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your roommate is deep into the cheesepoker scene?

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macegr: i made your chips a pod, but usps closed while i slept
cuz they are lazy bitches
i covered envelope with clear plastic tape
then put chip tube in digikey stretched paper then put cardboard armor on the ends
then i slid in tape envelope
is hardcore, has two pointy corners in case you need to stab
im like silly for even thinking usps cares about me on sunday, yes?
brb peoples

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no its for a memo pad plugin for blackbox for windows

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bbmemo.fontColor: #000000
bbmemo.backColor: #000000
do you think theyre:
a) retarded
b) fucked up
c) trying to introduce me to bbmemo.rc

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<3 avr asm
tho its hard to justify the cost of most atmegas compared to a cheap sam7
unless you need dips or something

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you already said arm7 and avr32 werent comparable
so why did you even bring it up when i mentioned i was doing arm7
i wanted something better than atmegas for the same price, i found it, ty
get over it, find something new to argue over, this is like 2 weeks old or something

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blargh2: get over it wtf
i dont want an $18 chip
i dont need an $18 chip
i want to learn an industry stand core
like, i got my devkit programmed for $25 worth of parts
$5 of that was a parport extension cable
and the circuit inside the $20 thing is prob like $5 (because connector)
i am happy with my $7 atmel chip, i do not want your $18 atmel chip right now
and itll do jtag+ocd thru usb
yes, no, what?

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oh shit
naw nm
but im want to buy this intengra, another area code sold by a guy named dewayne
i think thats maybe the name of the guy who i bought the CRX from

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vreg on the sam7 is a 1 register, 1 bit interface
normal mode, standby mode
i can buy 88% iso from vons
it means off basically
like output disabled, internal circuitry powered up and/or in a hold state
basically means 'powered up, but disabled(, hopfully in some sort of low power mode).'

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you can tig weld thru anodizing?
yeah dude 6061 is so cheap at mcmaster

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like, i guess thats cool
because i love bread
and that seems sick to me
but it makes breads available for people who normally cant get breads
and thats cool
everybody should have bread
fuck universal heathcare
universal foods, bishneiah
hello, 4800W

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half wave is more ripple
you have a 60Hz ripple instead of a 120Hz ripple
yeah also you dont have a floating transformer
like with a bridge with output to ground
not negligible in a high effeciency situation
you save money on capacitors
i dunno what those are dx
old skool
his closet is prob always low level fermenting
ethanol and babies!
okay notrly just ethanol

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macegr: okay i made a pod for you chips
envelope/clear tape skin, with cardboard endoskeleton and digikey pulled paper tissue material
endo skeleton
like a terminator

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sam7 adc = awesome.

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