling thing
lower esr will handle more ripple current before they burn up
okay my taquitos are done i have to go
yup, it is the different between caps with the same voltage and farad spec

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man fuck pcb-gcode drill output
dammit i need me some of that $40K cnc stuff
fuck i bet a shop is cheaper than rent now
someone told me is like around $600 for a single bay shop in canoga park
studio apartment: $800

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because they were 'risky' users
pay ALL their bills on time
and like, then some cold CC company mufuckers with answer for everything come on
they look like normal people, but then they start talking and when you corner them it is quite obvious they are borg
corpy leader brain: i have to say this exactly like this or i wont be leader anymore
i didnt wake up til 5p

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yeah he would be the first wave of attack
just flyback
okay i remember around when i first started paying attention to this chan
some guy was always buying the wrong parts at digikey
on his credit card
i cant remember who tho
maybe ccflman
omg gf's and exgf's will kill a cell phne battery
i wont get one
ive seen their leaders at congress!
omg they some cold mufuckers
stick to that corpy script, corpy leader
but like, hearing would be a bunch of people who pay all their bills on time testifying about how they got their interests rates upped like 500%

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but like, the people who run sudan seem to be saying its not genocide, but there is a real problem and many people are being killed, but they want help, not soldiers
itd be like if towns in northern canada were going nuts and killing each other because its so fucking cold all the time
so we sanction canada, then invade their ass, then strip their gov for being incompetent because they cant control their wastelands
oh yeah and prob hang a few people for war crimes
blackmoon: ph33r!

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apperently he used to be one of the crazy rebels in darfur, i dunno
but we need that shit for coca cola, among other things
you know we will bomb them for coke
i guess they have like, all of it, or something
but instead, we are going to put sanction on them, or did, stop all import/export, and punish all people of sudan, for what their leaders have done (or havent done, because they have zero control of it)
yeah apperently its big in processed food stuff
so they prob wont do that
but were threatening to invade
after a first strike war with iraq
so they prob scared shitless, who knows what they might try

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so now everyone is on top of each other, nomads and people already there, lots of pissed off people, oh and its the fucking desert and you dont have water
so youre just really pissed off, all the time
your family is prob dying too
short term or long term
theres prob going to be a shitload of fighting over what there to be had
well, water, food, shelter probably
because like sahara moving south or some shit, everyone gotta move cuz everything just dead
apperently sudan is fucking huge
and the gov really aint doing it, because gov dont have alot of control over shit
and since infastructure in those regions is trash, its like wastelands to them
they cant make it rain in the desert
we cant help by sending in troops
we will create accidental genocide
if we really wanted to help, we would offer them a national forest or some shit
because where they live aint coming back, and if they could leave, they prob would
ha, sudan rep, maybe ambassador was at a press conf in DC...

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hello its like people killing themselves, thats like calling iraqis blowin up iraqis genocide because one is suni and other is the other one
its because he wants the whole UN to go there instead of just the US, like normal
is that the one about the stupid future?
no theyre gone
us made baathism go away and totally trashed their infrastructure in the process
i doubt anyone wants to be that now
slightly funnt
shiite i think
like, when saddam was killing all the curds it was diff
because its the gov going and wiping out a whole fucking group of peoples
just because they dont like the gov because it sucks
but everyone who is actually from darfur and didnt just visit recently says the gov isnt killing people, the region is going nuts because theres like no fucking water
so everyone is moving south

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tho ussr kinda killed itself in afghanistan
rambo killed ussr in rambo 3
dems will get in
well pull out of iraq
and get in deep in afghanistan
bush will invade russia in the winter
he has like 2 months left
the google says he will have to get the troops thru turkey and georgia first
i dunno how he will explain going to darfur thru turkey and georgia
i think he wants to invade sudan
the whole world is like: omg crazy tribal shit going off because people nuts because no water!
bush and ultraliberals: genocides.

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i would say their precision in industry rivals ours, except we dont make shit anymore
naw, way before him
all the facories and shit in the valley shut down in the 90s
just the end of the cold war
gov contracting dies out, that stuff kinda fuels alot of general industry
and gov stop giving a shit about funding science academics
so yeah, reagans fault, but because he killed the old ussr

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yes, and we are that smart + 500 years
we win
the chinese are that smart + 500 years + 5000 years or some shit
isreal is the mideast, theyre hella tek
so until they get blown up, thats almost like arab tek
also, china is americas industrial region
you dont think we have so much less smog because our factories are better, do you?
so yeah, they are not so bad at tek
everyone in here learned by taking apart shit when they were kids
hehe, all china been doing for like 30 or 40 years is taking apart shit, and then trying to make their own
they are not doing so bad

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like thanks sony i really wanted a 2,000 hour game
so yeah, fuck the game tv thing
gtr2+wheel is 100x better, on like 3 years dated (kinda broken) hardware
oh wait
i can put the wheel on gt4
meh, fuck that i dont care i was done with that game like year ago, fuck the stupid tv takes up space
all i have for SNES is super metroid and its better with filters in ZSNES
unfortunately it doesnt take up that much space
tho if that were the case it would have prob been gone years ago
perfect sphere has never existed, incubus[]
if you find one it just means your measuring instrument isnt accurate enough
mufucker drew a perfect circle on a wall in front of a king in like the 1500s or whatever
they prob measured that shit with yarn

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or they multi layered
cool fuckit
im getting rid of stupid TV and taking snes and genesis apart
and ima as buddy for one of my nintendos back
well, one of his nintendos back
they couldnt figure out how to hook it up to the tv wtf
i wonder if they know about the RCA ports on the side
but yah i have a ps3 and a bunch of games
but really just for gt4
and i dunno after gt2, gt3 was kinda just better gfx
and gt4 was like gt3, but better gfx, and realistic but kinda boring physics
they upped the camera pitch and roll or something, cars didnt feel so heavy
sucked how much you had to play before unlocking better events

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so you just feed it roms?
like from original games and people?
hehe, neato
you already did one for nintendo and snes sound chip?
that thing was weird
yeah the tiled thing on the floor, no?
yeah, neat
SL need way more power
like, when really big or densely modeled shit happens all at once, it kinda lags out and kills it
ha, i managed to stay away from SL all of vacation
fuck if i had hit it at the beginning thats prob all i would have done for weeks
thats the switched cap thing?
or something else
oooh, fun
kevtris: are snes and genesis dual sided boards?

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like, old buddy bro-in-law, works at shop
i cant do head or engine in my parking lot, gonna get shit stole or something
haha wtf snow
thats like bugs made of water!
thermonuclear device will work better
clear that snow right up
i can get a honda motor for $500 but i cant do shit but look at it
sid tunes?
prob sid tunes...

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its for npn
yeah pretty much
i believe that works
uh huh
haha dork
ghey humor is homophobe backlash behavior!
k i said it
no rly i dont know prob not all of them
yes, this is what kurdt said.
with a girl, sure
i guy said hed look at my honda when it stopped raining

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but i went to check on math evulation dates and theyre like 'HAHAHAHA no, no more take, sry youre fucked, HA'
literally, the office worker like laughed at me
okay dont do that
just do absolute voltage drops
however Vbc is just kinda weird, isnt used for much
haha thats band with accordian's name
ac-130u: apprenticeship maybe
if its lab based, they prob have shit
like, you can play with micrometers and calipers pretty quick and tell if theyre shit or not
you calibrate the dial and use a gage, and you would know for sure
yes im sure

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sucks if i cant get into the math class i need, and have to drop all my classes
to take a shitty math
i have two Fs for algebra, one for registration computer fuckup, one for court ordered appointments
yeah i didnt even know i got on F until like a year later
i likely registered for winter math on accident when registering for spring math
and never dropped because i never checked the schdule for a session i wasnt taking
other one i just fucked up because i didnt drop on time
crazy semester
and i didnt admit situation was hopeless until to late
but yeah, the biggest fuckup was even taking the evaluation exam i did
because it maxed out on algebra
i just hadnt taken math for like 8 years previous
i thought i could retake evaluation exam (you can every 6 months, but not if you take a class based on the results, oop)
so i put that i was taking a 200 level math class this semester on my uni applications

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im like, 'cathode?'
haha wanna hear what i got wrong on a welding test?
'a good guide for welding is to take the decimal number of a fractional inch, and use that in amps'
true false
i put false
decimal inch * 1000
i talked to him about it and im like 'i use thousands of an amp all the time!'
hehe he laughed at me when i said mA
hes like millewhaaa?
so basically, his way, mils = amps
(hes like machine bible tho, he says its just rough solution, real life is not equations blah blah blah blah)
but it (inches*1000)A =)
not (inches)A

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there you go
im prob going to have to drop ALL of them
because of the apeal repeat class policy
its V(R1) + Vsat(Q2)
torch and tig are
mig doesnt look so hard
yes its the saturation voltage
reza: yes
fluxed rods?
or the filled rod shit
yeah thats not as bad
the fluxed rods for stick shit look messy
wtf is the C

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small fans on top of sinks are shit
omg make my cry
but yeah, small hubs on top of skinks = cooked bearing juice
i have some class tomorrow
business 1 or sociology of religion in america (hot teacher invite, w00t)
i think welding is tue/thu

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because LEDs have a consistent voltage drop
the transistor basically becomes the resistor it needs to be to maintain the current thru the led
diodes have consistent forward drops
why Vbe on a transistor happens
since the 500R drops more voltage than the LED, the transistor doesnt have to to maintain the current
the resistance?
diodes and led?
led have higher Vf than standard rectifiers

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you need .9V overhead for that
so like, depends on your load impedance, basically
led have none, they are easy
if you need a low impedance source circuit, mosfet + feedback
because Vce(Q2) will adjust
its the only thing not locked in voltage
it will become whatever it need to be, up to saturation, to keep that current going thru your load
so if the Vbe + Vsat drop is an issue, you would use a fet, and a feedback circuit
well, with an LED, Vce(Q2) will drop to Vf(LED)

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man fuck this windows xp its broken
i need new windows xp
oh its not that, i just dont wat to back everything on C up
yeah i need to stop putting eagle there
i think thats prob it

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sec im trying ie
its behind a fuckin linksys nat
ie fails
time warner dhcp
btw it worked before i got samples
what i think happened is TI hacked my nat
and knows this is the sample box
but somehow ignores the Eee
im guessing this is to fuck college kids
okay no but really
timecop: okay i figured it out
TI thinks someone has taken over this PC
so they hacked my NAT, and blocked just this one
i can log in front eee and other pc in the house

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not offhand, i know nothing
whats tina?
that might just be the spice engine everyone uses now, tho
fuck knows, i dont remember
oh shit
its ti?
appears to be
shit id rather have TI models than LT models, honestly
its not an IP block, it let the eee in
for what?
your tv pirat machine?
oh, you have legit one?
timecop: why is ti timing out on this box

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maybe hit some resonant zone in the tweeter or who knows what, but the accordians fucked me up
her whole family is there because bday and i want to fuckin storm out because the soundboy is trash
itll flow Ve->Vb
Q1b dumps into Q2e
Q2b dumps into R2
its a source of error, but its predictable
because Ib(Q2) is a function of Iout
and Ib(Q1) is a function of I(R2) and Ib(Q2)
yeah thats LTspice, i just have the colors diff

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R2 will have ripple error
which will ripple Vbe(Q1)
which will ripple I(R1)
so its not perfect
but its better than just a resistor
ha, Vbc is exgf's favorite band
the high end drivers on the JBLs and the accordians killed it for me live, tho
i think because no one takes the time to setup the gear from the floor
so they dont realize how much it fucking hurts
their prob is likely they actually have high end response and no on EQed it out =\
like, it was hitting steady tones and making the room scream weird harmonics

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Q2 always has current going thru its base
at the beginning, it has all the current thru its base
the current thru it sets its Vce
depending on its load
really, current thru the load sets its Vce
and load current is set by R1
Q2 is almost like innocent bystander
Q1bc and Q2be are in parallel
Vbe(Q1) locks V(R1), Vbe(Q2) locks Vbc(Q1)
thats why the drop to R2 is 2*Vbe

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well, kinda
yeah exactly
it also tunes Vce(Q1)
on Q1?
oh yeah of course
thats their purpose
their current controlled current sources
yeah its like .1V or .2V
i dont even know what you mean
3 what?
ive already done ?? answer once
Q2 wont turn off tho

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like, its just Vbe in the datasheet spec but Vbe can be less, transistor just wont conduct shit
thats a good thing?
no it means you did it right
im pretty sure i didnt do it wrong
then it sticks
at Vbe for the transistor
so now you have Vbe(Q1)/R1 current for R1
heh, its done
as soon as Q1 turns on, its collector sticks where it was
but now its conducting the current thru R2
instead of the diode from Q2be
no Q2 is never off
tho at a certain point before Q1 is on, its in saturation
because ALL R2 current is dumping thru the Q2be diode
reza: ty btw ive never analyzed this circuit nearly this deep

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back to the step by step startup analysis
as you power up the circuit, R1 voltage increase
eventually, R1 voltage is locked by Vbe
basically, R1 voltage will increase until it hits about .6V
it means its in parallel with Vbe
and as soon as that transistor is conducting, Vbe WILL be fairly constant
or the BJT will rip apart
Q1 is off at the beginning
as current rises thru R1, voltage across R1 increases
no, that is a ramping voltage
just really fast
well, nothing in real life every skips values
it was 1.5V at some point
maybe just for .001nS
yeah, so like maybe it was just there for a ps but it was still there
okay so look, youre almost there, trust
but the transistor is not on
until V(R1) increase to Vbe(turnon)

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youre doing it wrong
you find the current thru the transistor
and then divide that to find the base current
yeah, im not telling you to quit and kill yourself or anything
incubus[]: Ib(Q1)=(Vb(Q2)/R2)/100
incubus[]: Ib(Q1)=((Vcc-Vbe(Q1)-Vbe(Q2))/R2)/100
its what defines a transistor
prob more than anything else besides the abs max stuff
okay but reza

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its basically a voltage divider with R2 at this point, subtracting Q2 Vbe
this happens before
this is how it happens
okay, so as the supply ramps up
V(R1) increases
depending on R2, mostly
R2 is wrong
its supply - 2(Vbe)
divided by R2
psi_: heh, scary
psi_: i hope thats by design!
oh yeah it is
i thought you said Vbe you said Vb
psi_: can you touch it?
hold your finger on it?
okay its prob not so bad tho
ramsink couldnt hurt it, tho

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its a current source
that wont work from 3-30V input
yes, Q2 will turn on, or it will die
so it doesnt want to die, so it turns on
basically this is happening:
current is entering R1, going thru Q2be diode junction, and exiting to GND thru R2
reza: okay so as voltage of the supply increases, R1 voltage drop increases

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do calculation one part at a time
well, their base needs to be below Vbe
well, below in the sense it needs to be a lower voltage
ha id usually say above anyway, because its a threshold limit
okay but look
you put voltage on the supply, right?
so Q2 is blocking R1
but its got a resistor to GND
so it want to be on as soon as you lift up its emitter
so when you put supply on the top, Q2e raises to supply voltage
because no current thru R1
this pulls current thry Q2b
everything is off at the start
Q2 turns on first
because with NO current:
Q2e = supply
Q2b = ground
limited by R2
because no current across the resistor, no no real voltage drop
so like, as soon as there is supply, Q2 wants to kick on
it has to, or it gets ripped apart
Vbe is supply

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i feel stupid how long it took me to figure alot of shit out, maybe 2 or 3 years
just this weird point of realization where it didnt seam like abstract numbers and equations anymore
its just off
trying to change Vbe leads to burnt BJT
you have to drop the input voltage across a base resistor
the base resistor control the current
however if youre using the bjt in follower mode, the load of the bjt limits the current
Q2 will saturate if it has to
depending on load and input voltage
thats why it needs like 9V overhead

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weve had more rain in the past couple weeks than in like 2 or 3 years or something
what base voltage?
im assuming like northern europe or some shit
well, it doesnt matter reza
Q2 will suck up the voltage slack
at node Q1b R1 Q2e the voltage will be around 2.3V, yes
but youre primarily concerned with the voltage across R1
which is Vbe(Q2)
yeah, basically
you can tune error with R2 a bit
Q2 makes it work
its Vce will drop the extra voltage to make sure only youre Vbe/R1 current goes thru it
Vbe(Q2) also locks Vce(Q1) up
which allows you to set the current thru Q1 with R2
its okay
its all fucked up to figure out till it kinda makese sense intuitively

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well, sec
?? answer
sec lemme think
error is: + Ib(Q1) - Ib(Q2)
Vbe(Q1) comes from a datasheet
or you characterize it by testing
R2 sets the current of Q1
so R2 sets Vbe(Q1)
reza: typically itll be between .6V and 1V
for signal transistors, depending on current
power ones will go as far as 2V when you drive them in insano mode
teknique: omg whats it like being dead?
you cant like actually live in these kinda temps =\
its been raining here alot

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im not telling you its only in parallel with one Vbe
things in parallel have same voltage
Vbe is fairly constant
incubus[]: yes, 30 hours
ha, i used to go crazy doing shit like that
now i just fuck with electronical and cad/cnc things half asleep
which dude
i wont go to school like that
well, machine shop
i didnt go to the sat 8-3p class because of that
i have no business machining 8a on a sat morning
so i did work at home on my cnc for credit
electronics lab im like fuckit
half asleep, stoned, even sober!

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their Rth_ambient kicks ass, but modern to-220 prob use tricks for high Rth to junction
its dumb, but im guilty
ha, no
but ive done classes on like 30th hours
ive also napped thru classes around the 30th hour too
i dont think so reza
look, R1 current is set by Vbe
Q2 Vce is set by Q1 Vce and and Q1 Vbe
since Q2ce is in series with R1, it will have the same current
minus Q2 Ib
which is prob 1/100 or so of Q2 Ice
since your load is in series with Q2 (and R1), it will have the same current
you see this kinda of circuit in place of resistors alot in amp circuits
because it can defeat error caused by ripple voltage

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anyway, its a $.07 circuit, to make an led usable at huge range of voltage
needs about .9V overhead
wtf everyone asks that
its just a current source
maybe twice in here, shown 2 or 3 real peoples =)
anyway, with a fet you need feedback, because no such thing as a Vbe on a fet
i doubt you could do it for under $.30, signal power
maybe because Rth on to-3 isnt as low

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replace the led with your load
set the current with R1, based on the voltage drop from VBbe
youd be surprised kevtris
like, you can give this to someone and say 'put any dc voltage on it'
it isnt for electronics people
you set the current with Vbe and R1
using ohms law
the one that R1 is across

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kevtris: maybe still for heavy industry stuff
naw bigger
dpak wont do what heatsunk to3 can
hehe, i see them on the back of most the DRO on the manual mills in the shop at school
oh, yeah thats looks like something would belong on a machine tool
?? opamps
an-31, look for precision current sink
also source
you can make a vref
feedback loop needs a ref
can you use bjt?

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jfet act the same but without the isolation
they will draw current if you bias them wrong
they will draw current and die
so you have to limit it, like a diode or BJT base
but yeah, when biased right, theyre high impedance input too
jfets are used in alot of opamp input sections
yes, very good, input current causes biases errors mostly
yes on their driving pin
unless its a very transient signal
and youre filling and draining the gate cap constantly
but you still get that power back, its just burning off in your input circuit
yeah jfets are bit weirder to design with but they neat, also cheap
incubus[]: theyre in between generic bjt and generis mosfets in price
generic bjt is like pennies
hehe @ to-3
metal turtle pkg

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is not by mr elliot himself, but he makes comments
diff amp input, gain stage, AB output
mosfet is harder to design with
more about part selection
BJT is mostly about getting one that can do enough, they all mostly the same
thats it
fets dont have one
no like a BJT, there is no consistent Vgs
the gate is isolated
the only current draw from a mosfet is the gate capacitance
and you get it back =)
so no consistent voltage drop between the input and gate, no Vbe or beta like on a BJT
thats basically the primary diff

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like, during transision they wont both be on at the same time very long
is he doing an amp?
or logic?
its a slew rate
how fast it slews!
max V delta
sling too, i think
yes, the max amount the voltage can change in the time domain
like, it cant go from 0v to 5v in 0s
this is reality, not math
yes, max delta for v
so you are making an amp?
well, purposes of this discussion
sec, i know good fet amp article
ltspice, dork
where have you been?

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incubus[]: its like easiest circuit ever, and its performance is awesome
mosfets are sexy
jfets are like the cute little sister or something
because circuits so simple are usually not so ideal
what is he doing?
use different mosfets

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omg ttl logic?
the basic cmos circuit is pretty neat
yeah, definitely
you want to sim it?
yeah, its an easy circuit
just works because of the opposite mos types
hc is cmos, no?
just high speed
oooh, high power
vct/vhct/vct is usually high speed stuff
think all the manufacturers label the same thing slightly diff or something

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buddy person just got 250gb seagate freeagent
also wtf at apple osx trashcan
that shit causes everyone problems
mufuckers coming to my house just so i can figure out how to empty their fuckin trashcan
like, i had to hold down SHFT+OPTION
for it to empty trash, WTF IS THAT ABOUT?
also, hi
i got more bongwater on the floor
i bet stuff grows in it
like, all the carbon
maybe building blocks of life up in my bongwater
timecop: why are they horrible?
or you just dont like the concept of portable platters
hes using a mac, it prob wont be his systems bottleneck
hehe, i blinded his ass with my 20mA chinese super led
i dont get spongebob
its like hack attempt at ren/stimpy humor
its not funny tho its just dumb
adults rockin spongebob, im like wtf

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timecop: looks neat
putty tray
okay i have to go because of people
im kinda dissapointed i dont get to try it

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RF is kinda voodoo, but just because its all backwards (in a very literal sense)
well yeah
they wont do layout
and setting up all parasitics for exact sim is time consuming
they dont teach alot in EE school
its very theoretical
im very glad i finished the tech program before transfering into an eng program
ha fun
transmission line stuff is fun
GHz ranges are very human wavelengths, like couple meters down to mm
i know theyre both fucked up
make me full screen my term, asshole
putty has clickables?
j00 lie!

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yeah in reality, on a job, you would sim
its just spice
its just got a very nice frontend
i use LTspice
it basically i just spice
anyway, its spice sim
hello, no spice does that anymore
theyre all schema capture based
emule is gnutella, no?
no bittorent is good
gnutella and similar are trash
bittorent and stuff like direct connect #1
anyway, multisim is neat
but its not like it does stuff i cant do in LTspice
like, it has agilent and tech gear sim
but that stuff is annoying and resource hungry
its analog design
not voodoo =)

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heh, gov pays people with CC alot
the skun workers other daughter had to setup a CC system at her lab because the gov couldnt pay any other way
heh, dorks
from gov?
haha wtf
thats just funny
tc is a monkey too?
oh tc is old

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incubus[]: ive never used j for a design, ever
wtf is j?
thats i
i know how to do algebra
thats fine, ive yet to use it for designing an amp
you need filter circuits and feedback maths
and thats about it
really most all of reactive electronics is filter math
haha @ admittance
thats 1/r, no?
or 1/x
z, r, same diff
RF is fucked up
its electronics but inverse =(
okay but i need to go sev bye

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you guys are lame
numbers = integers, non integers
go get fucked with your 8 levels of number definitions
you can fake non integers with integers if you multiply em out enough
hell jead, muther fucker.
it does
the impedance is kinda imaginary averaged sine wave stuff anyway
you have no theory?
you dont need 'j' to build amps, ever
i love how they named them pi networks just because they look like pi
hehe, two way filter

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fuck j
why do you need j
Xc = 1/(2piFC)
Xl = 2piFL
fuck you
imaginary numbers almost made me have a psychological episode in HS
i was disturbed much by i

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blackmoon: meltage?
it def gets red hot
oh yeah totally
if you got pressure itll do it
just a pipe on a stand
haha fucked up
whats that really strong acid?
whats battery acid?
i had to setup a lab with that
fill about 20 bottles with it from a big one
i was totally careful not to spill anything
at the end, i touched my shirt
and like 20 tiny holes appeared
even eaten raw citric acid?
my grandmother had a little jat for cooking
after quake no school and living at grandmas, bored
i used to eat nuggets of citric acid for kicks
omg, fall to the floor with a funny face
phosphour is just nasty period
cocacola #1
awesome drink, also degrease your engine

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hackers was a shit movie
angelina trash
my sisters <3s it
because my sister has a huge crush on jolie
look i didnt even have a computer in the 90s
and i KNEW that movie was hollywood bullshit
i hax0r with resistors and cnc
you call me a hax0r i will dead you
professor: AS CNC Programming, and i have a micromill 4ft from where i sit
lathes are neat
very diff to control than a mill or working a manual lathe
neat tho, i really liked the haas lathe controller
yes but you took the name
you never have to submit to that which those would call you
else id be a hacker/musician/junglist/comedian/genius
i submit that i am none of those things
junior high was like education in fire and easilly attainable illicit substances
like almost every boy was
and many girls
its part of human existance i think

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most extreme positions can be done with normal peen
even on really fat grrls
no, even if fat
and yes, been there
anyway, the pussy is located in an odd position
its even exposed on the big girls
dunno about xtals and resonator samples
professor: missionary
i want to go to defcon
they usually got cool music acts
ha wtf
people do drugs everywhere dude
festivals = drugs
incubus[]: hello, non pro hax0rs
= drugs
hell if it wasnt in nevada id smoke it up
hell im prob gonna drive and smoke it anyway
we did in vegas (ph33r)
hacking is a loose terms
the better individuals in here are all a form of hax0r
ive been accused, tho i refuse to be categorized
people acuse me of being a musicians alot too
a hack is just making anything do something it wasnt mean to
"Hackers" in the 90s movie sense is lame
"Hackers' in the sense of Neos bedroom in the matrix is more accurate

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they think they like legnth, they they get it, and they go 'omg it was so pokey!'
5.5" is average
you do know this, right?
its 5-6" on almost all research
ive seen stuff in that range
anyway, most chicks dont really care about length
hell, most chicks dont even care about fucking, compared to cumming
however you handle it
they just wanna get off, no diff than guys
fact, im not even huge and i wear ginas out
i cant imagine if i had an extra 2inches
also, when you have a huge cock, you can raely stick it all the way in without the chick hating you
pron stars with their cocks like 2/3 out the gina, hahaha
must center bias for maximum unclipped oscillation!
yeah but im not huge and i can bottom out on most girls
anything extra is usefor just for REALLY fucked up positions

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nothing is proven
only pathos is omnipotent
but for the rest of all
ALL science is theory, no exceptions
because its a precursor to a theory
hypothesis is an idea
theory is a working solution
i never said there is nothing besides theory
i said all science is theory
all science could be red, or fuzzy, or taste like strawberries too
physics is science
again youre driving to scematics again
i always do that
notice a spelled it right previously =)
(was a concious effort that time)
fuck off and die, ty
i have spell check for papers and email
just smart like that
professor: yes because spelling is the root of everything useful
and not just a way to refocus convos youre losing at
prob not, wed enjoy seeing you make a mistakle
because you are just so big headed
it would be amusing to see your rolling on with some faulty infos for a period of time
um, sure
how wide?
chicks dig width, yo

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dunno, havent set up debugging yet
believe there is a doc to setup eclipse with openocd in that pac
nothing is proven
by definition
world aint over yet
all observations can be rendered void by events tomorrow
just because you see something happen the same way one trillion times, dont mean it cant happen diff one trillion and first time
so like, this whole line of argument is rather semantic
just like the whole credibility on clearance argument
like, prof had clearance
so prof knows all about clearance
or at least more than everyone else here who hasnt had clearance
or didnt blow their fed cover
this is your argument, yes?
so a theory is proven, in some sense, by data
all science is theoretical
because we are not omnipotent

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because its my best friends dad and f35 wasnt that secret
um, ok
now you make baseless assumptions =)
F35 isnt a sercret
you can get vids on youtubes of the thrust vectoring
also, who doesnt know skunk works spends time in nevada and majave?
omg typo
and employement at skunk works isnt a secret
ive known about them since i was a kid
knownm a few people with parents worked at lockheed and skunkworks
no youre not youre a sarcastic ass
anyway, working at skunk works isnt a secret
hehe, they got mugs and shirts and hats with skunks, heh
im not the one with security clearance working in a block project facility
tho i did go to dryden and see an SR71 once
thats about as close as ive gotten to that kinda shit directly =)
well then you are obviously a better man that i
anyway, i dont have clearance
if i know secrets, im not liable

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saying that reagan was the sole reason for anything is kinda meh
it was mostly his dipshit neocon advisors
heh, groom lake w00t
professor: likely unknown
but black project clearance is multi tiered, and all above top secret
yeah but they didnt even have clearance
so need to know didnt even apply
incubus[]: depends on your germs
22:09 <Professor> you realize I was a .gov weanie, right?
22:09 <Professor> you're talking out your ass :-p
dont msg me were not friends
and so what if you were gov
you likely didnt have tons of clearance
so does everyone with google
my best friends dad is skunk works
calls her from nevada, all giggly
can only say that the food is good and that their hosts are treating them well
he worked on the STOVL for the f35
the little vectored butthole

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they should just refine XP and sell updates
wtf are they wasting time on gui bullshit for
yeah like, they wait till its all usable and mature than ditch it
vista prob gonna be new Me
by upgrading you mean installing XP and killing vista?
completely, utterly
total fuckin marketing bullshit
'you need more memory to run the apps of the future'
fuck, like, years of dev, and apperently they were just trying to be osx
but i dont see why they rerelease instead of version
no one needed a new UI
reagan pushed tech because the soldiers say so
presidents dont have a ton to do with intelligence and black project spending
they dont even know about most of it
its siphoned off other budgets
no presidents have even had highest level security clearance

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sounds inefficient =\
omg youre gonna run vista?
you wont be forced to switch for prob 4 or 5 years
no way m$ is dumb enough to drop XP support right after sp3
i bet they get to sp4
the UI is shit
professor: this one
okay well yours isnt his
i thought we all assumed this 30min ago
hope so
i didnt fuck with it too much, ive just dont cleanup shit on people new boxes
so these obviously arent gaming/desktop rigs
quadro is wide pipelines for CAD/CAM work
i dont understand why they even do that bullshit

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and ran it with a box fan next to it for a few month
eventually started glitching during non3d use
at the end, its glitch during POST =(
x86 always been that way =)
like, DMA routing is prob some insanity
meh, i always use the nvidia binaries
youre just using the dual head for desktop?
you can get anything
just get any nvidia card with dual heads that fits
then wait a week more
prob drop again
unless its out of production =D
i dont understand why you dont just get a dual head card and two monitors

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before you forget why the fuck you even smoked weed
yeah, its mostly a psych thing
but you kinda forget why until you smoke again
its a wider bus or something, no?
oh fuck, really?
i was not aware of that
ha, see i told you i dont keep on pc shit untill like the week a buy a compy
pci is shit
pci was basically what happened when your onboard crapped out and you had no agp
other two heads are prob gonna be 2d most the time
if theyre not game displays
pci is fine for stuff except 3d gaming
but for desktop use, its fine
incubus[]: haha wtf
that sounds so backwards
yeah in 2k3 they still sold high end pci
for people who made mistakes at mobo, or something
was it cheaper?
like a gf4 or something?
i just downgraded from 6600gt to 5200
the fan siezed
didnt even look dusted
think the bearing just fucked up because the heat
so i took the fan off, because it just blocksed the sink

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pretty sure i want dual core with 2GB and a dx10 card
anything dx10 is prob $$$
least $120, id guess
yeah, $120 is about cheapest card you can get thats usable, in a given era
my gf3 was like $100, also my gf6600gt,
well, some games will do dual head
like GTR2 i guess wil splash the whole car interior across two screens
instead of just driverside
but in general, games != dual head, its just extra desktop
some games kinda trip when you run dual head and theyre single head
weird mouse pointer issues, etc
yeah, ill have a sheet on one screen and work in another
or ill do schema one screen, pcb other
(no short term, ha)
like, 6a at the end of a long night, stoney and sleep, and i cant remember shit for more than 3 or 4 sec
but dual monitors make work doable
reza: takes about 4 or 5 days

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i gotta like move my neck alot so see diff sides of the monitor
i want dual 19"
timecop: not dual head
oh you mean for the weirdo dell?
yeah thats weird
and all my cards since gf3 had dual out
tho it was just a tv out on the gf3
fuck that
2x 19", run 1x 19" for the games
i have several i guess
are gf8 highend only things dx10?
i might get an 8800 when i build a rig
theyre like $300
kevtris blows breaks when he strats his compy tho
er, breakers
er starts
kevtris: hi
you have single 8800, yes?

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interface speeds arent as significant as comparison benchmarks
raptor was like 120MB/s sustained, no?
like, i wouldnt be surprised if everything was almost as fast now
how much cache on a raptor?
16 or 32 or what?
theyre 10K drives, no?
i doubt theyre as reliable, but is their flagship so who knows
its based on corp scsi tech
so yeah, might be prettyu good reliability
theyre selling plastic chassis?
i bet those run measurable hotter inside
dual gpu
like a $700 gpu setup
yeah even 21" seems too big to me

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omg gtr2
8800 like the new 4800
man i need a new compy for games
so what
you really thinking ahout power when you gaming?
oem dealies?
oems almost always run non topend card fanless
isnt raptor a scsi drive from like 2002?
jezus fuck those things are still selling?
WD is shit
get a seagate or you fail

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i think timecop meant from the side profile its not square, tho
so yeah hes right, too, itll make an angled profile in the board edge
yeah, no reason you couldnt route with the conical tho
but its harder on the tool compared to a routing bit
short run is bullshit for them
unless theyre like 90% automated, setup times kill them

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timecop: dork
that edge routing
v scoring is scoring a V groove into the PCB so they snap easy, but arent seperate
for example if you made a amp pcb with a psu pcb, and you wanted to either be able to run one psu pcb with two amps, or run the amps as independent units with their own psu attached
you could vscore it with adjacent wire holes, that way on the final pcb you could just jumper like .2"
but yeah, if you vscore internal cutout, itd be a bitch to break them out because they dont go all the way across
thats their deal with avr32
free software, $300 for programmers, i bet stk600 will be $200+

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its a surfboard
thats a surfboard
digitkey is fine
they wont let you sort by price if they revamp
so it wouldnt be an improvement
you can get ssop adapters work any size
ha, nice

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fuck if i know, hes asking about different methods
he said he directly coupled VCC and AREF, im tellin him another way
it doesnt even need a pullup in that case =) the input capacitance prob isnt significant enough to make a diff
you have to attach avcc, its the psu for the power with the ADC
even if youre not using the analog stuff
sensor input circuit, hes doing vref
anyway ima go vege on cspan and crash the fuck out
have to drill and cutout those pcb tomorrow
hehe, BACKLASH=.003 #1
oh, so it needs a series resistance to control the voltage potential change
k bye

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you prob want 2.5V or 2.096V
well, that will kinda
better method is a resistor and cap
to filter out noise
you put a resistor from VCC to VREF, and a cap from VREF to GND
like, the other side of the coin is your VREF will have a powerup time
voltage ref, analog ref
depends on the cap
larger resistors will create greater powerup time, but will filter noise better
well, 3300uF*R
would be your time for one time constant
or whatever its called

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youre using kinda small resistors, so dont be afraid to go higher on the cap
voltage divider
causality: did you still wanna do the vfd bar graph thing?
like, i wanna play with them and the opamp i sink circuit
but i dont think theyre particularly pretty
just kinda weird, like im not sure what id do with them, heh
i used a zener, cap, and variable resistor for my vaporizer temp sense vref
worked okay

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well, simple as it seems, its a mixed analog/digital circuit
so you get the bullshit of both worlds =D
depends on the temp sensor, some are hella accurate
so the precision would be functional
oh nm
ttmustang: 1K divider will prob be fine for the vref
youre using a vreg, so ripple shouldnt a huge problem
you can put a .1uF or similar from the center of the vdivider to ground to filter out higher freq noise noise

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1K-10K prob okay
precision vref would be ideal
but theyre like $.60
like, 100R would be okay except its a power drain and the resistors might drift a tad anyway because of the current
not really a vref
7805 are mostly 5% and 2%
prob not temp compensated all that great
a precision vreg is basically a linear circuit pretending to be a zener
because real zener are shit
i doubt it, but TI samples like .1% refs
or .2% or something like that
they ship pretty quick too (comes from the digikey)

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yeah weird they only spec comparator input leakage, not adc ref
io pin leakage is 1uA, v high or low, at 5.5V
oh you know why
duh im checking a tiny2313 datasheet
fucker, that dont have to do with shit
the fact that you guys always point to that is both ald and lame
whatever, just makes you guys look like consistent assholes
so dont expect respect

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100K might be high, if the impedance is like 1M, error is kinda significant
man so its raining again, and my hip joint is all jacked up
biological weather detections is ass
its gonna be in the electrical characteristics section, most likely
i hate the summary sheets
1uA maybe

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you want a divider equation?
oh wtf 5 to 2.5?
try two of any resistor in series
in general, its a ratio of resistor over total resistance multiplied by the input voltage
V_divided = VCC*(R1/(R1+R2))

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okay so apperently user needs a pw for autologin to work, or windows jusr resets the autologin value to 0
k done with siblings eee
complete with horrible pink windows and firefox themes to match the ugly shell

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