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heh, ima use dfpro wheel on fzero
shift buttons for lean, ps2 X button for boost
it is going to be the best fzero experience of my life!
oh id be fucked up if wine in ubuntu just worked no setup
id feel cheated by all other previous distros
no was race cars
but they floated
i dunno havent tried in ubuntu
okay i needs foods then sleeps

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no one told them big open projects dont behave like that
docs are shit but you really dont need them
because it is retard easy unless you break it (hard to do) and most of the deep shit is just reconfigured debian
okay i needs a sleep
oh no wait on 4a more pcb

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installers (possible hardware detection and autoconfig), package managers (including default configurations)
everything else is generic
hacks to make shit fit (which gentoo doesnt do because of MAKE)
(and slackware doesnt do because it just doesnt have packages)
it would be hard to appreciate how well finished ubuntu desktop is if you havent experienced fucked up ones, or gone thru the bullshit of building one out of bits yourself
it would just seem like windows but different, so because its different and not a mac, people would say it was hare to learn
im like, hello click the buttons says programs, pick a category, pick an app
omg 3 clicks, what other operating system is 3 clicks to an app
it has awesome docs
i went from fbsd to gentoo
because i couldnt get sound working in fbsd
gentoo either, but i stole the sb from my sisters computer
boom, sound in *nix
if i had stolen the card a week earlier i prob would have ran fbsd for 3 years
yeah ubuntu is devil shit
they paid the defil for those hardware detection and init scripts
like, everything works hen you unpack it

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the xorg.conf isnt all generic
alot of distros will do that, its very wtf
ubuntu sets up the xorg.conf file automatically, yes?
yeah, alot of distros dont, because its 2008 and they dunno
like, please to detect my mouse and add the Option ZAxisMapping line, ty
yeah ubuntu scrolls out of the box i think
their hardware detection during install is goodness
you just have to uncomment the deb universe ones
fbsd and slackware and gentoo docs are very good
its like LFS with a head start
gentoo without portage, very vanilla
thats all distros really are

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but yeah
gentoo compared to ubuntu is total pain, if you aint into that kinda shit
there is
also you can save your binaries
so you never have to compile the same thing twice for the same system
yeah a gentoo is a very personal thing
some people have had them work wonderfully, some people they go to shit
and no versions are the same, stage1 or 2 install
im not, simply stating
theyre unique things
i had them go both ways
i ran one for a few years, pretty up to date builds, and it ran awesome
but yeah, realtime ubuntu, pretty neat
i guess its better that way, because average machinist isnt the greatest at software
ubuntu autogens, no?
during inst

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did you like ports alot?
gentoo is basically bsd ports
tradition gentoo isnt even a real distro, just a fuck ton of src build scripts
yeah its manual install if youre doing it right
well, i think its default configs are usually okay
you gotta kinda build a few shitty gentoo before you figure out the whole MAKE="" thing
do you know the cassara quote?
no but tuning it to get a system build nice, how you want
its not that bad tho
i had a 1700+ and a full build, gtk/kde/x was maybe 1 day
you just have to know how to strip out MAKE so it hardly builds anything default

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charles: i got a brand new game
with money
and it came with light scratches, and securom fucked me
so i had to nocd fix it anyway
i was like wtf what if i didnt know how to steal games?
i seriously feel bad for normal people it did this too
yeah, suck, its a great game
i like, uninstalled vmware and daemon tools, after killing processes
rebooted, still gave me an error
ubuntu is oddly usable for bloatware
emc devs on ubuntu
same thing
but yeah itll push a realtime kernel for cnc, so im happy with it
yeah thats why ubuntu is nice
autodetection, default config and menus, all good
synaptic is pretty neat too
just weirds me out because i cant stand debiam
ubuntu is like debian, but finished

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GTR2 + DF Pro = mad fun
timecop: k

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!add answer 42
they have a clue yet?
gilligans 2008

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you call the whole j a roach?
before you smoke it?
wtf are you talking about
is that a filter or what?
its a filter
your roaches integrate burnt filters
yeah when youre done
ha roach envy
its a filter!
okay stu
spliff always has tobaco
aight, ima save my stuff and im outties
macegr: fu you are gona you are playing game or some bullshit
mufucker i am intelligent about these things
i think you are right here
wait are you playing uplink hax0r er337?
it has integrated irc

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its neat
its kinda like somewhere between tribalism and anarchy
first step:
global thermonuclear war
step two:
no that it if youre alive afterwards renesism happens
yeah im sure in some areas renesism is high in mutation
progress yo
mutation = evolution
we gonna get thru this \o/
fuckem if they do
tho not in any literal kind of way
you know what aledhinas are?
those kinda really look like roaches
i boosted my ebay like 30 points selling those

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er, wouldnt need wouldnt need
one day that typo error gonna get someone shot or something
s/error/habit(because it is)
okay so obviously i am smoking way to much kush
cuz i was gonna be ur phone sukz
everyone like 'its so thin!'
im like 'it doesnt even fit in my pocket'
im going to ptractive at GTR2
u r on r borrored time

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color codes?
now i am the lamer
-===- 5 percent
-====- 1 percent
why do they even have tolerance bands?
we would just know by the number of bands if they didnt put that shit in the first place
like how all of electronics symbols are backwards
or YOU are the bitch
not the people that didnt know which way the electrons went
but fureal im like fuck current flow
enough probs in life
with a K?
stu how will tell K from 7?
serious, you gonna pay retool all of china
and singapore and malaysia thaiwan and hong kong
(see how i just got political)
yeah color codes are tech secret
i bet they dont teach normal engineers
see if DX could see in color, he would need #electronics
but he is ME, so he cant see in color

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okay time to play video gizzame, i will check you all later my neiaghs, peace, out, etc
keep da faithz
dude is that like a fish
timecop: fucker do you accept msges
timecop: aight fool you msg me when you are ready, you can have svn for the arm7 gcc dir with 'make program' sex
is that a cap?
can we accept both --|>[-- and --|>] as schottky?
no dude fuck american resistors
-___- can be a resistor
or -===-
there that is resistance defined
haha frenchie!
give me your pastries!
ups next day pls
my irc doesnt have colors

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get myself a nice black and red leather cyberg0th outfit so i can do a video that matches
i will be almost famous on youtubes for 4min, and you guys will all want to be my friends again
but of course i will be hanging with mary kate and the funky bunch
haha nooo
thats on dnbradio all the time =(
zigbee, muthafucker.
ur mom li waaaa i chilla out say, zigbee
she like daaaaaaaaaaaaayyum
except fureal she keep saying damn for like 5 days
she dont eat of breathe and she die

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well no macegr im not going to sell the plants
obviously ki know the answer to that
read up
its audio inputs for adc and filters for pwm
stereo signal in, thru, dc out, ac out
for filtering the pwm into analog and reading audio with the adc
oh also VU meter, ima do like 2mA with the 0603
is audio toy stu
to play with synth and dsp
hell yeah ill make it so it can tone correct my pop singing ass

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for a $$$
okay not rly for frees
for your intelligent rgb led?
look sculptor volounteers
if your design is doable no THP, i have a ton of double sided FR4
tho you can get at those led pins from both sides if its a one led unit
o i m out
def not 400 worth
hey so i has an ideas
like, direct plant lighting
why waste the light on air and ambient furniture bullshit
put little 20mA high brightness LED right on the plant
some sort of flexible stalks
i bet more effecient than big bulb arrays, with less heat shock

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your browser wont scale images?
audio io for olimex sam7 header breakout
like, stereo preamp input (follower with single pole HPF/LPF and attenuator input) and on top is 4 pole stereo salen-key filers
because im not really using usb
its just part of the headboard
i can use it for power but im going to add vcc/gnd and rs232 headers
so i wont need the usb thing
i think its long enough it can stand on the stacked RCA jack like feet and support itself with usbB tail
but maybe to short, have to kickit on its back or i have to change
are your msgs on?
its a breakout header dev kit
so i just have to stomp my olimex thing onto that thing
i may contribute my eagle lib to their cause

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will be fun to solder =\

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smelly, tho
i like plain popcorn
or little parmesan cheese and garlic, or lemon pepper
oh yeah those are awesome
but youll get addicted, eat them for hours, hardly eating anything really

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dude my mom watched lexx and the superboy shit
also xfiles, and roswell...
woah wtf my mom is into scifi
i think so
i dont really pay attention the the tv box thing
i walk into the room and change it to cspan
im the mufuckin life of the party
sometimes i watch cspan2 or cspan3
sometimes when im bad, i change to CNN
but i know its bad for me, so a little bit is okay
i can stop any time
yogurt + dried orange?
i think i had rasberry

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squares vs triangles and diff offsets might be fun to play with
cuz im thinking with inkjet color bleed you wouldnt wanna get to close to its max dpi with the tile pieces
i wonder if you can get a poster shop to print on mylar
wtf is moyo?
wtf is moya?
?? moya
look i am not the only one
is that shit from tv?
oh whatevers
you meant space ship
i thought like pirat ship
are there pirat space ships?

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go get one printed
you just have to take bigass RGB microdot image to a print shop
why not?
so put it on something
so put it between glass
sad faces
maybe matte print would work
i bet good res on matte that big is fucked up, tho
$$$ wise
it does like 600dpi?
id gimp like a stacks of RGB triangles

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why not that sounds cool
wait so what color is it
wait i dunno if it would be white or black
right so itd just kinda be white (but reality, grey/off white)?
im just saying normal ambient light, what does it look like
yeah because like, saturated
k neat
omg Day changed to 02 Feb 2008
wow thats awesome
sony fixed projectors
see, they need to give up at games and media
stick to portable audio and high end video

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that shits art yo, its piceless
okay naw fureal
i broke the tip off the green twisty stem
i cant bet it, i broke it its mine
temp is neat
matte black?
you are going to flash color steel solid black?
you are freaking me out
a life without socks = fucked up
okay so you want to print the RGB pattern on the screen
and then what raster a white laser beam?

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do you ever feel like its just not done?
whats n26
the titleblock frame
its needs 32b
dont change shit
dont try and make it an arm9 killer
its like minicomputer style, its barely a uC
but the same exact opcodes, same exact core achitecture
just make it 32bit
keep the dip/soic chips
they will sell
i will bet my chico glass pumpkin

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okay fine no schema for joo
haha no not done 10minutes
in 20min i have board
im quick like that
actually no
there is a wtf issue with the vref filter gnding
that parallel shift reg setup is very neat
you could scale that to forever pretty easy
heh, imagine on a 32bit uC

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okay everyone vote
dot grid or line grid
youre working schemas must look really funny
why do you disable dongs for screen shots?
it was funny but you broke it i think
i dunno tho maybe i just dont get it
want to see schema?

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see timecop, maximum, with your list, two nines
yes many times i am not arguing, but at its core i believe there is something extremely usable
i just think its hopeless for normal peoples
its close, certain distros
but you need on of them spiffy 2GHz PC
so linux with ALL the background bullshit and ALL the wm fluff can run nice
like, fuckit just run windows
(windows will kinda be usable default on like 300MHz)

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youre using a shitty linux, arent you
ima admit right now, 90% of linux setups = total shit
im having trouble believing that there is enough distros to bring the nines out that far
but yeah, i do feel it is possibly maybe 3 or 4 nines, if you count like every little mini dist and abandoned projects
thats you ozzy, you are one users
linux has, what...
ten, twenty thousand users?
because they dont get that beyond the package manager and desktop background, its all the same shit
lets say 2 have an okay default, vanilla setup

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so if no edge available, totally eating 3 sockets
my samsung and jabra warts are sideways, one socket, why cant they all be like this?
fuck banning them, they should legislate their dimensions and effeciency
you would have to teach all the legislators wtf that means tho =(

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timecop almost everything sucks
pls2write a next gen multipurpose interwebs/media spec
i got my logitech wheel
you know if wall warts got banned, i dont think i would be so pissed
its suck for a short while
but wtf i have like 10 warts running taking up like 20 sockets on the power strips
see this one is very low, boxy, long

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media snob
stu whats e leads
oh, swyare kb layout

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omg its the whole set

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wtf chuck norris

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i though that was 'Black Schoolchild and ren'
everybody down with opp

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um, yapoo was yelling for mercy
Mom's Scare Chart
hahaha Fat Joe's Precipitation vs Demn Ho's
where is the circle with "Didn't even have to use your AK"
was such a let down, had #1 potential

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+/- keys in mplayer
like, id prob care more if it was a movie i really wanted to see, heh
m$ eats yapoo

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maybe, i dont do avr in c

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ttmustang: delay.h has a really lame high end
the main delat function, i dont think you can even do a mS with a faster clock
def not a second, theres apperently other avr delay headers that dont such shit
also, for precision timing, you want to use the timer peripherals
remember actual timer/compare values are n-1
yeah they are ugly things =(
and the avr delay.h was lame, its not for anything close to long delay
can usually find something else to do instead of delay
waste of cycles

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