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its not hard
its like simplified c stuff

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shit i should play SL right now before its too late
i learned basic SL scripting and modeling in a couple nights
is pretty fun, i didnt even talk to anyone i just played in a sandbox
yeah it made eggs
two kinds i think

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how fast are they?
oh shit nice

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kevtris maybe PIC is evil in britland
kevtris: did you know TI samples come direct from digikey?
the only difference was the box didnt have digikey printed on it
i wonder if their offices are in the same building
or theyre hiding
its just weird because its like:
Texis Instruments
[Digikey Address]
yeah, fakers
okay not really i typoed
they sent me a bunch of stuff pretty quick
heh, stanley got back to be about samples
for the teal 0603 led
omg /o\

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blackmoon: haha yeah when you solder them, they light up
fixing two typos now
yeah those are neat
national discontinued a class-D overture, dunno if they have a replacement

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yeah thats like their short version
you only need up to before the second 'QQ' in the long version
stu buy throwies

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not ravers
and most the artists ive talked to just want leds to last for a single setup
unless its some elaborate integrated thing
also, it lasts a lot longer than a spray can (some throwie graffiti art is ++awesome.)
thank father its friday?
thank fuck?

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cant really dead bug smt and expect it to last
yeah but you can break that shit in 5min
5min throwie is lame
normal throwie is like two days

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macegr: i think i wanna make a deadbug throwie across the pins of a dip tiny

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thats be against the next geneva convention tho
haha @ morse coded tracers
thats look the shit in high speed photography
look like the enemy is pulling lasers
so sexy
multiplex them in midair
so like they know their location by timing after ignition
and then you would kinda spray
and they would write shit =D
thats a hardcore project

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test33: yes i should buy a bunch from all
make foam stick throwies, neo magnet throwies, jewelry throwies
because look i can clip the triggered side
move the led in like 5mm
loop the long pin back and put in the solder blob
and then stick a jewerly hoop in that
chicks can make throwie earings and necklaces and ghey shit like that
yeah maybe some sort of weaponized throwie
no but i feel kinda ghey making it
yes okay tho
you mean they can hold it in their fists
while they punch people
macegr: haha, like you can color code the bullets
so the barrel will glow depending how much ammo
really it kinda sucks because in a gunfight, only the other guy knows how much you have left

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macegr: you see throwies?
make money of the Etarded masses
with kapton film trigger strips!
dont need no magnet
users can add own magnets and foam stick pads
i might sell ones with stick pads
yeah i can sell velcro ones too
also i can loop the led pin
and make jewelry ones
naw macegr
we can hook it to the live gecko
ima develop the technology, youll see

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i dont have those fonts

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oh, yeah those neat for something if they do more than 2mA
hehe @ electric candle
some sample girl got back to me about teal 0603 led
from stanley
someone was making real jap people talk english
one girl was like 'i am heavy ice creamer! yeah?!'

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its sound pressure level
what is your context foolio
maybe they are low on drive space
Use your imagination and create your own LEDs!
okay im doing it, ima beat this person at throwies
they suck
they sell L#EDs and makeup
wtf is their problem
you have my stuff!
your bigass chips take up too much space in my room =(
i dont think the other ones last as long
think some dont even do 1mA
im getting 16 for that price

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thats kapton film, tho, neiah
thats my competition
its not even a throwie
its 5 cr2032 and some dorky bigass 10mm led
Long-Life if used appropriately
is that a joke?
see i can put 'All batteries and LEDs tested during assembly by a certified electronics technician.'

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you would buy those on ebay, right?
btw im asking the etarded druggies up in the chan
timecop: sonic pressure level
starbursts are better than skittles
although skittles has the best grape
by far
how much should i sell my throwies for
also _back.jpg, _red yellow blue green.jpg
they glow for 2 days, wtf
what do you want it to do its $0.35 worth of technology

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macegr: hey do you want ur parts?
i know theyre yours, because theyre dip
and yeah, weird at TI and DigiKey being same info

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hey who was arguing with me about vector graphics?
in docs?
cuz like, vector graphics docs are the only ones that have siezures on me in acrobat/foxit
you just did the math
you know how much power its going to use why the fuck are you asking me
order the part and test it
maybe it only needs 1mA for a good signal
dude, its for control of a mains switched load thru what, a 10A triac?
cmon get real
anyway, stop asking questions, do it

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its usually a transconductance spec
like a ratio of input current to output current
you dont want to run it linear you want to run it in saturation
so you need to figure out what collector resistor will give you decent saturation
while not overloading your psu and burning the output npn
cuz thats failure, failure is lame

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okay ima waste a red
its neat you have to pull the kapton really hard for it to come out
but the heatshrink has the cr2032 so locked in there it doesnt matter
dude do the fucking math and you tell me
well thats not okay
and 10K is gonna be like twice as not okay
oh thats what you said in series
hello i am not the datasheet
all im gonna do, is download the datasheet, look at 2 specs and maybe a graph if im lucky, and likely say yes
but you need to learn to do that shit by yourself
well then why dont you use 20mA too
you can really fuckup building with test currents and voltages

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use 4 1/4w is series parallel
yeah fuck if i know why they did that
Current is I we measure it in A wtf
i have like 90 clear heatshrink + kapton trigger cr2032 led throwies
i think ima try and ebay half
hehe, they almost look like wrapped candy
he yeah but thats need a board
i bet you dont need ballast R tho
cuz of the cr2032 limit
avr can hack it to, cuz good down to 1.8V
so theyll be fine when the leds clamp
i guess i could do it dead bug on the pins
yeah but i prob cant do that for $.40

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the right ones.
dude these optos are .20 for 100 =O
$.27 for 10
superware: with the datasheet

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you dont need any diodes besides the opto
$.35 + 2 resistors
120Hz pulse, on ZC
open drain output
superware: look at the part
my way is just cheap with a 5000Vrms voltage isolation spec

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im like, if youre gonna use an opto, why notjust use an opto on mains
and not get the phase shift or slower relative turnon
they make optos for ac-input that do half waves
no why? just use an ac-opto and a two resistors
and use the uC supply on the uC side of the opto
18:13 < GPF_1> this signal could be past to the uC via a resistor and zener diode to clamp the voltate.
gpf_1: why?

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i was prob doing something else
why is everyone saying sorry to me today
my gf ex/temp gf called me and asked if i was mad at her im like WTF WHAT HAPPENED WHY AM I MAD?
people gotta understand when you have an 800F soldering iron in your head, you dont really wanna talk on the phone alot
its not because you dont like them
its because you have 800F like 10" from your face
ac-input opto with open npn out is like $.70
digikey search does
also my parts bin somewhere
i have cool little 4dip ones
heheh @ 4dip

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blackmoon: i guess so
carbide die sure, HSS if youre careful and dont need to do 100
maybe just easier to buy a new bolt?
ask in #cars, or ask eck0 or mx-man
i know they have socket head cap screws in like every size
dunno about other kind of bolts, i know they carry some but never really checked out the selection
eck0: where to get bolts and shit?
dunno ask moon
if you find good online hardware store you can prob get any size, any length, any tip, any head
superware: i said get an ac-input opto
i even explained what it is
naw, you can just get optos with two leds inverted that work fine

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k i finished my throwies
toaster oven is awesome at heatshrink
macegr: hey i got your parts

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sure it is, you just have to compensate in the micro
the initial rising edges of the sine dont carry a ton of power anyway
you wouldnt want to chop time up into 100 equal slices to get 100 equal levels of power
that said, the optoisolator is sexier solution
its not much more
can do it with transistors and resistors if you wanted too
optoisolators are the best solutions for mains isolation

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superware: two ways
a) take a signal off your power supply transformer
which will be isolated and low voltage
b) use an ac-input npn-output optoisolator
ac input is just two diodes in parallel in an inverse orientation
youre gonna need a resistor on that side
and youre gonna prob wanna use an external pullup resistor for the NPN output of the opto
that way you can tune its response
avr spec for pullup value is something silly like 1K-10K
yes, there is
depends on the winding and the load, im thinking
okay so learn about the math involved, and do it

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