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your redundancy detector sucks then
yours doesnt do power law

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?? laws

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then only bios is firmware on a pc
i dunno, it works
just tape it to the outside on top of the old one

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eeepc is so easy to setup
like, i still havent gotten the lunix to work how i want
like, i can see my wap, cant connect
but yeah, winxp just works
whats that?
no its a hardware solution for bad software
and its an atheros card
i think madwifi works im just fuckin up the WPA
maybe figured it out, TKIP vs AES thing or something
yeah because the opensrc world isnt come corpy politically correct mofos bitch

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i wish they had taken picks of the other side
whats up with the rest of his body is kinda a mystery
like, hes on the wrong side of the spindle, it didnt just pull him into the bed
he either got pulled over and thru (prob many timed)
or he somehow got ripped apart right at the beginning and it was just his top third flopping around the spindle
or tools kept on the motor/gear housing
hehe, theres usually as rubber pad for tooling above the chuck
like, id be fucked if a 1" wrench or lead deadblow hammer fell onto the chuck just right =\
but anyway, sleeves or gloves on a lathe = ur end

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long sleeves + lathe = death
im going to show those to my instructor =D
is kinda one of the reasons i cut my dreds shorter
maybe, dunno
is a shop, could be anything, looks like his clothes tho

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macegr: you got host for badfirmwares?
like: HAI
im put expee up inside it
timecop thats not nice
also is my sister so i dont really wanna put my peen in it

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mines 'unlimitted'
whats comes after TB?
i can do that many

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milled board came out sexy
macegr: hi
thats new
k i will check later
i need supplies from sev

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blackmoon: omg gtr2 = mad fun

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my sister sent over her pink Eee for me to nlite XP
its 'cute'

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power is 3.3v off the usb
(from a vreg on the usb)
just upload our main.c it should blink the led
you have gnuarm?
build the main.c from the svn, it has an interrupt that blinks the LED

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you unlocked the banks?
wont work unless you do that
believe so
looks like it worked
ima run some cnc and race some polycars
?? answer
blargh: ^

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thisa is why they will say NO
you try our stuff yet?
we prob finish most of it up soon, post and doc it up somewhere
have you got it to blink the stat led even?

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firmware review?
this includes higher level UI code?
like, embedded software review?
anyway, what is ur domain, honky
okay so embedded software
yeah i was gonna say you got ripped off...
thats still software
its just very firm software
(c) rencorp, all of the times.
yeah fureal
i bet some of that knockoff shit from china wouldnt be so shitty with decent firmware
like 'we ripped off the psp hardware, but we just didnt know wat to do next!?'
who does this?
and the prob with that is there will be libs that they still use up in the code

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blackmoon: hi
timecop: you get the shits working?
or are you being a weekend person
Whats New
* Added "The Sims 2" to the list of automatically detected games.
wtf who plays the sims with a driving wheel?
scroll to time?
(say time)

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my exgf all into firedancing now
im like, you gonna burn off all your hair
she has these rolled kevlar thing on some sort of 3ft line
they soak them in fuck knows what and swing them around like fureal crazy people
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IjdnMvBW_A < hes much better
i guess because his kevlar burny things are longer
he cant spell

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check connectors?
(no idea what youre doing)

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anyway, id like to see brendan frashier do that
i think now is the time to feed pcb design to tinkerbelle
i can play GTR2 while i babysit
gpf_1: how come you dont help me with my circuits =(
gpf_1: also, hi
o, ok

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i think its done
pls2criticize my design, ty
i need to label the bus nets

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causality: its the easier way to give files to other peoples
works for everyone, if you have the server side setup correct
everyone can click on a link
yeah well, server costs money
dude why you gonna spend money just to transfer some files in a very compatible manner?
and dont be bitching about that, because i pay for web hosting
yeah i pay my webhost in ganja
man youre weak stu

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so you stopped using a webserver on your local box in win98 cycle, is basically what youre saying

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well i just think we have power supplies could do electromagnetic alighment and manipulation for very long
er, dont think dont think
are we proofreading?
sec (really sev min)

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i love how they open it with some CG shit
and the got some huge prototypes
so yeah, maybe when we get better at nanos and figure out the whole zero point energy thing

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is it newer or do i have to dig into ./?
Games: Linux Has Better Windows Compatibility Than Vista
hehe, didnt read past the blurb, but i laughed @
i dont want to ave a discussion about vista =(
charles: catoms can assume any form?
charles: its okay you can be an extremist bitch/homophone
no im saying is that the post im not trying to have a debate

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meh, drop R9/R10, add a 2K to the IN+ on u5

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make like a tree and fu bye
(at 88mph)
imageshack != semicorp =(
ttmustang youre like rounding to much
nice followers + input bias error

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hello: just sim?
thats what she said
?? answer
?? opamps
who knows more opamp sites?
pls no random circuits unless from semicorp
no this is supposed to be like google, but refined
we are upping the bar, yo
google has non important things
we dont have that
also: ?? answer
broken, damn

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heheh, my last high school i was close with the assistant principle of attendance
she was like school LAPD override, she would tell them not to even search me, and like i could say it was okay and let them search me anyway so they can look dumb

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j00 need CAD backend
good CAD app can usually be run from a cmdline
eagles big prob is its an awesome backend with like the worst gui ever
okay not old for rab
hello i am not brendan frashier
and my hair was waaaaay crazier than that in HS
oh and then bald, and officer tant was like, omg u skinhead?
i was all omg no, jewish/mexican and not suicidal
tant: omg hair gone i thought you were going to like go nuts or hurt yourself
tho he was okay, for school cop

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ima pirat it
ZorxPCB, juarez edition
finishing is the hard part
so you have zero application and a lot of foundation code?
bitch what you need to do is code me up some wool socks

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they never said yo =(

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youre more like him than me, white man
you drink
im half white, white people dont really consider me white
in fact i get alot of 'what are you?'
so damn stu, how many baseless and often stupid assumptions are you gonna use in your off-topic conversing this year?
yes you do
yes you do
you assume and misremember
you totally ruined it

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thats $25 or $100?
okay convert genius
ha whatever even broken, america still runs j00
sad, scary, truth
are you tracking anonymous?
ha charles is probably legion now, ph33r
ima laugh if people gey busted
scientology gonna start the first cybernetic war
causality, macegr is not a stoner
he is a nerd
its because we are californian, and you are out of the loop
what like about your butt crusties?
$60 for their unmasked board
3 board deal
thats like $30 euro, no?
dude, thats a picture from 1995
and its like a week old, and thats like all stu has still
you are obsoleted
why, im not brendan frashier, doof

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yeah i didnt have a prob
wasnt like those 4pcb hacks
(btw they sent my board to another company and sent me theirs, if you guys didnt hear me bitching about it years ago)
prototype fab my ass
so apperently this happened like a year or two ago?:
smashing pumpkings release, but with billy and jimmy
and thats it
because thats significant
it means maybe billy grew up and got a clue finally
anyone know about this at all?
because he died to me when he did that zwan shit, that etarded crap was just too much
for expresspcb?

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that makes you colder

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fbrr cold
and its almost noon
cuz pcb in eagle, gotta smash
hahahaha no =(
also telling me to toke up is like telling me to breathe
i dont sleeping will help unless i manage to sleep til april
and then i will miss much of my semester

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