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incubus[] why you msg
just say, dont msg

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it might just be your probes
but yeah, inductance in your signal path, capacitive stripline effect with signal in a gnd plane, signal filter pole too low
not enough information

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macegr: fixed bg?

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crisco is nasty just use vegetable oil
just dont buy anymore old tvs

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i had mario paint and before that, etch-a-sketch animator
yeah hi what is it?
ok what

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and you could hack it
stfu you dont care
ie6 has a white bg behind the macetech logo
ff is transparent

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its left aligned in ie6
center aligned in ff
orcad is fail in all context
brainsurg: ewb is prob better
its not hard in eagle
its just weird
wire tool
the only thing eagle doesnt to is diff size pads, top and bottom, on thru hole

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yeah im thinking the composit shit okay with small arms shit
damn really?
not from sand
macegr: wut]
i think i have 6
hurry i have to do stuff

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they get to fly fighter jets
you dont
if youre an american, they dont have shit like you do
unless theyre russian
and then its on
like the last couple wars, at a mil press conf:
[pics of mig29 on the ground by a runway]
[pics of craters on the ground by a runway]
like, we always blow up their mig29 before the war really starts
not sure about that
like, heavy caliper shit, maybe shatter the rotor blade
but small shit i bet hardly does anything

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"discrtete junk", and "junk systems and boards"
at least a chamber pot
heh, a loo
ha, yeah
i think from bulkheads
like if you peeing or shitty in the corner or something
they prob just call it the bathroom

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they didnt go air at my field when i worked there
er, do air
man i dunno how you dont die more
hehe, opening 2kpsi bottle with no reg
yeah but hes a pro welder i wouldnt question anything he does
our instructor torch welds with no gloves, heh
macegr: css?
i have to categorize all the junk in my room

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he also taped a sufer poster to my wall
even tho i dont surf
ocean is neat tho, shrug
yeah you do win
blackmoon: air wont liquify
ccfl_man: why?
what is error?
so you can put as much inside the can
blackmoon: heh, co2 bottles
airguns run compressed air i think
big fiber/epoxy wrapped bottles
no besides co2
its a diff setup
you need diff regulators and tanks
heh, the co2 bottles are fun, freeze your hand to a tank while filling if you dont use gloves

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i want to download the samurai shampoo thing or whatever it is at some point
spike speagel lives \o/
something funny
i want to get both vamp hunter d movies
i had dvd of bloodlust but i dunno where it went, gone, not even mine
shit happens
i ran over my $40 earbuds and my $100 monitor headphone fell out my backpack while i was riding my bike
fuck if i know, someone lucky day
why are you burning yourself by telling us?
i aint lettin you borrow shit
i have neat friends
today, someone brought me compressed air duster from fry's

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its regs
the regs is quite fine, sir
high grade sensi indicas, never a complaint
who the fuck cares how they grew it
hehe @ boondocks
animu doesnt give a sht about imdb
so how much animu did you serve before some girl laughed at you for it and you had your wicked backlash event
im guessing at some point you were like #1 efnet anime fserv/xdcc/ftp
ccfl_man: rxvt
i would be
90% of anime is trash
and im not even counting the chibi shit
ha, poor timecop
but yeah, some of the anime movies, and a few series, #1
but i never find them anymore because im sick of being by myself while watching shit and still feeling embarrassed

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what, navarro turned them gay
no secret
er what
anyway, their newest shit is awesome
well, few tracks
hot something
something something
thats what its called
its okay
its up there with melon chollie and the infinite sadness for me
some of it worked
some of it was just kinda lame, navarro masturbating on guitar
which was awesome when it was the navarro and perry show
but when its kedis and flea, i dunno its just kinda annoying, like wtf chill the fuck out, be the band asshole
and yeah
the early early shit with hillel is neat
yeah all that stuff was pretty original
mid 80s hollywood punker funk
rap sucks
well, not all of it
but what would likely be talked about would suck

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haha @ RHCP pics
those is hometown freaks
rich kids from hollywood =\
you have to go to deviant art 'technical' wallpapers section
and download all the cool tek art images
and then set as your bg
and use transparent terminals
incubus[]: the early funk/punk shit
blood sugar sex magic is okay
tghe navarro shit is gay
like literally
frusciante is awesome

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ccfl_man: ive done blackbox and litestep on windows
i end up going back to explorer
because explorer always restarting in the middle of your shell
cygwin+rxvt+bash with explorer killed is kinda cool
Eterm is shit
but you have to install the Eterm pkg
because it has Esetroot
which is the most compatible bg set util for all the diff transparent apps
i use Esetroot and aterm (rxvt + transparency)
it does that
and why would you want that?

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timecop: i dunno my x rarely went down
we had this convo
hehe, yeah running windows shell-less w00t
yeah you kill explorer.exe and it wont come back
it only comes back when it kills itself
so you can run from terminal or task manager or whatever
thats where the app menu should go =(
timecop: on bb wm its like 2 clicks
right click desktop, select app
maybe right click desktop, select sub category, select app
um, with bbkeys

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not here
um no
explorer goes down, its an explorer bug
nothing should be able to take the wm down
i think its neat how it will kill itself then restart

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they want to blame lack of interest in a shit product on pirats

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QT the gui lib?
or QT the shit codec
vlc and mplayer will do it
i got it for free just because it was free
ha yeah really, no call home crap
wasnt pro edition the normal edition?

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also, eheheheh

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macegr: neat

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ttmustang: big inductor, caps
that will also work
yeah coil is better, but resistor will work

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16:44 < renesis> i think the gimp makes it useless
16:52 < timecop> lole xport is disabled in demo version

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hardware sucks or your config sucks
well, that would be a sucky configuration
certainly not ideal

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and then like avr to sync it all up?
shiftregs to adress the ram?
yes fix, like loltrace
macegr: make block diagram
i think the gimp makes it useless
dont remember details, maybe no save, dunno
i used it for paneling boards
16:39 < renesis> http://www.wssi.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=156&Itemid=154

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used to come with ewb
used to come with ewb
unless you got ching
if you find it, lemme know
but yeah, it came with ewb6 or ewb7
well check the installer for gerbtool
then its prob in 7
i have ewb8
ewb9 isnt ewb anymor,e i think its just ultiboard and multisim
and yesh, they stopped
kk wut
scalable is neat
login, dl, fix
so its like ram->shiftregs->led_ic

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sry, slipped out
those ivory caps are neat lookin

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wouldnt have changed the movie very much at all
last few minutes
i smoke to much weed from this bong
need more pullouts
like, my downstem has gone from low impedance transmission line to very high value resistor
like, sticky carbon resistor, heh
in eagle or just a bussed block diagram?

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he was the weak plumper
he couldnt do shit
but then they gave him a pillow party
and he became born again, hard
and turned out to be an awesome gunner
but then he went nuts and killed himself
thus ends the first half of full metal jacket
rab: your paraphrase was close
he never calls him a queer outright, he just notes that theres no steers or horns to be seen
however i dont remember is horns was FMJ or les claypool
in sgt baker
i so <3 that movie (and also that song)
normal, probably
okay i have to walk to the living room
i should prob do stretches first
man i need painkillers =(
pvt joker?
or cowboy
hehe, cant kill joker
or you mean at the end?
they could have killed him at the end

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few months worth of emergency energy storage and padded for high impact environments
like, smallest ive ever been since beginning of high school was like 170lbs, after months of psychotropes that were basically prescription meth
that sucked i was like 'yo where is all my momentum at!?'
i try and tell people im fat theyre like 'naw you just big'
they in denial or something
naw im a smaller brute
_m_: haha like this is an #electronics thing
you kinda do
from the pics i remember
no he wasnt a rapist fool

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sumo is awesome
im not so massive im only 5'7"
i like cornflakes tho
im lying im only 5'7" with pumas on
ha im like +100lbs
im like stocky frame and huge quadriceps

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like, they basically tell me 5 different ways: shrug
ha when this is bad i cant even lie down
just nasically gotta try and stay really, really still
id rather have the knee, wasnt as bad as hip
its weird, tho, because it has to do with the muscle being to taut
so the best way to fix it, is to like hobble to my bike
grit teeth
carry bike downstairs, grit teeth more, ride bike for 5min
and it goes away
also if i rest for a loooooong time without moving, muscles kinda loosen up
where is it sculptor_?
under your foot or behind?
achilles tendon
yeah those things are bad to break

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im trying to overdose on glucosamine and hcondroiten
_m_: actually the sciatica is prob bike
because im building up muscles while in a weird position
so like, when i stand normal, the muscles/tendons pinch the nerve against my hip or some shit
so theres that pain
also there is a pain that feel like in the ball socket
which yeah, constant vibration from riding a bike on the street with no shocks and 50PSI tires
thatll prob get to your cartilage eventually
well it might be joint problems
but theres definitely siatic nerve interference issues
when thats fucked up, it hurts like under my foot, behind my knee, outside of thigh, just generally fucked up
haha, everyone i tell i have a siatica diagnosis who knows what it is is like:
'oooooooooooh, fucked up, sorry man'
the paper from the hospital suggested shit like yoga and positive thinking
the prescribed me valium and vicodin for it

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omg hip, pain, wtf, not old
my 'special' peanut butter and almond cookies are not strong enough
is maybe from riding bmx bike everywhere for years =(
i dunno if its siatica or siatica + joint issues
sculptor_: fu my hip wont get better with one 555
i totally need a micro and some titanium replacement parts or some shit
wtf is next time
yeah really
_m_: yeh probably =\

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