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aaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeah
blackmoon: aaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeeah
(i got the scroll area on the touchpad to work in x without stupid asus sourced driver)

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fuck yeah i for x on slack
mmm, fureal blackbox

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how deviant

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did you see when i pasted his random msg?
mucking foron
like it was scripted
i have so much junk
i need to like decide on what junk to keep
naw im not a junkhead, foolio
weve been over this
but yeah, i cant move with all this shit
i need to limit junk to one or three bins
and toss everythng else

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hey you guy...
ur moms.
oh, hi
dude wtf youre not fooling anyone
ur stu
well fine then i dont give a fuck
be notstu
except you cant be notstu but thats already someone
he should be a spellcheck beta tester

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attics are just what you route wires and ducts thru here

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timecop: eheheheh
i didnt even read much
17:55 < timecop> if your UC is dead, you will never get taht interrupt
i agree with that statement 100% tho
superware: you need to read the datasheet
so like, we can ask you questions
we go, why?

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timecop: yeah it was byte swapping
im not sure its better in the kernel
the ntfsfix util has saved my windows a few times tho
windows will complain of hdd failure
but i hit it with ntfsfix, windows will boot past that and do checkdisk, save itself
why the fuck would i use linux to fuck with win registry?
linux can wipe 2k/xp passwords =D
in xp theres something that fucks up on boot that it cant figure out
usually, itll have a fucked up shutdown, if some hdd shit happens, itll check and fix
kinda like if explorer eats it hard, itll just restart (what makes running alt shells a bitch)
but something happens it gets stuck and thinks the hdd is fucked
and it wont check, but ntfsfix gets it past that so it can check
blazing random access like its 1998

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~tjkeller1@ (EFNet)
15:31 -!- Irssi: Starting query in EFNet with avrFreak2
15:31 <avrFreak2> mucking foron
theres ntfs read write programs for userspace
ntfs prob freaks every reboot tho

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timecop: happy earthquake day
causality: happy earthquake day

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its not degrading it its making it better by removing the ugly high end harmonics!
causality: sell me your techs
no? cmon
oh no shit?
already sold one off?
my friend has some 1200s i dont think he uses much
maybe try and grab both for $400, tell him because my bday
hes almost family

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newer vinyl is made out of some different, harder shit
it doesnt powder so quick like the old shit
anyway, its already EQes
the bass is taken way down and highs way up
so you dont have so much pressure on the high freq patterns on the rising bass waves
and really, you prob wont miss the very highest of highs at all

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itll wear the high end out
heh, prob not evenly, tho
dunno, but theyll prob just sound better
highs are the devil
eh thats the truth
last octave is trash
you should pray for defness above 10KHz
you dont wanna hear that shit =(
anyway, modern vinyl prob pretty awesome compared to old shit

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