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nice, windows says my wifi isnt connected, atheros util says its fine, and im streaming audio for minutes now

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hehe dockapps are so weird!
and square
i think hes using it right now
hes prob the biggest lunix hed here
i bet the hate is just for trolling
wtf clock

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i dont hax0r xp
twinview, i think is the nvidia thing
all the wm like it diff
some of them do goofy shit with the dual monitors, i dont think blackbox liked it
fluxbox was okay tho

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for years and years now
my god its like you all used linux in the 90s or something
i dunno
i think ubuntu did my nvidia dual setup fine
but yeah, changing res in x is old shit
yes xrandr -s 1024x768
some window managers need a restart
but that doesnt mean like restart apps
just like reconfigure
well, i dont think so
im pretty positive yourw wrong
because i used to play with my TV
on my gf3
im pretty sure i wasnt killing x to use TV
but who knows, maybe
you have multiple x sessions
screen0 or screen1
its been years tho since i really fucked with x
i dunno it droped out like 300+MB

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eeepc + wireless mouse = winn0r.
heh, has a hax 800x600 mode with vertical mouse panning
x windows zoom style, in case dialogs are too tall =\

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timecop: there is somthing called xplite
it is just a reg crack

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i listen to all the good music
that sounded like something country or bluegrass
kinda shit makes me a little embarassed to be an american most of the time
sounds like it
i dont listen to metal
or techno
dnb != techno, various forms of punk > metal

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haha windows gave me a popup telling me i was running at a very low resolution and to click to fix

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why do you always go on and on about xp is good omg xp is good
who cares stu
am i even using linux on right now?
like every fuckin time you been like 'hahaha because youre using lunix' i was using xp
i can!
okay is much prettier at native res

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k later doing driv0rs
eeepc shuts down and boots so quick
yeah because they run gay lunix, stu
you run a stripped out specific kernel, into x and a light wm, its kickass

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timecop: isnt there like an app to uninstall useless parts of windows?
whats a .sif file
yeah because 512mb ram so prob like 800mb cache file
k fine
i cant believe you showed him first

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w00t, xp installed

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irssi lets you put whatever you want for version response
why what did it say?

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timecop: sure why not
prob not for a bit tho
wtf is cable stb mods
well wtf is stb
and no thats okay
so is vim and irssi

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82 gazillion is more than 83

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aight sext, SSD is in the game
man SSD is kickin it waiting for SD

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im thinking asus isnt trying to blow a hole in its reputation
it might not be flash tho
i should find out
but yeah this SD is labeled NOTRUSTME when im done
well, yeah, logically macgyver0
but its production SSD for a system drive
im thinking it goes 2 years before bad blocking, im happy
the newer eeepc have ssd on minipci for swapping out
just now in here you mean?
last line clear it up? heh

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sp2.cab, ohnoz!
timecop: i think im failing at smartdrv
it says its using SSD (D:) as read only cache
and SD (C:) as read/write cache
please to explain?
i tried smartdrv +d -c, smartdrv +d: -c:
its like 'hi this is smartdrive help'
its just going slow because its all SD right now
like, great read from SD write to SD smart
oh, thats prob worse
just for installer
its going to SSD
flash is just install medium
its expandable
by expandable i mean expendable
fuckit its production
they say its good, im trust it

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flash installer frontend pops up a dialog i cant move in the middle of my desktop
which happens to be spanned over two monitors
stupid shit
okay so eeepc is only 2" shorter
the keyboard, then my full size
1" on each side

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well, if it had got system rescure cd up, it would have been the shit
but no instead it sucked
i ignored the canoscan driver installer for 5min and it seems to be fucked now
oh nm
2min delay before next button popped up
blinks really hard at you

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i installed it to SD, booted up, some shit bitched at me for not having a seagate installed
said i could upgrade
some bullshit
seagate discwizard i think
i tried some linux iso launch from dos app

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wf is the diff between 'abort' and 'fail'
like, youre not admitting failure if you abort, what?
cmon take this one timecop i know youve wondered the same thing and found out before
i have a d: (ssd) \o/
i think failure last n9ight because partition was some logical/extended crap
i made some primary crap with fdisk
windows did it =(
yeah i always do primary but im usually doinf it with cfdisk or fdisk
i didnt kow windows installer would do extended then fuck itself
okay starting install again
hahaha, seagate has a formatting tool that will do removable stuff (i guess)

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for the shelves, of course
lead there might have been a fingerprint in it

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my toaster oven beef chimichanga is done
does it make money?
are you giving it to us as payment?

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omg cold

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superware: so what it works now
you think thats meaningful?
go test it in 100 diff places, not inside your huse
fuck that, just go test it in a factory running machines off mains
all of a suddent their lights start flickering, dimmers resetting, wtfwtf
exactly superware, why
go find out about this 'why'
so leave it disabled and accept your psu is shit and avr rawk
or youre doing reset totally wrong for your circuit
yeah its not so hard, but its not my circuit, i dunno what need initializing
if BOD makes it reset it means your PSU dipped
what is brown out set at?

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a) your supply is shit, and we told you, two weeks ao
b) youre trying to pull some micropower design bullshit
but its obvious, you just cant design
so youre just systematically breaking your circuit
over, and over, and over again
then you have the shit psu problems in parallel
and youre like at us: why doesnt my thing work?
because shit psu for digital, like we told you, thats why
so dont use it
haha wtf at busses

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you dont know ripple
do you really want Atmel to laugh at you?
look man
obviously your supply is shit
we been thru this
youre dropping out the vreg
with spikes, prob at 120Hz, and its fast enough to BOD reset your uC
since its resetting at 120Hz, it just seems broken
no, you dont
the QT maybe wasnt reacting to the spikes
the QT was maybe oblivious
the QT wasnt running off a vreg
get a fucking scope or stop telling us shit you dont know
im assuming youre using a linear vreg now because you said so earlier
okay so its dropping out your vreg
serious, no more help for you
all your probs are because:

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unixd0g: you can setup a current source circuit after the voltage reg
current limit, basically

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like well under 1C/W, if you want to use one
and prefferable under if you want to use in parallel
because if its adjustable, sometimes it will drop mad power
so you have to figure 10A * (VDC_in - VDC_out) = P on the fet
lower the volts, hotter the BJT or fet
id prob just use darlington BJT
and tons of caps
yeah he is
i want to soon tho
have toroids from project amps lying around
like, i could make proper bench supply out of them, and still use them with the amps to test shit
i have a 500VA 25+25VAC toroid
and pair of 350VA 18+18VAC toroids

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((36*2)*1.414) - Vbe or Vds of of your transistor
assuming linear regulation
also subtract diodes in bridge
its closer to 100V
you can do that with them in parallel
or you can do that bipolar
with that transformer and standard darlington transistor output
(36*1.414) is your Vpeak
Vpeak - 2 * Vf_bridge_diodes
is your 120Hz peak to peak value after the bridge
so still like 45V, bad diodes dropping mad current
id just go parallel darlingtons in to220 or fatter
if you get the right one, you can do it with one and a fat heatsink
try and figure out the safe operating area (SOA) graphs in the datasheets
and something with a very low Rth_jc (thermal resistance junction to case)

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no im sure he trolls that too
but i bet he somehow makes scientology look better
like how he trolls winxp, but makes it look better (cuz he knows titi about the lunix)
but i guess that would mean he is a scientologist, the majority of the time
if you follow that metaphor longer...
i need a new case
and i need to make a heatsink setup for my gf6600gt
prob fucked already
i took the fan off because it siezed hard and it was just blocking the sink
so now i run a bigass room fan next to my open pc
if i turn it off, graphics will fuckup
like, $100 on a gfx card they couldnt spend $.50 more on the fucking fans
is like they et hot being right on top of the gpu and the bearings just lock up
unixd0g: unipolar?

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did he get the wrong package?
o did he get the right ones and they got destroyed in transit?
oh so you dunno yet
well, sometimes
alot im like a day or two late, but i go right to post office
also i have a bike and live in a city place
with functional public transportation (totally new unexpected development)
hes prob stuck, waiting for a ride or something
imagine his hands working bike breaks when he gets all excited
stu were not afraid of avrfreak
i should be, but i refuse
in act i shouldnt ever give him my address
although if he was really smart there are totally legal ways

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its in the back, sony x505 style, like in the lid hinge area
battery pod is like exposed to open air for like half its surface area
even if it went nuts and caught fire, at least its not on top of your nuts
but yeah, if i cant get my own slack or winxp up by tonight, im just gonna buy a $20 5.25 usb2 chassis and a $25 dvdrw
like, oh no i have to buy more stuff to make eeepc useful
like, it seems like maybe a good device to tech other PC with too
get an external hdd, external dvdrw, it has SD, wifi/eth, get usb to parport/serial adapters
like pc pocket knife

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heh, by end of night, i had it booting from win98 boot off SD, had windows installer running
but it crapped out out after the reboot
readerror: see i dont have one
i had a r31 thinkpad someone sold me for $300
just need the inverter for backlight swapped, $30
and i LOVED that shit
like, i dropped that shit on hard stuff sooo many timed
i fell of my bike onto it
hell i broke my ribs a little bit saving it once when i came off my bike
arms back instead of forward so i rolled over my backpack
blue screen, reseat ram, reboot, good for another 3 or 4 drops on asphault
when it finally died, i wanted another thinkpad
like, i almost felt good when it died, like okay you can rest now, mighty thinkpad
so yeah, it was awesome for school
but normal laptops are shit for single person desks
almost a class annoyance
so this is perfect for me
$400 and good enough for classroom stuff and small
yeah even the big fixed ones suck
like, youre bumping the persons head in front of you with the laptop
or its tilted back so you cant even see it
the battery seems okay

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i got it setup WPA in their OS with a wrt54gl
across my apartment, streaming 128kbps mp3 from the net
it came pretty charged up
well, thats about 30 yards
here to my living room
thru several walls
i havent tested really
but when i take it off the cords, its never gotten close to dying
prob like hour, two hours off
the non-Surf models supposed to do 3.5 hours
ram is expandable to 2G, think it has a single sim
like ~700GHz celeron-M
they dont seem to advertise that, tho
'Intel Processor', officially (heh)
it seemed okay
firefox and the openoffice stuff was about same loadup as on my windows athlon xp 3200+ 1Gb machine
yeah, its firefox on a decent sub-Gz machine
i had a thinkpad was like 256MB and 800MHz i think
kinda same performance
hard data access seems faster
like, enough you can feel it

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only one gen right now
well, two hardware revisions, 8G has seperate SSD on minipci
but i want it for school in two weeks
theyre cheap, if i really <3 it i can prob justify another one
totally okay
no light
baby thinkpad didnt grow one yet
but it crapped out because of how they have it partitioned i think
ive gotten it to boot from SD
worst case, i breakdown
buy a usb chassis and a dvdrw
and then it has another piece of kit
its pretty okay
i wiped it out, but it was very easy
xp mimic linux
with a niced tabbed work area
res is 800x480
its not great
but it can do spreafsheets, docs
it even had 3 rows of toolbar and was still pretty usable work area
stock os is openoffice/firefox
yeah im sure theyre gonna up it
im guessing by the end, they have maybe 6 or 8 models
from like ~$250-$750
yeah wifi is good

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okay so eeepc install dicked out on install gui load
no hal.dll
random web info says this maybe has to do with dynamic parition overlay

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