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does any drip off?
its maybe dilluting the fuck outts it and kinda distributing the shit doesnt evaporate with it
yan can cook.

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yeah i dunno why eeepc does it, im amazed i got it to work
i thought eeepc was gonna have a brand new usb-dvdrw
apperently it installs like normal from usb cdrom
you have to babysit it, because the bios resets boot order from usb,ssd to ssd,usb every reboot
bios has a bootselect menu on esc key

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im not running my OS from the SD
people do, tho
some people doing XP off the SD card
ive been doing it
how do you think ive been installing xp?
its boot from usb stuff, the SD is a usb cardreader boot device in the bios
so you need an app to format the SD with the bootloader, and then for eee you need a script that does gui install from the SD
instead of from the hdd
because if it boot from hdd until after first boot into installed OS, it will do 'no hall.dll. bitch.' error
like so after xp 1st stage install, you boot back to the install media, which has script that boots the installed partition correctly

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hah, default res of 800x480 with a hax 800x600 vertical panning mode
06:46 SAY <message> (alias for "/MSG *")
im not looking yo, not doing it
oki, building new eeexp install sd
sd are so neat they are like the new non suck floppy
oh cmon like floppies dont fail
ima tell everyone stu says floppies last forever

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fuck all that
eeepc = baby thinkpad
the sony shit was like an adult olpc
littlest thinkpad prob inch bigger all around
also $600 more
you have a ruler ot tape measure?
no they make little thinkpads
you dont expect me to say my diagonal screen size out loud, do you?

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ssd access times, #1
so you know that winxp splash with the moving bar?
on boot?
okay, like it fades in, then the ar appears, it scrolls for a bit, gets stuck, scrolls
on the eeepc with the nlite install, it doesnt even finish fading in
you are so jealous even tho i paid $440!
whats that?
the fucked up looking thing that like slides on itself?
that was wooted?

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fuck, i fucked up
because this guy has an xp to ssd howto
xp to sd howto
and nlite howto
but the nlite was for sd, not ssd
so it was going to disk installer, not sd installer
so he deleted the install files the boot script needs

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timecop: i am having much luck with this nlite program
it strips out your installation before, like you said you do with that winnt.sif file or whatever
i just finished!
like, i did a test install
1.25Gb free
and i havent cut the pagefil
so 1.75GB free
thats fine as long as the code is good
i didnt pay them anything
okay im going the fuckit-extreme stripped install
causality: do you use add-ons alot?
im trying them out this time so i dont have to go thru ridiculous windows update bullshit

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dremels are all fine
compare amp ratings if you want a powerful one

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macegr: they wouldnt go right on top of each other?
i got 100 white led same pkg
gonna convert bmx to hax0r bike

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neat movie half done, 80% battery left

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assumption is the mind killer
no wait thats ph33r, nm

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ima see if eeepc can play a whole divx without battery crapping out
i missed usps and ups today

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think so
it has a clock source

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you maybe just fused it wrong
you can save them
rescue clock
you put a clock on the clock pins
and then refuse

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theres help
Help > Tools Help
or something
best place for atmel devthing info

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i think its an avr button
like a little chip
missed UPS and china today
that was a fluke, like ton of pin headers, and 100 white led

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youre doing avrstudio?
just use the avrprog fuse interface?
just check the one that matches
in the programming interface

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heh, <3 mega16
theres more timing fuses than anything else
well, legal variations
avr studio is nice because it just lists them and has checkbboxes (that will update other checkboxes if appropriate)

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ur a sissy!
theres fuses for external clocks, external ceramic resonators, external xtal, diff freq ranges, diss startup times
also div/8 fuse
also internal RC fuses up to 8MHz, sometimes a 32KHz internal RC fuse
i think theres two or three ranges for the xtal fuses
its not always the same, some avr def have more fuses
like, xtal <1MHz, xtal 1MHz-8MHz, xtal >8MHz
those numbers are pulled outta my mem/ass

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i dunno how you ctards do it on avr
well then i guess if your code gets stuck with ints disabled, your plan doesnt work, does it
which you cant do, because its hardware coded
to you have to impliment a soft reset in your watchdog interrupt code
with a condtional

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the more opto led current you use, the more lead time you will likely get
superware: youre not understanding
just have watchdog int code that holds a counter and reset on certain count
rjmp reset

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wtf speed?
this is your target speed
you dont care about speed
hell you should be trying to find extra shit to do with all your fuckin proc free time
i dont care about your isreali power, the point still stands
hey well if you did it in asm you could time it exactly but youre not so fuckit you obviously dont care that much
its a perior, not a frequency
fuck that, he cant afford it
look your ZC is off mains, itll lead the ZC
honestly if your code cant wake up and time the triac opto trigger within a few uS, your code sucks
yes because it turns on during the downswing

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look man, you know why people in here are smart?
why we can help you?
because once, we were almost like you
you know what the difference is?
instead of begging for help every hour, we figured it out
and then we knew how
see youre missing the point
the operative word was 'almost'
yeah but you dont unlearn
you prob remember what ESR is
not you
do it in asm

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gpf_1: yeah but you can see data for a given period, updated on the right, rolling to the left?
yeah but how does it display
thats not as scopish
the rolling mode on my scope is awesome
dmm that did that would be sweeeet
omg you are using the opensores
(<3 gimp)
can crop/scale/color correct 5 photoes in the time it takes photoshop to load up
haha i dan quale'd photos
old host dead?
people in other random chans would post things from your old site
is weird, im always like 'hey i know that guy'

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gpf_1: how much $?
both mine were $80, btw
um, yeah gpf that better design my projects for me
so its a scope
maybe a slow roll mode scope
but its a scope
gpf_1: is voltag/time?
v/t = scope
hehe, my tek analog/dso has a slow speed roll mode, im thinking its kinda same thing
30Hz times?

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but i <3 way more than their newer normal thingers
see i dunno, looks okay
but not as sexy
hehe, 110 series have this minimalistic cartoonish design thing going on

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in my sleep schedule
yeh =\
even the tube testing job with 1000V open wiring and disintegrating tester was better than desk job
friday, no?
i just got a fluke 111
so i can do power tests (i have fluke 110, only does V)
theyre the last gen standard DMM
rotary switch in the middle instead of offset
smaller than the new DMM, almost cartoon looking
110 only voltage, 111 kinda standard, 112 is 111 with lcd backlight
yeah they just normal thingers

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breaking ZC timing if the triac output hasnt triggered yet in the half swing
stop trying to do PIMP shit
just build it
yeah dude, its waking up the proc
\and jumping to your ZC handler
16:38 < superware> in the interrupt
'the interrupt' kinda says one
i want my china stuff
mad 'piranha' LEDs and like 150qty variety pin header strips
gpf_1: im, i paid them its there money
no wonder you are a worker person not a boss/president person!
gpf_1: morning
you dont sit in an office and write on papers and delegate authority and stuff to make moneys

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like, i think theres a mode where you can just shut down the core clock but leave the peripheral/io clock runnung
think theres 3 or 4 sleep modes
idle is just cpu clock i think
its a nice way to code for interrupted loops
without just spinning in mainloops forever
instead you handle int, go sleep
handle int, go sleep
its a way, dork
its an avr, theres like 200 'right' ways
arguably, your priorities are all in the wrong place
nothing wrong with 'deathloop: rjmp deathloop'
yeah if you dont handle the watchdog everytime
i wonder if his watchdog is even set for >120Hz periods
do you have a watchdog handler?
if youre watchdog handler doesnt reset, really whats the point of the watchdog?
WHEN do you do wdt reset
boot, watchdog is waking the processor and youre getting spruious interrupts to handle watchdog
which also handle your ZC thing

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unixd4d: application?
linear supplies arent hard, you can get as complex as you want
like, zener on a pass BJT isnt horrible
costs maybe $1
blackmoon: depends on powerdown mode
but yeah the one that matters, only a few int sources will wake
the other ones leave half the shit running, prob dont save a ton of power anyway

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but like 10 years before snow crash
but like in concept, its basically identical to snow crash matrix
because you suck at avr
sleep needed some sort of init
and yeah you have to sei before it or youll never wake up
im done helping him everything he fixes he later breaks with some ignorant micropower design bullshit
like, Imax is 50mA, so im gonna use 500uA type bullshit
do you handle the watchdog?
do you know wtf the watchdog does?
because saving that .5mA really helps
never mind the interrupt latency

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sl jinkies
calgar: its neat, but yeah not so much time
its addictive
i prob played maybe 15 hours that first weekend
didnt meet anyone or go anyplace, just stood around making shit
meh, id rather play SL
hehe, i was gping to benchmark eee pc battery last night
so i got a 2 disk divx movie
but then i fell asleep
its pretty neat, same size screen as those portable dvd players
2n2222 = vanilla
second life is like the interweb from snow crash

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congress is freaking out

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