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haha, funny, i adjusted the vga font in the kernel
now my vga term has more rows than my xterm =\ (43 vs 30)

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i think i need to find special grub patch
for splashes

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your pirat chips?
haha, pirat chip, funny

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macegr: holy fuck my white led are bright
the ones in the pkg like your rgb led
also i got mad headers \o/

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its a CF plugged in for program rom?
omg, hack it with a fuckin saw
or a hammer or just a concrete floor

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sounds like hardware failure
you just want the hardware?
gonna code low level shit for your pirat tv device?
how big is it?
i dunno whatever the fucker youre using
h neat
because they prob put openbsd on it

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i feel lame cuz this eee slackware shit taking me 3 nights
but yeah, guy did it before me, he did it wrong
slackware usb booters following the disc2 doc, they all doing it wrong

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